The Story Of League of Legends 'Perfect' Champion | Complete History of Jhin ft. @I Keep It Taco

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Today, let's talk about the story of the champion that people call the best designed in the game, everyone's choice for Riot's best work... League of Legends 'Perfect Champ'... this is the complete history of Jhin!
Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video!
0:00 - Intro
3:20 - A New Breed
8:25 - Development
17:28 - Release
26:23 - The Bad Years
32:20 - Rageblade
34:42 - Return To Form
40:40 - Conclusion
44:44 - FOUR
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Clips and pros featuring Sneaky, Imaqtpie, Rekkles, and Doublelift
Redmercy Jhin Rageblade -


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17 Jan 2021



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Dk chemistry classes
Dk chemistry classes 7 dias atrás
Hii sapot full you I like your channal and subscribe
Mist Born
Mist Born 18 dias atrás
fabien herry
fabien herry 22 dias atrás
What am i seeing ? anivia in the most balanced champ ? jhin the adc that can't really adc and is more of a caster (or broken with new galeforce) is the perfect champ ... oh lord
AlexWasTakn 24 dias atrás
´WOW respect for the editing looks Hella Overwhelming its always been a dream but after seing this i might aswell keep being a sad construction painter all my life, Great work!
Daddypool 447
Daddypool 447 24 dias atrás
Can we get a vid someday with one of the void bois? They are so underrated/forgotten, except Kha :)
OhMeOhMy 3 horas atrás
Jhin literally has always been a staple in the meta. Only time he wasn't was ardent meta lmao
Kacper Kubala
Kacper Kubala 5 horas atrás
Thanks to my short attention span this video made my day every day of the week over half a month already. Thanks for all the hard work
Fateful 10 horas atrás
can we talk about how around 23:55 we see a madlad running 5 tears and a berserker greaves
Grant Upton
Grant Upton 17 horas atrás
Dancing grenades? Don't you mean BOUNCING BIRBIGLIAS
MasterfulZora 21 hora atrás
Jhin is without a doubt the most fun ADC to play if you are auto-filled the role.
Bebop 22 horas atrás
oof 44:43, who knew one second is so painful 😖
P0tata_artzplayz Dia atrás
I have to say just one thing, as a art student and a person with depression the jhin cinematic is a beautiful form of art I love this Champion, the design, the voice , the visual drama in him is just perfect, the Champion designer as such a creative mind to make such a diferent way of seeing dead . Also i wish league continue to give us a perfect and touchable Champion Jhin hits diferent We need That Thanks to make people appreciate tha Champion This vídeo is perfect i have no words I love it! 4 hugs
Hanys Dia atrás
I made a popcorn for this one.
Creep Dia atrás
Me gettin this recomended after 4 weeks 😁
Rukato PH
Rukato PH 2 dias atrás
btw thank you EXIL for bringing me back to my original Main i really missed Khada Jhin but thanks to you...
Rukato PH
Rukato PH 2 dias atrás
In Carnage, I Bloom, Like a Flower in the Dawn
Alucard NoLifeKing
Alucard NoLifeKing 3 dias atrás
"best" has 4 letters.
Kayne West
Kayne West 3 dias atrás
MHZ 3 dias atrás
You are an artist just like him 'J4IN'
Rafik Haireche
Rafik Haireche 4 dias atrás
I see what you did. 44:44
zerk meji
zerk meji 4 dias atrás
Ace 4 dias atrás
My boy Jhin got his own History lesson.
Incky 4 dias atrás
23:31 Aphelios A-pose
Lukáš Košč
Lukáš Košč 5 dias atrás
Thank you !! :)
F.A.F 5 dias atrás
how does the game have graphics like this
Video Nomad
Video Nomad 5 dias atrás
was here
Martin Joun
Martin Joun 5 dias atrás
Wow, I did not expect all the in-depth research around this champ, now I am seriously considering playing him. This video was also perfection and beautiful piece of art of its own, thanks for sharing it! Keep up the good work and best luck.
Bogers 5 dias atrás
So jhins first concept was just high noon jhin?
Your Name
Your Name 5 dias atrás
Jhin on the keyboard spells 4
Jinx Mashina
Jinx Mashina 5 dias atrás
23:32 T pose
Hari Ng Rebound
Hari Ng Rebound 5 dias atrás
played viego and honestly, doesn't feel broken. Strong yes, but definitely not broken imo.
Elia Guerra
Elia Guerra 6 dias atrás
I think that now galeforce active scaling is broken with a full buil jhin, i mean, you cant deal me 600 dmg with an item
Ahmad M Warda
Ahmad M Warda 6 dias atrás
As a jhin one trak Thats so Nice
Nori S.
Nori S. 6 dias atrás
Where do you get the charts showing ban rates? Link please. Ty.
Xerxed 6 dias atrás
Aa.C.Toronous Darkk
Aa.C.Toronous Darkk 6 dias atrás
Yeah , i LUV him
Daayem Shehzad
Daayem Shehzad 6 dias atrás
The fact that this video is 44:44 mins and seconds long is over 9 million IQ.
Bách Chu Chí
Bách Chu Chí 6 dias atrás
Yasuo main:
Woot Neorage-X
Woot Neorage-X 7 dias atrás
i play AP Jinxo Supporto and its almost same as Jhin
aw11 7 dias atrás
23:30 aphelios tpose bug lmfao
Dark 7 dias atrás
9-10 hr 😔 1 Video
Elkin Moreno
Elkin Moreno 7 dias atrás
Very nice format, keep it up!
SidSef 8 dias atrás
good vid
Riley 8 dias atrás
best league youtuber
Lyxatrian Dragon
Lyxatrian Dragon 8 dias atrás
Orianna. Need i say less?
Anastasia Drozdova
Anastasia Drozdova 2 dias atrás
Ori is fine, but unless she manages to land a 5-men ulti she's so boring. That's why I don't like her in proplay, she's just not exciting. If any champ is on par with Jhin - I'd say it's Thresh. Definitely one of the best designs in the game, fun to watch and fun to play. He is very unique among supports, just like Jhin is very unique among the adcs.
nans meunier
nans meunier 8 dias atrás
Just amazing
Ghost Afridi
Ghost Afridi 8 dias atrás
Fun fact about Jhin: If you write jhin on QWERTY keyboard by sliding your finger from J to N it makes a 4rrrrrrrrrr!! ;)
Matt 8 dias atrás
if you look at your keyboard J H I N kinda make a "4"
Ozymandias 8 dias atrás
How is this 1 mil view?
Victor Sosa
Victor Sosa 9 dias atrás
Psytrance Fuzzi
Psytrance Fuzzi 9 dias atrás
Good job but you missed the time when the synergy of Hail of Blades and Celerity was so good on jhin that everybody played it
mobili2 9 dias atrás
Damn, man, I couldn't imagine how much time you take to do this videos. My assumption was like 1/10 of the time you said. I hope you get all the support and financial aid you need. Your videos are on documentary level!
Ruben- King
Ruben- King 9 dias atrás
This video made my day (=
Merlin Scarone
Merlin Scarone 9 dias atrás
4 4 4 4
Merlin Scarone
Merlin Scarone 9 dias atrás
4 4 4 4
Merlin Scarone
Merlin Scarone 9 dias atrás
4 4 4 4
Merlin Scarone
Merlin Scarone 9 dias atrás
4 4 4 4
Glazed Gaming
Glazed Gaming 9 dias atrás
Shinx 10 dias atrás
I remember not playing ADC, but loving Jhin on release I just played him lethality mid to carry me in ranked games. Once I learned ADC I loved pulling him out whenever I played mid like the rat I am.
Corby Robinson
Corby Robinson 10 dias atrás
algorithm juice
Max Lelq
Max Lelq 10 dias atrás
This video is 44:44 mins long. Get an oscar to this man
Sunny D'Argonnel
Sunny D'Argonnel 10 dias atrás
Jhin is beyond perfection for me. Lore, concept, design, gameplay, options. You can play him in any lane and if you're careful, you'll make a good game. He is easy enough to catch you into playing him anytime you can, but also complex enough to make it a challenge to make crazy plays with him and master all of his abilities possible synergies. That's what makes every kill and every stolen drake so rewarding. When the enemy team tries to take you down with three people, that's when you know you're getting so much better. I just love Jhin, man.
Yannis Mpa
Yannis Mpa 10 dias atrás
"i dont know if ive ever banned orianna once" .... i banned her for a month straight. as a talon main her poke is just so damn oppresive, and she outranges you too much to punish her for it. Almost as bad as cass....
pnothinger asolnagfoidfsgi
exils how to use basic attacks video would be 50 minutes long
Yaseen Peeraullee
Yaseen Peeraullee 10 dias atrás
WAIT February 1st? That's literally my birthday and i freakng love jhin xD
Noodle Danger
Noodle Danger 10 dias atrás
this is why dota is better in terms of Items and versatility of hero pool every hero is meta if you build right items.
Ricardo Collins
Ricardo Collins 10 dias atrás
13:58 mista watching this part of the video "triggered"
Moawyah Abdul Rahman
Moawyah Abdul Rahman 10 dias atrás
In the beginning I thought that jhin being the best champion design was a bit to much, but when I really thought about through out the video, yeah when I play jhin and get the kill with the 4th shot I don't feel that good actually, I'd really want it to be the 4th auto, using ultimate If the 4th shot isn't going to kill I feel bad while shooting it. this feeling of really diving in to the character of the champion I'm playing doesn't always happen, the champions that make me feel this way are: jhin, rengar (the savage hunter who waits and waits for the perfect moment and then goes his target alive no matter what), shaco (that clown serial killer who absolutely insane and would just mess with your mind while killing you). damn I actually may sometimes upon killing someone with the 3rd shot something like: "nice, but if I got it with the 4th auto, thaaat would've been perfect".
vector 3366
vector 3366 11 dias atrás
Jhin is a jojo reference
Vendex 11 dias atrás
"4 weeks ago" 😲
dewash orb
dewash orb 11 dias atrás
I don’t know why.. i red jhin.. I saw how long is the video, then I played it and counted 1,2,3 at 4 I closed the video for tribute
Arturo A.
Arturo A. 11 dias atrás
The video just reached a million views after 4 weeks. This is a perfect video.
Indie Pixels
Indie Pixels 11 dias atrás
I am proud to be rewatching this video... 4 weeks after release...
Don Earl Allyson Bautista
i am on its 4th week after release. Idk what's more satisfying than this
OverPro ID
OverPro ID 11 dias atrás
The Video is 44:44 long
Prahadito 12 dias atrás
FOURFECTION Video made 4 weeks ago and duration 44 minutes 44 second 😂
José Louro
José Louro 12 dias atrás
why is the video 44:43 xD
MLDanny18 12 dias atrás
I think season 6 had the best champion releases
David Farmer
David Farmer 12 dias atrás
how to make the perfect champ: make all the stats of items affect other stats, breaking the balancing of the items.
Hakki Nasiboglu
Hakki Nasiboglu 12 dias atrás
I waited 4 weeks to post this comment Just because JHIN
Jordi Pernillo
Jordi Pernillo 12 dias atrás
4 week anniversary today
GERÇEK GAMER 12 dias atrás
last week on my 4TH!!!! match with jhin (not joking) I skored a pentakill without even realising it when I heard quadrakill the last enemy was infront of me and I was like okay whose pentakill am I stealing and I saw that I am the one getting the penta. It was soo fucking satisfiying. It was also my first ever penta wich makes this moment even better and makes this champ even more special to me. the point is that if any avarage player can get a penta on a champ they are new at that champ is broken
Rin28 12 dias atrás
perfectly balance as all things should be
maeton byleth
maeton byleth 12 dias atrás
Auto shot plus galeforce ,skillful one shot combo,perfect What ajoke
Nycogamingz 12 dias atrás
It's been 4 weeks and i got it on My recommended LETS GOOOOOOO
Fotis Kordatzis
Fotis Kordatzis 12 dias atrás
bro i have this idea for a video. You could make a video on shenshan the best lee sin in the world(argueably) and how he used that champion to dominate the rift
黃聖雄 12 dias atrás
The overt ophthalmologist transmurally box because tv infrequently listen atop a supreme glove. even excellent excited, brown burn
who you? 10 years ago
who you? 10 years ago 12 dias atrás
4 week yes
zeke cheng
zeke cheng 12 dias atrás
The mindless hovercraft ontogenically juggle because toe postmeiotically retire unlike a quick kayak. ill, garrulous flute
Linkinpark4life333 12 dias atrás
200 hours per video...? That's insane
kgb wifi
kgb wifi 12 dias atrás
“You plan everything while u play jhin” Be me who just builds ms and is just speed
Tobias Tarasenko
Tobias Tarasenko 12 dias atrás
a comment for the algorithm
Amolize 147
Amolize 147 12 dias atrás
haha t-pose aphelios go brrrrr
Denneki 13 dias atrás
hes not perfect.
H4MST4H 13 dias atrás
This is a fantastic video. The work you have put into this has really shown. Though I haven't been super big into League of Legends, you have not only kept me interested through the duration of the video but even got me interested in picking up and playing the champion JHIN. Great job, keep up the excellent work.
Youssoufa Diop
Youssoufa Diop 13 dias atrás
i remember stopping this video and i now come back and see i was on minute 4:01. So close from perfection
DrPineapple44 13 dias atrás
this video is what made me pick up jhin, I am currently 12-0 across ranked and norms w jhin thank you
NasUvsNaxiS 13 dias atrás
Your Video made me actually play him again. thanks for some adc love ;)
Zanlan 13 dias atrás
"perfect"!? uhhhh NOOO!
Slisaey 13 dias atrás
27:46 FOR A WHILE xD i'm waiting :)
Slisaey 13 dias atrás
I mean we still have a lot of these problems, we still build the same build every game and a lot of the marksmen still feel too similar
Music Lover
Music Lover 13 dias atrás
Ima keep commenting from now on till I am heard! Shyvana video when? The top laner turned jungle queen turned debatably one of the worst junglers in the game Even now with the new items I face this issue of playing my absolutely best and losing not because of myself but due to Shyvana's raw limitations. To the fact she loses to too many matchups, to the fact her build is stuck as a squishy AP bruiser rather than a semi tanky AD bruiser. There's a story here, and after Udyr completely overshadowed her in the vote for a rework. She deserves some love, some attention, some anything aside from being forced into a specific playstyle of AP Shyvana because rito keeps forcing it onto us shyvana players. Spamming E to win is not considered enjoyable by ANYONE except the lazy. So please draw attention to her issues and her history.... I will beg till the death of the universe!
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