The unheard story of David and Goliath | Malcolm Gladwell

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It's a classic underdog tale: David, a young shepherd armed only with a sling, beats Goliath, the mighty warrior. The story has transcended its biblical origins to become a common shorthand for unlikely victory. But, asks Malcolm Gladwell, is that really what the David and Goliath story is about?

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29 Set 2013



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Comentários 17 855
Victor McLeod
Victor McLeod Mês atrás
Goliath had four brothers, all of whom were also Giants. It was also a standard practice for heavy infantry to be accompanied by an armor bearer, as recorded in the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer, single-handedly attacking a Philistine Garrison. When the Israelites first approached Canaan several hundred years earlier they were initially afraid to enter because it was a land full of giants. So while the story has an interesting spin to it, probably the giantism so, in the land was due to genetics, rather than pituitary malfunction.
Close Counsel
Close Counsel 7 dias atrás
Boooyahh! Boom 💥
Fawn Jones
Fawn Jones 10 dias atrás
@Kate Leurs definitely
Red Five
Red Five 25 dias atrás
@Perry Trevithick How did David know Goliath had giant brothers? Why would he need stones for them, it was single combat. Winner take all.
Red Five
Red Five 25 dias atrás
@Perry Trevithick In Key West, Florida at Ernest Hemingway's house has cats with six toes on their paws.
Richard inToronto
Richard inToronto 26 dias atrás
@David Falls uhhhhh....just in case he missed?
Maggie Naidoo
Maggie Naidoo 27 dias atrás
When I talk about David, I always talk about how he never ran into kingship the moment he was chosen. He lived his life and in doing so he was slowly prepared for what was to come. Unlike the average soldier, David faced lions and bears and killed them. He was courageous and fearless but mostly he was faithful in the covering he had. What you belief is very important because what you believe is what you give power to. He had no doubt and no fear! Lesson: Every difficult situation we face and overcome, seasons us, prepares us and strengthens us, if you learn the lessons it brings! Life is full of lessons! Hammered metal is the toughest! Be confident, brave and fearless! But mostly have FAITH IN GOD!
Matt Prebeg
Matt Prebeg 4 dias atrás
Amen although We can be in a storm god is with us… strengthening us!
Paul Bedichek
Paul Bedichek 11 dias atrás
@Phyllis Thomas God was with David’s people when they were gassed in the showers their bodies reduced to ash in the coal ovens, he showed them his might and power. Even in ancient times, the Jews were constantly defeated in battle, their religious artifacts looted, the men women and children sold into slavery, where their children were born into a life of slavery. God really favored the Romans, who wisely adopted the Greek Gods, we are so familiar with to this day, and they enjoyed victory after victory until they went Christian.
Phyllis Thomas
Phyllis Thomas 11 dias atrás
Lorrin Barth
Lorrin Barth Mês atrás
When I was a teen I was taken to the country to play with some boys who lived on a farm. A ten year old had a sling and asked if I wanted to see him hit a building in the distance. Off on the horizon I could see a galvanized grain storage building - a long rifle shot. The boy selected a chunk of concrete about the size of a fist, spun it, let go and then we waited and waited. Then - CLANG! At that moment the David and Goliath story changed in my mind.
Invisible Individual
Invisible Individual 13 dias atrás
UberTheRandom Randomizer
@Prue Phillip Depends on the stone. And often they didn't even use stone, they often used lead "bullets".
Prue Phillip
Prue Phillip 27 dias atrás
Though far slower than a bullet a sling stone has more mass.
A Mechealle
A Mechealle Mês atrás
I never saw David as an underdog. When I grew up hearing the story and they told how he defended his flock and I knew he was no one to mess with. Maybe it’s because I was raised around animals and know their capabilities when hungry or stressed. They are very fast, agile and sneaky. In order for David to be able to kill an hungry animal he would have to have a skill compatible to a trained warrior. Yes he was young but back in those days children didn’t just sit around all day they too had responsibilities. It dismays me that from the start people don’t give David the credit he is due. Youth doesn’t mean incapable.
tony growley
tony growley 6 dias atrás
@Michael How many fictitious stories have been written about the old West? Cowboy stories in real places, but never happened? How many fictions have been written about NYC? Just because there is a Tokyo does not mean there is Godzilla. Your words are just as important as mine.
Michael 7 dias atrás
@tony growley I like how you say something so ridiculous while ignoring all the evidence supporting the Bible as a historical document. Good job, really. Your words mean so much to everyone.
Michael 7 dias atrás
@BEAT THE MAN Goliath had 4 brothers.
tony growley
tony growley 24 dias atrás
@GG GG ahaha Yeah, like your opinion of me means anything, or your opinion of the buybull. If it doesn't matter to you, then why bother trying to insult me? You are further behind on the path than me!
Nicholas Houghton
Nicholas Houghton Mês atrás
While Mr Gladwell tells a good story and brings out very interesting data regarding the role in battle of slingers, he removes the miraculous element (which was so important for Biblical writers) and debases what was seen as an astounding feat (which was so important for David's myth). Additionally, would Israelite soldiers have been scared of a man who could barely see and could only move slowly? Would the Philistines have entrusted their military campaign to a man as crippled as Robert Wadlow?
Elisdad schmitt
Elisdad schmitt Dia atrás
@domhamai bless you too
domhamai Dia atrás
@Elisdad schmitt none of us know it all ;) I’m sure you’re aware of much I am not. God bless you brother.
Elisdad schmitt
Elisdad schmitt Dia atrás
@domhamai Yep.. You're right, Strong east wind.. I stand Corrected.. See how easy that is to know when you're wrong and admit it? Ha! I just can't stand when people who are not spiritual want to dismiss things via science like this guy making Goliath out to be a Big handicapped bafoon? Just to fit his narrative Have a Good day
domhamai Dia atrás
@Elisdad schmitt Moses did stretch out his staff and then the water did part, and they walked on dry land. Mighty gust of wind alright. Allahu Akbar.
Elisdad schmitt
Elisdad schmitt 2 dias atrás
@domhamai where does it say a guest of wind or a brief hurricane? The text says God Told Moses to Stretch out your staff and the waters parted and they walked over upon "Dry land".. that's a miracle , just the dry ground alone let alone the waters heaping up on both sides Waiting while a million people crossed over.. then after it just so happens to destroy the Egyptian army?.. that's some gust of wind
Cwarner 2 anos atrás
The others thought Goliath was too big to beat while David thought he was too big to miss
Hello Handsome
Hello Handsome 5 dias atrás
@Julia Martin yeh, yeh, yeh
Hello Handsome
Hello Handsome 5 dias atrás
@David Jackson real life super hero,, 🙄
Hello Handsome
Hello Handsome 5 dias atrás
@NameCallingIsWeak and Harry Potter can converse with snakes,,,, wait, maybe he learned it in the garden of Eden! 😂
mark gonsalves
mark gonsalves 8 dias atrás
@HEALTH & FINANCE I know right. 😵
Shahid Ashraf
Shahid Ashraf Mês atrás
With all that technological and medical advancement we can today measure Goliath’s weaknesses but I’m sure nobody 3,000 years ago had such knowledge. It was all David’s courage, self believe and probably observation that led him to win against Goliath.
Bru Ram
Bru Ram 6 dias atrás
It was God leading and empowering David...not the weakness or strengthens of Goliath...
Jr. Ras Entertainment
Jr. Ras Entertainment 12 dias atrás
It's the language and religion that got people confused. When he explains it this way it actually makes more sense 😀😁👍🔥🔥🇻🇺🇻🇺🇻🇺
Taigiry 13 dias atrás
@Peters Daniel How shallow, belief in Allah is the only way
BLFulle 26 dias atrás
I really enjoyed this talk. I do have something to add. The Masoretic Text has "six cubits and a span" (9 feet 9 inches or 2.97 metres) as Goliath's height. Another thing you didn't mention was that David went and picked 5 smooth stones before his battle with Goliath. Why was that? Because Goliath had 4 brothers. I suppose he felt he might have to fight them out. I loved the end of your talk, what appears to be their greatest strength can also be a giants greatest weakness. With God all things are possible.
Dan Noah
Dan Noah 18 horas atrás
King Soloman used a 20.5 cubit to build the Temple...therefore, six cubits of 20.5 inches = 10.3 oh, and a span, the width of the hand is 5, Goliath was really 10.8 inches... Now, if the cubit were the same as the one that Noah used to build the ark, that was 25 inches...which would place Goliath in the 13 ft. range of say, King Og, of Basham. Goliath was not the weakling you bastardized the Bible to fit into nonsense version you were brainwashed by idiot prof's to disregard that King David fought a Nephilim GIANT... Gen.6:4 speaks of giants ...powerful hybrids, the result of fallen angels and human women... The Gd of A-I-J told the israelites SPECIFICALLY NOT TO FEAR KING OG! WHY? BECAUSE HE WAS A FEARSOME GIANT, AS WAS GOLIATH. When Joshua and Caleb came back with a report of the promised land filled with GIANTS, you think they were talking about stumbling bumbling A/C/M stiffs like Wadlow. You sir, have been brainwashed by biased prof's who ran with lies, to explain away the supernatural Gd of the Law and the Prophets...King Saul was 6'6, so you are really silly, now... Are you trying to say, that King Saul was the only tall man in Israel's army? The combatants were actually 100 yds away from each, the sun was in Goliath's eyes, not Davids... the sling, having the appearance of 2 sticks, as the sling was aprox. 18 inches, and the manner in which David carried same, the sling might very well appeared as 2 sticks....half your speech was B.S. IF GOLIATH SAW 2 STICKS HOW COULD SEE FACIAL FEATURES, IF HE WAS SEEING DOUBLE? THIS WHOLE SPEECH NEEDS A REWRITE...YOU PROBABLY DON'T BELIEVE THE RED SEA MIRACLE OF GOD, AS THE RED SEA CROSSING, HAD 900 FT. OF WATER HELD BACK ON BOTH SIDES BY GOD.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 25 dias atrás
Six Egyptian cubits is almost identical to 9 Hebrew cubits. Its in the context.
Dennis explorer
Dennis explorer 6 dias atrás
I read this story when I was a kid in the Bible, if I remember correctly the giant fell forward, I think our heavenly Father gave the giant a little push forward, just a thought that I wondered about forever. God Bless, I love the fact that you are so knowledgeable about this story. I love the Bible. God has a sense of humour.
Timothy Taylor
Timothy Taylor 27 dias atrás
This is a very good take on that event 👏. I heard a preacher say years ago that David had the courage to face him because of all the wild animals he had to fight off to protect his sheep. Defending his sheep established his faith and made him believe that he could take on Goliath.
Mama Vee
Mama Vee 2 anos atrás
Goliath was 6.5 CUBITS...which means he was NINE feet and 7 inches. It says that his shield bearer went before him..the shield bearer was not leading him by the hand..he was carrying his shield. He made his defiance for 40 days...not at all a feeble man walking slow. And when he saw David it says, “He looked David over and saw that he was little more than a boy, glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him.” If he couldn’t see well then how would he know that David was glowing with health and was handsome? Also interesting to note that Goliath had a brother and three sons, also of gigantic proportions..they also had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. David did not pick up five stones for arbitrary reasons. He was prepared to kill Goliath as well as his brother and three sons, who may have been struck with desire for vengeance at seeing Goliath fall. Nice talk though...I especially like the acknowledgement of slingers as deadly accurate with the weapon. It is very true.
Craig Ross
Craig Ross 12 dias atrás
Excellent commentary, thank you so much .
Darth Binks
Darth Binks 15 dias atrás
@Benwinner Kam unfortunately the supernatural has not been shown to exist. Are you able to demonstrate the supernatural and if you have you should presents your evidence to the scientific community so they know that the supernatural does indeed exist.
Darth Binks
Darth Binks 15 dias atrás
@Benwinner Kam so how long dors that take? I been been sincere and .....nothing. question how do you tell the difference between someone who thinks they know God to someone who actually knows God? In both instances they both think but apparently one person actually knows. How would you tell the difference?
Benwinner Kam
Benwinner Kam 15 dias atrás
@Darth Binks You are absolutely correct. Miracles do nor prove the invisible God but only that the supernatural exist…even the magicians of Egypt could turn starves into snakes when Moses came before Pharaoh
Michael Joseph Mouawad
Michael Joseph Mouawad 18 dias atrás
Dear Malcolm, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your insight and perspective on this event. Your talk is a fine example of a commentary on Scripture grounded in sound research. As many of your commentators stated, your take may not be the full story about David, but it certainly is worthy of contemplation. As to the question that you started with: why do we call David the underdog, a Catholic answer might be that Scripture must always be interpreted in light of Scripture and the Living Tradition of the Magisterium. One can therefore fruitfully read Scripture with one of four meanings. For instance, Christ said, "destroy this Temple and I will rebuild it in three days." The literal meaning of the word "temple" is the third temple built by Herod. The typological meaning is Christ's own body. That is the meaning that seeks Christ in the Scripture. The allegorical meaning of the word "temple" is the Church, which was born out of Christ's side on the Cross and the moral meaning is each one of us since as Saint Paul stated, each of us and all of us collectively are to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. These four senses: literal, typological, allegorical and moral are a very good way to apprehend Scripture. Typologically, therefore, the reason why David was called the underdog is that he is a forerunner of Christ: He alone goes down into the valley to meet Goliath. Likewise, Christ alone went down into the valley of the dead to defeat Satan. The perfect shot of David represents the perfection of Grace that put an end to the reign of Satan. Like David, Christ had no weapons and no allies when he carried the Cross. Like David, his own people did not believe in his victory. Like David, he faced death with the glory of God and like David, he was triumphant. In the final analysis: every hero is a reflection of the Son of Man, the one and only Savior of mankind.
Shann Wandtke
Shann Wandtke 13 dias atrás
Wow cool. Are you a theology major? You're so smart. Are u Catholic?
MrDeppness 28 dias atrás
Very good presentation with some thoughtful points. But just for the record: 1. Goliath's height was noted as six cubits (18 inches x 6) and a span (9 inches) which calculates to 9'9", not 6'9". 2. David fought off lions and bears, not lions and wolves. 3. And sometimes David did strike said animals with his hands and kill them. So he did have hand-to-hand combat training in fields and saw Goliath as just another animal who mocks God.
Charl du plessis
Charl du plessis 2 dias atrás
So many errors in this story - his length, what he fought, how he fought the animals. The word led, could also mean his armour bearer walked ahead. If the guy had huge problems in movements - the Israelites would have seen it as they would have studied him. You are correct with the effectiveness of the slingshot - but a 45 mmmm that would have gone right through Goliath's head. Study the giants throughout Scripture and not just Goliath. Not all were infected with a tumour - this would be speculation. Nice talk, some good thoughts, but many errors
Nicolaas Johannes Van Der Westhuizen
Very well said!
Stevie B
Stevie B 9 dias atrás
Well stated and if I may add: 1. Goliath was no slouch; on the contrary he’s recorded as being a champion. Him not seeing David is equivalent to a modern day athlete taunting new up comers & saying things like, “Who’s he? Never heard of him” or “I didn’t even notice the guy”. 2. As skilled as David was as a shepherd boy he’d never killed a man or ever prepared himself to. 3. This is a powerful story of one’s courage & fortitude of faith in an Almighty God. And by considering young David to not be an underdog in a hand in a battle against a different weight class, or coming out of a G-league or High School to humiliate an undisputed champ in his prime & fight in a battle with tremendous consequences for the losing party -aka slavery- & call it a fair fight is absurd & blasphemous. Where is God if David can do it all by himself? Nowhere. Yes, David had skill but let’s not minimize Goliath as you wouldn’t a modern day Athlete against a child. David had next to no chance winning that day but God made a way. This speaker missed the most crucial part of the story - Jehovah Mephalti, The Lord is my Deliverer.
Odiboh Martyn
Odiboh Martyn 13 dias atrás
Wow! This is just amazing!!!
Howard Bricker
Howard Bricker Mês atrás
I played with such a sling as a youngster of 10 or 11. At that time I weighed maybe 65 or 70 lbs. With such a sling I could throw a 12 Oz can full of wet sand the length of a football field. I wasn't very accurate, but you can be sure that that 12 Oz can was a deadly projectile. I've know most of my life that Goliath never had a chance even if he had been a champion Gladiator.
Taigiry 13 dias atrás
@bala jay From the wrong neighborhood or maybe David wasn't so righteous? David's own team assumed he was about to roll up with armor until he said no to it, so clearly more than one person was confused about what was going to happen
boondocks 24 dias atrás
I made my 6 year old sling recently based on how we made them when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. It worked great. We were poor so we had to use our imagination often.
bala jay
bala jay 28 dias atrás
You knew that. Strange that Goliath and his people didn’t know that…
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig 29 dias atrás
Same, l was pretty good with a slingshot. Easily take an eye out.
Goliath Sack
Goliath Sack Mês atrás
@Tim Gassman I'm Goliath Sack, & I approve this message
Sam Kim
Sam Kim 5 dias atrás
Clearly, this man overthought and overlooked some important aspects about the story. First, were the army of Israel of that time all so stupid that they were so afraid of not-so-formidable giant who couldn't fight well? If Goliath was called the best warrior of Palestine, he must have fought many times and was tested and proven. Second, if sling was such a great effective weapon, why was it not used as a weapon commonly? Try as he may, Malcom Gladwell's attempt to belittle the miraculous story of David defeating Goliath seems to be a failure.
BrassyTack 8 anos atrás
Interesting interpretation, well told. However, it contains unsupported suppositions regarding Goliath's condition and alleged handicaps. Goliath wasn't a handicapped show freak. The Philistines recognized Goliath as a "champion" (1 Samuel 17:4, 23, 51) because he'd whooped some butt. He was accompanied by a shield bearer, not some kind of caregiver. There are many races of giants in the Bible and the spies sent to scout out Canaan reported such in this very region; no need to speculate Goliath was a one-off mutant with some pituitary condition. The Bible explains the basis of David's victory in 1 Samuel 17:46-47: "Then David said to the Philistine, “This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head. ... For the battle is the Lord's, and he will give you into our hand.”
Memo1955 5 dias atrás
@Flocci Its a ridiculous interpretation. Certainly not scriptural. If your not a Christian, then you can believe anything and twist anything to your interpretation. His interpretation takes away all glory to Jehovah God. (Lord is a title, not his name.)
UrhoboTV 6 dias atrás
My point exactly
likeaSparrow inTheWilderness
yes when you look into how heavy his body chain mail and shield to give perspective about almost 2 cement bags heavy, which is not a problem for someone that size however for journeying long on foot would take alot of energy so for combat readiness the shield bearer bears the load ,,,,,, 2 Esdras 2: 31 -100 ''''''''''''''''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
tony growley
tony growley Mês atrás
@Memo1955 Lord of the Rings or the House of Lords?
Memo1955 Mês atrás
Replaced God's name with Lord. The common interpretation of God's name is either Jehovah or Yahweh. Lord just a title.
Leo Rehnberg
Leo Rehnberg Mês atrás
It's also interesting how the story reflects on the socities themselves - do you send your disabled soldiers as cannonfodder or your very best to a duel? Are soldiers, and by extension your people, expendable or is each life worth preserving? Sending out Goliath, however intimidating, seems like an incredibly cruel gamble..
Evan Nunsince
Evan Nunsince 17 dias atrás
@CDogg well the story only exists in the 1 Samuel so thats the only place he could have gotten it.
CDogg 26 dias atrás
@Jaques Strappe It was a one on one though
CDogg 26 dias atrás
@Evan Nunsince Yeah, I need to reread the story. I can't remember it well enough. But then again, he never says where he may have gotten that info from so it might be a wild goose chase, if it even exists
Evan Nunsince
Evan Nunsince 26 dias atrás
Its complete nonsense bro. He literally made up the part about goliath moving slow and having a child lead him,onto the battlefield.
CDogg 28 dias atrás
Yeah, I really dont think they would send someone that is heavily handicapped into such an important battle, that truly doesn't add up
Schizo in Paradise
Schizo in Paradise 3 dias atrás
that was so nice to hear - i always just heard David agains Goliath and this is so very well researched . it's a treat
Iam N.
Iam N. Mês atrás
I love the way you tell it, Malcolm.
Richard Uranga
Richard Uranga 22 dias atrás
This TED talk is one of my favorites (admittingly I've only watched several) but while this talk from Malcom Gladwell somewhat seems to diminish biblical or spiritual meaning and the value of "underdogs" I get that it is not his intent at all and would not want to suppose this, and should read his book. Instead, putting aside the seeming assumptions I understand that Gladwell actually is meaning to give background, details, insightful, deep understand into the David and Goliath story. It, I find makes it stronger, compelling part of scripture. It always gets to me in the heart and love greatly the last words that Prof. Gladwell gives.
Deplorable Roy
Deplorable Roy 29 dias atrás
His faith in the Lord gave him the courage to be able to do what he had to do what he knew he could do
KEITH the CARPENTER 10 dias atrás
His faith in God
Ricky tavilla
Ricky tavilla 29 dias atrás
Amen. And love your name. I’m one myself
Thomas Dark
Thomas Dark Mês atrás
We tend to think of slings as being a weak weapon. I have seen first hand what a sling very much like David would have used can do to a human head and face. They can do major damage when used proper and placement is correct.
Jae Cei
Jae Cei 26 dias atrás
@Thomas Dark 😱 Damn!
Thomas Dark
Thomas Dark 26 dias atrás
@Jae Cei On deployment to Iraq in 2007 on multiple occasions had individuals use the same type of sling throwing rocks at us. Had a buddy hit in the face by one from about 25 ft away and shattered his eye socket. He almost lost the eye.
Jae Cei
Jae Cei 26 dias atrás
Tybold63 12 dias atrás
Always felt sorry for Goliath and this theory put even more emphasis on my perception of the story. Very interesting. In a way perhaps Goliath is the underdog also by the fact that the story is told by the side of the victor.
g valdo
g valdo 24 dias atrás
I appreciate the detail of this story. And the more accurate point of view.
Bernita Centeno
Bernita Centeno 28 dias atrás
An excellent talk. Thankyou very much. It is wonderful that we received a detailed explanation.
Perry Berens
Perry Berens 29 dias atrás
Very interesting insights and research by speaker and author Malcolm Gladwell. Some very good comment below by others who read the Bible as inspiring to study and understand the relationship between the history and the present. Gladwell insight does exactly what it should. Inspire others to read the "Living word" and question it's relevancy in their own walk. It seems to me that only when one questions with the right motives. A right answer for that person (author) appears, for others to question in the telling. That's what good books do. Good insights I am going to re read the story. I like some of the comments below for fact check, and further study.
Don Farmer
Don Farmer 25 dias atrás
@Perry Berens well the speaker didn’t say 9 foot 6 he said 6 foot 9. He had an Armor bearer because that was customary for the times. His armor bearer would have carried his shield and spear. And if you didn’t have any problems with his facts, well his facts change the story and is not what is written in the historical text of the Bible. You just can’t change the facts to suit what you want to believe. if you change facts to suit what you want to believe well that my friend is just lieing to yourself. And that is the problem people make up their own facts (lies) and it’s causing all kinds of confusion. And satin is the father of confusion. Read your Bible and you will see where this man is trying to change ,or at least down playing the story. And as far as a child going to battle a trained giant in hand to hand combat well that would be stupid. That’s why he used a sling. Oh and another fact is that David picked up 5 smooth stones. Why 5? Probably because Goliath had 4 brothers. My belief was he was preparing to kill them all if need be. Let me ask another question when you were a Boy would you have the courage and faith to go fight a giant? And if it wasn’t that big Of a deal then why did the philistines run from the Jews? Because they had just seen a BOY take down their CHAMPION. And they feared the God of the Jews. This story should never be down played
Perry Berens
Perry Berens 26 dias atrás
@Don Farmer a person should always have questions. The Holy spirit has answers. I didn't find anything wrong with his facts. I learned a few more facts, and enjoyed the observation medically of, possibly why Goliath (9'6") was a giant. True it was common to have armor bearers but Goliath was already suited up. My question was; why would he need an armor bearer? Goliath went down to the same spot for 40 days.
Don Farmer
Don Farmer 27 dias atrás
This man had a lot of facts wrong. Read the account for yourself. And as far as the other comment this was not a story about punishment of the Jews. Read the Bible. Don’t trust what a man says. My Pastor and any good Pastor would tell you to read and follow along during church and if you have any questions come to him. But guess what happens? If he his a good Pastor and teaching what the Bible says you won’t have any questions. But if you get the Bible out and read the account of what this man is teaching you will see he is wrong on alot of what he is saying.
Jessica Brock
Jessica Brock 22 dias atrás
I would love to hear more of him.
Anthony Z
Anthony Z 14 dias atrás
When the guy said that the stone hit with the power of a 45 cal bullet, he was wrong. I did the math, double checked, triple checked. I even gave the sling a generous amount of length (the longer, the more powerful,) and gave it a high rpm spin to the sling. It was way off. 290 newton sling, vs 3500 newton bullet.
Conor -
Conor - Anos atrás
I feel like the argument about the sling being equivalent to a gun is pretty solid, but I feel like Goliath was for sure a better warrior than he made him out to be.
Invisible Individual
Invisible Individual 13 dias atrás
feelings...nothing more than feelings. Trying to forget life's feeling of love. FEELINGS! OH OH OH OH ....
UberTheRandom Randomizer
@Juchari Uinapekua Thats what helmets are for. Literally.
Andre Alexei
Andre Alexei Mês atrás
@Nicky Vizzo , Goliath had a Javelin™️ shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon ! Jkjk
ryan forgo
ryan forgo Mês atrás
@thor wilkinson not sure i assumed anything 😂
Robert Mês atrás
This story never gets old
Ricky tavilla
Ricky tavilla 29 dias atrás
Corey Fischer
Corey Fischer 11 dias atrás
Some other cool points are that Goliath was one of four giants (i might be one off in that) and you can go to their village and see that this village is built with stones that are multiple times heavier than the stone in the surrounding villages. (Watched Rhoda and Sergio's videos on Israel and they have a couple on the valley of Elah and Goliath's hometown).
david craig 99
david craig 99 Mês atrás
Nonsense! There were many giants in the land and Goliath was but one of them. He also had an extra toe and finger which was common with the giants of that time. Most scholars believe he was 7 1/2 feet to 8 feet tall. His attendant was simply his armor bearer...very common for the best soldiers and royalty. So much wrong with this video, it's hard to figure how someone can get it so wrong!
Bennet Otoho
Bennet Otoho 12 dias atrás
I have to say, I have speculated about Goliath's probable impairments because some references did raise some flags for me (never seriously pondered on them though), but I never realized how potent a weapon a sling could be.
Chaz Griffin
Chaz Griffin Mês atrás
they sent the biggest guy out to try to scare them into not fighting and it started to work and it didn't work. I really like how he put it together and what he has come to understand and believe very eloquent
Carlos Joel Garcia
Carlos Joel Garcia Mês atrás
Excellent analysis of the popular story.. Amazing the level of research and attention to detail which goes into writing of a book.
CBA Mês atrás
His analysis is terrible. Attendants in war have been common through out history. Goliath had experience in war and these guy ignores it. Very selective and speculative.
Christopher Dale
Christopher Dale Mês atrás
Very interesting observations, especially regarding David's weapon of choice. However, it doesn't make any sense that the Philistines would send such a fragile and vulnerable representative to battle?
Safie Sekgwa
Safie Sekgwa 18 dias atrás
Smart and compelling analysis that is also inspirational and applicable everywhere.
David Fleming
David Fleming 11 meses atrás
Many tests have attempted to replicate the accuracy of the slinged projectile for a three inch opening in the helmet. It still at best a 50% success rate given an actual battle encounter, as responded by Goliath. Finally it loses thby he meaning of interpretation of David and his brothers. An attempt to ignore the point of the story, as explained by the storyteller and witnesses is real pure speculative trivia. Evil usually wins unless good is extremely careful, and is it possible for athletes and warriors to be so possessed as to predict outcomes? "I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel." This doesn't sound like target practice against a nearly blind handicapped weakened warrior suffering from giantism.
David Floren
David Floren 7 dias atrás
@Mike a Minnesota Beekeeper And does anyone have any idea of whether Goliath wore any kind of helmet at all during the crucial phase of the confrontation (i.e., when the rock supposedly impacted upon his forehead)? Helmets back then were heavy and unwieldy, and caused discomfort, sweating, and neck strain. And furthermore obstructed vision. Thus it is arguable that even if Goliath had a helmet, he would have had his attendant carry it for him from the time he began descending into the valley from the Philistine army's position, and until such time as the situation merited wearing the helmet, and Goliath would have factored in sufficient time to don the helmet, check for a good fit, and get one's body into a "ready" position for imminent combat. Just as it would be equally futile for a rock climber who plans to hike 10 miles to a nice climbable rock to begin chalking up his hands at the trailhead while he is still 10 miles away instead of at the very face of the rock he will climb. Furthermore, there's always the chance that Goliath conducted a quick analysis of David as a hand-to-hand combat thread, and swiftly concluded that he would kill David so quickly and that David was such a pathetically negligible threat that there really was no reasonable need at all to wear any head protection during what Goliath undoubtedly felt would be a hopelessly one-sided and swift victory, like a decisive knockout in the first few seconds of the opening round of a 15 round boxing match.
Jeff Morrison
Jeff Morrison Mês atrás
@Jerry Casper Consider the concept of Pangea. If the continents began as one large land mass and waters erupted from beneath, in addition to the rainfall, the continents could have begun the process of separation and shifting. If the animals disembarked in time, the land they traveled to would have gradually separated fully from the other continents. Over time, the animals would have to adapt to the gradually changing climate, leading to greater variations within the species.
debora balles
debora balles Mês atrás
@Jerry Casper The land mass was different....and connected, check out the idea that it used to be all together, you know, all the land masses fit in together like a puzzle....also it was God that brought the Animals to Noah.... An interesting idea is that all the continents were wiped out and and the animals that are there now got there there from the ark but were not necessarily there before....have to think out side of the box, it isnt how did those animals get to the ark but how did the animals make it there after....which we can sometimes trace😄
tony growley
tony growley Mês atrás
The story is a myth, like all of the magical stories in the buybull.
Terry Torres
Terry Torres Mês atrás
Spot on. Goliath was Not handicapped
Dave M
Dave M 27 dias atrás
What no one ever mentions is what happened after David cut off Goliath's head. David knelt down and removed Goliath of his coin purse. David was also a pretty good guitar player. He was the first to come up with Am.
Gift-Nevimo 19 dias atrás
With more insights to the background story of David and Goliath put out in a few details, it is in no way direct and proof wise to really say that Goliath might have been actually knocked down because of his impediment only. With all due respect, David approached this giant emphasizing that God is the one who has ordained him with the courage, strength, ability, skill and everything to seize this giant's life. Now Sir Malcolm Gladwell, you did not even mention that; You did not mention when David said "You come to me with Amor, swords and everything, but I (David), come to you in the name of the Lord." It is very well enough to say David's skill/courage and his tool is impeccable, but believe me, you cannot miss the part that all of that display down there was a huge miracle. I am not sure David was the best Slinger in his time, but his strong Faith in God cancelled out the essence of skill, ability, strength and self confidence and made David Unique out of all the other qualified slingers. For the mythical part of this story, Sir you did good, but in reality (all the science and all that stuff), doesn't really make sense biblically and logically to some of us. Thank you.
Daniel Ait Soria
Daniel Ait Soria 21 dia atrás
I was wondering why Gladwell assumes the historicity of the Old Testament story, and never questions the likelihood of this (or any other fable’s) occurring within the real world.
Isle Wait
Isle Wait 24 dias atrás
Loved the book!!! Stellar! 🔊📚
Bridget McGiggles
Bridget McGiggles 13 dias atrás
I just finished reading this book. An excellent read.
Mark H
Mark H 7 dias atrás
Oh wow! So Goliath of Gath was a champion. A killer! The person who “led” Goliath down to the valley floor was not a seeing eye dog, he was an armor bearer for a champion which was common practice for great warriors and kings. He said Goliath was only armed with weapons for close quarters combat, yet last I checked a spear and a javelin can be devastating at a pretty extreme distance. Also the Philistines would have been out of their minds to send a blind man with such a handicap to represent them against the nation of Israel.
Barry Allin
Barry Allin 14 dias atrás
Mr Gladwell puts forward his ideas and theories on the assumption that the story is factual and not just an apocryphal legend. Making a diagnosis of a probably mythical figure is a nonsense, as is ascribing thoughts, and motives, The tale is merely an allegory, and should be read as such.
Charles Moen
Charles Moen 20 dias atrás
wonderful talk you brought the story to life
wilfred vanvalkenburgh
An important fact, often overlooked, is that David used Goliath's own weapon to deliver the killing blow (coup de grace}. The lesson is, if your opponent is armed, then you are too.
Enzo Rocha
Enzo Rocha 28 dias atrás
Overlooked by whom? Gladwell mentioned it in the talk, so not him, for one.
Goliath Sack
Goliath Sack Mês atrás
@1234 Abcd I'm Goliath Sack and I approve this message
1234 Abcd
1234 Abcd Mês atrás
I like this it’s like a side lesson
FMFInnovations Mês atrás
@Roger Geyer ....
Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited Mês atrás
Most athletes in the NBA are giants, and they all seem to display great vision and physical prowess.
History I Witness
History I Witness Mês atrás
4spbiz Mês atrás
While I appreciate the fine crafted storytelling you've completely gutted the spiritual aspects of the story from it. The reason why David wins is not because he's clever and figures out the weakness of the giant it's because he has God on his side. It's the same reason he was willing to attack an army with only one other person available to help him. It's also the reason he was never afraid of the Philistines. It's also the same reason he was able to beat the bear and the lion when he was shepherding. It was about that he understood that if he had God on his side then there were no foes worthy of being afraid of. No I'm not making any claims as to the validity of whether there's a God or not or if any of this is even based in any historicity at all but that is the point of the story so you're too clever by taking the spiritual aspect out of the story and replacing it with practical explanation robbing it of its main point which is to say if you have God on your side you cannot be defeated.
JH Mês atrás
exactly, Gladwell still doesn't get it imo
Dnee100485 Mês atrás
@tony growley I won't lie it takes faith. That's up to you. To each man is given the measure of faith. You have to choose faith Romans 12:3
Dnee100485 Mês atrás
I believe in the rapture we're both crazy! The great catching away 😄! Oh yes! Hope you have what it takes to lift your body! Roms 8:9-11! It's important!
tony growley
tony growley Mês atrás
What if thinking like a child means your thinking has never matured? Because that is the actual definition. Maybe it's time for you to grow up. ALL religions are based on mythology. It's not a bad thing. Mythology can help us. It teaches lessons and morals. It's a mistake to believe that a myth is actual history.
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor 2 dias atrás
As I've said before, height is not necessarily an advantage. In many ways it is a serious disadvantage. However, aside from being pleased someone else noticed the same for this story I have a problem with the 6'9" Golliath. There is a basketball player that was filmed through his career as a 7 foot man and he appeared normal in all ways. As he grew and still grows however none of the symptoms for what you speak about here began appearing until he grew beyond 7'4" and now as a 7'7" man he is really showing all the signs of the disadvantage we spoke of earlier. The truth is I think Golliath had to be bigger than the height you said because I doubt he would have been anything but an athlete at that height just as most NBA players are today.
David Falls
David Falls Mês atrás
I love the story of David and Goliath. I never analyzed it or broke it down as technical as Mr. Gladwell has done. I use it as a reference to the power faith in God. So much so that about 2 years ago I started carrying a smooth stone in my pocket. I carry it to remind me the power that created the stone, created me.
tony growley
tony growley Mês atrás
The story is a myth, like all of the magical stories in the buybull.
D W 26 dias atrás
The Greeks and Romans both used almond shaped lead shot in their slings in various battles around 450BC. I'd assume an evenly formed lead shot would be far more accurate and deadly than stones. I would hazard a guess that lead shot may even penetrate Goliath's armour - if David was close enough.
Mary Tornetta
Mary Tornetta 21 dia atrás
This is a very interesting telling of the story and brings out details I hadn't known before, but it leaves out the moral of the story. David was pissed off at Goliath because he and the Philistines were speaking blasphemy against God. David told Saul: "Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God. 37 The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” Saul said to David, “Go, and the Lord be with you.” David knew he was defending GOD'S army, and he had faith that God would rescue him against the giant just as he had rescued him in the past. This is an illustration of faith and the power of God that goes with the faithful.
Suay Moi Lee
Suay Moi Lee 16 dias atrás
Thanks for the talk, I have a few questions sir. Are you saying that the Philistines were trying to trick the Israelites by presenting a 9 feet giant in hope that their enemies will surrender without a fight? If that’s not the case then wouldn’t it means that the mightiest warrior of Philistines was a handicapped giant ? Then I wonder why would king Saul not see that this giant is almost blind… stop David from going ahead and get his best warrior to go ahead and slay him instead since he’s a blind giant with all noise and no bite. If I were to ask someone to lead the way, does that makes me a blind man? He couldn’t see well… could is be due to other external factors like direction of sun or strong gusting winds? Well, I think we all get the morale of this story is that with God on our side we can take down giants regardless whether they are truly strong or not because the God of Israel is the almighty.
Samuel Fitzsimmons
Samuel Fitzsimmons Mês atrás
King of boggles my mind that he admitted to not understanding it initially, only to then speak confidently about the story while lacking understanding and asserting something that is wildly speculative just because it lends itself to a good story. Armor bearers and shield bearers were very common. Goliath was considered a champion, meaning he had fought successfully in wars previously. Armor bearers were also common for people of high status
Taigiry 13 dias atrás
Boggles my mind that you can't admit that you don't fully understand your breakfast cereal and yet have the audacity to call someone out for being transparent about their journey from identifying inconsistent details to resolving said details. He used historical context and borrowed ideas from much more advanced discussions to create a clearer window into the past. They could be an armor bearer and what not for sure. Doesn't mean there may not be an indication of poor vision if they needed a bearer to pick the right path down the mountain
Taigiry 13 dias atrás
​@Tim Johnson did they know the technology? Did they expect someone to roll up with the counter to heavy infantry? cavalry beats slingers that beat heavy infantry that beat cavalry (or something to that effect). Who expects slingers when the fight is clearly meant to be a hand to hand combat demonstration? Even his own team thought it would be a melee lmao you need staves? fake anecdote unless you're >78 and therefore not an applicable representation for this story
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 29 dias atrás
Don't know how this came up but I was intrigued then soon as he started speaking I realized the foolishness of it and the intent probably to deny v.46 of 1 Samuel 17. I was thinking exactly as you stated. Being led by the hand of an attendant- LOL. It doesn't say that. An armor bearer yes and well needed while dressed in heavy armor carring a heavy spear and sword going down a hillside into a valley. The part where Goliath mentions "staves" plural, David carried a staff but was also going down a hillside into a valley to do battle. I live in the hills of Tennessee and always carry a staff because nothing is flat, it's rocky and we have copperhead & timber rattlers. When I take my dogs for a walk up the other side of this valley I need 2 staffs for climbing up and 2 for going down. The medical explanation is a nice try but they new battle back then and no army is going to send a weak link that is handicapped & can't see well to win a one on one battle match, defies common sense. But, they keep trying to disprove God's Word and it just ain't happening
BDVX Mês atrás
A champion with a shield that apparently had no idea how the very popular and common sling artillery worked.
Marcus Ruiz
Marcus Ruiz Mês atrás
Exactly my thoughts as well...
Sharon Cox
Sharon Cox Mês atrás
Bless God! I love it! Thank you Dr! ❤
Gerald Bennett
Gerald Bennett 29 dias atrás
Great points, I still see today Big shots that are help and are quite able by themselves to do things by themselves Maybe protocol is involved too, but you really make Deep important observations and I will not take points from both sides in interpretation of this plot, but I'm still shaking my head 😅
Angel Luis ll
Angel Luis ll 28 dias atrás
The height of a man varies over time. The reason for this is because when a man and a woman become a couple the man is usually the taller one, and since the children are copies of their parents it would not be unusual for the children to vary in size ranging from as tall as the father to as short as a mother. Regardless of how tall the average Hebrew was at the time in Israel David was still a boy shorter than an adult. To Young David killing a lion that can leap higher than his height and killing a bear that can stand on his hind legs over 7 feet.
tileformiles Mês atrás
In all his doubt he still seems to acknowledge the reliability of the texts. Interesting. I've never seen a doubter take the word so literally.
Idjedje Gift jnr
Idjedje Gift jnr Mês atrás
Everyone loves a good story:and this is certainly one of those good stories.
Peters Daniel
Peters Daniel Mês atrás
Good story indeed. With all humility friend, I think you've just been decieved if you are a believer. The reason David won was because of God nothing more
Andrew Galpern
Andrew Galpern 29 dias atrás
Great storytelling, but light on facts and evidence, just a rich and wonderful tradition of oral history and some very limited physical references to that same storytelling. Remember: Greek and Roman mythology have MORE evidence than the story of David and Goliath, and I'm pretty sure no one is arguing mythology is factual and real.
ossie c
ossie c 24 dias atrás
Good analysis but my queries are : Then why would they send him as their strongest warrior to fight this duel? You mean his own fellow warrior could not tell he is so vulnerable? Was this his first fight? hardly think so he must have been a tried and tested warrior. You send a lanky, slow, half-blind and weak giant as you warrior of choice.
William Jones
William Jones 25 dias atrás
I enjoyed this. David and Goliath is a good folklore tale. And I'm glad a god wasn't mentioned so it could be explained with logic and reason.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Mês atrás
This man Malcolm-in his attempt to see deeper he has become blind to what's stated so clearly in the texts of the Bible that he references. It does not say that he was led by the hand by an assistant. It says that his armor Bearer or Shield bearer went before him. The reason the armour-bearer went before him was because he carried the shield which any Warrior would want to be between him and his enemies. It also says that for forty days twice-a-day Goliath taunted the Israelites and they fled and ran out of fear. That means that the Israelites watch Goliath 80 times, and taunt them. It means they got to see how feeble Goliath was. If Goliath was that feeble why did they run in fear? If the Israelites saw that he was impaired in any way they would not fear him so greatly. It even says in the Bible that Saul the king of Israel feared Goliath. These weren't just any Israelites these were the men of valor. Men who were warriors. But the biggest thing that Malcolm misses in my opinion-is that David three times referred to Goliath as an uncircumcised philistine. David was stating the fact that Goliath had no Covenant with the Living God- whereas the Israelite armies, in contrast, including David, had a covenant with the Living God. The shepherd boy David declared to Goliath and the whole world that the God of Israel was the one that would defeat Goliath and the Philistine Army. It doesn't matter what weapon you use... God is the one that give the victory
Wealthy Gy
Wealthy Gy 2 dias atrás
Carol Tomlin
Carol Tomlin 8 dias atrás
@Nobody Special Well said !
tony growley
tony growley 8 dias atrás
@Susan M. It's a mythological tale. Not to be taken literally.
tony growley
tony growley 8 dias atrás
@Carol Tomlin- Who am I going to die for? I can't believe that so called adults think that story is actual history! I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. It was blessed by jesus himself!
Carol Tomlin
Carol Tomlin 8 dias atrás
@tony growley You sound a little GROWLEY today. Jesus loves you & died for you even if you think He is a myth.
Sharad Kumar
Sharad Kumar Mês atrás
Such an inspiring and detailed information. Beautiful storytelling
jscquake 9 dias atrás
I find this talk a little suspect for a couple of reasons. Firstly if the abilities of shepherds and slings were common place as the professor suggests, wouldn't the people of Israelites know this? Also I really doubt that the opposing king/general would risk the war on a bungling nearsighted warrior. As others have pointed out Goliath was a proven warrior. What is the motivation behind this analysis? Is it to explain that we should not be surprised about David's abilities and confidence? Or is he trying to diminish David's glorify God. That is the point of the story. Or perhaps just to get people to applaud and praise him (thr professor) for another great talk. David's attitude was all about not letting someone slander God's name. He had confidence not just in his abilities but that it is God's will not to loose this battle. The story was about the strong faith of David, rightly so.
Dawn Renee
Dawn Renee Mês atrás
Okay, well familiar with the tale and it seems Mal took the magic of faith and made it a plain event. Never heard of him before my friend's recommendation and this allegory is touted to be one of his best. Will try "Outlier", but where's the attraction? Perhaps our culture is that far removed from intellectuals and story tellers that they feel Malcom amazes. Or maybe the way he thinks ( critically) is foreign to others??
anne thomas
anne thomas Mês atrás
A comment I heard mentioned, “ the bigger they are the harder they fall “ maybe fit the story and it is a nice story.
Shane Mathews
Shane Mathews Mês atrás
As a kid in the eighties I was pretty deadly with my slingshot, one time we were in a park and I shot at a bird to scare it off a branch, but I accidentally hit in the head and knocked his head off... I felt really bad about it! My grandma said that I was really upset :-)
Goliath Sack
Goliath Sack Mês atrás
I knocked the tail off a squirrel in the 80s. It came clean off in one blow, I couldn't believe it
Robb Hawks
Robb Hawks 15 dias atrás
David was a teen who had spent years watching sheep. Typical bored teen, David spent hours each day slinging rocks at anything and everything. Yes, David was an expert by the time he met up with Goliath. Now David was the youngest of 7. When he went to the battlefield his brothers teased him severely about being a "baby". Then David hears a rumor that whoever kills the giant wins the king's daughter and wealth. He follows up and asks again, "now what is the reward for killing the giant?" The story of David and Goliath is actually a coming of age story. David goes out to face the giant as a means of gaining respect and his place within society.
Rumble Rowdy
Rumble Rowdy 7 dias atrás
The whole story goes right over your head. The whole point of the story is to reveal that when you trust God, you win!
mythoughts 28 dias atrás
This was interesting to listen to but, to me really erelavent. First of all David had courage like most no one has, and I'm referring to the extent of his courage. I understand what Ted is telling us. Although there other factors to take into consideration. One David was no trained slinger as with any weapon these slingers in the military would've had training. The second thing is I'm sure there were many trained stingers in Israel's army , but they were intimidated to the point of not stepping up. Then I have one point left that proves David believed God would make him victorious. He didn't even let his nerves get to him. We all know from the story that Goliath was surely intimidating. Again interesting, but really it don't matter. Looked at what happened in David's life. Saul became so jealous he tried to kill him many times and was unsuccessful. David even told him why do you try to kill me your my King and I could've killed you many time's. David was no Saint King I don't believe we all know about the adultery. So why is it God says in the Bible David was a man after his own heart. It was the love that David had of God and plus most importantly. David was a King with hundreds of wives. All from different regions where they worshiped all types of thing's. While David was King none of these false idles ever seen the inside of the Temple or the Palace.
AJ Skyyyyyy
AJ Skyyyyyy 21 dia atrás
This telling of David & Goliath makes me more faithful. So many said the spiritual is taken from it. But no it’s still there. God show up in the miraculous yes but even in the basic and practical
Frank Gutierrez
Frank Gutierrez 9 meses atrás
For all those wondering what the moral of Malcolm's story is: The classic biblical tale of a small David versus the gigantic Goliath is not as one-sided as it appeared to be before David got his sling out. David could do stuff that Goliath could never do.
MossyMozart Mês atrás
@setaside77 - "...most of his analysis is conjecture..." --- And the Bible ISN'T?
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin Mês atrás
David was a man after God’s own heart. A repentant man, who trusted the Lord. Believers will see David.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin Mês atrás
darren collings
darren collings Mês atrás
@Phil Goliath has a brother and 3 sons = 5 stones required just in case
Murtaza Bandali
Murtaza Bandali 12 dias atrás
My story, the stones spoke to David "pick me up I will help you" and he knew its All mighty god who is speaking (stones do not talk) to him and he became more confident. David was and is a prophet.
Adam Springer
Adam Springer 17 dias atrás
I know this, regardless of anything between David and Goliath, God always referred to David as "a man after his own heart". So take what you want from this biblical fact, but remember to strive to be a man or woman after God's own heart! ♥️
UberTheRandom Randomizer
Andre the giant flipped over a car by hand once. And picked up 6' 2" Arnie like he was a child and threw him over his shoulder. He was a literal gentle giant that could have palmed your head with no problem.
Stephen Neece
Stephen Neece Mês atrás
shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight either ! excellent presentation! ive watched this multiple times over the last couple of years and i still pick up on something new!
Mark Beach
Mark Beach 8 meses atrás
7:26 I don’t think Malcolm’s ever been shot with a “child’s toy” slingshot, or seen someone use one with intent to harm. It can be pretty devastating, especially with hunting shot. Also, i wonder if David was actually using a staff-sling, and the stick he was carrying wasn’t actually a shepherd’s staff. Because, why would he have a shepherd’s staff if he was at a battle, and wasn’t tending sheep?
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Mês atrás
Paul Bedichek
Paul Bedichek Mês atrás
A slingshot is a toy compared with a sling. Yes,you could kill someone with a slingshot, but it's much easier with a sling.
Mark Horton
Mark Horton 2 meses atrás
@Steampunk Carnotaur83 A staff sling was a specialized military weapon. One end of the sling has to stay fastened to the end of the staff and the other release at exactly the same time mechanically. A staff sling is hard to make and harder to learn to use. You used the term "shepherd's sling" If a shepherd already had a sling and a dangerous animal appeared he would use the sling not waste precious time enhancing it. The Bible says sling not staff sling.
Steampunk Carnotaur83
Steampunk Carnotaur83 2 meses atrás
Because he was a shepherd and a sling staff is literally a combination of a shepherd's staff with a shepherd's sling.
Mark Horton
Mark Horton 5 meses atrás
Because a shepherd's staff makes a good walking stick.
GraceByGod Mês atrás
THANK YOU! Unshakable faith in God, and THAT is what is missing in this world by so many. God bless 🙏🏼
Alicia Maria
Alicia Maria 8 dias atrás
I love Malcolm I truly love Malcolm and his books but his explanation of this geographical Israel or this where these mountains are is a little confusing because the Greeks which are from Creek or The Cretes however you want to describe them at the cretes as he mentioned our seabury people well they don't have to be sea bearing to get to television it's a very short jaunt for them and is actually land at that could connect them the Greeks were known to travel by boat RC down to Ethiopia where they went for their scholarly's pursuits of knowledge and wisdom so for them to try to take over that particular region is a little puzzling I think the region is actually located somewhere else but for the sake of the story will listen.
timmy chang
timmy chang 15 dias atrás
Great story with amazing acumen.
JT Two
JT Two 28 dias atrás
My observations: with all of those issues, the philistines thought it wise to have Goliath fight for them & Goliath thought it wise to talk smack. wow 🤔. Perhaps Goliath saw David as the stick 🤷‍♂️ . This battle is one of the many that shows the perfection of our God and how everything lines up just right when He is involved.
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes Mês atrás
I need things to make sense to me, and your analysis does just that. Thank you for the enlightenment.
Billy Roman
Billy Roman Mês atrás
That was a great explanation about David and Goliath, but you forgot the most important aspect of David's victory, God. David was anointed as king in the previous chapter and that anointing is his victory. That rock or stone was Jesus himself. When you leave God out of the equation, you'll find yourself losing.
jared fox
jared fox Mês atrás
The nearsightedness is a bit of a surprise to me, but the fact that a boy with a sling could take somebody out has never been a surprise. Be at a shepherd sling which is a devastating weapon when someone knows how to use it, or a slingshot. I don't care who you are. Somebody with a slingshot smacks you with a rock between your eyes. It takes the fight out of you.
Mediocrates 21 dia atrás
My five stones: consciousness, truth, compassion, the future, and the past.
Old man
Old man Mês atrás
This is inspiring. 20 or 30 years ago, I would've stood a chance against a Goliath fighting hand to hand. Now I am old and fragile, and I wouldn't last two seconds. Time to start training with smarter tactics.
Peter Mancini
Peter Mancini 2 dias atrás
"45mm handgun" -- he meant . 45 calibur, but the way he started it, it would be a 1.77 calibur cannon. Got a chuckle out of me.
David Lamb
David Lamb 27 dias atrás
When Goliath saw David about to release the stone all he had to do was raise his shield to protect his face and then close the short gap before David could reload. This is a fable and moral tale, not a factual historical account .
Strawberry Mês atrás
I’ve heard this theory before… it’s a lot of speculation. I think if Goliath clearly had so many issues that we can figure it out 3000 years it would have been extremely obvious to the Israeli troops and David was not the only one who could use a sling. The Philistines ran because they were shocked Goliath lost. Not because someone who couldn’t walk or see was defeated. It’s possible but i think there is too much other evidence to overcome to make that idea plausible. Is there a point to dive into these ideas thousands of years after the evidence is gone by shifting the focus of the story onto side notes? How do these side notes compare to the original text before Translation?
Terry Ketron
Terry Ketron Mês atrás
You are correct Strawberry... In fact Mr. Gladwell used the word "speculation" in presenting the possibilities. But, as you are suggesting, "speculation" is just "speculation"... Not facts. I don't see why we should shift the focus either.
Shinning Light
Shinning Light 28 dias atrás
NICE TALK, HIGHLY INFORMATIVE ABOUT THE CONTEXT OF THE HISTORICAL BATTLE. I APPRECIATE THE SPEAKER. HOWEVER, this talk makes me more amazed why such a vulnerable man as Goliath is described here could be made a military champion. The narrative presented here is more miraculous because it implies that the visually impaired, vulnerable giant Goliath had fought many battles since he was a youth and rose through the ranks into top Military 🪖 leadership of his nation. WHICH NATION DOES THAT? My other puzzle is that, the advantage of slingers over infantry must be common military knowledge to King 🤴 Saul. WHY THEN WAS HE PERSUADING DAVID TO DROP HIS OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE AS A SLINGER TO WEAR THE ARMOUR OF AN INFANTRY FOR SUCH A CRUCIAL BATTLE? NEVERTHELESS, THANKS FOR THE TALK.
CDogg 28 dias atrás
I was wondering how prominent slingers were at that time, were there even any slingers yet? I am going to have to check in on that, maybe David was the first and slingers became a thing after him, hopefully I will be able to find out
Shann Wandtke
Shann Wandtke 26 dias atrás
That was a brilliant explanation. Makes so much more sense now.
Invisible Individual
Invisible Individual 13 dias atrás
"The something fundamentally wrong with Goliath" were very weak points... But slingers were impressive marksmen
Michael Davenport
Michael Davenport Mês atrás
I've always enjoyed the stories from the books of the Old Covenant in the Bible. They are all true. This approach to the story of David and Goliath by Gladwell is NOT true. He has skipped around and used part of the story for his presentation. The presentation is intended to turn a miraculous story into something plain and base. I want to encourage all Jewish and Christian people to not be bothered by these kinds of things. It only takes some brief reading of your own to see past these types of presentations.
Roy Smallian
Roy Smallian 29 dias atrás
Oh Malcolm, you do know how to cast new light on a story that hundreds of generations could not see. Thanks for your brilliance.
Denis Perez
Denis Perez 28 dias atrás
6 foot 9 yeah that’s brilliant…dream on
Yupeng Zhao
Yupeng Zhao 2 anos atrás
What an incredibly engaging storyteller! I bought his book "Talking to Strangers" on Audible and absolutely loved it.
Paul Bedichek
Paul Bedichek Mês atrás
He didn't read the bible david is nowhere in the story.2 Samuel 21.19,who really killed Goliath.
Stacy Moore
Stacy Moore Anos atrás
you are being misled.
Lee Fury
Lee Fury 29 dias atrás
Some food for thought/consideration: Goliath was 9ft. Robert Wadlow was 8'11". Died 1940 Italy coal mine discovered the remains of an 11' 8" male. Roman Emperor "Maximus" was 8'6". Shreveport LA, 20 skeleton found in sediment layers, all over 9'. Humbolt Lake, Nev. 1931 a 10' skeleton discovered Rancho, CA, 1883, 12' skeleton Tucson, AZ 1891, 12' skeleton with 6 toes/foot buried with 391# copper axehead Brewersville, Ind, 9'8" skeleton Egypt, 47" femur. estimate 16' height.
Citadel Mês atrás
I've always believed David had the advantage do to being smaller and quicker and having much greater range with his weapon.
Fred Mertz
Fred Mertz 20 dias atrás
I enjoyed Gladwell's talk and enjoyed the YT comments even more. Lots of expert opinions from folks who were eye-witness to the event 3,000 years ago on the other side of the world. Some scoffed at Gladwell's interpretation and offered their own fact-based explanations. Each sounds sure his/her own account is the accurate one. Lottsa fun. Thanks to all.
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