The Reality of #VanLife - Full Documentary Movie - 2018

Different Media.
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A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.
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This comical and quirky documentary answers questions posed to prominent members of the Van dwelling community. Can this lifestyle replace the "American Dream" of the home in the suburbs? Is it really how it looks on instagram? and what does it take to become famous for #Vanlife? the classic format of an Interview based Documentary gets dismantled partway through this movie, as Forrest decides to attempt to make himself #VanLife famous on instagram. The only problem is... he doesn't even live in a van.
#Vanlife #documentary

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12 Ago 2018



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Different Media.
Different Media. 2 meses atrás
Watch the Reality of #VanLife ad free on Amazon Prime Video! Interested in Seeing what Forrest is up to now? check out his channel!
Андрей Гусарченко
If you have a steady income, then you can live well in a motor home. But when there is no money, it’s profitable to live in a van near the place of work
Carrie Partain
Carrie Partain 12 horas atrás
Great Job. Very entertaining and quite clever. Keep up the good work.
M G 16 horas atrás
Damn this guy is a true hater why even make this video hahah
Different Media.
Different Media. 3 horas atrás
Millie views bruhda
David Matt
David Matt Dia atrás
Really well done.
Warrior Spirit Movers
Converted and lived in a bus over a decade a go, back when van life was just “living in a van down by the river.” It is nice to see the non glamorous side of things be in focus. Van life has its many challenges. The times spent peeing in bottles or racing to a bathroom for other needs. Cold nights. Parking hassles, and knocks. Breakdowns, gelled fuel and more breakdowns. It can be daunting. Yet i got a 2nd bus 5 years ago. And my kid wants to embark on a 3rd van including her. It is a thing more people should try before investing deeply into their builds, and not for the likes nor the “glamour.”
Lisa Lowery
Lisa Lowery Dia atrás
i feel like these folks masturbate alot
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin 2 dias atrás
Can you imagine a life that a person could just enjoy somethung without documenting it for strangers 😂😂😂 "I didn't get many likes on instagram, so I made a BRvid instead". People of all ages have build living like this for years.
Amin Yousuf
Amin Yousuf 3 dias atrás
Run Forrest run.
Dr. Bombay
Dr. Bombay 4 dias atrás
"Not purposely going any where but seeing everything with purpose". Great video! You forgot to tell people that you are a vegan every 2 minutes.
Mr. Round2
Mr. Round2 5 dias atrás
I want a van life to get away from mainstream SOCIETY and be FREE with nature and travel.
Dr. Bombay
Dr. Bombay 4 dias atrás
And plenty of internet, coffee, a shower and a society.
Misa Misa
Misa Misa 6 dias atrás
well i dont care fir a refrigerator cause eating vegetables and fruits not really needed i also dring water with acv/lemon juice squeezed into water is what i drink room temperature so not having a sink its not a problem important is a comfortable mattress joining a gym is important to shower and get good health by exercising a bit to live out of a vehicle must have saving or start saving in case a breakdown i wanted to live out of ny van to be able to live a little i cant afford to pay rent pay car pmt and food gasoline
Misa Misa
Misa Misa 6 dias atrás
very true everything is overly beautified in reality it can be hard i think insulation is not all shown it is really cold even if it's insulated need heat source van life is a space to live if you are lucky to own a vehicle because rents dont equate with salaries
Amy Macdonald
Amy Macdonald 7 dias atrás
It is illegal to camp at beaches and sleep in parked vehicles etc in Australia (VIC anyway). You have to do so at camping grounds which you need to pay for. I know a few travelling surfers that have done it - most of the time they're moved on by rangers.
In Cognito
In Cognito 7 dias atrás
white people with hair extension...cultural appropriation man you a hater racist sexist white male and should be dead...just kidding extensions on white males is just creepy thats all!
EX MIUWU103 7 dias atrás
Van life will be the middle class thing.
dcrockafella 8 dias atrás
I'm living in my van. Never heard of van life. house was to much. Construction laborer doesn't pay enough to buy a house. Want to buy and not rent. got a crazy video were I cut myself and blood goes everywhere in an attempt to cook food.
Gokay Burak KARAMAN
Gokay Burak KARAMAN 9 dias atrás
7:43 he looks like Barry Allen(The Flash)
Charles Gould
Charles Gould 9 dias atrás
It's not easy...but I have 2 vans
Skippie 10 dias atrás
Dude, get a HAIRCUT!!!!!! That's before and after watching this video....
guillermofergu 10 dias atrás
turns out, life is what you make of it...van or no van.
Zac 10 dias atrás
hahaha! Honda Civic, people live in there cars today all true.
Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver 10 dias atrás
would you rather have a house and be bored or live in a van and live
Dave Compton
Dave Compton 10 dias atrás
Basia Czerwinska
Basia Czerwinska 11 dias atrás
I'm so happy when the real people take over. I have really enjoy it...
Joni Hofmann
Joni Hofmann 11 dias atrás
Very interesting! I really enjoyed this compilation of perspectives! And the man bun cracked me up :-)
Joaquin Castañeda
Joaquin Castañeda 11 dias atrás
9:25 does anyone know where to buy does matress sheets? the colorful ones
Houba Hop
Houba Hop 12 dias atrás
Geez, thank you! I lived in a van for three years and most people LIVING in their van I met were nasty hoboes.
Jolanda Meivogel
Jolanda Meivogel 13 dias atrás
Great funny video!!! I love it!😃👍👍👍👍💕👍
Tari Akpodiete
Tari Akpodiete 13 dias atrás
That mould was DISGUSTING!!
Pinterest junkie 801
Pinterest junkie 801 14 dias atrás
I like the van life and.hope to do that next right now we work and live out of a 18 wheeler I love it but some.days it's hard very small but I would not give it up for nothing
lil c
lil c 15 dias atrás
GREAT video and content! Appreciate the truth and the highlight of some of the false “glam life” video/shows. I feel you showed reality much more clearly. The man bun cracked me up! My naive self never even considered men using hair extensions! Lol. Your ending video was the normal glamorizing I see. Watching this has educated me 100%. I appreciate you for choosing to make this video.🤘🏼
Karen Kordes
Karen Kordes 16 dias atrás
Go to a laudramat to fill up ur water jugs; it looks more "normal". Yeah, water fountains... that's homeless shit. Think Stealth.
Miuzik 8OP
Miuzik 8OP 16 dias atrás
Love this vid TOOOOOO much!! Very Funny....
Liam Byrne
Liam Byrne 17 dias atrás
The girl in the red jacket needs to loose weight, she is pissed off with skinny girls
Misa Dreamer
Misa Dreamer 17 dias atrás
The old man living in the van "out of necessity" was the only one who said some truth about van life in this documentary....
Pablo .Pirate
Pablo .Pirate 8 dias atrás
Not really
James Webb
James Webb 17 dias atrás
I can say from a truck driver's perspective that it is definitely a lifestyle. If you want to be glamorous, stick to a part-time camping type of arrangement. If you want to do it to get rid of the house payment and leave the rat race, it's more sacrifice than gain. If problem-solving is a way of life for you and you're always finding ways to do things in a practical way rather than a beautiful and social sort of make-people-envy-you kind of way, you might like it. You give up a lot and mold your lifestyle to fit smaller and cheaper. Would you be okay with pooping in a bucket lined with a shopping bag sometimes or using a composting toilet and peeing in a thermos? How about taking a basin bath with a rag, paper towels, and a spray bottle? How about idling the vehicle so your defroster can keep it dry inside? Do you plan on having enough money to buy a whole new vehicle if necessary or staying somewhere while it's worked on? How about getting your entertainment from smaller and more versatile things like a good smart phone, pen and paper, and a laptop and getting rid of just about everything else? Side note: social media shows you the over-romanticized side because those people make affiliate income from the parts they use, they sell plans, and make income from the videos.
Peer vanGeldrop
Peer vanGeldrop 17 dias atrás
The video has 1 mil views
Amanda Marcotte
Amanda Marcotte 17 dias atrás
matti maranda
matti maranda 17 dias atrás
14:17 Thinking "Mmmm"
Amanda Marcotte
Amanda Marcotte 17 dias atrás
Omg HoMe iS wHeRe yOu pArK itttttttt 😭😂
Nate Hess
Nate Hess 17 dias atrás
Liked the video BRO you did good very entertaining and we'll done! I bought a transit med roof so I can stand in it and I started watching these Van life vids when planning the van out. Now I'm kinda hooked. For me so far it's been more about outfitting the van and building it taking advantage of every little inch as you all know well!! I have a dc fridge, diesel heater and winch, lites, inverter power, fan and some big 6 volt golf cart deep cycles with a monitor system I have yet to finish installing. But I've spent the nite in it in cold Minnesota winter and it's pretty cool. Now I just need to plan a destination or a trip maybe without a destination! Seems like alot of cool people in this world. Thank for a peak into your Vanlife!
felion robinson
felion robinson 17 dias atrás
Looks like your hatin on successful van lifers
TheVanilla Gorilla
TheVanilla Gorilla 18 dias atrás
Lol how do you expect anyone to take you seriously with this video?
cwhy harris
cwhy harris 18 dias atrás
No I've seen I have seen many of older women who have been divorced living in Vans because they spent their lives in a marriage and then when it was over and they had nothing. And I've seen a lot of young executive women building their vans I think you need to get outside the box
Jamie Urwin
Jamie Urwin 18 dias atrás
perspective is reality
Adrianne Holyfield
Adrianne Holyfield 19 dias atrás
Them putting weave in was absolutely hilarious. Loved it.
Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 19 dias atrás
I am in aw of the raw honesty.
JL 19 dias atrás
Instagram is cancer
Dino Archon
Dino Archon 19 dias atrás
Hmmm. Try $4,200.00 for a one bedroom in Culver City CA - yes it’s true. Or park your stealth van on Venice Blvd for free. That’s an annual saving of 50K a year. I’ll pee in a bottle for that.
Margie Callahan
Margie Callahan 19 dias atrás
People who have not had children have no clue...
Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips 19 dias atrás
A turd in a box sshould make you whole
John Straw
John Straw 19 dias atrás
It's ironic people think this is about the young. When in our 60's we can't get mortgages, despite being on 6 figure salaries, because we're too old!
STU-GOTS 4 dias atrás
why would you want a mortgage?? IMHO rent and spend on experiences and memories!
Shelley Faleono
Shelley Faleono 20 dias atrás
Funny as dude 😂
CPJH 20 dias atrás
So how do you raise kids if you live in a van?
I don’t get it have you never heard of a campa toilet? Why are they shitting in the woods? Baby pool + camp shower. SolarPVC + garden hose shower. Sling + unlimited data, why aren’t you watching TV? Great video!
Abby Normal
Abby Normal 21 dia atrás
Everything on the internet is fake including "reality of" videos.
chris 1
chris 1 21 dia atrás
If you must do it. Don't do it in a bloody VW. As if their not breaking down they're going rusty
Jeff Norris
Jeff Norris 22 dias atrás
Hipster making fun of hipsters.
Balvi Vasquez
Balvi Vasquez 22 dias atrás
Quentin is invited to stop by La freidera in San Ignacio the lagoon BCS . Antonio's has a Gray Whale watching camp
CM Davies
CM Davies 22 dias atrás
As a GenXer, I find the similarities between the Boomers and the van lifters interesting. The Boomers wanted to get ahead financially (don't we all) and so they became double-income earners with latchkey kids. Real estate rocketed due to demand and now their kids and GenZ are trying to get ahead by living in vehicles. It makes me wonder how much the costs of vans will explode due to demand. What can the next generation possibly do to survive if even living in a vehicle becomes prohibitive?
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