The Return Of Eugenia Cooney Controversy, Shane Dawson, Jaclyn Glenn, Hong Kong Chaos, & More

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VidCon Apologizes to Miles McKenna:
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22 Jul 2019

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Comentários 6 925
martialme84 2 dias atrás
She doesn´t only have an eating disorder, she has a speaking disorder too. What is this idiotic "like,like,likelikelike, like"...tic?!
KiceyLayzey ._.
KiceyLayzey ._. 5 dias atrás
I'm very late on this video but I really don't care. On Jaclyns video, I saw a comment that said something along the lines of, Going to Eugenia's video going to 5:25 and hearing, "You are going to kill her!" And "I want the money!" These have not been confirmed but I honestly reccomend going to the video and trying to hear it. If you want too.
Zach W
Zach W 5 dias atrás
you can't force someone to get help. you can ask them to or point them in the right direction, but you can't make them. it has to be their decision.
verofern41 9 dias atrás
i completely disagree with what the three people shared. shane was acting w and on eugenia’s side and i doubt that the information they revealed was run by eugenia at all. this is extremely personal information and something really dark that she struggled through. making all that information public w/o eugenia’s consent is wrong and i’m sure scary for her. i don’t care if it’s the truth, it’s HER story and something she should chose to tell or not tell in her own time.
Ashley Flatley
Ashley Flatley 9 dias atrás
It isn't Shane's fault as Shane knew he was not entitled to any information Eugenia would not give him. Jaclyn is demanding graphic information and i believe calling adult protective services would go a LONG WAY in helping her PRIVATELY
TheWitchBoi 9 dias atrás
The Eugenia situation still confuses me, I like to think that Shane Dawson isn’t money hungry enough to use her. But part of me can’t help but think that this hurt more than helped
Ziggyment 11 dias atrás
Is there any proof that either side has? Or is it all he said she said?
JustPassingThrough 11 dias atrás
Phil makes a good point about China counting on rising tensions. Let's say the bubble were really to pop, and Hong Kong managed to successfully arrange for military intervention on the part of China. That would probably be as much of a gateway for true annexation as the Crimea for Russia. I sure as hell hope I'm wrong. Because I WANT tensions to grow in Hong Kong, until their capacity to be controlled by China is eliminated. But I fear the former is more likely than the latter...
JustPassingThrough 7 dias atrás
@J Y You're playing semantics. The issue is that the proposed legislation has not been entirely struck down yet. Meaning it is still in position to be voted upon in the future. 2. Agaın on the surface, that is the intent. But China would work around that to "declare" individuals to be within those parameters at will. That is unacceptable. 3. Baseless claims and constructive criticism are two very different things, with your "criticism" being the former, rather than the latter. 4. It's not. Countries do that all the time under the proper procedures. But what China would do in Hong Kong would be far more insidious, and with far less regulation. 5. I did. Explicitly. Read through it agaın. 6. Ahhh the universal argument rage quit tactic. You do you boo. I can do this all day.
J Y 7 dias atrás
@JustPassingThrough 1. when a Bill is not passed, it's not a legislation. Period. 2. Now you are just making assumptions based on nothing. If u r not a criminal under HK law, why would you worry about the extradition? 3. U can't take criticism well 4. I guess it will be a shock to you that China actually have extradited criminal from US. again, get ur facts straight before u speak 5. U haven't respond to the US police question and I guess u never will, because u know that they will open fire at the same "peaceful protest". 6. Clearly u can't accept other opinion and the discussion is pointless at this point. This is my last response. I suggest u lookup a youtube called Nathan Rich and that might eye opening to you
JustPassingThrough 7 dias atrás
@J Y 1. The bill is still not fully dead. Just "shelved". That's not good enough. It needs to be eradicated entirely. 2. On the surface, yes, that is the alleged purpose of the bill. But it will also allow for China to use its growing influence in Hong Kong to abuse it nonetheless, as exemplified by the fact that this bill even exists in the first place. 3. Clearly you are incorrect there. 4. I don't know. My country hasn't quite allowed another country to turn its citizens into political prisoners just yet so I've no comparable scenario to go off of.
J Y 7 dias atrás
@JustPassingThrough 1. HK gov already admit that Extraditing legislation failed and will not be passed-> if that's all the protest is for, protestor already achieve their goal -> why is there still riot? 2. Even under the proposed legislation, only when a criminal committed a crime in other country that is also deemed as a crime under HK laws and facing ≥3 yr of sentence of prison in HK will be extradited back to the country -> China does not decide who gets extradited, HK law does. 3. your comment really shows that you know very little of the matter yet decide to form a strong opinion based on very little/biased info -> discussion is futile at this point before u get your facts straight 4. U agree that US police will open fire under the same situation, don't u ?
JustPassingThrough 7 dias atrás
@J Y We also don't have impending legislation that would extradite citizens to a country that is ultimately looking to bring us under a brutal regime...
JustPassingThrough 11 dias atrás
I don't know enough about the Eugenia situation to make a definitive assessment but I will say this. I've grown an ability over the years to tell when fake friends are looking to capitalize on drama at the expense of their alleged friend. This does not seem to be the case here. Additionally, I've seen far too many examples of negligent and controlling parents refusing to help their child/children to the point where outside parties were forced to intervene. I strongly suspect this might be the case. But I just don't know. For now, I'm all for outside pressure to continue, until Eugenia is rescued from that environment... if such an environment does indeed exist...
Jacquelyne Wilk
Jacquelyne Wilk 11 dias atrás
If that was scripted, maybe they should’ve taken out all of those likes. You would get alcohol poisoning if you made a drinking game Of it,
Хомяк Великий
Hey guys, I have a conspiracy theory. What if Shane and Jaclyn actually talked privately before Shane released his video? What if Jaclyn's video is Shane's idea? Think about it. Shane knew he couldn't tell the whole truth because of a lawyer and mom and dad. So he reached out to her friends. So he will make a sweet happy recovery video to please Eugenia's family and then Jaclyn will show the whole ugly truth. Just think about it. The videos were released within a short period of time. Katie knew what was really going on. Shane must be aware of that, too. Katie talked to Jaclyn before, so they were in contact. This is how Shane could reach out to Jaclyn and friends. So, if Shane orchestrated this whole thing himself, he both made Eugenia's family happy and got the truth out there at the same time. And he's also allowed to talk to Eugenia because he's on good terms with the family. Which is really great cause he can influence Eugenia in a positive way. That would be a smart move. Of course, just a conspiracy, could be true, could be not. Just something to think about.
Ultimategamer 13 dias atrás
My question is if everything Jaclyn is says is true. Eugenia is in her 20’s thanks to BRvid she should have enough to move out if her mother is a psychopath why did she not drop all contact with her mother why didn’t she move out earlier and get help sooner? Neither side is making sense
jenna J
jenna J 13 dias atrás
I could only dream of having friends that would be willing to do ANYTHING to save me. Someday Eugenia will see this. If she ever gets away from her mother. People have been saying for years why doesn't her mother help her? Because her mother benefits financially for her daughters views. People literally watch her to see how long until she dies. How bad it will get. People rubber neck at car crashes. Her views are people waiting for her to die... and her mother says your fine... smdh
Psypris 14 dias atrás
With Jaclyn and the friends - it's not her story to tell. Eugenia was certainly unhealthy and however it happened, she DID go into rehab. She VISIBLY looks healthier so I don't think Shane's video glosses it over. It's much different than their examples of the script they fed the police. It's true she might relapse; anyone could relapse. I don't think that possibility should diminish the awareness spread of eating disorders. (i.e. I don't think there's anything wrong with Shane's video). They brought it around to bring attention to the one sentence Eugenia said about her friends. I believe them that they care and that they probably did have to force an Intervention to get her into rehab. Them simply knowing the truth should have been enough. They weren't named and to my knowledge no one was pointing fingers at them to make them defend themselves. Their videos were just unnecessary. It's sad they can't speak to Eugenia privately but saying "I'm afraid you'll relapse" isn't overly helpful either. The health professionals she met with should have brought to her attention living with someone who might be dangerous to her mental health. Just my two cents.
NekoMiku1234 14 dias atrás
As someone who has and went to therapy for an eating disorder. Her answers about therapy and recovery were non-answers. Even when in text Shane put "she would talk about it if it meant helping someone else" she never talked about how SHE felt. She talked about what therapy did. But never how she felt which is so so important. I am so vocal about my experience, the head space I was in, how I felt inside while deep inside. Not everyone is like me I get that. But what I speak about brings the awareness and could help someone else realize that their behaviors are not healthy. Eugina is not recovered in my opinion. My gut tells me she will relapse eventually.
strawberry smith
strawberry smith 14 dias atrás
she never even met her lol. clout chaser!
Erika first
Erika first 15 dias atrás
In going ,you talk with your hands and it really annoys me, by.
Madison Wadsworth
Madison Wadsworth 15 dias atrás
She's wearing layers in that video to make herself appear a bit bigger, I used to do that as well. It's obvious she's not better and she won't get better as long as her useless fat pig mother is around. Not only does she try to live vicariously through her kid, she doesn't want her to get better because then Eugenia will actually grow up like an adult seeing as she's 25, and her mommy won't be able to sit on her fat ass anymore claiming "I can't work my kids sick!!". She obviously is scared that if Eugenia gets better, the bucks will go away and then she'll have to work and not suck funds from her kid. She also gets off on the attention she gets from her daughter being sick. Let's be honest, it's probably the only positive attention that woman gets and she enjoys the munchausen by proxy "mommy martyr" bullshit. So sad and pathetic.
Trip Bee
Trip Bee 15 dias atrás
I know a lot of people are upset Jaclyn made this so public but I genuinely feel like it was the right thing to do because her dangerous environment needed to be exposed.
Wandering Willows
Wandering Willows 16 dias atrás
I'm sure there was a lawyer there for a reason, to monitor what was being said throughout shanes video to make sure Eugenia didn't slip up 🤷🏻‍♀️
Army Artillery Princess
Wandering Willows well *duh*
Siobhan Griffiths
Siobhan Griffiths 16 dias atrás
Think he glossed over some of the gritty stuff and it's not the full story because it's possibly difficult....the shit the friend talk about sound like a lot of shit I deal with as a support worker for mental health, we don't need to know everything....seems a little attention seeking, expecially that it probably won't help making it so public.
bartonfang 16 dias atrás
Sunk cost applies to friendships. If you tried and they don't accept. Move on.
Tiffany Orton
Tiffany Orton 16 dias atrás
After watching the video of Eugenia’s friends everything made a lot more sense to me. I mean...the fact that Eugenia couldn’t even call it was it it worries me. She’s still not admitting much of anything and is still not wanting to talk about it. From my personal standpoint people in recovery are a lot more willing to tell their story...they’re proud of their accomplishment...I mean It takes A LOT of will power and STRENGTH to get yourself into recovery. but in order to do that they first have to admit to the problem...and attack it head on. Eugenia beat around the bush in my opinion. I don’t blame Shane...he was just trying to do his best to not cross the line....this was Eugenias time to tell HER truth she wasn’t willing to do it. This is just how I feel.
Jho Petion
Jho Petion 16 dias atrás
I think it was too soon for the video because she isnt really saying anything
maymaylingling 17 dias atrás
Shane is not a journalist, honestly confused as to why people expect some great investigative video... but I do feel concerned for Eugenia's health and living situation :(
Angela Baker
Angela Baker 17 dias atrás
they used shane to cover up what her mum is doing to her its sad because she is not going to get better till she gets away from her mum and the others who are making her ill and shane should have gone a lot deeper than he did and come on wtf a lawer has to be there wtf why and no sign of mummy dearest hmmm wonder why evil bitch she is she will soon be back to being starving again if her mum has her way its sad realy co she needs help badly
Alicia Faircloth
Alicia Faircloth 17 dias atrás
EC is brainwashed by her mom. Any mom who allows this to go on with their child is no mom. I'm glad Jaclyn stood up. Keemstar even admitted he knew Jaclyn was trying to help EC since Feb EC won't listen to anyone. She is her own person. All we can do is let her live her life. She's on her own now. We tried n her friends tried.
Alicia Faircloth
Alicia Faircloth 17 dias atrás
I watched the vids several times. She is still in rough shape. It takes time obviously, but being around the Enablers who let her get that far to begin with is so scary! She needs Support from ppl who truly have her best interest. Any mom who thinks this is ok is psycho. My mom would've drug me to rehab herself. This is sick. Ppl think she's doing great but u can clearly see in her n Shane's vid she's still emaciated. Takes time but I don't think she's rehabilitated or recovering at all. She's a sweetheart. She needs help
renaee selina’
renaee selina’ 18 dias atrás
Poor Eugenia. No matter what the internet will make her feel like she’s not doing enough.
mxt mxt
mxt mxt 18 dias atrás
Eugenia Cooney has some issues. In one of her videos you hear her parents arguing. One is saying "You're killing her" and the other is saying "But I want the money!".
WithLuv_valerie z
WithLuv_valerie z 18 dias atrás
Freaks me out abit we are made to believe she is completely cured and recovered. I think eugenia still has along way to go....and maybe she will take this serious and quit the denial.
Cherish O'Neal
Cherish O'Neal 18 dias atrás
Eugenia needs to be off of BRvid. She needs to take responsibility for the content she puts out. I don't understand how someone could put content like that and not expect backlash? They have people with body dysmorphia and image issues possibly looking at her content, and they can be triggered.
rosehipandhibiscus 18 dias atrás
i think we need to think about how she feels too im sure after rehab her ed isnt going to be the big thing she probably wants to talk about. But also to her friends, when someone is deep in their ed there are things they do that stems from the eating disorder im not saying it was okay to lie to police but an ed psycologically will make you do some crazy things. needless to say im still happy for her and i think the fact shane even contributed enough lets just be happy she is getting here glow back not that the whole internet should have known her treatment plan.she is more than that.
rosehipandhibiscus 18 dias atrás
her friends seem to be good people too im glad they were there for her i just hope theyh are able to talk in private about these things and i hope eugenia can get oout of her place to grow more
rosehipandhibiscus 18 dias atrás
and yes i know alot was left out and it can be taken as not seriously which i hope isnt happening i just think there are so many layers to an ed its hard to explain to alot of people which is why not alot of people realize all the causes and effects.
godspyro 18 dias atrás
In terms of the euginia story o can't help but feel they wanted some of that shame dawson views. If you felt that way, why not say anything until now?
Donna Co
Donna Co 18 dias atrás
On the Eugenia story-- everyone is so obsessed with the "truth being exposed", and thus is blaming Shane for his treatment of the documentary. But she is dealing with a mental disorder, and Shane was cognizant of that. She even had Katie to walk him through how to best deal with someone who is recovering from (yes, still recovering from!) that kind of situation. It is downright HARMFUL to want to expose Eugenia to anything she is not ready for just for the sake of entertainment or BRvid.
Clout chaser
Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess 18 dias atrás
I definitely think her mother and father and even her brother were purposely keeping her sick bc it was bringing in the views. You can tell her Mom is a control freak and the fact that Eugenia CAN'T go anywhere without having that driver take her wait for her and bring her home and how the house is locked up like it's a prison. Her mom is a drunk, and popping Xanax like crazy. She is sick and seems like she could possibly have a bit of Munchausens trying to keep Eugenia sick, wasn't taking her to the Dr for over 5 years. She knew that her OWN daughter was severely sick and about to die and did absolutely nothing to help her OWN daughter. Any REAL MOTHER who truly cared more about their daughter/son more than money fame etc would have gotten their child help years ago. Her mother is definitely a sociopath sick bitch and I don't think Eugenia is safe around her.
Tessil 18 dias atrás
I wonder how many reach out to these youtube "stars" about how they care about their health so much vs reaching out to actual friends and family about health concerns. Stop worry about celebrities or their ilk and worry about you and your circle more. yeesh
NephasisPL 18 dias atrás
I believe Jaclynn. Have you seen how she was unable to unlock her own door? How can you live in a place for years and still need assist of a stranger to unlock the doors?
Samantha Berkemeier
Samantha Berkemeier 18 dias atrás
Simplisafe customers, I used to work in alarm monitoring. It's extremely important to remember your passcode as there is often no other way to verify your identity. Also, did you know you can set up a panic code word? It will let us know to send the police if you are being prevented from tell us you are in trouble. The call will end as normal to keep tipping off the bad guys. Please consider this as some criminals will try to force their way in behind you as you enter your home.
July Rose
July Rose 19 dias atrás
I'm over it. I've been over it. I really like Eugenea she's really sweet, and I love Shane and I think he had the best intentions. But I'm really done caring about the whole thing. I really hope she received the help she needed and has a complete fast recovery. And I hope she won't relapse and if she does that she continues to get help. But at this point she's an adult, she's her own person. Who am I or the internet to tell her what to do. Obviously she knows she has a problem and how to get help. Everyone needs to stop thinking they are entitled to tell her what to do or what's best for her. Even if she is (and she is) sick it's her life. I'm over it. I wish her the best but im done with all the people centered around this.
Cameron Luer
Cameron Luer 19 dias atrás
Lol this guy wishes he had half of Shane's views
Ashton LeBleu
Ashton LeBleu 19 dias atrás
I won't watch Shane's video because an hour long video about a person who had denial about an obvious eating disorder is not a helpful video. Intention or not. Eugenia would not be the first sufferer of an eating disorder to be forced into care. Nor are her parents the first to keep a money earning child from care that could expose them. I can't say her friends are right or what because I'm not involved. But that poor girl was clearly sick and a woman in her age group is more likely to die of an eating disorder than die of any other cause. So that her family did not get her help is disgusting.
CezrDaPleazr 19 dias atrás
I love when you discuss BRvidr news I get exposed to other people that I would otherwise never know of, still won't watch most of them but, aye.
celeste 19 dias atrás
Shane did have good intentions but I'm glad Jaclyn released the video. It needed to be said and I knew that not everything was going to be 100% the problem isn't Jaclyn or Shane. The problem is her fucking mother, who is controlling her at the age of 25. she's way too old to be leaving with her mother she needs to get out of the toxic environment that her mom put her through in the first place. She can't back track into the toxic environment she needs to get away from it.
Ashley W.
Ashley W. 19 dias atrás
I think Shane did handle the vid with kiddie gloves. In the vid he was worried about triggering her so I understand it I guess. But at the same time I feel like they were beating around the bush and not actually talking about it. I wish they did go deeper with it.
Liam O'Brien
Liam O'Brien 19 dias atrás
Hey everyone, why don't we let the medical professionals around Eugenia do their job and not give our opinion where it's completely unwarranted.
magic8ball331 19 dias atrás
Liam O'Brien whoop. There it is
alir20 19 dias atrás
I truly believe that Shane only had good intentions, and maybe he didn't dig deep enough or completely understand the situation. However, Shane has always and will always be good at heart from watching his life journey over the years. No hate if you think differently, but I know that anyone that's been watching and following him since 2008 knows that he's a good person at heart and wants the best for Eugenia!
Se Kirk
Se Kirk 19 dias atrás
Your coverage of the protests in Hong Kong is one of the clearest and fairest I’ve seen so far. This is a whole mess, but I have to say, I’m on the protesters side here, even in defacing the buildings. They shouldn’t have to be passive I’m the face of adversity. Violence begets violence and I don’t condone that. But I’d throwing eggs at the emblem and graffiti got their attention then so be it. Huge suspicion on the abysmal police response to the anti democracy people. They almost beat several people, many not even protesters, to DEATH. Yet there seemed to be so little urgency to prevent this. If police are dispatched to control protests for the safety of the people, this should also translate to the safety of the protesters, lest we forget they are also people.
Se Kirk
Se Kirk 19 dias atrás
Like many are saying, Shane’s video was very controlled, he didn’t hide that the Lawyer was involved. His video could be seen as a way for Eugenia to come back, covering a lot of the FAQ with someone with a large audience. There is clearly a lot more to this story that strangers on the internet aren’t entitled to. Shane provided a soft way to introduce Eugenia back, helping her to be welcomed back to BRvid. Jocelyn, as someone who knows her personally, is privy to more detail that Shane just can’t know. How can he document information that is being kept from him? No one should be attacked here, we are just seeing two approaches to a sensitive story. We should all throw that energy into supporting Eugenia and getting her out of danger and supporting her with the kindness you all know she would show all of us.
NotsoTorious 19 dias atrás
Just came back from Hong Kong, having talked to some people I know from university who live there, their understanding is that because the HK government was getting criticism concerning police brutality, they hired the tryads to assault pro-democracy protestors, it seems to line up with most of the evidence.
lala 19 dias atrás
i just dont take shane documentaries seriously at all. I watch to watch but I wouldn’t call it a documentary or anything of the sort. It’s just entertainment
idigmusictoo 19 dias atrás
From the outside, it looks like TRS will NBK , but even so ISPC what is actually going on. Crazy mom.
Tyler H
Tyler H 19 dias atrás
Why are you painting your son’s nails? What’s next? You going to put into a dress and have him start taking hormones?
JoAnna Edssay
JoAnna Edssay 19 dias atrás
For her own well being, I honestly don't think Eugenia should have ever went back online. It's too toxic a place for someone trying to recover and she needs to get away from her parents/mother too otherwise the risk of relapse is sky high and she may not pull thru a second time :(
Music girl
Music girl 19 dias atrás
I can't believe how everyone in the comments is telling 'facts' they heard from Jaclyn. Like, don't believe everything you hear. I am not sure what to believe because a person who calls herself a very good friend would never go public with such private informations! And there is absolutly no reason to go public! What could YT do ? Nothing, right.
Desiree Cooley
Desiree Cooley 20 dias atrás
Ive had simplisafe. It sucks.
Libby Zaerr
Libby Zaerr 20 dias atrás
My opinion on the Jaclyn/Eugenia story is this- them calling the cops on her to have her admitted and staging an intervention is what true friends would do...however, those video should have never been made. It wasn't their story to tell, and if they have concerns making a BRvid video about it isn't the way to handle it. And as far as Shane goes and the claims that the video didn't even really talk about her Eating Disorder much, he did what he could. Recovery from EDs is no different from recovery from Addiction; you can go through it and stop actively engaging in your addiction, but you're still technically an addict. Its ALWAYS going to be at the back of your mind, constantly telling you that you were better off before your recovery; that you were just fine, you didn't die; and you were happier and it wasn't even really that big of a problem and all sorts of other crazy things your brain does when you have a mental disorder. And relapse is a threat that never goes away. He didn't want to trigger her in anyway, plus there was a lawyer present the entire time.
ginger 123
ginger 123 20 dias atrás
i think Jaclyn did the right thing, EC is still in danger. They had NO way of contacting her privately. Shes an adult and its really hard to get the cops involved if EC isnt the one reporting the abuse or whatever. Can fans or the public do much regarding this situation i dont know. But there is power in knowing, being aware of the situation is half the battle. Staying silent about a dangerous situation isnt good, she shouldnt of stayed silent. When someones life is at risk we should all be doing what is necessity to help someone.
My aries is showing again
Why did Eugenia had a lawyer at her house?
sweet serenity asmr
sweet serenity asmr 20 dias atrás
I feel like shane again had good intentions, I think he was trying to be careful about what was said and so he didn't say much. He tried to not focus it on her eating disorder so that she didn't feel uncomfortable I suppose. There are things that cannot be controlled and sucb. Lots of things to think about. I guess I'm roght in the middle.
sarah 20 dias atrás
I feel like Andrew could of easily not filmed the lawyer throughout the documentary but he did... little hints throughout the video made feel like something is not right even before Jaclyn uploaded.
Jon south
Jon south 20 dias atrás
Jaclyn did a truly wonderful thing in helping her unfortunately she is far from recovered
Lily Wright
Lily Wright 20 dias atrás
I believe that in the beginning of Eugenia’s BRvid career, her weight was normal for her considering photos of her from when she was younger. That being said, I believe that without context (the photos) back then people automatically started the ED rumors and talking about her body which started to psychologically mess with her and doubt her body so she may have developed some form of ED. That starting a lot more talk about her and her mother getting involved but I think her mother may have liked the attention may have Munchhausen‘s syndrome. Running around manipulating and making Eugenia’s problem worse. When Shane walks into her home and is greeted by a flippin lawyer. That says a lot. I will say I don’t think Shane has much choice in pointing out bigger things they should’ve talked about due to said lawyer and Eugenia herself saying she wasn’t comfortable talking about it much yet. But that could have also been something she was scripted to say from her mom. I believe her life is manipulated and I do believe being in the same toxic environment will be cause for the impossibility of healthy recovery. I think Jaclyn was right to try and help her friend when no one else was going to. I love Eugenia, Jaclyn, and Shane so much and I don’t hate or have a grudge against any of them. I’ve been a long time follower of all three. I don’t believe anyone was out to hurt anyone. But in our society it’s a he said she said world and everyone wants to pick sides and sometimes refuse to hear the rest of the facts or even consider even the slightest possibility of what they believe being wrong. That’s my opinion on all that. Probably the longest comment I’ve ever put on BRvid lol. But yeah, I just that some how miraculously Eugenia can make a full healthy recovery and can leave her toxic home where everyone tells her she’s fine when she’s not.
Delaney Shae
Delaney Shae 20 dias atrás
I stand by Jaclyn for making that video, to her it was a life or death situation for a loved one and she did what she felt she could do to help. I don’t think Eugenia is in recovery but I don’t blame Shane for any of this, sadly I think Eugenia’s mother used Shane as a pawn in her plan. I hope Eugenia a safe recovery!
meme thot
meme thot 20 dias atrás
philip im BEGGING u to see the video of her curling her hair with a wand...skip to 5:25 there's some sort of fight going in the back of her mom wanting to starve her to get money...eugenia didn't edit it out. im 100% sure this is a cry for help. jaclyn and her two friends' experience with the mother makes this even more believable. please speak up. edit: this is the link im scared for eugenia. i do not want her to die in front of our eyes.
Tracy Frederick
Tracy Frederick 20 dias atrás
It's ridiculous how and when Jacklyn made the video. It's great she was instrumental in the 5150. Great job Jacklyn. Her video however wasn't a good idea. It was terrible. I think she should have waited. She didn't think this through and could have caused , probably did, cause more damage. She didn't help at all. Eugenia is very FRAGILE right now. I'm a recovering anorexic myself. Stress could set her back. Obviously Jacklyn doesn't know that much about EDs , she just think she does.
Ali Karol
Ali Karol 20 dias atrás
Jaclyn didn't force Eugenia to do anything. The trained and professional psychiatric evaluators did, after she failed.
MsPotatobag 20 dias atrás
Shane didn't want to exploit her story, upset her or anything. Hence not pushing uncomfortable questions. Sue him. He's not literally a journalist. He's a teddy bear of a person that won't deliberately make anyone uncomfortable/feel bad
Hazel Equinox
Hazel Equinox 20 dias atrás
I feel like a normal concerned person wouldn't deal with a problem by blowing it up on social media. What is social media going to do to help said problem other than spread lies and gossip? It's not. The problem is just going to be exasperated whether it's true or untrue. I don't think that Shane has ever told a personal story with the intention of solving it. I think he just wanted the views.
Aditi Sahu
Aditi Sahu 20 dias atrás
When Eugenia said she didn't realize how thin she was, the first question popped into my head was okay you didn't but what about her parents she lives with her parents how can a mom not notice that about her child how ??? "What was your parents reaction ? " This was such a basic question to ask but it was never asked or addressed.
Anna 21 dia atrás
What is happening in HK is so upsetting. Also annoyed by the trolls that start to nag you if you express support for the protests... I won’t stop doing that ,thank you very much. 🤗
Jane 21 dia atrás
In Shane's video she wasn't comfortable labelling what happened to her. So why would people think that the WHOLE truth would be included in that video? Shane only released what she was comfortable with releasing to the public. She does not owe it to anyone to explain in full detail what she has been through. And it not fair that someone has taken it upon themselves to fill in the blanks. That is 100% disrespectful. Eugenia is still going through a process and maybe at the very end of it she will fill in the details about her journey. I do not think for one second Shane's video sugar coated a disorder. They touched on it to the point where she comfortable enough. She repeatedly says she is still in progress and working on her health, not once did anyone say she's all done and fit as a fiddle. I am angered and disgusted by how people think they have the right to tell someone else's story without their concent. Eugenia had the decency to not name and shame. They should have shown her the same respect.
Linwarai Linoodlin
Linwarai Linoodlin 21 dia atrás
I don’t think Shane knew the situation so I don’t think he’s at fault - saying something when someone you care about is in danger is better than saying nothing and respecting their privacy (in my opinion) so I think what her friends did was the right thing to do And I’m scared for Eugenia - there is a group of people that knew about her situation so I believe the story Jaclyn shared and I really hope Eugenia can be safe soon
Lydia-Renee Darling
Lydia-Renee Darling 21 dia atrás
I’m inclined to believe Jaclyn because she already did the right thing once, but the fact that one video about Eugenia has turned into three in the space of a week looks a little fishy to me. Even if you are not in direct contact with a victim, you can still get both preventative and legal services to intervene in abuse cases. They are similar to a 5150 in that it is involuntary and action is taken if someone is in danger. I think that those options (I am not sure on the specifics in California, just my own residence) are better than a public declaration over social media. It could trigger Eugenia into a relapse or make the abuser (Eugenia’s mom) more angry and more likely to lash out by further isolating the victim. That’s just from my experience with abuse... I don’t think there’s any “right” way to handle a situation as complicated as Eugenia’s, and I think her friends are coming from a good place. Maybe not the best method.
Holly 21 dia atrás
I hope that Shane is playing the long game by easing into Eugenia's life and offering something her family values -- money from BRvid views that they do together -- so that they allow him to continue to enter her home; and then hopefully make her realize that her family is extremely fucked up. Probably not what's happening, but it'd be nice.
Julie Diana
Julie Diana 21 dia atrás
I think her friends had the best intensions with the public video. I think they just wanted the truth out there. Not only that, they wanted to draw attention to the mom so that hopefully something will happen for Eugenia. Meaning this video will create more concerned people response to hopefully fixing the problem somehow.
O Strawberry O
O Strawberry O 21 dia atrás
she just wanted clout
Christa Goins
Christa Goins 21 dia atrás
I wish the US would start protesting in the streets in reply to what is happening in the White House. It’s be monumental in Puerto Rico, Egypt during the Arab Spring, Hong Kong etc. We can no longer sit in our houses complaining as our country slips from our grips and becomes something unrecognizable.
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