The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for The Weeknd "Blinding Lights" - available everywhere now:
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Director: Anton Tammi
Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
2nd Unit DP: Devin “Daddy” Karringten
Steadicam Op: Niels Lindelien
Gaffer: Nizar Najm
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
Production Designer: Adam William Wilson
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Editor: Janne Vartia & Tim Montana
Post Production Supervisor: Alec Ernest
VFX: Mathematic
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Sound Designer: Akseli Soini
3D: Oscar Böckerman
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi

►"Blinding Lights" Lyrics:
I been tryna call
I been on my own for long enough
Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe
I'm going through withdrawals
You don't even have to do too much
You can turn me on with just a touch, baby
I look around and Sin City's cold and empty (oh)
No one's around to judge me (oh)
I can't see clearly when you're gone
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
I said, ooh, I'm drowning in the night
Oh, when I'm like this, you're the one I trust
Hey, hey, hey
I'm running out of time
'Cause I can see the sun light up the sky
So I hit the road in overdrive, baby
Oh, the city's cold and empty (oh)
No one's around to judge me (oh)
I can't see clearly when you're gone
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
I said, ooh, I'm drowning in the night
Oh, when I'm like this, you're the one I trust
I'm just walking by to let you know (by to let you know)
I can never say it on the phone (say it on the phone)
Will never let you go this time (ooh)
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
#TheWeeknd #BlindingLights

Music video by The Weeknd performing Blinding Lights. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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21 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
Rathna B.R
Rathna B.R 2 minutos atrás
That Mercedes rockin and smokin
Keyur Bhesania
Keyur Bhesania 4 minutos atrás
came from W&W's 20XX set
Rathna B.R
Rathna B.R 5 minutos atrás
I get me vibes although it's been 9 months of upload
Fernando Salazar Sánchez
Fernando Salazar Sánchez 7 minutos atrás
Amo esta canción la mejor para mí en todo el mundo❤️ ¿Quién la escucha en la cuarentena😝
kemal pasya
kemal pasya 25 minutos atrás
this is Joker if he's black
GOT DAMNN! 29 minutos atrás
Zammer Zaini
Zammer Zaini 31 minuto atrás
Soo retro and love it!
lucas alberto vilchez
lucas alberto vilchez 32 minutos atrás
Aprilia rs
Aprilia rs 33 minutos atrás
First time I heard this I thought it was the Key & Peele skit where they are doing workout dances on tv (aerobics competition episode) listen and you’ll lol how close the beat is
KingCoon 48 minutos atrás
This song for prom 🔥
Rose Girl
Rose Girl 53 minutos atrás
When I first heard this I actually thought this was a song from the 80s
Dishanth U Shetty
Dishanth U Shetty Hora atrás
This song hears like Past ,Future and present
baby yoda
baby yoda Hora atrás
Let's see all these comments they have many likes, let's see what happens if I comment on something
Dishanth U Shetty
Dishanth U Shetty Hora atrás
Dark Player#5691
Dark Player#5691 Hora atrás
Me playing gta online
mncchav _2870
mncchav _2870 18 minutos atrás
Davi Sá Martins
Davi Sá Martins Hora atrás
Dishanth U Shetty
Dishanth U Shetty Hora atrás
jAh Hora atrás
Living it
SacredSapphireYT Hora atrás
Joker be vibing tho
Resident Evil
Resident Evil Hora atrás
Deveria ser a musica do gta 6
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 16 minutos atrás
@Davi Sá Martins tomara que seja os dois
Davi Sá Martins
Davi Sá Martins Hora atrás
Vai ter ela no jogo mas n se sabe se vai ser a da entrada ou vai tocar no rádio
Amelia Berriman
Amelia Berriman Hora atrás
When he scares the bird at the start me- looks through the window sees my sister scaring a bird me-ok then
LittlezombieRocker Hora atrás
I want that fucking car. Seriously the way hes driving around in it smoking and not giving two flying fucks about whats going on reminds me of how eager I was for it to be the weekend after a long week of work before 2020 happened. Eager to just go out for a drive and have a nice pint of beer. XD
Capital E
Capital E Hora atrás
This here is my favorite song lits as fuk
Anthony Walls
Anthony Walls Hora atrás
He’s Like Joker, Michael Jackson, And Bruno Mars all in one
irvinng Mendez
irvinng Mendez Hora atrás
Hace uuuuuuu
Dj McNugget
Dj McNugget Hora atrás
Dear lord I love this song. What city was this filmed in? Vegas?
kumu pro
kumu pro Hora atrás
Grab 6
katlyn melody
katlyn melody Hora atrás
im obsessed with this song😔
Jaya Singh
Jaya Singh 2 horas atrás
Love this song...💯💗
Young Wiz702
Young Wiz702 2 horas atrás
Vegas ain't fun without the crowd
Crystal Jean
Crystal Jean 2 horas atrás
The beginning with the blood and look already had me! I have driven cars like that.....+dancing
nery rf.86
nery rf.86 2 horas atrás
super retro... pasado y presente... 😉😉😉😉😎😎😎👌👌👌👍👍👍👏👏👏
Vitor Renan
Vitor Renan 2 horas atrás
Para de falar que tu é minha namorrrrrrrrrr
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 2 horas atrás
Am I the only one that thinks The Weeknd has some evolutionary line from like I can’tfeel my face to Blonding Lights? I legit can’t tell they are the same person
Вова Янчич
Вова Янчич 2 horas atrás
First time saw it on the 8th of January, was under the mushrooms and strong sativa. The memories of those feelings and vibes come soon if hearing this song. Even without shrooms or sativa.
IronBlox 2 horas atrás
Is it just me or was I expecting him to get hit by a car
D Me
D Me 2 horas atrás
Much respect. Attached is my pre hip-hop, pre-rap, old-school classic 70's ballad, "Don't Act Surprised". On Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Shazam, BRvid, (Napster - in Latino countries), Chordify (to learn the chords),....and the recently released "Key To Our Love, Vol 1" limited-edition, European-released vinyl & digital album, on Google. By David Dawkins/ Charisma. I wrote it, sang lead, & played drums. for newly written songs. Work with me. Peace!?
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez 2 horas atrás
This music should be the official song of the Joker of Joaquin Phoenix
hambre 2 horas atrás
Han pasado meses, cada vez que escucho esta canción te recuerdo. Gracias por mostrarme esta joya, espero que estés bien.
Manuel Sanchez
Manuel Sanchez 2 horas atrás
Got an add with this song on it
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 2 horas atrás
Esta canción salvo la música moderna Te amamos Abel ❤️
Pantaz 3 horas atrás
Music is good. Maybe more than good. Video clip is crap
Sakura Kimhxs
Sakura Kimhxs 3 horas atrás
I love you
Sakura Kimhxs
Sakura Kimhxs 3 horas atrás
♡ top
Sakura Kimhxs
Sakura Kimhxs 3 horas atrás
Amooooooooo essa música
Allen Galang
Allen Galang 3 horas atrás
Why does it gives me such Stranger Things vibe
Swanny86 3 horas atrás
Might as well be an 80’s montage for a Hughes film lol
Adriab Ruiz
Adriab Ruiz 3 horas atrás
You are the best the weeknd your awesome
Cocacola 2.0
Cocacola 2.0 3 horas atrás
this is a epileptic moment
Lushabh Saxena
Lushabh Saxena 3 horas atrás
I love this song and the Mercedes' engine.
William Stephan
William Stephan 3 horas atrás
I thought this song was really old 🤦🏼‍♂️
Príncipe mestiço
Príncipe mestiço 3 horas atrás
cadê os brasileiros 🎶❤
Tabish Khan
Tabish Khan 3 horas atrás
I Love this song is made for GTA 6 VC 80s ♥️🔥♥️
Rory Cannicle
Rory Cannicle 3 horas atrás
Anybody feel like doing the Carlton dance when hearing this jam 🕺🏽
7MTheHunger 4 horas atrás
First off, Effin love this song 💯.... But (and I'm showin my lovely age) .... All I hear is "Takkkkeeee onnnnn meeeee" ... which was also an awesome and classic song.
Monserrat Soledad
Monserrat Soledad 4 horas atrás
woooooooooow 2:23
ReverseHyper 4 horas atrás
beatzMafia 4 horas atrás
ShanEye - Sith Lord Pimp
Jeje Viana
Jeje Viana 4 horas atrás
Só me lembro do DJ Azeitona ksksks
Purple Cat
Purple Cat 4 horas atrás
Im Brazilian and love this music
xx_Sunny_xx 5 horas atrás
He got that Steve Harvey smile
Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez 5 horas atrás
Love the music
andrea 5 horas atrás ..
Itz DojoMaster :D
Itz DojoMaster :D 5 horas atrás
Lamborghini or Bird? *Weeknd chooses lamborghini*
hago videos por pendejo
Aún es asombroso escuchar clasicos de los 80's
Pink Twist
Pink Twist 5 horas atrás
Obsessed with this song, it's 80s vibe is upbeat and revived! 😊
Марзяник Плей
Gta 6 be like
Henrique Lauro
Henrique Lauro 6 horas atrás
Top top ❤️♥️💯💯💯💯
Fish SDICKS 6 horas atrás
This is probably the song that motivated Alexander the Great to take over the Persian Empire
ZION MCDOWELL 6 horas atrás
i think when it goes slow at 2:23, that what he sees when he's driving since he's on drugs. maybe idk.
kyleigh Jones
kyleigh Jones 6 horas atrás
Nelson Beck
Nelson Beck 6 horas atrás
Merc Ad - blinding light, cool pairup
Johannes Rasmussen
Johannes Rasmussen 6 horas atrás
Why we need to get Saved in 2020 According to the Bible
DESMONETIZAÇÃO 6 horas atrás
rainbowtiger_200 7 horas atrás
I love this song
Gisele brigida Rocha
Gisele brigida Rocha 7 horas atrás
Rumo #300M😘
DEMACIA 7 horas atrás
oh yea the car means i dont own your soul :) poor everybody else
Gabriel Calderon
Gabriel Calderon 7 horas atrás
Buena canción:'3
phzin x5
phzin x5 7 horas atrás
Achei a verdadeira ✅
DESMONETIZAÇÃO 7 horas atrás
Caraí kkk
Tullio De filippis
Tullio De filippis 7 horas atrás
chi come me dopo quasi un anno la ascolta come fosse la prima ?
naveen rk
naveen rk 7 horas atrás
Mercedes ad brought me here
Adrian Crisostomo cañari
Oficial music : Grand theft auto VI :)
Xxchris Jeffrey123
Xxchris Jeffrey123 7 horas atrás
GTA 6 six song confirmed
Ariele Cassia
Ariele Cassia 7 horas atrás
Muito boa, parece som dos anos 80 👏❤
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 7 horas atrás
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 7 horas atrás
This is Fire
The Exalted Casual
The Exalted Casual 7 horas atrás
100000000000% Inspired by Doctor Disrespect.
Erealmz 7 horas atrás
The beginning to that start was amazing
Pranay Bhoyar
Pranay Bhoyar 7 horas atrás
Omg..... listened it yesterday... N now listenening it continously 😍 loved it...
nlceguy 7 horas atrás
This song gets me hyped on life for some reason
Jamil Salazar
Jamil Salazar 7 horas atrás
Best 🤩🤩
The animal life gamer Jr
The animal life gamer Jr
The animal life gamer Jr
Grotesque Tree Root Formation
If you played this in a nightclub in 1986 no one would bat an eyelid
Marcos Ordoñez
Marcos Ordoñez 8 horas atrás
The Weeknd simp ? :0
musiclova2112 8 horas atrás
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..
Mia Crossing
Mia Crossing 8 horas atrás
The beginning tho
ruskhy 13
ruskhy 13 8 horas atrás
mncchav _2870
mncchav _2870 17 minutos atrás
mta maconha
Vero 8 horas atrás
I think this is just me but does anyone else think this is a perfect halloween song? Maybe because of the video that makes it creepy.
elena elena
elena elena 8 horas atrás
love him, cant stop watching xx
AkuAdaDiManaSaja -
AkuAdaDiManaSaja - 8 horas atrás
nice song🔥🔥🔥
Tj lomin
Tj lomin 8 horas atrás
I liked this song before i saw the video. That synthesizer robot voice can make anyone sound cool.
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