The Space Shuttle (Narrated by William Shatner)

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An idea born in unsettled times becomes a feat of engineering excellence. The most complex machine ever built to bring humans to and from space and eventually construct the next stop on the road to space exploration.

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5 Jul 2011



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Comentários 80
Jackson Sink
Jackson Sink 4 anos atrás
Why is the space suit that astronauts use during a spacewalk white? Is it just a random color someone that is much smarter than me chose or does white have a special quality?
Eric Rosenwald
Eric Rosenwald 4 anos atrás
Someone should start a 1% for NASA movement... Let's set a modest goal to bring the funding back up to a whole number! (percentage of national budget)
Nick Breen
Nick Breen 4 anos atrás
@Eric Rosenwald I agree the budget should be 1%. What they can do with that I don't know, but space travel will need 2% and Mars 5%. However, Imagine what Space X or similar could do with 0.25%!
Eric Rosenwald
Eric Rosenwald 4 anos atrás
I fully agree that commercial ventures are the future! But public funding has gradually waned. NASA will continue to be a valuable partner, and all I'm saying is that it could use a modest boost, back up to early 90s levels. I'm not advocating a shakedown of the national budget and a return to the Apollo days. Of course, 1% is completely arbitrary. But it's tangible and a simple, easy-to-spread idea. Just one cent out of every dollar. And I agree -- Government isn't the answer. But NASA plays an important role alongside Space-X, ULA, etc. I'm in no way proposing an either/or kind of argument.
jrockett73 4 anos atrás
@Nick Breen Your original statement said SpaceX did what NASA could not. Which I find un true. What changed was NASA's mission because of politics. Politicians wanted NASA out of the rockets building business and the launching business. They wanted them back in the exploring business. So part of NASA's budget was used to seed companies either private or public. Without the hundreds of millions given out, a lot of the smaller companies could not have afforded to compete with the bigger companies. SpaceX was one of the smaller companies. My point being, NASA could have technically done what SpaceX did but are buried in politics. Now NASA purchases launches which is what some politicians still want and some still do not. Nothing against your opinion. Thats just mine.
Nick Breen
Nick Breen 4 anos atrás
@jrockett73 Yeah because NASA got systems in exchange for money, supply and demand, capitalism.
jrockett73 4 anos atrás
@Nick Breen No, I didn't mean the company was started with seed money. I meant SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed and Sierra Nevada were all given hundreds of millions of dollars by NASA to develop systems of which they didn't have to pay back, Contracts came later after that.
Nathan Richardson
Nathan Richardson 4 anos atrás
Can someone give me the APA 6th edition reference for this video? I would greatly appreciate it.
Qasim Mir
Qasim Mir 4 anos atrás
Planning on sending Batman to space?
FreeKnowledge 4 anos atrás
25,000 ceramic tiles to withstand 3000F. Can someone help me understand how the iss, worries not about these temps?.. When does the 3000F come in to play, on re-entry?..
FreeKnowledge 4 anos atrás
I'll wait patiently for this.. just like virgin plans on getting people in leo
FreeKnowledge 4 anos atrás
Nick Breen
Nick Breen 4 anos atrás
@FreeKnowledge So you are a troll.
FreeKnowledge 4 anos atrás
Nick Breen
Nick Breen 4 anos atrás
+FreeKnowledge Dude, it's air friction. The old supersonic airliner Concorde traveled at twice the speed of sound, it would get hot from the friction of pushing through the air. It was limited to twice the speed of sound by the aluminum it was made from, any faster than Mach 2.5 and the aluminum would melt. Now imagine the Shuttle entering the atmosphere at Mach 22, the heating is much greater, but the difference is that the Shuttle is gliding and the friction as well as heating is slowing the shuttle down. We know aluminum cant take the heat so we covered the Shuttle in tiles made from ceramic which can take the heat. After 15 minutes of the shuttle pushing against the air it has slowed to only Mach 2 or 3 where the temperature drops and the Shuttle can glide like a plane to a normal landing. The ISS will just melt if it entered the atmosphere, it was not designed to do so. The Apollo capsules had a one time use heat shield that as you say wore away. But the Shuttle had to be re-used so small tiles were used to allow them to be replaced when needed. In theory, if you could slow down sufficiently when still in orbit there would be no heating at all, a British space plane plans to do this for re-entry and so will not have a heat shield at all. It will use its large surface area and low mass to decelerate without heating.
danwithjesus 4 anos atrás
What is the name of the song at 23:30 till 27:00?
danwithjesus 4 anos atrás
+clive ramsbotty You mean the first movie Thor?...i listened to those soundtracks and they don't sound like that...must be from something else...Thank you...
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty 4 anos atrás
+danwithjesus A chap below says it is taken from Thor
FennessyMusic 5 anos atrás
The ''Roll Program'', how does it work? Who's controlling which way the shuttle points and are they doing it by looking at the shuttle or are they getting real time data of the angle of the shuttle on some computer screen?
FennessyMusic 4 anos atrás
Does it also stop the rocket tipping over?
Ekin Elçi
Ekin Elçi 4 anos atrás
@jrockett73 thanks for the detailed info.
jrockett73 4 anos atrás
+Ekin Elçi The whole launch is controlled by the computers. There are several reasons the orbiter rolls at launch. First, to get to a specific point in space. Second, the tank protects the orbiter through the thick part of the atmosphere. Third, it gives the crew an earth reference for its many abort modes. Fourth, the initial telementary from the orbiter comes from the S-Band antenna on top or the orbiter and is transmitted to ground at KSC then to Houston. The other antenna is blocked by the tank. Anything launched from Florida will get the benefit of earths rotation no matter the orientation of the vehicle. The shuttle gets about a 500mph boost from this.
Ekin Elçi
Ekin Elçi 4 anos atrás
+FennessyMusic Probably computer controlls it but it can be controlled manually by using FDAI. They are turning their nose to east so they can use Earth's rotation speed while getting into the orbit.
Mike D
Mike D 5 anos atrás
NASA, stop stealing music...from Thor of all things. Time 22 to 24 mins. They steal from Thor 2011.....or got a license...they didn't note
Tim Deans
Tim Deans 4 anos atrás
+Mike D have a sook
James Year
James Year 5 anos atrás
I could watch videos like this all day. Hell, I'll even pay. This is way better than a cable package.
Breaaad 4 anos atrás
Me too :p
Duke Rourschach
Duke Rourschach 5 anos atrás
The Minute You stop respecting the Inherit Danger of such a Complicated and Powerful Endeavor and cross Your Arms Congratulating Yourself Fate has a way of Showing that Your at the Mercy of Your own Pride no better example than Challenger Exist to support the Truth that complacency is as Dangerous as Space!
Salvatore Shiggerino
Salvatore Shiggerino 5 anos atrás
@Duke Rourschach What's the deal with your erratic capitalization?
Duke Rourschach
Duke Rourschach 5 anos atrás
And that The future Existence of Our Race is Worth Our best efforts,Lives,and Risk! Astronauts live by this and Put their lives on the Line for the Benefit of Future Generations and they take personal responsibility for the Survival of the Human Race! One day their Sacrifice will be the savior of Mankind when We must look to the stars as Our only option for salvation
Antonio Leding
Antonio Leding 5 anos atrás
Patrick Walston
Patrick Walston 5 anos atrás
Coneheads do exist!!!!
Chad Delk
Chad Delk 5 anos atrás
As of yet it is still the most advanced flying machine ever created.
Kit Naylor
Kit Naylor 4 anos atrás
@pcblah Gotta love Tim Urban's description of the space race xD
pcblah 4 anos atrás
+Chad Delk The Buran was very close, until the program was canceled due to lack of Soviet funds... At least they got the Energia lifter out of it, that was subsequently canceled due to a lack of funds... At least they got some decent engines out of it, which they temporarily mothballed due a to lack of funds...
Kit Naylor
Kit Naylor 4 anos atrás
@Andy Summers The shuttle airframes were reaching the end of their lifespans. I would argue that instead of retiring them too early, they didn't get a replacement sorted soon enough... just a shame about commercial crew being a political football!
Chad Delk
Chad Delk 4 anos atrás
I agree
Kit Naylor
Kit Naylor 4 anos atrás
@***** Ironically it is not only the most advanced, but worst glider ever! :P It was likened to a flying brick!
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 5 anos atrás
Why are they playing batman music TF
Kalunka Todorova
Kalunka Todorova 5 anos atrás
NASA, Вие там сте Велики в експериментирането на КОСМИЧЕСКОТО ПРОСТРАНСТВО. LOVE
Kalunka Todorova
Kalunka Todorova 5 anos atrás
Красива връзка видео програмата Space Shuttle добро родени един за друг I am you! Thank.
Thiele 5 anos atrás
To bad NASA has stoped doing most of the space program. :(
Mikael Smith
Mikael Smith 5 anos atrás
Space shuttle program were unsuccessful flight of challenger of launching and the other Columbia shuttle were also unsuccessful while re entry!!! Rest program were successful flight :D I am waiting for next generation of space shuttle :)
K1productions 4 anos atrás
@James Neave The problem with entirely privatizing it, it runs the risk of succumbing to the profit motive, ignoring the purpose of scientific discovery and exploration. In the meantime, when profits become the primary concern, privately funded organizations would gladly take the blank checks from the military to build weapons of war. Such as the Trillion-Dollar contract for the F-35. NASA is still the best for this. All it is lacking is a goal to reach for. We haven't had an administration willing to set a previously unreachable goal and commit to it, since Kennedy. Everyone since had only paid it lip-service. Oh, people say Bush wanted us to reach for Mars, but when you see the lack of funding, and gross mismanagement involved, you can tell all they cared about was to end the Shuttle Program. As for the new craft being unmanned, I think it is a mistake to totally automate spaceflight. Tom Hanks said it best: "The great adventure of going to the moon may never happen again in our lifetime. Spaceflight will continue, and there is adventure to be had in low Earth orbit. Robots have explored other worlds, the valleys of Mars, the clouds of Venus, and there a brand of adventure to be had in such a long-distance mode of Human participation. But the exhilaration and sudden emptiness of an adventure completed are intangible Human concepts. And one could argue that Mankind cannot truly bear witness to an event unless a member of Mankind has experienced the adventure first hand. Not necessarily FIRST, mind you,... just first hand. For it is certainly not necessary to be Neil Armstrong to appreciate the great adventure found in a voyage from the Earth to the Moon" - From the Earth to the Moon, episode 7 intro.
James Neave
James Neave 4 anos atrás
@K1productions​ It's unmanned, it's a space drone! It just goes up, does it's job and comes back again. Also it's not ESA, it's private funded. Think of it more like this, Reaction designs it, SpaceX builds it and NASA uses it. As unmanned as it is, that 15 tonnes of payload can of course be people, so it can still "shuttle" people up there. I honestly think we're past NASA, ESA, etc. Time for private funded space!
James Neave
James Neave 4 anos atrás
+K1productions Next generation Shuttle? Search for videos on Skylon by Reaction Engines. Horizontal take off and landing, air breathing rocket engines and no pilot. Will see one before 2025 too.
James Neave
James Neave 4 anos atrás
Next generation Shuttle? Search for videos on Skylon by Reaction Engines. Horizontal take off and landing, air breathing rocket engines and no pilot. Will see one before 2025 too.
Mikael Smith
Mikael Smith 5 anos atrás
@K1productions cool :D
Philip Delson
Philip Delson 5 anos atrás
I know the Dark Knight theme is all over this documentary, but is that the music of Jojo's song "Too Little Too Late" near the end?
Roomy 5 anos atrás
Spay-shull'll enDEVerrr. Thanks Opie and Anthony, I can never see the shuttle again without thinking of that call.
AntD36 5 anos atrás
@TheRoomy Ha! I'm the same way.
BammerD 5 anos atrás
A lot of good movie sound tracks in this... Thor, Star Trek: First Contact, Moonraker...
klesh 5 anos atrás
Lots of great Worm logo shots in this. Long live the WORM. Bring it back, NASA.
Downlink 5 anos atrás
NASA: listen to this guy.
SlackPremium 5 anos atrás
What was the mission called at 37:04
AquaWolf9461 5 anos atrás
Dee Are Em
Dee Are Em 5 anos atrás
Does anyone know the guitar piece starting at around 23:30 minutes? I wish, someone could help me finding it out
Carlos Souza
Carlos Souza 5 anos atrás
The shuttle is so pretty...
Graham Vincent
Graham Vincent 5 anos atrás
Fascinating documentary almost ruined by awful narration and the ridiculous, unnecessary theatrical background music
BammerD 5 anos atrás
But... it's... Captain... James T... Kirk. lol.
AverageArts 5 anos atrás
I was born in the middle of it. And I graduated High School one year before it's retirement. So far, the Space Shuttle program is the only one I've ever experienced. It's going to be fun to see what's next.
K1productions 5 anos atrás
@AverageArts We were only trying to help, and share in the excitement. Indeed, I woke up at 3:30 AM to see the flight of Orion (both the aborted launch on the 4th, and the successful launch on the 5th) and am forever glad I did.
Benjamin Macdonald
Benjamin Macdonald 5 anos atrás
@Thomas Minnich well, the Dragon space craft looks top notch
AverageArts 5 anos atrás
@***** Gees.. Hey listen, I know what comes next. The wording "It's going to be fun to see whats next" doesn't mean that I don't have a clue what is happening. It means that I'm exited for what's coming. Now calm down people.
Thomas Minnich
Thomas Minnich 5 anos atrás
orion is next, for the u.s anyway. the first test launch was just a few months ago
xXjoe2000Xx 5 anos atrás
Well theres alot of talk about space travel. With actual passengers"
Adrien Perié
Adrien Perié 5 anos atrás
I think its really great that NASA lets people comment on their videos unlike most government agencies... Yes there will always be assholes using the anonymity they are provided to insult other people to vent their frustrations, but the fact is nobody cares about these people, and blocking the comment section means they've won. So thank you NASA, we CAN have nice things over here :)
K1productions 5 anos atrás
@Adrien Perié NASA has always maintained a reputation of openness, remaining firmly in the public eye, all the way back to its first test launches, exploding in spectacular failure for the whole world to see. That first manned flight in 1961 in particular, right there on live TV for all to see, win, lose or draw. I suppose people are so distrustful of the government, that the first reaction is "they're showing this much? My goodness, imagine what they must be HIDING!" stop trying to find controversy and secrets, people (no, wasn't talking about you specifically). Just sit back and enjoy the great adventure.
AndyTheSpaceKid 5 anos atrás
Good comment
Brandon Bennetzen
Brandon Bennetzen 5 anos atrás
I hear that some people think we faked flying the Space Shuttle 135 times, murdered 14 astronauts and faked the building and the flights to the ISS in the process like we supposedly (though I highly dispute) faked the moon landings. Why would we fake 135 Space Shuttle flights and fake the flights to the ISS if we faked it?
Thiago Lago de Oliveira
@***** well, some of them are insane tough, remember that one of the first group to deny the moon landing was the (sigh) flat earth society.pretty convenient that the hoaxers always forget that.
MineMaster Gamez
MineMaster Gamez 5 anos atrás
@***** Well said. Respect.
jupitorman 6 anos atrás
the shuttles were space ships rockets are rockets
Dr. Shannon Wildman
Dr. Shannon Wildman 6 anos atrás
Thank you Thomas Tagliente for asking what the song was at TF 42:00, and thank you Average Arts for answering it.
Jordan Chancellor
Jordan Chancellor 6 anos atrás
Batman Music... I think
Simon Hill
Simon Hill 6 anos atrás
if we can design such things as a shuttle can we sort things out and make better world.theres some mind blowing energys out there diverse science.soon there will be lots of mineral mines opening hear prices on the up we build so much.
Chad Snow
Chad Snow 6 anos atrás
Shuttle was a great idea starting out, became a feat of engineering blunders that no one was happy with. It ended up being the most dangerous manned system ever created. Like SLS today, NASA was forced to use Solid rocket boosters against their wishes rather than developing new technologies. Shuttle was never reusable, only partly refurbish-able. Most of all it was outrageously advertised to dramatically lower the cost of space flight bringing the cost down to 10 Million (with an "M") a launch, which actually ended up costing 1.5 Billion (with a "B") per launch. After the 3rd launch it was clear Shuttle was never going to remotely come close as to what was promised, it should have been cancelled. Shame on you and me for allowing it continue for 30 years stagnating the entire space program to nothing but a jobs program. Even today, we allow congress and the senate to dictate what NASA must do. SLS was mandated by law to use Shuttle derived parts, even know we could have 2 more capable systems for less money. So even if SLS ends up working/flying, we have all still lost for what should have been.
1015Eelvis 6 anos atrás
19:15 Best Part
AIM9XSW 6 anos atrás
The song at 6:25 is "The Lost Get Found" (Britt Nicole)
themaritimegirl 6 anos atrás
Anyone know the music that begins at 51:10?
themaritimegirl 6 anos atrás
@Kristian Lodnert Thanks!
Kristian Lodnert
Kristian Lodnert 6 anos atrás
its a song from the james bond Movie moonraker
KD0IDB 6 anos atrás
I remember this documentary came out around the time of STS-135. Watching the launch and landing of the final Space Shuttle changed me inside. I found myself inspired by the legacy of NASA more than I've ever been inspired by anything else in all my 27 years at that time. Over the last 2+ years I have pursued various engineering projects of my own which led me into a better career path. I moved away from the town I lived in since I was born, and I have found a career opportunity as a production engineer/ DOT compliance specialist. I still dream of working with a team of skilled individuals to accomplish goals in space flight. Each day I spend time actively seeking to improve upon my skills so as to effectively contribute to a team at that ideal career (whatever that career may be). If I have been inspired so greatly by the legacy of NASA, how much more can humanity benefit from inspiring our children in the same way? I want to thank every single team member who made possible the flights of NASA; your program has changed my life and maybe soon I can help change your's!
Colonel Cbplayer
Colonel Cbplayer 6 anos atrás
mdriscoll19 6 anos atrás
"Shuttle managers reluctantly decided to proceed with a late morning liftoff"??? Nice spin... amazing what happens when NASA is in charge of the narration copy. Thiokol was begging not to launch but was pressured into doing so by NASA's management. You can't rewrite history, guys.
Nigel Foster
Nigel Foster 6 anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing.
Deltasword 6 anos atrás
You mean NASA isn't the pure an innocent government agency we thought it was? Woah... you just blew my mind.
Caribbean Queen1978
Caribbean Queen1978 6 anos atrás
@XTrollxArchX i just saw your comment, even though it's been 5 months ago. but, I couldn't agree with you more!!! I loved and miss those beautiful shuttles.
Joshua Gibbons
Joshua Gibbons 6 anos atrás
The music at 1:20 what's it from? I definitely recognize it..
ABrocktastic 6 anos atrás
I'm pretty sure it's something from the new batman movies, can't name the exact tract but I have it in my library somewhere.
Tom Tagliente
Tom Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Does anyone know the title of the track playing at: 37:20? It is the lead in track when Christa McAuliffe is mentioned.
Tom Tagliente
Tom Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Oh, and another important side note. Does anyone have a HQ/HD copy on DVd from The NASA Channel, of the STS 128 DISCOVERY mission landing? I need a copy of it for my CHALLENGER film project. Thanks. If you have it and can make a copy of the landing for me on DVD, please email me at: myfrakkinemail @ yahoo . com Thank you.
Tom Tagliente
Tom Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Can someone compile a concise list of ALL the music used in this documentary? I would like to make a definitive soundtrack to listen to in my car when I drive home to Ohio in March. Please email me at: myfrakkinemail @ yahoo . com Thank you.
Tom Tagliente
Tom Tagliente 6 anos atrás
I will make a copy of the entire soundtrack to the first person who can help me with this. :D Thank you everyone. If you can compile it in sequential order, I would appreciate it.
michael broton
michael broton 6 anos atrás
I love the use of Blue Man music in this doc, fits perfectly!!!!
AdmiralTrevMan 6 anos atrás
I thought thats what it was. I love blue man group.
wflute1999 6 anos atrás
Did they play battlestar music?
Anders Thomsen
Anders Thomsen 6 anos atrás
they sure do :) it's "Passacaglia"
Flakadelic 6 anos atrás
22 people must think justin bieber is more important
Ciber 6 anos atrás
It was always my dream to pilot the space shuttle someday. Now that will never happen... R.I.P space shuttle.
NA NA 6 anos atrás
@***** You're just an entitled, self-centered jackass. Bye.
Ciber 6 anos atrás
You call me the idiot???? hahahahahahhahaha Dude I love EVERYTHING about space, astronomy, engineering, astrohpysics... ect. Just because I didn't mention anything about space or other worlds in my comment above you can't just assume that the only thing that I wanted to do was fly the space shuttle (which by the way was an AMAZING piece of designing and engineering). And the space shuttle was the best thing in the space program because it was reusable and we saved billions and billions flying that.
Ralph Pepe
Ralph Pepe 6 anos atrás
I will miss the space shuttle but can't wait to see the MPCV and the SLS gooooooooooo!!!
Jonty Schmidt
Jonty Schmidt 6 anos atrás
Dark Knight Music at begining
Mach5GamingClan 6 anos atrás
Its the 'Star Trek First Contact' theme, Magnificent piece of music.
geeknproud321 6 anos atrás
No type of space travel is safe. All active US Astronauts were asked if they would still fly in the shuttle after Columbia, every single one said yes. They know the risks. It's never going to be safe. The shuttle program was cancelled and the shuttles retired, because the gov never gave NASA enough money to maintain them like they need to. You don't think the shuttles aren't economical? Compared to all other available options, nothing can do what the shuttle can do as cheaply.
BigAl72ZGE 6 anos atrás
Theme from Star Trek: First Contact
keenkennyny 6 anos atrás
Of course the shuttle would have retired eventually... but they retired earlier than expected with a lot less launches it was supposed to take. The shuttle on paper sounds extremely economical and efficient. But it proved very inefficient, expensive, and most of all, not at all safe. So the government scrapped it and opted for private companies to handle all of the safety and economical issues themselves.
theboarman 6 anos atrás
thats what he said
Gnomezonbacon 6 anos atrás
Nixon wasn't really the greatest guy as I'm sure we all know. But yes Nixon was sort of a blessing in disguise with his choices for the space program. Now the NASA website's down because of the silly government shutdown.
AbuserTube 6 anos atrás
The shuttles would have been retired no matter who was president, since they were already used past their life expectancy. It was decided by NASA that they would continue only until the ISS was complete.
Thomas Tagliente
Thomas Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Thomas Tagliente
Thomas Tagliente 6 anos atrás
George W. Bush is responsible for retiring the shuttles. Not Obama!
Thomas Tagliente
Thomas Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Is one of those STAR TREK pieces the one playing at 41:49? if not, do you know what it is MACH?
Thomas Tagliente
Thomas Tagliente 6 anos atrás
Does anyone know the name of the music that is used at 41:49 into this film or the film it is from?
MaximusContumax 6 anos atrás
Pushished? Conficted??
AverageArts 6 anos atrás
Porcelain - Moby
MrTBaginz 6 anos atrás
shoutout to the transformers music
Mac McG
Mac McG 6 anos atrás
It wasn't 'despite concerns' from folks in NASA..-- it was 'IN SPITE OF WARNINGS!" from folks in NASA - which came out in later investigations and hearings -- and guess WHAT? no one was PUSHISHED! - NO ONE GOT CONFICTED! - NO ONE WAS 'FIRED!":
Chayraz2 7 anos atrás
Space. The final frontier. These are voyages of the Space Shuttles. It's program: to build space stations, to rescue satellites, to boldly return from where no launch vehicle has returned before.
Siddis33 7 anos atrás
It surprises me that no one seems to ask weather if The Space Shuttle program was worth it. After all, the price for transporting a kg out in LEO turned out to be 40!! times more than anticipated. Where would the space program be if NASA continued with the type of rockets @ 1:19:00 which will be “the beginning of the Space Shuttle successor”?
Alex Beckwith
Alex Beckwith 7 anos atrás
What's the song at 43:50?!
SkyfoxPlays 7 anos atrás
I guess ill have to stay as a waiter
SkyfoxPlays 7 anos atrás
I was gonna be an astronaut at NASA but they shut it down and now i cant do shit in space
Rozgreez 7 anos atrás
Hey NASA, or anyone else tell me wherr i can get a list of all music used to create the soundtrack in this documentary. A complete list. Overallan Amazing video.
Mach5GamingClan 7 anos atrás
Love all the Star Trek music!!!!!!!!!!
Michal Kozmon
Michal Kozmon 7 anos atrás
you can also hear soundtracks from THOR and Transformers 3 :D
ericbarasch123 7 anos atrás
Hadfield's mustache @ 36:56
BlastphamousHD Reborn [Re-Upload]
NOTHING will ever beat the shuttle. PERIOD
Fysics Iz Phun
Fysics Iz Phun 7 anos atrás
FyllingenOy 7 anos atrás
1:01:44 is Reuniting The Fleet from Battlestar Galactica.
FyllingenOy 7 anos atrás
Could somebody please tell me the name of the music playing between 38:50 and 40:15? When they talk about the Challenger disaster?
Matt Lind
Matt Lind 7 anos atrás
90% more =/= 9 times more But, yes
T4AVideos 7 anos atrás
Loved this documentary. I hope NASA comes back stronger than ever soon!
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