The Pixies Interview 1989 

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25 Mai 2015



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Corey Holloway
Corey Holloway 3 anos atrás
"do want to be one of those bands that people site as an influence". Oooo boi.
mcsoupy 4 anos atrás
Joey Santiago adds amazing and unique things to songs, and that’s on an instrument that millions of people can play, but no one can ever come up with ideas like his.
Cesc VR
Cesc VR 3 anos atrás
Back in 1989 people didn't understand the greatness of Pixies. Now they're legends
michael malone
This was David Bowie's favorite band in the latter part of his life. "Criminally underrated", he once said. They became good friends. Always referred to him as Charles or Chuck, never Frank or Black.
Taxi Cabbie
Taxi Cabbie 5 anos atrás
Spooky question the band did indeed become very influential to a lot of today's big bands... awesome
Ikem Is Cancelled
What a sober and insightful interview. The woman is taking her job seriously. The days before begging for retweets and all that, giving the band the space they deserve to reflect because, in those days, music was still taken seriously as a force that could change the world. I miss 1989.
The Velo In The Vale
The Velo In The Vale 4 anos atrás
Charles just pulled off a subtle joke that very people would notice during the interview at 3.17 - she's asking if they have any weaknesses and Charles bends over and starts untying and tying his shoe laces - this is precisely what Salvador Dali did when he went to a meeting of the Situationists that infuriated them and got him kicked out of their group - if you look to the lyrical content of Debaser which is Dali-esque you may pick up the thread of his sense of humour here. Nice one Charles ... I gotcha.
Craig Murphy
Craig Murphy 3 anos atrás
'We'll either quit in our prime or keep doing it'. I was lucky enough to see them last year and glad they are still playing and I got to see them.
cognitive dissident
cognitive dissident 3 anos atrás
Joey Santiago is a guitar innovator.
Billy Donuts
If you really made legendary status in your prime then you are doing it wrong. These guys should have been way bigger but with time passing everyone discovers the records and they deserve all the praise.
KevWox 5 anos atrás
If a band said "I'm up here and they're down there," in modern interviews, that phrase would be taken out of context real hard by media outlets.
Félix Thelmo Cevallos Morales
Joey Santiago (nacido Joseph Alberto Santiago en Manila, Filipinas, el 10 de junio de 1965) es un cantante, compositor y músico filipino. En activo desde 1986, es conocido fundamentalmente por ser el guitarrista de la banda estadounidense de rock alternativo Pixies. Después de la ruptura de la banda en 1993, Santiago compuso bandas sonoras para televisión y documentales, además de formar The Martinis con su mujer, Linda Mallari. También contribuyó en los álbumes de Charles Douglas y Frank Black, compañero de Pixies, volviendo como guitarrista tras la reunión de la banda en 2004.
Artesian 2 anos atrás
"Do you want to be one of those bands that people site as an influence in years to come?" - Pixes are one of the most influential bands to have existed.
crazed outlook
crazed outlook 5 anos atrás
I like Black’s attitude about one-on-one communications with the audience. I totally agree.
WWGT 6 anos atrás
Interesting Interview, considering the wealth of music about to come, not even dreamed up at that time. Between Pixies and the brilliant Frank Black solo, FB and the Catholics, The Breeders,as well as the new Pixies recording and thanks ! so much enjoyment over the years glad to have been along for the ride
ChupaCuervo 7 anos atrás
wow i have never heard Joey say much of anything in these BRvid videos, besides the modern ones. what a treat
sexobscura 3 anos atrás
Santiago looks here like he's dressed for a Ramones audition
Jay Lebo
Jay Lebo 3 anos atrás
Joey says the whole point is fun. I have seen these guys in concert three amazing times. No performing musician appears to be having less fun than Joey Santiago. Maybe things changed or maybe that’s just his style.
Pazuzu Anos atrás
I love the bossanova album, very cool sounds on that record!
michael malone
One of the most influential bands of all time. And they still get close to no support in getting in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's been a trend with college radio/alt bands from the mid to late 80s. Sonic Youth, Husker Du, and The Replacements have all been on the final ballot at least once before. I'm rooting for Joy Division/New Order to get in on their first time. The world needs further proof that everything didn't start with Nirvana, or anything connected to Seattle. Or that the Early 90s wasn't really this moment of epiphany that the press and the less informed Gen-Xers with selective memories paint it out to be.