The Unspoken Reality Behind the Harvard Gates | Alex Chang | TEDxSHSID

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Caitlyn Liu
Caitlyn Liu 2 anos atrás
more asian parents need to see this
spilot101 17 horas atrás
Indeed. For some reason Asian parents are obsessed with "prestige"
SuperAJ5 4 dias atrás
Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli 5 dias atrás
This may have been already said but for the sake of it, let racial bias be shoved aside, ALL parents with the similar mindset are extremely stubborn when it comes to subjects like this. Even with statistics, advice from psychologists, hell when someone even researched all the hypotheses between the correlation of top institutes and student well-being, they'll still deny it. That's just how they are. Primarily because it was education that stimulated into the life of having a high paying job and good securities like engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc as the saving grace from poverty. That's why the racial bias of non-white parents pushing the highest of education is so prominent, because it guarantees success and an escape from being jobless and running low on money. My parents are both medical experts. My mother is a dentist and my father is an anaesthetist with a PhD and they both grew up in poor families and now...fair to say we are a wealthy family. Now the cycle pushes on to me and my sister. My sister graduated with a medical degree and I'm now a med student in Belgium. side note : My mother is malaysian singaporian and my father is belgian. In Belgium, we work with entry exams btw for medicine. TLDR; These parents most likely won't change their minds over this. Mainly because having a respectable job with high paying salaries trumps their care for your well-being most of the times. They see highest of education as the golden ticket out of poverty (which it is btw)
Brady Emery
Brady Emery 6 dias atrás
Race is irrelevant. Why’d you even bring it up?
_MeTa_DaTa_ 8 dias atrás
Russian and Indian parents also. But I love this young generation that puts crying faces or faces with o make up on tiktok. They are natural and vulnerable - that make them strong and wise
skyn0va 3 minutos atrás
hardvard Edit: fuck! its already been said
123chantolfo 2 horas atrás
so, harvard(or any other thing like it) isn't a better education, is just a high exigency stablishment that takes the best students from other stablishments and say: we educated them, when in reality the genius of these students comes from themselves and the hard work or great talent that they already had
ReXurEe Hora atrás
Yea. THey just make the questions super hard in Harvard. The teachings are almost the same in every school lol
Schiriki Alpenquelle
Schiriki Alpenquelle 2 horas atrás
Dear highly intelligent and had working people around the world: Thank you for ýour precious output. You are pushing mankind to new horizons. You are the reason I'm able to post here in so many ways.
N. P. See
N. P. See 5 horas atrás
...unless you're black in which case affirmative action makes it easy for you. Peak black privilege
Bryan Vallejo
Bryan Vallejo 6 horas atrás
Fuck Harvard tbh they aren’t even the best school the only reason it’s highly praised is because of the restrictions it has to enter
Jess Seiss
Jess Seiss 6 horas atrás
TJM the Great
TJM the Great 7 horas atrás
Depressing as hell to see what top colleges do to growing people
smallfaucet 9 horas atrás
I am really glad I didn't go to Harvard....or any other college.
Freigeist2008 10 horas atrás
You dont go there for the education. You go there for the network, which will help you in the future. The education is totally overestimated.
Kari Kantojärvi
Kari Kantojärvi 10 horas atrás
Everything in this is so fucked up. I mean his values, expectations, etc. When your view of world and life is for the biging so crooked. Nobody in Harvard is genius, at plain merit. Sorry my English. It's not my native language
Skylar P
Skylar P 10 horas atrás
Watching this makes me glad I was accepted into my second choice college. It's still a notable engineering college; I just wanted to go to the dream college for the name and because I thought I would fit in. However, I likely would not have a 4.0 GPA after my first year if I had gone to my dream college. My family would also have had to pay more for me to go to college. I'm happy with where I'm at.
Ser O
Ser O 11 horas atrás
Went to Columbia. Completely overrated. Could have gone to state school for free. Oh well, live and learn.
the hell do I call this?
the hell do I call this? 12 horas atrás
"Harward is hard" Damn really I never imagined
Tyler Nye
Tyler Nye 13 horas atrás
Look im a harvard grad ill be paying my student loan till I'm 65 70 years old and by that time you won't have any energy to enjoy your retirement
sndr b
sndr b 16 horas atrás
Does one go to college for academical growth or to be molded into the perfect employee ? All this talk about achievements and achieving blinds one to the fact that these are signifiers, billboards that shelter you from a reality that probably may not fit you. For instance all of the big companies he names are proving to be problematic in privacy sense and are starting to have more and more antagonistic relationships with the EU and other governments. Working there is like working in a giant bureaucracy, your efforts will drown in white noise, will go unnoticed and will not make the world a better place.
Daniel Donny Teoh
Daniel Donny Teoh 16 horas atrás
Harvard already saying on his name hard-tard. Learn that
CI-T0IDI 16 horas atrás
Electric Boogaloo
Electric Boogaloo 17 horas atrás
God damn this is depressing, is higher education even worth it anymore?
Rizki Maulidan
Rizki Maulidan 17 horas atrás
John Cortes
John Cortes 18 horas atrás
I don't know how to feel about this cause I don't want to offend or feel shameful about myself so I don't know what to say but I like this video a lot it makes me knowledge about something
Casey Guay
Casey Guay 18 horas atrás
Imagine conflating "running away" to transferring to another one of the country's most prestigious Universities
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 18 horas atrás
It is indeed, but it's slightly different. It contains the letters _"v", "a",_ and _"r"_ in which _"hard"_ does not contain.
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 18 horas atrás
Who gives a crap about the whip cream in the hot chocolate of life. Your smart but useless most are dumb and in high demand. Age is no garentee of wisdom and youth is not garentee of ability. You suck so you move on to your mc donalds job. It's OK there is billions of useless people just like you. Most people can't swim but most shit floats so who do you want. All i hear here is 😭😭😭😭 poor me and my shit life at harvard.
Alex Bonesteel
Alex Bonesteel 19 horas atrás
Oh my gosh... You went to Harvard.... Your life must be so hard... I'm so sorry you had to deal with that inconvenience. If only there were a way to avoid that horrific existence. After watching videos like this, it reminds me of how lucky all the starving children in Africa are... They are so lucky not being able to find food to eat, or be able to go to school at all. They don't have to deal with all those social pressures of getting good grades, or the stress of applying to Google or Facebook. I hope that this man can find a way to starve nearly to death and forget everything he learned. Maybe then he will be happy. Maybe then his family will have lower expectations of him.
He Needs Some Milk
He Needs Some Milk 19 horas atrás
this video is all about EGO and PRIDE
DecaCrafter 20 horas atrás
Getting a C for me was a big deal XD
Zander 21 hora atrás
"my first C+" me who had 3 f's 🤷
Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai 21 hora atrás
Alex Chang got his ego crushed by reality and the real world.
Mal Function
Mal Function 22 horas atrás
Man, I feel sorry for this rich kid having the to endure the prestigious life of a Harvard student...
John Smith
John Smith 22 horas atrás
So how did The Village Idiot graduate from there ... AND Yale? Not only must every Harvard graduate hang their head in shame, they must never again pretend themselves superior. Because they're not. Because Bush graduated from there. Not the smart Bush, either, if there is such an animal. THIS guy (and no, this isn't an SNL skit)
Brittany Reyes
Brittany Reyes 22 horas atrás
His friend would be proud of him to share these important lessons. well done.
Alexi Boris
Alexi Boris Dia atrás
Harvard student: Depression Amazon employees: first time?
Ty E
Ty E Dia atrás
Family guy: u doctor? Call me back when you doctor!
GreatDune Dia atrás
Ahh, so Ivy League schools are for overachievers what regular life is for normal people. Get the fuck over yourself you pampered prick. Welcome to the real world. Yeah, it's stressful.
It's Mi
It's Mi Dia atrás
Must be hard getting into Harvard while being Asian, I heard being black helps, maybe try that next?
John Dodd
John Dodd Dia atrás
This isn't anything new. Joining the military strips you to nothing and throws your successes in the past in the trash and they build you back up again and enforce the mentality that you are not better than anyone else despite how smart you are. If you go into the fleet with this mentality, everyone will hate you and you will get nowhere.
Ungrateful Fuck
Ungrateful Fuck Dia atrás
Ivy League Grad here, its all bullshit. These degrees are just overpriced tickets to the upper class. The only benefit I saw of my Ivy league education was that I was surrounded by smart people. But let me tell you, smart people don't necessarily make the best teachers and often times the highly competitive students made for awful peers. I wonder frequently if the quality of my education would have been better at another school where I could have received more attention and the faculty was less focused on abstract ideas of difficulty and prestige that don't really influence your education. I would say my critical thinking and analysis skills increased greatly but many of the skills that actually transferred to my career could have been learned somewhere much cheaper.
bigb3n011 Dia atrás
Ivy League schools are extremely overrated and definitely overpriced. people who fall for their prestige are stupid and usually left leaning
"thats the only way to success in asia" pure facts
Rashedul Wahid
Rashedul Wahid Dia atrás
IVY league students are people power we use when we establish our companies...they're happy with the salary we give them. Ultimately, if you're not pursuing STEM, you should really consider other, MUCH BETTER, alternatives than college....point is to make money, cultivate choices, become the man the woman you want to be for yourselves, then the people...I never finished college, yet i attained positions where i rejected IVY league students and accepted others....
Sarah cahoot
Sarah cahoot Dia atrás
The sad part is Harvard people think they need a Ivy League school to be a leader or have success in life. They are all dying to compete with a world far beyond review.
Good Boi Clips
Good Boi Clips Dia atrás
then dont do it
Ll L
Ll L Dia atrás
No worries, of you're not white you can just say the school is racist if they fail you
Mike BTek
Mike BTek Dia atrás
This video applies to anyone who goes to a school that fits their academic level. Funny thing about a school such as Harvard, you end up doing better academically as a commuter than living on the campus. You are better off missing all the social drama and the frequent social excuses for consuming alcohol. Better to just remain a nerd or "grub" than venturing into the unsolvable troublesome complexities of campus delusional dating. Find yourself a small group of good friends and become outcasts to that university's universe, and in four years you will get that valuable piece of paper that has not trained you to do a damn thing. Congratulations, now you are smart enough and tough enough for the world, and owing a sizeable student loan, why you are a full fledged bill paying tax paying citizen as well.
Andrea Merano
Andrea Merano Dia atrás
One of my friends got to Harvard and due to the stress, he ended up having a sex/drug-based relationship with a monkey. At the end of the 3rd semester, he killed the monkey as a sacrifice for Satan. He got a job in a satanic sect financed by Gates and Rothchild groups and they are trying to destroy the world of monkey island.
Charles Ritman
Charles Ritman Dia atrás
UVA’s business school was like this. All the folks were great, but since the school needed to delineate students across GPAs for the employers, the students and the school together created a very stressful environment. I contributed to this somewhat and we all did. I won’t forget the day I walked through a computer lab at 4:00am in the middle of the semester. Two major classes for everyone had reports due in a couple days. 80% of the computer seats were taken. The school in the middle of the night had libraries busier than anywhere. There were times where I would text a group of 4 on a group project and everyone would respond within 5 minutes at 3:00am. It’s tough to compete with geniuses and other smart folks, who are willing to go without sleep.
Aragorn II
Aragorn II Dia atrás
I went to a state university after high school. It was tough and i suffered a lot of what he describes. What is different in Hardvard or any other Ivy League? What is it that makes it more difficult than the average state university?
Larod Tucker
Larod Tucker Dia atrás
I wish he could've, lived his life and not focused on what his family thought he should be doing, and what he thought he needed to fulfill with 4 years of senseless schooling. That's time wasted from finding his true self, and focusing on Diet Health, which is the only important thing that matters, which is what most of us neglect unfortunately. All this was for the sake of chasing money and false dreams, all we need is our Health, which is number one!
jlehm 1982
jlehm 1982 Dia atrás
Anyone else catch where this guy went to school…not sure he mentioned it.
Zachary Ehorn
Zachary Ehorn Dia atrás
is it just me or is the clapping at the end spliced up?
phil mahon
phil mahon Dia atrás
7:26 “Dream school is stressful” what a paradox. If you have the opportunity to go to such a highly ranked school, it probably entailed that you were gifted with some level of higher intelligence and most likely a well crafted work ethic. Damn I feel sorry for you lol.
JEZ Dia atrás
you know whats crazy lil pump is making more money than this guy
thesearemyjeans 2 dias atrás
not me watching this the same semester I'm applying to Oxford
LittleParade 2 dias atrás
I always hate hearing about students who tried their best and still couldn't do as well as they wanted. I was the same way all throughout my school years. That our best wasn't enough, it didn't cut it. I dropped out of Uni because of that pressure, and my health, both mental and physical, was going to break otherwise. Coming to terms with your best just not being enough for what they demand of you in school is never easy, and I hope somehow more people understand the extreme pressure students nowadays feel in the school system.
Sarah DuckDuck
Sarah DuckDuck 2 dias atrás
I couldn't finish college. When you live with toxic family members that care more about how much attention you need to give them and focusing on yourself to get through school, you kind of develop depression before school can do that for you.
Retired Godlike
Retired Godlike 2 dias atrás
Tale out they var in Harvard and you’re left with hard 🤲🏼
Niels 2 dias atrás
it's Hardvard
Boris Blocksberg
Boris Blocksberg 2 dias atrás
Elitist Satanist High Castle
Scientifica4148 2 dias atrás
I got into a top ten university for my graduate studies after doing my bachelor at a decent university. The thing I always feel to be very important and helpful is not to compare your results to others but yourself. As Alex Chang mentions it is not easy when you suddenly do not do as well as before, that’s normal, now you are playing in a different league. Comparing your results to other people can get really destructive and demotivating, instead focussing on improving your results is very constructive. If you get 65%, work out what went wrong, and try to improve. If next time you get 70% this is extremely rewarding, and altough not perfect, is proof that you are learning and progressing in your studies, and that is really what it’s all about :)
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 dias atrás
Harvard and all the Ivies are OVERRATED!
Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin 2 dias atrás
uni is bullshit
Cowbless 2 dias atrás
So... "Hard things are hard, the 13 minute lecture". Glad I x2'd that.
Emperor Krulos
Emperor Krulos 2 dias atrás
Jokes on you, I don't need Harvard to get into debt.
J A 2 dias atrás
No it isn't.
Pivotguy199235 2 dias atrás
I dont know who was responsible for the audio in this but the background noise is actually insane
My China
My China 2 dias atrás
Im in the second best college in my country and I can honestly relate. I get great grades but it's literally just work, you dont have time for anything else and its draining. Im pushing through to prove to myself and to the people that dont believe in me that I can far exceed expectations (also doing it for money, not gonna lie)
José David Cózar Ortiz
No one prepares you for failure. And when he comes, he is devastating
MikeDonovan 2 dias atrás
American education isn't exactly the best... No matter how much you pay for it. No offence. Greetings from Europe.
Tenz Tops
Tenz Tops 2 dias atrás
You need a PhD certificate to learn the same subject
Odeltor 2 dias atrás
Its not hard, you are just not strong enough
A Kaiser
A Kaiser 2 dias atrás
his comment on "you are top at your highschool but wont be special at harvard" is something most young generations nowadays need to apply to every aspect of their lives... you're not special- that's OK- dont let it depress you. and get off social media
George Zhou
George Zhou 2 dias atrás
Education shouldn't be like this... it should make people happy to learn new things not depressed. Need to change
ItsKarbonAndJet 2 dias atrás
this applies to everywhere else not only harvard.
uhadme 2 dias atrás
Harvard was built decades before becoming a school, built in anticipation of a need in the future. Isn't that astounding? Made a huge investment on something that has never been done before... then decided to make school compulsory in 1850s. I'm sure that wasn't part of a plan or something.. by 1850s all your cities seem to be laid out by some super genius mathematician. San Francisco still using the same streets now as they did in 1849 (Miner '49er)... people were smarter before schools came along.
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 2 dias atrás
harvard is hard no shit
Jean-sebastien Ouellet
do folks think because they're great in highschool that they will do great in harvard? I mean kinda delusional
Gavin Young
Gavin Young 2 dias atrás
It is obvious that his method of studying was wrong. I have been to these universities. A lot of students, especially Asia students, were very struggling. It was not because of the complexities of the subjects. It was because their method were wrong and they did not understand what was logic and how to use it. Just imaging, all the things they learn in universities are those someone has already invented or founded. Technically speaking, these things are not new. In real world, the only hard thing is to find something new, but university is not.
Noah Hill
Noah Hill 2 dias atrás
Some of the most naive and gullible people I’ve talked to in the tech world have been recent Harvard grads and it really gives you a very different perspective on Ivy League schools. Really glad I didn’t waste my time with the college experience.
Puma lol
Puma lol 2 dias atrás
I knew Harvard would be pretty difficult with doing grades. But 50% of students in Harvard would not just be stressful but have depression? 😟
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron 2 dias atrás
Harvard ain't Harvard anymore. Hasn't been for over 40 years now. I recently debated a Harvard Law grad from 1990 and utterly destroyed him over his lack of knowledge of the US Constitution. That tells ya everything. I won't hire Harvard Grads anymore.
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron 2 dias atrás
@Jean Flores Grads from colleges that that are not nearly as expensive. Cheaper to hire and no real performance difference. We just test heavily before hiring.
Jean Flores
Jean Flores 2 dias atrás
So who do you hire now if I may ask.
daniel 2 dias atrás
title: the Unspoken Reality Behind the Harvard Gates thumbnail: Harvard is hard
Revaline Isle
Revaline Isle 2 dias atrás
Thanks for sharing. Don't know why people thumbs down this.
Matthew Zadrov
Matthew Zadrov 2 dias atrás
It's funny tho, at the end of the day its work experience that companies are looking for.
FeignRaven 2 dias atrás
Harvard isn't the problem. It's kids thinking they're ready for college just because they got A's in high school. Just like when students cry about the pains of Law School. When again, just because you got good grades in college, doesn't' mean you're ready for a serious graduate program.
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron 2 dias atrás
95% of HS grad job applicants my company tested in 2006 could not pass English comprehension tests from my 5th grade class. Same with physical science tests from my 7th grade and math test from my 8th grade year. Only 10% of 4 year lib arts grads passed them. Basically, public education in the US started dying a rapid death ~1975 (this was in a major metro area with one of largest tech econs in world. TONS of $ given to school systems.)
Christian Schmitz
Christian Schmitz 2 dias atrás
this is such hypocrisy, you guys want to promote this idea, it´s something you thrive off and use to promote the illusion of an elitist image. Or in Bourdieus words: "The point of my work is to show that culture and education arent simply hobbies or minor influences. They are hugely important in the affirmation of differences between groups and social classes and in the reproduction of those differences."
Ray Jones
Ray Jones 2 dias atrás
dam this was painful like watching a bit that has no point no finish its basically a boring yawn story
Stepan Zharychev
Stepan Zharychev 2 dias atrás
Totally understandable, I've had very very similar experience during school time, when I was transferred to Math School to be more specific. Before that time I used to be A-only kind of person, when I started in new place I was constantly getting C's and it was super stressful, mainly because there're people who're constantly getting A's with no effort at all. I guess my perception has changed, when later in my life one person has said: "It doesn't matter how others are doing, you should decide for yourself what you want". Everyone wants to be successful, and it's normal, but not at cost of mental health.
Socially Inept
Socially Inept 2 dias atrás
I mean, what is the point of information or knowledge that we can say, "I'm right"
Socially Inept
Socially Inept 2 dias atrás
But, how do you know you know enough about that subject, in order to know you're right?
Blanctison 2 dias atrás
I feel like there's a cat purring next to the microphone
chaitanya nile
chaitanya nile 2 dias atrás
ALL this pressures we handle in IITS and before iit we handle in 10th and 12th ------------ ASIANS
TM KMD 2 dias atrás
Lmfao jokes Harvard doesn’t give C+s, they’re literally the worst offenders in giving out bullshit high grades just to make their school look better. You must’ve never gone to Harvard or any Ivy League if you believe shit like this.
no u
no u 2 dias atrás
I got a 0.3 percent in one of my hs classes
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 2 dias atrás
Graduating from Harvard is all you need for a job. They don't care about your GPA.
Ivy-Way Academy
Ivy-Way Academy Dia atrás
Hi Donald, speaker here! Perhaps you can watch my video again, where I spoke, from first hand experience, that what you said is false 😊
They Fly Now
They Fly Now 2 dias atrás
Join the rest of us WASP Americans and start your own companies (skip college for a few years) and attend your local universities. Yes, receiving the mark of the USA Praetorian Guard by attending Harvard/Yale/Whatever and joining the globalist security state is a fast track. But in the long run, the Ivy League brand is dying faster every day and these hucksters are being exposed all the time. Now with infusion of wokeism into the Ivy League, their discrediting process is almost complete. Most Americans today will associate Harvard with diversity admission, woke ideologue, dumb rich kid who's also woke.
ElloBoppit 3 dias atrás
Just a heads up to the "youth" if you are going into a STEM discipline no one cares about ivy league schools and their faux prestige. I got into Princeton to get a graduate degree researching proteomics. I came from a state school and had a 3.74 undergraduate gpa. You don't need a 4.0.....networking...perfectionist stress....or to come for money, the caveat being this is only in regards to stem grad school. Now if business or humanities is your jam, good luck.
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