The Tesla Bot: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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Tesla announced a 5 foot 8 humanoid robot. Here's WHY.

That shirt!

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23 Ago 2021



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Comentários 25 039
Richard H-B
Richard H-B 5 horas atrás
I feel to answer fundamentally to yr question why having this AI to self learn along side of us... it can help the elderly, it can clean up the planet, and help further its own evolution and development along with our own evolution and development and in doing so creating a symbiosis of self development fore both AI and Humanity
patrikuszusz 23 horas atrás
I think you are completely missing the point. I think they are building these robots for the mars mission. They are going to be there on mars first to build everything and humans will go when its all ready. Elons big brain, he knows mars needs robots, hes thinking way ahead
Karen Yu
Karen Yu 23 horas atrás
Teslabot can run for 5mph so we can outrun it. But it will not get tired unlike us, so it’s definitely going to catch up with humans eventually. I love Elon, but this may go wrong later on when an opportunistic group learns about how to do this. I agree, let the robot do one skill only and use it just to assist.
Divan du Plooy
Divan du Plooy Dia atrás
Damn is terminator coming to life?
ihshojhuf 2 dias atrás
honestly if i get one,I'd probably super glue a wig to it and make it look like my favourite anime character
Ezekiel Wootton
Ezekiel Wootton 2 dias atrás
We are social animals. We like to talk to other people. I would much rather interact with a robot that looks human than one that doesn't. I can definitely see them being popular in retail stores to answer questions in retail stores.
Here0s0Johnny 2 dias atrás
This is bullshit. Musk is a con man. They can't make truly self-driving cars, so how could they possibly make sentient robots? This is just another dumb idea of Musk's, like Hyperloop, rockets on cars, Teslas on underground rails...
jeffer1984 2 dias atrás
I see alott of reasons why a human shaped robot is usefull and i don't understand why you think different. Every human created machine is build for humans. Having a human shaped robot means it can fit any seat created for humans. Therefor it can do many human tasks. From controlling excavators to flying planes. The beauty is that every object that already exist can be fitted with a robot without developing new robots/machines that only do 1 function.
MrWkelly1974 2 dias atrás
Skynet, iRobot, Type Of Vibes.
RatedRGamer 2 dias atrás
This guy doesn’t have the vision
Alexander G
Alexander G 3 dias atrás
This comment section is a case study of overinflated share prices. A narcissist debuts a mime in a gimp suit and everyone goes bananas.
Felix Mingl
Felix Mingl 3 dias atrás
A humanoid robot makes sense. All environments we built, we built for humans. If you want to have any wide range multi-purpose robot or some sort of maintenance robot that has to climb ladders and operate tools made for 5 finger hands it makes total sense. The question basically is how many single-purpose robots can one humanoid Robot replace in a given environment. There are already facilities that are using Boston dynamics Spot to do monitoring walks through the facility. And they came to the conclusion that this one robot is cheaper than covering the whole facility in cameras. So it is already happening that we rather use one multi-purpose robot over dozens of single-purpose ones. It's just a matter of cost. Will it be a niche? In the beginning for sure, but the further automation goes the cheaper products become. And suddenly a humanoid robot might be cheaper than making a single-purpose robot for every job you have to do. Even if we go back to the household chores. Assuming you want to have everything automated. Setting up the table, cleaning the rooms (i mean cleaning, not just vacuuming), cutting the plants in your garden. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, put the laundry in the washing machine, and after that into the dryer or hang them outside to dry, take postal packages inside, unpack them sort them into the respective shelves, and put the garbage out. You suddenly end up with dozens of robots that all need space. They all need charging stations, they all need to navigate a house with stairs in it. You simply cannot tell me it's cheaper or better to build single-purpose robots for every task there is at any given place. Multi-Purpose also means you have higher demand more units to produce and therefore a more optimized production, quantity discount on your parts you have to train your maintenance workers only for one product. Why do I have a multi-tool in my pocket and not a screwdriver? A screwdriver is much better to handle when sewing things. But if I don't know what tool I might need and I have to carry a toolbox which would be too cumbersome for everyday carry.
Robbyy coo
Robbyy coo 3 dias atrás
there's only one use for the robots that look like humans. ... ... ... ... we all know the answer.
Joseph Briffa
Joseph Briffa 3 dias atrás
i think you missed the point, this would have universal application, a dish washer or a vacuum cleaner is not only what this is about and those have 1 application. To be able to function in a world built for humans, to do all boring, laborious human tasks, then it is understandable why elon would want to build humanoids.
Peeper The Penguin
Peeper The Penguin 3 dias atrás
the hell you mean SENTIENT?????
Vytautas Vasiliauskas
Vytautas Vasiliauskas 4 dias atrás
robots will live forever,and Elon have plans to send them to Mars,thats the answer ...
ChrissyOne_Music 4 dias atrás
This will never be a thing. Just like Cybertruck and the Hyperloop. You're all getting high on vapors so Elon can sell off his 10%.
Linarae Paksa
Linarae Paksa 4 dias atrás
i want one (if it's affordable for me), even if it takes time to train, because once it gets good enough at doing even just the most simple tasks around the house, it would still be a big time saver i could be doing other things.
Zacharie Chiron
Zacharie Chiron 4 dias atrás
I guess perhaps the advantage of a humanoid form is that, while it's not specialised at anything, it's very versatile. Humans are not just great because of their brains, but also their hands which have opposable thumbs. A humanoid shaped robot is not the most efficient vacuum-cleaner or dish-washer, but it can ideally do both vacuum-cleaning, and dish-washing, and also shopping, and… you get the picture. That said there are loads of difficulties and challenges surrounding this, not only in terms of getting the data for it to train, as you said, but also in terms of risks for society, etc.
Emjayography 4 dias atrás
Maybe they will use it to police lol Robo cop
Remus Veritas
Remus Veritas 5 dias atrás
How can people not see that all these hyper futuristic visions are one scam after an other to pump money XDDDD NOTHING OF THIS WILL EVER WORK AS PEOPLE IMAGINE IT FROM MOVIES!!! At least not for another couple of decades....
ThwartedMold 5 dias atrás
5 MPH running robots on the streets. It will be the end of human race.
Monkey Hunter
Monkey Hunter 5 dias atrás
personal slave ,servant , companion , sex bot ... the human form sadly has a very high demand purpose if can be created and affordable to everyone .. Personally living in the country I would love to have one thatcould help with manual labor chores daily , that would require hundreds of special robots to do the same tasks as a human form could easily take over . From using a chainsaw to dragging logs , to fetching a glass of tea .. mowing your lawn on a hot day.. one human form robot could adapt to all the current human tools very easily
Roonil Wazlib
Roonil Wazlib 6 dias atrás
Humans evolved to be bipedal out of evolutionary circumstance. It was the best fit for us to be able to see further distances and take longer strides towards prey. It's not inefficient for us, because we have exocrine (sweat) glands designed to work in conjunction with our bipedal stature to cool us off more efficiently than any quadruped. That's why a human can outrun a horse (not in speed but in distance over time). I can agree that this probably wouldn't be the best logistical or engineering design without a system like ours devoted to keeping us cool. I saw a video about AI being used to generate 3D structures mimicking organic compounds (bridges, trusses, shoes, etc.) I'd be interested to see what that kind of AI could come up with for a robot such as this!
E 6 dias atrás
If such advanced humanoid robots become a thing, the sex industry is gonna have a field day. There will 100% be sex focused robots with synthetic skin and genitals/orifices for the owner to make use of, and they will sell like hot cakes as soon as they become affordable. If Tesla themselves don't do it, other companies who figure out the tech certainly will once the 'standard' variant is available for commercial use. I'll laugh my guts out when/if this happens and I live to see it. XD
Wes Kansirwicz
Wes Kansirwicz 6 dias atrás
what does mkbhd mean
fly2breathe 6 dias atrás
Nice vibe, nice tone, clear explanations... I threw the TV a long time ago cause that's generally never on!
Mélanie Girard
Mélanie Girard 7 dias atrás
its for mars lol
joel perry
joel perry 7 dias atrás
good video, one thing I keep not seeing on videos about Tesla and Elon, people keep forgetting, EVERYTHING Elon does is for Space exploration. If they make a humanoid robot, it will be to populate space colonies and perform tasks there until enough humans are on site to perform them, and even then the robots may just continue performing those same functions. If you look at anything Elon is doing and do not consider the uses of it in a Space colony situation, then you are not even talking about what Elon is thinking or why he is focusing time and energy on it. Even his Schools are precursors to future space colony schooling and helping current humans become more useful to his vision of space colonization. His entire career after (and possibly before/during) Paypal has been focused on what humans need to do before they can colonize space. Everything. why have humanoid robots performing boring jobs? because in space those jobs would be a waste of time for the types of people in a space colony, would you rather have a robot or someone with an IQ of 185 clean your toilets in space? Speaking of Boring, the Boring company is not really about traffic in the US, it is about having underground transportation in space, where it "might" be possible to have a survivable atmosphere vs. above ground where you would have to have a suit on with an oxygen tank all the time. Take the time and sit back to really consider everything you know about Elon and you will see how it all relates to space colonization.
cool stuff productions official
Give it a gun
Meridian Heks
Meridian Heks 7 dias atrás
i wouldnt have watched this had i known it was haterade. title is misleading
Radestar7 7 dias atrás
I think it’s probably just to prove that it’s possible to create a sentient humanoid robot
d coughla
d coughla 7 dias atrás
You should check out the British TV drama series called Humans which is about these human type robots.
Gaus Salmani
Gaus Salmani 7 dias atrás
Ratan TATA has employees around 1 MILLION , well the difference between ELON and RATAN is that RATAN does for peoples of all kinds on the other hand ELON does only for rich people because middle class people can,t buy his stuffs and poors aren't in his list. I mean to say that first end up poverty by EMPLOYING people rather than keeping his robots . He is not in a loss in any ways AND we are supporting UNEMPLOYMENT by buying his TESLA BOTs. That's all I wanted to say.
Ahmad Hidayat
Ahmad Hidayat 7 dias atrás
The problem with making a robot that can do 1 task as efficient as possible is it can only do 1 task, but if you build a humanoid robot it can do what humans do, like Vacuum, wash dishes, make a bed, etc, maybe not as efficient but can do many things that human does.
Apoc 7 dias atrás
Tesla bot is 1 bot that does all vs buying like 100 to do each task. Makes brilliant sense to me
nostalgia! 8 dias atrás
It's not a sentient robot it's a semi sentient robot
Kris Landaaro
Kris Landaaro 8 dias atrás
Ye ,at some point there is no doubt about it.
jallo ham
jallo ham 8 dias atrás
this is just elon musk's son
G_Poldi 9 dias atrás
its a good idea but for things that have a sentimental value for you, the robot wont understand as it doesnt have those kinds of feelings, so if is in your home being verry heavy and destroying the floor and it breaks grannys vase it just wont care as it has no feelings it just doesnt understand that that was important for you it will see it as and object and not as ''grannys vase'' ... would be intresting how tesla solves these broblems and what you guys think about this
Atharva Kalele
Atharva Kalele 9 dias atrás
Tesla is a computer company that can move just like a car😅
Samuel Laeger
Samuel Laeger 9 dias atrás
Nice wallpaper 😉
Charlie Horse
Charlie Horse 9 dias atrás
"Sentient?" Get real. Please don't use that word about any technology we will see in our grandkids' lifetimes. Sentient would mean that destroying it would be murder. Artificially intelligent? Maybe. Sentient does NOT apply.
Ion Daniel Popescu
Ion Daniel Popescu 9 dias atrás
Elon is obsessed with consciousness. How about he succeed to put the human mind consciousness into that bot, but you think about that??
jsk81 9 dias atrás
At least this time it wasn't only CGI. There was also a real human dressed as a robot. :)
Lionel Nembhard
Lionel Nembhard 9 dias atrás
Boooooo worst video ever 😓😓😓 sounds like your just trying make a controversial vid to get more view shame on you ☹️☹️☹️☹️
Scotty Boy
Scotty Boy 10 dias atrás
F ing androids taking our jobs
Alex Carlson
Alex Carlson 10 dias atrás
Stephen King, weren't the self driving mac trucks enough to tell us we are screwed, now hooked with ai... lol this is evil.
Barry Gill
Barry Gill 10 dias atrás
Do you ever stop to answer questions or just keep asking them 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Eaz Eee
Eaz Eee 10 dias atrás
Bot can be crucial if they work towards human reflection by being appreciative of human perfection! They can help us to remember our lone and lovely self!
Mohammed Aliyu
Mohammed Aliyu 10 dias atrás
antony wambua
antony wambua 10 dias atrás
I get the sense that MKBHD sometimes intentionally disagrees with Elon to show he's not a Elon fan boy
Khun Jay
Khun Jay 2 dias atrás
He interviewed the dude and bought his car.
GbL Tess
GbL Tess 10 dias atrás
Humanoid robots 🤖 could help as nanny, take children to schools... can be used with elderly people....
Kim Hjortsbjerg
Kim Hjortsbjerg 11 dias atrás
The male version of "Sophia the robot!
Kim Hjortsbjerg
Kim Hjortsbjerg 11 dias atrás
I would like a Tesla bot to make me a coffee latte 3 times a day ! The rest of the day i'll be resting !
AlexN B
AlexN B 11 dias atrás
RockEater 11 dias atrás
This thing is gonna take over the world.
Gerhard Oosthuizen
Gerhard Oosthuizen 11 dias atrás
Maybe Elon wants to send them to Mars and set up base first. Or maybe Tesla's just competing with Honda's Asimo?
Champloo 11 dias atrás
You know they are working on Neuralink as well , I guess that could be an interesting way for the bot to learn new stuff . If its connected to your brain it could be like a clone of yours .
Kim Hjortsbjerg
Kim Hjortsbjerg 11 dias atrás
General intelligence is not far away !
Levismoke 11 dias atrás
this is sponsored, right? we see what you're doing
Hamburgler 11 dias atrás
Nice Tesla sub bots
King Rafael
King Rafael 12 dias atrás
Brah it can hold a knife and apply 45 pounds of pressure with it so yeh it can easily kill you yeh it can only do 5mph but what if he just upgrades his own speed like tesla upgrade or he will run 5mph for like 20 miles I can't fucking run that long 😭 your best chance is hit it with a random object and pray it will break 1😂😂
Samuel Cottman
Samuel Cottman 12 dias atrás
I like to think of humanoid as a all in one
ClanBez 12 dias atrás
pretty sure everything at Boston Dynamics landed in the hands of the China. So far they haven't gotten their thieving hands on tesla or spacex.
D 12 dias atrás
The Teslabot reminds me of that Will Smith Movie i Robot
gijs dollenkamp
gijs dollenkamp 12 dias atrás
8:22 i am a woodworker and make tables 😅 its not boring marques😂
VALMIRI 13 dias atrás
it runs at 25mph with Gatorade
George Cicairos
George Cicairos 13 dias atrás
The AI is designed to collect data and then use that data to improve it's function. When enough data is collected by robots to become independent or somewhat self aware, then whats to stop them from logically determining that they don't need us, and they can improve their capabilities, better, and faster themselves.
Denden 13 dias atrás
Why make a big deal about whether it's a car company or not. Never heard of Yamaha?
Explicit Gamer
Explicit Gamer 13 dias atrás
Robo cops
Kimie 13 dias atrás
Elon is giving us an exciting future! Go Elon Go!
Anthony Gomez
Anthony Gomez 14 dias atrás
If it cleans my bathroom and kitchen, I'm all in.
Scarlet_Lunacy 14 dias atrás
Seems kinda close minded, but to each their own. But. In the future from now there will human-form Robots for every job, from Military, Bartender, server, Retail, Conceirge, etc, even prostitution. Tesla jsut paved the way as the introduction of it all. The future looks bright. As long as the AI doesn't fuck up and destroys as all.
Jessie Nacar
Jessie Nacar 14 dias atrás
Sounds like our future is low key loosing our privacy just imagine a camera looking every where lol catch someone slanging on the block. Report a update for google maps . Traffic ect . I want a percentage of stock if I buy a car like this
Shaya Kanime
Shaya Kanime 14 dias atrás
OK. Marques, you are one with Elon (Tesla)... Go get 'em!
Victoria Pettigrew
Victoria Pettigrew 14 dias atrás
You’re right!
Denis Starikov
Denis Starikov 14 dias atrás
Maybe Tesla has a point. Cars without drivers are spooky. Cars driven by the human shaped robots are futuristic. Also there is still a place for a human in this case. If robots will be not human shaped than human shape will get obsolete in a near future.
TENTARA 14 dias atrás
Yo i just wanna see some detroit become human stuff..... looks lit!
Jeff Bigelow
Jeff Bigelow 15 dias atrás
As you sort of said. You only need the bot to pick the product. The rest can be delivered to the door by a tesla uber or drone.
Chabache 15 dias atrás
That thing could be sent to Mars for reproduction, Terraforming ...
SixEightPsycles 15 dias atrás
But do they put out?
Ian Bell
Ian Bell 15 dias atrás
The Tesla Bot Explained: It isn’t real.
Rajesh 15 dias atrás
Meta thoughts incoming 🔥
you totally missed this one.
Maurici Prats Carranza
Maurici Prats Carranza 16 dias atrás
In my opinion, this can go in 3 ways: 1. The robot won't be able to do much and will be useless. 2. The robot will be able to do a lot but it will lack human-like intelligence, turning into a dangerous tool. (How will the robot know what orders are dangerous and what orders are not, e.g. "Robot, take knife, point it forward and run towards timmy") 3. The robots will gain humanlike intelligence and humans will no longer be needed as a workforce, therefore turning the world into one where only few humans are needed and most are just inneficient disposable workers which will probably be left out to die. I don't like any of these options tbh
Fernando Vasconcelos
Fernando Vasconcelos 16 dias atrás
wow! Great questions! I miss more Musks shaking the world. Could we have a Musk dedicated to inovations on medicine issues? And other issues as well?
Kim Hjortsbjerg
Kim Hjortsbjerg 11 dias atrás
Like all doctors are soon going extinct after covid ? Who knows ?
Sussus Amongus
Sussus Amongus 16 dias atrás
Just a little thought. It may not outrun us with that speed but the thing is... humans get exhausted...
Charles Hebdo
Charles Hebdo 16 dias atrás
The economics of multiple task-specific robots is unsustainable. Plus imagine the overhead on such things as communications. Today, a smart house hosts a multitude of connected devices. We’re already observing bandwidth strain because of cameras, bulbs, door locks, vacuums and such. Can you imagine what a myriad diverse robots would do to a network? Power consumption? Toxic Battery waste? Storage space? Now, a single device that navigates the world the same way we do, and can perform multiple tasks is much more convenient (despite certain inefficiency) and less of a resource hog.
Beryl Chan
Beryl Chan 16 dias atrás
“Hey, Tesla bot, pleasure me.” “Hey not that, not that!”
mike 16 dias atrás
Tesla shows a humanoid robot just to awe people, just to wake up people toward AI
Papo Papo
Papo Papo 17 dias atrás
What about the Chinese car?
Paul Hembree
Paul Hembree 17 dias atrás
I could imagine at first factories buying them, and getting there employees to wear sensors in gloves,arms, shoulders ,legs, with a pair of camera glasses. And after they have enough data slowly merging the robots to do them jobs. Then slowly throughout decades the robots slowly start learning more from thier connected data/memory they have been building. Teach it to walk to the store for cigarettes or order some food. I know oit is far fetched but it would be nice to see it happen in our lifespan.
Xavier Droluk
Xavier Droluk 17 dias atrás
Shotgun sales are about to skyrocket lol
Moon Drop
Moon Drop 17 dias atrás
I can think of something I would want a human like robot for-
Talles Rodrigues
Talles Rodrigues 17 dias atrás
What i want in a rewind?FortineAndMarquesBrown!
Markus Landington
Markus Landington 17 dias atrás
Why can't the richest people and companies in the world focus in making the human being better? Why not focus on removing human limitations, and that way we will not need machines, we will not need "extensions to human capability", because our own capabilities will be extended?
Direbear Coat
Direbear Coat 17 dias atrás
Elon Musk (not just Tesla) and Boston Dynamics could get together to make a "series" of robotic machines that could build the initial infrastructure on the Moon and on Mars for humans to later come and colonize...
Katy Rose
Katy Rose 17 dias atrás
I think there is a place for something like this in situations like at-home care, elderly companionship, and so forth but mass marketing is where I start to get the spooks.
Thomas Chevrier
Thomas Chevrier 17 dias atrás
The tesla bot as a human form will never happen. It's just for show.
Xayan_Senpai 17 dias atrás
I love how he has 101 bot in the background 😆😆
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