The Reality of #VanLife - Full Documentary Movie - 2018

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A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.
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This comical and quirky documentary answers questions posed to prominent members of the Van dwelling community. Can this lifestyle replace the "American Dream" of the home in the suburbs? Is it really how it looks on instagram? and what does it take to become famous for #Vanlife? the classic format of an Interview based Documentary gets dismantled partway through this movie, as Forrest decides to attempt to make himself #VanLife famous on instagram. The only problem is... he doesn't even live in a van.
#Vanlife #documentary

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12 Ago 2018



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Comentários 2 545
Forrest Stevens
Forrest Stevens Anos atrás
Want to know more about the Movie? See BTS? Director commentary? Me reacting and reading comments from this movie,?The budget and how it was made? how much money a movie like this can make? and also explaining it for those who didn't get it? This is my second channel where I post additional information and the videos that answer all these questions! Director commentary // Reacting to comments, explaining the concept for those who missed it //
Now Present
Now Present Mês atrás
Bottled water was over hyped initially before sales picked up,and now look up how much business bottled water is at!😎🕵️
Connor Phebus
Connor Phebus Mês atrás
Forrest Stevens i think you did a great job an this is very well done. Keep it up!
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name 2 meses atrás
Janet Browning Instagram pays too.
Gator Lynne
Gator Lynne 2 meses atrás
Great video. Disco passed last Valentines Day fyi. Blessings
Michiel Van Kets
Michiel Van Kets 4 meses atrás
we all have 2 lifes; a private life and a professional life ... most young people need to go on their face before they get that ... which is a nice way to say; getting a job, you filthy hippie
Josh Pro
Josh Pro 12 horas atrás
Vote TRUMP 2020 !!! 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola Dia atrás
Sitka surfboards - you know you're in BC alright. Forrest - you sob - I feel like surfing my brains out right now and I'm stuck renoing my parent's house; when you find dlsr inspiration in paint streak and holes in the floor you know you're on the edge. I plan on doing Montreal - Miami hatchback (Prius) life this winter, escaping East Coast ass freezing. PS: I wish I learned to do an engine rebuild, props to Grabriel. I enjoyed this. Not as much the production value, but the content was nice.
Da Mama
Da Mama Dia atrás
How do you finance that freedom? None of that stuff is free. Food. Gas. All cost money.
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Dia atrás
The American Dream is materialistic crap Minimalist is freedom really living
David Lane
David Lane 2 dias atrás
Yeah I can't say I'm a fan of the wanderbus people. They openly admit to ignoring negativity completely, be it through what they show and what they receive. You can't can't CAN'T be a healthy individual and only focus on positivity. That's not how it works. It's misleading and dishonest with both your "fans" and yourself Take a look at Bob Wells. He's not perfect, but he makes it a point to show ALL aspects of living in a vehicle and interviews people from all different walks of life. Because of his honest approach and sound advice, he's developed a following of people based on actual trust, not glamour
Ruben Morris
Ruben Morris 2 dias atrás
Rent just to FUCKING high pretty soon everyone will be doing it
Malcolm Lagares
Malcolm Lagares 3 dias atrás
8 minutes and 30 seconds into this documentary, and I cannot stress or emphasize enough how real and relevant this piece of film is. Wow! This addresses points which I have been discussing for years and years with family, friends, co-workers, as well as casual conversations with strangers. Points regarding Social Media and how American Society is largely a veneer of make believe and self-soothing lies. . . I really appreciate the raw and unfiltered honesty of this film. Thank you.
Rv'ing Done - Our Way
Rv'ing Done - Our Way 3 dias atrás
Prepping for life on the road permanently.
Steve Grayson
Steve Grayson 3 dias atrás
Hell I am retired and I wouldn't live this life style ever. Your big ass Van, camper or truck is a gas HOG. Your parking is limited by it so you can't really visit real PLACES of INTEREST that cost $$ to see and experience. It is best to Book a Hotel online for $60-$80 a nite (with breakfast included with the room). Now that is really FREEDOM traveling this great country!!
Steve Grayson
Steve Grayson 3 dias atrás
So haven't these ppl discovered yet that TREES all look the same (pretty much) every where in the country? I looked up RV travel and you can expect to pay $8100 a year for camping costs. The cost of gas, insurance and repairs, I have no idea. This is a bullshit way of living .. it is simply existing. Get a JOB and improve your marketable skills, don't give up on life, be a winner and LIVE IT.
Angry Camper
Angry Camper 4 dias atrás
This is great documentary! I'd like to watch more vanlife docs! 👍
Carl Poster
Carl Poster 4 dias atrás
The man bun is epic!
Vandolero Clandestino
Vandolero Clandestino 5 dias atrás
Ok....Whats the deal with all this "cant shower in a van?!!!!......I shower every single morning with warm water IN MY VAN and come out shinny and smelling like fucking herbal Essences .....EVERY SINGLE DAY.....stop it already.
Mr Free1 • 18 years ago
Fuk... I pee in a bottle in my apartment sometimes.. Jus sayin
Preston Monaghan
Preston Monaghan 6 dias atrás
I've lived in an RV for 10 years. I have a job as a mudlogger, it's a job, and I stay in RV parks. I pay about $530 a month for rent. Living in a small travel trailer sucks. I pile my stuff where ever I can I'm not happy doing this. I dream of having stable employment and having my own house again. I'm 61 years old and it's difficult to find a better job. Life is not easy, but you must adapt and overcome.
Steve Grayson
Steve Grayson 3 dias atrás
Thank you for posting the TRUTH about living this way. These BRvid videos are total bullshit.
grace lie
grace lie 7 dias atrás
*IF you can afford to Mortagage or rent stay forever But if you live by pay check to pay check sometimes comes out not enough even though u have 2 jobs still struggling. i think u have to think twice than you get kick out the house become homeless staying in the street. Saving Money stay in a Van Buy house cash and No mortgage. Thats the best way
Dee Zoe
Dee Zoe 7 dias atrás
I so enjoyed this! Tongue in cheek, funny sly humor...loved it!!
the mountain man
the mountain man 7 dias atrás
Put down the electronics n talk to people fuck Facebook n instagram you don’t need that shit to live life
Colourful Mistakes
Colourful Mistakes 7 dias atrás
this is cool and all but i think ur not asking the right questions lol
F217 8 dias atrás
Why never any videos of attempt roberry/ rape in middle of night in isolated areas. I live in a vehicle. 4 attempt roberries and worse in 2 years. ( real life )
Good one!
Good one! 10 dias atrás
Yeah I totally get this. Lots of People round here in Canada try and get a van and try and get vanlife famous. It's fucking dumb.
Giulio M
Giulio M 11 dias atrás
I think vanlife is allot of stinky pot smoking, man-bun sporting vegans and socialists playing hackensack together in parking lots while they try to postpone responsibilities and adulthood. They pretend to hate capitalism while they enjoy everything that capitalism brought them that allows them to have this lifestyle.
riz h
riz h 13 dias atrás
If you can't comprehend the reality of Vanlife before you try it, you deserve to live full-time in a van. It's for bums.
Christiane Buaben
Christiane Buaben 13 dias atrás
It’s not a style is the soul reaches out
Jason White
Jason White 13 dias atrás
Im not surprised at all that this film had little to do with the reality of van life after watching it. It wasnt a bad film but not what I was looking for and I cant help but resent that.
bill wilenski
bill wilenski 14 dias atrás
They shouldn’t call it Vanlife they should call it scam life I like to watch all those videos with those beautiful women
Connie Pritchard Reinhardt
Its sad but true.. Many of people fake van life. Make real people that do it.. Well not sure the word i am looking for... Make us look like we have to poop in the woods.. Really. I have never done that. There are stationd and stores with bathrooms people! I shower daily with a portashower.. I pee in a portatoilet. I stay mostly in a camp ground. I use the shower there and the toilets. I go to work everyday. I have a great time and i own a house. Cause some day i wont be able to travel do to age. You need a home base. That is real.
ruralangwin 17 dias atrás
Don Holbert
Don Holbert 17 dias atrás
"Home is where you make it" - Old Cajun Guy
Neologian 17 dias atrás
Van life is something of a Hipsters fantasy that's perpetuated by the false reality of social media. What one sees online regarding van life is highly curated to reveal only that which the poster wishes you to see.....(as it is with all social media.) It's not's a snapshot of a particular perspective they want to accept or adopt. In that sense it's a lot like the fantasy image of "off grid, "tiny home" or "backwoods cabin living". Michael Crichton said it best when he said: "Nobody who really knows anything about nature really wants to go back to nature....what they really want is a weekend getaway in the woods......preferably with running water.....and screens on the windows." Look closely at the day to day existence of "off grid" or "back to nature" or "rubber/leather tramp" people and what you actually see is something much closer to a quasi homeless sort of existence than the people who do it really want to admit or want you to know. "Look I free and unfettered I am" (as I live out the mobile equivalent of a downscale trailer park existence!!) No, what most people ACTUALLY want is the option to have "van weekends" and not really van "life". That is to say, a compact and functional mobile space that's ready to go at a moments notice which doesn't require one to sleep on the ground. What they envision is what we actually loved about our Cozy Camper when we toured Iceland in one for two weeks. We were mobile, could get where we wanted when we wanted, and had a warm, dry, functional environment (substantially more roomy and comfortable than a tent) which we could retreat to between excursions and at the end of the day......all without being bound to the schedule imposed by hotel reservations. For those two weeks we felt rather "free" and loved the comfortable minimalism that the setup imposed. That's the sensation people react to when contemplating the fantasy notion of van life perpetuated on social media.....the sensation of a nice getaway without having to pitch a tent in the wind and rain each night. But few if any people actually want the "rubber tramp" existence that is the reality of full time "van life". The fake video the film maker produces near the end is nearly pitch perfect and a fine example of the basic problems that make the fantasy image so alluring. Life is full of pressures and responsibilities and at times.....soul crushing monotony. Who doesn't want to escape all of these things and just go "find one's self"....and live a life where they don't have to purposefully go anywhere....where they can just meander and enjoy the simple things....where joy and pleasure are the main emotions of the moment and where you are permitted to do only what you please? That sounds AWESOME! But of course modern life itself really doesn't permit this...not really...not if you don't have a trust fund and want something beyond a mere subsistence level of existence. Vans need fuel....they break down....young couples mature and discover that life might not be all about themselves and begin to contemplate children....hipsters grow up and realize they might not want to "camp" in random places for the rest of their lives etc ect. And thus the requirements of modern existence reassert themselves. But it's a pretty nice fantasy....and pretty well marketed by the folks who are selling it.
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 11 dias atrás
Well stated. Fun at first but it wears a man down when do e everyday
ScrapArt 18 dias atrás
Bob wells is can life famous. He has over 200k followers...
ScrapArt 18 dias atrás
The government is aware of this grass roots activity because it's a financial Gain for the folks doing this. The government will find a way to charge high fees Fines and other pilinging bullshit to the plantation masters the U.S. Government Had a think tank in this believe me they know who's stealthing and who Is not... It's a matter of time...........
Paul cook 68
Paul cook 68 18 dias atrás
I laugh when I see pictures on social media about vanlife. I live in my van in northern Ontario Canada. Believe me when I say don't do it! When its so cold you can't get out of your sleeping bag to go relieve yourself, or if the cops want you to move your van at 2.00am and it won't start because your battery is dead. I can go on and on, but just don't do it! That's all I want to say.
Louis Hamilton
Louis Hamilton 18 dias atrás
Really poopy! Cant even finish the video!
Louis Hamilton
Louis Hamilton 18 dias atrás
You are so poop and thats why you have 2000 thumbs down!
Catt's Box
Catt's Box 20 dias atrás
“Comfortable being uncomfortable”. So true!
3N1 Ind
3N1 Ind 20 dias atrás
I’m sure more then half of the people making money from Instagram living in a van Stay at the Ritz and there Van is just a PROP now
Jimmy Mudd
Jimmy Mudd 21 dia atrás
Wanted to watch but the music was killing me after 20 seconds of listening
Tes Tos
Tes Tos 21 dia atrás
The so call Social Life is fantasy, humans love to live in fantasy worlds, and some love money so much they will sell their souls to the highest bidder. It is sad that lying has become the way of life now a days. Don't live a lie folks. Be you and hell with everything else, you will end up with less so called friends but with more real friends.
Family Fun Jeannie K
Family Fun Jeannie K 21 dia atrás
I don’t think making fun of nomadic life is funny
Different Media.
Different Media. 20 dias atrás
@Family Fun Jeannie K Kay.
Family Fun Jeannie K
Family Fun Jeannie K 21 dia atrás
Different Media. I know... I still don’t like it.
Different Media.
Different Media. 21 dia atrás
I'm making fun of people who do it for likes and follows. That is pretty clear.
Family Fun Jeannie K
Family Fun Jeannie K 21 dia atrás
I live in sticks and bricks in the city and I don’t have assigned parking and have to find a parking spot on the street somewhere everyday its a nightmare! On the weekends I won’t leave my apartment because i dont want to loose my spot. God bless you all living on the road 🙏🏻
Omar Suave
Omar Suave 21 dia atrás
This was so misleading. I thought it was about vanlife but it ended up being about Instagram likes. So stupid. Plus the whole time his videographer Gabe is actually a true van lifer? So he markets off his videographers van? Terrible.
great gazoo
great gazoo 21 dia atrás
the credit companies must be torn dow 3 credit companies are the reason there is no AMERICAN DREAM cach and carry when they go totaly cashless i have Gold and Lead
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy Bear 22 dias atrás
How tedious you are. A waste of interviews from the people actually living in vans- they were kind and interesting people. As for you, fuck your "documentary"- this was all about you.
weston adams
weston adams 23 dias atrás
bought me a lil 22 ft vintage rv and im gonna start living in it real soon. i know its gonna suck fer sure for the first year or so. especially since im going to start living in it in the middle of winter in idaho. but im so exicted! i work full time construction and im hoping ill be able to save enough money to just leave and not work again someday. i think i just want to experience a simple and hard style of living because if you can eventually be comfortable in that, you can be comfortable in any living situation. wish me luck!
LeonardoGulli 23 dias atrás
you guys are doing great... i just started living in a van myself check it out
Gloria Andrews
Gloria Andrews 23 dias atrás
I can't believe I just watched 30 minutes of this BS. It speaks volumes of your story and movie making abilities because the actual content is crap. You held my attention for 30 minutes while not saying anything. You are talented.
Brianna Treadaway
Brianna Treadaway 23 dias atrás
The cinematography is amazing tho
Korbin Moon
Korbin Moon 24 dias atrás
Fucking bloopers. Are you kidding? What do you think this is.This is so sad. Generation Z is seriously a joke.
Korbin Moon
Korbin Moon 24 dias atrás
this video is like the fake shooting the fake.
Korbin Moon
Korbin Moon 24 dias atrás
this video sucks.
Korbin Moon
Korbin Moon 24 dias atrás
this was so utterly uncritical. It didn't even accomplish what it set out to. What a joke.I don't live in a van, but I have in the past, and i could have made a more thoughtful video drunk. It didn't show the hard stuff, it just basically showed a cynical view of the movement. Big whoop. I could have done that from my comfortable ass desk chair. Shit.
Lawrence Lentini
Lawrence Lentini 24 dias atrás
You gotta lose the pedo stache. You can't live in a van with a pedo stache...
Joshua Mundy
Joshua Mundy 25 dias atrás
The majority of em just seemed mad they didn’t have as many likes/followers as the next vanlifer 🤷🏼‍♂️
Shawn Higgins
Shawn Higgins 27 dias atrás
appie 27 dias atrás
Nice documentary overall but it lacked some kind of focus and felt pretty chaotic. Only at half of the film did the real theme actually come to light. Also I missed moments of silence to breathe and process what I just saw. I don't know how experienced you are as a film maker but all in all a nice doc, these are just some tips for the future.
kittentude 28 dias atrás
LOL. Not even close. The "retirees" have been through more "rough" times than you can even imagine. That comment was somewhere between naive and petty.
welcome to reality
welcome to reality Mês atrás
couldnt care less what insta thinks about me. Van life is what YOU make of it, same with real life
SizyLand Mês atrás
20:44 your hair looks like a hat. :)
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