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If you have a routine shot sequence, and a concrete aiming system, you can shoot a recurve or a longbow very accurately. And so, this video is for you. You guys that are out there that have always carried a compound bow into the woods or a crossbow, but always wanted to try a recurve or a longbow. This video is for you, those guys that have been struggling for three to five years shooting a recurve or a longbow instinctively, but are frustrated with your accuracy. This video is also for you guys that have or own a recurve or a longbow, and every spring you tell yourself "This is the year I'm going to carry a recurve or a longbow into the woods." But come August, you're not satisfied with your accuracy, and you fall back onto the compound, and the cycle continues. Well, this IS the year that you're going to carry your recurve into the woods. There are a hundred different ways to shoot a bow, and this is just one of them- a full aiming system that will help you shoot your recurve and longbow accurately. If you are completely satisfied with your shooting abilities with a recurve or a longbow, then this video is not for you. But if you want to be able to accurately shoot your bow within a short period of time, then this video is for you, and enjoy.
Traditional Bow Review: 5:10
Traditional Equipment- Gloves, Tabs, Arrows: 28:05
Aiming Methods: 40:00
Setting up a Fixed Crawl: 01:05:36
Bare Shaft Tuning: 01:28:00
Bowhunting Setups: 01:37:47
Traditional Archery- Miscellaneous Info: 01:56:50
Blooper Reel: 02:08:40

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6 Mai 2016



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Comentários 80
Vilhjalmr Edmundson
Vilhjalmr Edmundson 16 horas atrás
Sorry this isn't traditional archery, it's just modern archery, pure and simple, without all the silly rubbish they sell you. Compound bows and Olympic archery barely fall into this category, traditional archery does not. Traditional archery is when you use traditional built bows from specific historical examples, the arrows they used, and shooting styles they employed. Takedown recurves, metal knocking points, string walking, carbon shafts, plastic flights, and worst offender of them all: the Olympic draw, all mark this as modern archery. I appreciate what he's trying to accomplish here, but it comes across like someone who recently learned how to drive describing how they do it to someone who has been driving for years.
Jonathon Dough
Jonathon Dough 3 dias atrás
This is absolutely amazing. I shoot an Oneida Phoenix Lever bow and am going to try this out. I believe this will work due to the arms on the Oneida, compared to how other compound bows are set up.
Scott Hicks
Scott Hicks 4 dias atrás
Not gonna lie...skipped to 40 minutes in, stayed through fixed crawl...went outside and was able to consistently put 6 in the yellow before the video finished back in the house.
Broadhead Sniper
Broadhead Sniper 6 dias atrás
Im tatally happy with my shooting accuracy and bow. But this vid is one of the best on BRvid hands down. Love this vid have wached it dozens of times ove the years.
Sean Dames
Sean Dames 7 dias atrás
I really enjoy this video. The input and description of each item helped tremendously in understanding archery terminology and setups
Norm Dunbar
Norm Dunbar 8 dias atrás
I'm in the UK, been an archer for 18 yrs, learned more about this subject/passion of ours watching this vid, than I have going to archery clubs here in all that time. I am now a traditional shooter and independent of clubs in England (they only care about Olympic style target archery, I couldn't even shoot an English longbow at my last club). This is like a breath of fresh air, I will watch this vid until I can recite every word! So well explained in plain language and with practical demo's - I love it, I feel as if the scales have been taken from my eyes. Thank You, Thank You so much. God bless America!
Gary Clephane
Gary Clephane 10 dias atrás
Best description I've seen yet I'm 70 years and never to old to learn THANK YOU
Gil Williams
Gil Williams 13 dias atrás
So much help cheers
Steve k
Steve k 14 dias atrás
What a great educational film really enjoyed it learned a lot about how I shoot which I never realised I was doing good and bad,,I Like the way this young fella presents calm and confident not a insulting word for anybody if all our young men had this kind of attitude the world would be a better place,Thanks for the film and good luck to all involved your a credit to real men.
KINGOWOOD44 15 dias atrás
Great film, must watch for anyone getting into traditional archery, A+
Liana Crisolago
Liana Crisolago 16 dias atrás
218 losers watched this vid
Jason zafran
Jason zafran 17 dias atrás
When you talk about shooting a "600 grain arrow" are you talking about the total arrow weight (spine + tip)?
KINGOWOOD44 15 dias atrás
Total arrow weight, spine is not a weight but a stiffness measurement. Arrows are weighed by grains per inch of shaft, point weight, insert weight, wrap, fletching, nock all combined
Arron Ryan
Arron Ryan 18 dias atrás
This video changed game.
kg062007 18 dias atrás
This stuff works, but you have to already be a consistent shot to make it work. Any variation in anchor point or form and the arrow will miss by a lot, especially at long distance.
b dx
b dx 20 dias atrás
Thank you for all the knowledge and experience you have shared with this video. Maths may be the head (queen) of sciences, but it’s the physics (Neck) that turns it.. I am getting my first bow delivered tomorrow; to archery become my new hobby. Just the fulfilment of a boys dream who had run a stick with a string when he was a kid.
Wayne Gillis
Wayne Gillis 22 dias atrás
Thanks for the video. Can you recommend bow model and a retail web source for ordering equipment in Canada? Thanks.
John Scout
John Scout 23 dias atrás
Just found this video. Great job in explaining the techniques. I'm your exact target audience. Compound shooter, turned trad instinct shooting trying to get better. Thanks for sharing
János Malya
János Malya 24 dias atrás
Thank You so much! Just planning to start archery, lost in a lots of vids on youtube, and find You. Explaining everything (for me as a beginner) with your calmed voice, make me sure i really want to start. Greetings from Hungary!
Tony B
Tony B 25 dias atrás
Good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to make this film...
Austin’s Reptiles
Austin’s Reptiles 25 dias atrás
It’s a coincidence Bc I actually just got my first recurve today (Southwest archery spyder) it’s 55 lb for hunting and I’m not used to have to keep that draw weight at full draw. It’s def gonna be different but I think I’m gonna enjoy it more
Mad Technician
Mad Technician 26 dias atrás
Huge appreciation for this video of your experience and your instructional methods are crystal clear. As a newbie to archery your explanations have cleared up a lot of things for me. Thank you.
Carlton Correia
Carlton Correia 26 dias atrás
I just watched a master class! Thank you for putting this video together.
BlackFoot Plays
BlackFoot Plays 26 dias atrás
So good
Buck Rodgers
Buck Rodgers 28 dias atrás
Does the poundage of a takedown recurve affect the 40m Point On Target? If I start with a set of 30lb limbs and the goto 40lb will I need to reset the "fixed crawl nock" or does it just mean my arrow will reach the target with more speed and force?
R Dubya
R Dubya 27 dias atrás
Buck Rodgers was thinking the same think. It seems logical that a higher arrow speed makes a flatter trajectory. So does this increase the point on distance? I would think so, but not sure how much. Trial and error I guess. I watched this video a while back and I’m watching it again now before I get back into my archery.
davetube11 29 dias atrás
215 loser thumbs down. Great vid and awesome attention to detail! Cheers!
Mark Cassar
Mark Cassar 29 dias atrás
oh man. thanks
Matt Wisher
Matt Wisher Mês atrás
Folks at my archery club told me about this film. Very nice - enjoyed every minute. Thanks!
Nathan Harlow
Nathan Harlow Mês atrás
Awesome video, well articulated at a high level, but anyone who has sat on a three legged tripod knows they are anything but stable lol. Well done
Harry Studdard
Harry Studdard Mês atrás
Exceptional work. Thank you.
Mike Turner
Mike Turner Mês atrás
nice job...ive been shooting and hunting for 40 STarted long bow won't to onieda lever with fingers the Martin pro shop compound with fingers still and still fingers,,,then converted to short compound eithsights including peep and release and settled there for 5 years and was..... last year gave my son my bow and stuff, I just bought and started shiitingvalum riser ILF recurve and fingers no sighta....around the block and back,,,,lol and I think u did great job and I learned a couple things and am even more excited about my new bow....btw it came today
Hemppa Mês atrás
Thank you for this film. I bought my first recurve bow last week after few years hunting with combound. I cant wait the next hunting season. Great film!
Daniel Farang
Daniel Farang Mês atrás
thank you for this movie
Neil Kraft
Neil Kraft Mês atrás
If you’re going to individually tune each arrow, be prepared to throw away about half of the shafts you buy. Don’t believe me? Research Byron Ferguson and what he goes through. This guy splits aspirin tablets and life savers.
adam jonck
adam jonck Mês atrás
thanks for this the best ive seen it realy helped me
reagan bone
reagan bone Mês atrás
Yo! Just wanted to return to these comments. Been using quarantine time to get to grips with my longbow. This video has made so much difference to the way I shoot and how accurate I'm getting. I'm sold. Gonna keep at it and maybe leave my rifle at home next deer season.
Alain Ouellet
Alain Ouellet Mês atrás
Tres bon video sur le tir a l arc recurve c est domage qu il ne soit pas traduit en francais mais j ai super aimer ce video il est tres explicatif . Merci
The Abhorrent Chef
The Abhorrent Chef Mês atrás
What an awesome video. I randomly got a horse bow off amazon and after a week or two I decided to look for a video to help with form and whatnot. I got sucked right into this. I was shooting instinctive since someone told me that’s how you shoot a recurve. I was decent right off the bat, maybe being a die hard instinctive pool player helped. But I wasn’t as accurate as I wanted. Once I watched this I started aiming with the tip of the arrow, and instantly got tighter groups and more accuracy. And just like he said about when he went back to instinctive, before learning string walking, using the tip to aim definitely helps your instinctive shooting. It seems like a way to cheat the system of learning by shooting a million arrows. So I’ll aim with the tip for a few days, then fire off instinctive shots with deadly accuracy with my cheap arrows and bow. I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet but I’ve had a ton of fun over the past 2 months.
J B Mês atrás
The best traditional archery film ever!! I'm a new trad archer and you've done such a great job with this film helping me to understand all the concepts and techniques. I will definetley be trying the fixed crawl!
Nick Halawith
Nick Halawith Mês atrás
Well done! This is by far the most thorough and professional produced archery clinic I have ever found. Thank you for your time and efforts in creating this. The next generation is in good hands!
chad knutson
chad knutson Mês atrás
Would like to know your draw length and your bow setup you are using for range , because I feel that my buddies bow that I'm trying out is not allowing me to get to my correct anchor position
chad knutson
chad knutson Mês atrás
@The Push Productions my draw length with compound is 28.5 , should it be the same for trad bow or longer
The Push Productions
chad knutson for targets i like 35-42 lbs at my draw length.
steven baglione
steven baglione Mês atrás
Excellent video, I have been bow shooting since long before it was popular to bow hunt back in the mid seventies. back then you barely ever saw a bowhunter in the woods and if you did they most likely carried a recurve bare bow. You should be very proud of yourself in putting together such a fine educational film. Good luck in your future endeavors.
Aamir Bhavnagri
Aamir Bhavnagri Mês atrás
This is THE best archery video i have ever seen ! thanks for the amazing tips . Best regards from India.
BBR Mês atrás
I am an instructor pilot for military combat aircraft. It is my professional opinion that this is an excellent instructional video. My friend you have a particular flair for picking out what information is most important and presenting it in a way and at a speed that makes learning easy and entertaining. Thank you for this video.
reagan bone
reagan bone Mês atrás
Tip top magoo
Matt Cookus
Matt Cookus Mês atrás
Paul Norris
Paul Norris Mês atrás
Jim Berkenfield
Jim Berkenfield Mês atrás
best archery video I've ever seen
wilcrew101 Mês atrás
Thankyou so much Matt, this was amazing. I learnt so much 👍
rotex Mês atrás
Thank you for the information and your time.
The Mullet Brothers
The Mullet Brothers 2 meses atrás
Thank you very much for your time and knowledge! I am a compound bow hunter currently and have been wanting to go traditional for a couple years but like you said I have been scared to do so! Your video definitely changed that and I can’t wait to start!
Sean Duncan
Sean Duncan 2 meses atrás
I will be referring to this for a very long time. Thank you for making this, seriously.
Marcel Davis Sr
Marcel Davis Sr 2 meses atrás
I have never seen a archery video with this much detail in. This tells me this guy really loves bow shooting as I do. I have learned a lot about shooting that I didn't know. Some stuff that I already know but just in more detail . Great job on providing bow shooting and hunting information. 🏹
Stealth Explorer
Stealth Explorer 2 meses atrás
It appears 199 animal activists have watched this video also, coz no real archer or newbie could give this video the thumbs down, 10/10 for clarity and insight. im just begining on my path in archery and youve just saved me 3 years + of figuring things out. greatly informative video, thanks so much from saving me from watching 100s of other vids. ill have to watch this one many times just to absorb all this info. i totally agree with matt ott on his opinion
John Pomazi
John Pomazi 2 meses atrás
Thanks for doing this. I’ve been archery hunting 30 years and learned a ton. Started out with a compound shooting instinctively. Wished I would of known this then. I’m actually excited to grab a recurve and try this.
thebattousi1 2 meses atrás
The fixed crawl is just translating "the 100 meter zero" from rifle to bow. It's brilliant but not as complicated as he makes it sound.
Kevin Anthony
Kevin Anthony 2 meses atrás
Closer than 25, if you nestle at the bottom of the animal like your circle shows, how does the fact that you're elevated and shooting down come into affect? Would you need to aim a little lower? Big fan BTW. Why can't I get your podcast on Spotify?
Kevin Anthony
Kevin Anthony Mês atrás
@The Push Productions thanks for the reply.
The Push Productions
Kevin Anthony yes, you do have to hold the tip lower in relation to the deer’s anatomy. But the “gap” you hold perpendicular to the arrow flight or line of sight is still 8”. But 8” on flat ground at a deer may be bottom of chest, but 8” from 20 feet up in a tree might be the elbow of the deer.
Donald Alger
Donald Alger 2 meses atrás
If you ever think of getting back to just shooting just a bow. Watch this vid. I like my compounds but I love my recurves again. It changed the way I shoot. Hopefully it will for you to.
Noir Siege
Noir Siege 2 meses atrás
What shooting tab are you using?
The Push Productions
Noir Siege that was the Fred Eichler tab. Currently running a Yost Tab
Grace Ridge Life
Grace Ridge Life 2 meses atrás
Great video! Question though. How do I go about setting the initial 40 yard point on? Is it just trial and error, as far as finding that nock placement? Or is there something more mathematical to get me started?
The Push Productions
Grace Ridge Life arrow length, arrow weight, poundage, and how high or low your anchor point is on your face will all play a part in determining you point on.
Paul Lawley-Walker
Paul Lawley-Walker 2 meses atrás
I agree Matt, I've just watched this through from start to finish and just could not stop watching. This is to my mind the best and most complete tutorial vid on BRvid for archery ( and I've watched quite a few dozen ). The clearest explanations on setting up your bow, on aiming and tuning all the aspects of your kit by far. Matt Zirnsak, you are a legend, I have learned more in this one film that all the others I've watched previously. Great stuff. Many thanks to you Matt and your team.
Jean Yockle
Jean Yockle 2 meses atrás
a true instinctive archer never looks at anything but the target. in fact a true instinctive shooter can make a shot in almost complete darkness. all you really need to do is visualize your arrow in the target. using the tip of your arrow is in effect using a site. this video makes instinctive shooting to complicated . and abuses the term instinctive. You don't need a site to throw a baseball , that's instinctive................
Canufathomit 2 meses atrás
Phenomenal Video. One of the best I've seen in 40 years of reading/watching Archery tutorials. On question: "Why the white tape on the arrows just behind the tip?" I can't seem to find the explanation in the video. Thanks for all the great information.
Eric Nay
Eric Nay 2 meses atrás
Of ALL the traditional archery videos I have watched..this IS BY FAR THE BEST. I started with a Pearson offset wheel, then graduated to a Hoyt compound. For the last five years I have been trying to figure out the traditional bow, and how to properly shoot it. I'm only half way through this movie/ video, and I have learned 200% more than I have in five years...THANKS.
tiestu 2 meses atrás
They see something alive and they need to kill it, typically muricun .
Striple 675
Striple 675 2 meses atrás
‘‘The Push‘‘ and ‘‘The Art of Stringwalking‘‘ the only literature I needed to learn handling my Barebow thx a lot
kg062007 3 meses atrás
Does the string walking method depend on the height of the target? So a target on the ground at 20m will have a different position on the string as a target 5m off the ground at 20m? So you basically have to string walk differently for different height targets? Someone please help
Newt Booth
Newt Booth 3 meses atrás
Recently started listening to the podcast. Been shooting a recurve here and there for a couple years but after what I learned here in this video I think things will change for me. I’m excited to start actually shooting consistently instead of just shooting arrows .
Troy McGuire
Troy McGuire 3 meses atrás
This is such an amazing film! I've been watching several archery videos in the past couple of weeks, and this one blows them all out of the water. Even my web searches didn't come close to providing the amount of quality information that these two hours did. Thank you for all the work it took to make this masterpiece!
HubsAlgarveKnives 3 meses atrás
The best I've seen about bows and bow shooting in 40 years,👍 best of luck from Portugal
steve dental
steve dental 3 meses atrás
What he is doing with fixed craw in gun scope talk is he is zeroing the scope at 25 yards. People that shoot pellet rifles with scopes do this to keep the vitals as close to the crosshairs as possible over the longest distance possible . In archery its the same thing the arrow tip is the crosshairs . Every bow and arrow combination is going to be different. The best way to set your zero or the fixed craw location is to shoot at the longest hunting shot you know you are going to take example say 50 yards . See where your point of the arrow on target is hitting then shoot at the closest distance you know you are going to shoot . Once you know the distances from center target at both distances move your craw setting so your arrows are at the same distance above and below the center of the target at both close and far distances . Once you have the craw set so the distances are the same distance away from center of the target then you are at your zero setting .
steve dental
steve dental 3 meses atrás
How can marking your tab be considered illegal in a 3d shoot ? If they don't allow marks on a tab why couldn't you just put serving on your string to match the different distances ? Would putting serving on your string in different places on your string be considered illegal ? If you had serving on your bow you could feel the raised serving to know where you are at on the string even in dark light .
marcogram 3 meses atrás
How have I missed this video? I found an older Fred Bear recurve in a trash can and was told, "take it, we're throwing it away." I brought it to an awesome boyer named Mark Harbison. He took his time, measured me, literally taught me to shoot at his shop and I was splitting arrows within a month. My niece and nephew were both taught by me on two separate occasions in 4-6 hour sessions. We are all HOOKED!
marc morton
marc morton 3 meses atrás
Fantastic film. Thank you for your hard work!
Roger X
Roger X 3 meses atrás
I am just starting out and watched a lot of videos. This was more educational than most the others combined.
. 3 meses atrás
I've never seen an arrow rise up in an arc to a target when pointing an arrow below a target. What is the gravity like where you are?
Rob F
Rob F 3 meses atrás
I don’t mean to take anything away from his presentation though. This was extremely well done and his passion for traditional archery is infectious.
Rob F
Rob F 3 meses atrás
You are right in that there is no actual rise. This is also confused in firearm ballistics. From the absolute get go, the arrow is falling due to gravity. The arc is due to the angle in which the arrow or bullet is actually being shot. Where the confusion lyes is the offset of your eye vs where the arrow/bullet launches from.
. 3 meses atrás
The arcs you show don''t seem to represent an arrow rising up to the target.
. 3 meses atrás
It seems like you would shoot the ground at the farthest distance with gap shooting. I've never used one by the waay
Albert Habib
Albert Habib 3 meses atrás
You explain every aspect of archery very clearly - you obviously know the subject intimately and coupled with your your ability to communicate this has to be a goto video for new or aspiring archers. Thanks.
T Bailey
T Bailey 3 meses atrás
Oh my gosh. I’ve been shooting trad for 25 years. You have changed my life.
Michael Dankert
Michael Dankert 3 meses atrás
My son just started shooting NASP Archery and has been struggling with instinctive archery. I have been shooting with him after shooting open freestyle with a compound bow for nearly 35 years. I was struggling with instinctive shooting as well and was getting bummed because I wasn't much help to him. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video! After numerous videos and books I stumbled across this video. Hands down the best video on the subject I have ever saw!
Hank Severino
Hank Severino 3 meses atrás
Absolutely phenomenal vid. I've been shooting for 30 years, and am changing everything I do from now on. Thanks brother!!!
Bill Warford
Bill Warford 17 dias atrás
If 88o
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