The Visitor [Dream SMP]

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dream's been punching obsidian for three months
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14 Set 2021



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Comentários 25 974
Technoblade Mês atrás
forgot to spam this mid-stream but EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE I NEED 9 MIL FOR MY EGO
dragonslayer 2021
dragonslayer 2021 12 dias atrás
☦︎︎mars☦︎︎ 14 dias atrás
yes sir
DearerInfringement29 16 dias atrás
saleh alazeezi
saleh alazeezi 18 dias atrás
CCK 19 dias atrás
Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez 12 minutos atrás
i love you
Ankit Babeley
Ankit Babeley 26 minutos atrás
Roshni Britto
Roshni Britto 4 horas atrás
Techno"Is my streaming schedule that bad?" Me: No, totally not that bad
Xuân Trần văn
Xuân Trần văn 5 horas atrás
Sharif Shalih Loong Hasim
Bruh bruh
Reaperbunny 10 horas atrás
Bruh dream finally has a house!
Sarah Zell
Sarah Zell 12 horas atrás
Aleksi Wakkinen
Aleksi Wakkinen 14 horas atrás
It's The revive book
Hao Tran
Hao Tran 21 hora atrás
I found out how to tame withers, so first u put an obsidian cage at bedrock, then use a glitch to break bedrock, lead a cow in the hole, and attach it to a fence. Then cover up the bedrock hole with obsidian, it will tame the wither. Then when u want to set the wither free kill the cow (Like so techno can see)
tam chinh
tam chinh 21 hora atrás
Most strong,hmmm
Dire Hunter
Dire Hunter 23 horas atrás
The Old Man should've gotten his 1920 Vintage Glasses
Teri Deegan
Teri Deegan Dia atrás
I love how Techno defends dream there such a good team
Eden Mae Blanza
Eden Mae Blanza Dia atrás
Reviani Astari
Reviani Astari Dia atrás
Technoblade never dies!!!
Dogie Dia atrás
TECHNO if Carl dies u can still make a fast horse u need two horse splash them some speed potion and breed them and boom
Yiwei Dia atrás
Challenge: Take a shot every time he says bro
gmanballs Dia atrás
GG funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
gmanballs Dia atrás
hi techno😁😁😁
Fresh Dude
Fresh Dude Dia atrás
At 7:15 you could see an hidden entrance that they could use to free dream
fibrous one-seeded drupe
Wonder what Techno’s character’s full name is.. my headcanon is that his real name is Techcyrus "Technoblade" Blade. Which, could’ve been lost in the mists of time, if Techno being alive for hundreds of years alongside Philza is canon. Techcyrus because (all this according to google) "Techne", which Technology took from means "skill, craft, art" in greek and "Cyrus" derived from the greek name "Kyros" which means "lord". "Technoblade" is either his alias or a nickname that has basically become his real name, like Mason "Dipper" Pines from gravity falls. But many still shorten it to "Techno". Thank you for coming to my ted talk 🙂
Calamaribowl Dia atrás
I dont have a name
Phil, the oldest father, does not know the difference between DAYS and MONTHS. I am proud
otaku simooo
otaku simooo Dia atrás
I hope when he streams again dream yells at him. You said, you gonna break me out of here in 1 week. Its been 2 months , 2 months .
DanteOnPVP Dia atrás
am i the only one who didn't know you could breed dogs until the fall of l'manberg when technoblade said
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Dia atrás
Every chest he opens in his house would take me 3 years to achieve
Stay strong techno :)
TomPlayz 2 dias atrás
And technoblade makes me not overthink stuff that worries me everyday such as what I just said
TomPlayz 2 dias atrás
You know what I am thinking about. Men breaking into my house randomly and killing my parents then I go and hide in a cupboard and then they find me and kill me whilst I am on the phone with 911
Nathaniel Tan
Nathaniel Tan 2 dias atrás
'oh hey that worked' lol
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon 2 dias atrás
21:09 ORPHAN INCINERATOR!!!!???????????????????????????????
özgür ruh
özgür ruh 4 horas atrás
His sword is called orphan oblirator
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon 2 dias atrás
so basically........... Dream is Naruto and Technoblade is Sasuke.
Divyaraj Gohil
Divyaraj Gohil 2 dias atrás
prakhar sharma
prakhar sharma 2 dias atrás
prakhar sharma
prakhar sharma 2 dias atrás
prakhar sharma
prakhar sharma 2 dias atrás
prakhar sharma
prakhar sharma 2 dias atrás
mine rush
mine rush 2 dias atrás
Who would watch someone fish for hours on end? Philza: Hey
🇵🇭kaiシ︎ 2 dias atrás
Wow so amazing
postmanosh 2 dias atrás
hiiii technoblade dream can escape prison when he gets mining fatigue he can jump in the lava and respawn without it then he can break the obsidian with his fist and it take 250 seconds to break and he will have 300 seconds until he get mining fatigue again therefore he can break the obsidian within 10 minutes :)
özgür ruh
özgür ruh 4 horas atrás
Dude do you realize they know that, they are following a script
Dalton_Jorge 2 dias atrás
I am Seeking Your XBOX Account
Tony Stark 001
Tony Stark 001 2 dias atrás
22:36 YES it is XD
Dwarkesh Purohit
Dwarkesh Purohit 2 dias atrás
Am I the only one who noticed a 2 by 2 hole at 7:52
Cool Gaming YT
Cool Gaming YT 2 dias atrás
Like fil and techno's friendship
Kae Sway
Kae Sway 3 dias atrás
IceCube 3 dias atrás
25:00 is that the kind of stuff that we see in Dream smp XD
Taylor Byrd
Taylor Byrd 3 dias atrás
Quackity: hand over the book or I will kill technoblade. Technoblade: well that's pretty harsh.
Eilen Rodríguez
Eilen Rodríguez 3 dias atrás
Technoblade neverrrr diessssss!
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill 3 dias atrás
name dog tecno dogo
the mango man
the mango man 3 dias atrás
Techno where are you
Evelyn :3
Evelyn :3 3 dias atrás
27:10 kkkkkkk
Zack Pumpkinhead
Zack Pumpkinhead 3 dias atrás
But if he kills you... he kills off the best character in the SMP ...and Dream I guess.
Faded-X99 3 dias atrás
Techno escaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape
Zack Pumpkinhead
Zack Pumpkinhead 3 dias atrás
I love how technoblade's escape plan is punch obsidian I would've done it too
Hans Camegla
Hans Camegla 4 dias atrás
Dream:Act normal Technoblade:Hmmmmmm bell hmmmm bell
0 0
0 0 4 dias atrás
When everyone is in the middle of their semester/work Dream SMP: Lore When everyone is having holidays Dream SMP: No lores until everyone’s holidays are over
PENGUIN 4 dias atrás
Ur pet Edward was saying look for the eye and what's up so many times. Listen carefully
Marianne Salera
Marianne Salera 4 dias atrás
Now I just sang along with the intro Starting the stream~~
Ankur Sahoo
Ankur Sahoo 4 dias atrás
well this stream was actually streamed 3 month after his prison visit, but Minecraft day is 20 minute so this should have come just 2 days after :)
Ben Arthur
Ben Arthur 4 dias atrás
Techno, can you put your past live streams from a series in order, with videos in between to make the finished product of the series, atm I’m watching your earth smp and I feel like I’ve missed so many videos to link them together
Lauren Atherton
Lauren Atherton 4 dias atrás
I was sitting here whistleing (not sure I spelled that right) not paying paying attention to the video, and than I remember I was watching and I tuned back in to them talking about whistling😅🤣
Zonates Fire gg
Zonates Fire gg 4 dias atrás
Technoblade is back and his here to destroy the government of the 100th time
Zonates Fire gg
Zonates Fire gg 4 dias atrás
Tehcnoblade is nonsearous but strong
Ramentine 4 dias atrás
DrɛamɣXƉKillɛr 5 dias atrás
You are my fav Dream SMP member Techno:D
Cat Clock
Cat Clock 5 dias atrás
7:51 wait but yall saw that right?
Magnus 5 dias atrás
uhmm who is carl?
Magnus 4 dias atrás
@Stanby Mode ohh i thouht it was dream haha
Stanby Mode
Stanby Mode 4 dias atrás
His horse
Lillian Benton
Lillian Benton 5 dias atrás
Green Pizza
Green Pizza 5 dias atrás
8:49 Badboyhalo:
Soleil Gignac
Soleil Gignac 5 dias atrás
12:50 Techno big brained his ass
"Do you suck..." "Dream you can't start sentences like that and stop."
Loyalstar23 5 dias atrás
Who does the art for your video covers, just wondering
velya-_- 5 dias atrás
team arson
team arson 5 dias atrás
Dude just break the netherite blocks there will probably be Pistons and Pistons are easy to break so mayybeee under them is just red stone and water or just like one layer of obsidian and boom! Right out
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
Well, now we know that Techno becomes a teleporting enderman whenever he sees a pickaxe.
Zonates Fire gg
Zonates Fire gg 6 dias atrás
The all mighty blood techno is here
Joan 23 y.o - check my vidéó
"Do you suck..." "Dream you can't start sentences like that and stop."
Tell Them Mom Said
Tell Them Mom Said 6 dias atrás
You posted
Dudi Ana
Dudi Ana 6 dias atrás
Technoblade how do you make your thumbnails like do you hire someone to draw them or do you draw them and same to tommy do you hire people or do you do them your self
Devara Adhitapoetra
Devara Adhitapoetra 5 dias atrás
the creator is in the description
#ProLife Team
#ProLife Team 6 dias atrás
Techno:Finally some actually good food Also Techno:*continues eating potatos*
OroWolf 6 dias atrás
Why don't techno join the dream smp
Stanby Mode
Stanby Mode 4 dias atrás
Helen🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With
"is death a big deal?" "depends on the context. If your best friend's a necromancer? No. If your best friend isn't? Yes."
Vasco Fernandes
Vasco Fernandes 6 dias atrás
Quakity is so scared after techno escapes
TigerXD Plays
TigerXD Plays 6 dias atrás
“regular baked potatoes” -Technoblade, 2021
TigerXD Plays
TigerXD Plays 6 dias atrás
I can whistle both ways techno :)
P¡scęs 6 dias atrás
Alright so who else thinks we will have to wait until November 16th to get the “breaking Dream out of Prison stream”? Or who thinks that on November 16th just a big lore event will happen? Like idk but it would be absolutely amazing
Bob 6 dias atrás
Love how every BRvidr takes 5 year off because they get a cold and techno doing videos still when he gets cancer
Hallo Geen naam
Hallo Geen naam 6 dias atrás
Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
In case anyone was wondering, Techno managed to say "bro" 74 times within a 36 minute video. That's what bpm stands for ('bro's per minute)
999 6 dias atrás
Undisputed_Garbage 6 dias atrás
When people care about video games to much….
Xin Yun
Xin Yun 7 dias atrás
techno and his dogs lmao i wonder if they will help dream dig obsidian
Pradeep Tiwari
Pradeep Tiwari 7 dias atrás
wammert 7 dias atrás
Dream and Techno trapped in purgatory
Mefrym 7 dias atrás
17:37 Techno: I- I did it! It activated!
Ik a name
Ik a name 7 dias atrás
Hi im here to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to repent and trust in Him! He gave up His glory and His throne to suffer and die for us, because we’ve all sinned against a holy and perfectly just God, but He gave His only son Jesus for you. Because we’re all heading to hell, because we’ve sinned (lied, stolen, using God’s name as a cussword, dishonoring your parents, making up your own god, adultery etc. Like c’mon you can’t tell me you haven’t lied atleast once in your life). But John 3:16: for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, so that everyone that believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Yeah you heard that right! God wants to give you everlasting life with Him, but that’s not possible when you’re still living in sin and because of that you’ll spend eternity in hell. That’s why Jesus came! So now all you have to do is repent wholeheartedly of your sins and trust in Jesus! He will give you a new heart with new desires and you will be made new and holy. But we’ll never be perfect on this earth, because we’re still in our earthly body. But we’ll be deattached to our flesh and we’ll have our focus on Jesus and God’s kingdom that’s coming! It’s coming very soon btw so please repent (confess and forsake) of your sins and trust in Jesus that He may change you and make you new and give you everlasting life in Heaven without disease, lain, suffering etc. Instead of hell and hellfire. So repent and trust in Jesus!! He’s the one that can save you and He loves you so much.
Jiedna Matos
Jiedna Matos 7 dias atrás
Congratulacions The victori The dream
Carrotts Bunny
Carrotts Bunny 7 dias atrás
I subbed! Luv u techno
Muneer Ahmed
Muneer Ahmed 7 dias atrás
Dream is the owner he can do gamemode 1
Entropy 7 dias atrás
Hes saying “bro” a lot more now.
Leleth Sia
Leleth Sia 7 dias atrás
Still waiting and wishing you good health
Edward Bowden
Edward Bowden 8 dias atrás
24:32 thats me!
best player57
best player57 8 dias atrás
Where is the new video?
TrueCosmic 8 dias atrás
As I started to think about addictions recently I realized I do actually have one: it's called technoblade. I'm craving his content so bad
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