The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup!

Marques Brownlee
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Rivian R1T is a quad motor adventurous electric compact pickup truck. I've run out of adjectives. But this truck is incredibly fun.

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22 Out 2021



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Comentários 10 593
Gerry Lane
Gerry Lane 10 horas atrás
can you add roof racks or tub racks ? Most "working utes ' need to carry pipe lengths etc. Bull Bar ?
Kevin M
Kevin M 16 horas atrás
Just not a fan of the door handles. I've seen other brands adopt this style too, bleh!
Devon Le Blanc
Devon Le Blanc 17 horas atrás
its 70k, lol... no thanks
Alix Morii
Alix Morii 21 hora atrás
I would love to live in one of these trucks
Postghost Dia atrás
So what does happen whenever you're off camping in the middle of nowhere and, for whatever reason, you accidentally run your batteries flat... What's the goto soloution for that sort of eventually? Is it feasible to charge it with solar panels or something
Glen Bard
Glen Bard Dia atrás
That is one ugly front end.
NTLAMZA'S CHAMBER 2 dias atrás
This truck will be nice for drug smuggling
Anti Singh
Anti Singh 2 dias atrás
I bought one and it s much better than tesla sedan.
Mr spacely
Mr spacely 2 dias atrás
That thing is nice ,can't wait to get one
BeazyFaSho 2 dias atrás
Damn this thing is epic.
LNJO 2 dias atrás
This truck is insane !! love it :) I'm wondering if you will ever see it in Germany haha
Tiger Blood
Tiger Blood 2 dias atrás
8:50 Marques trying to hold his giggle, understandable. That's how cool you feel while you drive this :)
Aaron Chew
Aaron Chew 2 dias atrás
We need a universal EV charging network
J F 3 dias atrás
This truck is for wealthy womanly men who would only put a cardboard box in the bed to avoid scratching the interior bed liner.
florida bass edition
florida bass edition 3 dias atrás
That truck looks ugly. Pass
Arjen Roosen
Arjen Roosen 3 dias atrás
Revian R1S
MOPARGuy 3 dias atrás
The power and torque these electric vehicles are making is awesome.
Bound4Earth 4 dias atrás
It also includes a bonus, it actually looks like a truck and not something your little brother wrote into his Tron fanfiction.
floop 4 dias atrás
it was when I said to myself, "Wow! This car has a lot of cool things!" you showed a whole ass KITCHEN come out of that truck.. this thing is sick
RedondoBeach2 4 dias atrás
The 4' bed: too short. Panoramic sunroof: undesirable. Make an extended cab with a bigger bed and no sunroof.
David Stepp
David Stepp 4 dias atrás
All electric vehicle pickup oh yeah
David Stepp
David Stepp 4 dias atrás
Awesome I want one on finance i love this A all Electric V vehicle an (AEV) All electric vehicle
Jason L
Jason L 4 dias atrás
70k for a truck lol
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 4 dias atrás
Instead of building a decent E- vehicle , priced for the masses , they started with that at a price only rich can afford. And no , is a no for me all those light bars front and back. I don't want a vehicle that is going to called people's attention for all that light.
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 4 dias atrás
Waiting on the R1S SUV. What I love about Rivian is that it has interesting gimmicks like Tesla does but in areas where it makes sense. The different key fobs with one being an activity bracelet similar to Land Rovers, the many cargo compartments including the gear tunnel which also doubles as a bench, it has its own version of sentry mode which is one of the only Tesla gimmicks I actually care for, a rechargeable portable speaker, a rechargeable portable flashlight, a built in air compressor, many household charge ports in the frunk and cargo bed, and the security cable for having a bicycle in the rear. No useless garbage like a steering yoke that is in there because the narcissist CEO feels like having it there even if many of his customers hate it, or a completely useless smart summons where the car moves like a confused snail, takes forever for the car to get to you at which point I'd rather just get the stupid car myself. The interior looks nicer and way better put together than that of Teslas, and most of all, the car looks like it has character of which I find Teslas are completely devoid of.
Adil Verdi
Adil Verdi 4 dias atrás
Stars with just over 70 thousand dollars it quickly ends for me.
Billy Dotcom
Billy Dotcom 4 dias atrás
Really well done video. Thank you for this content, I found it quite informitive.
ahmad ahmed
ahmad ahmed 4 dias atrás
bro please man do a video for GGPI
Calvin Dean
Calvin Dean 4 dias atrás
I’ll take my Tesla Truck…. I don’t like the shape as it looks like a regular truck…. Thanks for the vlog… 👏
s h
s h 4 dias atrás
It's a smugglers dream
Bladerunner2043 5 dias atrás
Bought a Tesla! I did test drive almost all electro vehicles. Driving a Tesla is like living in the future. Its your decision, buy the car you want, but you will regret if its not a Tesla. Tesla is light years ahead of any competition!
Bhuvanesh Pal
Bhuvanesh Pal 5 dias atrás
Lol you really shouldn’t do automotive reviews. Stick to small tech.
Matt Ferguson
Matt Ferguson 5 dias atrás
does it have remote climate control comparable to tesla's camp and dog modes?
Matt Ferguson
Matt Ferguson 5 dias atrás
Would be a dream vehicle it had a bed large enough to carry a conventional hard body camper. as is, it is pretty much useless.
twochaudio mg
twochaudio mg 5 dias atrás
man, that truck is like a redheaded male stepchild
springfieldbearpatrol 5 dias atrás
4WD or Allwheel Drive? XM radio? Is there a +/- output to allow a jump start for another vehicle? Is there a small solar panel attachment if you are deep in the backcountry?
Brendan Ryan
Brendan Ryan 5 dias atrás
Thanos Car
gerald greer
gerald greer 5 dias atrás
Suckers never buy the first year of any vehicle.
Smokey Walker
Smokey Walker 5 dias atrás
70, 80, 90 thousand to haul lumber and bricks around. What ever happened to the concept of a working truck be it electric or liquid fuel?
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu 5 dias atrás
I like Tesla but an empty interior with just a yoke and a screen really doesn't suit me. I want knobs, dials and switches that I can reach without looking or fumbling with menus.
HR DeVille
HR DeVille 6 dias atrás
R u calling it a truck?
HR DeVille
HR DeVille 6 dias atrás
The license is a passenger vehicle
Disco Maradonnie Soundsystem
This needs to go too europe
Badonkabonk 6 dias atrás
The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup!.... that doesn't exist yet.
Michael Pena
Michael Pena 6 dias atrás
This could possibly be a Narco truck with so many hidden compartments
David Bodi
David Bodi 6 dias atrás
China ?
windwardpro 6 dias atrás
Even a truck has the stupid _grey_ wood? Stop with this freakin' fad everybody! UGLY! In 10 years everybody will be saying, "what the hell were we thinking?- everything (flooring, wall accents, paint, carpet, tile, car trim) in our house and our car is depressing washed-out weathered grey!"
J F 6 dias atrás
All these comments about which pickup looks the best... the R1t weighs almost 2000lbs more than a Ford Raptor, the motors are in the wheel hubs (not going in water). And it has the worst efficiency rating of 48kwh per 100miles... 314 mile range unloaded. yr buying junk straight off the lot folks.
Heather M
Heather M 6 dias atrás
What I saw like the steering wheel better then the Tesla’s.
XReflexian 6 dias atrás
The headlights ruim the look for me ... They are ugly as fuck
Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay
Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay 6 dias atrás
Awesome super pro
Tom Spurlock
Tom Spurlock 7 dias atrás
The headlights look ridiculous. A bad first impression.
SPmbp11 7 dias atrás
I respect everyone in this comment section saying they love this, but my honest opinion is its hideous looking
ТурбоТОП 7 dias atrás
Rivian is going to go bankrupt within a year. Wanna bet? It's Nikola 2.0 all over the place, but this time with an insane amount of money pumped into it through the clown stock market that Murica is having at the moment.
Vmaestro1 7 dias atrás
Truck looks retro-futuristic if that's even a word. Very Impressive, has that WOW factor!
Johan Falk
Johan Falk 7 dias atrás
1776 batteries 🦅
Sanford Fahy
Sanford Fahy 7 dias atrás
Without OEM parts, I am not going to trust these eV for ownership !
Lukas E.
Lukas E. 7 dias atrás
looks like the lego pick up trucks i built when i was 12. foken ugleey
DJNaija 7 dias atrás
This will make an incredible cop car
A J 7 dias atrás
70k + , that's a lot especially when u compare cyber truck and its out
John Then
John Then 7 dias atrás
Richard Fernandez
Richard Fernandez 8 dias atrás
Kyle Rittenhouse can pit his rifles in the gear tunnel. Cool
Zezlink 8 dias atrás
This car was designed to smuggle drugs.
NickBall 8 dias atrás
What kind of range did you get? Was it close to the stated value of 315 miles?
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez 8 dias atrás
All pretty good except the front design. It's just plain ugly!
mwild2198 8 dias atrás
EPA rebates?
J P 8 dias atrás
Andrew 8 dias atrás
When I heard the Bluetooth speaker I literally said out loud “WHATT??” 😂 I need this
Ollie Tsb
Ollie Tsb 8 dias atrás
I really like that Edsel look. Wow - what a great history that is-! And since the "association" with Ford is now over (Nov 2021), I wonder if that's why Rivian stocks took a nosedive? I just wish The Real Issues with batteries were being discussed: "after batteries die, do they really pile up and poison groundwaters like mini-Chernobyls?"
Yaru 8 dias atrás
I really think Tesla should pivot and make a truck like this. They would have a better chance at competing
者 匿名
者 匿名 8 dias atrás
buy in stock
Kiet Tran
Kiet Tran 8 dias atrás
They should build a Sprinter size van and make it super luxury vanlife 😊
J B 8 dias atrás
Interesting where they placed the charging connector on the left front bumper??? I can see someone taking this offroad and hitting this part of the bumper potentially damaging this area.
AdmiralCreamy 8 dias atrás
Here I am waiting for an actually affordable electric vehicle comparable to gas of the same price.
Vino S
Vino S 8 dias atrás
All I can say is this truck ".....nailed it...."
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson 8 dias atrás
I would argue this video added billions to Rivians market cap LOL
Ravi Naga
Ravi Naga 8 dias atrás
Electric car super👌 future
Tilman 8 dias atrás
Handgun Compartment under the seat. Rifle compartment under the bed. nice!
Harold Wright
Harold Wright 8 dias atrás
thanks for showing the undercarriage. that will be fun in canada after a couple of winters and being unable to undercoat....
David Mansfield
David Mansfield 8 dias atrás
I like the size of it and it seem way more practical the the Tesla truck.
LeftOverPorkChop 8 dias atrás
There's just something about listening to an urbanite tech guy reviewing a pick up truck. Sure, it has lots of interesting little features and can hold two back packs under the hood. But can it tow? How much can it haul? What is the range if you have a 5000 lb load on a trailer? (that would be a small towing load that a mid size truck would typically be expected to pull). To me, this is the epitome of why electric vehicles will not work. Sure, it will get the average guy back and forth to the office, and maybe to a camp site. But when it comes to being a truck, it isn't.
Byron M
Byron M 8 dias atrás
Designers: okay, so how much storage do we want? Rivian senior management: yes
Venture B.
Venture B. 8 dias atrás
$80k but think of the money you save on gas.
Kanti123 9 dias atrás
The front looks like bay max face
HeRo TuRtle
HeRo TuRtle 9 dias atrás
yeah, if you really wanna, you can pack three totally random people in there just like you can see in this unidentified shot I very randomly found somewhere. now let's move on to the point.
vigilante351 9 dias atrás
Why do EV companies make the front ends of these things look fugly! Two dyson indoor fan shaped headlights, does not look appealing at all. Aside from that - really does have some potential.
J Mendy
J Mendy 9 dias atrás
Does it have solar charging capability.. like I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere and I need a charge… I just want to setup solar panels and recharge .
MrTyrant333 9 dias atrás
Nothing like paying what you would hypothetically for fuel anyway up front jeepers. They must think Millennial s We're born last night. Way over priced
whatCHEWcraving 9 dias atrás
T hanks for such a detailed review . In the market for a car, for now I’m sticking with Tesla. May just wait a few years on rivian for improvement
blackmoresarchangel 9 dias atrás
Great looking truck.Makes my Tacoma look bland
F3ND1MUS 9 dias atrás
The ford of the electric truck world
Ahren Wagner
Ahren Wagner 9 dias atrás
It would be nice if they made a simpler package with things like less cameras, no fancy lights, no big screens, no driver assist so there could be an option for just a simple off-road capable electric truck.
Postghost Dia atrás
Yea, but then there would be less incentive to sell the more expensive version. Something that's simultaneously built smart, efficient, modular, durable, affordable, and easily repairable, doesn't make the big bucks in the long run, constantly reminding us of the true purpose of these companies was never actually to provide you with any particular transport experience, as much as it was to provide them with money. Hence, why that vehicle you've described will never exist, ouside of perhaps some future, probably croudfunded, open vehicle manufacturing hub. That will probably exist, at some time... don't hold your breath tho. 🤔 Hmm ...pity I'm not the entrepreneur type to start that off... Imagine buying your exact parts that you could put together like lego. Build EXACTLY the vehicle you require. One could still make millions WHILE providing the world with clean, 3D printed modular car kit parts at dramatically affordable vehicles by comparison. Thats where your car'd come from.
『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф
Yep. Tech ages like egg sandwiches on a hot day.
Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney 9 dias atrás
That storage behind the seat is the ultimate beer window. If you are into that. You can even plug in a portable cooler for your beer...
809Gunslinger 9 dias atrás
this thing is nice😮
Joe 9 dias atrás
When you can get the charging down to 5 minutes then I will be interested.
Reef it Simple
Reef it Simple 9 dias atrás
cfc1001001cfc 9 dias atrás
It looks both slick and practical at the same time...and people drop $70k/$80k on big 'ol Showtrucks (that never get a speck of dirt or ever hall anything) so they should sell quite well. That being said, let's see how much less the range is when it is loaded to its maximum towing weight.
Sebastiaan 9 dias atrás
The front looks like it’s from Star Wars
ambrogiofogar 9 dias atrás
electric lada niva
Database Base Australia
A motor on each wheel means no need for diffs or diff locks. Pity the range is so low.
akash rayansh
akash rayansh 9 dias atrás
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