The Race to Win Staten Island

CGP Grey
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Comentários 80
Kyle V.
Kyle V. 13 horas atrás
There's probably some symbolic symbol with that rainbow at the end. As if there's a final gold treasure at the end of the rainbow...... *NATIONAL TREASURE 3 CONFIRMED* Nicholas Cage: We're gonna STEAL Staten Island
Jeremy 14 horas atrás
Can I just say the effort you put into this blew my f-ing mind... and that was before you got on the plane ✈️😅😭👏
Ugly Bastard
Ugly Bastard 16 horas atrás
So looking on Wikipedia for Christopher Billopp, it seems that CGP actually did remove the Staten Island section which was both ballsy as hell, but also very impulsive and kind of stupid. Even though it's been confirmed as fake news, it's still very popular fake news which I feel deserves to be documented as just that: fake news perpetuated by the mainstream media and government of it's era. But still, props to CGP for spending so much time on this and pulling a Nick Robinson move by flying to New York.
mkvenner2 18 horas atrás
Hearsay = mythology
Matt Pahl
Matt Pahl 18 horas atrás
Didn't expect CGP Grey to live in England. Maybe the E in Grey should have tipped me off
Seán Dieter Eggert
Seán Dieter Eggert 18 horas atrás
Is it just me or does he completely just dismiss most oral history.
ISAPU 1 17 horas atrás
He does the same with witnesses
ISAPU 1 17 horas atrás
As an African, I'd say that kinda sucks. But he has reasons to believe that.
Mostab Miah
Mostab Miah 20 horas atrás
You live in london but you sound american
ISAPU 1 17 horas atrás
He is an American living in England
Marcelo Arthur Fischer
Marcelo Arthur Fischer 22 horas atrás
that's why they should have placed the statue of liberty in cleveland
princesskyrie 23 horas atrás
It’s been 9 months since this video was released. Has anybody had the chance to visit the Billopp Museum and try to follow up?
camramaster 23 horas atrás
This is hearsay? Hearsay? HERESY!
Gauntlet T.
Gauntlet T. Dia atrás
This video is amazing. I love your dedication. It is inspiring
2014norman Dia atrás
This dude is dedicated
Mark O
Mark O Dia atrás
As a former graduate student in history, I've had similar experiences doing original research. The unsettling truth is that very little of what we know as "history" can actually be proven conclusively to have happened. Most of what we believe about the past comes from stories that have been told and retold until everyone just assumes they're true.
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Dia atrás
They knew you were coming
PsychoSpyder 1
PsychoSpyder 1 Dia atrás
Stand back guys I’m gonna make a funny... Pete Davidson is the real KING of staten island... alright I’m going to leave now while I have the chance
Olivia esddms
Olivia esddms Dia atrás
And Staten Island still keeps getting ignored in hurracane reporting XD
Adomas B
Adomas B Dia atrás
*E X C L U S I V E J U R I S D I C T I O N*
Francisco Chavez
Francisco Chavez Dia atrás
Hahahaha, nice job letting it go.
Luke Chien
Luke Chien Dia atrás
Ultimaurice Dia atrás
What kind of Nicholas Cage National Treasure bs is this?😂
Secret Sauce
Secret Sauce Dia atrás
"Hahaha he got you New York" idk why i found that so funny, listening to a Supreme Court argument like it's a WWE match
Bobby A
Bobby A Dia atrás
Absolute mad lad
Evilkinevils Dia atrás
You are an amazing storyteller. I was 100% expecting the cut to you on the plane but the way you have me engaged made me laugh hysterically all the same.
KildroneInfinite Dia atrás
Oral History can be an effective way of keeping history. So it isn't that oral history can't be history like you imply due to it being hearsay. However, I am inclined to agree this is still ye olde meme due to the wide array of variances.
Anthony Rodriguez
Amazing how he fax checks his fax checks
Trevor A. Fay
Trevor A. Fay Dia atrás
As a journalist, let the record show that this is the video that finally convinced me to like and subscribe. Mad props to you for the determined research, CGP Grey.
neG 69
neG 69 Dia atrás
Thanks for researching for a video I will forget tomorow, You put so much efort on your videos and thank you your videos are extremly fun and entertaining/educational to watch. thanks again.
zakaria radoine
zakaria radoine Dia atrás
7:40 XD i am dead
John Spencer
John Spencer Dia atrás
i don't get the end joke ... What's amazing and why's he laughing at the end in the cemetery?
Matt's twin
Matt's twin Dia atrás
Wizard Michael
Wizard Michael Dia atrás
Oral history automatically doesn’t count as history? Wow, how many historians are going to want to hang out for this one?
Tuna Karasu
Tuna Karasu 2 dias atrás
You are crazy
Stealthyshadow56 2 dias atrás
Man really flew across the ocean to New York just to be told that what he’s looking for isn’t actually there.
Ivan Aleksandrov
Ivan Aleksandrov 2 dias atrás
I love CGP Grey videos so much
TheLoneCabbage 2 dias atrás
Notification : "Due to the extreme heat forecast..." CGP Grey : Wears a hoodie.
Marijn Verhaeg
Marijn Verhaeg 2 dias atrás
Did you just do half a PhD in history?
Sparrow 2 dias atrás
I sooo feel your pain in this video, lol.
DahnsHeart 2 dias atrás
"Ignore my email ? I might just show up !" Guy : *Close the museum* "Get the hint !"
Puto Medico Brujo
Puto Medico Brujo 3 dias atrás
Can anyone just summon the captain as Rider in a fake holy grail way and just ask him??? (or her, we never really know with the grail)
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 3 dias atrás
You tried. And that's why you RULE!
Trussedmetal 3 dias atrás
This is the definition of the I can’t sleep I need answers meme
Tim Francoeur
Tim Francoeur 3 dias atrás
If that's Grey's computer, he uses Windows 7. Discuss.
em sam
em sam 4 dias atrás
The barrels!!!
Sage Moriyama
Sage Moriyama 4 dias atrás
You wimp. Nick Robinson would have booked a flight to Japan.
willardthegrey 4 dias atrás
" closed due to extreme heat forecasted " ..... Pissing rain.
Drake is a Cake
Drake is a Cake 4 dias atrás
This is some nick Robinson stuff dude!
bill was hear
bill was hear 4 dias atrás
R.I.P. CGP Grey
Nicolas Demauro
Nicolas Demauro 4 dias atrás
He said ghost me and I’ll pull up on you.
Nope Don’t care
Nope Don’t care 4 dias atrás
I’m just saying... I ship captain billopp and New York
Gunstick 5 dias atrás
The algorithm told me to watch this today. Obviously I have not watched all of youtube during confinement. I love the special effects during the cemetery visit. 🤣 Did you wait for the thunderstorm or was it coincidence? Did the museum ever answer?
Liudas Kalnietis
Liudas Kalnietis 5 dias atrás
So he was Caucasian ,
Strangely Ukrainian
Strangely Ukrainian 5 dias atrás
If there’s no evidence that a race ever happened, that means the Island is still up for grabs, and since Staten Island has a fairly large population, it could qualify as its own state. All they need is a designated state capitol and founding documents.
msmity63 5 dias atrás
“It’s ye old meme.”
Lars Mulder
Lars Mulder 6 dias atrás
I am offended that the little girl portraying the Netherlands is small. You aren't living up to stereotypes.
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 9 dias atrás
Alright let’s find out. Cut to grey cutting the neck of a goat using its blood to draw a pentagram
vhunte 10 dias atrás
Pistashio Man
Pistashio Man 10 dias atrás
Robbie Keen
Robbie Keen 10 dias atrás
Wait wait wait wait, I've watched this video so many times how haven't I got this before, CGP Grey is saying that oral history isn't history? That collecting first-hand accounts isn't history? What *does* constitute history then? If those same people all wrote memoirs before their deaths would *that* have been history? There is no clear line between what is and isn't authoritative in historical studies, you must judge claims based on their likelihood yes, and also by who made them and why and explore all of those little details as much as is possible, but something isn't more or less reliable because a second person wrote down what was said, it only adds another link in the chain that must be investigated! My degree isn't in 17th-century land disputes, instead, I read ANE and Greco-Roman manuscripts where then you have to examine, not only who wrote what and why, who their proposed sources were, but also the manuscript tradition to see where scribes changed things and why, that doesn't mean we can't get some basic facts out of the texts! This is in response to the 5:37 time stamp where Grey makes a bold claim that no actual historian would agree with! Grey is a smart dude as we can tell from his videos, he did a great job researching this topic in particular, he holds degrees that indicate that he knows how to do research, but he here shows that he *doesn't* know the historical method. No one will read this because it's far too late to be noticed but future viewers, take this particular claim with a grain of salt, that's not how history works.
Doodle Productions
Doodle Productions 3 dias atrás
@Robbie Keen Agreed! Although, I know when I was in history the teacher would force us to go to the primary source, however. I think this is what Grey is referring to, second-hand accounts can be factual provided they provide references to their historical evidence (hopefully to a primary source). In my school, second-hand sources were actually considered unreliable because if you can't trace the article back to where its evidence came from, then the evidence didn't come from anywhere. I might have believed the race was real if the source was perhaps Billopp himself, or even some sort of evidence linked to a reliable primary source. When oral history is used, it seems to be stories passed down through generations and generations, but if that story can't be linked to *some* sort of primary, reliable source, I too have trouble trusting oral history
Robbie Keen
Robbie Keen 6 dias atrás
@Alec Joy Oh sure, I'm not saying that this *particular* example is historical, just that oral history can *be* historical which is what I was nitpicking.
Alec Joy
Alec Joy 6 dias atrás
There's no evidence that the first written record (that can be found at least) came from someone who had a first hand account of the event and the story cannot be accurately corroborated with other sources because none of them agree on the details, or even _when_ it happened. I think it's fair to say that a story whose primary source cannot be determined, verified, or traced, coupled with a story that varies wildly based on who tells it, and a lack of any real concrete evidence of the event taking place is what is makes this story hearsay. I'm not a historian, nor is Grey obviously, but I would just ask that if you came across a story of how, I don't know, the romans obtained the island of Sicily, and there was only 1 source from the time period and the reference trail led to "Some old guy told me this 50 years after it supposedly happened" you wouldn't consider that history without at least some corroboration. Edit: Also, don't be so sure no one will read your comment just because of when it's posted. Some of us get incredibly bored and re-watch videos for no reason, then scroll down to see the latest jokes XD
Dennis Tsishkevich
Dennis Tsishkevich 10 dias atrás
All of this for Staten Island. Staten Island.
Groszek Grzesiek
Groszek Grzesiek 11 dias atrás
7:09 Left date is wrong, because it says MCCCCII but you can't say roman digit four times in a row.
abu Mohamed
abu Mohamed 11 dias atrás
Muslim scholars do similar kind of job to track the prophets sayings. Although it is much more advanced because generations upon generations put up a lot of work to maintain it as is
932ForeverLove 11 dias atrás
The rainbow and your pot of golden knowledge at the end! Oh geez! That is funny!
Heber Cantú
Heber Cantú 12 dias atrás
10:10 porque siento que planeaste is cuando lloviera
Kasper Joonatan
Kasper Joonatan 12 dias atrás
0:21 etana ILOISENA etenee joenpohjassa nopeammin kuin purjelaiva 😁
Kasper Joonatan
Kasper Joonatan 12 dias atrás
@kasper Markus Mida
kasper Markus
kasper Markus 12 dias atrás
Mohammed Lii
Mohammed Lii 13 dias atrás
You, Sir, are my hero !!!
Heber Cantú
Heber Cantú 13 dias atrás
Bro please take a brake plese
Taylor Verrall
Taylor Verrall 14 dias atrás
Anybody a little worried Grey might have OCD?
Gaming According to Peter
Alternate video title: Grey's slow descent into insanity.
Kevin Savage
Kevin Savage 15 dias atrás
Great, now I'm hooked on this Historical Research Comedy genre.
jo newgo
jo newgo 16 dias atrás
Great video.
MeowTheRainbowX 16 dias atrás
Nobody: CGP Robinson: “So I went to New York in search of answers.”
PixelDoor 17 dias atrás
At the end I honestly thought he was going to justify grave robbing for history.
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett 17 dias atrás
He's a loyalist, not a traitor.
boomer 17 dias atrás
so many false endings you would think it was a cave
Ginger Hills
Ginger Hills 17 dias atrás
Dude. You’ve officially lost it. Lol
Nikolay Popoff
Nikolay Popoff 17 dias atrás
Woow the dedication
Biracial Boy
Biracial Boy 18 dias atrás
8:23 imagine walking by and seeing someone filming an empty bookshelf
Zecorim 19 dias atrás
The fact that a foreigner is more dedicated to finding the true history of the U.S. more than americans are says a lot.
EcceJack 15 dias atrás
He's American (his parents still live there). Just lives in London.
Jaden 19 dias atrás
9:17 the maniacal laughter sent me 😂
Ryan Young
Ryan Young 19 dias atrás
5:38 Grey really? I studied history in university and oral history is absolutely deserving of the title "history". To call a person's first hand account on a subject "not history" is shortsighted and incorrect. I've been a fan for a long time now but the fact that you don't think oral history qualifies as history devalues your other historical videos.
Doodle Productions
Doodle Productions 3 dias atrás
@Ryan Young Agreed that not all oral history is hearsay, but I'm pretty sure Grey meant those that couldn't be linked back to a reliable primary source. If a story is passed through generations of people but there is no *known* primary source that can reliably confirm the truth of that story, I would put off this oral history as hearsay as well. Oral history is important, especially coming from a first-hand account, however if this is coming from the friend of a friend whose dog has a dog buddy whose owner went through this, well oral history can get quite messy with details then, can it?
Mistaken Rants
Mistaken Rants 19 dias atrás
@Ryan Young I think you are making a mistake here thats common amongst people who specialize in certain subjects. You assume he relegates all oral accounts to the 'untrustworthy' bin just because of a short admittedly badly argued pice in this video. Its likely that, where you as someone with a background in the field see the faulty creation of a consistent definition, he didnt mean it in a broad way at all and just used it to say that this specific account is untrustworthy hearsay. I studied physics and law and i tend to do the same thing when people make badly argued throwaway statements in those fields. But honestly i think in this case i dont think you should read more into it than him saying 'this specific account was untrustworthy hearsay'.
Ryan Young
Ryan Young 19 dias atrás
@Mistaken Rants A important part of historical research is evaluating a source's credibility and identifying potential biases from said source. You need to judge all sources equally and then from background research determine which are the most credible. From what I saw in the video Grey doesn't do that, he just declares that all pieces of oral history hearsay and discards them as evidence. Additionally, the notion that history only becomes history after the invention of writing is not a concept strongly supported by the academic community. If we were to discard oral history as nothing more than made up stories then you'd be dismissing the historical record of hundreds of distinct groups that never developed writing on their own. Don't get me wrong I love Grey and his videos are some of the best on the internet but this one wouldn't hold water if judged academically. I should also mention that I agree with his conclusion, the Billopp story is most likely a tall tale. The difference is that a Historian would probably have looked at the evidence and instead of calling the oral record "hearsay" would have concluded that no strong evidence could be found supporting the journey due to conflicting accounts.
Mistaken Rants
Mistaken Rants 19 dias atrás
i hardly think ones opinion on the definition of history influences the trustworthiness of their actual research all to much. Besides, the idea isnt too far-fetched either considering we call history history if it happened after writing was invented and pre-history if it was before that.
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