The Race to Win Staten Island

CGP Grey
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Comentários 8 302
CGP Grey
CGP Grey Mês atrás
Thank you to all my patrons for making a video like this possible.
Wesley Chow
Wesley Chow 6 dias atrás
CGP Grey How much time have you spent on this thing 😂😂😂 Good work~!
Mik Sim
Mik Sim 6 dias atrás
10 points for the Peak Design bag!
Death 9 dias atrás
CGP Grey I found the bee. Maybe considering more minecraft bee next time
Nicol Bolas
Nicol Bolas 19 dias atrás
That it's hearsay and rumors doesn't mean that it's not real. That's the problem with being historian and judging validity of your sources.
atimes3 6 horas atrás
4:28 *_"ON WIKIPEDIA AND THE NEW YORK TIMES..."_* Lol why are you using Wikipedia and a newspaper with no bibliography
Spearka 17 horas atrás
Historical records about a guy on a boat: Isn't around CGP Grey: I don't need sleep, I need answers!
DarmKultur 22 horas atrás
7:39 what a cut/fade to Black - and revival I happily laugh long seconds about it. So much history diving for not only an interessting Story, but an historicall fact proved one. Which is rare to see by youtubers (which I use as an insult for every channel sticking their face-in-the-camera-commentors they never explore themselves, only for click and fame). Sorry! I mean never seen by youtubers (Selbstdarsteller) - CGP Grey belongs more to Journalism.
Cameron Roberts
Cameron Roberts Dia atrás
Oral history isn't history? That's an...unconventional take.
Lucky Eddy
Lucky Eddy Dia atrás
Your best video.
hbihu Dia atrás
And after all that, you didn't even include a references list for your own video.
louis webtser
louis webtser Dia atrás
2:16 Another Reservation hint. It’s too hard to understand and I see why he doesn’t want too
Tilen Medved
Tilen Medved 2 dias atrás
Can someone explain the ending?
BrickBuilding Compilations43635
Thank you, Grey, for doing so much for this video.
Badoat Lyf
Badoat Lyf 3 dias atrás
You obsessed son of a bitch. Keep it up.
Lily Killion
Lily Killion 3 dias atrás
During this I forgot what we where trying to find out
Umbra 3 dias atrás
11 minutes and 6 seconds of Grey slowly going insane.
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 3 dias atrás
(confusion) what im getting isNew Jersey, stinky state and New York, 9/11 state dont like eachothet
Huzaifa Bukhari
Huzaifa Bukhari 4 dias atrás
Interested in learning new and awesome stuff? Check out his channel: It's content includes history, mythology, economics and folk tales. And he plans on uploading every week. Its pretty awesome tbh
Terra Crincoli
Terra Crincoli 4 dias atrás
That is incredible. About a month ago I was across that tip of Staten Island scanning that very same beach you sit on at the end wondering about what lied within that thick forest on the edge of New York City. (I can even see where I was!) Nice to know that only ghosts, graves, and rainbows were there. Wait, I can actually check the dates off of Greys phone (dates for when the manor was closed) and check them for when that party was going on. It was even an equally stormy day that day!
Emerson E
Emerson E 4 dias atrás
Micah 5 dias atrás
Absolute mad lad
Mode7 5 dias atrás
why didn't you just get a hotel and wait for the museum to open or something
BurntRaze 5 dias atrás
By this time, I'm pretty sure he had already gone insane from the amount of stupid research he had done to the point he didn't care about answers. He would have dedicated too much to something so miniscule, plus he had his own life.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 5 dias atrás
Amazing! I would love to see more like this but I’m afraid what it might do to you. :)
Hur1caneaaron 6 dias atrás
Where’s my people who lives in Staten Island 🙌
Ninjaken 2 dias atrás
Dont live but heres thumbs is a up anyway ☺
Iron_Armored 6 dias atrás
Is Newyork covering it up?
MaxPower 6 dias atrás
Guess that's the end of the rainbow, huh.
At0m1c3l 6 dias atrás
Uncovers story about New York vs. New Jersey... CPG Grey: It’s my REALLY EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION!
Bryce Forsythe
Bryce Forsythe 6 dias atrás
Oh you poor soul...
Holygiant 6 dias atrás
CGP pulled a Nick Robinson here and booked a trip out of pure curiosity.
The Gaming Animator
The Gaming Animator 6 dias atrás
Hey man...we need something , give us a break
C Walsh
C Walsh 6 dias atrás
It’s like mythology
Sean Li
Sean Li 7 dias atrás
A Wesker
A Wesker 7 dias atrás
Are you the real life Nathan Drake?
Дичинко Пётр
Ты крут. Столько всего сделал. 👍
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez 7 dias atrás
I had to subscribe!This guy who isnt even from jersey or ny is so interested in the history that he ignored the storm warning and got soaked trying to find more ....thanks for the efforts
Darrell Walks Over Ice
You put so much work in this ... nice job 🙂👍
anamike 7 dias atrás
Staten Island the last and only county for president Trump,...
justjake156 8 dias atrás
Ye olde meme
buckwang 8 dias atrás
being a historian must be such a fucking headache lmao love the work though this is great
H 8 dias atrás
how are you animations so expressive? wth?
User Anonymous staten island
I wish staten island was still the forgotten borough
ivan lau
ivan lau 8 dias atrás
Grey looking back at this video:Well,that escalated quickly.
Ash 8 dias atrás
I am just waiting for Part 2 where CGP Grey goes and gets a time machine to go back and witness the race first hand... or that lack of a race... then just so the trip wasn't wasted he travels forwards July 9th 1868 so that he can kill Disosway personally.
Ash 8 dias atrás
Somehow I get the impression that he will also end up doing some testing to find out if you could sail round the island(s) in a ship of the day in the supposed time.
SimbaJoey12 8 dias atrás
A subtle little joke mixed with alliteration around 1:17 : "hometown historians happily Honor hometown heroes." I liked that slight emphasis on the usually silent h in "honor."
William Achia
William Achia 8 dias atrás
i have 2 subs my son has 5 subs
Miller Krohn
Miller Krohn 9 dias atrás
ok so you gave up, then flew all the way to new york, then gave up, then went to staten island, then gave up, then went to a graveyard in a thunderstorm, and then... still no answers? N O T P E T T Y E N O U G H . wait for the museum to reopen and THEN ask them >:D
Deadpan Sanchez
Deadpan Sanchez 9 dias atrás
As a Staten islander. Dude holy shit >~> thanks for the dedication
Gabe FromMaui
Gabe FromMaui 9 dias atrás
That was epic
dana samreth
dana samreth 9 dias atrás
What does CGP grey mean?
Jortand 10 dias atrás
If you go to the Wikipedia page (search "Christopher Billopp (Royal Navy officer)" to not land on the other Billop) and go to "view history" you can see the all out edit war that CGP Grey started the 30th of August 2019 where he deleted the section about New York as seen in 5:56 with the only comment "Lady Godiva Story" this is the only edit that Grey did on the Wikipedia page.
tsumugi shirogane
tsumugi shirogane 10 dias atrás
thank god staten island isnt jersey, ny sure treats them right.....hows the subway going btw
purelight 10 dias atrás
You just made my day a lot better. Thank you
Fanny Ng
Fanny Ng 10 dias atrás
I saw a lady wearing a Staten Island shirt and I had to google to find out where is it. Later at night I saw a clip about Staten Island and decided to find out more. I'm so glad I watched this video! The dedication to find out the truth is remarkable
American Mapping!
American Mapping! 10 dias atrás
Yes He Did Actually Delete That Part Of Wikipedia
kamehamehaX300 10 dias atrás
Same thing happens when you try to read up on the pyramids dude
Nick Diforte
Nick Diforte 10 dias atrás
i live on staten island, you couldve just asked me if this place was worth a video. i could have saved you a headache. your research was just as frustrating as living here...
Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana
Great job! Simply gorgeous--what you created with this video.
Frank Caputo
Frank Caputo 10 dias atrás
Wow we would probably would have been even more forgotten if we were apart of Jersey
Robert Castiglione
Robert Castiglione 11 dias atrás
It’s not everyday a video about the island you live on shows up on your recommended. What a strange day it is
Usman Mukhtar
Usman Mukhtar 12 dias atrás
Watching him jump on that plane was like the end credit scene of a marvel movie
T-West 12 dias atrás
So if there never was a race... does that mean Staten Island should just belong to New Jersey? :P
ACE OF DEMISE 12 dias atrás
Just from this video I’m subscribing his determination is on a god level
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