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Who is the 'real' Prince Harry? A feckless playboy partying at nightclubs with a blonde on his lap? Or a physically brave young man destined to distinguish himself in unexpected ways? Despite relentless media scrutiny, much of it negative, Harry remains a tantalising, elusive mystery.
From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.
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27 Dez 2019



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Comentários 99
Renee H
Renee H 5 horas atrás
Once an a)@hole always an a)@hole
Barbara Marafiote
Barbara Marafiote 6 horas atrás
Sounds like Princess Margaret
Barbara Marafiote
Barbara Marafiote 6 horas atrás
Who are these people?
Saoirse Rose
Saoirse Rose 6 horas atrás
Sorry, but the Nazi costume isn’t the fault of William, the media portrays Harry as so much younger when it’s 2 years and I imagine that he wouldn’t have listened to anyone’s advice including William... much as he doesn’t now!
yvonne redgrove
yvonne redgrove 7 horas atrás
I think we do not need any of them after our Queen dies. She has been a wonderful monarch but who can really come up to her.
Philip Roche
Philip Roche 8 horas atrás
Come on harry who is he
Carolyn Sears
Carolyn Sears 11 horas atrás
Harry hates the media because he blames them for her death!
Atalla Art
Atalla Art 12 horas atrás
He was better than William in sport but shows to be worse than him in all other things. A rebellious soul. Harry needs our prayers.
shirley porter
shirley porter 16 horas atrás
Poor Harry always blamed for everything Harry’s temper is inherited from his grand and great grandfathers. He’s young and all the young think they know every thing!! His army service is to be praised - he has been made by his army career - he is brave and courageous He is growing up and making mistakes like any other young man so leave him be - he’s no different to other young men, they all make mistakes He’s a man now and married with little Archie in his arms. We love him
Stephen Marlowe
Stephen Marlowe 17 horas atrás
Prince Harry is being trashed.
Starry Night
Starry Night 19 horas atrás
Prince Harry looks more like Prince Phillip than James Hewitt.... He and his grandfather have the same long nose and face and eye shape. Hewitt's eyes are too far apart. He definitely skipped Charles look all together somehow though
Starry Night
Starry Night 19 horas atrás
Normal human behaviors such as being slightly annoyed, being a bit ignorant, showing a few negative emotions are made out to be a huge offense in British high society lol If any one of us were a royal we'd be considered the scum of the earth by those standards.
Mary Shaw
Mary Shaw 19 horas atrás
Exile that tryfling sniveling bo
Nesrin Isli
Nesrin Isli Dia atrás
Come on , the poor guy didn’t really do anything bad , apart from the nazi costume. Like what’s so bad about a teenager smoking pot? Haven’t we all?
Kel Rogers
Kel Rogers Dia atrás
Nothing mysterious about Harry. How many bathrooms in that mansion? Only some 77. Only got mummy's 40 million+ Pounds to live on, and Daddy's allowance, at the age of 40, and he's whinging and moaning. He's a, spoiled, entitled little shit!
One UP
One UP Dia atrás
joan Ilott
joan Ilott Dia atrás
Interesting watching this in 2021 after the 'Markle Debacle'. Harry hates the press with a passion, yet married a woman who loves press attention. My, how she fooled him.
One Of A Kind
One Of A Kind Dia atrás
It was how he was raised by Birth order .
Freeda Dia atrás
I think he is the best God bless Harry.
Nessa Hughes
Nessa Hughes Dia atrás
Kathi Dia atrás
Thank God Harry won't be King. Totally unsuitable.
Teresa Hughes
Teresa Hughes Dia atrás
Harry will never see the throne, unless something unspeakable happens.
Chelsea Gracia
Chelsea Gracia 2 dias atrás
Seeing the comments comparing William and Harry is outrageous to me. Losing your mother at 12 and 15 is a HUGE difference. When you’re still in that age, your mother is your reassurance. Add him being the second “best” in the royal family with an absent father who talks about tampon.
Jill Osler
Jill Osler 2 dias atrás
And this is the problem with Harry to this day. 'Can't do what I want? Then I'll quit'.
11Chef Claire
11Chef Claire 2 dias atrás
A brave young man with a heavy burden on his back.
Pretty Astounding
Pretty Astounding 2 dias atrás
Wouldn’t anyone be on a short fuse ????
gigi marino
gigi marino 2 dias atrás
HArry was and still is very gullable
j.k. wagenfeld
j.k. wagenfeld 2 dias atrás
THANK YOU, for supplying this info, it's been greatly appreciated. 😊
Jenifer Barns
Jenifer Barns 2 dias atrás
At that age they needed a father to guide them but he was too busy with his woman so that problem Charles has to live with but like kids of that age some do experiment with drink, etc, you can't blame him and all the time saying he's the spare Jesus what do you expect, the lad loved his mother, and he was only young, but he grow up,sorted his life out, but I think he married an older woman to be mothered and as usual he jumped in with 2 feet disregarding any advice Harry appears to do what Harry wants, he has got his good points, he cares, but he lives in Williams shadow knowing he's the spare. But now he's being directed by his wife who appears to want to be a royal but not do the work so packed the bags and went upsetting the relatives as she has done with her family
Mary Goetsch
Mary Goetsch 2 dias atrás
Harry is a spoiled immature brat!
Pepper MD
Pepper MD 2 dias atrás
Didn’t know the princes were so close in age .. just 2 years apart. William is so much more matured.
Laisa Whippy
Laisa Whippy Dia atrás
@Honey Bee. Thank you @Honey Bee. Very well said. Funny, no one talks about the Rose 🌹p bush William got stuck in, lol lol lol lol.
Laisa Whippy
Laisa Whippy Dia atrás
@Pepper MD. I'd do the same thing Meghan did to her family if I had a sister, brother or a father like she has. And what a father...... Samantha and her brother are something else.....trailer trash.
Laisa Whippy
Laisa Whippy Dia atrás
@Felicia Herman. Bullshit !
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Dia atrás
@Pepper MD informed, you are..well, I am sure your remark is as irrelevant as you. You have no idea what happened in Meghan's life, before meeting and marrying Harry. Leave them alone.
Felicia Herman
Felicia Herman Dia atrás
@Laisa Whippy the royal family basically does humanitarian work lol, and she left the royal family primarily bcos she wants to keep on pursuing her acting career and humanitarian work full time was not her thing... 🤔
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 3 dias atrás
It is a true shame and sadness that Harry married such a shallow woman. He had moved past his sad and troublesome childhood and was becoming a true Prince. He was stepping into the role of being a fantastic representative of The Queen and also for the British and Commonwealth citizens. Harry WAS a truly remarkable Prince... He was becoming Beloved by the citizens that he loved. Megan has had a very negative effect on Harry. She has turned back the clock and once again we see the petulant, angry, and jealous Harry...that he was in his teenaged years. I believe she strokes the dark emotions that had controlled Harry in his youth, after the death of his mother. Megan was raised in the most liberal progressive place on earth...Los Angeles, California. Being a mixed race American child...once she started public school and especially when she went to college... she would have been taught to believe that she was above everyone else...the pigment of her skin would have elevated her to believing she was a queen. She has shown all of us that she had zero respect for the history of Britain...the Monarchy, or even the history of the Windsor family. She showed us all that she felt real disdain for The Queen... and everyone else in Harry's family. Sadly...she has convinced Harry that the entire world is ra-ist..., especially his family. What is truly shameful is that she could have done so much her position of being a Senior Royal. As a Representative of The Queen of England and the 50 Commonwealth Nations... she would have had the power to open doors, in almost every country on that she could have given speeches, set up youth programs or charities...and also agencies that would have been devoted to women and children. She and Harry could have become strong Ambassador's for The Queen and the British people... The world would have embraced them in ways that have never been seen in over a century. But, Megan could not see past the end of her surgically enhanced nose... to see these future possibilities. She had been taught, from a very young age... to view everything through the lens of ra-ism...and nothing, obviously, would change her mind. As the old saying goes, "she cut off her nose to spite her face". She stroked all of the dark insecurities in Harry, convincing him to give up his wonderful birthright and the birthrights of his children, ..throwing everything away for the selfish and self-absorbed woman that he had married and moving to the most self-absorbed city in the U.S.
Brain Washington
Brain Washington 3 dias atrás
reuploaded to smear Harry i see XD
Catherine Halhead
Catherine Halhead 3 dias atrás
Guidelines really the Duke of Edinburgh, brought himself up and excelled . Harry is a dummy
Linda Cramer
Linda Cramer 4 dias atrás
All haz must do is dna. He's living with the rumors by choice. It has come out she was seeing Hewitt before she admitted.
K Simantel
K Simantel 4 dias atrás
My middle daughter died in a car accident last July. She left her 17 year old daughter. Of course that loss is new, but I don’t suppose it is something to completely recover from.
Bonnie McArthy
Bonnie McArthy 18 horas atrás
@K Simantel Praying for you my dear one.
K Simantel
K Simantel Dia atrás
@Bonnie McArthy Your words are so true.
K Simantel
K Simantel 2 dias atrás
@Bonnie McArthy 🙏🏻.
Bonnie McArthy
Bonnie McArthy 2 dias atrás
I am so very sorry for your loss. You never really recover from that. When someone dies unexpectedly and tragically you could eat yourself alive with the would of, should of, could of's. The pain lightens with time, but you never recover from that.
Beatitudes 4 dias atrás
Oh yes, if someone plays a joke and someone tells everyone, he shouldn't have told the joke ... how does that work?
Vicky Lind
Vicky Lind 4 dias atrás
Harry is a loser! He is s dumb shit!
Myles Dias
Myles Dias 4 dias atrás
8:18 "Everything that Guy Pelli has been in the papers for suggests very strongly that he is a bad, bad influence on the princes. He is the first one to strip, the first one to moon... Guy Pelli is one of the most loyal friends to both of them. He shouldered the blame..." Now I don't know who this Guy Pelli character is, but he sounds like someone I'd want in my group of bros!!!!!
Lindsey Rasmussen
Lindsey Rasmussen 2 dias atrás
Agreed Lmaooo
Binod corner
Binod corner 4 dias atrás
Harry ohm Harry ohm
Raymond Cai
Raymond Cai 5 dias atrás
Oh dear, it seems Charles is really irresponsible...
Cynthia Glazebrook
Cynthia Glazebrook 5 dias atrás
I'm sorry but to me harry was just a normal boy exploring the world and doing his own thing and he didn't want to follow in his families footsteps he wanted to do his own thing. To me I think he got tired of all that poparazzi and he couldn't do what he wanted and the family didn't like it cause Harry was his own person. There is such a thing as going to far with all that high and mighty stuff. I feel he couldn't breathe or turn around without being watched and spied on. I am glad I am not in Harry's shoes cause I tell you what I would of run away. I know in my heart that he felt like he was being smothered and that he couldn't turn around that there wasn't somebody there to snap his picture and say a bunch of crap that isn't true. I feel bad for Harry who couldn't live a normal life without someone out there to cause him trouble with alot of smucky lies like alot of the bad press media. I hope him and markle will finally have their own peace and mind and ignore alot of that high and mighty crap. The British needs to let him and markle alone and mind their own business and keep their own noses in their own business and let them live a happy life and do their own thing and they just might see harry simmer down quite a bit but let him be his own man and father. That is how I feel. Harry has always had to follow in william footsteps and harry got tired of it and the royal party didn't like it cause Harry was doing his own thing. Charles was never much of a father to him either and he has not really shown harry the love that he deserved.
Barbara Dehinbo
Barbara Dehinbo 5 dias atrás
Anything and everything to portray Harry in the negative while "up-playing" William. Always playing one brother against the other. Yes, I totally understand how Harry feels. The whole video shows you exactly their dislike for Harry. I feel for him having to grow up with all these negative voices screaming at him all his life
Sandra Griffin
Sandra Griffin 5 dias atrás
Princess Diana was a red head
Karen Upton
Karen Upton 5 dias atrás
Jo Windham
Jo Windham 6 dias atrás
Not troubled.... spoiled and self-absorbed.
Sandal Ice
Sandal Ice 6 dias atrás
Referred to as a "spare" the whole life or he has " red hair" said his vater when in his bearth...why should be not something truth about the color of the skin (Meghan) or they are not conscious what is around them (Harry)the Royal Family? They are humans not perfect like all of us. I love forever the QUEEN!
Rita Mhanna
Rita Mhanna 6 dias atrás
Harry is a wonderful person his family must take care of him and let him back to uk and protect him with care and love
Marilyn Hughey
Marilyn Hughey 6 dias atrás
Harry must miss polo and the hunting set.
Colleta 7 dias atrás
Unfortunate that UK had dual citizenship if they did not Meghan would have had to give up her USA passport, therefore, we could have delayed or prevented them from coming here.
Sylvia Jackman
Sylvia Jackman 8 dias atrás
Denise Purcell
Denise Purcell 8 dias atrás
I understood that the Nazi Party were racists. He then complains that someone asked about his future childs possible skin colour!! Hypocrisy I think
Aine Mairead
Aine Mairead 8 dias atrás
There is nothing troubled about Harry....He's the normal one. His Mother Princess Diana was normal too. Thank God Harry takes after his Mother.
Yasmin Haradhvala
Yasmin Haradhvala 8 dias atrás
Jai Baba I think Harry was toooo spoiled by Diane and his grandmother the Queen.
Insomniac 9 dias atrás
Harry is the Royal Families Trojan Horse along with his wife. 💥
pongo Pizza
pongo Pizza 9 dias atrás
Bad Circle 🔵 of friends is something thats gonna Destroy his Future... Sad 😥 Royal Family should have been more STRICT with Harry . Now look at his life DISASTROUS MARRIAGE " TO THE WRONG OLD WOMAN !!! SIGH !!!! 😔😪😵🥴🙁😟😳🥺😧😢🙁☹☹☹☹
Colleen Bruno
Colleen Bruno 9 dias atrás
Harry was a normal boy who loss his mom at a young age ( his whole world was turn upside down) So to call him a problem child is incorrect. The tromoil he has gone thought any Lad would have reacted the same or worse , Royal or not. It seem that Harry always lived in his brother shadow , witch does not help any young boy. I have three sons and the all are different in their own way and treated all the same , with love and respect. So to live in someone else's shadow , to loss your mom and feel lossed . No child should be treated or to feel differently then any other siblings. God bless all . And I pray Harry finds Pease with in himself and continue helping the less fortunate. He is his mother' son ♥
Midgie 9 dias atrás
I don't know why people blame tempers on red hair. Red hair had nothing to do with it
Nana 10 dias atrás
Ah.....the Nazis hated blacks, thought they were just animals to use as target practice. I wonder what Megan thinks of him dressing up like that? Or has he kept that from her?
Nana 10 dias atrás
Give me a break! Poor, poor Harry, being second best to his brother. Try being told you were never wanted, that your mother only wanted sons not a daughter, because son could be depended upon while a daughter never. Growing up knowing also that your mother thought of you as competition with the men in her life. And yet at the end, it was her daughter (me) who took her in when she had no where to go but a nursing home. My older brother wanted no part of her because she stopped giving him money and my younger brother had died. We all have our crosses to bare in life. Being a Prince or a common person makes no difference whatsoever. People making excuses for Harry's behavior over the years has not helped him in the least. In fact it is why he can't face reality now.
Brams Rockhopper
Brams Rockhopper 10 dias atrás
So it’s everybody else’s fault but Harry’s. Same old same old. Harry, with his red hair, temper, sporting prowess and bullish attitude, reminds me of the portraits and stories of Henry VIII... William had the same parents, the same upbringing, and had to cope with his mother’s death the same way. Being just two years older wouldn’t have made that any easier. They talk about William like he should be Harry’s guardian or something. I bet in that costume shop, William said “not a good look to be a Nazi, Harry”, and Harry (going by previous form) told him to f*ck off and did it anyway. It’s not his brother’s fault. It”s not his father’s fault. It’s not his mother’s fault. He was taught right from wrong - it’s *his* fault. He needs to accept responsibility for his own choices and actions. We all have crap that affects us. We all have to deal with it. Becoming a professional victim and blaming everyone else isn’t brave and doesn’t set an example. Imagine the frustration for William being on the one hand schooled to become monarch and accept that massive responsibility, but also being forced to babysit his bratty little brother who resented him and made no secret of it. Yes, being the ‘spare’ sucks in one way, but so does being the ‘heir’. Imho Diana would have been better off allowing the two boys to pursue their own interests instead of forcing them to be always together. People forget that although Charles was as much of a wild young thing as any youngster, once married to Diana he never had the affair until their marriage was already in trouble, and he had that affair with the only woman he’d ever seriously loved and had wanted to marry - Camilla. Imho, the family made a mistake in not letting him marry Camilla and making him marry Diana. Camilla suits him and they clearly are a good match for each other. Diana had a fair few affairs in comparison, which must have been confusing and embarrassing for their boys. Obviously a nightmare for their sons to have their parents divorce, but it excuses nothing - loads of kids lose their parents, loads of kids watch their parents divorce, loads of kids are abused or neglected. They don’t get a free pass for life and neither should Harry. ‘Club H’ in the basement? And? Other parents have done similar for teenage kids. Charles probably reckoned that if Harry was going to carry on carousing and causing trouble, it would be better there than in a collection of public clubs where worse things could happen, be seen and photographed, and cause far worse damage. Charles will be a decent king for a short while so that William can enjoy being a young father to his children for as long as possible. Then William will be a good king, hopefully for many years. As long as his brother and the wife he chose don’t tear it all down in their quest for personal gain, status, political power and ultimately revenge. The RF need to come out fighting and correct some of these accusations - clearly the US pair will carry on smearing everyone they can and hating the RF, despite still constantly using their titles and wanting the money and status. They wanted to be free of it - okay, let them be free. No titles to weigh them down. They can do their own thing in America quite happily without putting out 5 or 6 news articles a week to the tabloids to upstage everything the RF do. All just my opinion, based on the information we have at the moment.
Nana 10 dias atrás
He's a spoilt brat. He was born into a special family, he knew what they were all about. Yet he still pouts and complains constantly. He needs to grow up.
Blessings 2You
Blessings 2You 10 dias atrás
Wakakakaka Happy
Wakakakaka Happy 10 dias atrás
So what if you’re no.2. There’re millions of no. 2s in the world. Deal with it ! Don’t have to behave badly.
Nancy Schaeffer
Nancy Schaeffer 11 dias atrás
Its.people like u all.wjo report and don't leave the alone ...especially william.and Harry. They have suffered enough leave them.alone . You guys are bullies
Let me entertain you
Let me entertain you 11 dias atrás
Looks like he’s done the exact opposite then?? Harry’s wife is fame hungry, (don’t want to say her name as that is what she wants : fame She is fame hungry and wanting to be in papers, magazines heck they have even brought out a book already! To say he wants his privacy and quietness he’s done the exact opposite in America with her. Good luck Harry your going to need it !!!!
Barbara Hurren
Barbara Hurren 11 dias atrás
Prince Harry and princess Meghan i wish the best for yous and hope yous have a sucessful life out side of the palace you have a beautiful family soon to have 2 children prayers and blessings
Lynn Hexler-Haan
Lynn Hexler-Haan 11 dias atrás
Hazbeen is a disgusting sportsman! The abuse he give's the polo ponies is quite shocking, especially as his ponies are borrowed, they are certainly not his own. During & after many matches he leaves his pony torn up & bloodied, a demonstration of the lack of skill, certainly not the fault of the pony. No redeamable features at all!
Kelly Dixon
Kelly Dixon 11 dias atrás
Archie is Earl of Dumbarton - if parents say so.
Kelly Dixon
Kelly Dixon 11 dias atrás
Not even a 'spare' anymore. Can't be easy.
Ingeborg M
Ingeborg M 12 dias atrás
He lost his mother at a young age; one of the greatest tragedies of life. It does happen and he certainly is not the only child to suffer such loss. H did what humans do, he moved on. Nothing that happened from the moment he met his now wife was out of his hands and all decisions he made concerning his life and future was made by anyone but him! Any consequences following his courtship and marriage were due to the decisions he made. He must know this as a grown man! It is unfitting for him to play the victim in any way in regards to anything that rsulted due tohis relationship with Meghan. He was raised all his life by the rules and regime of the Royal House; there were no secrets kept from him! When ie engaged in a relationship with Meghan he knew she was racially mixed. He knew she was an actress. He knew she was married. How many warning lights did he see? How many sirens went on in his head? He wants the world to believe he had no idea what was going to happen to him if he made the choice to marry Meghan? The only right he had before God and the world was to marry her! If he did, he knew what shock, heartaches and tears he would bring to those he loved and that nothing would ever be the same! Still, he made the decision and had every right to once he came to grips with the damage he did to the entire family and obviously laid very low out of the eyes of the media. Did he? No! The Royal House were the victims, because this is obvious too : They had different expectations and even renovated Williams and Kates ex-home for them! No, Harry and Meghan are not victims. They are The Cause of this entire disaster and I am sorry and I am sure so id the royal family that old Phillip had to die in such upheaval this egotistic couple caused. The prince...going on Oprah? How embarrassing can it get...what all is he going to push onto his brother and his old grandma! He actually claimed again the paparazzi's tried to do to Meghan what they did to his he goes on Oprah and does it for them. He is his own paparazzi. Sure, why not? Why should they get the money when he can put it in his pocket! I much rather read all the dirty laundry-stuff from a paparazzi than from the prince low can he get! How low.....
Child Of The Promise
Child Of The Promise 12 dias atrás
How I wish people could leave Harry and his family, wife alone.
Sophia Sussex
Sophia Sussex 12 dias atrás
Their mother was their world bless the royal family.
Sia Sikuri
Sia Sikuri 12 dias atrás
All old news.
Lorraine Hamer
Lorraine Hamer 12 dias atrás
He is so right he should have box the photographer
Bernard Deromrée
Bernard Deromrée 13 dias atrás
Sorry for him, he is a sort of puppet of his wife. No polo, no fox hunting no freinas ..... hard times! It will not last very long.
Mimi Hawthorne
Mimi Hawthorne 13 dias atrás
Harry is very smart hard worker always the winner of any competition God bless Harry Meghan and their kids 🥰
Sunshine howard
Sunshine howard 13 dias atrás
Is Harry still a prince or not?
Pamela j Jorgensen
Pamela j Jorgensen 13 dias atrás
No comment
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 13 dias atrás
He picked her and knew she had a black card wanting to be white sorry your parents did this to you
Isabel Price
Isabel Price 13 dias atrás
Allan du Manoir de Juaye
Yawn. Who really gives a shit about them?
AutumnLeaves2903 13 dias atrás
so does he thrive on praises ... is this his priviledged vanity? tsk tsk
Yvonne Lygo
Yvonne Lygo 14 dias atrás
James must be proud.
Dogs love cats Woof meow
Living as a royal and being held to a higher standard knowing his dad was having an open affair publicly on his mother would confuse anyone growing up let alone being in the royal family.
Dogs love cats Woof meow
@Seb Sir I hope that that's not true I tend not to pay attention to tabloids.
Seb Sir
Seb Sir 4 dias atrás
His mother went from one man to another one. She had many extramarital affairs... Finally, she died in a car with a well-known playboy...
Wendy Russell
Wendy Russell 14 dias atrás
I don't believe, for a moment Harry is of the "Royals". Charles is not his father.
Will The Champion of buses 32
Such a shame when you see what he married.
Mimi Money Machine
Mimi Money Machine 14 dias atrás
Prince Philip vs Prince Harry The stoic persevered Prince The impulsive woke Prince Full of wisdom & courage Full of victimhood mentality, entitlement Ingenious Shallow
Till Martens
Till Martens 14 dias atrás
i wouldn't really call it army life in germany at 15:41, in light of the current german military hardware :'D
Suebethian Texas
Suebethian Texas 14 dias atrás
Why dont you click bait artists leave this family alone
RoseAgnes Mbebuh
RoseAgnes Mbebuh 14 dias atrás
Harry needs Psychological help and Prayers to come back to his senses. He needs no medication! MM knows his weaknesses, and is in capitulation. Harry, turn back to your Royal family!
Poppy Cakes
Poppy Cakes 14 dias atrás
Harry is being TRASHED too much. I understand his wife trashed, disrupted his family..........the Monarchy!!! Anyway. Meghan, not Harry, trashed a huge political family. She never belonged there. I am scared what his life will be like when she leaves him - with horrid accusations. Harry is naiveté and Meghan, a talentless upstart, took. HUGE advantage and will leave him, we all know. and it's tragic.
C E 14 dias atrás
Yes, a fault line runs through Harry's personality. Time has told us. They knew way back then that he may turn into a dumpster fire.
Janet Edelman
Janet Edelman 14 dias atrás
What trash reporting, Harry an Megan seem to be pretty happy to be in the USA, why wouldn’t they be , look at the way they live. Of course Megan called An wished her Happy Birthday, that was the right thing for her to do.
Laceinea Walker
Laceinea Walker 14 dias atrás
It's fine to know what this family is about but they're just like others only rich.Its good for children to know both sides of life.
Laceinea Walker
Laceinea Walker 14 dias atrás
He only was trying to find his way. I think their mom wanted them to have a normal life.
Laceinea Walker
Laceinea Walker 14 dias atrás
These young men are just like any others they're teens and had problems like other teens.just born into royal.I think he just want a normal life because of what happen to his mother.
Linda Virgilio
Linda Virgilio 15 dias atrás
The Heir and the Spare. That’s got to hurt.
Saffron Wetter
Saffron Wetter 15 dias atrás
Harry does look more like his Mother.
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