The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:

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10 Fev 2021



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Comentários 41 742
Mrwhosetheboss 11 meses atrás
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:
Jackilyn Pyzocha
Jackilyn Pyzocha 20 dias atrás
Safety, as well.
King Kizzy
King Kizzy 24 dias atrás
Unnecessarily long for no reason, stick to the point in your description
Aige Mês atrás
Husky 2 meses atrás
After this video, Samsung and Apple should change their point of view.
Morpex 2 meses atrás
Gustavo Colombini
Gustavo Colombini 11 meses atrás
Buying a new phone in 2015: Oh boy, I wonder what features will be added! Buying a new phone in 2021: Oh boy, I wonder what features will be removed!
snine Dia atrás
Buying a new phone in 2022: Oh boy! I'm so excited on getting just the screen!
joe 4 dias atrás
that’s only with android
Mateja Kuzmanovic
Mateja Kuzmanovic 12 dias atrás
@SpeedyPopOff almost 500*
Lil T
Lil T 14 dias atrás
so true! XD
Rolling Sky Player
Rolling Sky Player 21 dia atrás
fresh lemony lemon
fresh lemony lemon 2 meses atrás
It was so funny when Apple was like "we're saving the environment by not giving you a charger" and then they went on to promote "wireless" charging. Wireless charging is known for it's HUGE waste of electricity
joe 4 dias atrás
apple is the only one doing it
Oui 5 dias atrás
@Ciprian Circa same thing mate
Ciprian Circa
Ciprian Circa 5 dias atrás
How about Samsung
Oui 15 dias atrás
they should just give the option to buy just the phone in the box for the people who already have chargers but also a box with the charger and earphones included
fruy 23 dias atrás
@Asciente Yokai we should just switch to nuclear
Dave Sirikientong
Dave Sirikientong Mês atrás
I genuinely felt offended when Apple came out saying they are not including a charging brick citing environmental benefits. They are doing it to save their own logistics and shipping costs. Save costs but charge customers more. Business tip; dont treat your customers like they are dumb.
Dylan Taaffe
Dylan Taaffe Hora atrás
@Joe What he means is if you are sticking with one company it's pretty stupid. I've seen way better phones for better value from other companies. Samsung and apple charge soo much more than other companies do for the same content. Why would you want to fan boy? These companies don't care unless you are spending more and more money.
XpertGamer Dia atrás
Ah yes business tip for the 2 trillion dollar company
Joe 4 dias atrás
​@Roberto Sanchez dude u did not just say that. that is the biggest blanket statement i have every read. so everyone who buys anything from a company that has wronged consumers is dumb? hate to break it to ya thats 99% of all companies and oh no that means you called yourself dumb! im not saying apple is good at all but man that was a really fun one to read to clarify if u have ever bought an ink cartridge in your life "your dumb" - you ***that's just the best scammy practice i can think please dont say "i have never bought an ink cart"****
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 16 dias atrás
they kinda are if they buy something from a company that abuses them.
Joop Plankman
Joop Plankman 23 dias atrás
Yes, but they are gullible and dumb. Why not abuse those stupid fan boys.( and girls)
kwebb209 Mês atrás
He didn’t mention the fact, and biggest advantage, that Apple can now ship twice as many phones on one pallet. Remember every business decision revolves around the dollar
Arthur Flanagan
Arthur Flanagan 3 dias atrás
a container costs rough 2500 between the US and UK and I would assume a similar rate from US to China. This price is pretty much negligible when you consider you can fit about 10000 phones in a container
Johnny Gonzales
Johnny Gonzales 6 dias atrás
Why give us free chargers when apple came out with the MagSafe charger that does not come with the infamous 20 w charging box! We’re left with buy 2 more of apples pricey items just for a good charge while they generate more money by shipping out more iPhones due to the smaller boxing
Liquid Acid
Liquid Acid 9 dias atrás
@Sonny Visual Great now I'm stuck imagining a 3000lb person trying to jam themselves into an elevator.
Sonny Visual
Sonny Visual 9 dias atrás
not exactly double. because of weight factor. lets say a truck can carry 10,000lb load. The old Boxes WITH charger only weigh what, 100g or so less? Even though the truck pallet can physically FIT more, the weight capacity of the truck is still the same. just like an elevator. you can fit ONE 3000lb person, or 30 100lb people.
Mohan Palireddy
Mohan Palireddy 9 dias atrás
But you are going to waste more space for chargers and earphones etc. Which used to be shipped with the phone... Customer wise ... obviously you will buy a better charging chord for better and faster charging ..and pay extra bucks..
Marko Lacić
Marko Lacić Mês atrás
Over time Xiaomi got an option on their website that allows you to choose if you get a charger in a box when you by a phone, the only right way to do it. Also good video, fair points made
alitt susanto
alitt susanto 11 meses atrás
It’s not Go Green, it’s Go Greed.
Raunak Singh
Raunak Singh Mês atrás
Tausif Baber
Tausif Baber Mês atrás
our democratic EU government works for businesses to enhance their profit margins. they can make this law without thinking at all. ever wonder if they ask these ompanies to reflect those missing products in terms of phone cost?? they wont do this because its a free economy. shame...less governments
Therapy for Patrick
@Kairon Cabaylo shut up
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
this argument only realy works for apple as they are the only ones who keep insisting on making their own unique charger design every other generation whereas everyone else use usb-c and stick to it, apple run a multi-billion dollar deal using their unique and very pointless charger designs, practically everyone else use a universal design that fitt to them all, no licensing deals there to be made, their own chargers they make and sell charge no faster then any other decent quality usb-c cable out there.
Federica Galli
Federica Galli 2 meses atrás
I call this greenwashing
Corbin Slaymaker
Corbin Slaymaker 2 meses atrás
You address the unspoken concerns and to a huge audience at that. Good work man, thanks for what you do
Laura Mês atrás
Apple’s own reasoning for not including a charger with their phones makes me laugh! In the meantime, how many people drove down to the store and purchased a charger so they could use their new phone?😂
hernanc Mês atrás
A good solution is to include a premium gallium nitride charger as you mention and offer both versions: one with GaN and one with no charger so people can choose. However creating different SKUs might be nightmare and bundling an external charger might be the better solution even though that will not address the “more packaging” problem.
Backseat Driver
Backseat Driver Mês atrás
Finally, someone has said what I've been saying for years. You are also missing the MOST important thing...and that is that chargers bought aftermarket also aren't made for that phone and LITERALLY decrease the phone's lifespan and efficiency. This means that we purchase twice as many chargers, phones, packaging etc...but it also uses more electricity because of this inefficiency.
Somebody's Videos
Somebody's Videos Mês atrás
Chargers have to be made specifically for each phone? Why?
Harley Wilson
Harley Wilson 10 meses atrás
The most eco friendly thing you can do is to keep using your current phone as long as you can .
Isaackhan 14 horas atrás
That’s why I’m still using my iPhone 📱 5s
Dog enthusiast
Dog enthusiast Dia atrás
crazy Indian
crazy Indian Dia atrás
I think we should go back to landlines where our stress levels would also be less...
9teen4t8 2 dias atrás
Ok than, please tell me how to run PUBG mobile in realme C1 ???
Jon Einar Mattias Visser
@Kruxxor yeah. I know it sounds crazy but there is a man in germany who lives off of 0$ a month. Free farmla d he lives on, house built out of scrap, eats leftover food (which is still good yes), reusing clothes and using stuff of others. His frined is buying so much, he has like 30 pairs of shoes, does not use everything he buys, I know new stuff is great and addicting, buy not sustainable. New stuff can also be refurbished goods. Why not.
F1re Flam3
F1re Flam3 3 meses atrás
In a few years I'm expecting each component of the phone being sold separately
F1re Flam3
F1re Flam3 2 meses atrás
@Chet Tailor no, its not like customizable, there is only 1 model for each piece and only fit with the same iPhone model pieces but you have to buy separately
Chet Tailor
Chet Tailor 2 meses atrás
I think Motorola tried that google bought it, then binned the project, you buy separate components, so if your more camera focussed you spend more the camera that say the ram.
Yara Eloff
Yara Eloff 2 meses atrás
DIY phones 😅😅😅😅😅
Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
The fact that the flagships come in an almost empty box is kinda weird when we consider that the rest come with a charger (even capable of charging the phone at full speed) and sometimes a case.
Ronny Cook
Ronny Cook 3 dias atrás
Whenever a company takes something away because it's good for you, you can be sure they're really doing it because it's good for THEM... With regard to chargers, if they include one it inevitably gets absorbed into the $X99 price point. Splitting out the charger gives them something else to sell you. So they get you coming and going - it reduced their cost on the original phone, and then they make additional profit in selling you the charger that you used to get for free. Reminds me of a few years ago when Cadbury in Australia reduced their standard chocolate block size from 250g to 200g because a smaller portion size is healthier. Strangely the price did not also drop by 20%. Then later they increased the block size back to... 220g, with a big campaign about the generous new block size (but still bumped up the price, as I recall.)
John Luttrell
John Luttrell 2 meses atrás
Good video with a lot of good points, I think phone manufacturers should stop pushing faster charging. It would be better if all manufacturers just stuck with a standardised charging like 30w that way all chargers would be the same so you wouldn't need newer ones
TechHoz 11 meses atrás
Ok, if this video presented in court, Smartphone companies gonna lose case :P
FAME-X-4 ANIMATIONS 6 dias atrás
Bilal Mustafa
Bilal Mustafa 9 dias atrás
Bahi App tu chaa gy ❤️ love you from Near to Lahore
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 2 meses atrás
@xlixity " People care about useless YT likes? lol" Steals comment and gets more likes. What do you expect dummy
Tony M. Toilets and Restrooms CO.
@Tom Stevens it’s e with an accent. But smartphone companies care about monetary value of their products more than environment.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 4 meses atrás
@Tony M. Toilets and Restrooms CO. Huh?
Murat 3 dias atrás
Making 2 versions of a product might be a good idea. 1 version sold as a set, and the other phone only. Depending on the results of the market research they'll make, they can sell some % as a set and the rest solo. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The backwards compatibility must me reinforced by some laws. The companies would NEVER do it by themselves if there isn't a gain in it for them because the only purpose of a commercial association is profit and nothing else. All the social responsibility bullshit they give us is far from being sincere. I think many customers are already aware of that.
Sami Sheikh
Sami Sheikh 2 meses atrás
Hi Arun, I really like this video, finally someone speaking up about these not so eco friendly choices that are being foisted upon consumers. Your video was very spot on with the exception of main thing. You failed to mention that the primary reason why companies did this is to gain that extra 25$ per phone. So the price hasn’t reduced for new phones, Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi haven’t mentioned that since they’re not including these accessories they’re reducing the price of the phone by X percentage or amount to compensate for the lack of accessories. People who wish to buy the accessories they can pay the difference(preferably the discount offered) to get the accessories required. That way both parties stay satisfied. In this particular case, not only have the companies increased their profit by not including the charger, and headphones but also by increasing their profit for the sales of chargers and headphones that consumers will have to pay out of pocket. Not to mention now it costs them less to make the smaller box. If we do the math here(quoting prices in usd), by April 2021(in 7 months) Apple sold 100 million iPhones. If we say the charger cost them 10$ to make and multiply by 100 millions, that’s a 1 billion dollars profit, and that’s just the charger alone. If we say 25% of the population that buy an iPhone would need to buy a usb charger because that’s the cable that is included which people don’t normally have. That’s 25 million chargers sold at a sale price of 19$ per charger which equates to 475 million dollars in revenue for Apple. Let’s call a spade a spade, this isn’t about the environment, it’s about the share holders and increasing profits. Just my 2 cents but more people need to speak up about this.
Aniket Thorve
Aniket Thorve 28 dias atrás
This is probably why I love watching your videos speak the truth infront of big companies about how they are fooling consumers.
teethendrikson 3 dias atrás
100% agreed with Mrwhosetheboss. sending these packages separetly is most definately worse for the environment.
Chris 10 meses atrás
When they said "we're going green" they didn't mean this green ♻️ they meant this green 💸
Chris 25 dias atrás
@Raven BlackWing I have no idea who Samtime is lol
RBeatz' Remix's
RBeatz' Remix's 25 dias atrás
You take my words from the mouth mate ;)
Raven BlackWing
Raven BlackWing 25 dias atrás
Nice SAMTIME reference 😂😂😂
waverider227 26 dias atrás
Nailed it exactly!
pinup60 4 meses atrás
Paris I
Paris I Dia atrás
I ve had the same thoughts when I got an iPhone 13. So thanks for this video. They could have also done something like asking the owner if they want a charger on the purchase. So people who did not have one they would get it free as they are supposed to. But people who do have one and are eco friendly they would not choose to get one. But they chose to make people buy one. I can only see it as more profit for them
Vic_Vic 2 meses atrás
You are honestly brilliant i wish you had your own company and you could make and produce your own tech that would amazing imagine the possibilities of the great stuff you would make.
Glenn Jones
Glenn Jones 4 dias atrás
Don't forget that it halves their shipping costs per item sold as they can fit ~twice the amount of devices in a container for shipping. Whilst they need to also ship chargers, magsafe etc, they are getting a sale for each of those too. It's all about profit. Best way to be environmental is to not change your phone every 2 years.
watintarnation Mês atrás
I think the biggest benefit for having no charger is the less volume it takes to send the same amount of phones and ship it. Not really directly benefit customers, but could increase transport bandwidth if manufacturing allows it. Customers may get stuff faster also I guess, but no long-term benefit...
Alex Lu
Alex Lu 11 meses atrás
Finally someone who speaks up about this atrocity
Maul 13 dias atrás
@hashcutter huh
Tausif Baber
Tausif Baber Mês atrás
he wont be getting freebies any moe :)
Alex 10 meses atrás
@Dardan Rexhepi found the apple employee
hashcutter 11 meses atrás
Maks Pozd
Maks Pozd 11 meses atrás
Беларус что-ли?
Axel Becker
Axel Becker 2 meses atrás
There should be an option to choose if one want´s to order the charger and other accessories as well. They would have to design various boxes for this.
Jeremiah Mckenna
Jeremiah Mckenna Mês atrás
Then you have to consider there is a chance of double or even triple the amount of waste when you factor in which chargers we buy. If we buy the OEM or higher quality (see also priced) equipment, it typically lasts longer. However, not everyone is going to be able to afford that. So many will be going out and finding lower quality, lower costing chargers/cords etc., and thus buying second or even third replacement pieces when the first one fails due to being inferior parts. This is not even taking into consideration having a second or third or fourth charging device for work, next to the bed/office/kitchen etc. Which I do understand is not part of the OEM's supposed footprint, but it does add up into the overall equation. Just stop making things that are low quality that need to be upgraded, or are not compatible, so that we can continue to use them. But then again, the worst thing we could do is add a bunch of heat to our batteries, and fast charging our batteries does tend to add heat to them.
DFAM 3 dias atrás
The eco friendly excuse was never the REAL reason to not including the chargers. It was to force the consumers to buy more products so they can make more money.
199Bubi 2 meses atrás
I honestly NEVER used the included earphones or charger because they always were crap to beginn with. There are way more important points to be environment friendly (repairability, longer software suppurt...) - So I'd even say in this case it actually is good for the environment and besides.. I never managed to break or loose a charging brick, but I might be a minority here.
Greg Singleton
Greg Singleton 4 meses atrás
I’m still paying “charger in the box” prices though…
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli 10 dias atrás
More than…
McMoyes04 11 dias atrás
@RWDtech hhha so true
SaFire_Playz 12 dias atrás
@TOXICxLoneWolf newer tech doesnt mean shit when other companies are putting out phones with the same quality and specs at better value
RJ 13 dias atrás
@CrazyDragy he wasnt the one who said voting with ones wallet it was the guy above him
bzwaqah 15 dias atrás
not always. Samsung flagship phones decreased 200$
Brenda and Chris
Brenda and Chris Mês atrás
Already thought what you said and absolutely agree. It’s all about making more money and nothing about the environment. These companies think consumers are idiots.
privatemale 2 meses atrás
Samsung usually packaged a decent charger with their phones, but I've got several sitting around here now. I don't like to use high speed charging most of the time, due to it causing higher temps and shortens the battery life. For slower charging, I've got USB-ports all over the place. Monitors, PC, powered hub, wall outlets, a lamp, etc... Just need a cable. USB-C is awesome. I'm really looking forward to the other ports disappearing. Samsung's included headphones were always junk and were just a waste to manufacture and package with the phone.
A To Z By Local Bus
A To Z By Local Bus 2 meses atrás
Some good points in this video to the point I have watched so far. Also when I saw the video footage of the delivery man throwing the package, I felt that delivery people who that sort of thing. Must not be able to get a job that they would like to do, and don't care about the job they are doing.
Emin 9 dias atrás
A thought. Shipping phones without their chargers can also be beneficial because the manufacturers don't need to design, pack and store smart phone boxes for all the types of outlet designs in the world. While some plugs are smaller in design, others might be huge (Germany vs. UK for example). This way, mostly internationally, the packages of the products are ready to be shipped (except the presets for the OS and the manual books, if it has any). This might account for a huge bit of the environmental impact. Just a thought.
destinasi id
destinasi id 11 meses atrás
The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore : MORE MONEY......that's it!
st lincoln
st lincoln 2 meses atrás
It is actually because of making more money
Sudip Vaniya
Sudip Vaniya 2 meses atrás
In realme 68w charge is free of cost
Scott Zahorenko
Scott Zahorenko 3 meses atrás
It’s funny how most people, including this gentleman in the video never pointed out the obvious🤦‍♂️
Hard Core
Hard Core 3 meses atrás
Walnut 3 meses atrás
So true💀
Alexo's Journal
Alexo's Journal Mês atrás
What we really should be working towards regarding being more sustainable is boxes that can break down for example, lowering the amount of distance each individual item goes to eventually get to the apple store or our house. More sustainable materials in the production of our phones if possible. Rather than just cutting things out. That doesn't really solve anything.
Thatonedog 7 dias atrás
I feel like Amazon has been delivering in as many packages as possible lately. I ordered new windshield wipers and each one came individually on different days.
The Tinker Wins Prods
The Tinker Wins Prods 4 dias atrás
I agree with a previous text: Keep reusing your current phone/charger for as long as possible IF you are, in fact, ecologically concerned.
H. Sean Hsu
H. Sean Hsu Mês atrás
I had tons of chargers over the years, and all of them except for the first one are still sitting in the box, and when I traded in old phones nobody ever asked for the chargers and cables. TBH the fact that the new phone didn't come with chargers didn't even register.
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 11 meses atrás
Yeah, it's a pain. Whenever I resell my phone the dude picking it up wants the charger and cable 😑 Plus I went to go buy a Samsung charger the other day and was sold a counterfeit one that didn't even work. My bad, but another hassle identifying legitimate chargers. Good point on Lightening Cable too, it's horrible for consumers. Anyway, now I have to go back to Al Hafeez Centre, Lahore, to get a new charger.
289 Com Ua Kavish Jain
289 Com Ua Kavish Jain 11 meses atrás
@Karl Rock tough BRvidr life
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 11 meses atrás
@289 Com Ua Kavish Jain 1 dslr, 1 microphone and 1 receiver, 1 phone. So one port left at night for Bluetooth headset or GoPro
Exalted Carnage
Exalted Carnage 11 meses atrás
@Karl Rock okayy noice 💖😁 im here with realme 7 35watt SuperDart Charger oof XD
289 Com Ua Kavish Jain
289 Com Ua Kavish Jain 11 meses atrás
@Karl Rock how many cameras you use?
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 11 meses atrás
I got a new charger. Anker 5 port one. 2 18w fast charging and 3 normal. Does the job for all my vlogging gear and phone every night.
Dark Soul ÚwÙ
Dark Soul ÚwÙ 2 meses atrás
Totally agree with you. In my opinion they’re arnt including a charger cube bc of business reasons. New phone new charging brick = more money for the company.
jb888888888 2 meses atrás
I recently bought a new phone, it came with a charger. I continue to use my charger I already had and the phone complains that I should be using the charger that came with the phone. Also you don't have to buy earphones or the new charger from Amazon or any other online source. You could go to a B&M store, while you're already out and about (saving the gas/etc. waste from an extra trip).
Jon Einar Mattias Visser
I think I should start a smartphone business. Included brick, charger and maybe wireless earphones. All designed to fit in those new slim boxes and with ads that show that this is really more eco friendly. Better yet, a modular box! Full with options to only have the phone, or have earphones and chargers with it, at almost only manufacturing coring cost of your buds or charger extra, but buying it seperate cost extra (the phone itself will make revenue). That way they will almost always choose the full phone box with charger and stuff, save on the planet and some might not choose the full box because they have chargers or earphones from their previous phone. How nice🤩
Archer 2 meses atrás
It was obvious that removing accessories was about increasing margins, not helping the environment. If you can sell a device for the same price as the year before but remove $10 in accessory cost & box size, suddenly your margins have increased $10/unit.
F0X 11 meses atrás
Hate him or love him He's spitting straight facts.
moritz s.
moritz s. 10 meses atrás
@Tong Ly this is the point most people on the apple/samsung hate train don't seem to understand. I support their decision and get a lot of hate for it xD
Zen U
Zen U 11 meses atrás
@Tong Ly but they do not drop the price. Showing it is just a money game. Companies should not get to decide whether consumers want something or not
Omega Vladosovich
Omega Vladosovich 11 meses atrás
@Zack Smith they care so much about your data :)
Omega Vladosovich
Omega Vladosovich 11 meses atrás
@Zack Smith you mean his Huawei bias I remember when he used to recommend obscure budget gadgets like an anti-MKBHD, now he's just mainstream.
Omega Vladosovich
Omega Vladosovich 11 meses atrás
He failed to mention that the Galaxy Buds Pro or a gift card is largely a freebie to early customers who preordered, so nobody's gonna go out and purchase those cheapo earbuds. As the phone's prices decrease over the next few months it is offsets what you can buy for that price. As for Lightning cable, however proprietary it means Apple is streamlining their product line. The other issue is that Android now needs its own version of Magsafe and I doubt there will be standardization among brands.
bluephreakr 2 meses atrás
The extra boxes, at least the Amazon ones isn't that much of a concern _if you choose to keep them._ Just more boxes to move with, if need be. The thin boxes that try to take very little from the environment are the true environmental hazard because they can only be used for their original purpose. The move to Bluetooth is good _as an option_ but to make it mandatory or use an adapter means then the environmental impact worsens with needing more electronics to do the same old thing of plugging it in. The move toward a no-charger release is _only_ good if the charger and corresponding box is an option. So making mandatory the lack of a charger means then more waste. The end-user then has to be conscious of what to purchase online before they commit so they receive less boxes. (But then, that flies in the face of environmental consciousness by reusing the cardboard to move with.) If we weren't in pandemic times, people could _in theory_ give back boxes as part of an international scheme to re-purpose boxes rather than making new ones for people who are in no need of boxes, but then that prevents people from being environmentally-conscious while moving by reusing or lending boxes from their previous online purchases. There's not much good that will come from this. But then again, how much good was there to begin with? I think the environmental impact isn't as bad as you believe compared to people buying boxed meals they have to produce themselves, rather than having pre-cooked meals which would be more environmentally sustainable as one factory with a 24 / 7 oven and flash-freezer is more efficient than ten-thousand homes cooking meals en masse. _Now if only they were more healthy..._
Amine Touil
Amine Touil 2 meses atrás
Minimizing the box size to the half means shipping twice the boxes than normal which also means less money spent on logistics with double profit
Robert Hoffman
Robert Hoffman 2 meses atrás
I would love it if the Samsung charging block lasted longer, at least a year would be nice. I am finding it harder to get a quality usb c block thats compatible than it should be.
Matt09 7 dias atrás
Thanks for bringing this up. Great Content. The culprits are just into squeezing as much juice from people as possible before their goods go irrelevant.
Rev It Up
Rev It Up 11 meses atrás
Solution could be customised box. There should be option to buy either bundle products like with charger or with usb cable or with everything with reasonable price difference.
pinup60 4 meses atrás
exactly!! that's what I've been saying
Josiah Horton
Josiah Horton 11 meses atrás
The proper way to market it and stay in the good graces of the consumer is to offer a reasonable price difference with the standard configuration including all the accessories. Then users can remove accessories they don't need with it presented as lowering the price. Additionally, as many of these companies manufacture specialized quick chargers and wireless variants of their headphones that can all be purchased separately, they can give users the option of upgrading the standard option to the more powerful counterparts. This gives the consumer more control over what they're buying while not making it seem like they need to pay extra for things that they may feel should be included. As for the packaging, the companies could easily manufacture two sizes of boxes, one for the complete package and one for all other configurations, because it's really just the charger that'll impact the size of the box the most. The inside layout of the box can change dynamically depending on the user's configuration. Companies should never market an incomplete product at a given price and then tell customers that if they want to have an integral part they'll have to pay extra, and if they don't want the extra special first party part, but rather use their old one they still have to pay extra for an adapter. (Apple Pro Stand or VESA mount adapter anybody?)
Flutterzie 11 meses atrás
omg 200th like- what how is this happening to me today
Joss Donlee
Joss Donlee 11 meses atrás
No that just let's them charge you more, because they aren't going to lower the prices of the phones with or without a charger they'll just charge you $30 more for what we've been getting for years!!!
ThisNoName 11 meses atrás
Xiaome already doing that, a 55w charger as free option.
Wenlocke 5 dias atrás
Looking back at this with the hindsight of a year, it's just gotten... more confusing. Samsung does not give a charger with their latest crop of flagships... but at the same time offers a free package for those flagships that you can claim when you buy the phone (that you have to claim afterwards and get delivered separately) for a "limited time (that seems to keep getting extended) that has a charger and (obnoxiously short) cable and case (and s-pen in the case of the fold 3). So, no charger in the box, but if you buy the phone in the first few months, they'll send you the missing charger in separate packaging for free. Eco-friendly, my eye. That looks like no more than a "Buy early and we'll give you the thing you'll need" sales trick.
Gamer Guides
Gamer Guides Mês atrás
Well said 👍 I really do appreciate the effort & research you put out on this video , Thanks
Raymond Cai
Raymond Cai Mês atrás
I enjoyed the mention of knock-on effects - In Environmental Science, the concept of full-cost pricing (factoring cost to consumers, environment, and knock-on effects!) II believe this move will only reduce the carbon footprint in the near future, and not contribute to a lower carbon footprint overall.
ItsPapaGhost 2 meses atrás
when you buy the phone you should have the option to add accessories to your order. like if you want it to come with the charger because you need a new one then you can request the charger even if it adds on a few dollars also: something I learned from doing electrical is that you should try to do every possible task with one tool when your working on something so that way your not constantly switching back and forth because it’s more efficient. So that makes these companies arguments looks stupid because all they’re doing is rather than just simply having everything possible being done at once they are splitting it up making things more complicated but also less effective like how he pointed out that ordering separate items means more packages and deliveries which uses up more gas and is actually worse than using the one package and delivery for everything.
Han Hong
Han Hong 11 meses atrás
Let's be honest to ourselves here, the only "green" that these companies actually care about are the dollar signs
tori 10 meses atrás
Crimson 11 meses atrás
@Otzaryah Hawkinsyou seem to be the kid here because you completely missed what the comment was actually about. Them saying its eco friendly is only becaus they want to say money on producing chargers etc and he explained the rest in the video get a fucking brain
fearfulfish 11 meses atrás
Or pounds
Haru Yanto
Haru Yanto 11 meses atrás
@Han Hong cause apple has more money than the government
Haru Yanto
Haru Yanto 11 meses atrás
@Otzaryah Hawkins company also gotta provide their customers what they want
Mitchell Horner
Mitchell Horner 8 dias atrás
That’s exactly what I thought myself. It’s a great gaslight they’re doing while cutting costs. Remember when they use to include airbuds/earbuds?
Hitesh Sood
Hitesh Sood 19 dias atrás
Hey Aaron, I think there should be a regulatory by governments to have cellphone manufacturers to add all accessories included in the box, environmental responsibility and use less paper cardboard. This is critical for our environment. I will write a petition. How many are with me?
stelLamoi1234 Mês atrás
Dang didn’t knew Samsung and Xiaomi jumped the bandwagon. For an iphone user since 2016, I can definitely say that their USB brick chargers can lasts for years and I can use that to charge other gadgets. If they’re removing the charger/earphone, they should definitely cut the price I guess. So unfair to be paying higher for the next model and then you still need to buy another brick.
Mike 2 meses atrás
I'm fine with no charger, I'd say do more, Make the boxes 1/3rd of the old size Even if some people buy extra / new chargers at least 100% of households wont have a massive stockpile
happyclash 3 meses atrás
Apple says it wants to be environmently friendly but still makes it as hard as possible to reapair any of their devices.
Gtgt Man
Gtgt Man 2 dias atrás
@Charles Elmi didn't ask
Charles Elmi
Charles Elmi 3 dias atrás
Learn to repair them yourselves, stop relying on everyone else. Use BRvid, learn how things are done, order cheap parts from EBay and just do it. It’s fun and gives you a kick, too.
Gtgt Man
Gtgt Man 7 dias atrás
Reason for no charger Money Big company wants Money Big companyt takes a free shit out of phone box Charger now cost more Company have ur Money now (I apologize for sounding like a crack head but yeah balls
Fergus 8 dias atrás
@Darcy Fitzpatrick The only reason third party repairs are as bad as they are is because apple purposefully makes it as hard as possible for them to do anything. They cannot source genuine parts, don't have access to schematics, are unable to purchase individual components, even if they were made by a subcontractor because Apple told them they could not sell to anyone but Apple. In the newest iPhones you need special software to be able to 'pair' the screen with the phone otherwise it doesn't work, and you know that Apple spent millions developing that feature, which ONLY serves to make independent repair shops look bad. Also Apple repairs can be incredibly poor, and they often just replace the entire logic board because they don't want to train technicians properly. Check out Snazzy Labs' experience with his iMac Pro.
itsRakesh 8 dias atrás
They said environmental-friendly, not pocket-friendly
AetheralMeowstic 2 meses atrás
Rechargeable devices should be legally required to come with their chargers. Change my mind.
Isaac Mês atrás
Take aways from the video. Phones should definitely come with chargers. If these companies all want to be eco friendly they should all co-operate with each other to make all their packaging about the same size.
Collin Hausman
Collin Hausman 4 dias atrás
Everything in the second half of the video makes sense. Wireless chargers aren't as efficient as port chargers. The port parity problem is a big issue too, but Apple's issue with lightning specifically is with the production chain, not as a competitive advantage against android devices (not that it's super inclined to make the expensive change to USB-C soon anyway, given how much it makes selling licenses to use the Lightning protocol to manufacturers). The recent change for included cables using USB-C is a large step in the right direction to achieving parity. Everything in the first half of the video about knock-on effects is moot. There's positive knock-on effects you neglected to mention. Because the boxes are smaller, they save paper and plastic. Because they're smaller, they can fit more in a single shipment, fit more shipments in a pallet, and fit more pallets in a shipping container. More in a container means less containers needed, more things per ship, less ships, less fuel. It's not on smartphone companies to get us used to living within our means. No, nobody needs to buy a faster charger just because they bought a phone capable of doing it; it's there for when you need to upgrade because you lost your old one. If you've owned a phone made anytime within the last 5-6 years, then no you don't need to buy a new set of headphones either; you've already got the adapter somewhere; clean your room and find it. The whole "people need to buy a new charger, headphones, cable" is not on the companies, it's on the consumer. We as a society just need to be better about reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order.
siimot 2 dias atrás
Absolutely spot on whenever I get a new phone I sell my old one, bought a pixel 6 and guess what no charger so on amazon I went to buy one :(
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira 11 meses atrás
"We want to go green!" while wanting to convince their users that they need to buy a new smartphone every single year. Interesting...
Johnny Malqvich
Johnny Malqvich Mês atrás
They just lie to our faces now and when we say that "we know what's up" they say "do something about it" and we can't because of the Monopoly they hold. If they care so much about the environment then phone batteries wouldn't be glued in. They would be swappable.
Christopher Holmquist
It's been that way for many years
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 2 meses atrás
I traded my last phone in for 800 bucks, leaving the new phone cost at 500 spread out over 30 months. They'll resell my old phone.
Matanumi 5 meses atrás
You know what going green is when buying a new phone? Buying a referb of last years model
6325 Abhijay Agarwal
6325 Abhijay Agarwal 6 meses atrás
@Travis Ryno Buy a Tesla to charge your phone, what's the big deal
the idiot of entire existence
I've never understood wireless charging. It was always a gimmick. You gain no benefit from using it, the only difference is the place where the wire goes.
Marco R
Marco R 2 meses atrás
I agree with the last part of the video regarding the lightning port and Magsafe. I am sorry to disagree with the first part of the video about producers not including the battery charger anymore: I am still using old chargers that came with the previous phones I had and, even if the cable is worn, I am still using them. What I mean is that the life cycle of a charger is longer than the life of the phone itself. Using more packaging to buy a charger and a pair of earphones separetely is not a big issue as all the paper and cardboard is recyclable while the plastics and electronics of a charger is not. Furthermore this strategy should prevent customers to switch to another producer: as long as you already have the charger and hearphones you maybe less inclined to pass to the competition.
Fwizzybee 42
Fwizzybee 42 12 dias atrás
I honestly have to agree…my house is like…swimming in chargers and their respective USB bricks. Maybe they’re slower? I wouldn’t know bc I charge my device overnight and just use it during the day and I generally makes it through. If I’m going to need a ton of battery for some reason (air travel perhaps), I take a backup. I’ve never resold or given away a phone before bc I use them until they are virtually unusable (~5 years in my experience). Maybe I’m “doing it wrong,” but unless the port changes, I don’t need a new cable and brick.
Nic S
Nic S 4 dias atrás
Now we should start thinking differently. Our power sockets should be fitted with USB ports with various wattage options.
Keira Pendragon
Keira Pendragon 15 dias atrás
Really got to love how they don't send a charger And their phone demands that you use the charger that was sent with the phone when whatever charger you are using is at all slow. >__>
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 11 meses atrás
I'm so glad a big influencer like yourself is calling out the big companies for their bullcrap
phillystyle 10 meses atrás
@Daniel Castillo 69 is easily the most overrated number followed closely by 420. 😅
Waste of Time
Waste of Time 11 meses atrás
The thing is, nothing is gonna change. You can make videos or protest as much as you want. Nothing is gonna change. Everyone can be atacking apple, they wont change. Why ? Because there is enought dumb people who just buy this crap and dont give a shit. Even if they know the truth, they still buy it.
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 11 meses atrás
@flowey fangirl 🎃 thank you thank you
flowey fangirl 🎃
flowey fangirl 🎃 11 meses atrás
@Daniel Castillo pfp checks out
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 11 meses atrás
@flowey fangirl 🎃 the coolest number 😎
tehSunBro Mês atrás
I believe the forced USB-C standard that was ipassed in the EU will be the reasoning for Apple to remobe the charging port, and go full wireless. Means no more adapters for regular headphones, / potential blocking of any non apple bluetooth earbuds. Gotta buy that extra Charger/brick. And telling you how good and exo friendly that is. Can't wait for the Iphone 14, and everyone else following suit a year after.
Jean Claude
Jean Claude 18 dias atrás
1st thing I did when I received my Iphone was ordering an adapter on Amazon. Like that's helping the planet. Apple is decentralizing the blame for who's ruining the planet that's all.
RufioDroolz 2 meses atrás
You know that Samsung and Apple and all the other big names did this to show that they are eco-friendly, but the rest of the companies that will provide the items that are missing are now the bad guys. At least that's how the general public is going to see this. That Amazon uses too big of boxes, that headphone jack company a b and c have too much packaging. It takes some of the negativity that you might feel away from Apple and Samsung and puts it more towards those other companies. One of the best things we can do is use our phones for 3 years and if we're lucky longer. And everyone just needs to stop investing in these latest and greatest this year and the next year and the next year phones. Really I think that is a huge Factor that would help the environment because we would be showing the companies that know we are not going to buy every single year. Most of my phones have lasted 3 years or longer. I'm actually still on my Galaxy 10... Am I due for an upgrade ... Probably but my phone works for all my needs and I've been very happy with a very low phone bill. That is just me and that is only my opinion 😃
Will 2 meses atrás
When I first found out companies are going to stop sending chargers in the box I was like wtf!?! That's stupid.. but then I realized I already have like 6 different bricks laying around my house lol.
Matthew Shockey
Matthew Shockey 4 meses atrás
If sustainability was really the priority then they’d support right to repair.
Ella Robinson
Ella Robinson Mês atrás
ZIGGI Mês atrás
So on point...
Freamyx 2 meses atrás
They would have made the phone last forever at the first place.
GG_ MYDOG 2 meses atrás
LilacDoe 2 meses atrás
@Marvin Horst haha how wrong you are. This is one of the few issues conservative farmers in Wyoming and progressive techies in California agree on. Literally, farmers cannot repair their own tractors anymore and I imagine it applies to many other things... actually, the McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken for this reason as well since corporate gets kickbacks and screw the franchisees.
RunForPeace 2020
RunForPeace 2020 2 meses atrás
Arun made a lot of good points but here are the ones he missed and a proposal “counter argument” 1) people who upgrade from iPhone to iPhone can reuse their cables and chargers. It’s still an lightning point. We don’t need to buy new adapters or cables 2) Many folks have MacBooks, mba, or iPad… they all come with usbc chargers already. 3) nobody uses apple headphones. Almost nobody buys cheap headphones because apple doesn’t come with one So while Apple is indeed doing it for their own bottom line, let’s not pretend a significant portion of the population buying apple products are not repeat offenders. Apple customers are loyal. So ditching the charger doesn’t necessarily mean people go out and buy a new charging adapter. It actually forces people to “share” adapters for multiple purposes rather than having a charger for each device which is stupid. In reality folks find ingenious ways of avoiding spending more money on more cables and chargers. Ultimately most people don’t care. They just want to change their phones and using old chargers aren’t a big deal.
Miky G
Miky G 6 dias atrás
Greatly executed and well informed perspectives. Congratz!
Marz 2 meses atrás
That’s there problem. Don’t rob your customers because you think you’re helping the environment or want a slimmer box. And yes! The topic of headphones you brought up is on point.
Robert Herzog
Robert Herzog 2 meses atrás
My last purchased phone was an Iphone 7, obviously my current charger isn't going to work and I was a little shocked when there was no charger in the box, plus my old charger isn't USB-C... in short I had to buy another charger and so will my wife when she ends up switching to a new phone as well. In our case the effect on the environment will be twofold.
Snehil 11 meses atrás
Literally I'm blown away, the amount of research he does before saying anything and the level of intellect he has, I'm proud to have someone like you becoming the voice of us.
Soham 2077
Soham 2077 11 meses atrás
Yup The definition of quality - MRWHOSETHEBOSS
Mubashir A.
Mubashir A. 11 meses atrás
He likely has a whole team, but still the credit is due for this type of interesting and unique content.
Artum Mês atrás
Apple: We want to be environmentally friendly, therefore we remove the charger. Also Apple, stuffs quite a few paper cards inside their iPhone boxes... mainly for "info". For enviroment's sake, right, maybe allow people and repair businesses to change batteries without throwing the entire phone away or forcing to purchase a software/becoming a certified technician if you care so much for the environment...
Henrique Bianco
Henrique Bianco Mês atrás
Let me explain the REAL reason why they do this, and it has all to do with logistics. When you remove the charger (and possible the cable) from the box, the company will reduce the number of SKU that it has to handle. It can easily transfer units that where not sold in US to Colombia with little effort. Not only that, since the charger follow some very specific rules within each country it is one less hassle for them to deal. Another big advantage, as you pointed, is the size of package and not for the reason that it saves the environment. It will actually save the shipping cost for the companies. They can now manage to pack a higher quantity of devices in one single container or even on a flight to different stores. So, what they sell as a bonus for you is in fact a HUGE saving cost for them. Not to mention that they can market as a good approach for the environment.
Missle1001 5 dias atrás
I still have and use occasionally my wall charger that came with my iPhone 3G in 2008! Still works in 2022, slower of course, but I’m sure it’ll go out any day.
Mohak Gupta
Mohak Gupta 12 dias atrás
Another way can be to sell two kinds of boxes of the same phone, one with charger and one without. The price of the charger version would be kept higher so that only those who truly need it will buy it.
CFn Around
CFn Around 2 meses atrás
Here’s the thing, you’re not going to buy a new charger. Chances are you will make the old one work longer. Having multiple packages literally changes nothing about delivery and adding to emissions. The packaging is also either fully recyclable and in some cases biodegradable
Derek Dresser
Derek Dresser Mês atrás
Saying they removed first the the headphones, then the charger for environmental reasons is one of the most disingenuous and dishonest things they ever tried pass off. This is all about hiding the cost of inflation and extra profit
FokkerBoombass 2 meses atrás
Is it so strange to keep your old phone? I use my phones for many years until they break or just become barely usable due to outdated software. They end up as spares in my tech drawer, and I can fish out almost my entire phone history all the way to my Sony Ericsson K750i - first phone was a SE T230 and I have no idea what happened to it, though.
Marvel Onyinye Alosiba
I like how you usually not only show us the problem but also proffer a solution
TheHabaBoy 11 meses atrás
Man this guy actually makes us think and his reasons are actually on point.
larry zones
larry zones 11 meses atrás
Exactly bro
Vinny 11 meses atrás
Stop trying to market him. Relax
蟲糖 11 meses atrás
@JSUTrumpet lucky for you where you are from, that buyers don't expect chargers when they buy a second hand phone. Not for where I am from, trading in or reselling, they expect a working phone and charger
Doug Steel
Doug Steel 11 meses atrás
Yes. It's deep. 🤣
JSUTrumpet 11 meses atrás
@Salman Hassan that’s assuming they don’t have a previous home already. You’re already making assumptions, just like the guy on this vide.
Chris Cilia
Chris Cilia Mês atrás
Great video, so many people miss this information, thanks for explaining this so clearly hopefully they all get it now......
Dime TheDude
Dime TheDude 2 meses atrás
Damn… never considered that fast charging wastes energy let alone that much! Thanks think I’ll stick to the cable
jellygiraffe 2 meses atrás
The biggest con I see here is calling placing your phone onto a loop attached to a wire "wireless charging"
egon446 2 meses atrás
The thing with apple is that they always make a move that is bad for consumer as the first ones on the market starting the trend- after that all companies follows. And it is not a good consistency I would say. They were first to remove earphones, first to remove charging crick but whats most important they first stareted to sell super expensive phones and "tested" the consumers- like with iPhone X. First 1K USD phone on the market, it was shocking and still it sold superbly well so other companies were like "huh, so you can sell phone for 1K USD and people will buy it? Then we will do it also".
Rev It Up
Rev It Up 11 meses atrás
Also removing the headphone jack added one more piece usb c to 3.5 and that's again more plastic and rubber for the environment. Companies are just trying to do stuff that's convenient for them and yes convenient for their pockets and not for the environment.
Robin Arora
Robin Arora 11 meses atrás
@Doge Sans Hey girl I understand you are moody on periods but calm down you will get one, one day.... 😂
C-Train 11 meses atrás
They truely dont care about what the consumer wants. They only care about money. They are not for our benefit.
riccccccardo 11 meses atrás
@Francois Thomas Bornman exactly I had a sen headphones for years looked after well. My beats x headphones I had two years and battery will only now hold 64% max charge 😐
pookey 11 meses atrás
It's not just the wireless earphones that will die on you and need to be thrown away - it's ANYTHING with a battery, especially things that have the battery sealed-in. As an example, I bought my missis the original Google Pixel. She loved the phone for a few years, but the battery died mid-2020 and was not holding a charge at all. We tried having it replaced, but Google outright discontinued any support for the phone and the various repair shops we contacted said they can't get any stock in. Ok, so the other option is third-party batteries, right? We bought one of those. Went to a repair store - they tried to replace it, but the phone was stuck in a bootloop like before. Turns out, there was another fault with the motherboard, not just the battery (nothing the store did, by the way, it behaved the same with the old battery in and on a cable too). Problem? Again, google discontinued the support for the phone. Wah-wah... So a device I paid for £800 back at the end of 2016 was completely useless and I had an extra battry that I bought AND made multiple trips to the repair shops. This is how the corps go "green"...
Francois Thomas Bornman
Francois Thomas Bornman 11 meses atrás
@riccccccardoabsolutely, I still use my Bose QC15, headphones that are 10 years old. Plus they sound better than most of the wireless headphones and earphones on the market(which use audio compression to send over Bluetooth)
Jesan Benosa
Jesan Benosa 12 dias atrás
"According to Apple, ditching the charger and EarPods is supposed to reduce carbon emissions and preserve raw materials." Also Apple: Includes a cheap and useless sticker.
Konrad Nowald
Konrad Nowald 15 dias atrás
The best way, ist to let the customer choose. Like Sony do it. When you buy the Xperia 10 III you can choose to get no charger and pay 10€ less, or to get a charger. So people who don't need a charger will save 10€ and not buy separately one. And people who need it, will get it in the box without additional delivery and trash.
Tyrone Coupland
Tyrone Coupland Mês atrás
From what I heard, this was a directive by the EU who are also mandating USB-C to minimise different charger types. They are aiming to make chargers interoperable and therefore you may buy less. So I presume that the phone companies decided to do this world wide. Not arguing for this, just trying to explain how government helps us, by creating lots of regulations designed to do one thing and can be oblivious and uncaring of the unintended consequences. Just imagine if they start mandating how to manage your health. What could go wrong? Note,
Hjalmar Mês atrás
Yes, the EU mandating USB-C is the reason for this change and I personally think it's a good thing. I had a few chargers which I have never used, because the first one still worked fine. It means less waste of resources and I can switch from Samsung to Apple without the need of a new charger, which means I have more options than in the past.
William Helbing
William Helbing 2 meses atrás
I have a 7 year old Samsung charger that works with any Samsung phone that is out today. If you upgrade your phone every 2 years, that's almost 4 chargers that you now have when you really only need one. Plus, any other device I got came with a charger too that will work with my phone. Maybe without adaptive fast charging, but I don't even use that feature.
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