the problem with Cruella's costumes...

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6 Jun 2021



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Comentários 4 388
Vanessa Gómez
Vanessa Gómez Dia atrás
mina I love your content so much hhh
Brittany Belo
Brittany Belo Dia atrás
The initial films are so iconic. I never realized that as a child and I’m grateful though! I’m gonna go back and rewatch them all and then watch the newest one haha
Leif Dia atrás
my mother was a punk who also left the scene after fashion brands and businesses infected the culture and she didn't enjoy the movie at all, she said that it was literally everything she and the other actual punks hated
Kween Yasmine
Kween Yasmine 2 dias atrás
I could barely stay awake during this Emma Stone remake. 101 and 102 Dalmatians alllll the way. Glenn Close IS Cruella Deville!
Plo Koon
Plo Koon 4 dias atrás
"She doesn't want to overthrow the establishment, she wants to become it." really illustrates the problem with a lot of modern movements. When you want to take control of the establishment instead of dismantling it to build something new and better, nothing will ever really change for the better, we'll just keep switching who's at the helm of the same broken system.
YagirlTee4 6 dias atrás
Did you know red white and black are illuminati colors? Lol
Juju Bih
Juju Bih 7 dias atrás
Glenn Close’ Creuella will forever be top tier
tatiana ornana
tatiana ornana 8 dias atrás
At the end of this movie version I only think that it’s a story about a girl struggle with DID. I feel a lit bit sad because it’s like if you are a business woman and you are brilliant or have a certain talent you are (for sure) a bad girl (aka The baroness )… Ego do not kill men, why will it kill women ?!
Luckie Duckie -
Luckie Duckie - 10 dias atrás
Okay, I came back to rewatch this video because I’ve now seen Cruella 11 times. It’s grown on me and is probably my favorite movie of all time now. Not sure what changed!
Emilia N
Emilia N 10 dias atrás
I watched the new Cruella film a couple of weeks ago with my dad and sister and let’s just say I was not impressed. 😔
Sabina Lopez
Sabina Lopez 11 dias atrás
Im still trying to figure out why we felt we needed a whole film dedicated to a villain who wants to MAKE A COAT out of PUPPIES
Kaela Wegner
Kaela Wegner 12 dias atrás
Isn’t Cruella an origin story? If she hasn’t found her motivation to hate puppies yet then I think it makes sense she wasn’t wearing fur. 😊 (Haven’t finished watching the video yet so don’t come for me lol)
Eden 12 dias atrás
I think we’re forgetting that this is an origin story. So her character isn’t going to be exactly like the cartoon version.
Sun Moon
Sun Moon 15 dias atrás
change her name and you wouldn't know its a 101 dalmations spinoff. why not just make original movies again? i feel like everything these days is a spinoff or sequel
Palmyre Février
Palmyre Février 15 dias atrás
It was a good film if you take aside the fact she’s supposed to be Cruella… She has a dog & whilst her thing against dalmatiens is explained then the ending of the film changed that completely & leave us lost… Nothing makes sense with who Cruella is…
Palmyre Février
Palmyre Février 15 dias atrás
They did the same with Maleficient…
Не такая уж лохушка
Synthetic fur is better for the environment because producing natural fur requires A LOT of resources in order to feed the animals. Natural fur it's eco-friendly. Just like overall exploitation of animals.
Meruna Stelar
Meruna Stelar 19 dias atrás
I just assumed its a different timeline conisidering the after-credits scene. SPOILER So...are Pongo and Perdita siblings now?
Reznik Isaacson
Reznik Isaacson 21 dia atrás
I like how cruella is a little bit of a comment on capitalism and paints her anarchism in a good light. Cruella wasn’t evil this time. But it’s still annoying when corps co-opt anti capitalist sentiment.
Milagros Rodriguez Nobile
I think Disney just has this unbearable inability to just sit on their asses and let a villain be a villain. "No, but you see, every character The Disney Company has ever shat out is actually an anarchist feminist icon who's completely justified in all their actions". For gods sake they made the dogs LITERALLY MURDER HER MOM so you don't feel as bad about her possibly, maybe, but definitely not actually think about making them into a coat, but actually just kidding she adopts them or something I guess, I don't remember.
Isabel 23 dias atrás
i think i read she wouldn’t be wearing fur, which i fine, but i hope she at least wore fake fur…. otherwise what makes her a super villain?
little_flitter_ 26 dias atrás
Mostly unrelated but about sheepskin - sheep actually need to be shorn ... like they have lost the ability to naturally loose wool due to human intervention (breeding and playing eugenics with animals as they have for almost all domesticated and farm animals). So using wool is not a bad thing in my eyes. It is actually neglectful and harmful to not sheer sheep. Source - Google, plus my mum is a sheep farmer and I'm Welsh so 😅😅😅 - I do generally disagree with wearing fur etc ... just commenting specifically on the sheep aspect.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 27 dias atrás
i'm really sorry mina but i feel like this video has a lot of unfair critiques. personally i dont mind the lack of fur as i feel like the movie is building up to the glenn close/animated cruella we all know and love (which is essentially confirmed in the announcement of a sequel). the critique of cruella being a hashtag girlboss while co-opting the punk aesthetic is an unfair one. we all went into this movie knowing cruella was going to be bad, and she has a good reason for having a personal grudge against the baroness, it's plainly discussed in the movie and becomes her motivating drive in the second half. i dont think there was ever a point where cruella, the character or the movie, ever says, explicitly or implicitly, that the fashion establishment is bad. as for her designs, she goes from designing disguises for grifts (which have to take into account the type of grift being done, the characters they are portraying, what the grift consists of, etc.) to literally working at a haute couture atelier, so of course her designs and style would follow suit. complaining about her style becoming high fashion is a pointless gripe in my humble opinion. and cruella was never really advertised as punk, it was inferred due to the advertising and styling yes, but never outright stated so to be disappointed by that and how the look is co-opted for the aesthetic doesn't make sense to me either. it makes sense she would take references from the punk subculture as it was on the rise at the time, and im sure she wouldve seen the appeal being an outcast herself (a working class woman, albeit a white one) and how revolutionary and niche it was. also let's not forget that she befriends a guy who works at a thrift store that has a lot of designer, so she more than likely wouldve been tipped off to new arrivals and even given first dibs. plus her job wouldve surely given her a paycheck big enough to afford better clothes and fabric to work with (assuming she didn't take any from the atelier). i also like the addition of her having a dog and loving dogs, as we all know what happens and it lends an element of tragedy and makes us wonder what went so horribly wrong that she would go from loving dogs to being willing to kill puppies for clothes. idk i just feel like the majority of this was just unfair critiques and gripes but that's just me, still love you, and i love the look.
M Denizen
M Denizen 28 dias atrás
nina hagen. pronounced hog-in. it's a german name. a lot of people have capitalized on the "punk" look making it a trend in pop culture. this, unfortunately, overshadows the TRUE nature of subculture fashions. it also pisses off real punks. side note, i swear the only band people who wear the trends know about is the sex pistols... whom they probably don't even listen to. if you must rip it off, make yourself look in-the-know with bands like iggy and the stooges, iggy being a forefather for the movement musically. or maybe F.E,A.R., or anybody but the sex pistols and blondie. oh, and it helps to actually partake in the subculture even in easy ways such as listening to the music. she's more goth than punk. specifically, fetish goth which does have ties with certain aspects of punk fashion tho they never liked each other in the beginning. she also has some rivethead, cabaret, deathrocker, corporate, and victorian goth stuff going on. if cruella went to a goth night she'd probably be out on the floor for concrete blonde's bloodletting, switchblade symphony, or even einsturzende neubauten's Z.N.S. i'd say skinny puppy if not for the fact that they are adamantly against cruelty/animal abuse and testing and it is a volatile part of their shows and lyrics.
M Denizen
M Denizen 28 dias atrás
real furs are disgusting and make the wearer look ignorant.
M Denizen
M Denizen 28 dias atrás
Makayla A
Makayla A 28 dias atrás
god damn ur voice is annoying 🤣
Cath (Catastropheshe)
Cath (Catastropheshe) 29 dias atrás
26:10 you making movie about backstory of crazy fur lady and you don't have fur in it 😑 what's the point 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sound 29 dias atrás
Great Analysis!!!!! :D Really loved your content. :D Are you a fashion designer by any chance?!!!
Cath (Catastropheshe)
Cath (Catastropheshe) 29 dias atrás
Lol 7:39 what 😂
Tamara Reid
Tamara Reid Mês atrás
Ironic as I'm sure the Glenn Close movie must have skyrocketed the demand for FUR despite it depicting how it comes at a cost of poor animals. 😞
Tamara Reid
Tamara Reid Mês atrás
This made me realise that I dont actually remember the original movie that much as i only ever watched it as a kid so YAYY im going to watch the original now :)
Emily Garay
Emily Garay Mês atrás
I love how big that mic is. It suits your aesthetic
Izi Mês atrás
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't real Punks environmentalists and animal rights activists , too?
ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald Mês atrás
Not slander cause I love Mina, but why does she draw on her eyebrows super thin. Is it like homage to the 1920s cause that’s how she usually dresses? Sorry if this sounds rude.
Cesar Lorenzo
Cesar Lorenzo Mês atrás
Trisha Takanawa!!! I love you!😘
Frog Mês atrás
The fact that villain of the movie has more Cruella vibes than does Cruella really says a lot
Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona Mês atrás
Wow I’m surprised you didn’t like it I enjoyed the character development but also Emma stone is an amazing actress. A new fresh perspective on cruella
Shelby C
Shelby C Mês atrás
Honestly if they were still making these movies about cats being made into fur coats I would be pissed. Lol fr tho, idk the 1996 was kinda cool, but I feel like Emma stone killed it, not in a good way. Sorry
Gabriel Nalom
Gabriel Nalom Mês atrás
My immediate reaction when seeing the title and thumbnail was: Sweetie watch out, the disney stans are coming.
coolbluecarpet Mês atrás
she literally wore fur tho? did y’all watch the movie
J. Walt
J. Walt Mês atrás
Its like disney wants their audience to think that the acts of truly irredeemable people can be ignored as long as they have a sympathetic "excuse." Also, given that faux fur and faux leather are literally plastic, something that is weak and does not last long at all only to be thrown away and purchased again, all the plastic microfibers and pollution of fast fashion would be an interesting take on a modern cruella. Real fur and leather is durable and lasts so long and is so easily repaired that it has become the more ethical choice in todays weekly-revolving fashion trends.
Nitro_Lemonhead Mês atrás
Even though in the original she’s supposed to be a spoiled rich heiress with a thing for fur, the older movie has her age around late 80’s early 90’s. In the newer movie she’s around her twenties, the movie being set in the 70’s and her being born in the 50’s. She has a lot of time to grow into the fashion sense that we’re all used to. I wouldn’t say the movie is softening her or creating a redemption arc since there’s still a lot of space for things to happen. I think they could really build off this; getting you to fall in love with the character and slowly making her crazy and bitter and just absolutely unlikeable. In the newer movie she is in fact born as a heiress but because her mom wanted to kill her, she grew up differently which can explain the punk rock fashion they went with. Towards the end of the movie she does take over the baroness’s estate which is rightfully hers and allows everything else to fall in place because by the time we get to her 80’s 90’s she will be a rich heiress with a thing for fur.
Alejandra Pardo
Alejandra Pardo Mês atrás
Maybe it’s just me but avoiding fur all together to change the narrative about using animals in fashion was 100% worth cruella not being as “fabulous”
groooah Mês atrás
I did not expect Nina Hagen in this Video. She is a real Queen and was a really talented (very unique) singer.
Lycka Ståhl
Lycka Ståhl Mês atrás
The thing is that make me sad is that. It is a good movie. But it is completely ruined by being Cruella. They could have kept the story and everything but have it not be Cruella. Have it be an original character we know nothing about. I find it so annoying that the movie is so great in my opinion and still fails so greatly.
Paulina Zuniga
Paulina Zuniga Mês atrás
I choose to believe the Cruella movie is just an AU (alternate universe) 101 Dalmatians, especially cuz of the different decades they take place in. In the Cruella movie, she is a child in 1964, and in the original 101 Dalmatians she is an adult in 1958. So it's impossible that the Cruella movie could be her 'backstory.'
CooksFSH Mês atrás
As a fashion designer that grew up loving Cruella, and is an actual punk I refuse to watching this movie. There is too much that just rubs me the wrong way. Your analysis is very well done and thought out, and I truly appreciate it! It confirmed that I shouldn't watch this movie.
WAFFLES the art toad
Her whole thing was fur. The entire reason she was a villain was because of her fur obsession.
Mrchocolato Mês atrás
yes!!! the whole time i was like what's the point, what's the story behind the story? Nothing!!
PUZIA Mês atrás
If Disney wanted to make a problematic character that's usually on the moral side of the compass why not write a new character, no instead they took a character that kills dogs like yes that makes total sense wtf
Avery Henderson
Avery Henderson Mês atrás
I'm a bit late to this video, but I watched Cruella the other night. While I enjoyed Cruella's outfits, like Mina said, she didn't have a clear inspiration (aside from punk-ish), that it was really hard for me to understand what time the movie was placed in. Since the other character's were dressed more retro, Cruella seemed *too* different and modern that she was just jarring and out of place visually. I understand that she's supposed to be fashion-forward, but it was too much imo
мιѕѕ Azi
мιѕѕ Azi Mês atrás
But didn't the cruella movie was about how she actually become a women who was literally obsessed with the puppy's skin? Idk maybe I am just dumb
zodiackarma Mês atrás
y'all looking too much into a movie just enjoy it 💀
zodiackarma Mês atrás
the reason that there is no fur is because 101 dalmations and 102 dalmations are not looked at as the future for the character in the movie. cruella is not looked at as a prequel, it is looked at as a stand-alone movie. and, her hate does not stem from the dalmations, it stems from her mother.
Baddie Grrrrr
Baddie Grrrrr Mês atrás
it was great to watch but the way it fit in with 101 dalmations didn't make sense, disney should stop trying to sympathize with characters who are obviously villains, they should instead maybe try to do backstories on the heroes, maybe give them a bad backstory . i would rather find out that heroes are bad than villains are good.
Opal India
Opal India Mês atrás
Hell yes! JUSTICE FOR 70S PUNK!💣💥💥🎸
Auriele Mês atrás
101 and 102 are my favourite Disney Live Action adaptations :)
Lucia Gonzalo
Lucia Gonzalo Mês atrás
102 Dalmatians is pure nostalgia for me but also I can honestly say that it's objectively the superior Cruella film because it really deep dives into her insanity and he looks are beyond incredible especially the red and black gown for the dog and owners dinner OMG
Ester Silva
Ester Silva Mês atrás
I really loved the designs in this movie, but I get it
mj willard
mj willard Mês atrás
Adding a word to your mental vocab is great even if you don't know how to pronounce or spell it. (depending on whether you 1st read it or heard it) As a teacher, every word is like a gold coin.
Marie ann
Marie ann Mês atrás
Cruella is punk the way Olivia Rodrigo actually thinks she is. Exactly
alex olson
alex olson Mês atrás
Lmao Disney, the establishment, really wrote a movie about how the establishment is good as long as you're the one in charge lolololololololololol
Peachy 101
Peachy 101 Mês atrás
Maybe the explanation for Cruella's ideas for the designs could have made it more into the plot, in the sense that they could have shown her taking fabrics when nobody was looking or breaking in at night to steal them, which then could have explained why her garments always looked so expensive and less punk to compete with the Baroness. That would tie even more into her selling herself and the ideals and identity she had as a child, to conform into the Baroness's more high fashion world and losing a part of herself in the process. And just in general to see more of the character's thought process behind making some of the garments would have been interesting. People love to watch artists at work. Also her liking dogs and even having a dog herself confused the hell out of me but we live in a sensitive world so maybe Disney didn't think an audience could handle a truly evil character. We were made to feel sympathetic towards her and even rout for her, when that's not the point of the original character at all!
Slyfrei Mês atrás
I’m confused on everyone’s opinions. It makes more sense for this to be a different world rather than the same old Cruella. Not only are they different ages, the newer Cruella isn’t even Crullea it’s ‘estella’. Everyone saying that they’re making villains into victims is wrong, the baroness is the ‘cruella’ of this world(she’s sadistic, a murderer, and owns attack Dalmatians.) Sorry if this sounds cheesy I just liked the film and felt like defending it.
Mercy Main btw
Mercy Main btw Mês atrás
I cant imagine seeing back to back fur would be as intresting as seeing the outfits we did, personally I like the lack of fur as it shows how she can make different outfits that arent just furs, but she did wear some fur in the movie which is a nice nod to her cartoon version.
Caroline Marie
Caroline Marie Mês atrás
Trying to make the audience sympathize with Cruella is annoying. Why can't villains just be villains??
Lauren Bokman
Lauren Bokman Mês atrás
The fur will come later but I don’t think in the way of fanfiction.
Greey Sp
Greey Sp Mês atrás
I liked it a lot actually and dont you think you have unreasonable expectations ?
Sanna Life
Sanna Life Mês atrás
I love the video but i hope you dont wear real fur
Wendy H
Wendy H Mês atrás
I never realized that faux hur is actually so unsustainable and vintage fur is a better alternative. Can you make a video on better and more sustainable alternatives and materials that we can purchase in our day to day life?
M 15 dias atrás
faux fur with polyester components is unsustainable. there are new non-acrylic, non-polyester material that is better but most manufacturers do not use them. Also, even things labelled as faux fur can have animal fur (see the citation in wikipedia) : " In a test by the Humane Society of the United States, coats labeled as having faux-fur trim used actual fur.[11] In the United States, up until 2012, a labeling loophole allowed any piece of clothing that contains less than US$150 of fur to be labeled without mentioning that it included fur.[11] This is the equivalent of thirty rabbits, three raccoons, three red foxes, three domestic dogs, or one bear.[11]" tbh, its better just to avoid fur faux or otherwise; if you look into how much animals get tortured to create what ultimately looks like a very dated garment, it just ain't worth it.
Koolaid Rancher
Koolaid Rancher Mês atrás
Despite this I still very much enjoyed this movie, loved it even. Like maleficent this was more of a retelling than a villain origin story and I can totally understand why this upset and frustrated some people because it's not an exact copy of the animated or what they grew up with. They rewrote her character to be more sympathetic and likeable but I don't think they were following the original 101 dalmatians so it's not like it's a canon prequal, it's just a hey let's paint this character in a different light and see how it goes. But nonetheless I still enjoyed seeing this version of cruela tho it wasn't the original and it's okay that some of y'all we're disappointed with the direction the movie took. At the end of the day let's just remember to respect everyone's opinions despite if they differ from yours 🥰
Ninusch Mês atrás
6:38 I´m sorry but that´s absolutely bullsht there´re so many villains in the Disney universe that haven´t an ethnic background and are evil and oppressive too. Unfortunately, Aladdin takes place in an arabic land
Laura Mês atrás
So... Is this a pro fur video?
Arrigi Tribouillier
This wasn't just a custome review. It was a full movie review. I loved the punk customes and for a moment I forgot what Cruella is really all about. Thanks for this. 😊
is this anna
is this anna Mês atrás
to me it was an alternative universe rather than THE cruella deville’s origin story, that’s why i dont mind it at all. fun story, not the original.
Ramflight Mês atrás
I can't believe I'm defending Disney but... The idea of beautiful people doing beautiful things and ugly people doing ugly things is ancient and it's not meant to be taken literally. It's actually ancient Greek and represents the idea that outward beauty is only truly manifested with inner beauty as well; this means that the ugly soul/deeds are also reflected outwardly in some way. So it's not that beautiful people can't do bad things, or the other way around, but that your inner self (beautiful/ugly) will always reflect on the outside too.
bella faith
bella faith Mês atrás
agreed, i feel like the disney version was quite lacking... and this cruella did not relate to punk culture, just some punk fashion aspects. i lenjoyed the costumes but totally agree, disney could have been more elaborate with the designs!!
Rozey Pozey
Rozey Pozey Mês atrás
I am in awe with your fashion history knowledge😍
Devin Vaughn
Devin Vaughn Mês atrás
I love your idea about bookending the Cruella's outfit at the end, a Punk Antionette. But I disagree with you most other things. Cartoon Cruella was excellent, but a ridiculous cardboard villain who's only trait was obsession with spotted fur. Its embarrassing how stupid that is. This new Cruella is fleshed out and makes more sense in these times. imho, Cruella is the 2nd best Live Action Disney movie since Pirates of the Caribbean. I was floored by how great it was! And her personality made so much more sense than Harley Quinn, she just smokes her in coolness. I was even moved when she realizes she was "born bad." But she understands the difference between good and bad, thus the 2 tone hair. She created a persona for the media thats larger than life, and killing puppies was her "bites the head off a bat" moment. You can love and enjoy the old Cruella, I will take this new one. She's amazing, easily the best and most complex of all Disney villains now. Bravo.
J Hardman
J Hardman 2 meses atrás
this is an excellent video, but every time Mina referred to "Jenny" I would jump like halfway out of my chair because *that's my name why does she know my name is she talking to me* before remembering that she's talking about the designer
danny 2 meses atrás
i honestly like this movie. yes, it was weird. yes, it didn't do what it claimed to do. i don't like it for the plot, i liked it because of the clothes, aesthetics, and music. that's it.
OcioCamaraMx 2 meses atrás
Comment a little to late, but personally I feel like a way to get the fur coats, nothing stoping her while making her kinda sympathetic and "child friendly" would be if she someone lose a really beloved fur friend, a bunny for example, maaybe she had a pet bunny, her mother killed it to eat it and she used the fur to make a purse and somehoe homenage her pet, making her to believe fur animals don't "die" if thir fur is turned into something beautiful and "full of life" or something like that, that way you'll have a messed up villain with a weird moral based on a trauma which pushes her to looks for fu and not just a puppy killer psychopath.
Robert Struder
Robert Struder 2 meses atrás
I've never seen an oriental girl with such a big mouth and, in this case, painted look-at-me red. Horror show.
Emily Rouk
Emily Rouk 2 meses atrás
so when are you going to rate how historically accurate Ninjago is
Sophie 2 meses atrás
your videos feel like i'm sitting in on a really cool uni lecture i love them!!
Braylon chandley
Braylon chandley 2 meses atrás
I know cruella is my favorite live action cartoon thingys EVER. Emma stone really just rocks every character she does and the music choice is amazing. Its pretty accurate to me but im not amazing at being able to tell 10/10 for me
Reina Mizell
Reina Mizell 2 meses atrás
Sian 2 meses atrás
the use of the word ''mad'' in the context of this film is just a very British thing, we use it to mean "crazy" sometimes.
Corentin Guillo
Corentin Guillo 2 meses atrás
Glenn Close's Cruella is a literal drag queen
ILoveYou 2 meses atrás
Hey girl, I just wanted to say; ur videos are very well put together and super interesting to watch. Good vibes :) Thank you and God bless~
kSahl 2 meses atrás
Your lipstick is giving me life. Pls deets
dont_huh_me_im_scared 2 meses atrás
why do people expect hher to kill puppies?
Анна Андреева
мне понравилось
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 2 meses atrás
Never saw the Glen version so no nastaglia for me either
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 2 meses atrás
That was so fun to watch !!!!! I want more reboot videos !!
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 2 meses atrás
Yes a adams family type series would have been awesome !!!
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 2 meses atrás
Pretty girls can’t die !!!!
Liam Niki
Liam Niki 2 meses atrás
I just finished the movie !!! I was so excited to watch this video! But I had to watch the movie first lol!!
xiyo 2 meses atrás
literally cant understand why they made her kind and stuff when her name literally means "cruel devil"
PakunodasCafe 2 meses atrás
but I did love the movie
let’s talk about the Japanese Schoolgirl
tiktok is kind of bad for fashion
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