The Video That Pep Guardiola Ignores

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28 Abr 2019



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Comentários 80
NAGAbaba2288 2 dias atrás
Best title ever, Joe was totally disrespected by Pep and City
Mustafa Larik
Mustafa Larik Mês atrás
Make a video on Is Neuer getting old?Watch this
Anas El Fahmi
Anas El Fahmi Mês atrás
Two names songs plis
Fredrick Oyedele
Fredrick Oyedele 2 meses atrás
Sorry to say to all city fan pep is a bitch
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare 2 meses atrás
He was Snubbed because of his ball playing skills and not lack of saves. Hth.
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen 3 meses atrás
possibly the Premier League goal keeper of the decade
Javier L. Benavides
Javier L. Benavides 4 meses atrás
Prefiero mil veces Hart que a guardiola,digan lo que digan pero Hart es mucho mejor que ederson salvo de muchas al manchester city...,recuerdo un partido contra el barcelona que es estuvo perfecto hasta le paro un penal a messi
Roktim Chowdhury
Roktim Chowdhury 5 meses atrás
Asshole guardiola has destroyed his career
Muhammad Saad Ackerdien
Who remembers his celebration when Aügero scored
Muhammad Saad Ackerdien
Who remembers his celebration when Aügero scored
Muhammad Saad Ackerdien
What song is this
pingu NOOT NOOT 6 meses atrás
00:14 where the video starts
Johnas Mwasnsansu
Johnas Mwasnsansu 10 meses atrás
i miss this guy
Pedro Henrique Aguiar da silva
Curto mais o Hart do que o Ederson no gol do city sendo que ele era melhor que o Valdés
Primo Do Ville
Primo Do Ville 11 meses atrás
Tirando a falta contra o Aston Villa, não vi maia nenhuma defesa difícil!!!
Omid Gaming
Omid Gaming 11 meses atrás
Om the 410 disslike
MajGen. Kubus
MajGen. Kubus 11 meses atrás
You are watching one of the best GK in history :)
Chuck Zilla
Chuck Zilla 11 meses atrás
And rightly so hart ain't it for pep just like your girl may not be right for me ..this is the modern era hart Cech given vandersar dont belong on possession based elite systems..
Masterfarhan Anos atrás
He was so good in his prime.
GS Hemam
GS Hemam Anos atrás
Pep ruined Joe's career! Can't deny even if I'm a City Fan. The guy should end brightly as a Club Legend. The way his time ends in City is just 💔💔 anyway Joe is still a legend for the club 💙💙💪🏼💙💙
Alon Shveiky
Alon Shveiky Anos atrás
Dangit he didn't ignore anything he just wanted a keeper with amazing feet like Ederson, Hart is a goal line keeper not a sweeper keeper
Victor Chitoroaga
Victor Chitoroaga Anos atrás
Song intro?
aizan bhatti
aizan bhatti Anos atrás
i love joe hart but honestly ederson is following his footsteps and i think ederson is really under rated
Duckz 2Trash
Duckz 2Trash Anos atrás
If were talking about the present he is terrible. CURRENTLY he will not live up to the hype as he used to. And to prove he is “good” why not make a compilation of him saving stuff while with Burnley
Asher Bridenstine
Asher Bridenstine Anos atrás
Wrong title my dude, just make it Joe Hart highlights
mArK Anos atrás
Give me the FOCKING ball Joe hart World Cup 2014 🏟
Matite Colorate Baneswitch
I really miss Hart but Ederson does do the job a lot better
Rares KZK
Rares KZK Anos atrás
Guardiola sucks
Pranabesh Das
Pranabesh Das Anos atrás
You dumb head. Pep did not ignore him, he simply does not suit his style. Made it clear from the first day. Harts himself could not secure a move to anywhere else. Failed miserably at Torino and West Ham. Even became a 3rd choice again at Burnley. Open your eyes please.
Lee Pillay
Lee Pillay Anos atrás
Pep wanted more than someone who can make saves and bottom line, Hart could not give him that. Hence why he is shipped out and hey behold, back to back EPL titles.
Teo Natan
Teo Natan Anos atrás
I actually have so much respect for hart
YDBM Anos atrás
He ignores it because ederson is better ahahah
Dan Radice
Dan Radice Anos atrás
One problem Hart is actually trash after euro 2016 he’s just gone downhill
Beasthacker 666
Beasthacker 666 Anos atrás
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald Anos atrás
Unbelievable idiots on here saying Pep destroyed Joe Hart. You know nothing about English football or the English media that's for sure. The English media are mostly comprised of Manchester United fans and Liverpool fans. They destroyed Joe's International and club career. Don't believe me?.... Well then they attempted to do the same to Raheem Sterling and it nearly worked.... but then backfired BADLY
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald Anos atrás
There's two reasons he ignores this video. 1) All this footage is from before Pep was manager (look at the badge) 2) Joe Hart is no longer a Manchester City player. Just sayin
Lewisgg123 Anos atrás
Thank go he is not England’s keeper anymore 💩
Lewisgg123 Anos atrás
He can’t even make it into the Burnley side so everyone shut up you don’t know what you are talking about 🤫
Azza ‘
Azza ‘ Anos atrás
Pep has doubts about his quality, but peps style of goalkeeper is different.
peter Anos atrás
Im no City fan but joe hart was a damn good goalkeeper🙆‍♂️ Nice Video
Switch Anos atrás
Quem e o redes? nao consigo ver o nome e n conheco carasd
Switch Anos atrás
nvm i see its hart
FARDA J Anos atrás
Ill just email this to Pep, should re sign him then Cheers
Yox Yox
Yox Yox Anos atrás
It's not that Pep ignores this. It is just he hasn't been up to Man City's form in recent years and clearly isn't good enough at this moment in time for a team like City. Especially when they have Ederson. Plus, a lot of these clips are old so why would Pep put him in the team based on old form not current
Chris This
Chris This Anos atrás
Ederson is good tho. Not peps problem
Filip Jovanovic
Filip Jovanovic Anos atrás
Ederson is also doing great hart 2.0
Invictus Ames
Invictus Ames Anos atrás
Hart is good but ederson is better
Ryan Aditya Nugraha
Ya, but you need to see ederson's skills clip
Chris Bonilla
Chris Bonilla Anos atrás
Why would he reject joe?
Alex Buttner
Alex Buttner Anos atrás
Look at him when he played for England every time he’s the reason we conceded so many goals with constant mistakes.
Im Taff
Im Taff Anos atrás
I forgot how good he was and it kills me to say it coz I’m a Man U fan
BXND Anos atrás
He was was the Hart of Man City. Pep stabbed that Hart and now it's very weak. Thanks alot! Edit: I'm no city fan I'm a gunner but still I feel bad for the boy he basically ruined Joe's career :(
Fury Anos atrás
He was good keeper but pep thought he had no fast ball skills so he chose Bravo because he played Spanish football which is fast so the keeper would do alot of work when they have possession. So pep thought that Bravo would suit his playstyle
Tactical Foul
Tactical Foul Anos atrás
Joe Hart is not a good goalkeeper.
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton Anos atrás
He is so bad
YouWannabeGnuvy Anos atrás
You had one job
Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher Anos atrás
A five minute video does not prove he is any good
An Englishman
An Englishman Anos atrás
Before City became the club of UAB and oil.
PuceHaddock9400 Anos atrás
Can’t belive he is my mums boyfriend
PuceHaddock9400 Anos atrás
Joe hart lived in shrews like me
The Random Guy
The Random Guy Anos atrás
Who was legendary but now can’t even make it into the starting XI for Burnley.
Fabian Stöhr
Fabian Stöhr Anos atrás
Same with yaya touré
China Number 1
China Number 1 Anos atrás
I don't understand why people are hating on Pep for letting Hart go.. I mean yes, Pep could have changed his tactics to accommodate him maybe.. But Pep has a philosophy which he never lets go of.. and in that philosophy, sweeper keeper with excellent distribution is at the heart.. And Ederson is a lot better with delivery (infact the best in PL, Alisson is a close second statistically).. Its really sad though what has become of Hart.. I think dropping a player isn't the bad thing about Pep.. but he destroys the player's confidence...
Aidan Shiu
Aidan Shiu Anos atrás
Pep knows what he wants. I’m sure Karius also has some mixtapes of great saves
Farbod Ahmadi
Farbod Ahmadi Anos atrás
And time shows that he (Guardiola) is right.
realnesx Anos atrás
Pep destroyed Hart. Hart was still good when pep came. Hart in his prime city's most valuable and important player
Steven Macdonald
Steven Macdonald Anos atrás
Nonsense the British media had already done so. Then they tried to do Raheem Sterling and that backfired
Lil_nig _jr
Lil_nig _jr Anos atrás
His career was so good jow its falling it's over
the gaming one
the gaming one Anos atrás
Pep made the right decision, look where it got him and the team
Rusheed Mohammed
Rusheed Mohammed Anos atrás
always will be in our hearts
Ben Hildrop
Ben Hildrop Anos atrás
Pep admitted he was a good keeper he just doesn't have the feet of ederson
An Englishman
An Englishman Anos atrás
And the worth
Joshua Liley
Joshua Liley Anos atrás
Using clips from 3+ years ago to try and suggest current form. Hart used to be good but not any more
Gonçalo Mendes
Gonçalo Mendes Anos atrás
My god are u ppl dumb Guardiola let him go cuz he likes keepers that can play with the feet and Hart cant thats the only reason why he was let go
worst trends
worst trends Anos atrás
It's funny how all of these clips are old
Anthony Graeber
Anthony Graeber Anos atrás
true he's good but he was let off because he can't play well with his feet
Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel
He sucks at passing,that's why Guardiola fired him
KamperO 100
KamperO 100 Anos atrás
nurkey khalifa
nurkey khalifa Anos atrás
Joe hart my legend I’m man united fan I salute you man 💯💯💯 thanks for the video 🤘🏿
ganyang Penghalang
ganyang Penghalang Anos atrás
Joe hart was not sweeper gk..
COMPARED! Anos atrás
Shoeb Uddin
Shoeb Uddin Anos atrás
Pep didnot replace Joe Hart because he was bad stopper. Peo wanted a keeper who is more involved in game and playes as 11th have good long passing ability and can healp in making goal by his long ball. Exactly what ederson does
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