The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead
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In the fight against the Whisperers, there's no going back. The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c.
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19 Jul 2019



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Comentários 10 794
Keeke Muros
Keeke Muros 22 horas atrás
0:50 thats creepy af
sumbody 411
sumbody 411 Dia atrás
Damn, I'll be watching the walking dead movie in theatre by the time this comes to Netflix lol
Private 2 dias atrás
*When Rick see’s his partner with another man* Aw shit, here we go again
Private 2 dias atrás
Anyone have twd season 10 for free?
hermione granger
hermione granger Dia atrás
Private just go to a streaming website to watch it that’s what I do since I don’t have amc
Queen Ayricah
Queen Ayricah 3 dias atrás
Negan will always be John Winchester
lol 4 dias atrás
Who remembers Lori
Tree 4 dias atrás
Elizabeth Mendoza
Elizabeth Mendoza 8 dias atrás
I want Rick to be in the show I know he is alive still
Elizabeth Mendoza
Elizabeth Mendoza 8 dias atrás
I can't wait for season 10
tiffany 10 dias atrás
is carol suggesting them to become vsco girls?
Jassmina Vellucciano
Jassmina Vellucciano 11 dias atrás
Season 10 is one of my less favourite season. Of the walking dead.
penis man dick nigga
penis man dick nigga 12 dias atrás
This show got so fucking dumb
r- dizzle
r- dizzle 12 dias atrás
Ok I came back after the first half to see if everything was shown because some times not everything from the trailer is shown in that part of the season. So everything was shown BUT the last part with Michonne holding up Lucille. Um where/when is that??🤨
The walking dead Seasons 9 and 10
Can't wait for the second trailer of season 10 for episodes 9 to 16
Coraline Plays
Coraline Plays 14 dias atrás
Y’all saying rick is dead he’s alive the end on 916 the person the the speaker is Anne
OpTic BlaZZ3
OpTic BlaZZ3 14 dias atrás
One of the best seasons ever so far
Cheryl Clark
Cheryl Clark 14 dias atrás
We still have yet to see 3:51 and since I just saw the mid-season finale, here goes my theory- Look at what Michonne is wearing. She’s accompanying Virgil to his home at the naval base to acquire the weapons needed to destroy The Whisperers, right? That’s a military vest & bandana she’s wearing. When she returns with weapons in hand, Negan brings them BETA’S head, leaving the Whisperers vulnerable and paranoid. Negan knows that the only way to end The Whisperers is to take Alpha’s most vital man out. If he killed Alpha instead, Beta would still lead the group, and he’s far more dangerous than she is in terms of brutality. The groups blow up the horde, kill most of the Whisperers, & capture an injured Alpha & the remaining few still loyal to her. They line them up, Savior-style. She instructs the group to kill all but Alpha since she knows none of them will shift their loyalty. It’s a throwback to the cannibals of Terminus being slaughtered in the church.. She points a new Lucille that Negan made in Alpha’s face. She’s next. After all the pain and suffering The Whisperers have caused the groups (NEW deaths-more than likely Ezekiel AND Gabe, maybe even Lydia), Michonne believes this is the only appropriate death for her...she doesn’t deserve mercy in their eyes since they realize this woman is psychotic & will stop at NOTHING to see them all dead. She then hands the bat to Carol, tells her this was all of their fights, but knows that this is what Carol has needed to do since the spike deaths, since losing Henry and (possibly) Ezekiel to Alpha’s merciless ways. The scene ends with Carol swinging the bat. The war is over, and the season closes with us hearing a familiar voice speaking to the woman Eugene has been talking to on the radio. It’s Rick. Eugene says his name, and Rick gets on for a second to talk to him. He explains that Jadis saved him & placed him on the chopper, but it’s complicated. He cannot reveal the location of his whereabouts because he doesn’t even know where he is exactly. Everyone freaks, then Michonne gets as much info from Eugene as she can and leaves Alexandria to go find Rick, at long last. This is the ONLY reason why I can see Michonne’s character being absent from the show. Maybe I’m too hopeful lol Unless this clip was just meant for promo purposes, then we will see it before the season’s end!
sumbody 411
sumbody 411 Dia atrás
I've heard similar. That she leaves to go find Rick because she's gotten some kind of hint or clue or something. I have no clue who will be in all these movies. But if Rick (as he repeats) is trying to find his family, the only family he TECHNICALLY would have is Michonne Judith and that third kid (lol). So if all 3 leave, it wouldn't be too far fetched that they would to find him and because they're his family.
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 17 dias atrás
Adapts "No Turning Back" (145-150) Adapts "Call to Arms" (151-156) Adapts "The Whisperer War" (157-162)
LaTonya Manley
LaTonya Manley 17 dias atrás
Fucking love Carol and Daryl, seriously.
LaTonya Manley
LaTonya Manley 13 dias atrás
@hermione granger hell to the yes
hermione granger
hermione granger 13 dias atrás
LaTonya Manley they’re the best without them this show is shit long live to the king and Queen hope they survive til the end of the series
Laura Koenig
Laura Koenig 18 dias atrás
Alpha and beta are stupid
Universal Powder
Universal Powder 18 dias atrás
I stopped watching this 5 seasons ago it's all wayyyyyyy to repetitive.
Universal Powder
Universal Powder 2 dias atrás
@AlanGalaxy 4 I rather watch reviews and quick break downs of it all that's happened than to waist gym, or social time watch some predictable and repetitive ass show for days.
Universal Powder
Universal Powder 2 dias atrás
@AlanGalaxy 4 it's the internet that means free access to everything ild figure you knew that already.
AlanGalaxy 4
AlanGalaxy 4 2 dias atrás
Then why are u here ?
Universal Powder
Universal Powder 16 dias atrás
@Cody, The Prodigy yup here I am.
Cody, The Prodigy
Cody, The Prodigy 17 dias atrás
Universal Powder and here you are
Matt S
Matt S 18 dias atrás
Alpha: You should Fear me. Carol, Michonne, Daryl :Hold our beers
Jurassic Gamer8768
Jurassic Gamer8768 18 dias atrás
Im extremely exited!!!!! Cant wait! Also is the walking dead slowley becoming the mideavil dead or what
RoCkeRsByMySide 19 dias atrás
1:19 is so funny and ironic because back in s7 e1 he specifically says "I'm not growing a garden" i like how this show throws those lil Easter egg things in there from past seasons.
Arthur Guillen
Arthur Guillen 19 dias atrás
Still alotta shots they havent shown yet. Like michonne pointing Lucille. Maybe a chance negan will kill alpha
Spoony SpoonSpoon
Spoony SpoonSpoon 20 dias atrás
Ok the gay...I’m here for it
KINGRaiLZ 20 dias atrás
Wow so many awesome characters died from season 1-10 r.i.p in the comment guys!
Beca Avila
Beca Avila 21 dia atrás
When Carol said bitch has to die I'm over here like AMEN💀🙏🏾🙌
Randall Productions
Randall Productions 21 dia atrás
Is this trailer for the first half
Cool Dye Light
Cool Dye Light 21 dia atrás
Randall Productions yes
RunAwayReaper 21 dia atrás
When the king kissed michonne I was like what the cinnamon toast fuck
Edshot Machine
Edshot Machine 21 dia atrás
who's here after siddiq died
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 21 dia atrás
You gotta go thro Trevor Phillips industry or they ain't going!
Cypress 21 dia atrás
R.I.P Saddiq
we are one
we are one 22 dias atrás
What the fudge?!! How did you make the trailer seem good. But this season 10 has been the worse season of all. Lord help The walking dead! What is going on???
ZaedenSMFB 21 dia atrás
we are one this is one of the best seasons of the entire show
Justin Noceda
Justin Noceda 22 dias atrás
This looked cringe worthy
Mxedd 22 dias atrás
RIP Siddiq Dante kills him
DMaster 22 dias atrás
We need rick back and neagan to be in charge
DMaster 22 dias atrás
2:22 hold up what the hell
El Papi
El Papi 22 dias atrás
I call it now lydia will die mid season
ShogunAssassin 23 dias atrás
ShogunAssassin 23 dias atrás
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