The Subnautica Iceberg Explained

The Last Bacon
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Original iceberg by u/ImmortalGodWizard:

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Sky Above Iceberg
03:15 Iceberg Surface
05:57 Shallow Water
08:21 Iceberg Middle
11:28 Lower Iceberg
14:55 Iceberg Bottom
17:28 Upper Abyss
20:19 Lower Abyss

Today I'll be taking a look at the iceberg of Subnautica theories and conspiracies. We'll be going down the list with me explaining every entry, all the way from the surface into the deep dark abyss below. Ready for the deep dive? Well then put your tinfoil hat on and let's go!

Thank you for watching, come back again!

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7 Jan 2021



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The Last Bacon
The Last Bacon Anos atrás
Shoutout to our epic discord community :)
max 🍓
“something huge lies in the ecological dead zone”
Mr. Name No
“You’re the best captain on the planet, I’m not even squidding”
Awww but #4 of the cyclops designs looked so cute!! Big fish cyclops.
Qui-Gon Jinn from Lego Star Wars
I have this very absurd theory, theorizing that potentially, with enough Repair Tools, you could fix up the Aurora and take off with it. It would certainly be interesting.
The single cell biome concept sounds terrifying and also like something i'd love to experience in game
A ghost Leviathan
A ghost Leviathan Anos atrás
Theory: every time you head into the void, not only are ghost leviathans watching you, extremely deep down a living gargantuan leviathan is watching you....
Noah Da Via
The reef back idea isn’t actually that crazy. My friend told me that in some biomes you can hear a loud Reefback like calling but a lot louder
I always thought the PDA voice was just a text-to-speech program in-universe, and is just the PDA itself. Why wouldn't your survival device have a limited AI after all?
All Things VR
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how you've replied to nearly every single comment? What an absolute legend.
When I was first getting into this game I was convinced that the peepers were the key to the story. The weird enzyme ones that seemed to want to be eaten, the fact that they were swimming in and out of alien vents, which had weird currents coming in and out... I was convinced that the peepers were connected with the aliens in a direct way. I'm still disappointed.
Matt Johnston
The observatory may also be its own biome because it has its own specific musical track. Every time you enter one the track "Observatory Zen" will start playing.
ReXon Anos atrás
For a second I thought there was a secret iceberg in the game and you were explaining what it was haha
I'm very glad that the "No water" glitch was included, as I have experienced several times when I was exploring in creative mode and when I used the ghost command, it would turn off the water sometimes. It was very strange, but I'm glad to know that this kind of thing exists for multiple people, not just me, and amazing video!
"There are actual models"
Calais 1980
when the stalker "taming" was mentioned, i was surprised that Reaper Leviathon taming wasnt mentioned
True Blue Flare
When playing through subnautica for the first time recently, I got a glitched, invisible reaper in the safe shallows for a while, so maybe that's what the safe shallows reaper entry is referring to?
Zachary Clark
Zachary Clark Anos atrás
Subnautica's planet rests on the backs of four Sea Treaders, standing on the back of a Giant Reefback, swimming through the universe.
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