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Jurassic World
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This original 5 min prologue to Jurassic World Dominion, directed by Colin Trevorrow, rockets audiences back 65 million years into the past to experience the world before humans existed-and offers a glimpse of a world in which dinosaurs are living among us.

The story will continue in theaters this Summer.

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22 Nov 2021



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Comentários 8 896
Magic World
Magic World Mês atrás
this looks epic! hope they don't show too much in the trailer like they did in fallen kingdom
Ziv B
Ziv B 2 dias atrás
@SparrowIZ Shut up no one asked
bigburdd 2 dias atrás
fym this trailer is bad
Saif Kettana
Saif Kettana 7 dias atrás
@Mr 888
disrespecc 7 dias atrás
@Mr. Nobody it is now summer of 2022 where I am
Braylon Davis
Braylon Davis 13 dias atrás
@Richi Rich I know I'm talking about the trailers for it spoiled it
It'sVeachieBro Mês atrás
What I love about this scene is that Rexy isn't eating people left and right like some scary movie monster. She's just this poor, confused animal that wandered into human territory. I almost feel bad for her - that kind of sensory overload and chaos. The girl just wants to live alone peacefully in the forest.
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
DECHOZENWAN 9 dias atrás
@R S Rexy is a girl.
Mav Vynne
Mav Vynne 15 dias atrás
Until you get eaten. That's where you feel bad about yourself.
R S 17 dias atrás
Bro its not even a girl.
JD Rexy
JD Rexy 19 dias atrás
Wonder if that loud roar she let out is saying: "WHAT IS ALL THIS? HELP ME! WHERE AM I?" rather than it being "IM GONNA EAT YOU ALL!"
Laura Vermeersch
Laura Vermeersch Mês atrás
Yes, the opening is stunning.. But can we appreciate how the guy in the helicopter could miss that big of a (almost static) target and immediately lose it afterwards??
Janessa Dia atrás
@Michael Rohrkasse lmao that made me laugh ngl 😂
fart sucker
fart sucker 3 dias atrás
@Arsenal XA4 but they have dinosaur tranquilizer darts? It's obviously a specialized helicopter team, not some random LEO chopper, and the whole thing is a ridiculous Hollywood farce.
Arsenal XA4
Arsenal XA4 3 dias atrás
@fart sucker I don't think your average LEO is going to have an M-3 Aircraft, mounts, munitions, and PVS systems just laying about. Maybe in SouFrica.
Sarmiento Enrico Miguel V.
Ever try and tranq an elephant, same thing happens a lot Not because the people can't shoot well But because the animal and the terrain are a lot more difficult to deal with than expected.
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
Gary A.
Gary A. Mês atrás
“Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming.” Still holds true.
Richi Rich
Richi Rich 13 dias atrás
You forgot the "uh" Your not a true Jurassic fan
Moon Shoes
Moon Shoes Mês atrás
aloneandannoyed Mês atrás
*social distance highfive*
Varun Prabhakar
Varun Prabhakar Mês atrás
First worthwhile comment on here
Roy Derouin
Roy Derouin Mês atrás
Love how the intro had no music. Feels very primeval. Felt and looked great. Still hate seeing Tyrannosaurs take a hit. But this small slice we get is killer!
TrillTV Mês atrás
I wonder how they trained the dinosaurs for these scenes. Incredible performance
Paul Busken
Paul Busken 2 dias atrás
@Prehistoric Media ... yes... that would be the joke...
isaac M
isaac M 3 dias atrás
@Zion Alexander it a joke
andevichos 5 dias atrás
@Crampus yes theyre kidding
BP_CherryBlossomTree 6 dias atrás
Don't forget how they used baby dinosaur at the first Jurassic World, child labor. Horrific
Andrea Hi
Andrea Hi 12 dias atrás
They were paid actors
Skipper 13 dias atrás
65 million years in the making... they must have had a lot of time to make it look this good
payne stiegman
payne stiegman Mês atrás
Love the proto feathers on the Rex in the opening sequence. Very cool how they used more scientifically accurate designs for the original dinosaurs while still using the popular Jurassic park designs for present day. It shows how when the scientists filled the gaps in the DNA some things turned out differently than the original animals. Very good
APileOfHair 45 minutos atrás
they also fixed broken arms I think
Greg Hill
Greg Hill 46 minutos atrás
@APileOfHair so many things... the word dinosaurs means terrible lizard... we can more closely compare then to reptiles than birds.
APileOfHair 51 minuto atrás
@Greg Hill where is ur evidence that they do not have feathers
DrSharkBoy 2 dias atrás
@EdgyZilla741 or that Giganotosaurus is from South America, while T.Rex is from North America.
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 2 dias atrás
@Greg Hill lol
Joey RPS
Joey RPS Mês atrás
Props to camera man for going back in time and recording a dinosaur up close
@J T sometimes reality is often disappointing…
J T 2 dias atrás
@Sebastian Silva BRvid comment section is speech free get over it
Sebastian Silva
Sebastian Silva 2 dias atrás
@J T hey! you don't have any right to be mean to someone. they were just making an innocent little joke and you just come around and bully him? You're so mean.
Junior Portillo
Junior Portillo 6 dias atrás
@J T k You're mad💀
J T 6 dias atrás
@Junior Portillo i didn't know I offended your husband girl, sorry
b m
b m Mês atrás
I like how the T rex (which is a Coelurosaurus and much closer relative to birds) from the past had feathers in contrast to the Giga (which was a Carnosaurus and much more distant relative to birds), which had a much more reptilian look. Also the T rex clone from the present lacks those feathers because it was hatched from some toad's eggs.
SBB333 5 dias atrás
we all have Google relax kid
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 26 dias atrás
@Scott B this, they recently updated it again and now believe Tyrannosaurus was chunky and not feathered. Merely that the young were feathered and lost those protofeathers upon maturation.
Scott B
Scott B 27 dias atrás
@YeahOkBuddy LOL show me the evidence. you can't because it doesn't exist at the moment. only scale impressions and scaled skin. T rex is one of the most concrete examples we have of a scaled dinosaur. not set in stone it was fully scaled yet but way more evidence for that than in favor of feathers at the moment.
Scott B
Scott B 27 dias atrás
@Orange Peel agreed with basically your entire chain of comments.
Scott B
Scott B 27 dias atrás
@Foxnerolf closer relatives than yutyrannus lacked feathers. including tarbosaurus, albertosaurus and gorgosaurus which were basically cousins once removed rather than uncles 10 times removed like yutyrannus is.
Deslegendário Mês atrás
Dinosaurs conquering the world that was once theirs, perfect!
vijaysecurity 3 dias atrás
@Everton Porter it will be a good thing if these where real . Because they will put the human race in check
vijaysecurity 3 dias atrás
@KSound Kaiju they can breed asexually which means they can breed and have a boy and a daughter and continue
TheDinosaurExpert 5 dias atrás
@KSound Kaiju they figured out how to mate anyway
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
TheDinosaurExpert 9 dias atrás
@Frisbee life finds a way lol
91' until infinity
91' until infinity Mês atrás
This is why a Godzilla or Kong film without human characters would work. The first 3 min were intriguing as hell to watch.
J Ross
J Ross 23 dias atrás
Big G and KK had tons of screen time
Tunak Tunak Tun
Tunak Tunak Tun Mês atrás
how would u know what anything in the movie was for then? How would Kong make his way to the center of the Earth without humans? imo, zilla v kong had the perfect amount of human interaction and i was very pleased. Also, when making an entire movie with only big cgi characters, u have to account for money. We're talking about budgets higher than that of pirates of the carribean and no studio is willing to take that chance since if the movie flops, that is might drive the studios into bankrupcy
SPINXIFY Productions
i normally ignore the human parts in those films
Linda Alvarado
Linda Alvarado Mês atrás
That opening sequence was beautiful.
00nick7 Mês atrás
I am so stoked for this! Even more than Fallen Kingdom! The beginning is so majestic and beautiful. Exactly like a documentary! Let's go!
Evan Maldonado
Evan Maldonado 4 dias atrás
I’m stoked too, watching the opening with the dinosaurs in the wild is almost like watching a documentary, so stunning.
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
Mario Laudato
Mario Laudato 27 dias atrás
I couldn't agree more
C M Mês atrás
Okay, so watching the lights go out of the prehistoric Rexy's eyes was a swift emotional baseball bat to the stomach.
Linda Isherwood
Linda Isherwood 23 horas atrás
I was waiting for the mosquito to land on T Rex’s eye. They do that on dead humans too. Just don’t ask how I know that. Nasty thing to see!
The Steel Sky
The Steel Sky 4 dias atrás
@Matthew Boyce Well, Jurassic Park isn't for babies anyway🤷🏼‍♀️
Matthew Boyce
Matthew Boyce 19 dias atrás
Yeah. Thought they would have learned from JP3. I’m willing to bet a large swath of people won’t go watch the movie now because of that.
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 29 dias atrás
@Puns Punk it’s the dna that was used to create Rexy, you can see the mosquito suck the blood out of him
Puns Punk
Puns Punk Mês atrás
@Soham Ranmale It was the not cloned Rex ^^
Saptarshi Sinha
Saptarshi Sinha Mês atrás
The opening sequence totally felt like watching an authentic dinosaur documentary! The CGI and animations look crazy realistic with all the textures and details. Can’t wait for the movie to release!
S Marshall
S Marshall 2 dias atrás
@Darquibus can you tell us more about those behaviors? Since you seem to be a first hand witness.
Christopher Power
Christopher Power 3 dias atrás
@Chuck P (Pyro) Original looks better actually.
maldio almeida
maldio almeida 7 dias atrás
T-Rex da América do Norte, giganotossauro da América do Sul, Overaptor da Ásia.estes animais não viveram juntos...
Jay 88
Jay 88 12 dias atrás
@RepieTheLizard thanks for the heads up
RepieTheLizard 12 dias atrás
@Jay 88 you now have 9 subs
Jaron Ng
Jaron Ng Mês atrás
I literally whispered out to myself "heh, humans are here.." It just feels so much better to see how each species of Dinos interacted with their newborns or counterparts. Franchise films like this don't need to have too much Humans.
Amogus 20 dias atrás
@Lego General Grievous Just CGI some dinos, put them in Ancient World, put Ian as narrator, boom, Oscar.
Lego General Grievous
Lego General Grievous 20 dias atrás
Maybe not completely without humans if there's ian malcom
Riley Hall
Riley Hall Mês atrás
Quite odd how T-Rex appears to fight a giganotosaurus when they lived on different continents at different times but all in all this was brilliant
M. S.
M. S. 17 dias atrás
Pretty sure dinosaurs had high-speed rail.
Noodabana Mês atrás
@LargeUpset we have skin impressions of rex, they're scaly
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@LargeUpset closer relatives than yutyrannus have been found without. tarbosaurus, alberto and gorgo. they are like the other great apes to t rex's human. while yutyrannus is even further removed than monkeys/lesser apes are to us. i guess we should have prehensile tails because our relatives have em.
LargeUpset Mês atrás
@Scott B its been theorized but has no physical evidence, however realitives to the rex have had feathers so its not so far fetched
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
even odder that they gave rex fluff
harpoonjabi Mês atrás
I like how they gave the t-rex feathers/fuzz in the fight against the giga. Glad to see that they're updating their dinosaurs with the current knowledge that we have.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Kaedehara 和葉 yeah I suppose. They shouldn't have bothered imo
Kaedehara 和葉
Kaedehara 和葉 Mês atrás
@Scott B But hey, accuracy isn’t always epic.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Kaedehara 和葉 I still think there is no point to the alternative design then. At least as a portrayal of prehistory. If they had feather rex for example be the product of some corporation fine but as an "accurate" portrayal no. Especially since it does harm to actual scientific fact currently.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@EdgyZilla741 wyrex has neck and pelvis impressions and closer relatives of the rex than yutyrannus have more patches in other areas.
Kaedehara 和葉
Kaedehara 和葉 Mês atrás
@Scott B True, true. But redesigning them with more accurate models would make the menacing look of these animals disappear.
Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone Mês atrás
Everyone talking about how the Dino looks, I'm just sitting here amazed how the dude missed a giant dino and hit the car.
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
Luke 7 dias atrás
Why tranq when you can use a 30mm .................. And why not use nvgs.............?
Josué Rodríguez Almaguer
The heli dude it's just too bad Also that shoot to the car should easy go beyond the car till reach the earth Not stop in the window that part just got 0 ways to happen It just CAN NOT happen
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh 19 dias atrás
@Marvel'sDoctorEd 2 it was standing still in front of the projector screen lmao
TheGesterr 19 dias atrás
@Marvel'sDoctorEd 2 Coast Guard has trained gunners in helicopters that to the same thing, black of night, no cinema lights (cause it's the middle of the ocean) against a fleeing tiny motor boat (usually loaded with illegal drugs), and they shoot out the outboard engine from a heli that's in pursuit of the boat instead of hovering gently and from a much farther range. They almost never miss that shot when they're giving permission to take it.
Superior Infinity
Superior Infinity Mês atrás
I would love to see a Jurassic World movie from 65 million years ago. only Dinosaurs.
Puchica Erika
Puchica Erika Dia atrás
Just watch dinosaurs lol from Disney 🤣😂 they talk
Velocique 4 dias atrás
@M Nassif god is made up
TheGamingGuitarist 6 dias atrás
@Carmine Crincoli time travel to get real dinosaurs, they get through the time machine and into the modern world and cause chaos and the protagonists need to get them back to their own time
Jose Meneses Montano
Jose Meneses Montano 8 dias atrás
That would be fire
Kaedehara 和葉
Kaedehara 和葉 14 dias atrás
@C. Ó Dubhlaoich WWD was good tho
TheCyborgRhino 17 dias atrás
We need a whole film of Dinosaurs just living. It's so relaxing
Davide Modanese
Davide Modanese Mês atrás
I'd love to see a full documentary this good! 🙌🏼
Donna T
Donna T 21 dia atrás
I think it’s really weird how no one gets upset how the giga kills the t-rex, but when the spino kills the t-rex, everyone blows their top.
Skyler Thomson
Skyler Thomson 12 dias atrás
I was thinking this same thing. I think this looks so freaking amazing, but after surviving the battle of the fan base over the spino fight, I’m shocked by how I had to go this far down the comments section just to see anyone even mentioning the T-Rex loss. I’m genuinely quite confused.
H.L 20 dias atrás
I like how in this version of rexy, she has feathers due to her being 100% Tyrannosaurus, opposed to having part amphibian DNA. Amazing attention to detail
Fafa Gaming
Fafa Gaming 7 dias atrás
@Skyline Studios RC true, the most up to date info says t-rex did not have feathers, it was too big to need them, it's body would create a massive amount of heat, and also they have found t-rex scale imprints with no feathers present.
Skyline Studios RC
Skyline Studios RC 17 dias atrás
But Tyrannosaurus rex probably didn't have any feather..
R S 17 dias atrás
It’s called evolution.
Max Schellenberg
Max Schellenberg Mês atrás
I would pay to watch dinosaur asmr for 2 hours. Just them living, no talking, no crazy action movie. Just them living like the opening scenes in this movie. : ]
Le Potato
Le Potato 22 minutos atrás
@SadJBomb Almost. Let's not forget the constant crowd noises and the smell of giant fecal matter.
SadJBomb 37 minutos atrás
thats just what an irl jurassic park would be
Le Potato
Le Potato Dia atrás
Gosh same! That would be incredibly satisfying. And I think it would be inspiring too for writers to come up with ideas. I think videos like those can really get you in the mood lol.
Nora Adora
Nora Adora Dia atrás
@LasTCursE69 the long necks (bonus points if the boom mic still gets in the shot)
Psalms Deshae
Psalms Deshae 2 dias atrás
@Deusmaxz rt or animal planet 😂😂
Nachtrabe 20 dias atrás
I trust them to make a good movie that is enjoyable to watch. Yet i really hope they take inspiration from the serious tones the first movie can invoke!
Blanche's Lesbian Lover
so amazingly done. just astounding!!!
Michael Vo
Michael Vo Mês atrás
This is wild!!! 🔥 I'm so excited about this movie!
Vonzent 5 dias atrás
props to the camera man for going back in time to film this masterpiece for us
Dead Meat
Dead Meat Mês atrás
APileOfHair 43 minutos atrás
@Super knullisch u can literally see the proto feathers on trex lol
APileOfHair 44 minutos atrás
DEAD MEATT!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel makes mistakes
Daniel makes mistakes 6 dias atrás
Wow I can't wait for the kill count
REECE Burgess
REECE Burgess 8 dias atrás
Glamrock freddy
Glamrock freddy 8 dias atrás
The giganotosarurs is coming soon in 2022
ectobeam Mês atrás
Man that opening sequence is great. I would pay good money to see Trevarrow do a 2 hour dinosaur documentary.
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
That animation for the dinosaur’s looks so clean! It’s looked clean for a while but wow, especially in the opening scene
skerr808 Mês atrás
Incredible. It's like something from Planet Earth or a nature program. If this is in the movie, I have a good feeling about the film.
Yahye Ali
Yahye Ali 29 dias atrás
This is really amazing!, can’t wait for the movie to come out :D
Matt From Wii Sports
I love that when Rexy gets at the theatre, instead of just chasing down every human and destroying everything, she just walks their and asserts her dominance, being a real creature not a monster
KingKran 11 dias atrás
@Meiyo what about the hundreds of humans it became used to seeing back on the island?
Archchi Ajita
Archchi Ajita 12 dias atrás
The way you say "Rexy" is cute haha
TheHitman488 16 dias atrás
@Kyumaro No, a lion would definitely avoid larger human groups and certainly not be interested in "free food". Most predators will not hunt when not hungry. They are not opportunistic. Like you said; even predatorial animals like that will try to avoid harm or injury. An injury - broken limb, damaged eye-sight, open wounds - can mean certain death. Risk is reserved for near-death starvation. The KOS part is bs. The reason why in certain situations it's safer (for the humans of course) to use lethal projectiles is that tranquilizers won't work immediately and agitate the animal. In a group of people that might mean everyone is a threat and the animals attacks out of their defense mechanism.
Goldgamer 679
Goldgamer 679 24 dias atrás
@Meiyo also keep in mind though, they were born into captivity, where occurrences such as seeing people and helicopters are common, so they likely learn to associate them with one another early on, plus, it's being shot at....
JackOfAllRAIDs 28 dias atrás
"'Monster' is a relative term. To a mouse, a cat is a monster."
Andrew Keyz
Andrew Keyz Mês atrás
The dino effects with the light / projector etc in the drive inn are pretty incredible.
Kelly Mendez
Kelly Mendez Mês atrás
It’s crazy how these magnificent creatures used to roam the earth millions of years ago it’s also crazy how big these animals were
Tech Treat
Tech Treat Mês atrás
One of my favorite movies. This is a legendary movie. Thanks Colin Trevorrow
minecraftgamer1014 Mês atrás
i love how they gave the dinos from the Cretacous feathers, confirming the fact that the reason the dinos don’t have feathers is because of the gene splicing
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
they gave them to the wrong dinosaur(s). rex didn't have any...or much at all.
Bribe Mês atrás
I would watch hours of dinosaur documentaries that looked like this opening scene by Universal and Colin Trevorrow. Please make it happen!
Xerruy Mês atrás
This makes me want a Walking With Dinosaurs remake
Raft Lack
Raft Lack Mês atrás
@purrrfectpresents AJPW no.. first a cheetah doesn't hunt a lion, a lion hunts a cheetah and often it only goes for the babies. Hyena's obviously hunt lions, the lion is the hyena`s pray, but thats because they are PACT predators. They go with their group and surround a lion and slowly take him down. A hyena by herself is never taking down a lion. And in that note, Jurassic Park (the original) did a great job. By the end of the movie the pact of raptors go for the T-Rex, in a very similar scenario. to the lion and hyena. Lastly what you said about T-rex hunting T-rex makes absolutely no sense. It's like saying bears would hunt bears, Hyena`s would hunt Hyena's and so on. There's something called food chain and each animal is naturally aware of what is prey and predator. Animals within the same food chain will not attack each other.
purrrfectpresents AJPW
@Raft Lack no but you see a hyena hunting a lion. A cheetah hunting a lion. These are also top predators that live in the same habitat. You won't see a lion and a bear, they don't live next to one another. If they did you might just see that. Dinosaurs lived amongst each other. They killed to be the top predator. T rexes hunted other t rex. It's actually pretty common.
MAAS Gaming
MAAS Gaming Mês atrás
Remake the original Walking With Dinosaurs but like this.
DrReaper Mês atrás
@Bumblebee Gamer What did he do
MythicTyrant Mês atrás
Giganotosaurus has been my absolute FAVORITE dinosaur since I was just a kid. So glad it’s finally getting a chance to shine in the Jurassic universe! 😊❤️
Prehistoric Pictures
I cannot emphasis enough, how ready I am for this movie!
Jose Pinto
Jose Pinto Mês atrás
Muito incrível esse treiler
Λrchalias Hora atrás
I love how the prehistoric dinosaurs were different from the Park’s dinosaurs because it shows they aren’t exactly the same because the Park’s ones had DNA gaps that were filled in by other animals DNA
ChkenOfRituals Mês atrás
The fact that the dinosaurs act like actual animals than killing machines and stuff makes this more realistic and more hype
Kevin Perlow
Kevin Perlow Dia atrás
They are animals lmao
Will 2 dias atrás
100 agree. Make it like the very first one and it can’t go wrong. No stupidity and unrealistic Hollywood BS. It needs to be grounded in reality. No talking velociraptor’s and guff like that.
Miyajimi Yakumo
Miyajimi Yakumo 12 dias atrás
@WCW WWF & Movie Toys Diorama cry harder
Miyajimi Yakumo
Miyajimi Yakumo 12 dias atrás
@David lol
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller 15 dias atrás
TheUnknownNote 25 dias atrás
Best dinosaurs I have ever seen. It looks real. We have finally reached this point.
Toàn Nguyễn
Toàn Nguyễn Mês atrás
i love the opening scence, fantastic
Clinton Torres
Clinton Torres Mês atrás
My Father and I used to watch JP but now he's gone I guess i'm going to watch this with my nephew to keep the tradition alive 🥰🥰
Starboy Interlude
Starboy Interlude Mês atrás
I love how they applied recent dinosour discoveries into their movies like feathers on a T-Rex
Cyclopes 11 dias atrás
Oh this isn't based on modern science, it's wildly inaccurate in many ways
TimeBucks Mês atrás
This actually looks really good
Kaedehara 和葉
Kaedehara 和葉 Mês atrás
@Not gonna lie rickroll?
Fcrusher Pubger
Fcrusher Pubger Mês atrás
Graphic is good, but other is bad
Fcrusher Pubger
Fcrusher Pubger Mês atrás
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
Not gonna lie
Not gonna lie Mês atrás . . .
Caleb Costrini
Caleb Costrini Mês atrás
T. rex: "What are you doing in North America?" Giganotosaurus: "Mind your own business."
Caleb Costrini
Caleb Costrini 17 dias atrás
What is it?
R S 17 dias atrás
Buddy it’s not even a Giganotosaurus
Muhammadnuaim Marohomdatumanong
I totally get you. Lol
Adnan Nadiv
Adnan Nadiv Mês atrás
The first scenes were so beautiful
Armenis ARMENIS Mês atrás
Theory time: the rex wasn’t fully grown and that is why the giga is so much larger than the rex. I say this because the T. rex has feathers in the trailer. It has been proposed that T. rex would have been born with feathers but loose them once it matures.
The Steel Sky
The Steel Sky 4 dias atrás
@Brand of Sacrifice Shhhhh the fans cannot handle that.
TheGesterr 19 dias atrás
Giga was dimenssionally larger than T.rex but a bit leaner and less bulky.
Brand of Sacrifice
Brand of Sacrifice Mês atrás
Lol rex took an L
Abbey Jackson 5
Abbey Jackson 5 14 dias atrás
I can't wait to see the original Jurassic Park cast in the movie along with the cast of Jurassic World
Autism Family
Autism Family Mês atrás
None of the movies could match the first, but this is the first trailer that looks like it’s actually trying a different direction and I like it.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Grendel you clearly don't get the point of the movie. Since you literally said the sequels did a better job of dinosaurs and people on an island. That was not the moral of the film/books nor the point. Your defensiveness also shows it off quite well. Good try though.
Grendel Mês atrás
@kStuen get bent you fanatic child, I never said it was a bad film. I just said it was over hyped but still a decent film. It's not my fault the second and third film had more of what I actually wanted to see and no I don't just want mindless fighting, I want to see the premise used more than just as a back drop.
Grendel Mês atrás
@Scott B oh shut the hell up I get the point of the original film and I still think it's over hyped, it's a decent film and nothing more. Don't talk down to me you fricking fanboy.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Grendel you don't understand jurassic park clearly. which is fine but that pretty much nullifies whatever value was in your critique of the original movie.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Qui-Gon Jinn trevorrow better choose a new direction. his idea with JW was to base the movie on the feel and style of spielberg's 80s movies and know JP....
《SpecialKid》 Mês atrás
This looks freakin awesome Can't wait Once it comes out It will be worth the waiting and the delays
🌩️ Р̲у̲с̲с̲к̲а̲я̲ ̲Л̲ю̲б̲о̲в̲ь̲ 🌩️
I remember messaging universal when I was younger telling them we need a movie where they bring them into today's world and I'll be damned they did. I CANNOT WAIT
Oliver Murphy
Oliver Murphy 10 dias atrás
Amazing prologue! 🤩🤩🤩
CheesyTV 22 horas atrás
Pretty brave of them to open with a 3 1/2 minute sequence like this without any dialogue or characters.
Mike G. M.
Mike G. M. Mês atrás
The camera movements, the shots of the creatures going about daily lives; Instant nostalgic flashbacks to watching "Walking with Dinosaurs" over and over again as a child. Simpler times...
The LORD Mês atrás
The thing is though, these dinosaurs are basically fake. They never looked like this in real life. I know it sounds like a meme to say "dinosaurs are fake!" but look up the term 'shrinkwrapping' which is a term in paleontology referring to artistic depictions of dinosaurs which are made by assuming only a thin layer of skin was over the bones of dinosaurs (only boned remain, no fat or muscle or other issues) which gives dinosaurs their trademark appearance. The thing is though, if you create artistic depictions of modern animals like monkeys, cats, geese etc from their skeletons using the same method used for dinosaurs, the result looks nothing like the actual animals - they just look like dinosaurs. Now of course Jurassic Park as a movie series wants their dinosaurs to look the iconic way people expect them to, but when showing them like this in this pseudo-documentary style it crosses a line imo. To clarify, of course these animals existed, there's plenty of fossil evidence of that. The issue is, they didn't look like THIS they almost certainly would have had more fat on them, they wouldn't have had the 'evil dinosaur' look to their faces, they would have looked more like animals as we know them today.
Mike G. M.
Mike G. M. Mês atrás
​@Goatlips Because I was born after #JurassicPark released but before #WalkingWithDinosaurs, so growing up the "Walking With" series was my first real exposure~
The Fletch Zone!
The Fletch Zone! Mês atrás
Agreed! Walking with Dinosaurs! Would Be Amazing! :)
Goatlips Mês atrás
#WalkingWithDinosaurs was made years after #JurassicPark, so how was it "simpler times"?
Jovani Mês atrás
Highkey man
Mr. Moose
Mr. Moose 9 dias atrás
That giga looked amazing. I hope to see it in future movies
jojo Mês atrás
love jurrasic; grew up watching and certainly will always be a fan & watch every single one!!!
Kalibur Mês atrás
Serious respect for updating their depictions. This is everything I thought they didn't have the balls to do
Ronald Mason
Ronald Mason Mês atrás
I love that they added small hairs to the T-Rex 65 million years ago, it's accurate and It looks so badass! they should have kept it for the cloned version of Rexy
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Ronald Mason rex didn't have feathers that we know of my guy. only scales as yet.
eggs benedict
eggs benedict Mês atrás
@Ronald Mason they are still "feathers"; you see, there are various type of feathers, T-Rex may not have the complex feathers you would see in today birds since it was a giant animal and a complex set of feathers would have overheated it, but those tiny filaments are called protofeathers, hence, they're not called hair
Ronald Mason
Ronald Mason Mês atrás
@eggs benedict tyrannosaurus didn't have true feathers either. More like vestigial hairs hence my comment my guy
eggs benedict
eggs benedict Mês atrás
Those are feathers my guy, dinosaurs had no hair...
jacob hatcher
jacob hatcher Mês atrás
But they have an in universe reason for that. Part of splicing the DNA, makes em look different
NightMural Mês atrás
I love how the dinosaurs look different compared to their cloned counterparts. Really shows that in the movies canon that the DNA patch work the the scientists did in JP and JW really did have an effect on the appearance of the animals.
I'm A Movie Nerrrd
I'm A Movie Nerrrd Mês atrás
U gotta see this guy's vid on this
Battouga Mês atrás
@Sean Connery Wrong. There is NO evidence of T.rex having either feathers or fur, just arguments from paleontologists that it could have been plausible. We have only found evidence of feathers on smaller to mid sized tyrannosaurids, the biggest being Yutyrannus. All we have found are patches of skin samples looking very much like scales with no traces of feathers, fur or fuzz. We just don't know if T.rex had feathers or not.
Sean Connery
Sean Connery Mês atrás
Also only recently did we find out trex had fur for example etc. so it makes sense either way but more likely Spielberg went with the knowledge of dinosaurs at the time and t rex’s were thought to have no fur as an example of a change here
Cody Erickson
Cody Erickson Mês atrás
There 👏 is 👏 zero 👏 physical 👏 evidence 👏 that 👏 T.Rex 👏 had 👏 feathers 👏 but 👏 plenty 👏 of 👏 physical 👏 evidence 👏 that 👏 it 👏 was 👏 scaly
Battouga Mês atrás
@e8 There still NO evidence of t-rex having feathers yet here we are. This is as "scientifically accurate" as any of the JP movies, i.e whatever the writers wants it to be.
DaggerZ 24 dias atrás
No body does dinosaurs like the "Jurassic" franchise, still up to this day, the kings of bringing that ancient world to life.
Matthew 5 dias atrás
@DaggerZ the original author ended the story with fire bombs destroying the whole island. because monsters that big cant simply be killed with a gun. you would need a tank.
DaggerZ 5 dias atrás
@Matthew I mean they would shoot it if they had to afterall authorities constantly shoot lions and elephants when they go rogue attacking people in the street and a trex is a few tons heavier than the largest of elephants and is way more deadly but still, to say they would have to shoot missiles at it is an overstatement it's not godzilla
Matthew 5 dias atrás
@DaggerZ if a giant monster was on the lose there would be a hell fire missile fired at it. Not a bug tranquilizer dart. That's why in the original book the author said the military wipes out the island with fire bombs. Because it doesn't make sense after. It's the only logical conclusion.
DaggerZ 5 dias atrás
@Matthew What you mean
Matthew 6 dias atrás
this is do bad. it would get drone striked like it was from a middle east country.
MrGames Mês atrás
Tô muito ansioso pro próximo
♡ 𝕀𝕥𝕤 𝔼𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕪 ♡
I watched this on TV a few weeks ago! It was awesome!
Victoria Chan
Victoria Chan 18 dias atrás
I would definitely watch this during the summer this year! 😎
EllyElly Mês atrás
I really love how as more discoveries have been made about dinosaurs, this franchise hasn't gone and retconned anything, they just straight up accepted that the dinosaurs they created were based on old information and found a way to incorporate that into the world
Lonk The Great and Powerful
@lord of snails You do realize that tyrannosaurus rex most likely didn't have full on plumage right?
MephProduction Mês atrás
@TJ Barke no, because they was the explanation in the first film and novel, the book goes into far more detail about it but it was always a major part of the story.
lord of snails
lord of snails Mês atrás
I am sorry but tacking some pubic hair looking down fluff onto inaccurate designs doesn't change the accuracy of the depictions, the t rex is still the same crappy shrink wrapped spliced monster and the oviraptor has pronated hands
Spinosaurus Aegypticus
yet they refuse to change the skin of trex to be more leathery, and make giga look like the fuckin irex
ClassifiedRanTom Mês atrás
Not changing anything by depicting a past that never happened with dinosaurs that did not look like that? I mean, this is a fictional movie…
PAW-some CATastrophe
Not sure why I smiled whole first part of the trailer when I knew this is not going to have happy ending :D Love the detail with the mosquito.
RawRC Mês atrás
Don't let us down universal studios! Hope the nostalgia can carry it's weight.
Casey Herring
Casey Herring 7 dias atrás
I watched this 2 days ago…. Binged all 5 movies since then. Guess you could say it worked. Ready for the new movie!
Pizza 5 dias atrás
would be cool if they made a series on the epilogue
Chuco Savage
Chuco Savage Mês atrás
I never thought I needed this 😩
kiran Mês atrás
@‍Doctor Oxykush did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise
Olle Selin
Olle Selin Mês atrás
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez Mês atrás
Yye eiis tabaoow skks d
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez Mês atrás
Antonio ontiveroz
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez Mês atrás
Ye doooodvge dkke Uuue ellle ellle dookr e
Soothing Pod - Sleep Meditation & Bedtime Stories
Awesome! Hardly wait to watch this one 🦕🦖
Rubble Rage
Rubble Rage 25 dias atrás
I love the twist with the '65 million years later'. I thought it was set in the present after everthing died down from the last movie, like humans and dinosaurs kind of coexisting in different parts of the world or something
T J Mês atrás
The fact us humans shared the same planet as they did is amazing
JC B 19 dias atrás
I love that this trailer acknowledged the Protofeathers on the old T-Rex and stated that the modern T-Rex is not the same with the ancient one.
Zebimicio Mês atrás
I love how, in the past, they actually showed the trex covered in semi feathers/fur. While in the present, its pretty much bald Solidifying the fact that they heavily modified the extinct animal and made it lose some of their old traits!
Andrew M
Andrew M Mês atrás
It's a good way to reconcile the appearance of the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park dinosaurs with what have learned about them in the last 3 decades since the first movie came out
Clever Girl Productions
Yup. That’s always been one of the main points of the novels and the films. Just because science was able to bring these animals back to life doesn’t mean they’re 100% like they used to be.
Devonian Mês atrás
@TheWay Thats was convenient lol. In truth they still weren't sure how much heritage dinosaurs and birds shared from a genetic point of view at the time Jurassic Park was made in 1993. The bird thing was still a hypothesis then and also I think the idea of dinosaurs as big lizards is so ingrained in peoples imaginations that a giant feathery t-rex may not compute with some people just yet.
Green Carnotaurus
Green Carnotaurus Mês atrás
It was the frog dna that made her look much different as Dr Wu said in Jurrasic world
PaleoDraw Mês atrás
For me, it looks like they just slapped fur on the original model without actually changing the anatomy to be more accurate. There's no rock-hard evidence that Tyrannosaurus rex even had dinofuzz and we even have scale impressions from all throughout the body. I think if they had lost the dinofuzz, added lips, non-pronated wrists, and changed the skull structure, then it would have done a better job.
hajile eee
hajile eee Mês atrás
4:43 they did a good job with rexy's cgi with all the elements of lighting and holograms from the projector
Linda Isherwood
Linda Isherwood Dia atrás
Excellent teaser trailer! Can’t wait to see it. Nice to see some plumage on the T Rex.
Captain,ca Mês atrás
Rexy deserves her own film!!!!!! Such an icon, it’s time for her own full length✅
Murp Mês atrás
waited a while for this! Soooo hyped to watch the movie!!!!!!!!! Jurassic Park/World is amazing
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Mês atrás
This looks very VERY promising!
Daniee 14 dias atrás
I've been in love with JURRASIC world ever since I was VERY young,because I love dinosaurs!So I hope me and meh family can watch it! ;)
Connor Brennan
Connor Brennan Mês atrás
I really want this film to be good. I really do. After Fallen Kingdom broke my heart as a fan of Jurassic Park, I am a bit skeptical. There are some things that this film will have to do to have a chance: 1. Go back to having a balance between CGI and animatronics. 2. Don't throw so many references to the older films at us in an effort to distract us from any flaws. Doing that just doesn't work. 3. Don't simply rehash the plot of one of the previous films like Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom did. 4. If you're going to have kid characters in the film, make them useful and relevant to the story or a character arc. 5. Try to actually explore the good ideas presented rather than just giving them lipservice as a smokescreen and illusion of depth. 6. Don't include any silly moments or use contrived moments to bait the audience. 7. Don't rely on the idiocy of some characters to push the story forward. 8. Treat the characters of the original films well. Let them have plenty of dignity in this film. And most importantly... 9. Just let dinosaurs be dinosaurs again. Let them act like living animals that just want to live and have natural instincts. Don't present them as mere movie monsters like JP3 did or Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom did by sidelining the genuine dinosaurs and focusing on the killer hybrids. This prologue shows potential, but the film needs to do a lot of work to succeed.
Noyeer Mês atrás
I like how t-rex is there just to give everybody a heart attack by walking past them
smallgut    WPY_XG
smallgut WPY_XG Mês atrás
I really like how they've put feathers on the original T-rex, seeing the version that was made that doesn't have feathers really do match what they've said that they fill the DNA gap with frog DNA
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@Eizh 狼 the feathers thing is a by-product of the new wave of paleontologists that spurred the "dinosaur renaissance" their obsession into proving dinosaurs were closer to birds and trying to draw connections led them to speculate that several species had feathers starting with archeopteryx which i believe was the first known dinosaur with feathers. they started making evolutionary connections to relatives which then got confirmed with fossil evidence. eventually it was safely assumed all dromaeosaurs (raptors) had them. Naturally the overzealous nature led them to make connections to near relatives outside the tyrannosaurids/coelurosaurs. science backed their hypotheses by giving evidence of some early tyrannosaurids that had feathers. eventually paleontologists became arrogant about it and began assuming rex definitely had them and other dinosaurs without avian connections like triceratops had quills (though there is evidence of that unlike with rex) and got really eccentric in their portrayals of them. they've had to eat their words regarding some species like t rex. hopefully that will reel them in from making harebrained assumptions like that from now on. tl;dr it stemmed from an overzealous desire to connect dinosaurs to birds in every way possible by a group of new age paleontologists. sometimes leading to mistakes. but also stumbling into a lot of blind luck backing their theories.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@legendofzeldarules44 huh? Crichton passed in 2008. the feather debate picked up over a decade *prior* to his death...he even included down on baby rexes in TLW in 1995.... universal just half-assed an explanation to placate people whining that they didn't update the dinosaurs with the times regardless of the issues that would cause narratively.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
@vergil cold you know t rex has scaly skin and likely had no feathers right? Like at best it had feathers along the spine....putting more feathers makes it completely wrong. LMAO
SandeeDude Mês atrás
There is a meta reason and an in-universe reason as to why the JP dinos aren't feathered. Meta: Dinos having feathers was not a known theory when Michael Crichton was writing the first novel. Of course he can't of known what dinos truly looked like if even top palaeontologists didn't know either! He used the most current research on dinos at the time. The movie was made based on that, and when feathered dinos became a more popular theory, the movie makers decided scaly dinos were scarier and more marketable, so they kept them that way. In-universe: When InGen started cloning dinos, again the feather theory was not well known or popular. They therefore didn't try to replicate feathers in the DNA sequence and instead used what people expected dinos to have; reptilian features, thick scaly skin, etc. They really skim over the details when they simply say it's down to "frog DNA" but we can assume there's a lot more that goes into it than that. Even the book acknowledges that there are a LOT of gaps in the genome that needed to be filled in, basically by scientists guessing what other traits each dino species should have. Later, when feathered dinos became an accepted theory, the JP scientists *could* have started to engineer dinos with feathers. But it's likely that the owner (by then probably Masrani) decided that feathered dinos weren't as scary or marketable, and so kept them the way most people were used to seeing them from movies/toys/etc. It's as simple as that. So for people who keep complaining about this, those are the two reasons. Take your pick.
@Waterbug dinosaurs having feathers was discovered AFTER Michael Chriton's death, as such universal had to make their own explanation as to why they dont have feathers, chriton was rather verbose in his books and if he had lived would have written about ingen trying to correct the mistake most likely.
Candy Cane Killer
Candy Cane Killer Mês atrás
I love how the music in the back makes you think that Rexy is at a all you can eat buffet, with the film in the back saying, "let's all go to the lobby" (The drive in) and, "get ourselves a treat" (the people there)
CallmeDino 17 dias atrás
As someone who grew up liking dinosaurs and waiting for another jurassic park movie right after the second one,i am hyped
Nice Goat Doctor
Nice Goat Doctor 7 dias atrás
The first 3.40 minutes was awesome! I was like YAY no dialogue :D Also, I wanted to tame things left, right and centre.
Awesome Productions
Glaring inaccuracies aside, this really is a beautifully done scene. So nice to finally see dinosaurs just portrayed as animals in their natural habitat on the big screen. Y'know, without obnoxious celebrity voices being played over them! Crossing my fingers for the rest of the film to be good! 🤞
Yuyari Cachimuel
Yuyari Cachimuel Mês atrás
@Victor Sztorc it’s not even confirmed though. But also the model is the same as rexy otherwise
Victor Sztorc
Victor Sztorc Mês atrás
Indeed the Tyrannosaurus rex in the flashback scene has the accurate feathering weather or not that it has feathers based on the 2017 consensus
Yuyari Cachimuel
Yuyari Cachimuel Mês atrás
@dragonstorm12 yeah so they kinda enforced a stereotype here XD
Awesome Productions
@dragonstorm12 Doesn’t mean it including eggs in its diet is *COMPLETELY* out of the question though, right? I mean, that strong beak could be useful for breaking into eggshells and getting at those nutritious embryos.
dragonstorm12 Mês atrás
@Yuyari Cachimuel don’t forget that the Oviraptor’s name is now a misnomer since it’s been discovered that the eggs that were near the Oviraptor were actually it’s own eggs
Sagayaraj Edward
Sagayaraj Edward Mês atrás
At least in this movie, I hope the real planning and thinking capacity of humans is portrayed properly. So far all Jurassic movies have the screenplay written in such a way that human poor planning and poor execution is the base of the movie.
Zachary Herrera
Zachary Herrera Mês atrás
Going back 65 million years ago was so relaxing. Who knew
🎗Slitherwing 🎗
🎗Slitherwing 🎗 27 dias atrás
Such a great touch not having music. As if we’re witnessing something not meant for us.
Reyan Rashid
Reyan Rashid 6 dias atrás
I like how recognizable every dinosaur is.
Marvellous Productions
With Camp Cretaceous, Jurassic World Evolution 2 and Jurassic World: Dominion all happening at the same time, I can feel my childhood returning with all this Jurassic Awesomeness
The Steel Sky
The Steel Sky 4 dias atrás
@DarthMaulLego You are not alone. I truly think that was the dumbest thing they could have made out of JP. I wish they would just stop milking the franchise and let it go out on a good note. Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom are bad enough.
Steve Perrin
Steve Perrin 23 dias atrás
@ThunderShocc So not all happening at the same time.
ThunderShocc Mês atrás
@Steve Perrin that’s what I said at the beginning too. I think the misunderstanding is that when I read your first comment, it seemed as if you were saying that they were not at all in the same time frame, so my comment was suggesting that they were in a similar time frame
Steve Perrin
Steve Perrin Mês atrás
@ThunderShocc I understand English just fine thanks, especially when I'm using abd replying toyour quote of: "it's a similar time, not the same time"... Not the same time, which is exactly what I said at the beginning and can only repeat (again) that you are arguing against yourself.
lol lol
lol lol Mês atrás
@Steve Perrin Do you not understand how expressions work or something?
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