The Rise Of Toyota 

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Toyota became one of the world’s largest automakers by churning out cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. In the United States several models were among the country's best selling cars in 2018 including the Toyota Corolla, Camry, Highlander and Tacoma.
Over the years, Toyota has grown a reputation for being affordable, reliable, safe and... kind of boring. A scion of the Toyoda family, Akio Toyoda, now has the reins at the company and has given the company a severe order for no more boring cars.
Now the Japanese giant is doubling down on speed, adventure, and cutting edge technology, in a bid to survive and succeed. It recently relaunched the Toyota Supra, which was originally produced from the late 1970s to the early 2000s.
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The Rise Of Toyota

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3 Jun 2023



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Comentários : 2 608   
miguel urena
miguel urena 3 anos atrás
No matter what ppl and journalists say about Toyota being boring cars.... they will always be # 1 in reliability and long term ownership PERIOD.
newsgetsold 3 anos atrás
Hyundai and Kia will overtake Toyota on reliability.
Justin Xu
Justin Xu 3 anos atrás
newsgetsold haha! That’s funny it will never happen.
John Moore
John Moore 3 anos atrás
Ganda Gandara I own a 2000 Honda Civic and while yes the engine and transmission is sound, I have had more problems than the equivalent Toyota Corolla. Windows stick and come off the track, clear coat is peeling like crazy, exhaust has fallen off half a dozen times due to rust, overall body is rusting out, radio knobs don’t work reliably, brake pedal is mushier than mashed potatoes. The drivetrain in Hondas is sound but the rest of the car isn’t as well built as a Toyota. With that said I’d still buy a Honda *car* over a Toyota due to them looking better and being more sporty. Plus I’d say they’re second in reliability after Toyota. After Honda there’s a pretty steep drop off. Like *MAYBE* Ford would be 3rd.
G O 3 anos atrás
their jealously
KillenEMsoftly 3 anos atrás
all that matters at the end of the day
GreenAppelPie 3 anos atrás
Toyota doesn’t have to worry about competition as long as they keep doing what they’re doing.
jamepearson 3 anos atrás
GreenAppelPie Not true. Not true at all. Many of companies got fvcked up thinking the same. One must evolve to keep relevant. Even their North America C.A.O stated that in the video, and not getting comfortable. There is always the next best one mile away from passing you out the blue, and becoming the new top dawg. You might want to ask BlackBerry if this true. Nothing stays constant but change. And TOYOTA is no exception.
ojars zvaigzne
ojars zvaigzne 3 anos atrás
Resting on your laurels is not going to keep you on top!
ojars zvaigzne
ojars zvaigzne 3 anos atrás
@jamepearson Well written, Sir!
SunConure 3 anos atrás
Never EVER underestimate your competition. You are 100% wrong I’m sorry.
Thanh Do Huu
Thanh Do Huu 3 anos atrás
@jamepearson This. In 2007, there was a Forbes article: "Nokia 1 Billion Customers - Can anyone catch the cell phone king?". Sleeping on your success is dangerous.
nismo2070 3 anos atrás
I worked for a Toyota/Chrysler dealer for 7 years in the mid/late 90's. The quality difference between the two brands was ridiculously obvious.
Joe Santa Maria
Joe Santa Maria 2 anos atrás
The best car company in the world, by far. I’ve driven well over one million miles in various models since 1988, and I would NEVER drive anything else.
Chris Invests
Chris Invests 3 anos atrás
Make quality, reliable cars for fair prices and you're bound to be successful 👍
Jensen Raylight
Jensen Raylight 3 anos atrás
no, i don't think people want something boring and generic, even if its quality are great and reliable
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders 3 anos atrás
Have you looked around? Obviously they do.
Jensen Raylight
Jensen Raylight 3 anos atrás
@Jason Sanders the financial statement do tell the truth, car isn't like big mac, you only buy car a few time in your life, you want the best but you can eat big mac everyday
Alan G
Alan G 3 anos atrás
@Jensen Raylight Or you can buy a boring reliable car since you'll be dead in a year eating Big Macs anyway so why does it matter.
John Doe
John Doe 3 anos atrás
Yup that goes across the board. Stop the planned obsolescence!!!
The BrightFuture30 Family
You cannot call Toyota "boring!" It is the only vehicle that I would buy-- one that is fast, reliable, and updated with the latest technology.
smeagol Anos atrás
i think people think of them as being boring because they are not the best looking vehicle's but it is safe cheap reliable and fuel efficient cheap maintence
The BrightFuture30 Family
@smeagol You think $45K is cheap? You’re not a millionaire. You can’t use words like that!
Jason Thach
Jason Thach 3 anos atrás
If you build a high reliable car with low maintenance cost, people will keep coming back to you.
John Doe
John Doe 3 anos atrás
Most producers go for planned obsolescence and expect consumers to blindly buy cheap metal/plastic cars with Styrofoam bumpers and expect consumers to not question when they are made to breakdown quickly
J & J
J & J 3 anos atrás
John Doe imagine if all car companies did that. Guess not.
Spencer G
Spencer G 3 anos atrás
So like a Tesla Model 3 right?
Andrew Velis
Andrew Velis 3 anos atrás
@Spencer G Exactly! Jason just described a different car. Not a Toyota.
Chimmey Chime
Chimmey Chime 3 anos atrás
@Spencer G the comment said reliable and low maintenance cost.
Sergio Ruano
Sergio Ruano 3 anos atrás
I've had a Camry, Rav4, and Tacoma. Toyota just makes great cars.
Mike Foehr
Mike Foehr 3 anos atrás
We had Corolla....Tacoma and 3 vehicles have ever owned.
Cookie Betts
Cookie Betts 3 anos atrás
I have a 2003 Sequoia, 2001 Lexus LS 430, 1997 4Runner, 2002 Lexus ES and 2019 Camry
ojars zvaigzne
ojars zvaigzne 3 anos atrás
As of 2020, the RAV4 has dropped in reliability, pretty sure problems will be rectified VERY quickly...
Idtelos 3 anos atrás
Still have my third gen 4Runner 4x4 in stick. Parts are still readily available and it's still a great vehicle.
Sergio Ruano
Sergio Ruano 3 anos atrás
Grizzy Bear I have had other cars, BMW 325i, Honda Civic, Ford Ranger, and a mistubishi eclipse. I was listing off all the Toyotas I've had and I stick to my original comment.
The Queen's Half Corgi
I don’t care what you do #Toyota, just keep making reliable vehicles.
Erik Racpan
Erik Racpan 2 anos atrás
My Toyota Yaris is 12 tears old, raked in 300K and still almost as lively and consistent to drive. The most reliable car I have.
Steven Pena
Steven Pena 3 anos atrás
Hondas and toyotas are the most reliable cars. Had a 2002 Acura with 245 thousand plus miles still ran great. Bought a 2012 Camry now
Stoner Morty
Stoner Morty 3 anos atrás
Kevin Prima They do but the Zupra? Not so sure about those BMWs. My old E46's transmission broke down at 65k. Traded in for my current TSX and still running.
Bearnos 3 anos atrás
Sneakersn Visuals well the engine in the zupra passes Toyota’s rigorous testing so it should be pretty reliable
Steven Pena
Steven Pena 3 anos atrás
Fat Buddha I agree Hondas are better.
Stoner Morty
Stoner Morty 3 anos atrás
@Bearnos as much as I like the design of the Zupra, BMW already left a sour taste. I'll wait and see. I'm more interested in the Type-S right now. I'm in the 4-door sport lux market.
fatboy19831 3 anos atrás
Honda for the most part is mass produced marshmallows. Their reliability is at best average now. Honda has been lost Senes mr Honda died. Has looked to Toyota for inspiration. Now Honda cars are just as boring as the Toyota product without the long term reliability.
mike devaney
mike devaney 3 anos atrás
Toyota make incredibly reliable cars so people buy them
ojars zvaigzne
ojars zvaigzne 3 anos atrás
Consistently RELIABLE!!!!
Byron Chavarria 495
I Don’t Pay Attention To Car Reliability
Byron Chavarria 495
Tesla Is Reliable
Shezad M
Shezad M 2 meses atrás
yup very good cars! the corolla i drive works great! by the way, the videos on the playlist on my channel might interest some people!
Shashank 3 anos atrás
Toyota's annual revenue is $240 billion. Volkswagen comes at second ($117 billion)
Ahmed 3 anos atrás
That's more than gdp of most countries 💀
Sourajyoti 3 anos atrás
Volkswagen Audi Group is the biggest automaker, with a revenue of $278 bil.
Abdul Harist Muqorrobin
@Sourajyoti no. Toyota 2018 revenue is $272B and VW group made $235B
Eli Albert
Eli Albert 3 anos atrás
Captain Caveman Say it loud and proud dude! I'm with you
solidify 3 anos atrás
Abdul Harist Muqorrobin Volkswagen Group is 278 billion. #1 selling brand in 2018 was Volkswagen
MurKage. 3 anos atrás
People say Toyota is boring but damn, look at the new Camry! That thing is sportyyy
GreenAppelPie 3 anos atrás
MurKage. I always like the look of Toyotas
yellow98gt 3 anos atrás
Unfortunately the build quality has suffered in exchange for the attractive styling
NOVA 09 3 anos atrás
Rice lol
MurKage. 3 anos atrás
NOVA 09 in my opinion if you get the V6 It can be something of a sleeper with a tune
Dex Terrr
Dex Terrr 3 anos atrás
0-60 in 6seconds is a quir thing for a camry
Cory Maiden
Cory Maiden 3 anos atrás
I love my Toyota Corolla!!! Best reliable car ever. Boring you say? What's boring is sitting in a service waiting room. You won't see me there a lot, except for an oil change. Thank you Toyota!!! Don't stop making reliable vehicles!!!
Marquo Reign
Marquo Reign 3 anos atrás
Pfff step up your game and change your oil.
XXtheJUMPoffXX 3 anos atrás
Toyota’s styling has improved drastically in recent years. Except for the Prius
Jorginho 3 anos atrás
that's because the new president used to race himself lol, best thing that could have happened to the brand imo.
ygg drasil
ygg drasil 3 anos atrás
Prius is highly subjective. Some people really like the Prius design.
Toto Mu
Toto Mu 3 anos atrás
I like the prius. It is fuel efficient and has a large cargo space..that all matters to me where i can always go anywhere and do some car camping.
Anonoz Chong
Anonoz Chong 3 anos atrás
I like Prius design
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez 3 anos atrás
Still seeing a good amount of late 90s Toyota cars on the road says a lot about their reliability.
Manny 3 anos atrás
In terms of reliability, toyota is #1
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras 3 anos atrás
Agreed! Honda is probably #2!
John Kraft
John Kraft 2 anos atrás
Most definitely
Striker 50
Striker 50 2 anos atrás
@Coco Taveras Honda is not even in the top 10. Mazda is #2
WhatsHappening783402 2 anos atrás
Facts. I would say they're equal to Honda though
David 2 anos atrás
@WhatsHappening783402 Honda's reliability doesn't come close to Toyota's
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 3 anos atrás
I have a 2016 Rav4. Love the car. 40k miles later and the CUV has had absolutely ZERO issues. Not even a flicker from the check engine light. The car has been phenomenal to us and I wouldn't think twice to recommend a Toyota to others. I definitely plan to hold unto this particular one till the very end. That being said though, the car has no appeal to it whatsoever. We even bought the sporty SE model because it was the best looking with the contrasting black trim and black rims and it had a sport tuned suspension but there is no getting around the appliance-like feel it has. And to make matters worst, these Toyotas are popular as Ubers and other forms of taxi and livery vehicles which makes them even less appealing. I even had somebody approach me asking me if I was their Uber at a train station when waiting for my wife. Much like the Crown Victoria is the signature police car, the Toyota (namely Camry, Highlander, and Rav4) are signature taxi cabs. We plan on getting a second vehicle, and now I am on the fence of getting a Highlander because I feel like I am aspiring to get another taxi cab.
Project_Calais 3 anos atrás
Toyota had a TRD version of the Australian designed and built Aurion, itself based of the Camry. It has a 3.5L 245kW Supercharged V6 motor and is regarded as a bit of a sleeper. Reason they did it was due to the strong market for affordable performance cars in Australia at the time, which actually saw all local manufacturers make performance versions of some real substandard cars between the early to late 2000's.
Joseph G
Joseph G 3 anos atrás
I think it's wonderful that Toyota is trying to make "more exciting cars," however, I hope that they don't lose their reliability in the process. And yes, I would buy the new Supra in a heartbeat.
C"USAads2023"G 3 anos atrás
Toyota a car that you can get in your 20’s and totally give to your 20 year children. They are so good cars
m k
m k 3 anos atrás
Toyota continually move forward and don’t rest on their laurels. They’re always evolving and trying new things at the same time keeping their fundamentals like reliability and economy in every car
Bob Outélama
Bob Outélama 3 anos atrás
A millenial at my job made fun of Toyota cars beeing boring. At the end of my shift I asked him to wait in front of the office, and I showed up with my Lexus RCF. I believe he's cured now.
Kycer Guian
Kycer Guian 3 anos atrás
I own a Toyota Vios (2011 model) and still up to this day, performs amazingly like it was bought yesterday. ❤
No Pomegranates
No Pomegranates 3 anos atrás
As a petrolhead, I'm loving your automaker focused videos! So awesome!
Ratana Kheng
Ratana Kheng 3 anos atrás
We still have our Toyota family pickup truck since I was a child back in the early 80’s. That vehicle just don’t stop going. I think I will die before it even breaks down on us. Worthy to have it running this long.
Vic Buisset
Vic Buisset 3 anos atrás
Its hard to beat toyota's reliability. My first was a 1986 Toyota HiLux 4X4 Pickup that went to my dad when I updated to a 1993 Toyota Pickup and is now driven by my nephew, my 1993 Pickup now belongs to my step daughter and the 1996 Rav4 I inherited when my father passed served us very well into 2015 before I sold it to a friend for his daughter to drive. So as far as I know, every toyota I've ever owned is still on the road!
carmichael 3 anos atrás
My entire family has owned nothing but Toyotas. They last forever and we have never had any issues with them. Only work we had done to the cars was the basic maintenance stuff like oil changes, tires, brakes. They are solid cars.
Ian Conner
Ian Conner 3 anos atrás
Love Toyotas. My family has a 1990 Toyota Camry which has, aside from a few issues (some of which aren't the car's fault -_-) been deadbeat reliable.
Alejandro Fallas
Alejandro Fallas Anos atrás
My 2001 Tundra has 300,000 original miles and counting on it's original engine and transmission both running smoothly. That's how a company makes a name of it's own...
Sacto1654 3 anos atrás
One thing few people know is that the three lines of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) were designed so it could accommodate conventional internal combustion engines, fuel cell engines or even a full electric drivetrain on the same platform. If the demand is there, Toyota could easily convert their TNGA platforms to EV models, with the first models likely to be Corolla and RAV4 derivatives.
jason macaro
jason macaro 3 anos atrás
My family has had 6 toyotas going back about 30 years(incliding a sequoia and a prius i currently own) and they have all except ,for the prius, have been fantastic
Bảo Anh Vũ
Bảo Anh Vũ 3 anos atrás
as long as they maintain their reliability, they sure will stay in the no 1 spot for a long time
aye1shots 3 anos atrás
We are a Toyota family and I can say right now they are taking the right steps to an era of speed and sleek sporty design. Ive seen some Camry rocking 6 cylinder that can rival some luxury cars. Even if people consider them boring they will always have that high reliability and efficiency. We have an 02 Camry with almost 200k miles.
忍者 3 anos atrás
I will most likely die without CNBC BRvid Channel. Keep up the great work. Unbelievably entertaining, and a feast for curious humans.
Dennis Vasquez
Dennis Vasquez 3 anos atrás
Notice how this video isn’t the rise and fall like it would with a gm or a Ford.
Gabez82 3 anos atrás
Dennis Vasquez Lol good point.
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 3 anos atrás
Toyota is quite popular in the world unlike Ford
Dennis Vasquez
Dennis Vasquez 3 anos atrás
Steph Curry I know. My comment was pointing out how the American brands have fallen off.
5%LowBattery 3 anos atrás
Ford...Fuel Often Repair Daily?
Pramit 3 anos atrás
Kevin 3 anos atrás
Reliability is key and there is no one that has been consistently better than Toyota in the auto industry. I have owned many different auto brands, and at this point will only buy Japanese, and in most cases just Toyota. Many have shared this experience and are highly unlikely to switch back to brands they had uneven experiences with. Further, if one wants to move upmarket, they can buy a Lexus and know that the quality experience will persist.
Mike Foehr
Mike Foehr 3 anos atrás sound just like me
Kevin 3 anos atrás
@Mike Foehr Sounds like we have shared experiences. No going back for me. What the auto industry doesn't realize there are many buyers like this and they have lost potential customers forever. Go Toyota!
Mike Foehr
Mike Foehr 3 anos atrás
@Kevin Some say Toyota is boring...well that fits with me. Coolest thing about owning a Toyota...tow truck drivers are crying the blues. Dont see too many on the hook.
Andy Zack
Andy Zack 3 anos atrás
It's cool that Toyota has a boss who has a passion in both cars and racing, especially when he said to stop making boring cars.
Juan Morán
Juan Morán 3 anos atrás
Reliability will always be in high demand. Even if cars are "boring", a significant amount of people will still want to buy a Toyota. However, I think South Korean brands took advantage of those "sleepy" Toyota designs (from 2002-2012) and were able to catch people's eye and then offer reliability with strong warranties, that changed the game. With the new Rav4, the 4Runner and new Corolla I think Toyota is awakening and competing in regards of their design value. They still need to improve their infotainment system which for those models mentioned seems to be a few years back in time. I don't understand why Toyota being the former hybrid king has not pushed for electric-only models in all markets. I was tempted to buy the new Corolla but I had to go with the new Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2020, since it offered more modern capabilities with reliability (and way less expensive in time being electric in my country, Costa Rica).
Sebastian Memphis
Sebastian Memphis 11 meses atrás
Toyoda is recognized as a reliable car at affordable price in the US.
onenikkione 3 anos atrás
the last model RAV4 (prior to 2019) was the best selling car (behind pickup trucks in USA). it is a "boring" SUV but it is known as affordable & reliable which is why they have sold so many.
Alex Varela
Alex Varela 3 anos atrás
Toyota's hybrid strategy is outstanding.
Andrew Velis
Andrew Velis 3 anos atrás
The Prius has lost a lot of value. Mainly because they moved all the hybrid tech to other cars in their lineup.
Robert N
Robert N 3 anos atrás
Andrew Velis I think that’s a good thing. I never liked the look of the prius but then I saw the Lexus models. I ended up getting one.
Andrew Velis
Andrew Velis 3 anos atrás
My main issue with Toyota's hybrid tech is that it is really old and has not really been innovated on.
jose ruiz
jose ruiz 3 anos atrás
The Prius was a stepping stone as for any model that starts I'm sure
Alphonsus Ho
Alphonsus Ho 3 anos atrás
They are smart in making almost every vehicle they have a hybrid, a lot of people are still hesistant on getting a full electric vehicle, of course hybrids are far away from a Tesla, yet it offers very good fuel economy, people for get toyota is meant as a family vehicle not a sport/fast cars, however over the year the quality of the interior has been improving.
Patrick Rich
Patrick Rich 3 anos atrás
It's funny to frame the story around the A90 Supra, given that its a BMW in all but appearance. Also noticeably lacking is any mention of the Land Cruiser - the longest continuously running automotive nameplate and the reason people started associating Toyota as reliable in the US.
Brennan McDowell
Brennan McDowell 3 anos atrás
Thanks CNBC for making these amazing mini-docs like... every day. You got a real good/smart team over there, it's really impressive.
Joseph G
Joseph G 3 anos atrás
To me, it seems the biggest and most successful car brands have always been the ones who build the cheapest, yet most reliable cars. Look at Ford and the model T, for example. To this day the model T is still on the list of best selling cars of all time. And now you look at Toyota, many years later, and they also have a car, the Corolla, which is very reliable yet extremely affordable, and it has become the best selling car ever.
RZPogi 3 anos atrás
While Toyotas in the Philippines are not as reliable as their American counterparts, the reason why Toyotas are loved here is affordability, service, and parts availability. One could find almost all of the parts needed to repair a Toyota at any automotive supply store. Toyota allowed a lot of OEMs to build spare parts for their vehicles. Also, they made their cars easily repairable.
Barry Ingram
Barry Ingram 3 anos atrás
I remember the first car my mother bought was a brand new 1970 Toyota Corona. I also worked at NUMMI for 22 years, as did my father. I'm not particularly brand loyal. I've had Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, VW, GM and Ford. But mostly Toyota. Currently have a 2009 Scion XB and a 2018 F150.
Steve 3 anos atrás
New video idea: Why American cars are unreliable?
Hayes S.
Hayes S. 3 anos atrás
Yes please
Steve 3 anos atrás
I used to love American cars but the quality is embarrassingly bad
Never Settle
Never Settle 3 anos atrás
Greed... saved you 10 minutes!!
John Doe
John Doe 3 anos atrás
Called planned obsolescence
jacobsladder375 3 anos atrás
Because American company car makers only are seeking sort term revenue & sacrifice quality (Money $$) while Japanese car makers prioritize quality & long term revenue in return.
Andre Ng
Andre Ng 3 anos atrás
My family currently owns a Maxima, an E class and a proton iriz. But I personally really want to have a Toyota badly. Gotta love the reliability and peace of mind ownership experience. Even my Maxima isn't as reliable as my friend's 15 year old Vios ( basically a reskinned Echo).
Upstart5228 3 anos atrás
According to consumer reports, the Porsche Boxter is extremely reliable.
Gravemind 3 anos atrás
I am sure it is until its 5 years old.
fatboy19831 3 anos atrás
Gravemind nope the Boxster is reliable. There are many 200k plus Boxsters running around. They are extremely expensive to maintain.
Sam Hammel
Sam Hammel 2 anos atrás
@fatboy19831 Anything is reliable, if you maintain it enough! LOL
fatboy19831 2 anos atrás
@Sam Hammel Cadillac Northstar V8?
Andrew Fernandez
Andrew Fernandez 3 anos atrás
I will continue buying Toyota and lexus for the rest of my life
eurosonly 3 anos atrás
Then you're doing it wrong. You don't keep on buying them. You just buy one and it'll last you a life time.
Hold this L
Hold this L 3 anos atrás
@eurosonly exactly. i have a 2006 toyota matrix, its still running fine
J Campbell
J Campbell 3 anos atrás
I have owned my 2005 Camry SE V6 for 15 years. Totally reliable, needs almost no maintenance, powerful and fun to drive. Best car I have ever owned!
Tseng Michael
Tseng Michael 3 anos atrás
Love Lexus and Toyota
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras 3 anos atrás
And Honda too for me!
Dan Thrives
Dan Thrives 2 anos atrás
im so happy for toyota when my dad came to the US he didnt know what car to get and he bought a Honda Civic back in the early 1900 and then after 200k miles it broke and he bought a corolla still up to this day and its now my car amazing cars they will never break if you want to gift someone a great reliable car you can head over to toyota :)
AT 3 anos atrás
Toyota saves me money, current one 4runner V8 315k miles, still all original parts
fatboy19831 3 anos atrás
Get out now. You have reached the end of its duty cycle.
redmustang04 redmustang04
My 03 Camry has 202,000 miles and still going strong.
Katie Kyser
Katie Kyser 3 anos atrás
My ‘99 camry is at 379K
jdea18 3 anos atrás
That's any car now a days easily
redmustang04 redmustang04
@jdea18 no you think a GM or especially a Chrysler car can make that many miles. Hell no,.
Justin N
Justin N 3 anos atrás
@jdea18 haha in your dream, American cars always have issue after 2-3 years .
JL Across America
JL Across America 3 anos atrás
Billy Ray Valentine i have a 90 wrangler with 388,000 miles 4.0 and a 03 grandcherokee with 200k both run great.
OJ 3 anos atrás
Who'd have thought if you make a good product people actually respect your brand and will come back? Crazy!
bill thompson
bill thompson 3 anos atrás
I Had 2 1983 Toyota SR 5 Tercel wagons four-wheel drive with a 6-speed, they were ridiculously dependable they weren't all wheel drive they were four wheel drive, with a separate shifter to kick in the rear wheels.
yangerek deone
yangerek deone 3 anos atrás
Dont forget Toyota is widely used as well for a basic A to B type vehicle that nit only can easily rammage through some forest or plantation estates in Asia but it too can simply change its shirt immediate turning into a reliable people carrier ir cargo carrier after working hours
Sean Moore
Sean Moore 3 anos atrás
In the “cracks in the armor” section I would have liked to have seen the graph of Toyota sales trending down with other brands trending up or keeping neutral. Otherwise, I attribute the decline to economic slowdown.
Nikhil George
Nikhil George 3 anos atrás
My Dad is a proud Toyota Innova owner from over 10 years now,and I always tell him "He's a Gentleman only when he's with his Toyota"...😂
izziereal2010 3 anos atrás
CNBC, you should've featured a 1994 Toyota Celia in this video.
Kyle 3 anos atrás
Scotty Kilmer would be proud. xd
J Patrick
J Patrick 3 anos atrás
Best car ever made! Best color: silver.
Mruca 3 anos atrás
izziereal2010 i knew this was gona be here
Gee Ess
Gee Ess 3 anos atrás
And an 02 Lexus GS
Spam Guy
Spam Guy 3 anos atrás
What about a 1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno Gt-Apex
Ali 3 anos atrás
I ve had 4 corrollas,3 hilux,1 fortuner,and i have to say that toyota is amazing
Gumball's Gameroom
Gumball's Gameroom 2 anos atrás
My friend recently was having troubles with the transmission in his pickup truck. I took him to a mechanic who told him this transmission has over 150,000 miles on it, that means it's time to have your transmission either rebuilt or replaced. My friend commented on my Camry having 368000 miles, and my Prius having 270000 miles both on the original Transmissions. His response was you're talkin about a Toyota, they're on a whole different level. If everyone owned a Toyota I'd probably be out of a job.
Syed Moiz
Syed Moiz 3 anos atrás
Still I feel Toyota has a long way to go.Secondly Toyota is facing tough competition from competitors on fancy gadgets,electric vehicles etc.The young buyers have drifted from Toyota since the last decade. Toyota has also realised that & they have been making cars now for younger people with fun to drive elements.
Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson 3 anos atrás
in 1990 i bought a Toyota pickup, best vehicle I've ever owned, had it 19 years and put almost 400k miles on it, many of them i drove the crap out of it. even pulling a travel trailer with it and it only had a 2.4L 4 cylinder. I got 18 mpg while pulling the trailer. in the end the engine was tired but still running and all original except the radiator, starter, and alternator. like I said best vehicle I've EVER owned.
M Alva
M Alva 2 anos atrás
What I heard was that in Japan they can actually Customize their car at their liking. Other than US it’s already made in a certain color and material but to change Can be costly...
Djm1979 Djm1979
Djm1979 Djm1979 3 anos atrás
My Toyota has 333,000 miles never touched the engine. Maintenance is key change and check your oil.
Jeremias Cruz
Jeremias Cruz 3 anos atrás
Hell yeah
Navas Gustovo
Navas Gustovo 3 anos atrás
Navas Gustovo
Navas Gustovo 3 anos atrás
Hi have a nice day
Hi have a nice day 3 anos atrás
How TF did you do maintenance on the car with out touching the engine
Suat Karataş
Suat Karataş 3 anos atrás
Is it gasoline or diesel!
Tuppoo94 3 anos atrás
It's amazing how quickly the world forgot the Supra.
Camilo Ricaurte
Camilo Ricaurte 3 anos atrás
Tacoma and 4runner TRD pro line are my favourite ones ! FJ were iconic too
Don Lee
Don Lee 3 anos atrás
I was looking to buy a 2nd hand car for my parents. And because the Camry is so boring, yet reliable, it's like the ultimate choice. They don't need fancy tech cuz they dont' know how to use it, but they want a comfy ride, and low cost maintenance. It's also nice to know 2nd hand values aren't really that high, so you get a lot of CAR for your money.
Dorian White
Dorian White Anos atrás
I think main reason why foreign car brands like Toyota will always be popular by values: 1. Reliability 2. Innovation 3. Style Those values will always attract US consumers that domestic car brands that failed to do for the last couple of decades. Me personally I never had perception that Toyota cars are boring I think they have better style and reliability than American car brands.
muraygun 3 anos atrás
I love it how they used the word scion (meaning descendant or heir) to describe Akio Toyoda.
Danny Vee
Danny Vee 3 anos atrás
My Tacoma 96’ has 343k 2.4l still running 🏃 strong 💪🏻
neogriff 3 anos atrás
It's a shift that needed to be done. Whilst rivals such as Nissan, thinks that people would be satisfied with a Juke (which brings somewhat downfall of it, with only the old GT R, still holding their rein), others like Honda, still excites people with cars like the Civic Type R and the NSX. A halo car is needed to bring people back to the brand, and inject some of the car DNA to the lineups.
PriusRaj Anos atrás
Had a 2004 Toyota Corolla my parents gave me that never had anything wrong with it, but if I waited for it to die I'd never get to choose my own car. Exchanged it in 2019 for a 2014 Mazda 3, and while I adore my Mazda, I still respect the hell out of Toyota. My old car outlasted all my friend's cars, and they had way newer Nissans and Chevys.
Jalen Wheeler
Jalen Wheeler 3 anos atrás
I really hope they keep teaming up with BMW nothing beats realiability, performance, and a great design.
CR Pro
CR Pro 3 anos atrás
Toyota is the most reliable and cheap to maintain ❤️ love it
Eastern Iowa Rail Productions
I had a 2007 Toyota Tundra with 250,000 miles ran like new everyday even after my accident it still ran great
Antonia Jagodic (LeAny)
Toyota is one of my favorite cars, hope to have one someday :)
Jeff B.
Jeff B. 3 anos atrás
Just bought a 2019rav4 hybrid and love it. Previously vehicle was an 06 Tacoma. Great truck and decided to keep it.
jed23ify 3 anos atrás
Jeff B. Nice choice, that’s a great Suv
HenryMcComments !
HenryMcComments ! 3 anos atrás
That Tacoma being 13 years old depending on trim and mileage can still have 45-50% of its original msrp
Regis Riley
Regis Riley 3 anos atrás
Toyota is doing an awesome job, over the years they’ve been slowly eating into the markets and has almost all of them except for trucks but that could be soon with the new tundra release.
tundrav8georgia 2 anos atrás
Tundra loses on tundra new gen 22 is v6 turbo they lost me will not ever buy a turbo or a v6
VISHAL ABRAHAM 3 anos atrás
The middle East is also a big market for Toyota.. their SUVs like land cruiser,Prado etc have high demand
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 3 anos atrás
I own a Lexus, it ain't flashy but I love it. A BMW owner might call it boring but I don't.
Cookie Betts
Cookie Betts 3 anos atrás
BMW drivers don’t use indicators. Do t worry bout what they say
Jun Ren Ong
Jun Ren Ong 2 anos atrás
Fun fact. The new Supra is basically a rebadged and redesigned BMW Z4 M40ii
Trudy Papoutsis
Trudy Papoutsis 2 anos atrás
Sister owns BMW. $3500 to repair oil seal leak at 20K miles! Germans make excellent cars for limited periods of time. Even in WWII Germans had best tanks, but need a fleet of mechanics to follow them around to keep them going.
HUMmING BIRD 3 anos atrás
Toyota cars were the best selling cars over50 countries in2018 🗾💪
Mike Foehr
Mike Foehr 3 anos atrás
Really....that is true?
GENZ Withdamnsense
GENZ Withdamnsense 3 anos atrás
@Mike Foehr yup
nayeer01 3 anos atrás
In Bangladesh...85% cars are from on the roads here and you will have your brain stuck with a toyota logo and you will never forget it...
Mike Ree
Mike Ree 2 anos atrás
Not really.. maybe USA.. in Europe kia and Hyundai are ahead. Maybe Toyota ranks 10th place. In Korea they sold 700 corolla, qualities are no that good. I know they sell pretty good in Iran, Iraq, and African countries, Mexico. Pretty much third countries. Even UAE kia does much better.
A.N. 2 anos atrás
@Mike Ree US and China are bigger markets. Korean cars have a poor reputation compared to Japanese cars.
pyrophobia133 3 anos atrás
who cares about boring looks if it gets you from A to B and not cost an arm and a leg to fix and maintain
Krešimir Ćosić
Krešimir Ćosić 3 anos atrás
Look at ze Germans. Their auto industry is solely living off of repairs.
fj 3 anos atrás
And on weekends to point C
PeppaPigTheKiller 3 anos atrás
Not a true car guy
PeppaPigTheKiller 3 anos atrás
All Hail Nannerpuss And you don’t even know what the term “Car guy” means.
TougeRuzbay 3 anos atrás
I've owned a few camrys, accords, nissan 300zx and 240sx, maxima. I own a 13 Accord V6 Sedan and Toyota and Honda are my most favorite of car makers.
Lee Klinglesmith
Lee Klinglesmith 3 anos atrás
humble brag
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 3 anos atrás
TougeRuzbay I like Mazda And Mitsubishi
TougeRuzbay 3 anos atrás
@Lunar Eclipse they good too, from the Mazda rx7 and rx8 to the lancer evolutions but they're very costly for maintenance too.
Quiet Corner
Quiet Corner 3 anos atrás
The Honda Insight was the first production hybrid. The problem was that the Insight was a 2 seater vs the Prius 4 or 5 seater/
Ahmed Minhajuddin
Ahmed Minhajuddin 3 anos atrás
I love Toyota's, they love their customers
Brandon Hanson
Brandon Hanson 3 anos atrás
I give allot of respect to Toyota. A true wise invest brand and incredibly reliable. Toyota has had anything from the 2000GT Celica, MR2, and Supra (the 90's one) just to name a few over its legacy to be anything but boring. I guess a honorable mention could be the Scion TC and Lexus LFA as well. Owning a Toyota is a great investment with nothing but advantages when owning one. After renting 3 different ones (Camary, Carolla, and Yaris) on long road trips. I look forward to getting my 2020 Corolla shortly after having 3 Pontiac Vibes (a Pontiac with a Toyota Engine you found in the Matrix). To keep experiencing the reliability and incredible Miles Per Gallon.
focused1 3 anos atrás
I have always had a Toyota. My first was my '74 Corolla SR5. 1600 2TC, Isky solid lift cam, 5 speed, shortened shifter, fender flares, 4 barrel carburator, intake, headers, out back-widened13x5 SR5 rims w/ beauty rings all around rims painted and glossed black, Porsche side mirrors, traction bars, MSD, aftermarket steering wheel, tach coming out of the steering column, stock turqoise color, . I miss her. next car, '90 Corolla SR5, then '94 Corolla coupe, '99 4-Runner 5-speed, 2017 Corolla. The Car/company has never let me down especially with the legendary reliability. My future car will be a Supra.
Jimmy 3 anos atrás
Ugh. Don't change your strategy to add unnecessary tech and more features that will break and cost a fortune to fix. Just make reliable cars that are practical.
LeBron James
LeBron James 3 anos atrás
Fr, like idgaf if I get clowned for driving a “Corolla” if I’m saving money.
yellow98gt 3 anos atrás
Yes just like they just used the most unreliable company (BMW) to partner up with ? It's the beginning of fall
PeppaPigTheKiller 3 anos atrás
James You act like reliability is better than safety.
elkofcanada 3 anos atrás
They are keeping with reliable. Notice how they aren't doing tiny 2.0L turbo engines in their SUVs and instead keeping to reliable V6's?
adventureoflinkmk2 3 anos atrás
But but it would go against the not boring bland mindset!!! 😂😂😂😂
Wendy Cheslock
Wendy Cheslock 3 anos atrás
There's nothing wrong about being boring for cars, actually, 99% of customers care about safety, fuel economy, and reliabilty more than driving pleasure
hbarudi 3 anos atrás
Toyota owning significant amount of Tesla stock is interesting but we have yet to see a pure electric Toyota. As far as Toyota being low maintenance, I agree to some extent given how much engine repairs I had to do to a Chevrolet Cruze in comparison to corolla, but the corolla Air Conditioning breaking down on me is a costly repair.
Li Bra
Li Bra 2 anos atrás
Despite a fall of Toyota's sales, one of its model (Toyota Camry) stays one of the most popular in the world.
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 anos atrás
Toyota is going to make PHEV (plug in hybrid) an alternative to all electric cars, or EV's. No range anxiety and easier long range trips. Their new RAV4 PHEV looks like a winner. Not boring!
Jennifer 2 anos atrás
extremely reliable car. my parents have lasting toyotas & lexus for over a decade and no problems only regular car maintenance, oil changes. getting one when I can! keep it up toyota. I'm recommending y'all to everyone!
WhovianForever 3 anos atrás
How can you do a Toyota video and not mention Scotty Kilmer?
Ruben Santana
Ruben Santana 3 anos atrás
The 🐐
John Doe
John Doe 3 anos atrás
Ha Rev up your toyota engines!! "They just don't break down!!"
Eshan Wadhwa
Eshan Wadhwa 3 anos atrás
Or mention Lexus
Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote 3 anos atrás
Who's that
Vishal Akula
Vishal Akula 3 anos atrás
1994 Celica is the best
Mein Liebe
Mein Liebe Anos atrás
If i want to buy a car that i will use everyday for years of working, i will choose toyota. It's not boring, it's reliable and last longer than some brands.
fatboy19831 3 anos atrás
The uni-body Jeep Cherokee came out 10 years before the Rav 4. It sold better and had real off road chops. Also the Cherokees had many quality problems but The chassis and I6 drivetrains easily outlasted the Rab-4. There are thousands of 1990,s Cherokees still on the road today. The 1990s RAV4s have rusted away.
I am an Indian. My grandfather used to work for the Mitsubishi motor company from 1968 to 1992. After watching this video, I asked him about the streets, the concept of vehicles, etc. For official purposes, he often used to go to Tokyo. He told me that the streets of Tokyo were filled by the cars of Japanese car companies. It was the time when America was into drugs, heroin addicts and he referred that whenever he used to visit New York, one side was the one that the Americans used to show us and the second one is homeless teenagers getting into addiction because they would get medicines in a high price than heroine. America was on a downfall. Soviet wasn't financially so strong but their military was the strongest. Constant pressure from the middle east asian nations, America was in a trap. It was the time when Japan almost overtook America. China started industrialization. My country, India, had set off on the path of development. After the disintegration of the soviet union, the international politics had a shock. North Korea was going to be bankrupt, China had a great shock, Vietnam faced the worst crisis and Cuba was already in a bad condition. It had also affected India as it was one of the major weapon supplier to us. America got into a stable state. Nothing, but Japan was the dominant country now and so is it now
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