The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

The Weeknd
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20 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Best Ava
Best Ava 7 horas atrás
Didn’t he cancel his h&m partnership back when there was that ad backlash ? Wonder if he’s gon cancel this feature too
Ayomikun Oyeyemi
Ayomikun Oyeyemi 7 horas atrás
Doja Cap got cancelled lol
Raja Umer
Raja Umer 7 horas atrás
80s vibes
Freya 7 horas atrás
what the hell we gon do now..
Freya 7 horas atrás
This song couldn't come at a worst time..
Mercy Otto
Mercy Otto 7 horas atrás
Imma try and not remember doja is in this song.
some1 cwol
some1 cwol 7 horas atrás
Not the biggest fan of remixes or doja cat but I still like this remix a lot
Anya's_ GachaLand
Anya's_ GachaLand 7 horas atrás
Here before tiktok comes ... wait it kinda did ?
Rohan Jacob
Rohan Jacob 7 horas atrás
Dojacat canceled lol she should have kept her big mouth shut
Gandary 7 horas atrás
The first 10 second remind me of Detective Conan 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ idk why
アリス 7 horas atrás
This is what we call a bad timing lmao
Ali Hassan Joyia
Ali Hassan Joyia 7 horas atrás
Long Road 80's Impala Alone Full volume with This never ending Song 😍😍😍😍😍
monet mendez
monet mendez 7 horas atrás
omg yes.
Gabriel 8 horas atrás
wtf , the weeknd took doja cat out of the "music in this video" section
Renata Martínez
Renata Martínez 8 horas atrás
Storm 90s
Storm 90s 8 horas atrás
1:31 💖✨
Sunshine Ray
Sunshine Ray 8 horas atrás
I guess
naf naf
naf naf 8 horas atrás
You must make a duo with Selena 🙅🔥💖
RimzUnasa 8 horas atrás
If one of his new songs that sound funky pop like this and Blinding Lights ain’t on Grand Theft Auto 6 I’m gonna be mad
Haigh Fan
Haigh Fan 8 horas atrás
I listened to all his albums from 9/10 years ago.....
T U G I 8 horas atrás
Vanita Sharma
Vanita Sharma 8 horas atrás
Emily Perry
Emily Perry 8 horas atrás
I'm honestly very proud of Doja.. Seeing where she's coming from to now is awesome
I am mr. Regar
I am mr. Regar 8 horas atrás
Ищем русский коммент? Или просто спустился(лась) прочитать комментарии?
Trevortni Desserped
Trevortni Desserped 9 horas atrás
How to get a lot of likes on a comment: Comment something like: "This didn't age well," "Bad timing," "The Weeknd right now: 👁👄👁"
Star Storm
Star Storm 9 horas atrás
Satanic garbage.
Minority Crew
Minority Crew 9 horas atrás
I want to see he how The Weeknd responds to all this honestly
Inmi Channel
Inmi Channel 9 horas atrás
I love the song btw
Jessie J
Jessie J 9 horas atrás
Well this turned awkward lol talk about the timing 😦
Sad _Bloøpy_ Blaap
Sad _Bloøpy_ Blaap 9 horas atrás
The weeknd has changed quite a bit, but his music represents him best. I'm always repeating the songs from the past and he's developed more styles of rap/singin.ive always supported him when I 1st heard my sis playing one of his songs, haha. I 1st found doja cat through the "Moo" Song and instantly fell for her unique style. I love them both and am glad to see how far they've gone. Stay safe and keep positive! ❤❤🙏🏽
Brittany Laughlin
Brittany Laughlin 9 horas atrás
I've been a fan of the weeknd since 2010 & he just keeps getting better, love him so much
Didite Pat
Didite Pat 9 horas atrás
J adore
Jared Land
Jared Land 9 horas atrás
Damn this song is groovy as fuck.
Lils .C
Lils .C 10 horas atrás
well ... what now?
ت Cняιѕтιηε
ت Cняιѕтιηε 10 horas atrás
1:31 💞
Kajsa Djärf
Kajsa Djärf 10 horas atrás
It's perfect
Mrslingshot 06
Mrslingshot 06 10 horas atrás
Coming this Halloween the horror film the Weeknd in theaters October 28
Tanza Fatima
Tanza Fatima 10 horas atrás
Anyone came after the news of Doja Cat being a fucking racist..?! I mean I just feel bad for the weeknd like Doja is basically a gold digger who just wanted fame from this collab and would never have respected or loved the weeknd because of his race.I mean some people are just so sick.But don't worry Abel,You are so much better than her and a true star !
XxMooN&SuNShiNexX 8 horas atrás
I know what she was bad but, yall need to stay out of her business, yall acting like she's the only person who has talk shit bout her own race, this shit is not NEW to this world, we have dealt with this before, Kanye has acted like this before, if bhad bhabie can change little by little a day and have good vibe then there maybe there's a way and also you don't have to like another person to just collab with them, Migos didn't like Nicki, they just thought that would make even more famous, PPL LIKE YOU THINK YOU CAN CHANGE WORLD BUT YOU CAN'T CUZ ITS FUCKED UP
you want some krabby patty dont you squidward
See her public apology you Cancel culture stan.
Fla nnn
Fla nnn 10 horas atrás
michelle avila
michelle avila 10 horas atrás
Uwu, amazing 💖
Rgg Snts
Rgg Snts 10 horas atrás
Every person has mistakes and if they're willing to change, give them chance like what they did other person.
Blue Dream
Blue Dream 10 horas atrás
The weekend never disappoints
allygirl760 10 horas atrás
abel scrolling thru twitter like: what the hell we gon do now
Jimi599 10 horas atrás
Remind me stranger things music
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 10 horas atrás
this is "the weekend's" year!... like 2015!
iFEEL iREE 11 horas atrás
Despite the negativity going with Doja ( THIS SONG IS 🔥)
Skruby 11 horas atrás
Man, so this is what I was missing out on The Weeknd huh? His music is so damn amazing!
Anonymous 11 horas atrás
So, is Abel punching the air atm? *Probably*
Damien Reacts
Damien Reacts 11 horas atrás
emili hernandez
emili hernandez 11 horas atrás
partner's in crime for the music video:)
Ashley Easter
Ashley Easter 11 horas atrás
This shit is fire bro, and I really hope there’s no hate on doja in this comment area.
Ivorie Wilkes
Ivorie Wilkes 11 horas atrás
I was waiting on those 2, they have the perfect harmony 🥰
Aznromeo 11 horas atrás
Omg my two favorite artist in one song? No phuccin way! Wtf hahahhaa
I am The senate
I am The senate 9 horas atrás
Aznromeo I never thought I’d find you here and I wanted to say hi but I love it when a famous person notices me
Aznromeo 10 horas atrás
Sup bic boi
I am The senate
I am The senate 10 horas atrás
Aznromeo hi
shade diallo
shade diallo 11 horas atrás
Man this song already gave me chills. But when you put Doja in it it gives out a whole other vibe!! 👌
daddies long toes
daddies long toes 11 horas atrás
dojas sun else oo
Tali J
Tali J 11 horas atrás
Everything about this song makes me addicted to it like a drug yet I’ve never even tried drugs.
Iam Hurfre
Iam Hurfre 11 horas atrás
80's vibes are back fucking awesome babes¡¡¡ 😍😍
Gaby Obregon
Gaby Obregon 11 horas atrás
Oh hell no! My boi don't need her, his success handmade by his truly. He ain't no hoe trying to show boobs just to get #1. Selfmade you wouldn't know.
Tali J
Tali J 11 horas atrás
Idk why but I’m addicted to this song
Reyana Kaji
Reyana Kaji 11 horas atrás
I’ve never, ever, ever been THIS excited for a remix and this did not disappoint🥺❤️
Nia Orea
Nia Orea 11 horas atrás
Tea Spiller
Tea Spiller 11 horas atrás
It kinda sounds like something that will play in h&m
Diana 11 horas atrás
This song makes me feel sad, I don't know why ):
Lu Vázquez
Lu Vázquez 11 horas atrás
Lovin it
El Traductor
El Traductor 11 horas atrás
I love you the weeknd and doja cat
rosi bauti
rosi bauti 8 horas atrás
nah, take out the last 3 words
DrMonkeyBoyJr 11 horas atrás
Jam Gomez
Jam Gomez 12 horas atrás
Doja's part min 2:10 - 2:29 is the best.
DrMonkeyBoyJr 11 horas atrás
NightGhoul3 12 horas atrás
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS REALLY EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 12 horas atrás
La buena música Bro😎🎶
0vermars 12 horas atrás
Weekend really stuck in the 80s. #KeepRetroAlive
SoCo Life
SoCo Life 12 horas atrás
This is a good song when your driving in the desert!
Ariadny Muñoz
Ariadny Muñoz 12 horas atrás
Big Mad
Big Mad 12 horas atrás
I can’t listen to her songs the same after what she did 🖐🏾😔 love this song tho cuz of the weekend 🥰🥰
Victoria Nou
Victoria Nou 11 horas atrás
lancedaksuwu 12 horas atrás
Doja Cat be like: I'm never rocking black, I'm like a racist.
I am The senate
I am The senate 10 horas atrás
lancedaksuwu 😂
Christy pascale
Christy pascale 12 horas atrás
Here for Dora's verse. Absolute love.
EvelKnievel 12 horas atrás
I wonder how the weekend feels after finding out what doja did 💀.
PunkExMachina 12 horas atrás
This is straight fire idc abt the situation on twitter rn. one day they’re cancelling her next day they’re apologizing to her and im like....I’ll wait till it dies down and see how I feel then. Meanwhile this is fire.
Seanny 13 horas atrás
Doja cat everywhere 😌☝🏼♥️♥️♥️ 🇵🇭
TCGames199 13 horas atrás
the 2 singers that keep the 80's living
Kendall 13 horas atrás
this song is so good hehe
R D 13 horas atrás
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