The Return Of Eugenia Cooney Controversy, Shane Dawson, Jaclyn Glenn, Hong Kong Chaos, & More

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22 Jul 2019



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Comentários 6 873
éabha vesey
éabha vesey 7 dias atrás
What did her mother do
FanFiction Trailers Made By Me
I love Eugenia. And when I saw the lawyer, I thought "Okay. There are things that Shane can't ask her, because it might be bad for her mental health or he might get in trouble for it or both" But what Jaclyn did, tricking Eugenia into an intervention, was not okay. I understand why she did it, but to be frank, she shouldn't meddle with that sort of thing. I understand she wanted to help her, but forcing her into doing something is NEVER okay. What she should have done was wait, and be patient, and be supportive of Eugenia, and tell her that she'll be there for her, not "I care about you, and here's an intervention that's mandatory." The video of Shane and Eugenia was good, it answered some questions that I had, and yeah a lot of questions weren't answered, again, the lawyer was there for a reason. While I do agree some pep talk and makeup doesn't fix some issues or answer any questions others may have, but I think he could talk about what he could without getting into any trouble with a lawyer, not to mention, sometimes it's best to get your mind off of whatever problems you have. I'm not saying you should always do it, put it off for a little bit (Like maybe a month at least) until you're ready to talk about it/get some help. I know this is old news and everything, *but* these two (Shane and Eugenia) are fucking adults, you're not responsible for them, let them be. Eugenia is getting help. That's what's important. Not what answer's Shane got from her. She deserves the privacy after getting so much shit from people on the internet. She probably talks to her parents more details because it's private. Holy shit this was long. But I needed to get this off my chest. Again I'm AWARE this is old.
drummerman1206 Mês atrás
Can she say the word “like” any more?? Jeez.
badgerman Mês atrás
I hate Jaclyn Glenn
Jay Helms
Jay Helms Mês atrás
Who are these crazy people? SMH. They all come across as manipulative liars. Wow.
mtf on hormones
mtf on hormones 2 meses atrás
Music girl
Music girl 2 meses atrás
I love how everybody claims to know that her parents did not want Eugenia to start recovery. Where do you got that information? From youtubers that used Eugenias popularity? Duh.
Lee Dizzle
Lee Dizzle 2 meses atrás
This is insane because when I first watched Shane’s video, I was soooo SUS! But I checked myself in judging because I know it’s hard to talk about and I shouldn’t doubt. But I didn’t realize there was a second story to this! Crazy . I just really hope month and some change later, Eugenia is ok and in a safe environment.
Miranda Rose
Miranda Rose 2 meses atrás
If Jaclyn hadn't planned to get Eugenia over to her apartment so she could let in the police to get her 51-50, Eugenia wouldn't have ever gotten help & she would've died. Her mom literally tried to have Jaclyn arrested for getting her daughter the help she needed. You can't tell me something isn't fucked up & wrong with that. Any true mother would be begging her to get help, not trying to get her out of going to get treatment.
J.V.R. 2 meses atrás
Eugenia is still with the people who kept her sick! She still lives in the house with all those bad memories and influences. Remember that her mother, father AND brother never wanted her to get help. In one video you can hear her mom in the background saying she wanted the money. One other thing. Before her clinic stint, she always showed off her skeletal frame. Now she is always covered up. Trying to hide that she lost weight again? Shame for the little weight gain? In either case it proves she is FAR from healed and doing better. And Jaclyn DID reach out for her in private, but Eugenia's mother was ALWAYS THERE TO CONTROL EVERYTHING.
Baron Thundercunt
Baron Thundercunt 3 meses atrás
I don't know who that gormless girl is, just sitting in the back looking like she wants to end it all, but I find her very attractive. Probably says a little too much about me but there you go.
angelicsailor 3 meses atrás
But like.... why was there a lawyer ?????
Uta Smith
Uta Smith 3 meses atrás
I love how everyone is blaming Shane when he didn’t even know what was happening 🙄
Jennifer Kersten
Jennifer Kersten 3 meses atrás
Obviously a real loving mom wouldn't of let her daughter wither down to nothing and be in denial that she's fine or her cash cow
daniel hartness
daniel hartness 3 meses atrás
Iran has been stealing tons of oil from the UK for months now. Piracy completely.
Kin N
Kin N 3 meses atrás
Parents play a huge role in the development of eating disorders. What was she being fed? Was she told that being slim is beautiful? Was she allowed to make decisions about her life in general? If the family is manipulative, that is the most C O M M O N trigger of anorexia nervosa. Stopping your food intake (or increasing it if you are earning your own income) is a way to take control of something in your life. All of that being said, taking Eugenia away from her family is not the solution. The solution is to educate her family and friends about how and when to approach Eugenia about her eating, and about her progress. Jaclyn and company did the right thing, 100%. Judging by her physique, I guarantee Eugenia would not have lived much longer had they not intervened. It would have been a tragedy instead of a controversy. Period.
Haku The Magic Dragon
Haku The Magic Dragon 3 meses atrás
My guess is perhaps Eugenia didn’t feel comfortable sharing the whole story yet and told shane this before hand and so he didnt push it
ArcticGlitterWulf 3 meses atrás
Sometimes to get help you need to admit you have a problem... and I feel like she never really saw it as that (she said she doesn't like to label it.) And that could be a dangerous headspace to be in.
Luke Hagy
Luke Hagy 3 meses atrás
hong kong 13:20
Central Elegance
Central Elegance 3 meses atrás
My people really dont quit for shit. They stand for what they believe in and that’s their strength. 🇵🇷 ❤️
steph d
steph d 3 meses atrás
hey phil! can you do an update on the taylor swift scooter braun story?
martialme84 3 meses atrás
She doesn´t only have an eating disorder, she has a speaking disorder too. What is this idiotic "like,like,likelikelike, like"...tic?!
Kyoret 3 meses atrás
I'm very late on this video but I really don't care. On Jaclyns video, I saw a comment that said something along the lines of, Going to Eugenia's video going to 5:25 and hearing, "You are going to kill her!" And "I want the money!" These have not been confirmed but I honestly reccomend going to the video and trying to hear it. If you want too.
Zach W
Zach W 3 meses atrás
you can't force someone to get help. you can ask them to or point them in the right direction, but you can't make them. it has to be their decision.
verofern41 4 meses atrás
i completely disagree with what the three people shared. shane was acting w and on eugenia’s side and i doubt that the information they revealed was run by eugenia at all. this is extremely personal information and something really dark that she struggled through. making all that information public w/o eugenia’s consent is wrong and i’m sure scary for her. i don’t care if it’s the truth, it’s HER story and something she should chose to tell or not tell in her own time.
Ashley Flatley
Ashley Flatley 4 meses atrás
It isn't Shane's fault as Shane knew he was not entitled to any information Eugenia would not give him. Jaclyn is demanding graphic information and i believe calling adult protective services would go a LONG WAY in helping her PRIVATELY
TheWitchBoi 4 meses atrás
The Eugenia situation still confuses me, I like to think that Shane Dawson isn’t money hungry enough to use her. But part of me can’t help but think that this hurt more than helped
Ziggyment 4 meses atrás
Is there any proof that either side has? Or is it all he said she said?
JustPassingThrough 4 meses atrás
Phil makes a good point about China counting on rising tensions. Let's say the bubble were really to pop, and Hong Kong managed to successfully arrange for military intervention on the part of China. That would probably be as much of a gateway for true annexation as the Crimea for Russia. I sure as hell hope I'm wrong. Because I WANT tensions to grow in Hong Kong, until their capacity to be controlled by China is eliminated. But I fear the former is more likely than the latter...
JustPassingThrough 3 meses atrás
@J Y You're playing semantics. The issue is that the proposed legislation has not been entirely struck down yet. Meaning it is still in position to be voted upon in the future. 2. Agaın on the surface, that is the intent. But China would work around that to "declare" individuals to be within those parameters at will. That is unacceptable. 3. Baseless claims and constructive criticism are two very different things, with your "criticism" being the former, rather than the latter. 4. It's not. Countries do that all the time under the proper procedures. But what China would do in Hong Kong would be far more insidious, and with far less regulation. 5. I did. Explicitly. Read through it agaın. 6. Ahhh the universal argument rage quit tactic. You do you boo. I can do this all day.
J Y 3 meses atrás
@JustPassingThrough 1. when a Bill is not passed, it's not a legislation. Period. 2. Now you are just making assumptions based on nothing. If u r not a criminal under HK law, why would you worry about the extradition? 3. U can't take criticism well 4. I guess it will be a shock to you that China actually have extradited criminal from US. again, get ur facts straight before u speak 5. U haven't respond to the US police question and I guess u never will, because u know that they will open fire at the same "peaceful protest". 6. Clearly u can't accept other opinion and the discussion is pointless at this point. This is my last response. I suggest u lookup a youtube called Nathan Rich and that might eye opening to you
JustPassingThrough 3 meses atrás
@J Y 1. The bill is still not fully dead. Just "shelved". That's not good enough. It needs to be eradicated entirely. 2. On the surface, yes, that is the alleged purpose of the bill. But it will also allow for China to use its growing influence in Hong Kong to abuse it nonetheless, as exemplified by the fact that this bill even exists in the first place. 3. Clearly you are incorrect there. 4. I don't know. My country hasn't quite allowed another country to turn its citizens into political prisoners just yet so I've no comparable scenario to go off of.
J Y 3 meses atrás
@JustPassingThrough 1. HK gov already admit that Extraditing legislation failed and will not be passed-> if that's all the protest is for, protestor already achieve their goal -> why is there still riot? 2. Even under the proposed legislation, only when a criminal committed a crime in other country that is also deemed as a crime under HK laws and facing ≥3 yr of sentence of prison in HK will be extradited back to the country -> China does not decide who gets extradited, HK law does. 3. your comment really shows that you know very little of the matter yet decide to form a strong opinion based on very little/biased info -> discussion is futile at this point before u get your facts straight 4. U agree that US police will open fire under the same situation, don't u ?
JustPassingThrough 3 meses atrás
@J Y We also don't have impending legislation that would extradite citizens to a country that is ultimately looking to bring us under a brutal regime...
JustPassingThrough 4 meses atrás
I don't know enough about the Eugenia situation to make a definitive assessment but I will say this. I've grown an ability over the years to tell when fake friends are looking to capitalize on drama at the expense of their alleged friend. This does not seem to be the case here. Additionally, I've seen far too many examples of negligent and controlling parents refusing to help their child/children to the point where outside parties were forced to intervene. I strongly suspect this might be the case. But I just don't know. For now, I'm all for outside pressure to continue, until Eugenia is rescued from that environment... if such an environment does indeed exist...
Jacquelyne Wilk
Jacquelyne Wilk 4 meses atrás
If that was scripted, maybe they should’ve taken out all of those likes. You would get alcohol poisoning if you made a drinking game Of it,
Хомяк Великий
Hey guys, I have a conspiracy theory. What if Shane and Jaclyn actually talked privately before Shane released his video? What if Jaclyn's video is Shane's idea? Think about it. Shane knew he couldn't tell the whole truth because of a lawyer and mom and dad. So he reached out to her friends. So he will make a sweet happy recovery video to please Eugenia's family and then Jaclyn will show the whole ugly truth. Just think about it. The videos were released within a short period of time. Katie knew what was really going on. Shane must be aware of that, too. Katie talked to Jaclyn before, so they were in contact. This is how Shane could reach out to Jaclyn and friends. So, if Shane orchestrated this whole thing himself, he both made Eugenia's family happy and got the truth out there at the same time. And he's also allowed to talk to Eugenia because he's on good terms with the family. Which is really great cause he can influence Eugenia in a positive way. That would be a smart move. Of course, just a conspiracy, could be true, could be not. Just something to think about.
Ultimategamer 4 meses atrás
My question is if everything Jaclyn is says is true. Eugenia is in her 20’s thanks to BRvid she should have enough to move out if her mother is a psychopath why did she not drop all contact with her mother why didn’t she move out earlier and get help sooner? Neither side is making sense
jenna J
jenna J 4 meses atrás
I could only dream of having friends that would be willing to do ANYTHING to save me. Someday Eugenia will see this. If she ever gets away from her mother. People have been saying for years why doesn't her mother help her? Because her mother benefits financially for her daughters views. People literally watch her to see how long until she dies. How bad it will get. People rubber neck at car crashes. Her views are people waiting for her to die... and her mother says your fine... smdh
Psypris 4 meses atrás
With Jaclyn and the friends - it's not her story to tell. Eugenia was certainly unhealthy and however it happened, she DID go into rehab. She VISIBLY looks healthier so I don't think Shane's video glosses it over. It's much different than their examples of the script they fed the police. It's true she might relapse; anyone could relapse. I don't think that possibility should diminish the awareness spread of eating disorders. (i.e. I don't think there's anything wrong with Shane's video). They brought it around to bring attention to the one sentence Eugenia said about her friends. I believe them that they care and that they probably did have to force an Intervention to get her into rehab. Them simply knowing the truth should have been enough. They weren't named and to my knowledge no one was pointing fingers at them to make them defend themselves. Their videos were just unnecessary. It's sad they can't speak to Eugenia privately but saying "I'm afraid you'll relapse" isn't overly helpful either. The health professionals she met with should have brought to her attention living with someone who might be dangerous to her mental health. Just my two cents.
NekoMiku1234 4 meses atrás
As someone who has and went to therapy for an eating disorder. Her answers about therapy and recovery were non-answers. Even when in text Shane put "she would talk about it if it meant helping someone else" she never talked about how SHE felt. She talked about what therapy did. But never how she felt which is so so important. I am so vocal about my experience, the head space I was in, how I felt inside while deep inside. Not everyone is like me I get that. But what I speak about brings the awareness and could help someone else realize that their behaviors are not healthy. Eugina is not recovered in my opinion. My gut tells me she will relapse eventually.
strawberry smith
strawberry smith 4 meses atrás
she never even met her lol. clout chaser!
Erika first
Erika first 4 meses atrás
In going ,you talk with your hands and it really annoys me, by.
Madison Wadsworth
Madison Wadsworth 4 meses atrás
She's wearing layers in that video to make herself appear a bit bigger, I used to do that as well. It's obvious she's not better and she won't get better as long as her useless fat pig mother is around. Not only does she try to live vicariously through her kid, she doesn't want her to get better because then Eugenia will actually grow up like an adult seeing as she's 25, and her mommy won't be able to sit on her fat ass anymore claiming "I can't work my kids sick!!". She obviously is scared that if Eugenia gets better, the bucks will go away and then she'll have to work and not suck funds from her kid. She also gets off on the attention she gets from her daughter being sick. Let's be honest, it's probably the only positive attention that woman gets and she enjoys the munchausen by proxy "mommy martyr" bullshit. So sad and pathetic.
Trip Bee
Trip Bee 4 meses atrás
I know a lot of people are upset Jaclyn made this so public but I genuinely feel like it was the right thing to do because her dangerous environment needed to be exposed.
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