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Jurassic World
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This original 5 min prologue to Jurassic World Dominion, directed by Colin Trevorrow, rockets audiences back 65 million years into the past to experience the world before humans existed-and offers a glimpse of a world in which dinosaurs are living among us.

The story will continue in theaters this Summer.

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22 Nov 2021



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Comentários 11 243
Magic World
Magic World 8 meses atrás
this looks epic! hope they don't show too much in the trailer like they did in fallen kingdom
ITZ PHE Mês atrás
I hope they show stuff like this in the full movie! We got like 2 scenes :(
farmernoob Mês atrás
they litteraly showed allthe screentime of the giga
Timberwolfe Mês atrás
Update: Not even IN the movie
Aspi Tube
Aspi Tube Mês atrás
They actually showed pretty much everything
thebboy1200 Mês atrás
Well how do you feel about the movie now?
LPGozzzi Mês atrás
Why is this left out of the final movie!? Instead of this awesome beginning we got a reporter telling us what happened in the past few years as if we didn't see the previous movies..
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith 7 horas atrás
preaching about "climate change"
jose viramontes
jose viramontes 21 dia atrás
@mlg Bobby they thought this was inaccurate? They suck?
Advaith_bruhYT 21 dia atrás
Well what if someone didn't watch the previous movies?
Wolf Mês atrás
WOuld've made an epic intro (still haven't watched Dominion yet)
Cedric Mathew Hudson
Cedric Mathew Hudson 2 meses atrás
This prologue makes so much more sense after seeing the movie. They really should not have cut this as it reflects on two very important scenes later in the film.
Hectorferjr2 5 dias atrás
@Punish 654 Studio interference.
Hectorferjr2 5 dias atrás
@Arthromod Studio interference.
Hectorferjr2 5 dias atrás
@Leonard Hughes Amazon originally had the release date listed for August.
Leonard Hughes
Leonard Hughes 7 dias atrás
In September not August but not as long a wait as wallmarts got it posted in lateDecember.
Leonard Hughes
Leonard Hughes 7 dias atrás
According to DVD releases this will be out in September sometime dates not posted.
Armored Saiyan
Armored Saiyan Mês atrás
If they showed this in the movies, it would made the final battle even more epic because of rexy’s eyes
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 6 dias atrás
@GassySamsquanch How is it the worst?Fallen kingdom is the more worse one
GassySamsquanch 7 dias atrás
Doesn’t matter if this is included or not, the final fight is still the worst final fight I’ve ever seen in the jp franchise, they made it into a cliche joke instead of two carnivores killing each other
Lincoln Wright
Lincoln Wright 19 dias atrás
Well this makes the giga the villain of the movie
Inkasaurus Rex
Inkasaurus Rex 19 dias atrás
Who knows, we still have the extended version coming up
Jaxonn09 20 dias atrás
@Minetic I did my second watch lol
Tristan Burch
Tristan Burch Mês atrás
What sucks is that this entire Prologue is cut out completely from the movie and we’ll never see something this cool on the big screen
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith 7 horas atrás
the movie was NOT as advertised at ALL
GhostOfDaniel 8 dias atrás
@Captain Crystal 370 I think I had fallen asleep by that point
HE HE HE HAW 9 dias atrás
@Captain Crystal 370 ok captain crystal🤓
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@HE HE HE HAW They probably had to cut it.Relax
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@GhostOfDaniel What about the other part of getting the baby raptor back?
TrillTV 8 meses atrás
I wonder how they trained the dinosaurs for these scenes. Incredible performance
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@lousy cat Probably just the same layer that’s underneath skin.Kinda like a polar bear without fur.Probably shouldn’t look it up since it might look cursed
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@Sirmiyous Baker How are you fooled by that you can’t take a joke and the only joke you know is your dad?🥛
RussellDoodles 12 dias atrás
@Sirmiyous Baker How are you fooled by the joke
True Form Oblivion
True Form Oblivion 12 dias atrás
@Sirmiyous Baker U dont get the joke. He obviously being sarcastic
Vegeta The goat
Vegeta The goat 13 dias atrás
@Crampus bruh
The Midnight Walker
This prologue looked sooo promising, at the end of the day it's a completely different movie. Did the pandemic change plans or was having the dinosaurs in towns never a plan at all? This drive-in scene set a JP's horrific tone, it was perfect, what happened...
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith 7 horas atrás
THIs is what I signed up to watch. NOT a grass hopper movie
godzilla2k26 11 dias atrás
@LilyRose89 Yea but that was because it didn't make sense to how it happened.
LilyRose89 19 dias atrás
@Daniel Dreamgazer They did that in 2 and everyone complained. San Diego?
c 23 dias atrás
the prologue but the trailer too i mean wtf?? they promised us a whole different movie than the one they gave us. this could have been such an epic finale of this franchise with dinosaurs and humans having to coexist and all the troubles that come with that. but... locusts??
Wolf Mês atrás
The drive in scene reminds me of Jurassic Park
mehggie Mês atrás
It’s a massive shame that this wasn’t the opening scene to Dominion, because it would’ve made a huge difference and would’ve made some certain scenes a lot more significant.
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@Spaghetti Loaf Ughhhh why does everyone keep saying stuff like “Umm actually there was this one scene where a dinosaur is eating and has nothing to do with the plot at all🤓”?
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@John 'Soap' Mactavish So everybody forgot the whole “getting back blues baby” thing?
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@Weirdest Peashooter It’s not supposed to be that accurate.Mosasaurus is bigger than it should and blue is bigger than actual rapters
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@Cookie Playz That wasn’t the only plot.What about them trying to get the baby rapter back?Also what about the new dinosaurs in the movie?
LilyRose89 19 dias atrás
@BangBoomDie Well the one and only time they made the T Rex lose people didn't stop bitching about it for years.
Average Gamer
Average Gamer Mês atrás
I’ll never understand why this wasn’t in the actual movie. It was 10x better then the actual prologue we got smh
Captain Crystal 370
Captain Crystal 370 9 dias atrás
@Triston Shanahan How was it cringy?It got to show us the aftermath of the dinosaurs being on the same land as humans.Lots of people wanted to see that
Apple Man
Apple Man 21 dia atrás
10x better than the actual movie
Dino Dude
Dino Dude 26 dias atrás
@Triston Shanahan I don’t agree it was cringy, it was pretty cool. But not as good as the pro life shown here
CoyoteMontana 26 dias atrás
@Liam Meech Don't forget the DVD version too.
demonic chair666
demonic chair666 Mês atrás
because they didn’t exist at the same time
Tam22 Mês atrás
I think that this prologue was absolutely necessary for the final cut of the film and it completely baffles me why it was cut. A simple 5 minute prologue that sets up plenty of species we’ll see throughout the film, as well as provides us with a unique and very documentary-esk Cretaceous period opening would definitely have garnered positive reactions from any moviegoer. I hope this prologue is implemented in a future, official release or extended cut of the film as I think it really does provide a lot for the film.
Hectorferjr2 5 dias atrás
Studio interference.
Victor Noriega
Victor Noriega 18 dias atrás
Agreed this should have been added to the film
Shane Williams
Shane Williams 27 dias atrás
It will be added to the extended cut that will be released on blu ray and 4k. 14 minutes of scenes are being added.
Emmanuel Melendez
Emmanuel Melendez Mês atrás
The Prologue is better than the actual movie, incredible.
godzilla2k26 11 dias atrás
@NobodyYummyFish How so? There shown to be tanks throughout the whole movie.
Pumkingod101 Mês atrás
65 millions time better
Redlight Mês atrás
Nope, the movie is good but you rely too much on social networks to realize it. :)
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw Mês atrás
Yeah, they should have just left it at this and at battle at big rock.
NobodyYummyFish Mês atrás
@Huu Nam Phan Nguyen it's more realistic for them to be shorter
GhostOfDaniel Mês atrás
This is the best part of Jurassic World Dominion, and it isn't even in the movie
Random Killer X
Random Killer X Mês atrás
It’s unfortunate that this is way more exciting then the movie itself.
Fern Thaisetthawatkul
it's exciting purely because it features the iconic Rex! they made a mistake giving her so little screen time in the finished product
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
panda blue
panda blue Mês atrás
I actually really enjoyed the movie lol
Drew Mantia
Drew Mantia Mês atrás
100% agree
Shailendra Singh Rathore
mmmmm %50 agree with u in that one
JaxBlade Mês atrás
Sad they didnt show this before Dominion started in my theater
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
The Jack Disney Show
Ya I just saw the movie and thought the actual intro sucked and this would have been way better
Dunerider Dominion
Dunerider Dominion Mês atrás
It's pure bait and switch
isaias ojeda
isaias ojeda Mês atrás
They cut it out
Jared Alvarez ✸
Jared Alvarez ✸ Mês atrás
@Lego My Stego it said the first 5 minutes tho, and also where did they say that because I haven’t kept up with anything I stopped watches Tv spots
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto Mês atrás
This is infinitely better than ....well, everything we got in the actual movie.
DomDoesMath 27 dias atrás
Not really
An Alien on the Internet
Just seen the movie and I can tell you that this prologue alone (which, to be clear, is not in the movie) is a thousand times better than the movie itself
Hamza Waqar
Hamza Waqar Mês atrás
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. A dinosaur film that focuses on a girl and some bugs
Chief Reborn
Chief Reborn Mês atrás
@Dunerider Dominion the locusts are an extinct species though
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
Drew Mantia
Drew Mantia Mês atrás
Locusts 😑
Dunerider Dominion
Dunerider Dominion Mês atrás
@Chief Reborn If only it was a movie about extinct animals. it's mostly about bio engineering a locust swarm.
Andres Cubillos
Andres Cubillos Mês atrás
if the movie had been as good as this prologue, that would have been amazing!
Gorilla Jones
Gorilla Jones Mês atrás
🙄 Shaddup
Daniel T.G.C.
Daniel T.G.C. Mês atrás
I liked the movie, but I reeeealy miss that prologue. It rhymes perfectly with the final shots of the movie, and gave so much background to the battle in the end. #releasetheprologuecut
Valeri Marinov
Valeri Marinov Mês atrás
Imagine seeing this prologue, then going to the cinema and seeing a film about genetically engineered locusts causing an ecological disaster instead of dinosaurs - in a movie called Jurassic World Dominion. Lol.
Dewa Kawauchi
Dewa Kawauchi Mês atrás
Tf whyy, haven't seen the movie yet but seriously what kind of plot is that
CoolGuyWithAHat01 Mês atrás
When your theme is the consequences of genetic engineering it’s difficult to build a plot entirely about dinosaurs, especially when the first film used dinosaurs to promote the exact same theme. You don’t want a rehash of the first film, that’s why it should’ve had a different theme that dinosaurs could have been more useful in conveying.
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw Mês atrás
Yea. The movie was an utter disappointment
Liam Meech
Liam Meech Mês atrás
Proper jurassic park IV vibes (Look it up)
Clifton Mês atrás
I was so disappointed not seeing this scene in the theaters it would have been awesome… a lot better than what we got
Cedric Mathew Hudson
Cedric Mathew Hudson 2 meses atrás
What bothered me is that the end of Fallen Kingdom and the marketing for Dominion, tried to sell us on the idea that we would get a movie where humans would be adapting to dinosaurs roaming the earth. It's false marketing. It's about locusts. There has also been a lot of cuts. The previously released Prologue and Short Movie, which were supposed to be the opening of this movie are just completely gone. Ironically those were the only moments where we saw humans adapting to the dinosaurs. Instead we get a quick 30second exposition montage in the beginning of the movie and that's it, seriously that shot from Mososaurus from the trailer is the literal screentime of that scene. I was expecting this huge action scene on the boat. Almost the entire movie takes place in a facility in the mountains. Which begs the question: why release the dinosaurs worldwide, call it Dominion, only for most of the movie taking place in a remote and closed nature facility? It doesn't make sense, especially when the dinosaurs are not even the main threat to the planet in this movie.
DtC 13 dias atrás
ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The ONLY cool thing about the movie was that it looked like the whole thing was just civilians getting sacked by Dinosaurs trying to take back the earth. What a ripoff!
Okuyasu Mês atrás
I was mad about this comment at first but now I kind of agree
꧁Linklegend꧂ 2 meses atrás
Bro I just saw the movie and I coudnt agree more lmao
Sabox 2 meses atrás
Dr. Aashish Xaxa
Dr. Aashish Xaxa Mês atrás
I don't know why this was taken out of the movie. It would have made such a stunning intro and made the Apex fight between Rexy and the Giganotosaurus even more compelling. Loved the movie btw.
Chino Rhino
Chino Rhino Mês atrás
This is what the whole movie should have been-The consequences that happen when dinosaurs are unleashed into the world.
TheCyborgRhino 7 meses atrás
We need a whole film of Dinosaurs just living. It's so relaxing
PagliaQuotidiana 6 dias atrás
I agree. There are some cool documentaries, but they are all narrated of course. Something like this, with just the animals and the surrounding sounds of nature, and no narration at all, would be amazing.
Rexy 8 dias atrás
You mean the BBC is you mean the American one you are wrong
chompmotion 18 dias atrás
@Marcello Tenarta i think he means in jurassic world style
Alder Lopez Castro
Alder Lopez Castro 21 dia atrás
Yup. Something like prehistoric planet which was beautifull and amazing.
RainyNoivern 26 dias atrás
There are tons of dinosaur documentaries out there! And if you're looking for more of a story-driven animated series, try Dinosauria right here on youtube.
Sam Hanson
Sam Hanson Mês atrás
To everyone that was told this was the first 5 minutes of the movie, that is a lie. Nothing in this prologue appears in Jurassic World Dominion.
Grzybowy Mês atrás
@Geno Woolhead Don't keep your hopes up? Man, I hope they'd just leave this franchise alone. They butchered it enough with the last 2 films.
Liam Meech
Liam Meech Mês atrás
@Geno Woolhead *Locust Park
Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson Mês atrás
What a waste. 2 hours of this would have been a dream come true. Instead we get the colossal Dino turd that was Dominion.
ThaGuvnor14 Mês atrás
@Geno Woolhead Man are you so wrong. I've literally just read multiple interviews where Colin Trevorrow has said he is interested to see where future filmmakers take the series. Of course there is more films. At no point have they said this is is the end. This the end of the Jurassic saga. The endgame of the Jurassic series. More films to come. Universal aren't giving up on a billion dollar franchise.
Geno Woolhead
Geno Woolhead Mês atrás
@Andrew Zapata mate, there isn’t gonna be another trilogy 😂😂 and it was confirmed at the start of Dominion’s Production by Colin Trevorrow that this film would be the final entry in the Jurassic franchise, unless another studio decides to reboot Jurassic Park/Jurassic World which is highly unlikely, there won’t be another film so don’t keep your hopes up, i’m actually quite satisfied with the way Dominion ended, Finally brings a story to a close 28 years after the original, sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️
Captain Rei
Captain Rei Mês atrás
As the film has released I am disappointed they didn’t show this in theaters. It would’ve been cool
legofan101 14 dias atrás
It played in theaters in front of Fast 9
Shailendra Singh Rathore
the reason why is that the t rex supposedly "died"
BibleManSings Mês atrás
@Chad Bulakeña Fr I want a movie of the intro honestly
Chad Bulakeña
Chad Bulakeña Mês atrás
@Captain Rei well it was waaaay more better than the actual film to honest.
Captain Rei
Captain Rei Mês atrás
I guess this was the prologue to the film instead of the first 5 minutes of the film
Sam Perry
Sam Perry 4 meses atrás
I love how the dinosaurs are acting like animals and not killing machines
MinorLover69 Mês atrás
@Gorilla Jones no they aren't. They're animals
Gorilla Jones
Gorilla Jones Mês atrás
But, they are killing machines.
Readily available Chomper
Then Tyrannosaurus is just a scared animal in a strange place, being bombarded by lights, screens, screams, horns, smells of strange people, strange clothing, and strange food. It acts how a real animal that os afraid would act, attempting to scare away the perceived thread, whilst running away.
Lucy Fox
Lucy Fox Mês atrás
Love how even her tail whip on that car has impact, really shows just how powerful she is.
G H O S T 8 meses atrás
The fact that the dinosaurs act like actual animals than killing machines and stuff makes this more realistic and more hype
Rodanguirus Mês atrás
I love how the dino behavior gets criticized like it's a new thing. I remember people bashing the Spino in JP3 because of its singleminded focus on the protags when it had a freshly killed T-Rex available for eating. Or there's the Lost World, where the rex parents retrieve their baby from the trailers, then leave...then come back to attack the trailers. Fair enough, they're securing their baby, then defending their expanded territory, as the film says. But they do 95% of the work of pushing the trailers over the cliff...then they decide that's good enough and leave again. And then they come back AGAIN 5 minutes later to kill Eddie. And there's the waterfall scene, where Malcom pops into the waterfall roughly 3 seconds after the rex leaves, presumably strolling right past it, just for a cheap fake-out scare. What I'm saying is the dinos have always behaved weirdly and all of the sequels are MUCH closer to each other in quality than the best of them is to the original.
I'm a pigeon
I'm a pigeon Mês atrás
@Will Thorson No, they would be pretty chunky, especially the T-rex. It takes a lot of meat to keep an animal of that size working
I'm a pigeon
I'm a pigeon Mês atrás
@David There are other ways to create hype than just seeing people die
LordInosuke.mp4 Mês atrás
This aged poorly
GTA DanDinosaur
GTA DanDinosaur Mês atrás
Lol then you watch the movie and realize that they don't and the movies about Locust instead
Blackout DragonArt
Blackout DragonArt 18 dias atrás
I just love how they removed this prologue scene because the movie was “too long,” and yet they couldn’t have just removed the countless scenes where the characters were just standing around and talking.
Quill N. Lead
Quill N. Lead 5 meses atrás
Notice how the T-rex's arms are curved inward rather than downward. Really wanting to show some genuine authenticity and I love it.
Quill N. Lead
Quill N. Lead 2 meses atrás
@Phoebus Apollo Uh, this is Jurassic Park remember? Kinda expected.
Phoebus Apollo
Phoebus Apollo 2 meses atrás
The weird o I raptor thing still had broken wrists tho, so…
صالح صالحة
I wonder how they trained the dinosaurs for these scenes. Incredible performance
Just Jordyn
Just Jordyn Mês atrás
If this had played in the actual film, it would’ve been a great opening. And it would’ve been really cool to have Rexy have a flashback(for the sake of the audience) to this loss to add more weight to their battle.
jma.915 7 meses atrás
Props to camera man for going back in time and recording a dinosaur up close
Bryan Gilbert
Bryan Gilbert Mês atrás
@J T I'll fix this sentence... (See, even my grammar mistakes are funnier than your lame jokes.
Latest Obsession
Latest Obsession Mês atrás
@Ambaryerno Yeah i knew it was a marketing thing in the books (i’m sure they mention it in the original movie) but yeah, quite a bit of irony and parody with the in-universe brand and the real life brand.
Ambaryerno Mês atrás
@Latest Obsession It's been a long time since I read it, but that was mentioned in-universe in the original book, as I recall. When the mistake was pointed out, Hammond dismissed the criticism because the name sounded marketable, and was used as another example of the "they just didn't care" messaging of the story in the first place. Which is part of the irony of the franchise itself as it's dragged on. Who cares as long as it makes us money?
Latest Obsession
Latest Obsession Mês atrás
@Ambaryerno Well to be fair the entire franchise dropped the ball with the whole “Jurassic” aspect.
Ambaryerno Mês atrás
And the editor for making it look like two dinosaurs separated by 30 million years and 1000 miles could have co-existed in the same place at the same time.
michelle young
michelle young Mês atrás
I remember seeing this and then wondering why it wasn't in the movie. Great scene!
Darth Ader
Darth Ader Mês atrás
I hope there is an extended release of the movie that includes this. Can’t wait to buy it!
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
@Liam Meech Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
Liam Meech
Liam Meech Mês atrás
Yeah they're gonna sell us the film twice
Jimmy Lo
Jimmy Lo Mês atrás
Universal, why did you cut the T-Rex x theatre terror scene from the final cut, it would have been one of the best scenes in the movie. Wagging the finger to you, well deserved.
This five minutes trailer is 1000x more entertaining than entire actual movie
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
Gorilla Jones
Gorilla Jones Mês atrás
No it isn't. Shaddup
Drew Mantia
Drew Mantia Mês atrás
First off, it’s actually about dinosaurs.
Shailendra Singh Rathore
this man is speaking facts.
Raditarighi Pets
Raditarighi Pets Mês atrás
Mike G. M.
Mike G. M. 8 meses atrás
The camera movements, the shots of the creatures going about daily lives; Instant nostalgic flashbacks to watching "Walking with Dinosaurs" over and over again as a child. Simpler times...
Chrissonator Mês atrás
@The LORD Eh, we have more than just bones to go by, some animals have left their skin imprints in the stone, so we can see roughly how they looked. There's whole methods of determining how thick skin would be, where muscles attached to bone, etc. It's not simply a shot in the dark.
Chrissonator Mês atrás
@ChadGorosaurus Well, the outcome of the Spino Rex fight in JP3 was unrealistic on so many levels... T. rex remains to this day, iirc, to be the animal with the strongest bite force ever.
The LORD 8 meses atrás
The thing is though, these dinosaurs are basically fake. They never looked like this in real life. I know it sounds like a meme to say "dinosaurs are fake!" but look up the term 'shrinkwrapping' which is a term in paleontology referring to artistic depictions of dinosaurs which are made by assuming only a thin layer of skin was over the bones of dinosaurs (only boned remain, no fat or muscle or other issues) which gives dinosaurs their trademark appearance. The thing is though, if you create artistic depictions of modern animals like monkeys, cats, geese etc from their skeletons using the same method used for dinosaurs, the result looks nothing like the actual animals - they just look like dinosaurs. Now of course Jurassic Park as a movie series wants their dinosaurs to look the iconic way people expect them to, but when showing them like this in this pseudo-documentary style it crosses a line imo. To clarify, of course these animals existed, there's plenty of fossil evidence of that. The issue is, they didn't look like THIS they almost certainly would have had more fat on them, they wouldn't have had the 'evil dinosaur' look to their faces, they would have looked more like animals as we know them today.
Mike G. M.
Mike G. M. 8 meses atrás
​@Goatlips Because I was born after #JurassicPark released but before #WalkingWithDinosaurs, so growing up the "Walking With" series was my first real exposure~
TheFletchZone! 8 meses atrás
Agreed! Walking with Dinosaurs! Would Be Amazing! :)
Smorg Mês atrás
I'm shocked this wasn't in the film...would have been nice to see more dinos roaming the world
RoRa Mês atrás
This is more Jurassic Park/World than the entire third movie....
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
RoRa Mês atrás
@L1ttl3AB 6th
L1ttl3AB Mês atrás
3rd or 6th?
BangBoomDie Mês atrás
honestly yeah
Armp1tTheNormalGuy Mês atrás
I'm probably gonna be wrong, but I really hope that when the blu-ray comes out there will be a special disk with this as the opening.
Kennedy Robb
Kennedy Robb 16 dias atrás
I really wish that they hadn't cut this prologue. I was really excited to see more of what happened after this.
Max Schellenberg
Max Schellenberg 8 meses atrás
I would pay to watch dinosaur asmr for 2 hours. Just them living, no talking, no crazy action movie. Just them living like the opening scenes in this movie. : ]
Jason Shoup
Jason Shoup Mês atrás
there's a new Dino series on Apple TV right now; you might like that
xXRiotTheWolfXx Mês atrás
Actually there is that on BRvid, for free
personita s v
personita s v Mês atrás
That T rex voice is amazing! Beautiful
Freddy FagBear
Freddy FagBear 2 meses atrás
JD Bhatts
JD Bhatts 3 meses atrás
david attenborough is here with prehistoric planet. you'll get some there
KaiCodify Mês atrás
just got back from seeing this movie it was incredible, I love it so much, thank you for creating this film
E H Mês atrás
I avoided watching this because I didn't wanna spoil the movie for myself because I thought this would be in the movie. 😐
Reuben's Random Stuff
Reuben's Random Stuff 29 dias atrás
Same lol
TigryXTigry Mês atrás
Heck, my mother did this.
26 Mês atrás
Ikr, lmao
OmegaZard 14 dias atrás
After reading a lot of the comments for this video, I can safely agree that this prologue was needed for the movie. Though can we take a moment and appreciate animators bringing these animals to life. Like sure it isn't scientifically accurate, but my god does this look awesome
AI Iv 26 dias atrás
Honestly, I hope they put the prologue back in for the Extended Cut. Would've made the final battle more investing and satisfying.
Saptarshi Sinha
Saptarshi Sinha 8 meses atrás
The opening sequence totally felt like watching an authentic dinosaur documentary! The CGI and animations look crazy realistic with all the textures and details. Can’t wait for the movie to release!
Shailendra Singh Rathore
@Chuck P (Pyro)bruh
Shailendra Singh Rathore
sorry to break it to ya but its not in the movie
SmolkeDoesntExist 2 meses atrás
Prehistoric planet: Hold my beer
MinorLover69 2 meses atrás
@Spinosaurus Aegypticus Oh yeah I forgot movies only play at movie theaters and once that theater stops showing the movie you can never watch again
Spinosaurus Aegypticus
Spinosaurus Aegypticus 2 meses atrás
@MinorLover69 ive never seen a little kid in a pg13 theater outside of a couple kids at marvel films, pg13 film are, you guessed it, primarily targeted at people 13 and up, and also my 5 year old cousin can point out the differences between a tyrannosaurus and tarbosaurus, and from what hes said about his friends, i dont think other kids are far off from his knowledge
MrDVB Mês atrás
this scene is so much better than the entire film lmao. This isn't even in it, should've been the opening scene
Fed .E
Fed .E Mês atrás
It´s so sad the t rex in the theather scene was cut off, it´d have been the perfect opening scene, also considering the T.rex had so little screentime.
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera 8 dias atrás
This video made me realize how cool would it be a dinosaurs documentary series, like Walking with Dinosaurs, but made by Universal, with Jurassic Park/World dinos designs. Perhaps that way they could keep the franchise alive.
Courtland Gentry
Courtland Gentry Mês atrás
It's good to see our legendary t rex in his early times 🔥💯's so sad we won't be seeing him again 😭
Annita Eleanor
Annita Eleanor Mês atrás
I just saw the film in 4DX 3D last night, LOVED IT! The 3D was wack, but the film itself was good & better than the second imo, & the 4DX was SO cool & made me actually scared in certain scenes as if I was in the film. (Gotta say tho, all the smugglers are being ripped off - only 50,000 for smuggling a BABY dino?!?!) It was also nice to see tiny references at the beginning to the short film! I was disappointed the Universal logo didn't turn into Rexy as it did here & in other promos; & like many others, I kept wondering when this 5 min segment was going to show up in the film, & was disappointed that it didn't! It's indeed nice to see the dinos just being animals, the reference to the original trilogy with the fly, & what I think is very significant - the difference in appearance of the dinos. Here we see Rexy in it's natural time with hair, as scientists irl suspect that the T.Rex did have hair or feathers of some sort. Then in the chase scene that's supposed to be 2022, we see the Rexy that we know - scaly & hairless. This subtle difference I think really amplifies the debate that takes place throughout the films - if the dinos are worth saving as they are genetically engineered, not real dinos.
Media Maniac!
Media Maniac! Mês atrás
These six minutes are better than anything in the two-and-a-half-hour mess we actually wound up with. Why on Earth cut this??
Matthew C. Grammer
Matthew C. Grammer Mês atrás
Ugh, they said they had to cut it for time because the first act was getting so long, setting up all the characters. I love the video of dinosaurs just existing, then contrast to them in our world. That's cool. Way better than the news reporter giving us the exposition like they did
Hot Trash
Hot Trash Mês atrás
Oh come on what's an extra 5 minutes
Action Stopmotion14R
For real and it's dumb why they cut it like no one wants to see people talk through out the movie and I think that's the issue
Yhorch Mês atrás
I like how the prologue was supposed to show more accurate dinosaurs but you still have stuff like sauropods with elephant legs and pterosaurs with wings that fold incorrectly. But remodeling those would take more effort than slapping a layer of feathers on t rex
Veachie 8 meses atrás
What I love about this scene is that Rexy isn't eating people left and right like some scary movie monster. She's just this poor, confused animal that wandered into human territory. I almost feel bad for her - that kind of sensory overload and chaos. The girl just wants to live alone peacefully in the forest.
Nintendo Watermelon
@R S No
weirdChannel 2 meses atrás
@HUMADUCK man... gotta rewatch all the seasons
Make-Shift 2 meses atrás
YES ! Ill be honest the only things i did not like about the previous two entries is the fact that the indominus rex and indoraptor (god i hate those hybrids) is that they were simply monsters. I love how this prologue strays away from all that militarized stuff and simply making it more about the dinosaurs simply being animals.
I am strange
I am strange 2 meses atrás
Kristen Mainard
Kristen Mainard 2 meses atrás
This is why I call her “Mama T-Rex” she is the original who has survived so much since the first movie and she went from being part of the problem in Jurassic Park to being the “savior “ in Jurassic World!! I so want to see her reunited with her son “Junior” from Jurassic Park Lost World it surprises me no one asks about him as he is MIA! When Claire releases her so She can teaming up with Blue in the first Jurassic World is one of my favorite moments!! Mama and Blue need to be saved if they die I’m going to cry 😢 so much!!
N.U 4 meses atrás
I’m pumped for this movie. Love the prologue. Thanks Jurassic park for this great one of a kind searies :)
Dannyboy567 Mês atrás
Props to the camera crew for risking their lives filming this. Also, how did they travel back in time?
Toast the Carnotaurus
Toast the Carnotaurus 27 dias atrás
Nah the crew didn't go back in time, one of the dinos filmed this
CoolGuyWithAHat01 Mês atrás
I love how they use the fact that the animals in the movies have spliced DNA as an excuse for why the dinosaurs are inaccurate, and then they just straight up continue to show inaccurate dinosaurs in their one scene that’s supposed to take place 66 million years ago with 100% pure dinosaurs. Thank you producers, very cool! P.S. this isn’t even considering the fact that a Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus would never have actually met in real life but ehh, what can I expect from this franchise anymore!?
Abel Guillen
Abel Guillen Mês atrás
We needed this in the movie.
Brandon Sajdak
Brandon Sajdak 5 meses atrás
Take my money!! 💰💰 lol I’ve never seen so such badassism packed into just 5 minutes before and I must say I am very very very grateful thankful and extremely happy they are still making these amazing masterpieces I grew up living breathing and watching Jurassic park and I must say Well done! Well done! Indeed 💯❤️🦖
Michael Gerencser Films
Better then the actual movie. They should have just played this.
BlitzWing1357 Mês atrás
@Okuyasu I do
Okuyasu Mês atrás
I hate movie critics. Who else agrees?
Mind blowing! The unsettled score between these two massive carnivores brought until 65millions years later.
DVOYD 4 meses atrás
genuinely wish that they'd just commit to making a whole documentary-esque realistic movie back during the actual dinosaur eras without humans. so much more interesting and compelling than these repeated "dinosaurs in modern times" movies these days. that opening sequence proves they can do it!
Matt From Wii Sports
Matt From Wii Sports 8 meses atrás
I love that when Rexy gets at the theatre, instead of just chasing down every human and destroying everything, she just walks their and asserts her dominance, being a real creature not a monster
KingKran 7 meses atrás
@Meiyo what about the hundreds of humans it became used to seeing back on the island?
Archchi Ajita
Archchi Ajita 7 meses atrás
The way you say "Rexy" is cute haha
TheHitman488 7 meses atrás
@Kyumaro No, a lion would definitely avoid larger human groups and certainly not be interested in "free food". Most predators will not hunt when not hungry. They are not opportunistic. Like you said; even predatorial animals like that will try to avoid harm or injury. An injury - broken limb, damaged eye-sight, open wounds - can mean certain death. Risk is reserved for near-death starvation. The KOS part is bs. The reason why in certain situations it's safer (for the humans of course) to use lethal projectiles is that tranquilizers won't work immediately and agitate the animal. In a group of people that might mean everyone is a threat and the animals attacks out of their defense mechanism.
Goldgamer 679
Goldgamer 679 7 meses atrás
@Meiyo also keep in mind though, they were born into captivity, where occurrences such as seeing people and helicopters are common, so they likely learn to associate them with one another early on, plus, it's being shot at....
JackOfAllRAIDs 7 meses atrás
"'Monster' is a relative term. To a mouse, a cat is a monster."
Mr. Observant
Mr. Observant Mês atrás
One of the best scenes in the movie! and surprising twist.... its not even in the movie for some reason?
Gonzalo Fuenzalida
Gonzalo Fuenzalida 2 meses atrás
How did the dinosaurs spread accross the world and became the new normal just in a few years? didn't Trevorrow explain it, or I just missed it?, I thought they were like only 30 dinos or so in the ship in FK. And btw, the dinos from 65 years ago look just the same as their 2015 version, didn't Henry Wu said in JW, that they were looking quite different, because they had to fill the DNA gaps?
BangBoomDie Mês atrás
well they are different in a sense that only rexy appears to have proto-feathers and i guess the quetzalcoatlus has more pycnofibers
MRauTObt Mês atrás
Black market
Reza Ardiansyah
Reza Ardiansyah Mês atrás
the fact that this scene WAS NOT EVEN in the actual movie itself is ........ 🙄
Welshy Mês atrás
Nice to see the ending and the prologue connected together. Brings a tear to my eye as a long term fan
Hectorferjr2 Mês atrás
Movieweb has confirmed that an extended version of Jurassic World 3: Dominion will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz Mês atrás
This 5 minute sequence is way better than the actual movie IMO
Vegeta The goat
Vegeta The goat 13 dias atrás
Richard Howford
Richard Howford Mês atrás
Why the hell was this not in the film?!
Random TV
Random TV 2 meses atrás
It's ashame that this has been cut from the final film but at least it has seen the light of day.
Mackenzie Glidden
Mackenzie Glidden Mês atrás
I still can't believe this scene wasn't in the movies
Jared Alvarez ✸
Jared Alvarez ✸ Mês atrás
Just saw the movie and I’m so sad this was not in the movie
Adam Granados
Adam Granados Mês atrás
real shame that this was cut from the film, I was excited to watch it on the big screen.
Al Stone
Al Stone 4 meses atrás
Fair play the scenery shots in the intro were pretty amazing. Sure there were a fair few inaccuracies but just ignoring them, it's s cool to think there was actually scenes like that for real once upon a time.
Hollow Eyes
Hollow Eyes 3 meses atrás
Such a beautiful opening scene
Autism Family
Autism Family 8 meses atrás
None of the movies could match the first, but this is the first trailer that looks like it’s actually trying a different direction and I like it.
Ooh the first movie is so realistic a Trex just slid across a floor like it had no walking animation that was so realistic right guys
Ah a different direction ah so realistic that cameras existed billions of year ago
The Top Loader
The Top Loader 6 meses atrás
@Grendel Try watching it in the cinema when you were 4. But at the same time everyone is different .. im not sure if its meant to be a horror movie either tho. Have a nice one mate
Grendel 6 meses atrás
@The Top Loader also yea you seem like a nice enough dude as well, i'm willing to agree to disagree as well. Hope you have a nice evening.
Grendel 6 meses atrás
@The Top Loader bro i'm 22, i have been watching this film since i was 4 and i never found the film scary. It just doesn't properly embrace its horror roots.
Brayan Luna
Brayan Luna 4 meses atrás
I just noticed that when the giga and the Rex were sizing each other of , the Rex try intimidate the giga with a bite but doesn't even flinches but when the giga did it's own intimidation strat the rex did flinch. Either the Rex was scared or it was still young and inexperienced.
J 28 dias atrás
@DarkShat307 this whole franchise does. They refuse to let it win any of these battles.
DarkShat307 2 meses atrás
Collin trevarrow just hates the t rex
Carter Craft
Carter Craft 2 meses atrás
You’re very observant!
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 3 meses atrás
Props to the cameraman for traveling back to time and filming these majestic shots.
TheKnomad Mês atrás
Would have been nice had the movie not only included this scene, but if the movie would've more effectively revolved around, or increasingly involved, the concepts presented to us here.
Wonder Possum
Wonder Possum Mês atrás
Getting real Prometheus vibes for this. In that both the best part of the film and a primer for major plot beats/character motivations is shown in a cut scene... For reference, the Prometheus scene I'm referring to is Peter Weyland's TED talk:
9C 1 Agustinus Devlin Arliano
Im sad and dissapointed this wasn't in the movie, but some scenes were kept and edited or reused to fit it into the movie so... But could have been Som much better than the actual prologue we got
Kevin Prehm
Kevin Prehm Mês atrás
This proves to me, more than anything else, that Dominion was a different film before they added some things and muddled it
Hell’s Studios
Hell’s Studios Mês atrás
I just saw the movie two days ago and it was great. I watched this before obviously and the fight is really an itch on the future. Also scientifically accurate for the Tyrannosaurus to mess up the camera. Scientist believe instead of a roar they actually had some sort of sonic boom
Ruined Jason
Ruined Jason Mês atrás
Why did they cut this out?! It is an amazing prologue.
Googlia 2 meses atrás
After watching the moive, this clip was more fun than the entire movie.
Film Goblin
Film Goblin 2 meses atrás
I saw the movie and I didn’t see this scene in the movie. What’s up with that? I thought this the opening of the movie? Did they cut this scene out?
nako Mês atrás
I was so confused when they didn't show this scene in the actual movie, this is way more interesting than the what they actually kept in
Sam Gardiner
Sam Gardiner Mês atrás
I can't believe this wasn't in the actual movie
caden ellis
caden ellis 5 meses atrás
I am so excited for this movie to come out, I couldn't believe it when I saw the trailer it looks awesome !!!!!!!
payne 8 meses atrás
Love the proto feathers on the Rex in the opening sequence. Very cool how they used more scientifically accurate designs for the original dinosaurs while still using the popular Jurassic park designs for present day. It shows how when the scientists filled the gaps in the DNA some things turned out differently than the original animals. Very good
Ignition 27 dias atrás
@J You've seen it irl? If not, you should probably know it's somewhat similar to a Lion vs. a Tiger
J 28 dias atrás
@Ignition no. A T. rex would’ve easily handled a giganotosaurus rather than getting thrashed around like this scene. Rexes we’re much heavier than gigas, so it would’ve been like putting a child against a heavyweight boxer, but this franchise is allergic to letting its own mascot dinosaur shine.
Admiral Bob
Admiral Bob Mês atrás
@Steve Myers It isn't that controversial. Most tyrannosaurs had them, including Yutyrannus, which is only a bit smaller than T-Rex. We know adult T-Rex didn't have many, as we have skin casts - they were scaly. But just as the young of large mammals tend to have hair, so almost certainly did the young of T-Rex. The reasons for an adult to lose the insulating coat are not there for the young, so they don't tend to.
JustBoi 3 meses atrás
@tarden132 only juviniles rexes had feathers
tarden132 3 meses atrás
@JustBoi Tyrannosaurus likely made have been sparsely covered in feathers if not maybe it's young it's still debated. What are you trying to say that they're cold blooded animals
L1ttl3AB Mês atrás
Not only was cutting the prologue from the movie a mistake because it helps with a plot between the t rex and giga, it was also a mistake because it would have made the best opening to the final movie of the franchise. Showing the life of the dinos back then would reflect or foreshadow what's actually happening now. It was also a missed opportunity to have a Jurassic movie open with only dinosaurs in their own environment. And I mean ONLY dinosaurs. No human activity to be seen.
Huachinico Mês atrás
@stewartthethird the only dinosaurs in the prologue that did coexist with each other were Rexy, Ankylosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus so I really doubt scientific accuracy was the reason.
stewartthethird Mês atrás
idk maybe they cut it because T-Rex and Giganotosaurus never interacted in real life. They lived on different continents and 30 million years apart
Edwin De Paz
Edwin De Paz Mês atrás
Literally the best part of the movie and it's not even in the movie
Bëntö Mëdiä
Bëntö Mëdiä Mês atrás
I was really hoping to see this scene on the actual movie as the opening scene. It was too bad they didn’t cause it would have made the ending more as it should be cause of showing that small detail of rexy eyes rising from the grave to win the final fight.
Alan’s Toypocalypse
I was extremely disappointed and mad and upset that this scene was omitted from the theatrical release. I wanted to see this on the big screen. In IMAX. Not including this scene was an epic fail mistake. Honestly I don’t know how they left it out.
smallgut Mr bee
smallgut Mr bee 8 meses atrás
I really like how they've put feathers on the original T-rex, seeing the version that was made that doesn't have feathers really do match what they've said that they fill the DNA gap with frog DNA
Scott B
Scott B 7 meses atrás
@legendofzeldarules44 huh? Crichton passed in 2008. the feather debate picked up over a decade *prior* to his death...he even included down on baby rexes in TLW in 1995.... universal just half-assed an explanation to placate people whining that they didn't update the dinosaurs with the times regardless of the issues that would cause narratively.
Scott B
Scott B 7 meses atrás
@vergil cold you know t rex has scaly skin and likely had no feathers right? Like at best it had feathers along the spine....putting more feathers makes it completely wrong. LMAO
DustDragon 8 meses atrás
There is a meta reason and an in-universe reason as to why the JP dinos aren't feathered. Meta: Dinos having feathers was not a known theory when Michael Crichton was writing the first novel. Of course he can't of known what dinos truly looked like if even top palaeontologists didn't know either! He used the most current research on dinos at the time. The movie was made based on that, and when feathered dinos became a more popular theory, the movie makers decided scaly dinos were scarier and more marketable, so they kept them that way. In-universe: When InGen started cloning dinos, again the feather theory was not well known or popular. They therefore didn't try to replicate feathers in the DNA sequence and instead used what people expected dinos to have; reptilian features, thick scaly skin, etc. They really skim over the details when they simply say it's down to "frog DNA" but we can assume there's a lot more that goes into it than that. Even the book acknowledges that there are a LOT of gaps in the genome that needed to be filled in, basically by scientists guessing what other traits each dino species should have. Later, when feathered dinos became an accepted theory, the JP scientists *could* have started to engineer dinos with feathers. But it's likely that the owner (by then probably Masrani) decided that feathered dinos weren't as scary or marketable, and so kept them the way most people were used to seeing them from movies/toys/etc. It's as simple as that. So for people who keep complaining about this, those are the two reasons. Take your pick.
legendofzeldarules44 8 meses atrás
@Waterbug dinosaurs having feathers was discovered AFTER Michael Chriton's death, as such universal had to make their own explanation as to why they dont have feathers, chriton was rather verbose in his books and if he had lived would have written about ingen trying to correct the mistake most likely.
Philip C
Philip C Mês atrás
Why this wasn't in the movie like it was supposed to be I guess we'll never know smh. And the movie overall was just ok.
Casey Fischer
Casey Fischer Mês atrás
This definitely should have been in the movie
Despite the glaring inaccuracies of mixing species that didn’t coexist, this is the best scene in the entire sequel trilogy on a purely artistic level
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