The Science of Making & Breaking Habits | Huberman Lab Podcast #53

Andrew Huberman
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6 Fev 2023



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Tushar Modi
Tushar Modi Mês atrás
Goal based vs Identity based habits-Goal based habits mean where you focus on specific goal for example to loose a specific KG weight like 10 kg 15 kg and identity based habits is habit make to achieve in something long term for example to become fit. Here we can say Identity Based Habits= Goal based habits + Goal based habits. Limbic Fiction- Activation energy within us to form new habit. Linchpin Habits: It is a habit which helps in executing other habits.Linchpin habit is nothing but those habits which we like to do.For example if we love to maintain good physique by doing exercises then automatically we will try to make our decisions on our eating habits,healthy eating,good sleep,hydration,etc. In this way Linchpin habits helps in execution of another habits. in this video he has explained which habits are easy to perform,hard to perform and how to break habits. Mapping Habits-Write down every habit you do on daily basis for example brushing your teeth,breakfast,waking up time,sleeping time,etc.We are habitual organism, until and unless we interven in our habits they tend to carry out same way as it formed.
Secret 17 dias atrás
Limbic *Friction*
Karen Wang
Karen Wang 2 meses atrás
Thank you so much Andrew. Your podcast changed my life!
JayJay ChaDoy
JayJay ChaDoy Mês atrás
Thank you! Love: - limbic friction - yes - bad habit developed after passing of my son of scratching my scalp - doing new 'healthier' behaviour after awareness of doing scratching - it is better than berating myself Love: - break day into 3 sections; each section optimum/ideal things - create six new habits for 21 days - eg get key for fitness room (of course), start writing, doing art work, easy dancing, walking indoors, knitting harder design, phoning someone, sun 💛, meditating, etc Thank you, again 😊 - will need to listen again for clarity and details How to mend a broken heart 😭 I miss him so much
Junia Pokrifka
Junia Pokrifka 20 dias atrás
@JayJay ChaDoy Awe . . . there are so many questions we have in life and not too many clear answers. Perhaps that's why we need peace that overcomes lack of answers and transcends understanding. Recently when I was in much pain and no answers to my many questions, I pressed hard into Jesus' presence, saying "I have no where else to go with my pain and questions and sense of failure and complaints." I just kept pressing into him. A couple of days later, I suddenly realized that I had been given that peace that overcomes them all and transcends understanding. Press into him. Press into Love. Listen to what Love has to say to you.
JayJay ChaDoy
JayJay ChaDoy 25 dias atrás
@Jleah Wren hugs as sadness turns to beauty for ashes, and oil of joy for mourning/morning.
Jleah Wren
Jleah Wren 25 dias atrás
@JayJay ChaDoy Hi again…. Yes, I can relate. My own art scares me on a daily basis- and I’m scared when we play live as a band, but I love it so much also. Baby steps when you’re scared- one at a time. Try that.
JayJay ChaDoy
JayJay ChaDoy 25 dias atrás
@Junia Pokrifka I believe in Jesus. I'm just so confused. Although I gave him life, and I gave him to Jesus when he was 3 when I received the Lord, and proceeded to pray for him daily. Unfortunately, he was so much more depressed and full of anxiety during the lockdowns that none of us recognized as being more than anyone back in those days, otherwise we would have given him more support. So I pray again, but I'm not sure if I believe in those prayers. God help us all.
JayJay ChaDoy
JayJay ChaDoy 25 dias atrás
@Jleah Wren I need help to get back to my art. It's a little scarry.
Demigod87 Mês atrás
Absolutely amazing, I love you brother, thank you for this beautiful gift of help and knowledge, you are healing people and that is priceless! Thank you
Brandon A. Ortiz
Brandon A. Ortiz Mês atrás
I appreciate your clear and concise communication 📻
Neon_nomad Mês atrás
To beat limbic friction start small, you dont have to do an hour maybe just ten minutes or one minute. It is better to do a little bit of something than a whole lot of nothing.
Snoozy Q
Snoozy Q 4 dias atrás
Yes! I've been doing this with 10 minute guitar practice. It does totally snowball its amazing 🎸
Sis Cuba Try
Sis Cuba Try Mês atrás
Bro kept me accompanied through my 2 hrs drive. Thanks 😊
Vikaas R Sharma
Vikaas R Sharma Mês atrás
Thanks Man , From Last Many Days my mind was wondering , how to temporarily stop these behaviors to happen , i found the answer that as we get trigger for performing these bad behaviours we should start our B C D E F behaviiours ..this can be done for sure .. I wil define my B C D E f and start doing this from tomorrow for stopping my Bad Habits
César Mês atrás
I'm establishing the habit of listen/viewing your podcast every morning, already done 5 days in a row. It's incredible the amount and variety of high quality knowledge that i'm receiving for free. THANK YOU A LOT Professor Andrew Huberman, you are helping me to improve my life by a lot.
Harjeet Kumar
Harjeet Kumar Mês atrás
are you dn t rghtnow???
Richard Banks
Richard Banks Mês atrás
God gift for starting up a new life routine. If the lessons are taken on immeasurable how much benefit there would be.
Red77 2 meses atrás
This can be simplified in one , two and three . 😉😉☺️
Mulligan Brothers Interviews
These episodes are gold 🙌🏻
Boxer Puncher
Boxer Puncher 2 meses atrás
The problem is, most of us are working 8 to 5 and only during the second phase we're at home.
Claire 24 dias atrás
@Стефан Атанасов Hpw are things going? I appreciate your comment and was just wondering if you personally had any more tips! Also wondering if you were able to maintain and if so, any tips. Thank you, friend. ❤
Стефан Атанасов
Same mate. The thing that is working for me so far is actually getting into sleep as soon as possible (like 10pm max) and then woke up around 5. this way I'm having the time between 5ish and 7 for building new habits. In 2-3 weeks time I'm ready to shift those anywhere in the day and initiate new one on that slot. It's a bit of a struggle when it comes to personal life but hey - I feel amazing :D
Dr. Samiera Sadoon Alhassani
Thanks,condition reflex( Pavlov),Visualization a surgical operation, sport procedure, fasting, studying hard,enjoy the process and not goal, follow biological clock , rhythm, sunlight,artificial light, get in habits make life bearable.The best gift give to your body is fasting , relaxation of body and mind, water with lemon. Good luck.
Dipendra Shah
Dipendra Shah 2 meses atrás
Your zero cost to science efforts will compound a lot of value for the mankind. Kudos , Sir Huberman.
Dipendra Shah
Dipendra Shah 2 meses atrás
@Andres Herrera indeed.
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera 2 meses atrás
And the keyword here is mankind, humankind rather, because I was wondering how his distribution of knowledge has, is, and will continue to impact millions of people, which is basically what's required to be, at the very least, nominated for a Nobel Price. He is a Neuroscientist, neuroscience!!!! And he has 2,000,000 subscribers!!!! Average folk, university students, professors, athletes, cab drivers you name it, he has followers from all walks of life. He is due for, at the very least, People Magazine's "......Of The Year" cover.
Fabian Cid
Fabian Cid 3 meses atrás
Insane, the level of quality embedded in this podcast. You can tell how thorough Andrew is, and how he manages to translate difficult concepts into easy explanations for all of us to understand. I can´t thank you enough. This information is mindblowing to me, and I am sure to many others. I do not have to engage limbic friction to listen to you, I actually would set listening to your podcasts in the Linchpin section. Thank you Andrew!
YUBIA Anos atrás
Literally the best video you could've made for all of us who are trying to build new habits for this 2022, thank you doctor Huberman!
M. C. M.
M. C. M. 25 dias atrás
@Mr Huberman - Your tips on breaking bad habits, such as engaging in conscious awareness of the habit (whether afterwards or ongoing) and then using replacement behaviors has been immensely helpful. I'm in recovery and your tools help me deal with even serious, life-altering bad habits. Thank you for what you do! I wish some of this would be integrated into recovery programs. Thank you for what you do!
JudoChop33 Mês atrás
Andrew , I thank you for all the work you do to enrich our knowledge. This is Amazing information heading into the new year. ❤
Safa Mazumder
Safa Mazumder Anos atrás
1:15:55 habit execution (effort to engage in a particular habit) 1 - pick habit u wanna form 2 - what are the steps involved in executing that habit 3 - what are the sequence of events that need to immediately precede the habit, so like 10-15 min before the habit 4 - what are the events and/or feelings that will happen immediately after the habit, so like 10-15 min after the habit in doing this, (positively associating with the idea that you're going to complete this entire sequence), you will engage reward prediction error in the proper way that the dopamine surge can lend itself towards motivation.
Dipankar Mridha
Dipankar Mridha 2 meses atrás
@Sheetal think of you r doing it for 2days not for 21 days. That will make u stress free form a fear of failure. What u can do in day 1 you can do it for 2nd days... That's the moto of segregation in 2 days period.
Sheetal Anos atrás
I am getting confused with chunking a day into 2 days. It will be great if you can explain.
Gabriel Surija
Gabriel Surija Anos atrás
Congrats for 1 year, Dr. Andrew Huberman! Thanks as always. Sharing my lecture notes: Goal Based vs Identity Based Goal: targetted (losing weight), Identity: larger picture of yourself (as a fit person) "It takes 21 days to form habit." study (2010) - it may take 18 days-254 days to form habit. the habit was : taking a walk after dinner/meal. When is a habit considered formed : they do it 85% of the time, and takes not much mental effort to do it. Limbic Friction : activation energy to engage in a particular behavior. Too tired to do it, or too anxious / distracted to do it. Limbic Friction can be measured, and it will be a factor affecting how you can form habits. Linchpin Habits: easy to execute, and make other habits easier to execute. Can be used to access habits that are harder to execute. Linchpin habits are always things that we enjoy / like doing. Ask yourself, what habits you do everyday. Mapping your Habits; Habit Strength, Context-Dependence Habit Strength: Context-Dependence: (context-independence) if you do something regardless of where / what situation you're in, it's a very strong habit. How much limbic friction is required to do the habit? (how much do you have to force it) Will tell you if the habit is embedded deeply or shallowly in your nervous system. The goal is to reach: Automaticity Less mental/physical effort (less limbic friction) Tool 1 : Applying Procedural Memory Visualizations. Procedural Memory: Simple visualization exercise, think through each of the steps from start to finish of the habit gives more likelihood of performing the habit regularly through the days and weeks to come. This step-by-step visualization allows the limbic friction to come down. Hebbian Learning, NMDA receptors make it easier to turn on more neurons when stimulated. Just do the habit once or twice, then think through the steps (from start to finish), will make it easier to form/maintain a habit. Tool 2: Task Bracketing; Dorsolateral Striatum Basal Ganglia: Action execution, suppression. Go / No Go. Dorsolateral Striatum: Particular Structure that marks the start and end of habit, but not the habit per se. This affects the Context-Dependency of the habit. States of Mind, Not Scheduling Time Predicts Habit Strength If you are very specific about performing a habit on time, it isn't working in the long term habit formation. It's not time that affects the habit. Instead, it is the state your brain & body are in that affects your likelihood to perform the habit. Tool 3: Phase-Based Habit Plan 24-hour day: Phase 1: 0-8 h after waking up Phase 2: 9-15h after waking up Phase 3: 16-24h after waking up Phase 1: 0-8h Alert and Focused State: Action and Focus oriented. Viewing Sunlight / Bright Artificial Light Exercise Cold Exposure / Shower Caffeine Ingestion Fasting Places the body in a state to more easily able to engage in activities that have lots of limbic friction. Place the most important and often difficult habits (high limbic friction) into this 0-8 h after waking up. Phase 2: 9-15h Highest Serotonin, Relaxed state of being. Limiting Light / Blue Light Seeing sunset light, but not too much light. Non-sleep Deep Rest, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Selp-Hypnosis Heat and Sauna, Hot Baths/Hot Showers Alert, Present, Working, etc. But try to taper off your stress level. Take on habits that you're already doing that require very little limbic friction. Journaling, Brainstorming. Skills you've known, a bit challenging, but less resistance to do (little limbic friction). Habits you already enjoy. Less energy to override / overcome limbic friction. If you exercise, try to do NSDR afterwards, to allow better rest and recovery. Phase 3: 16-24h State of Mind/Body to allow Neuroplasticity of the day Very low to no light. Keeping room temperature low. Well-fed enough so you're not hungry; not eating. What if you wake up? Try to use very little light; light may make it harder falling back to sleep. Try to fall back to sleep. This phase will allow your brain to form and maintain these habits through neuroplasticity (reframing of the brain cells). It's not just the neural circuits engaged by the task itself, but also before and after, gets consolidated. During the sleep neuroplasticity, you'll find the habits easier to do the next days. Habit Flexibility When the habit becomes reflexive, try to play around when you are doing the habit. By being able to do the habit any time, means the habit is becoming Context-Independence. (it becomes a stronger habit) Recipe: is maintained until you know how to cook something. Afterwards, the information is passed off to a different area. The whole habit step-by-step process eventually becomes reflexive, and no longer needed to be bracketed. How much limbic friction? How much context-dependence? (this is how strong the habit is) Should We Reward Ourselves? How? When? When NOT to. Notion of Reward Prediction Error to improve learning and habits-formation. If you expect a reward and reward comes, that's great. However, if something positive happens unexpectedly, dopamine reward is even better. But if you expect a reward and it doesn't come, that's going to be dangerous (dopamine drop). Tool 4: “Dopamine Spotlighting” & Task Bracketing It's very useful to not just think about the procedural execution, but also the events that preceeds and follow the habit. It casts a spotlight to which dopamine can be associated with. Lean into the habit. Positively anticipate the onset and offset of the habit. Start rewarding task-bracketing instead of rewarding the execution only. Feel good about putting the habit into phase 1, and how it is affecting the events before and after the habit. (Association with broader scale of time) Knowing the positive events that happens afterwards, will help form the habit. Thinking of the events that lead to the habit, will also help form the habit. Tool 5: The 21-Day Habit Installation & Testing System Rooted in the Biology-Psychology Literatures, System: build in habits and test the habit. 21 days: 1. write 6 things you would like to do everyday. 2. what phase of the day they will fall into. 3. you'll only complete 4-5 of those everyday. Some things shouldn't be done everyday (to shuffle out) 4. if you miss a day, there's no punishment. Don't do habit-slip-compensation, just get back to it normally. You need to decide what you can do consistently, 5-6 days a week. 5. Chunking these 21 days into 2 days bin, reset. (just look at 2 days) After 21 days, stop doing these, and go to autopilot. How many of them are you naturally doing afterwards? This is important to know who you are, and how capable you are for these habits. To know how well you've embedded these habits. Reasonable and Realistic. Breaking Habits: Long-Term (Synaptic) Depression Look at the Mirror Image NMDA Receptors: if sets of neurons are active, it is recruiting more neurons. Breaking synapses for habits that you don't want to do (or you want to break) Long-Term (Synaptic) Depression (nothing to do with Psychological Depression): Weaken the connection between neuron A and neuron B How to desynchronize these neurons? Habit: picking up phone in the middle of work session. Reflexive habit of taking up your phone. Most people aren't aware of the immediate steps involved. Realize/Measure the fact that you did the behavior, this may help with the breaking of the habit. Notifications Don’t Work Reminders work in the short term, but not in the long term. Penalties are really effective to break habits. Tool 6: Break Bad Habits with Post-Bad-Habit “Positive Cargo” Take the period following the bad habit execution, you don't have to capture the sequence of events that led to the event, but upon realizing a bad habit you can engage in a replacement behavior immediately afterwards. It takes advantage of the recently activated neurons and recruit different neurons into the habit. It helps to plug in a different continuation habit. It creates a double habit that starts with bad habit, and ends with good habit, but eventually turned into an adaptive habit. You start to recruit other neurons that can dismantle the sequence fired for the bad behavior. It creates a temporal mismatch, and makes bad habit more apparent to you. Bad habit is like a closed-loop (self-repeating), but incorporate the good habit and you can rewrite it in the brain as an open-loop. You want the good behavior to be easy to execute.
Meatman Joe
Meatman Joe 6 dias atrás
Thank you so much
Roopesh Kumar
Roopesh Kumar Mês atrás
Thank you
yogs19 Mês atrás
Thank you
Karen Wang
Karen Wang 2 meses atrás
Thank you very much for sharing
dreadeddeadman 2 meses atrás
Excellent effort🔥🔥thanks a ton, mate
maes beasic
maes beasic Mês atrás
You changed my life ❤🎉🎉
Dwight Saunders
Dwight Saunders Anos atrás
Thank you for this content. About to make my 8 x 21 plan. As a recovering addict who is trying to reprogram their physiology I can say this information is life changing. I have tried checklists, and time blocks... But batching tasks based on limbic friction and alternating tasks in the time slot is brilliant. It takes so much confusion out of the equation. .. the more focus you need the earlier you do the task, the less focus you need, the later in the day you can put it off til. Consciously manipulating that for skill acquisition is priceless.
 Katherines Channel
Every time I watch these podcasts from Dr Andrew Huberman I have to pinch myself that he is sharing all this well-researched knowledge, tools and research for free. NO charge. Thank you. I appreciate it all and do my best to share it widely.
Maayan Aner
Maayan Aner 27 dias atrás
It’s amazing how clearly you explain complex mechanisms. I appreciate especially that you take the time to repeat explanations in different words to clear things up. Thank you for all the knowledge you spread for free!
Barbara Viggiani
Barbara Viggiani 2 meses atrás
I’d like to thank you Dr. Huberman for these amazing podcasts. I am a follower of Jordan B Peterson so I was enthusiastic about watching you on his show. I since binged watched You with Dr Norton and most recently The Science of Making and Breaking Habits. You have become one of my six daily habits. 😂 I have lost both parents, 3 brothers with my oldest brother now struggling in hospital with a rare form of T cell lymphoma and my partner passed March 2022 from this new phenomenon “sudden death syndromeI” I must say your recent podcast on Habits has given me hope and structure to pull the pieces back together. The one thing I do is meditation. I wake around 4am and go directly into my practice for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours… it’s kept me sane. The reason for saying this is, you have asked your audience if there is anyone we would like to see on your program. Since I’m new and have not navigated your channel please excuse me if this person has been on your program. I would love to see you and Dr. Joe Dispenza together. I have attended 3 weeklong meditation retreats… they are transformative and life changing. (He is also among other things a Neuroscientist). His books are Evolve your Brain, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, You are the Placebo and Becoming Supernatural. Thanking you in advance, I’m excited to add an hour of my day watching your channel! Barb
Anna Berzitskaya
Anna Berzitskaya 8 meses atrás
Amazing video!!! So happy to discover your channel❤️
S Ma
S Ma Anos atrás
My habit of watching these every week is surely well established 😁 Thanks again Dr Huberman for the wonderful learning material you generously offer to the world. Pure gold as always! Best wishes to all for this new year 🎉
Dr. Huberman: You are a treasure, and you will stay as my house member for the rest of my life. Thank you for making such huge efforts to educate us.
Anonymously94 Mês atrás
Your content is extremely valuable to me, and I just wanted to say thanks. This year, I got rid of three bad habits that I've held onto for over 10 years, being video games, alcohol, and unplanned social media usage. Not only do I have a lot more time on my hands as a result, I also feel much more at peace.
Luke J
Luke J Anos atrás
Your podcast is changing my life Andrew, THANK YOU! I'm recovering from the second invasive surgical procedure I've had in the last year, and the recovery has been very challenging, much more so than the first time. Your helping me to get out of this rut and get back to active healthy living
GallantryX 11 meses atrás
Yeah, today, after watching only 2 podcasts by Andrew, I knew that he is the “Greatest” podcaster ever!
Katalina Jara Toro
Katalina Jara Toro 4 meses atrás
Gracias Andrew, aprecio mucho tu enseñanza y me está siendo muy útil, abrazo desde Chile
Nunu Sameera
Nunu Sameera 7 meses atrás
Thanks a lot professor. You made my day.
JC Nyvall
JC Nyvall Anos atrás
I am not a morning person so I used your technique (visualise getting up early) and it has been much easier getting up at the same time each morning. So ya, this stuff is helpful!! Thanks Dr. Andrew H.
Jesse Skellington
Jesse Skellington 4 meses atrás
This was amazing! Thank you so much for the information. It's super helpful! :-) Key takeaways * Limbic Resistance * Dopamine is all about anticipation and energy to start a goal
Doctor Ganz
Doctor Ganz 10 dias atrás
I learned tremendous amount of knowledge from this episode. I wrote down about 12 pages of notes. Thank you very much!
Francis Bertolini
Francis Bertolini Mês atrás
Dorsal means back. Superior means up.
Paprika Veg
Paprika Veg Anos atrás
Very happy with this podcast! Can’t say thank you enough to you and your team for the amazing content 💪🏼
Bruno Osti
Bruno Osti 7 meses atrás
Protocols in this episode: - Simply visualizing the steps from the activity you want to transform into a habit significantly reduces the limbic friction to actually engage it. Also, immediately before, observe why you want to start, and after, how you feel about it, to engage dopamine when the activity itself won’t motivate you enough. - Use linchpin habits (you enjoy doing) to facilitate new ones (like doing cardio every time you listen to the podcast). - Try to align your habits formation to your autonomic arousal vs circadian rhythm: higher limbic friction habits in the morning towards more relaxation ones in the evening, helping your brain task bracket your activities and make it easier to “automatically” start them. You will perceive the activity as an actual habit once it is not context dependent (time of the day, circumstances,...) anymore. - Engage in fewer habits (4-6) formation each cycle (20-30 days). Don’t punish or overcompensate the next day if you weren’t able to perform all your habit goals. Start a new habit only after acquiring or substituting one (you can always get back to it in the future). - To break a bad habit (checking phone, biting nails, unwanted thought), consciously observe it and immediately apply a positive one over (sipping water, mental gratitude practice, important information recall or a power word like "enough"), mismatching the bad habit neuron activations, enabling you to change. * Please, listen to the episode to understand how these might apply to you * * Please, correct me if I missed or got something wrong *
Sahin Emrah
Sahin Emrah Mês atrás
Thank you i mean the info that he shares is great but it is kind of torture for someone eho has adhd like me. So this is highly appreciated
anonymous ss
anonymous ss 3 meses atrás
Thank you man for taking time to write this, may God bless you 🙏
Beesmakelifegoo 8 meses atrás
Thank you. You teach in such a wonderful way. I appreciate how you break things down making it very comprehensive. You are a very generous man. Bye
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan Anos atrás
Most knowledge dense podcast ever. This guy is a planetary treasure
ThallonRose Anos atrás
It is! I agree, Im so obsessed with his videos and the podcast, I listen to them over and over and over and always learn something new!
Erica Graham
Erica Graham Anos atrás
Took the words outta my mouth.
Jill McAleese
Jill McAleese Anos atrás
krzemian Anos atrás
Yeah I've heard Unesco asked around for Huberman already
Carlynne Rau
Carlynne Rau Anos atrás
I love that! "Planetary treasure"! So accurate!
Lee Walk
Lee Walk 5 meses atrás
Great podcast , awesome communication, thank you for this amazing content 👏 ❤️
Shirley Brdl
Shirley Brdl Anos atrás
Thanks a lot Dr. Huberman! Could someone explain a little bit more about the 2 days bins part? Thanks 🤗
Deena D
Deena D 7 meses atrás
Very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Kathryn Willette
Kathryn Willette Anos atrás
This is so much better than a therapy session! Thank you, Andrew, for all the time and effort you put into researching this topic! Thank you!
Siemore Pekker
Siemore Pekker Anos atrás
Exactly one year ago I started with this podcast and it has broken everything I did before in terms of „self help“. It’s just incredible. I watched every episode, some two or three times and can only imagine that the team is only getting started. Let’s go Andrew!!
Petras Balsys
Petras Balsys Anos atrás
@Agenda In Mind I guess the irony here is that you're spreading fear, panic and misinformation yourself?
Siemore Pekker
Siemore Pekker Anos atrás
@TRUEiMPROrecords Very good idea. I will keep you updated.
TRUEiMPROrecords Anos atrás
@Siemore Pekker That would be awesome! Keto, meditation, intermittent fasting, sleep hygiene, cardio, supplements, wim hof, sauna. .and on and on! Hourly regimens no cheating! Come out the other end with the light of the cosmos shining thru your skull :D
Siemore Pekker
Siemore Pekker Anos atrás
@TRUEiMPROrecords Haha I will probably do a Video out of it! Something like "I lived on a Huberman Protocol for 21 Days". Make sure to subscribe if you want to stay updated :)
Airla Sophia
Airla Sophia Anos atrás
Exactly. I send this podcast to all my friends and then we discuss how we can implement the techniques and wisdom into our daily lives.
Jupiterrising 444
Jupiterrising 444 7 meses atrás
Thank you so much. This is helping me greatly with nervous system disregulation management from concussion syndrome and CPTSD. It's like brain candy.
edith zeeb
edith zeeb 10 meses atrás
I’m so glad you give examples to explain things.
Tasneem Rasool
Tasneem Rasool 2 meses atrás
Thanks a ton for sharing Andrew. I am so grateful to you. It's been such a precious treasure📚 and Amazing knowledge you have. ❤Love you so much. I get stuck to your lectures once I am connected. Leave everything else and listen to you first. God bless you. 😊
Dr Masasekani Meshack Khosa
Truly amazing session.
Brandon Anos atrás
What’s strange about human behavior is that we can know many things, but taking action in accordance with that knowledge is whole other type of science by itself .
dumbass 3 meses atrás
Critical thinking I think the last part is called. I remember when I was 7. I was babbling on about what I read about space through kids book and then my brother asked me simple questions after the other. "Why is there night and day" " What is a year " So on and so forth Until he asked " Why are there seasons and how come northern hemisphere's season are opposite of hours" And made me sit there until I came up with a reasonable answer. Took me a minute and I was 3xhausted afterwards. Now in my twenties I realised very few people do that including myself. I literally became a pseudo intellectual
ReeRee Mac
ReeRee Mac 5 meses atrás
@Tim Magaling that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. And then write a plan of action. And if you have a spouse, you have to speak with them to help you with those plans or else they may be the person stopping you from those goals and plans… if you are just dating though; you shouldn’t allow that person to stop you or slow you down or get in the way unless you’re going to purposely hurt someone or something of the sorts… ( just in case )…. 🙃😅🫤
Patrick Mureithi
Patrick Mureithi 5 meses atrás
Check out his podcast on dopamine 👍🏽
Deep Healing Vibes
Deep Healing Vibes 7 meses atrás
@znO mE and from that logic, you could also apply it to life that everybody should be loving it because they've been living it since the day they came into this world, however a lot of people are not loving their lives, are depressed, and are playing the victim instead of taking accountability and doing something about their situations. What does that tell us? But back to the topic at hand, we are talking about habit-building here on a micro-scale. Who we are now as individuals are the result of all the habits (behaviors) that we acquired over the years from the day that we were born. So following your logic, if you can pretty much change your mental programming and habits/behaviors to love your 9-5, then congratulations! You've acquired a real superpower there and you'd be unstoppable and becoming who you want to be :-) Peace ✌️
znO mE
znO mE 7 meses atrás
@Deep Healing Vibes so from that logic everybody should be loving their 9 to 5 because they have been there for a while but that’s not the case at all.
anand K
anand K Anos atrás
Congratulation for Frist anniversary of podcast. These 53 week has changed our life. Thank you and your team for hard working.
Maureen Greer
Maureen Greer Anos atrás
Wow...need this 5 more times..take notes...perfect for my health coaching and myself. Thank you so much
John Bino
John Bino 7 meses atrás
I love this . I've since realized I need to give back with my life's journey . By t w. I'm a member . .. happy to be here just driven to contribute to this cause !!
John Bino
John Bino 7 meses atrás
Thank you.
Marco Sander
Marco Sander 4 meses atrás
"We feel good about our bad habits immediately, but very bad about them in the long run." "We feel bad about our good habits immediately, but very good about them in the long run."
Fitness Matters by Razvan Naste
Amazing episode! I took more notes than I did in 3 months of university courses. Thank you!
esteban espinoza
esteban espinoza 26 dias atrás
Great content and a fantastic way to explain it. I am always looking for a way to breaking my bad habits and keep the good ones. I was focusing on too many new habits all at once, and it never lasted. I will apply the 21/6 system. Thank you very much for sharing this channel.
SkatebardCA(anada) 8 dias atrás
Thank you, Doc. I always learn so much from what you share.
Santhosh Santhoju
Santhosh Santhoju 4 meses atrás
"One of the best video I have watched in my life ❣️" Thanks Andrew sir
Captain Kyrgyzstan
Captain Kyrgyzstan Anos atrás
Thank you Dr. Huberman for letting your information to be free and accessible. It helps me a lot,living in a village in Kyrgyzstan.
TechyTrendy Solutions
TechyTrendy Solutions 2 meses atrás
@Eric Hamm why so arrogant and ignorant?
The English Sisters
The English Sisters 8 meses atrás
Deep Healing Vibes
Deep Healing Vibes 9 meses atrás
@Captain Kyrgyzstan Great to hear that! So excited for you and your family :-D I love my country, too - except traffic in Manila 😅. Had enough of that. Province life is way better in my opinion. All the best to you :)
Captain Kyrgyzstan
Captain Kyrgyzstan 9 meses atrás
@Deep Healing Vibes Indeed,what a small world hahahah. Yeah,I am planning to go there this autumn. This corona virus messed up our plan). I loved everything about Phillipines, just the traffic was crazy hahaha.
Deep Healing Vibes
Deep Healing Vibes 9 meses atrás
@Captain Kyrgyzstan Hey, Captain! What a small world! I worked in Manila for almost a decade until I moved back here to Iligan when the pandemic started. I used to do Airbnb hikes in the mountains of Rizal before tours were shut down. Love that place :) Hope you have plans to be reunited with your daughter and fiance soon. Must be challenging being away from each other.
Satish singh
Satish singh Anos atrás
Thankyou very much sir! This kind of content is very valuable!
Trent Bellwood
Trent Bellwood Anos atrás
Hey Friend. Love the show. It's one of themost constructive influences in my life. I'm commenting to suggest that we don't use the term lynchpin so casually. The word has a racist, violent history, and other words like Keystone habits or even Core Habits work just as well. Thanks for the work!
abdulkadir peker
abdulkadir peker 12 dias atrás
Thanks Dr Huberman. I love listening your podcast. You do amazing jobs in the realm of BRvid.
Ishani Dalal
Ishani Dalal 26 dias atrás
Appreciate your guidance always. Thank you so much for your contribution to humanity.🙏
Simnan Peerzada
Simnan Peerzada Anos atrás
I’m a 17 yo anxious kid from India and I must say your channel is one of the most transformative channels on BRvid. Your content is filled with transcendental wisdom. After watching only few of your videos, I must say I'm more hopeful than ever. You made me realise how my circadian/emotional rhythms are completely messed up and what I need to do in order to make my life better. You are one of the giants of BRvid. Jordan Peterson, lex, Joe Rogan and you! Thanks 🙏
Loko van Norden
Loko van Norden 11 meses atrás
This podcast is an absolute 10/10. From the interesting theoretical information and useful practical tips to perfect delivery by Dr. Huberman, it is a pleasure and a privilege to watch.
Kanthraj 11 meses atrás
Wow amazing episode Thank you so much dear professor ❤️😊🙏
Goezzillas Mês atrás
After each episode I feel so powerful, thanks Mr huberman
Annika K
Annika K 10 meses atrás
This was the first episode of yours that I listened to and it truly changed my life- thank you! Regular listener now. Make the Huberman mugs, please! : )
Hely Rambelo
Hely Rambelo Anos atrás
Happy new Year Dr. Huberman & team and every one ! 🍾 With this topic 2022 will be epic 🤩
lavinia manciu
lavinia manciu Anos atrás
Andrew, you are my Linchpin Habit :), due to you i'm consistent in my workouts, watching and listening to you gives me dopamine, serotonin, you're my knowledge treat, you're TOP1, thanks for the hard work you're doing, thanks for the way you're explaining, your podcasts are on my every day to do list but with a big pleasure! Have a healthy prosperous New Year! HUG!
Tobitis Anos atrás
When you started talking about the 21 days and 6 habits I couldn’t help but smile and tear up as I think to myself that you are saving my life and a lot others and helping us reach our potential and be better people.
Rahul Reddy
Rahul Reddy Mês atrás
@Mama Bear early dopamine
Mama Bear
Mama Bear Mês atrás
@Rahul Reddy what is dangerous?
Rahul Reddy
Rahul Reddy Mês atrás
​@Mama Bear it's dangerous and destroys life.
Hưng Hoàng Mạnh
@Mama Bear LOLLLLL :)))))))))))
Mama Bear
Mama Bear 2 meses atrás
That is a sign that you were experiencing early onset of dopamine.
Caraid Anos atrás
Thank you Dr Huberman from the bottom of my heart! This year you’ve given me hope knowing there are tips at my disposal to improve my life!
Victoria Anos atrás
This is EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you!
Davy Roger
Davy Roger Anos atrás
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
firoz shaikh
firoz shaikh 21 dia atrás
@Davy Roger 9
Dr. Samiera Sadoon Alhassani
Aristotle, every act you do must be ethical all the time, to be an ethical being,same applied to health.Acts make our life and character, so we can do our lives .
Terrell Bunch
Terrell Bunch 2 meses atrás
@Davy Roger thanks
Terrell Bunch
Terrell Bunch 2 meses atrás
@Davy Roger thanks your
Terrell Bunch
Terrell Bunch 2 meses atrás
@Daniele De Gregorio a Great 😃😃
Carissa Hill
Carissa Hill Anos atrás
Seriously sounds like I need to write a computer code to code in my habits I want. Thanks SOOO Much for all your work to do these Podcasts! I so apprecaite it!
Dominique Ara
Dominique Ara Anos atrás
Brilliant Dr. Huberman! Soooo useful Now I am curious to learn more about action execution and action suppression in the Basel Ganglia.🤔
Pedro Paulo Morandini
Pedro Paulo Morandini 3 meses atrás
Hi Andrew! I'm from Brasil and there are a lot of friends of mine, me included, that love your work! Thank you for sharing this extremely useful content!
E Johnson
E Johnson 8 meses atrás
I am so very grateful for all the knowledge you so generously give. May the Universe bless you each and every day, Dr. Huberman.
Brian swain
Brian swain 4 meses atrás
You sir are a genius in both knowledge and delivery
Lindsay Walela
Lindsay Walela 11 meses atrás
This channel is probably my favorite on BRvid. If youre reading this: watch this whole damn thing- it wasnt a coincidence this was lulling down your BRvid timeline! This was meant for you & me to see.
Lodus Beats
Lodus Beats Anos atrás
So many gems in this podcast!! Thank you for sharing this information.
WeTheJourney Anos atrás
Happy New Year, Andrew and all your team! I am definitely implementing the habit of learning more and using the shared knowledge for improving myself in many ways, thanks again for your support and encouragement! This podcast is really making a difference and getting better and better, looking forward to following your progress through the year
I Sensible Humanist
This is my personal favourite podcast now. Science based, well informed and yet concise and completely accessible to ordinary lay people. Absolutely fantastic work.
Quinefan 10 meses atrás
@john clancy Summarise, perhaps, but not, I think, 'easily', and not without loss of detail.
john clancy
john clancy Anos atrás
@I Sensible Humanist I'm not denying there is alot of valuable information but it isn't concise. You could summarize it in 15 minutes easily.
I Sensible Humanist
@john clancy There’s a lot of information presented in these podcasts. He summarises entire research papers and theses into a couple of sentences. Presenting this amount of detailed scientific literature is difficult and I think he does an excellent job.
john clancy
john clancy Anos atrás
Imene Halimi
Imene Halimi 5 meses atrás
Better then reading a book about habits, thank you doctor 😊
roosaleczka Anos atrás
It was so funny for me to hear the example of brushing your teeth as something easy. I train for 10 years now, 6 times a week, I stick to my diet regime flawlessly and care about my sleep. Yet, brushing my teeth is something extra when I’m tired at night and I sometimes skip that haha! Just a funny anecdote 😉 I love these podcasts and knowledge!
Die NachtSchwester
Die NachtSchwester 3 meses atrás
Mr. Huberman makes me want to go back to university to study neuroscience. I’m completely fascinated by his teachings and they’ve already helped me so much in overcoming PTSD (breastcancer survivor). By sharing what he taught me and referring to his channels I’ve been able to help others as well. Powerful. Thank you mr. Huberman🙌🏻.
Beth Pride Ford
Beth Pride Ford Anos atrás
This was a fantastic episode - thank you!
Paris Outside My Front Door
You're such a great teacher. You have a keen insight and and are so inclusive. We who have challenges making change appreciate you!
Mark Wotton
Mark Wotton Anos atrás
Thanks Dr Huberman, fantastic podcast. I was a bit curious about the 21 day protocol: I was thinking about what you should do if after the second 21 day period, you have (for the sake of concreteness) cemented in 5 of 6 habits. Should you then spend the next 21 days focusing only on that one leftover habit, or re-up with another 5?
Rayan G
Rayan G 3 meses atrás
i wish there were tldr versions of these videos as much as i love the knowledge in the long form. short form would be nice too
Ana Ostrovskaya
Ana Ostrovskaya Anos atrás
When I learned about the possibility of going on a trip I was so happy, imagining what I would do and how it would go. After 1 week when I learned that it's not going to happen I wasn't even upset! it felt like all the excitement passed, like there was no more joy left in the system, like the stock was empty. It's nice to know that I wasn't crazy, thank you Mr Huberman!
Xiangcheng Zhu
Xiangcheng Zhu Anos atrás
I’m just in a recovery of a illness which requires a lot of repetitive habit and work, thank you Dr. Huberman!
Elif Anos atrás
Get well soon!
Nafosat Toshtemirova
Nafosat Toshtemirova 9 meses atrás
Thank you for the podcast and happy anniversary! I have been listening to your podcast, some even 3-4 times and taking notes as on lectures! So many useful tools
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson 8 meses atrás
Thank you soo much, Dr Huberman. Your explanation of the Brain and Nervous System is without a doubt, the best teaching i have ever heard!
מרים טל
מרים טל Anos atrás
Thank you. I’m listening to you. For years l’m trying to solve my sleeping problems. It took me several months to view the sun rise and set. Only last week it start working. It’s been now one hole week that I’m sleeping all night. Im in great gratitude, and amazing.
Anka Mongolia
Anka Mongolia Anos atrás
Hello Doctor Huberman! Happy new year! Your Mongolian student took an extensive note of this lesson. Thank you. My day is now has 3 phases and now i will be able to regulate any activities better throughout the day. Smart living with this lesson. No more combatting with myself.
Larry Gruzer
Larry Gruzer 24 dias atrás
Thank you for giving us knowledgeable information. May God bless you with full health and happiness always.
What If
What If 2 meses atrás
Great content. The only problem it took 7 mn for you start taking about it.
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