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Kevin Bacon has starred in some of the most influential films in cinema history. Ingrained into our popular culture forever, Bacon's films span every genre of the human condition. In true Bacon style, he embraced the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" trivia phenomenon and founded, a charitable initiative that links people to charities and each other for the purpose of making a difference.
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27 Jun 2012



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Comentários 80
hanlonacity 4 dias atrás
Thought it was rachel maddow in the thumbnail
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb 4 dias atrás
Isn't an actor supposed to know how to memorize? Otherwise, I did appreciate the sharing.
Terence Jay
Terence Jay 10 dias atrás
I tried to sell those badges in Mexico. All I got was, 'Badges? We don need no steenkin' badges!'
Nicole O'Neil
Nicole O'Neil 11 dias atrás
I met Kevin and his brother Michael, since they have a band called the Bacon Brothers. Kevin wanted to take such a back seat to his brother in an interview my husband did. He's a good man.
Holly LeMesurier
Holly LeMesurier 13 dias atrás
Flattulator 13 dias atrás
I have a great idea and solution for the current cattle meat production nightmare. Please contact me and I will tell you about it under non disclosure agreement for a presentation in the possibility it is successful.
Matthew Sikora
Matthew Sikora 13 dias atrás
Six degrees... I just can't take anyone from Hollywood using the number 6 seriously...
KaZ Cruse Akers
KaZ Cruse Akers 14 dias atrás
The real deal.
elaine parry
elaine parry 14 dias atrás
When I first learned about Six Degrees, I played it using myself. I got a 3 - using the fact that Kurt Thomas, gymnast, once spotted me on a full-twist back-flip at a gymnastics workshop in SLC around Dec 1980-ish. Approximately, 31 years after that gymnastics workshop, my 25-year-old daughter crashed a movie set in Atlanta and K.B. was nice enough to stop & talk with her. Now, I can say I'm a 1!!! As a physics geek, the Six Degrees game found a place in my belief systems as scientific proof of connectivity.
Dylan A. Kent
Dylan A. Kent 15 dias atrás
I feel so bad that his friend who "acted as his broker" ripped him off for $3500. He wanted to start a charity and he's your friend, man - just sit down with him and fill out the damn form for free.
threepercenter03 15 dias atrás
Thank you, sir! May I have another?
Chad Sugg
Chad Sugg 15 dias atrás
He knows it's only him cause the name kinda rhymes, right?
Manuel Barkhau
Manuel Barkhau 15 dias atrás
7:45 The reason "do gooder" is an insult comes down to your motivation. You're not motivated by actually wanting to do good, you're motivated by getting the feeling of doing good, regardless of the actual effect. Simple example: if people in Germany actually cared about climate change, they wouldn't have spent so much money to put solar panels on their own roofs over the past two decades, they would have instead put them on roofs in southern Spain.
Judy Benardete
Judy Benardete 17 dias atrás
Kevin Bacon is, in equal parts talented, smart and hard working. The rest of the film industry could learn a lot from him.
Tracy LF
Tracy LF 17 dias atrás
Beautiful guy and beautiful couple (Kyra Sedgwick, also an amazing actress). Kevin-- you knocked this out of the park. You rock, and you are very loved.
Heather Hanes
Heather Hanes 17 dias atrás
Has he heard of Erdős numbers?
Rick James
Rick James 17 dias atrás
Saw Kevin Bacon outside an In-N-Out many years ago, we are all connected.
Frederick Johnston-Horstman
when you're a random child with a bacon score of 3 :)
Carlos Schvartzman
Carlos Schvartzman 18 dias atrás
This is awful!!. There's *actually* a mathematical proposal, theory, that he DOES NOT explain here, instead of this "yada, yada, yada...". Google "Six Degrees of Separation".
donna stitz
donna stitz 18 dias atrás
Kevin, You WOULD make the headlines in Philadelphia., Pa. if U died. WE LOVE U ;)
vinsgraphics 18 dias atrás
My grandmother worked at Disneyland starting back in the 60s, and personally met Walt a few times. This is my most cherished 6D card.
George Ramos
George Ramos 19 dias atrás
If they brought up a flu vaccine. Doesn't surprise me. If they bring one out. That's what they want. Due do current live Trump news. May 15, 2020
a duran
a duran 20 dias atrás
Another actor would have just assumed the game was based on how awesome he is. Kevin Bacon took it and used it to do something good - shows what a good person he really is.
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 20 dias atrás
I look forward to the day Kevin gets his Oscar, he really deserves it.
DJ Poopy Pants
DJ Poopy Pants 20 dias atrás
Maye I'm totally off but It seems that the conventional way of doing good is always about money. People and organizations are always needing money to donate and support. I'm tempted to say it's a typical American thing but of course it's a world thing. Maybe because of capitalism but I know very little about political and economical systems. For me it's clear that to do good you need to take less. The less you take there more there is for others to take as needed. It's not about accumulating, hoarding etc only to share after, but to simply only take what you need and not what you want. This can work for any object. It's also about sharing everything. Instead of competing, working together. Things would progress much faster and there would be more time left to either relax or work on something else for the greater good.
Pounamu Bts7
Pounamu Bts7 18 dias atrás
well said!
Roseanne Appleby
Roseanne Appleby 21 dia atrás
L P 21 dia atrás
good god I love Kevin Bacon.
Fikret Erdeniz
Fikret Erdeniz 21 dia atrás
02:25 "...but actors, behind all the muscles, and the shining white teeth, and the low-cut dresses, it really is just masking a lot of very, very deep, deep insecurity..." everyone is acting because all the world is a stage. but only some others are much better at it. and they are the actors that we admire because they can do much better than we do.
Pounamu Bts7
Pounamu Bts7 18 dias atrás
and some get paid...
David Duarté
David Duarté 21 dia atrás
play clarinet or saxophone - this is part of the deal.
Bermuda Intl Film Festival Purpose Trust BIFF-FM
One degree. Remember Summer Stock in Farmington Michigan?
D. Ellen Miller Productions LLC
We love Tedx Talks videos, and we have some awesome videos as well, visit our channel and find out :)
Георги Колев
good job! *says after the middle of the clip and rolls to another one.
Caroline Brady
Caroline Brady 23 dias atrás
A person's Erdős-Bacon number is the sum of one's Erdős number-which measures the "collaborative distance" in authoring academic papers between that person and Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős-and one's Bacon number-which represents the number of links, through roles in films, by which the person is separated from American actor Kevin Bacon.[1][2] The lower the number, the closer a person is to Erdős and Bacon, which reflects a small world phenomenon in academia and entertainment.[3] To have a defined Erdős-Bacon number, it is necessary to have both appeared in a film and co-authored an academic paper, although this in and of itself is not sufficient.
Iggy-not-Pop 23 dias atrás
I Really Appreciated Seeing Kevin Being Himself And Speaking From The Heart. He Seems Really Real, And Very Like The Characters He Often Plays In Movies Or Television. He Is Unpretentious & Humble & Very Likeable. He's Always Been A Favorite & Of Course There Is His Talented Wife, Kyra Sedgwick. It Is Admirable That He Wants To Do Something More Meaningful With His Life & Reach Out To Help Others. Bravo, Kevin! We Love You, Man!
Pounamu Bts7
Pounamu Bts7 18 dias atrás
Kyra Sedgwick - yes- liked her work too
Heather Gentry
Heather Gentry 23 dias atrás
this was excellant!! thank you!
beingwoman 24 dias atrás
In 1992 I worked on the film "Miss Rose White" starring Kyra Sedwick, Kevin Bacon's wife. Kevin was there and caring for their toddler son. One of my many jobs was handing out per diem to the actors. On set Sedwick asked me to give her per diem to Kevin. She was in costume. I found Kevin and gave him the money. He said, "Wait a minute! Don't you have something for me to sign? Didn't they tell you to get confirmation you gave me money?" I said, "No." This was my first time being an A.D.on a film set. Kevin took the time to explain to me what I needed to do protect my job and do it well. This was also my last time being behind the camera. After given the gift of watching the cast of Miss Rose White work both on and behind camera I felt encouraged and inspired to go back to being an actor. Film sets can be crazy places and every kind of human being can be there. But if you are not separated from the likes of Kevin Bacon, its going to be worth being there .
Kim Capri
Kim Capri 25 dias atrás
Charities, smart talks, and what nots..Yadda yadda yadda. TREMORS
Martine1love 25 dias atrás
Great actor and great musician. Love him.
Zulf Choudhary
Zulf Choudhary 26 dias atrás
He sure is, that is what males him great. I hope I get a chance to meet me before I die!
Rob Coventry
Rob Coventry 26 dias atrás
What a nice bloke.
Diane Holbrook
Diane Holbrook 27 dias atrás
I chatted with Kevin's father waiting for a bus in the Society Hill section of Philly after we'd been to a production of Macbeth at a private school there. We sat next to each other, continuing to chat until we both got off and went our separate ways. He talked about his interest in acting and told me one of his sons was an actor. I never asked who his son was and didn't give our conversation another thought until a few days later, I see his father on the front page of the Philadelphia Enquirer. His name was Edmund Bacon.
kesbetik 29 dias atrás
Pounamu Bts7
Pounamu Bts7 18 dias atrás
vitamin D is awesome help and protection for your body
TurboDieselDan Mês atrás
Whitewater Summer FTW
Natalie Cook
Natalie Cook Mês atrás
Love his authenticity!
Mentoring Growing Leaders
Excuse me...he is a great actor, but what was the point of his talk?
Madeline Gutierrez
Madeline Gutierrez Mês atrás
"Women all over the world start dressing like Eskimos"
Martine1love 25 dias atrás
ObiWanBillKenobi Mês atrás
Anime fans do this too in a roundabout way. You start from any role that Megumi Hayashibara has played, and have to get back to her name by any number of connections with other people in anime works. The higher the number of connections, the higher you score.
Keith Hinchcliffe
Keith Hinchcliffe Mês atrás
How does this guy stay so slim? he's like, 53 here, and looks the same today at 61.
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall 29 dias atrás
My sticker charity would be "let me be youshelter" for homeless Veterans.because I am one and nobody has ever been able to help me. So I am starting my own building tiny homes for Homeless Veterans with no strings attached. Thank you
ahfclass Mês atrás
None of those other actors in the plane crash scenario got a mention in Marvel: Infinity War. Clearly Kevin Bacon is the biggest actor in the universe.
Keith Hinchcliffe
Keith Hinchcliffe 29 dias atrás
not even close ...
雷神Raijin Mês atrás
I'm gonna use daddy long legs as profile name on a dating website xD
Summer Lake Photog
Summer Lake Photog Mês atrás
Body of work, Dude! It’s massive! 👍👏
G K Mês atrás
Dylan always drops name's 🎶 ✌️ 🇮🇪
dorian diddles
dorian diddles Mês atrás
Not any actor, any person......ON EARTH. THAT ! ! ! ! ! Is what 6 degrees of separation is all about. That we are ALL CONNECTED by just 6 degrees.
Roman Proskuryakov
Roman Proskuryakov Mês atrás
Head. Heart. Hand.
Nastassia Hain
Nastassia Hain Mês atrás
"maybe a grow lamp" HA HA HA! How did everyone miss that!?
sticksman1979 Mês atrás
He looks amazing. Probably looks the same now at 61.
Harmony Steward
Harmony Steward Mês atrás
Covid -19 brought me here. Prime example of connectivity.
Pat Molden
Pat Molden 17 dias atrás
@Dan Cambra Yep me too
Dan Cambra
Dan Cambra 25 dias atrás
Me 2
Lisa Nastasi
Lisa Nastasi Mês atrás
Wish you were this kind to people in Central Park when you're walking your dog in the morning. We aren't going to ask for your autograph!
Pounamu Bts7
Pounamu Bts7 18 dias atrás
1369buddy Mês atrás
To do good... a outstanding goal. I tip my helmet to Kevin Bacon
Bassmangotdbluz Mês atrás
Things could be worse for Kevin Bacon; they could not be talking about him at all. This notoriety has perpetuated his career whether he realizes it or not. At least he's not been turned into a happy hour college campus drinking game like "Hi Bob" which likewise has introducing Mr. Newhart to yet another generation of Americans. Think about it; it's really all some very smart marketing.
Willaim Maxwell
Willaim Maxwell Mês atrás
He's a greater actor than he thinks! And now, having seen this I know he's a great person to boot! And still very cool. I loved him best in "Quicksilver" Jami too - all of them. Molto Bravo Kevin!
Malcolm Nadeau
Malcolm Nadeau Mês atrás
Charities... Creating loopholes for rich a-holes.
Malcolm Nadeau
Malcolm Nadeau Mês atrás
You know............. there is just so much going on in the world. I though, maybe this video would be about the six degrees of separation concept. I'm 4 minutes in and I'm wondering now why I'm watching Kevin Bacon (whom I have not seen in a Hollywood film for years) talk about a game I've never heard of as if it and he are so fascinating. I get it, he's a cool and well rehearsed personality. Line up the walruses and have them clap and cheer. Christ. Could we just change the title of this video which is click bait to something more appropriate like... Kevin Bacon's in town so, let's get him to talk about whatever he wants and wait until the end of his anecdote to get his autograph before he disappears completely from our collective memory. I guess everyone really does love bacon no matter how bad it is for the arteries.
Daniel Speight
Daniel Speight Mês atrás
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Mês atrás
I never thought there was any real meaning behind it. I thought it was just a funky game. But yeah I can totally see how being an actor means constantly worrying about your public image and the reality is that the more famous you are, the more likely it is a bunch of people are gonna criticize you.
Michael Duval
Michael Duval Mês atrás
Inspiring talk. But hey, I have seen "River Wild". Meryl Streep is great in it but Kevin Bacon turns in one of the most genuinely chilling performances I have ever seen. "Do it like Kevon Bacon!"
Marissa DeHoyos
Marissa DeHoyos Mês atrás
I have loved Kevin Bacon all my life. I am two degrees separated. I use to babysit for Tommy Lee Jones. TLJ was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.
This is a Ted Talk on where brilliance comes from.
phish for life
phish for life Mês atrás
phish for life
phish for life Mês atrás
Yev Mês atrás
Cool guy this Bacon person! ^_^
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Mês atrás
Where’s my free EE
Brit 'n Yank
Brit 'n Yank Mês atrás
Anyone else notice there's a giant A in the middle of his throat?
burt panzer
burt panzer Mês atrás
Kevin, you want to do something really important? Tell people the truth about DeNiro and Meryl Streep and how they deliberately harm our nation and the POTUS to help the studio heads.
burt panzer
burt panzer Mês atrás
Kevin, you want to do something really important? Start by learning something about 9/11 other than the date... you've only had 19 years to see what people are talking about.
Nowthen AD
Nowthen AD Mês atrás
He paid his "buddy" $3500 to register a domain name. He ain't his buddy. That would cost approx $10.
John Zohoranacky
John Zohoranacky Mês atrás
Depends on the domain and if someone already owns it. I’ve seen domains go for 5 figures.
Shane Meredith
Shane Meredith Mês atrás
Most probably because it was already owned. (as he said, he's not a tech type of guy so I think he misspoke about it being available). If that was the case, had Kevin actually approached the owners in person about that site, the cost would have been jacked up much higher than $3,500.
rwiersema Mês atrás
It was probably squatted
Cef Tri-Cities
Cef Tri-Cities Mês atrás
I now have a new concept of the phrase, "Everybody loves bacon!"
Lucy Bean
Lucy Bean Mês atrás
Cef Tri-Cities brilliant!! 😂
mathew whittle
mathew whittle Mês atrás
Believe it now Kevin...
Ethan Mês atrás
There’s a blockchain based social media app called Note Blockchain that wants to give back control to the users and give back a big portion of their profits to charity. They are looking for a way to contact you Kevin. Not sure if they have already, and it’s a long shot that you’ll see this, but leaving it here anyway.
Lovetoyou Mês atrás
I met him once. Not very nice
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