The Walking Dead Season 11 Official Trailer

The Walking Dead
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24 Jul 2021



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FURY Hora atrás
That camera upgrade is crazy I don’t know what y’all did for season 10 and 11 but these seasons are like mini movies I’ve been watching since the first episode aired on hollowed in 2010 makes me want to cry when I think the show that started this entire universe is coming to an end
Eric Mon Guz
Eric Mon Guz 3 horas atrás
I watched the frist 5 episodes of this seson and honestly it's been amazing
Alberto Balili
Alberto Balili 8 horas atrás
I can’t wait Season 11!
Solo E
Solo E 15 horas atrás
juan tapia
juan tapia 18 horas atrás
Does Rick come back?
hawkwood 19 horas atrás
have you no shame?
Jason Lee in Taiwan - 李源生
I'm still on season 9. I am disappointed they never get to DC to find out what happened to the US government. The story stays in the South and focuses on communities only.
Grey L
Grey L Dia atrás
WHY why😫😫😥😥😭😭 has to end walking dead, it should be a least sean 12 to ended in a good number and happier end, than the trailer expectations??🤔
NextToLegendary Dia atrás
Doesn't even look like walking dead anymore. Just another zombie movie. Everything that made this show grounded and real is gone. Everyone I liked is dead. It's all sappy bs.
Bag Season
Bag Season Dia atrás
When is it coming out on Netflix?
saw 2 remake
12 more seasons with new crew
Ayyeyourboy AJ
Ayyeyourboy AJ Dia atrás
Did anyone else notice the hints of racism and hate towards America?
Braden Vassov
Braden Vassov 2 dias atrás
Are they gonna find a cure or something? They literally got no closer to finding one since season 1 and I don’t know where this show was ever going. Hopefully it ends with some answers about the actual walking dead and not just be all about survival for the 11th time.
Bryan the Guide
Bryan the Guide 2 dias atrás
another tribe of people attacking Alexandria, totally didn’t see that coming
Charles Escher
Charles Escher 2 dias atrás
As a person who was obsessed with season 1/6 and made them a gigantic part of growing up, this doesnt seem entertaining
Karma 3 dias atrás
This show blows.
Wednesday Leigh
Wednesday Leigh 3 dias atrás
Alvin Fuller
Alvin Fuller 3 dias atrás
It went from survival show to skinny jeans and wokeness.
Fallen 4 dias atrás
what the hell are those in 1:38
Cyberspace0-0 4 dias atrás
Doubting to watch or not , watched till season six and felt getting boring and same style of acting over and over , is it worth of time to keep watching it ?
corvmag 15
corvmag 15 5 dias atrás
They hid Negan at 2:25
Rene Luna
Rene Luna 5 dias atrás
How do I watch the new season ? I have fire stick and I’m trying to watch it and I can’t anymore. I would pay for the new episodes and now I can’t seem to find it.
kanas_freelancer 2200
kanas_freelancer 2200 6 dias atrás
I'm Calling it Daryl is gonna die this season 😭
BOYBOYBOYBOY 6 dias atrás
How did this show go to killing zombies to now killing stormtroopers from Star Wars
blodripa 7 dias atrás
I remember watching this show when I was so little, the show scaring me but yet I still loved it. Its crazy to think that I’m a senior in high school now even more addicted to the show than ever. I grew up loving the show (especially Daryl) and I am so glad that I got to see 11 amazing seasons of it.
James T Kirk Cameron
James T Kirk Cameron 8 dias atrás
The Maggie show. no thanks. She's always been annoying. They can't even end the show right with Rick.
Paul Chase
Paul Chase 9 dias atrás
lol I'm a trooper
Truth Ignored
Truth Ignored 9 dias atrás
Walking Dead is stupid now and a waste of time watching it any further. They are running out of ideas and it just doesn’t make any sense.
Fizzymane 5 dias atrás
why you here then
WISH MASTER 9 dias atrás
This land is your land and this land is my land From California to the New York island From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and me As I went walking that ribbon of highway I saw above me that endless skyway Saw below me that golden valley This land was made for you and me I roamed and rambled and I've followed my footsteps To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts All around me a voice was sounding This land was made for you and me When the sun come shining, then I was strolling And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting This land was made for you and me This land is your land and this land is my land From California to the New York island From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and me When the sun come shining, then I was strolling And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling The voice come a-chanting and the fog was lifting This land was made for you and me 🎶
Big Z
Big Z 10 dias atrás
it only showed stuff from first 5-8 episodes then maybe couple stuff down the line. pretty bad imo
Rune_secret 10 dias atrás
All I want to know where is Rick
Alyssa Wilder
Alyssa Wilder 11 dias atrás
Rick should definitely come back this season
William Thomas
William Thomas 11 dias atrás
TWD used to be such a cool series, it had an edge, it was a thinking mans show. It's become a cartoonish bore captured by the forced wokeism crowd that vomits out every click-box cancel culture demands and created it's own jumped the shark idiom with "slingshot the zombie".
Fizzymane 5 dias atrás
nice opinion
one night
one night 11 dias atrás
They clearly just spoiled daryls dog dying
Nessa 11 dias atrás
The walker that bit that arm was just one of Maggie’s friends that we don’t know so no worries not carol or Aaron or jerry
Nessa 11 dias atrás
Michelle house music Chapman
Idk... its turned into gang rivalries!! I don't think I can get into this season 😕... negan is still sexy!!
Marko Oluich
Marko Oluich 12 dias atrás
Anyone else want maggie to die?.. I do for the simple fact she left the show to do another show that failed mind you
superduperboyx 12 dias atrás
I'm excited for this but also happy that this will be the final season.. its been a long 11 seasons and is happy its coming to an end!! Or is it.. hmm..
Koubuki 13 dias atrás
For this being the last season ever since 2010, I really really hope that it ends on something good. I’ve loved this show forever, and I cant wait for it to come out, but I get sad when I think about it at the same time.
Jeff .B
Jeff .B 13 dias atrás
But the real thing people care about… does Michonne return with Rick?
Jeff .B
Jeff .B 13 dias atrás
Is this season the one that will actually scare me?
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez 14 dias atrás
Noooo dog dies
No More
No More 15 dias atrás
Is Rick coming back
Nic-hol-ass Grain
Nic-hol-ass Grain 15 dias atrás
Mofo's in space suits and shit? Aight, I'm ready for the new season
GateKeeper 15 dias atrás
Wtf, i saw Rick kill Negan.
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 15 dias atrás
mr559 15 dias atrás
FTWD: The end is the beginning. TWD: The beginning of the end. I finally caught up with Fear the Walking Dead. I'm 1/4 of the way through with World Beyond. I'm ready to watch TWD!
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 15 dias atrás
No no no no no dog no no no 😔
Naganu Virtue
Naganu Virtue 16 dias atrás
Why Do I Have A Feeling Negan Is Going To Die Saving Little Glenn Or Hershal JR.
Akuma Ghilardi
Akuma Ghilardi 16 dias atrás
Please NO more Feminist, “powerful woman”(which looks forced) No more LGTBQ, weird mixed romances. Take Judith out, doesn’t fit at all. No more overrated poc. No more woman leaders. Woman villains. Lie this show became garbage when it became so edgy. I miss the style of Season 1 all the way to 6. Y’all trashed the show.
Fizzymane 5 dias atrás
@Akuma Ghilardi bruh read the comics it has alot of women too and they are following the comic
Akuma Ghilardi
Akuma Ghilardi 5 dias atrás
@Fizzymane they’re just forcing themselves into anything & ruin it.
Fizzymane 5 dias atrás
whats wrong with women
Nihilistic Nut
Nihilistic Nut 16 dias atrás
This series is getting worse. Even more men are beta, while more women are alpha, completely out of touch with reality. The budget must have been slashed because nothing is happening, just boring.
Fizzymane 5 dias atrás
out of touch with reality? this is a zombie show how is that in touch with reality x_x
Jurassic Saw
Jurassic Saw 16 dias atrás
Nothing better happen to Dog
im not that guy 😔
im not that guy 😔 16 dias atrás
Did daryl get fucking bit? Im done if he did
Alex Vlogs
Alex Vlogs 17 dias atrás
Yo the the f is rickkkkkkkkkkkk
WutKillz YT
WutKillz YT 17 dias atrás
This shits gonna be crazy
Matthew Abundis
Matthew Abundis 17 dias atrás
Yooooooo I just finished season 10 😂😂😂
Ruth Peterson
Ruth Peterson 17 dias atrás
Iove this show it is beast show i ever sine Ruth Ann Peterson barer know rose
Chris Aman
Chris Aman 17 dias atrás
Wow looks like a whole new start .. again
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 18 dias atrás
Adam Perkovic
Adam Perkovic 18 dias atrás
i swear its like they make this show worse and worse
shadow W0rk
shadow W0rk 18 dias atrás
What do you mean its better
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller 18 dias atrás
Already a garbage first episode. Where did the Commonwealth armor come from for Princess, Ezekiel, etc? Garbage.
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole 19 dias atrás
My question is..... Whos arm is being chomped on?
shadow W0rk
shadow W0rk 18 dias atrás
It has to be Aaron’s arm
Incognito 19 dias atrás
Honest to god, seasons 1 - 6 were the best of the series.
GardenMaskPeppy 19 dias atrás
Listen, someday the planet may become all messed. Be READY:
FerretPineapple 19 dias atrás
Really hoping they bring Rick back for the final few episodes
Arianah P
Arianah P 19 dias atrás
Where are my Negan lovers :( I know he's had a REALLY bad start and nothing can make up for the deaths he's caused but you gotta say, he has had some of the best character development these past few seasons. I hope he doesn't die :(
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster 13 dias atrás
I agree, and I also think that Carol and Gabriel developed drastically over the seasons as well. I mean Gabriel used to be so scared of everything and not able to protect himself without help but now he’s slaughtering people without even blinking saying god isn’t here.
King Luey
King Luey 19 dias atrás
I paid the 40 bucks for season 11 and got to watch episode one... Now on my BRvid video purchase list it doesn't show ANY episodes of season 11. BRvid is seriously pissing me off.
Inverted Aviation
Inverted Aviation 20 dias atrás
I was 14 and starting freshman year of high school when the show came out and it had a huge hype! Now I’m 23 about to graduate college call mom crazy how long the show has been on and I hype around it
K-griZZ 20 dias atrás
0:36 I swear if that's Jerry's arm, Im never watching another episode again. Like I'd rather have Maggie die. Or Gabriel.
Matty Craig
Matty Craig 13 dias atrás
It was a side character
shadow W0rk
shadow W0rk 18 dias atrás
Maggie is the best and gabriel too so
Addicted2thegamble !
Addicted2thegamble ! 20 dias atrás
They better not kill Jerry
Jonathan Kelly
Jonathan Kelly 20 dias atrás
Broooooo the music alone is giving me chills up and down my spine. Holy shit. Cannot wait.
Erik Strasmann
Erik Strasmann 21 dia atrás
MagicianFlip69 21 dia atrás
Fuck … did they just kill dog?
Blicxyy 21 dia atrás
Ngl thise villians or wtv u wanna call them look badass
Blicxyy 21 dia atrás
Erika Margo
Erika Margo 21 dia atrás
Yo if Dog dies Im rooting for the zombies
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt 22 dias atrás
Hey, I bet there are zombies in this season.
Pete Miller
Pete Miller 22 dias atrás
Zack Bell - HUNK
Zack Bell - HUNK 22 dias atrás
The First Episode of the 11th Season is bizarre, extremely colorful if you're all for Pride. I can't relate, but it's just oddly unfitting with the Actress with the Purple hair.. she doesn't fit. Very bad, I liked TwD up until season 5 or 6, they Let Rick Go I haven't watched an Episode since. Up until Now. It's just Bizarre. I'm not liking It
Sage Kullberg
Sage Kullberg 22 dias atrás
If Daryl dies I will stop watching I swear to god I like other characters but Daryl needs to be ok above everyone else. that scene where it shows a bite is definitely his arm, I really hope he lives through that. He's been my favorite character from the beginning and he's already been through so much. :(
shadow W0rk
shadow W0rk 18 dias atrás
Thats not daryl he wouldnt hold a small knife and daryl has a spin off with carol so its not daryl
Best Auntie Ever
Best Auntie Ever 22 dias atrás
I hate Maggie. She needs to just go away.
shadow W0rk
shadow W0rk 18 dias atrás
Bro shes the best
King Julian
King Julian 22 dias atrás
Vu Ho
Vu Ho 22 dias atrás
What difference does any of this make? The Commonwealth has an organized professional heavily armed army. They probably got an air force and artillery. They got a population of 50K+. Zombies, roving bands of killers, blah blah. It's over, people...
Romario Lopez
Romario Lopez 22 dias atrás
So gage is dying 😂
Christian Lowman
Christian Lowman 23 dias atrás
No Rick No watch😐
Dman Da Man
Dman Da Man 23 dias atrás
Dog dies so I'm not gonna watch it lol
MAS PACK INC. 23 dias atrás
I stopped watching this show once Rick left, it wasn't the same without him. I will consider watching if he comes back, he's the heart and soul of this show.
Ian Meadows
Ian Meadows 23 dias atrás
Crazy how this show started when I was 11 but now I’m transferring from Community college to 4 year University next year. Edit: Yes late start since I’m almost 22 but your man is dumb at fulfilling the math requirements.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 23 dias atrás
Can’t wait for season 11!!!
Brodunski Swag
Brodunski Swag 23 dias atrás
J Duncan
J Duncan 23 dias atrás
negans gonna find jadis and find out rick is alive
Anthony Rath
Anthony Rath 23 dias atrás
I thought this show ended already… Lol I’m not even sure what the last season/episode I seen. All I remember is Rick & them knifing those dudes in their sleep.
x 23 dias atrás
that's season 6, not sure what episode exactly
Hollywood Videos VS Blockbusters
The walking dead season 11 episode 2 is on my page now check it out!!
Hi X
Hi X 24 dias atrás
Is it ending ?
Rxyal 23 dias atrás
Yeah this is the last season
charity 24 dias atrás
that little ad for the commonwealth thoroughly creeped me out, the way it looks exactly like normal life before the fall omg i'm excited to learn more!
FrEkEn A
FrEkEn A 24 dias atrás
Obviously Maggie survives based on the Trailer
The Critic
The Critic 24 dias atrás
The fact that this trailer is only showing part 1 of the season
ZigZag 24 dias atrás
After watching the first episode this trailer didn’t do it justice at first. This season I can already tell will be the best . All the TWD haters will hate regardless but for some reason lurk on the comments of TWD🤔
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