The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked

The Try Guys
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The guys get Dr. Mary Trumpi to crack and pop their joints to relieve pain and stress. It's an ASMR-esque romp filled with the satisfying sounds of bones!
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Dr. Mary Trumpi
The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.
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By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
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Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Editor - YB Chang
Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore


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1 Dez 2018

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Comentários 26 116
Liam The Potato
Liam The Potato Hora atrás
Its 420 am rn
DaddyBrydan 4 horas atrás
Miles at 6:06 had me dying 😂😂😂
xXDarkAngelXx 7 horas atrás
Anyone else cracking their knuckles while watching this?
Brian Chu
Brian Chu 9 horas atrás
why does the thumbnail look like doctor mike???
Ileen Golabisalmasi
Ileen Golabisalmasi 9 horas atrás
9th graders in my class: *scoliosis* Eugene’s mom: “slouching is for ugly ppl” Mother knows best😂
Puffy McFart
Puffy McFart 10 horas atrás
Her bicep could crush my skull
Mr. Bick
Mr. Bick 10 horas atrás
Who else cracked their knuckles while watching this?
Lego Head
Lego Head 14 horas atrás
Eugene Is a cocksucker.
Owen 99
Owen 99 18 horas atrás
I feel great, my body's great, just pop me! - Eugene 2018
Maddie Breed
Maddie Breed 18 horas atrás
I wanna play this to fall asleep 😂
Alessandra Jayne
Alessandra Jayne 22 horas atrás
Dr Trumpi could accidentally break my neck and I would still thank her
Thanos 22 horas atrás
I have to find someone to crack my buttchecks
brynn pope
brynn pope 23 horas atrás
they used an animals x-ray and circled the completely wrong joint when talking about a the SI joint fusion and it hurt this xray tech's soul
1,000 subs with no vids ?
Are they all gay?
Meaghan Samimi
Meaghan Samimi Dia atrás
I want my body cracked soo bad
Burning Toast
Burning Toast Dia atrás
You can break their neck then snack on their fingers later
Sarah TheFish
Sarah TheFish Dia atrás
Sophia R
Sophia R Dia atrás
I have watched this over 10 times
Dash Shehadeh
Dash Shehadeh 17 horas atrás
Me too!
Saylboat Slimes
Saylboat Slimes Dia atrás
Wow even Eugene’s spine isn’t straight
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Dia atrás
Eugene: Did this come from china? It sounds like it came from china. It was from a white guy? Mmmh. Now it's less exciting 😂
Historical Significance
The chiropractor has iron will. It is impossible in my eyes to crack the bones of these soyboys without a burning and aching desire to snap their tiny, weak, and feeble necks
laughter95 Dia atrás
This is such quackery.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Dia atrás
7:40 bones crack................... WOW 😂
Dark Designs
Dark Designs Dia atrás
This was oddly satisfying....
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT Dia atrás
Ohhhhh his ass is broken too
sr. xivi
sr. xivi Dia atrás
That Chinese guy is gay as hell
Joshua Shaby
Joshua Shaby Dia atrás
He's Korean not Chinese
Amanda Rayburn
Amanda Rayburn Dia atrás
She’s so hot?????? Her muscles..her voice..crack my body like a glow stick PLEASE
Reckless Rex
Reckless Rex Dia atrás
Last time I cracked someone’s neck, they died, am I doing it wrong??
Yeet Dia atrás
No one: Absolutely no one: Eugene:oooh AiRiANa GRaNDe
Maricel Young
Maricel Young Dia atrás
Sounds like bubble wraps
Katrina Lu
Katrina Lu 2 dias atrás
lmao Eugene's mom is like my mom
Sad Baguette
Sad Baguette 2 dias atrás
*I’ve never felt more disturbed by a Try Guys video.*
Jackie Twyford
Jackie Twyford 2 dias atrás
When Keith gets the back of his neck/shoulder pops and he says that it was a layer of cracks, I just did not hear that. Other cracks were more intense/satisfying.
Aimee Landry
Aimee Landry 2 dias atrás
“oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho wow how bout that” -Keith 2018
CM99501 2 dias atrás
These dudes HAVE to be gay. I know the dude in the glasses has a wife, but he's a secret gay. I've never seen such feminine men in my entire life.
Brookie Horkavy
Brookie Horkavy 2 dias atrás
i like the show bones
SEELS SEELS 2 dias atrás
"hIs AsS iS brOkE ToO" LMAO 😂
Brianna Glenn
Brianna Glenn 2 dias atrás
I love how Eugene is just naming pop stars. Lol
Detroit: Become Humid
Detroit: Become Humid 2 dias atrás
When she cracked one of their necks I would love if they closed their eyes and faked dead
Isabelle Rodriguez
Isabelle Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
Is this a kink?
hugh mungus
hugh mungus 2 dias atrás
Fucking soyboys
brooke yee yee
brooke yee yee 2 dias atrás
katy perry!
christy nichole manuel
I wish i could try this cause i have scoliosis but its so expensive like 5,000php per session 🤨😳
R. Bürgel
R. Bürgel 3 dias atrás
It would be interesting to know if they shrank a bit after this cure...
dorotėja 3 dias atrás
that asian dude is kinda...racist
Aailah Down-Federle
Aailah Down-Federle 3 dias atrás
My back got sore just watching this
Leonardo Fernandez
Leonardo Fernandez 3 dias atrás
At 6:19 She was grabbing her ass
The Blueberry Quaaludes
Eugene is gay you know.
Lynne Bass
Lynne Bass 3 dias atrás
God this would be fucking amazing but insurance wont cover it 😩 Im literally popping my joints all day everyday
parallel Deqz
parallel Deqz 3 dias atrás
lady ga *GA*
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