The Try Guys Bake Macarons Without A Recipe

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We've got two new bakers in the Try Kitchen today and we're all eager to see who will bake the sweetest little thing! It's episode two of the summer season and it's macarON baby! Get your very own Try Guys Apron & Oven Mitts on today!

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Rosanna Pansino - TV Host, Baker & BRvidr
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Rome & Cam from Dormtainment - check them out on BRvid and social media!
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Uyen Kirshenbaum
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17 Jul 2021



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Comentários 7 645
Dana West
Dana West Dia atrás
Aww I used to watch dormtainment when I was in middle school, it's so cool to see them now
Madelyn Gatteri
Madelyn Gatteri Dia atrás
I learned how to make macarons when I was 15 and this video is stressing me out so much
Jokerkat 2 dias atrás
That Keith didn't use cheddar squeeze cheese is shocking. Like, it's ready made macaron icing. 😂
Such A Geek
Such A Geek 3 dias atrás
“It’s beautiful, it’s cumbersome, it’s Ned; he loves bad ideas.”
sydneyelna 5 dias atrás
“I got a little bit of white *like my 23andMe test.”* that caught me so off guard I choked😂😂😂
xX_JaneRose_Xx 5 dias atrás
This guy had an opportunity to call his macarons “macaromes” and I’m disappointed
s nonya
s nonya 5 dias atrás
one of the most notoriusly difficult cookies to make......, without a recipe sounds fun XD.
Rickash Chand
Rickash Chand 5 dias atrás
I really admire the Range/Oven used in this video in the try kitchen. Can anyone help identify it?
jessicaoddone 6 dias atrás
Happy to see Dormtainment on here
M Tavetian
M Tavetian 6 dias atrás
The goul boys need to be guests on this
Hannah Rae Vaden
Hannah Rae Vaden 6 dias atrás
Valerie Kasagawa
Valerie Kasagawa 6 dias atrás
Why is the chef pronouncing Macarons as Macaroons??😅 that's a whole different thing😅
Irna Ebrehlam
Irna Ebrehlam 6 dias atrás
I absolutely LOVE Cam and Rome
Valyria 8 dias atrás
Zach is an extremely judgy judge 🤣
Alicia Mata
Alicia Mata 9 dias atrás
Keith if someone handed me a grilled cheese and tomato soup macaroon.....I’m committing a felony
Chandler Sun
Chandler Sun 10 dias atrás
35:46 so good
egee1010 10 dias atrás
Lol super entertaining episode. Love the guests!
Nicholas KMA
Nicholas KMA 10 dias atrás
“I think Imma go with almond flower cuz like I like almonds”
RA Falzarano
RA Falzarano 11 dias atrás
Random but I love Cam’s tiger shirt
Elle Denise
Elle Denise 11 dias atrás
I'm so late to the party but I'm really happy when the guest chef doesn't judge too seriously and goes with it and keeps the vibes happy and light 😂💯
The KEPNIM 11 dias atrás
The chef was soo funny😂😂😂
kg 12 dias atrás
These guest fellas should show up more often! They say funny things and they're very pretty. Win win.
Abby D.
Abby D. 12 dias atrás
When did Zach become vegan? When did i miss that?
200hennry200 14 dias atrás
MatPat has a food channel now. He should be a judge next season
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 14 dias atrás
The whole "When have you ever made blue french toast?" - "...listen, it's not about that" exchange was one of my favourites in this episode.
Vaamika Sharma
Vaamika Sharma 15 dias atrás
Rome: I low-key wanna melt some butter Me: *likes through the cackles* 9:21
Claire Chapman
Claire Chapman 15 dias atrás
28:41 is how I feel while watching this
NX99 15 dias atrás
How are macarons vegan if they have egg whites in them?
jessy f
jessy f 15 dias atrás
Neds shells almost worked 😅😅
Yura Haruko
Yura Haruko 15 dias atrás
"I came in not knowing what I was doing and I'm leaving not knowing what I did" - Describes the life of a university student perfectly
Kennedy Samuel
Kennedy Samuel 16 dias atrás
“That’s not sanitary so imma just grab a new one” 💀
Dose of Theater / Abby Reynes
More Rome and Cam with Try Guys, please
Julie Tečová
Julie Tečová 16 dias atrás
Like macarons are really hard even with a recipe let alone without one 🤣
Anabelle Corriveau
Anabelle Corriveau 17 dias atrás
My favorite thing about the show is their editing style, they say don’t do this said thing while explaining the recipe and then they show the contestants doing that thing so funny!!!
Iris 18 dias atrás
"a classic, french, macarOOOOn"
FramesPerSecond 18 dias atrás
This videos make me realise I know more about baking than I think I know.
Vibes 19 dias atrás
I would love to see Some cannoli
Sage Ponchie
Sage Ponchie 19 dias atrás
Quote uncomfortable with Keith’s real anger issue passed off as comedy. Other try guys “play” angry (or actually be angry) without getting to violence. It’s not about yelling - viewers can see the real emotion (eg all the muscles around his eyes drop).
Sheesh I can't decide on a name
23:14 off topic but I'm a total simp for his voice damn
xlovelyflaws 19 dias atrás
1:32 looks like the iPhone wallpaper
Liliana Pita
Liliana Pita 20 dias atrás
This is probably one of the best episodes ever ! XD
marvin warvin
marvin warvin 20 dias atrás
"whites have difficulty whipping" haha nice
Aunt Bob
Aunt Bob 20 dias atrás
I got way too excited when I realized I’m wearing the same tiger shirt as cam while watching this
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) 22 dias atrás
Why do moms love salted caramel so much??? Its just less nice caramel
Reese's 22 dias atrás
_"I got a little bit of white. like my 23andme test"_ _"I need Jesus to grab the wheel AND the whisk"_ _"Keith is the whitest guy I know with the blackest name I know"_ I CANTTT 🤣🤣
jenna blue
jenna blue 23 dias atrás
man that zach guy is really annoying and lame
Marina Aria
Marina Aria 24 dias atrás
I hate that the Michelin star chef calls them macaroons the entire time…absolute madness
Sarah A
Sarah A 24 dias atrás
It actually makes sense that Keith's cheese mixture tastes like processed cheese: processed cheese is made of a blend of traditional cheeses (often scraps left over from the manufacturing process) mixed with emulsifiers and other ingredients.
Briagha Elliott
Briagha Elliott 25 dias atrás
macarons are what they were trying to make but they kept saying macaroons which are the ones with coconut
Navyata Trivedi
Navyata Trivedi 25 dias atrás
Without the recipe is undoubtedly my favourite series of all times! Somehow I keep coming back to watch these! ♥️
Lihkin Diva
Lihkin Diva 26 dias atrás
It feels like the judging section is just a competition of who can be the most shameless.
Corn er
Corn er 26 dias atrás
lol keith is so funny
Rachel Kirby
Rachel Kirby 27 dias atrás
this is the funniest episode of this show, oh my god
Kaori Hlaing
Kaori Hlaing 27 dias atrás
The into is such a bop, every time
Gabe Tree
Gabe Tree 27 dias atrás
I cannot believe that the actual professional baker calls them macaroons. They're different desserts ;-; macarons are the French meringue cookie, coconut macaroons are balls of coconut and condensed milk, typically partially dipped in chocolate.
S&L Aesthetics
S&L Aesthetics 28 dias atrás
ur supposed to bake the macarons longer than they did- they had no time
Rose Engel
Rose Engel 29 dias atrás
Eggs aren't vegan, lmao
Greg Brown
Greg Brown Mês atrás
This was a great video overall, entertaining and funny. I always love all of the Try Guys and Keith is definitely the funniest. So Keith, my hat's off to you, Sir. Also, the lovely, funny and very talented Rosanna Pansino, love your videos always. The only thing that struck a foul chord for me in this was that the pronunciation from Chef Uyen of the word "macaron," was incorrect (she pronounced it "macaroon") and could be considered confusing to some. A macaroon and a macaron are two very different pastries. One is typically made with coconut flakes as a primary ingredient, the other typically almond flour and entirely different and in my opinion, more complex process of baking . The Announcer in the beginning pronounced the word correctly. No shame or hard feelings on Chef Uyen, you are an incredible and talented Chef, as if evident by your appearance in this video. Great work overall, everyone! Special Kudos to the editing Team and behind-the-scenes crew who often get forgotten about, but are just as important as the talent.
Lay Mês atrás
Zach: "I'm vegan and I can actually eat macarons because they don't have dairy in them" But... but... egg whites...
phoebe. yulin
phoebe. yulin Mês atrás
"one of the judges has a Michelin star, once she tastes this, she's gonna order me a Uber with MICHELIN TYRES and get me out of here" I DID NOT EXPECT THAT
Squeaks & Scales
Squeaks & Scales Mês atrás
They totally need to bring Cam and Rome back lmao they're awesome. When cam blew into the piping bag my heart dropped though. I was so relieved when i heard him say "Thats not sanitary" and grab a new one 😂 I had to get my ServSafe certificate last year for a job and I cringe watching these now sometimes. Especially Zach Okay usually Zach
Thomas Vangerven
Thomas Vangerven Mês atrás
This was comedy at it's peak. I was wheezing the entire video...
Sam Bryant
Sam Bryant Mês atrás
When the pastry chef pronounced macaron wrong 😑
Emilia Alfred
Emilia Alfred Mês atrás
The guys should try to make mochi! With or without a recipe, I think it would be awesome!
Trina Drudge
Trina Drudge Mês atrás
Cream of tArTaR😂
Rose Thorne
Rose Thorne Mês atrás
I just know that intro took forever. It’s amazing!
D’vyne Angel
D’vyne Angel Mês atrás
Dormtainment is my entire childhood and it warms my little heart to see this collaboration 😭 I definitely want them to come back on the show
Seneca Crouse
Seneca Crouse Mês atrás
It's OK if your food ain't delicious Rome because you are indeed delicious 😊
E Camville
E Camville Mês atrás
"Okay so Zach can't have dairy, so..." Cut to everyone cramming the fillings with butter and cheese
silver070 Mês atrás
So do they not do any research ahead of time? Some of these are rough looking and I would fear for my stomach LOL
Sofia S
Sofia S Mês atrás
Rome and Cam are iconic
Sofia S
Sofia S Mês atrás
Me screaming: "No Keith, no!"
riley hietla
riley hietla Mês atrás
Never knew Zach is taller than Ro for some reason
Tyson Volmer
Tyson Volmer Mês atrás
am i the only one who thought the honey was whiskey because Eugene uses whiskey or wine etc and it was on the side Eugene is on
Captain Mês atrás
eggs aren't vegan (duh) but you can whip up some of the liquid from canned chickpeas to get a similar texture in the place of egg-white. use just a smidge of cream of tar-tar for stable peaks. it's called aquafaba.
Coco Mês atrás
Keith calling pavlova as 'pavlovia' the entire time is a mood 😭😂
Satisfied Elisa
Satisfied Elisa Mês atrás
10:40 eww
Kenna Mês atrás
“You piece of shit.” “You asshole” I’m living for Zachs comments
Trace Elements
Trace Elements Mês atrás
"How do you make things thick, other than feeding it?" This guy with his sneaky humor...=D
Jessica Swim
Jessica Swim Mês atrás
Rome and Cam were so funny!! Would love to see them in future videos
sammymoore 24
sammymoore 24 Mês atrás
I feel like it would almost be funnier to have them do macaroons with a recipe because I somehow feel like it’d still go just as bad
Kirvan Pody
Kirvan Pody Mês atrás
When have you made blue French toast Listen it’s not about that
Drawing Sticks
Drawing Sticks Mês atrás
Everyone makes fun of Ned for being a Basic White American Guy but Keith is the Most American White Guy I have ever seen. The hell is tomato soup grilled cheese macaroons. EDIT: BUTTERBALLS?
Emily L
Emily L Mês atrás
Try Guys make ravioli, cupcakes, pretzels, tarts without a recipe!!!
Leon Lothrbok
Leon Lothrbok Mês atrás
Ok look. I love Ned. I love him deeply. But seeing him so unbelievably stressed out making macarons? Fucking euphoric for some reason.
Laísa Oliveira
Laísa Oliveira Mês atrás
"that's not sanitary" pandemic's sequel i kinda like
Lĭfú Mês atrás
It feels nice to know that even a Michelin star chef says macaron incorrectly.
niko puma
niko puma Mês atrás
Judges: Is it savory or sweet? Keith: yes
niko puma
niko puma Mês atrás
I watched the whole thing, my life has taken a worse turn than this series, and I'm loving it.
laur Mês atrás
it annoys when even the chefs say macaROON instead of macaRON bc thats a completely different dessert 😅
Inaya Khan
Inaya Khan Mês atrás
By far one of the funniest without a recipe and I couldn’t stop laughing
Sara James
Sara James Mês atrás
Keith is literally the only one who knows what he's doing here.
James Peterson
James Peterson Mês atrás
i would love to see some of the recipes from over the seasons of without a recipe recreated by professional chefs. I think that'd be so cool.
Kenny B.
Kenny B. Mês atrás
This was so uncomfortable
Light'em Up
Light'em Up Mês atrás
I hate how the Michelin star baker kept mispronouncing macarons. Like I feel like you should be able to pronounce it correctly if you're a baker....
brentmosher Mês atrás
They where tired of getting food poisoning from zach so made him a judge lol
A X Mês atrás
“You know, how do you make stuff thick, besides, feeding it” 10:50
dsayelise Mês atrás
dormtainment x try guys is the most unexpected crossover but i’m so happy we got it
Sm0l Fry
Sm0l Fry Mês atrás
“It’s a little white, just like my 23 and me test” YO KFMOAOAOA
LizTiddington Mês atrás
Zach calling Keith a "piece of shit" and am "asshole" before he's even seen his bake is honestly peak best friend and I'm here for it 😁😂
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