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25 Nov 2022



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60 Minutes
60 Minutes Mês atrás
Click here for Anderson Cooper's report on the evolution of dogs:
Shona Beggs
Shona Beggs 24 dias atrás
@Squirrels in Jacket Dogs in China & the likes would disagree with you.
Lee Jennifer Corlew Ayres
Evolution is a lie from communists. 🤭
Luiz Claudio Ferreira
All the answers for you questions can be found at the "I Hate Dogs" BRvid channel.
Shona Beggs
Shona Beggs Mês atrás
@𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚢 𝚊 𝙷𝚞𝚖𝚊𝚗 in 3 languages ☺️
John Steele
John Steele Mês atrás
I remember this segment from 60 minutes when it first aired. We have a dog (Coalie) who is a 14 year old miniature poodle. He is very smart. I watched the evolution of dogs segment. However, I think that scientists should be more open minded. For example: Influential evolutionist Richard Lewontin wrote the following: "Many scientists are willing to accept scientific claims that are against common sense because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. Many scientists refuse even to consider the possibility of an intelligent Designer because we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door." I had an evolutionary teacher in high school Mr Melhoff, who told our class to not mention the word CREATION to him, since he did not want to be tempted to change his theory. THEORY: An idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action. A scientific idea is not always a fact.
J4R3D Mês atrás
The thing about them “hugging you with their eyes” melted my heart. There are times I’m walking my little dog and she just stares up at me while we walk. In fact she was just doing it 😭💕💕💕
misanthrope8 15 dias atrás
@pinkman "That creature?" You've not met her, she would sweep you off your snarky feet. And I wasn't comparing her, not with "wonderful dogs" nor with "heinous dogs." I was just saying what she does. I have owned both dogs and cats (and I have had human lovers). I understand the selective breeding that got them where they are today. My cat is very very attached to me. I don't think Alex the grey parrot loved Irene. And now my bus is here -- Tengo que subirme.
misanthrope8 15 dias atrás
@Joe I'm sorry you broke. I hope that, even without all the king's horses and all the king's men, you were able to put yourself together again!
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Mês atrás
@pinkman someone has feline issues. 😂 Did you have a bad experience with a cat? I ask because some cats can be very wild and untamed or unfriendly ( there are usually reasons for this). But there are so many amazing cats like one of mine follows me more than my dog did, he always wants to cuddle and he actually defended my toddler once from an aggressive magpie. Give cats a chance ❤
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Mês atrás
@Lisa Kwaterski you did the right thing ❤. It’s selfish to let them suffer. We had to put our 15 yr old boxer down because she could no longer eat or stand and she was suffering. It will always feel wrong but you did the right thing. And cats show so much love. The fact that they can live independently of us yet choose to stay with us says a lot 😂😻
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Mês atrás
@selective outrage cat owner here 😂. I agree. When my cats blink at me slowly I do the same in return. That’s how we tell each other we love each other ❤
PauChi Mês atrás
When a dog is truly part of the family and is included in everything possible its intelligence becomes evident. Those of us who truly love and pay attention to our dogs understand that dogs have a full range of emotions and love us in the purest way possible.
carmen allan
carmen allan Dia atrás
Beautifully said 😊❤
Spencer Hewlett
Spencer Hewlett Dia atrás
Absolutely,. The relationship with my dog
PauChi Dia atrás
@Britka Sablja Where did get that from? First, science has proven dogs are capable of love. That is well studied. Second if you stop feeding your dog that makes you a bad person. No living thing wants to be near a bad person. Your comment is ignorant and telling. Not everyone deserves a dog. There are abusive people out there that feel no compassion and have zero capacity to understand an animal. Clearly you see them as disposable objects.
Britka Sablja
Britka Sablja Dia atrás
Dogs only loves your food! don't be delusional... they are not capable to "love". When they see you in their brain they only think it is food time. If you don't believe me try to stop feed your dog and give your neighborhood to feed him for at least 1 week... After 1 week that dog would not even want to come to you and it will "love" your neighborhood.
Ling Ling
Ling Ling 13 dias atrás
Kayla James
Kayla James Mês atrás
I dont know why but this brought me to tears. This whole episode. The bond that old man has with Chaser is so special. He really dedicated his heart to her. I hope as I get older I can keep a bond like this with my dogs.
magnumxlpi 2 dias atrás
@D creepy
I'm a pun guy
I'm a pun guy 10 dias atrás
It was pretty ruff 🐶
D 21 dia atrás
I hope you can too, Kayla. (Beautiful name by the way, very 'exotic') :)
laureen d'andrea
laureen d'andrea 22 dias atrás
Loulabelle Parsnips
This is fascinating. Our family had a Border Collie X with a Northern Ca. McNab Shepard Dog who not only learned the names of his 75 toys, but each toy had a short story with it. If only I'd known what was coming I may not have started to talk to Mo quite so much. Anyway he learned the names of the toys after only a few times of us telling him, then he learned the sequence and sounds of the 'short story' that went with each of them. Then we would hide them in increasingly difficult locations around our large 3 story home. He learned the names of the rooms and the name of closets, he learned to look up and under, etc. By 6 mos. he could be sent anywhere on the property or house and given a room to look in for a specific toy. Sometimes he came back without it crawling on his belly as though in great shame, although we didn't mind. He was a perfectionist it seemed. The greatest shock was when he started at a very young age to get very excited by the theme songs of different shows we watched on t.v., Frazier being his favorite, but he knew them all and would come and sit in front of me and give me the old Border Collie stare, and wait until I'd hum a bit of the tune and name the main characters in the show in an excited way and then he's explode in an intense snit, grab a toy and shake it whilst growling. I could not keep from saying it or he'd climb on me and paw me until I gave in. He was constantly learning and at night I'd take him for long walks around town for hours and hours and he'd look at me for answers to things. I can't know what he understood of course, but the drive for some connection, for some answers was definitely there. I've loved all our dogs & cats but none of us will ever forget our Mo. (:3)
DD Ramos
DD Ramos 7 dias atrás
That's amazing! How long did your sweet (and very smart) Mo live? I hope he enjoyed a long, healthy life with you.
J. Lakis
J. Lakis 17 dias atrás
The Border Collie stare! I think they play Jedi Mind Tricks. I can talk to someone, and notice she's staring intensely at a frisbee. And I will find myself saying, "She wants you to get her frisbee." It surprises me when it happens.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are reported to BRvid again for spamming harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hey Loulabelle how are you doing today
CrazyRatLady Mês atrás
Dogs are very equipped to understand us on a level that goes beyond verbal and visual clues, they can literally translate our energies. Combine that w the verbal and visual and their abilities to understand us are truly spectacular.
Julie Booth
Julie Booth Mês atrás
Your right they have the ability to read our energy and read people whether or not the persons intentions are pure or not they know if someone's up to no good or lying stealing angry even when people don't they're very good at reading people and other animals also . And it's amazing how they can check their babies from head to toe and know if something is wrong with them and they do that with human babies also its very impressive just like they can detect covid or cancer etc or when someone is going to die ...rata also do that with their babies and of sonething is wrong with their newborn they eat it which is totally gross but it's true.
Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii 2 meses atrás
They forgot to show the most amazing thing that Chaser did: the old doctor scattered all 1000+ dog toys around his house, and then told her to fetch a specific toy. The test was tricky because he used a new name he never taught her, and had put a new toy somewhere in the house. She went around the house, looking at the various toys, and eventually decided to pick up the new toy. She deduced that the unfamiliar word must be the name of the new toy. She's an incredible dog!
Pippa Dawg
Pippa Dawg 5 dias atrás
Wow, that is a smart cookie. So funny.
MM 9 dias atrás
NoKidding66 15 dias atrás
I agree, I have followed Chaser's life for years. Sad to learn she and her owner have passed. We can learn a lot from reading the book about Chaser.
Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii 29 dias atrás
@Doug Tilaran: The owner had to label each toy with the name he taught Chaser, so perhaps Chaser actually learned to read rather than memorize all those names! I'd have a hard time remembering if the names were randomly created.
Doug Tilaran
Doug Tilaran Mês atrás
1000 toys. OCD much ?(not the dog)
Prosperinah PvP
Prosperinah PvP Mês atrás
My dog passed away last year, but he was a very smart little guy. I could make certain sounds, do different gestures with my finger, and he would understand what they mean. And he had various funny and meaningful expressions. I wish I could have him tested for worlds smartest dog.
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain 17 dias atrás
Bless your heart . I’m sorry you lost your friend .
Rainer Rain
Rainer Rain Mês atrás
RIP Doggy.
Leigh Skillington
Leigh Skillington Mês atrás
I am so happy to see this. With 6 dogs I adore - and spend a lot of time with - this research and new knowledge is not surprising. I pray this will be the beginning of more rights and protections for these incredible animals
JJ N Mês atrás
It really matters how one raises their dog, and it's not any different from raising a toddler. I taught my beloved dog words in 2 languages, and he knew the concept of tomorrow and decision-making. Every meal, I laid out 4 food options in front of him and told him to show me which one he wanted to eat that meal, and he'd tap the item he wanted to eat.
Paul Hunter
Paul Hunter 19 horas atrás
@Review Guy the canine is smarter
Review Guy
Review Guy 3 dias atrás
Uh it's much different than raising a toddler. Stop comparing canine animals to human beings.
Elena Latici
Elena Latici Mês atrás
About the languages...I have a rescue terrier mix in Italy. In the beginning I spoke to him in English without thinkiz much about it, but when I began speaking in Italian I discovered there were so many things he understood from whatever life he'd lived before I got him. 12 years later, he understands Italian, English, and French.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Mês atrás
Amazing information but I'm not surprised. The more quality time you spend with your dog, the more you'll come to realize just how amazing they really are.
Richard Flanagan
Richard Flanagan Mês atrás
Anybody who loves a dog knows how smart and emotionally bonded dogs can be ..
Paul Hunter
Paul Hunter 19 horas atrás
@Abra Cadavra how can you eat vegetables then? They have feelings also, it’s cruel what you are doing to them
RichM Mês atrás
Dogs are predators and many are unpredictable.
holyheretic Mês atrás
My dog knows when I'm dying alot in video games even if I don't say anything or have other sounds going. (I do get a little mad with souls games) he walks away when he hears the Darksouls death sound
Wild Animus
Wild Animus Mês atrás
@Abra Cadavra You have a good heart, and the world needs empathetic people like you. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days have grown cold.
K A Mês atrás
@Abra Cadavra When the dollar collapses how quick do you think the grocery stores will empty? we rely on store bought foods and unless u live where it's warm all year , farming is only seasonal. We may see all this very soon. All I'm saying is that people will eat pets first and then each other.
Henry Cooks
Henry Cooks Mês atrás
My neighbor was having a heart issue and could not get to her medication, the dog came to my house and kept barking until I came out, and insisted I follow her, and led me to my neighbor, we are more than an are apart.. That wasn't the only time that dog did something amazing.
Jason Mariani
Jason Mariani Mês atrás
I adore my pup. I love when I say gimme hugs! And she jumps to her hind legs and puts both front paws around my neck and leans in lol it’s special. She’s a husky/Sheppard mix which makes her hairy. But I wouldn’t change a thing.
Je T’aime
Je T’aime Mês atrás
I got an auto feeder for my Yorkie because if he can see even part of the bottom of the bowl, he won't eat. The feeder reservoir is clear. Not only does he rake his paw to dispense more (that isn't necessary he copied that straight from me!) he looks at the reservoir and if the level is too low, he alerts me loudly! That shows Logic, reasoning and spatial awareness beyond what was recently believed, as well.
Carrisa Grace
Carrisa Grace Mês atrás
It breaks my heart watching this now knowing she moved onto the next realm
CōLd FäcT
CōLd FäcT 16 horas atrás
Aww... really? 🥺🤧
Alex Urena
Alex Urena Mês atrás
S R Mês atrás
I grew up in a dysfunctional family, and then we got her, she's the angel that brought love to our home. I probably wouldn't be here in this world if not for her. Now a decade later we have 5 angels including her children and grandchildren (or grandpups). She's older now but she's still with us spreading love 😘😘😘 ❤️❤️
Aina Mês atrás
@Misty Rugg cats too 🧡
davon booker
davon booker Mês atrás
That was great to hear
TAJ Mês atrás
Misty Rugg
Misty Rugg Mês atrás
I'm glad you stayed! I hope you are in a safe place in your life. Dogs can be so healing!
Writers notes1
Writers notes1 Mês atrás
This is so sweet.. thank you for sharing this ☺️
Nathalie HEYTENS
Nathalie HEYTENS Mês atrás
I wonder if anyone recognises our poodle's particular ability. She knows the concept "TO REPEAT A GIVEN COMMAND". Whenever I command her to do something like give a paw, come closer, go back, high five and many more, she'll repeat that when I say AGAIN. She's also quick to learn new toy names and often we let her CHOOSE. She gets very excited when she hears this word. We put her toys on the floor in front of her and then she can pick the toy she wants to play with. We also have a Chinese Crested. She doesn't like toys, but she's certainly clever too. When her lead gets stuck around a chair leg, she frees herself quicker than our poodle. And she hugs with her eyes a lot!
olajumoke alaga
olajumoke alaga 14 dias atrás
Where I lived as a lodger , during covid their dogs 2 bishon fiche dogs as soon as they hear walk they start prancing around the hallway. They're cute little dogs but very smart too.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are reported to BRvid for harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Nathalie how are you doing today
Christine Weaver
Christine Weaver Mês atrás
My mom and dad went to a rescue center,dogs and other critters from mexico.they set out to choose either a boxer or some other dog we had before as they're walking through a certain area and my mom beeline gazed at a puppy she too locked eyes with my mom.she knew that critter and herself were bonded.the puppy was actually being saved for another customer but the staff let her have her.the dog is 4 or 5yrs old now and she is very smart.she looks like a cross between a husky and a happy for them❤
Joegreatmusicfirst Weir
Good night everyone God bless
Joegreatmusicfirst Weir
This is amazing all the comments said I've been reading about I find this to be quite extraordinary apartments be true that dogs love us more than we actually know a dog will lick you to show his affection of love and a cat will show their love and affection they'll rub up against your leg his name is Tommy and he will not claw. My. Leg. He would just put his paws on my leg
M W Mês atrás
There's an Aussie called Secret. She's one of the smartest dogs too, I reckon. I still have a screenshot of the painting that Secret drew. She's a wonderful dog. Watching smart dogs like the ones in the video reminds me of her. RIP Secret.
lane horsey
lane horsey Mês atrás
Yep, have watched some secret vids----- soooooo clever and soo sad.
It’s NEVER too late to start working with/training your dog. They learn with consistency & repetition. Just do it.
Lorri Petty
Lorri Petty Mês atrás
I would love to see an update to this story with Digs that use the language buttons. It’s fascinating hearing them communicate.
R Stedler
R Stedler 22 dias atrás
@O L 😞
O L Mês atrás
Both have passed.
Shree Goradia-Merchant
i had a Mix Border Collie and Shiffon and he was so intelligent much like Chaser. I spent the last 9 years with Georgie and he did not much help from me to live up to his potentiaL He was brilliant with names and recognition of people and objects. He knew so many names of animals, and spent hours watching cats, cows, and enjoyed the pet stores to view all other creatures. He was full of emotion, compassion, and had feeling such as a human. I totally understand and agree that when you get a dog in your life, you should treat the dog as your child and not ignore your dogs potential for intellectual growth. I have been around people of different cultures where in other countries dogs are ignored and treated as street animals.These people do not have the respect for dogs and many people are scared of dogs. It is certainly a huge dilemma. My dog Goergie recently passed away of cancer. I would have given anything to keep him alive forever.
Grandma of Rexford
Grandma of Rexford Mês atrás
The collies, herding dogs, are especially intelligent. ❤️ From a former animal shelter director
Grandma of Rexford
Grandma of Rexford 10 horas atrás
@Lori Ruggiero Yes, they are incredibly Intelligent. But then you think about it you're leaving them with a flock of sheep for example and they take care of everything, that's pretty darn smart. I had a lady that would take every border collie or herding type of dog even if it were a mix. This helped me immensely. I hate to see any dog in a dog run but especially an intelligent dog.
Lori Ruggiero
Lori Ruggiero 15 dias atrás
Had a Border Collie who was beyond special as v she was smarter than half of my friends
Eliza Menchaca
Eliza Menchaca 26 dias atrás
Yeyye finally this is publized, yes dogs are toddlers! Please respect, care, and love all these babies!🐕🚼
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe Mês atrás
What's amazing is this 86 year old is in such great shape..both mentally and physically...😍
Ana Habat
Ana Habat 14 dias atrás
I will say that much. If you take time for your pup,and you're kind,patient and loving every dog will learn a lot. This is beautifull to see not only because how smart she is,but because the beuatiful relationship between them. When you give yourself to a dog,dog will give himself to you a hundred times more.
Luba Luba
Luba Luba 18 dias atrás
80s is new 60s
R Stedler
R Stedler 22 dias atrás
@gilbert vega Lots depends on chance. Im the last of my family.
RENOWN 55 CHARGE Mês atrás
Great mental shape not wearing a seatbelt
Aaron Welch
Aaron Welch Mês atrás
antfern789 Mês atrás
If you treat them like your child, loving or respecting them like humans, their attention is much focused and they learn faster. If you love them, they will try to please you and one way to do that is understand what you are saying after all Love is universal.
Eva Sage
Eva Sage Mês atrás
honestly even if my dog, milo was a ‘scammer’ i wouldn’t love him any less-hes my best friend and the love of my life. So to learn that when dogs look at us they are essentially hugging is so incredibly heartwarming and makes me want to cry🥲❤️
Daily Bread77
Daily Bread77 Mês atrás
Smarter than a lot of people I know!!!❣️True story!!!!
Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres Mês atrás
Man that is such a good heart warming story for time like this. I have 5 dogies in my house lol
A Wonderful Feeling
There is literally not a single living being on this planet more loyal than a dog. They don't know the difference between a homeless man and an A-List celebrity. Truly mans best friend ❤
A Wonderful Feeling
A Wonderful Feeling 15 dias atrás
@misanthrope8 I actually have surveyed every living being on the planet and I found that I am correct.
misanthrope8 15 dias atrás
I don't think you have surveyed/tested "every living being" on the planet. Oh wait, I am certain you have not. And is loyalty everything? Sometimes loyalty is misdirected, or ... unwise ...
Keep The Change
Keep The Change 17 dias atrás
A dog is a dog, an animal. A dog is NOT A BEING. You all need to stop with this foolishness! He said the dog is his child. That too is incorrect. The dog is an animal. Nothing more, nothing less.
Bruce Kellam
Bruce Kellam 19 dias atrás
Not that smart then!
Timothy Chituck
Timothy Chituck 28 dias atrás
Humans can be after all humans have given there life for others. Yeesh
Terri Aranich
Terri Aranich Mês atrás
I spent time playing with, brushing, petting and talking to a neighbor's dog, a half block away. Her people were generous enough to allow me to do that. One day I was walking with my daughter who was visiting, I wanted her to meet Bently. On our way Bently was out for a walk, about 100 yards from us. The minute she saw me got big smile on her face, her bum started wiggling and she started trying to run to me. She had a bad hip so she couldn't really run. She was pure joy. She passed away, it still makes me cry. I am so grateful 🙏 to have been able to spend time with her.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are reported to again to BRvid for spamming harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Terri how are you doing today
Tobi Mês atrás
Such an evolved K9 familiar. I respect the intelligence in animals and dogs in particular. Imagine, 100 years from now we may achieve communication between our K9 companions and humans. The only problem for some is that dogs cannot lie.. Respect to life.
TinyKrisGames Mês atrás
this is fascinating. my dog did this for years until she passed. She knew which toy was which by name without pointing to it. she didnt know verbs necessarily but object names, yup.
Owen D
Owen D Mês atrás
Interesting that during the pointing test, the guy doing the testing also directed his line of sight at the cup he was pointing to. Curious how dogs interpret where we direct our attention, I'd be it's influential.
Rosemary George
Rosemary George 10 dias atrás
Well, they also can smell way better than us.... maybe they considered that. But they used an eatable. I wonder how much it holds up with regular things. And if they had done an eatable with the ape. They have great scent too.
Julie Booth
Julie Booth Mês atrás
Hearding dogs are very intelligent and they understand many words and read people and animals very well . If my blue healer didn't like someone I learned he was always right...what's more if he got on his hind legs and pushed me back away from someone I was having a conversation with it was because he knew that person was not my friend or worse . People often underestimate animals of all types they are intelligent and they seem to know how the universe works better than humans do .
Karla 7 horas atrás
My old cat did this too. Animals know when someone is not to be trusted. I had now doubt that she would have attacked to protect me. When she growled people would back away. She was twenty one when I had to put her down. I will always grieve her.
MsTrain69 Mês atrás
Thank you. I really enjoyed this. 🐕
MyNameHere Mês atrás
1:30 “He’s been teaching her up to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the past 9 years.” That’s a LOT. I really hope those aren’t solid blocks of time and Chaser gets breaks to, y’know, just chill and be a dog. Otherwise that seems rather stressful.
DW Pharester
DW Pharester Mês atrás
It takes a while but eventually a dog teaches a human to understand what he's saying. Calling this dog the smartest in the world is like declaring some guy or gal the most beautiful in the world.
Sylvio Quadros
Sylvio Quadros 2 meses atrás
For those of you wondering, she outlived her owner by over a year. RIP both of them ❤
TurkeygirlJO 2 dias atrás
That is heartbreaking 😪
MiTmite9 4 dias atrás
@Jim Smith *could have gone OR *could have done
MiTmite9 4 dias atrás
@Marlin Weekley Best thing you can do for him is to put him in your will RIGHT NOW, just in case something does happen to you. Have a special person picked out, someone you know will love and care for him. Name that person in your will AND leave enough $$$ for his care.
Natalie Lopez
Natalie Lopez 6 dias atrás
😢RIP to both
NorthernJules 11 dias atrás
Laurie Ann Leisure
Laurie Ann Leisure Mês atrás
Jessica is my girl. I loved your interview with her. It was honest and beautiful.
Elisha Gabriell
Elisha Gabriell Mês atrás
If you don't know that dogs love you and each other, you are about as perceptive as a rock!
TobinRnr Mês atrás
I say this as an owner of an extremely smart German Shepherd, sometimes there's benefits to a dumb dog.
Jennifer Reichart
Jennifer Reichart 25 dias atrás
One of my dogs is part border collie (and part golden retriever); he can watch you on cell phone video calls.
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain Mês atrás
I have a jack russell that I’ve had since Sept of 2013 . He was 5 weeks old . I’ve always talked to him in full sentences and I don’t think he’s ever left my side . He’s always with me . If I’m going to the store I’ll say Eddie, do you wanna go to the store with me ? He will instantly jump up and be excited and when we get to the garage he waits for me to say which car or truck we are taking . So I’ll say Eddie , let’s got to the store , we’re taking the truck . He knows exactly what I’m saying . Same thing with everything else in life . He gets excited over Christmas presents and will unwrap new toys an treats on Christmas Day. If I say Eddie , you need a bath , he will go to the bathroom and sit on the rug until I start the bath water then he will jump in the tub. When he’s done I’ll lay a towel on the floor and he will roll around and dry hisself off . He sleeps in my bed , he has a small pillow that he knows is his. He gets under the covers by himself . I can go on and on about how smart he is . I’ve always treated and talked to him like a human . He’s my little buddy . And when I tell him I love him he will come give me a hug a kisses on the hand or wrist . I’ve never really give it much thought on how smart he really is . But I trust him way more than most people . Hes 9 yrs young now and he shows no signs of slowing down . He’s a really good frisbee or ball catcher . Just a wonderful companion
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain 11 dias atrás
@Pam i actually drove a friend one time to a run down old trailer park to drop him him off . I notice a dog pin outside next to their front porch and it was starting to rain . I ask the guy if they were selling them or what . He said theyr $50 take your pick . Two was jumping and barking and one was was in the back corner . He was the only male . When I reached in and pick him up his tail was wagging like crazy . So I put him in the truck . Went to Walmart and all the stuff he needed for the time being. He’s been a good dog . He gets a little loud every once in a while but I don’t mind .
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain 11 dias atrás
@Fred Ziffle that’s just awesome .
Pam 11 dias atrás
@Chris Chamberlain Your story is heartwarming. unconditional love, where else do you get that?
Bruce Bolduc
Bruce Bolduc 12 dias atrás
We have a patterdale terrier, who are related to jack Russell terriers. Very smart and understands so many words. Thankfully she does not know how to spell
Theresa Theresa
Theresa Theresa 13 dias atrás
I treat my Sadie the same and she is super smart and my best friend. I rescued her and she is amazing.
Holly Blain
Holly Blain Mês atrás
Chaser is amazing when he knows his toys. I have a border collie that is pretty smart butbthis is genious!!!
Deborah Bratti
Deborah Bratti Mês atrás
"More dogs than children", I love it!
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Deborah how are you doing today
Rebecca Mentzer
Rebecca Mentzer Mês atrás
My son's dog does this daily. He's a small Chihuahua mix and you can literally point or don't Point tell him to go get specific toys and he will do so and his memory about them as well is amazing.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are again reported to BRvid for spamming harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Rebecca how are you doing today
Panda Bear
Panda Bear Mês atrás
I once held the car door open and pointed to my dog to get into the back seat. He jumped head first into the front seat even though the door was closed. He may not have been the smartest dog in the world, but he gave us so much love and a lot of laughter. 😂❤
Tommy Tunes
Tommy Tunes Mês atrás
I had a Boxer for 11 years she knew all her toys by name. I swear not only was she smarter then some humans, she was more human, then most humans. In fact as a puppy she had a baby yellow duck, somehow the duck went missing. A couple of years later we found it in a closet, when I tested her by putting it with hundreds of her toys, and asked the question "where's the baby duck" she sprung up (obviously remembered it) and started searching, within seconds of searching her toy pile she not only finds it, but behaves with the excitement like she just found a long lost friend.
Karenmorgan9601 Mês atrás
@Peeping Jerry Hello
John Petroshus
John Petroshus Mês atrás
My dog had a duck also
Lord Humongous
Lord Humongous Mês atrás
@Bob Washington *you're
Bob Washington
Bob Washington Mês atrás
@Lord Humongous you not funny
Ty Wins
Ty Wins Mês atrás
Boxers are all I have ever owned. They feel more human than most breeds. They can be frustrating yet beyond rewarding
Cindy Presley
Cindy Presley Mês atrás
I have a heeler mixed with border, 1 1/2 old. I have never had a dog that is as smart as her. The second day she would gather leash up and walk herself at 2 months. Took 2 times of bathroom incidents and she has never had a accident in house. Everything I teach her only takes a couple times. Must be a great bread. I have never had a dog like this. She is eager to please. They are a high energy bread and need attention and definitely learns quick and lives her toys.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are again reported to BRvid for spamming harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Cindy how are you doing today
KNK96 9 horas atrás
This was so interesting, heart warming-the love he had for his dog was very apparent. The intelligence of this breed always astounding. I decided to Google them to see what became of them since this piece was from 2014-the Dr passed away in 2018 and Chaser a year later in 2019.
RVO Mês atrás
This was awesome. I know people that have very intelligent dogs unsure why they didn't report this sooner. Also, aren't military dogs very smart? 🤔
Doctor K
Doctor K Mês atrás
I had a Border Collie and I taught him words, too.
TimeBucks 2 meses atrás
This series was truly TechnoBlade's masterpiece
Raja Soni
Raja Soni Mês atrás
WASIF ALI Mês atrás
Very good
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Mês atrás
Sakeena Mahi
Sakeena Mahi Mês atrás
Baby Sonu
Baby Sonu Mês atrás
Nice one
Zandra McCoy
Zandra McCoy Mês atrás
Phenomenal!! All those toys Chaser comprehends!!
Shawn Mcfadden
Shawn Mcfadden Mês atrás
That's awesome!! They need to research dogs (🐕 🐕) more it'll be amazing what they may be able to find out!!!
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Shawn how are you doing today
Shane Dial
Shane Dial Mês atrás
I’d suppose that maybe these ‘discoveries’ are new to the scientific community, only. People have been training dogs to do the most fantastic acts on command for centuries.
Vikingbiznitch Mês atrás
Hunters have been using non verbal “point” commands to give their dogs directions in the field for hundreds of years at least, but just this year scientists discover dogs understand a point!?
vigal79 Mês atrás
Stumbled across this, it was very fascinating. I am blind, and I am working with my second Guide Dog. I remember when I was in training with her, the instructors at the school said, the very same thing that our dogs are intelligent like a two or three year-old. It’s my dog’s job to keep me safe. But I don’t tell her let’s go to the bank. It is simple, straightforward commands when we’re out walking. A couple of things that I really appreciate about working with a dog : If I give her a command, and she determines that it’s not safe for us, she will intelligently disobey me to keep the team safe. This is called intelligent disobedience. The other thing that I appreciate about having a dog is that when we go places often enough, she will pattern to that place and automatically show me the door to the place whether this be a restaurant or a store that we visit frequently. Lastly, she sees obstacles as we are walking down the sidewalk and chooses how to go around them, and we just continue on smoothly.
SUSAN Francis
SUSAN Francis 2 dias atrás
@PPG You know if you have just an iPhone 6, it has the ability to type what you speak, right? Or do you enjoy being Rude?
Lin Dickison
Lin Dickison 17 dias atrás
@J Denino I read that, too...about 60 yrs least it feels that long.Good book.
LTWeezie Mês atrás
Before I retired, I had a colleague who was also blind with a wonderful guide dog named Athens. I worked in Tech Support, and he was very interested in giving it a try. I volunteered immediately to show him the ropes of on-line tech service. We had all the state-of-the-art equipment. I was like Athens' Mom. He would come over to me and let me know he had to go outside. My colleague picked up the tech support queue immediately and did a fantastic job. Sadly one day I came in, and my boss called me in the office. Athens had passed in the night, and I was crushed. I cannot even imagine (although you would know) how losing a part of yourself who was always there for you would be. Months later he said he was moving to California and was going to work on another guide partner then. Turns out that all the tech he learned was very useful. He got a terrific job with a company that translated films to voice and text! I would say that they UNDER estimated the dogs intelligence (and every other non-human) big time. I don't know why they do that. I have 60+ years with dogs, horses, and cockatoos on our ranch and I always just speak English with them and they always pick it up immediately. They are all my babies and give the most unselfish love of all! Very best to you and all your endeavors, and please give your canine assistant a big hug for me! ❤
J Denino
J Denino Mês atrás
@vigal79 Hi Vigal79. When I was about ten years old I read a book called "Follow My Leader" by James Garfield about a young boy who went blind and got a dog named "Leader" when he went to the blind school. It was a wonderful book that really made me appreciate the bond between a boy and his dog. I hope that you read that book, it was also made into a movie I think. Lots of luck and love to you and your dog!!!
Jure Macola
Jure Macola Mês atrás
Hi, i hope you are doing good, with all those natural disasters going on there
Stacey Camp
Stacey Camp Mês atrás
I took Dr. Hare's course on dog cognition online through Duke. I highly recommend it! Great insight into the minds of canines.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Stacey how are you doing today
motheryuba57 Mês atrás
Wow it's weird to me that "science" is coming around to study what any person who has deeply loved an animal is learning day by day by being in relationship to their animal. Yes, dogs and other animals have intelligence. Yes, there are many different kinds of intelligence. When we give our loving attentiveness and care, intelligence can blossom forth. We are really at the very tip of the iceberg in terms of taping into our innate potential in this way.
Grover Mês atrás
Hearding dogs have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years . These scientists are just now learning what shepherd's and ranches have have all along.
J J Dia atrás
What a sweet, wonderful man. I’m so happy that Chase had him and they had each other. Such a touching relationship that I hope will have a great impact on the way we see and treat, not just dogs, but all animals.
Rocketboy991 Mês atrás
Nine years ago we adopted an Australian Shepherd mix . His brother was adopted just before him . Last year I went to a nursery across town. The dog there started smelling my leg and wouldn't go away . His owner and I compared notes and found out our dogs were brothers. After eight years he still recognized his brothers cent .
Pauli G
Pauli G 2 dias atrás
@SUSAN Francis The Mexican Hairless was bred for that purpose too.
SUSAN Francis
SUSAN Francis 2 dias atrás
@Pauli G Philipino’s actually EAT dogs! Disgusting, I know. Sorry but it’s true.
Karenmorgan9601 Mês atrás
@Pauli G Hello
Pauli G
Pauli G Mês atrás
The Chinese boil them alive and laugh at the same time. I saw it in BRvid
manic hairdo
manic hairdo Mês atrás
@ylvany1 They sure do. For months when we visited my son who had Buddy, my dog would look everywhere for him including the garden to no avail. Then, he'd sit at my daughter in laws feet and whine. We didn't visit too often.
Pops Smith
Pops Smith Mês atrás
Dogs rule cats drool lol. Naw cats are cool too. I never tried teasing my dog to look for specific toys, but we recognize facial cues and some words. He is very good at telling me what to do.
Linda in Colorado
Linda in Colorado Mês atrás
It's kind of sad that it took scientists so long to find out what dog owners have known for centuries.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Linda how are you doing today
RupaCreations Mês atrás
This is quite funny really I have known smarter dogs understand pointing modt of my life but wasnt aware how rare this is in the animal kingdom
Paige Thompson
Paige Thompson 5 dias atrás
They also forgot to mention she must also feel like the most loved pup on the planet. Her owner is amazing. She's going to be devastated if he passes before she does, and I'm sure likewise. What a pair. ❤️
I💟crafting 2 meses atrás
The fact that's his owner at 86 can still get down on his knees like that is a miracle within itself
Joan the Wad
Joan the Wad Mês atrás
@Luann Rouff Absolute nonsense. Palaeolithic people didn’t get old. The average lifespan was 35 or so. If that.
Joan the Wad
Joan the Wad Mês atrás
@Rich Brake If you’re lucky.
Joan the Wad
Joan the Wad Mês atrás
@Globe255 Yeah, course you are. I’m 107.
Joan the Wad
Joan the Wad Mês atrás
@Indrid Cold It is a big deal. For most people . Elderly people who are active are the exception . Many can’t get out of a chair without help due to arthritic changes and muscle loss.
Christina Cope
Christina Cope Mês atrás
@marty k so very true! I miss mine still and he has been gone over a decade now.
Wanda Mês atrás
I've always known this about my dogs
Lassata Est
Lassata Est Mês atrás
The most "trained" dog would be a better title. My pit was brilliant for a dog and that was with no training just constantly being with her. When your dog is always with you they become an extension of you. This could be good or bad.
Dog Bone Malone
Dog Bone Malone 3 dias atrás
Aww. Bless them both. It warms my heart to see a man love his doggo so much and visa versa. RIP the two of you. Together again for eternity. ❤
Delores Merritt
Delores Merritt Mês atrás
My dog Seth was a black lab border collie mix and he had the same abilities as chaser right down to the names and words.
fatalradius 2 meses atrás
This guy teaches his dog better than most parents teach their kids in a lifetime
Karenmorgan9601 Mês atrás
@pavel kish I'm doing good as well and yourself
pavel kish
pavel kish Mês atrás
@Karenmorgan9601 Hello, Miss Karen Morgan. Are you the author of the video? Hows your day?
Karenmorgan9601 Mês atrás
@pavel kish Hello
dude dog
dude dog Mês atrás
Okay so you people have POS parents, not really fair for you to assume the rest of us did.
C. W.
C. W. Mês atrás
Well, to be fair, most parents are WORKING 8-12 hours a day to be able to actually feed their kids. And by the time they've advanced enough in their career that they can spend more time with the kids, the kids are too old to want to spend time with the parents. This guy has the ability to spend this sort of time with his dog, so good for him. But don't sit there and act like everyone could spend this type of time everyday with their kids. Parenting is hard enough without being armchair quarterbacked the whole time.
Sine Pari
Sine Pari Mês atrás
My dog does all this stuff.. maybe we need a dog intelligence test. I never have to use a leash. I use the same trigger words to get in/out/up/down anything. He will never go after other dogs, he looks at me when he sees a squirrel and watches for my reaction yes/no. He goes up he goes down, he goes right or left all while looking at me for my commands. It's not a big deal. We control our pets. Humans are top of the food chain, we dominate the other species on earth. Animals know this. Pet owners just allow their animals to run over them, that's the issue. Our children have the same issue the last generation. We all saw the bear guy get eaten treating animals like humans...
Tricia C
Tricia C 27 dias atrás
My sister's dog seems like she looks into my soul. She made me feel so peaceful. I have never had that happen before.
Marissa Hecker
Marissa Hecker Mês atrás
the dog in the MRI being observed by anderson and the technician made me guffaw
Chaz Walker
Chaz Walker Mês atrás
They really are more then just a man's best friend - I miss you so much, rip son 💞
Luann Nelson
Luann Nelson 2 meses atrás
My grandfather and father were dairy farmers. My granddad’s Border collie Shep I believe essentially knew conversational English. You could say to her “Hey, Shep, go down to the end of the pasture and make sure we got them all,” and she would go and do it. She probably saved his life once: He had gone into a small paddock where he kept a bull to fill the bull’s water trough. The bull knocked him to the ground and was beginning to strike at his chest with its hooves. Shep slipped under the fence, fastened her teeth onto the bull’s tail, and held on tight until the bull decided to go after her instead. She held on, according to my grandfather’s story, and he was able to roll away and escape while the bull chased his tail. At a strategic moment, Shep let go and darted away. She lived to be 17, or so they told me; I was a child when she died.
Luann Nelson
Luann Nelson 4 dias atrás
@Ellen Wolf I’ve had three shelties; the two females were extremely smart. I am not so positive about the male, or maybe he just wanted to pee under the dining table!
Luann Nelson
Luann Nelson 4 dias atrás
@Paul D cross my heart, it’s true. Shep lived to be about 18. I remember her from when I was a little girl.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Paul D This is almost certainly a true story. I grew up on a farm, in a farming family and area. These great stories are not that uncommon. But they are always amazing.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
That is a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.
christar 95
christar 95 Mês atrás
@Rich Sackett Huskies are very smart even though they’re not considered to be. They’ll talk to you like a person will. My husky knew what I was going to do before I barely had the thought in my head. The only reason why they’re not considered to be smart is because they often only do what they want to do.😄 But once they respect you they’ll do what you want.
Holly Blain
Holly Blain Mês atrás
Chaser is a beautiful puppy. All animals are beautiful!!! 😊
Ricj Mês atrás
All dog owners KNOW THIS. WE ALL KNOW THIS!!! That is way people accused of animal abuse should be treated by the law the same was as people who abuse kids.
TurkeygirlJO 2 dias atrás
This is an amazing story! My yellow lab knows the names of his toys which are around 100. He also knows the different names we call his Grandparent's, Aunt's & Uncles & Cousins. I started spelling the word OUT for outside so he wouldn't know & now he knows the spelling of that & knows it means outside. Animals are extremely smart, if you put the time & love into them. Our dog is our baby. ❤️
Secretary Nogal Fire Dept.
I had an Australian shepherd catahoula cross born deaf, s common thing when 2 "blue" dogs breed. She learned sign language very quickly, But it was too dangerous for a deaf dog to be a working stock dog around cattle. I gave her to a family with a deaf parent the children taught her more words in sign for different toys and she would bring them the toy ir do the commands in sign. Dogs are extraordinarily smart it's the humans that own them that in most cases are the stupid ones. Just like in the human world you get out of them or children. what you teach them And the time you put into teaching them.
Heidi Pykkonen
Heidi Pykkonen Mês atrás
I've had dogs my entire life but my black lab Eddie and I were super connected. I'll never forget the moment I got the news from the doctor while on the phone that my dad's brain tumor came back. I hung up and before I could even cry, Eddie walked up between my legs, and literally hugged me. Having to put him down years later because of cancer was brutal. I found him running on the street. I am so glad no one responded to my signs up. I fell in love that night when he jumped in the pool with my nephew. I have no doubt that our animals are in heaven waiting for us! ❤️
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Frederick If you don't already know what you said that was so wrong, then no one could ever get you to understand it.
Cheryl Ween
Cheryl Ween Mês atrás
@DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter 😄
Frederick Mês atrás
@DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter my comment is evil but putting dogs down is ok?
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Cheryl Ween "I was with you until you mentioned heaven" I was with you until you went all hatey on Christians.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Frederick You are reported to BRvid for this evil comment.
Nicola J
Nicola J Mês atrás
I've taught my cats many words too. I've also noticed that they understand sentences like ' do you want something to eat? ' that I never taught them. They understand ' biscuits', ' fish', ' soft food', ' upstairs', ' no', ' do you want to go out?', ' lead', . I'm also amazed that they know that when I put my coat on they go to the back door.
Andra Toma
Andra Toma Mês atrás
Dogs are much smarter than a two year old child! I have dogs that are smarter than a thirty year old man!
No Mens Rea
No Mens Rea Mês atrás
D U H ! ! ! ! Any dog lover knows all this before science!!!
Ditzy.52 Mês atrás
Taught 5 hrs a day every day for years.
Richard Quick II
Richard Quick II Mês atrás
I lived alone on the back end of Terlingua Ranch with two rescue dogs... Because I spent most of my time away from other people I did not talk very much... But when I did talk to my dogs, they always understood everything I told them. They understood the concept of time... A minute was always a minute or less, and hour was always an hour... Tomorrow always meant the next day. I miss them in my old age, they were the best dogs any person could ever have. We would go for miles long walks every day in the free range desert.
Ronald Carter
Ronald Carter 19 dias atrás
I said, "Be right back," "Be back soon," "Be back after awhile," and "I tawwy. I not be back for awhile" (while hanging my head). I also tapped my thigh several times (indicating the number of days I'd be gone). He was clearly so miserable, "hearing" that, that I decided to drive so he could come.
MaMandarina Mês atrás
All dogs are smart and special. The trick is an owner 😄 I had 2 dogs when I was a child (2 differebt times, first when I was 10, second in my 13teen). I treated each of them as my siblings. Talking to them like with little kids, not like with dog. People were laughing at me, but they both were my true best friends. Now at my 40th I have a dog I got for my kids, and again, I treat him as my baby. Ofcourse there are some basic dog rules I used to use to correct his behaviour (while he was a puppy) but all the rest he is my heary baby and I treat him like one. Now he is almost 5yo and we have the strongest bond and my friends with dogs are amazed how smart he is, and don't believe me when I say this is not training it was all my love that made him this way 😄 I have one friend who is terrified of all dogs. And after few visits to my house she now is not afraid of my dog, because he can feel she is different and she needs a special approach, calm and respectful (where with other guests he can be crazy loud and pushie 😄
Ronald Carter
Ronald Carter 19 dias atrás
I have never had to punish a dog to get it to behave. They all try to please me. We are best friends, and that's what best friends do. It always goes both ways.
KONGO Dyno Mês atrás
I would love my DOG more If he had a Job...
Terry Quinn
Terry Quinn Mês atrás
Five hours a day training must have been a form of mind numbing drudgery for the dog. We're lucky that animals are so patient and understanding about our lack of awareness of their intelligence.
Ronald Carter
Ronald Carter 19 dias atrás
I thought that, too. Too bad he couldn't do more creative exercises with her --teach her to open a latch, roll down a car window with the touch of a button (which my dog picked up before I was even aware he was watching) -- or notice other ways in which she showed intelligence.
DuckDuckGo IsMuchBetter
@Steven Anthony You are again reported to BRvid for spamming harassment of females in the comment columns.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Terry how are you doing today
Linoy noy
Linoy noy Mês atrás
I’m happy that he did what he loves in life he deserves it amazing ❤
Natalie FromCA
Natalie FromCA Mês atrás
My half border collie, half lab, was the same exact way. Just absolutely brilliant! She would act just like a human. She had emotions and could feel our emotions before we could! She only gave out her doggie bark once in a blue moon, if a stranger came to the door. Otherwise she was quite as a mouse with a heart the size of an elephant. Seriously though, she never ever barked!! She went to Heaven 2 years ago and I miss her every single day. I know people don’t like this correlation but our izzy really was a member of our family and we have all grieved her just like we have lost someone we love dearly! She is irreplaceable! We have wanted to get another bundle of fluff, but none can compare to izzy! If ever we do welcome another special family member into our lives, they would have to be the exact same bread as izzy. She was such an amazing little pup. 💜🙏
Bingo the Pug
Bingo the Pug Mês atrás
I had a pug that would rarely bark, she was just very quiet & docile. But also very affectionate & loved to cuddle.
Joe Mês atrás
Lost my English Bulldog 14 years ago and it still breaks my heart.Miss him so much
Edward Newman
Edward Newman Mês atrás
We lost our 14 y/o Bella (yellow lab) to cancer in January 2022. I held her as she passed; it felt like losing a child. We waited 9 months and just got a 4 month old Airedale Terrier. She will never replace Bella, but she is wonderful in her own right, and has already provided some healing from our grief.
BEAUTYnIQ Mês atrás
I feel the same way.. lost mine 2 yrs ago .. 👈 my Tundra.. pre-schutzhund trained, by me. best. dog. ever. and she loved.. me. of all people she loved me, looked up to me, trusted me, was sooo loyal.. gosh I'll lose it if I keep going.. so will end it w/that.. I miss her still.
Katie Simpson
Katie Simpson Mês atrás
My late Corgi was a member of the family. Miss her every day.
Lucky Heart
Lucky Heart 26 dias atrás
Amazing! I've always known dogs are really smart cute beings. I have had a dog all my life. I can't live without a dog by my side. Thanks for such an amazing report. ❤️🐕
August August
August August 7 dias atrás
I love this..... I've always known dogs are smart I've always felt whenever I see or walk by a dog or talk to a dog always feel their personality right away and their "state of being" how happy they are how thier owner treats them, I read all of this in couple seconds.... I'm always nice to people with dogs because I know when they go home so many times so many people abuse their dogs.... Just the thought of it makes me sick. So I'm kind in hopes that they could have a better day with their dog which means I'm hoping and praying there's less abuse, or moments of abuse 😬⭐👍
Omar 1
Omar 1 Mês atrás
If they had studied dogs for the past 500 years perhaps the elderly would have had dogs today trained so well that they wouldn’t need to hire someone to do everything
Inezz Mullins
Inezz Mullins 6 horas atrás
My dog invented his own game. I call it nonchalant. When I get home from work he goes crazy and wants to be held and petted, dog owners know the drill. One day I came in and just for a second, she started the routine but then stopped and started walking around just sniffing nonchalantly until I said something to him then it was as if he said "psych, and went into the crazy routine. He does it with his food too. He can hardly wait for his dinner, but once it is served he will take that moment to act disinterested and calmly just sniffs around the kitchen before excitedly tearing into it. I just laugh and laugh. Dogs Rule!
kenny covington
kenny covington Mês atrás
This story touched my heart in a way that only a dog lover/ dog whisperer if you will, would understand. The empathy and depth of emotion that a dog shows to it's canine companion or human companion is something only loving dog owners get to experience. The positive force that these beings have had on me in my life .has been tremendous. I was saved from myself once by one of these beautiful creatures. I love them all.
Sandra Danner
Sandra Danner Mês atrás
I can definitely relate. I also had one save me from myself. But I've been checking things out for a while and one thing I do know and did b 4 I did any checking, is that there is no other animal on earth that u can train to do what u can train a dog to do. They are amazing. And the unconditional love that they give u can't be matched by any other animal or human. I would much rather spend time with my dog any day than I would with most humans.
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony Mês atrás
Hello Kenny how are you doing today
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