THE PERFECT START! - Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore Let's Play - Ep. 1

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Let's Play Hardcore Minecraft!!! Welcome to Episode 1 of Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore Survival series!!! Today we're starting on the latest Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 with amazing new mountain and cave biomes, and surviving is going to be harder than ever!!! We need to gear up and protect ourselves because in Hardcore Minecraft if we DIE... It's all over! There's no coming back! All we get is ONE LIFE!!! Now it's time to go on an adventure, explore and find ourselves the start of our brand new kingdom!!!


► World Seed: 8664873885097802310

► Mountain Village Coords: -1400 / 124 / -800


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28 Nov 2021



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Comentários 2 121
TheMythicalSausage Mês atrás
Welcome to Episode 1 of my Hardcore Let's Play!!! 1.18 is AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to share more adventures with you all in this world!!! Thanks for watching!!!! You're THE BEST!!!
Hintzeboy5MC 19 dias atrás
Sausage cheese castle
Lauren H Jenquin
Lauren H Jenquin Mês atrás
How about calling the new village Cliff Dwellers.
Sage Mês atrás
JUZO PLAYZ Mês atrás
Plz name the cliff side kingdom "The valley of myths" plzzzzzzzz 😭🥺🥺
Kristin Mês atrás
can u make building tutorial for the house
JWhisp Mês atrás
Super Exciting! I love your idea of having two different kingdoms one for the caves and one for the cliffs! Amazing!
Bridger Christensen
Bridger Christensen 15 dias atrás
@Keigo’s Bird thanks 😂
Keigo’s Bird
Keigo’s Bird 15 dias atrás
@Bridger Christensen idk why, but you calling him Mr. Whisp was so cute
TeenieTineeGamer Mês atrás
i would love to see this in ur vids ;)
Nikolay Tyurin
Nikolay Tyurin Mês atrás
Love ur channel! Ps I was the thousandth like 😌
Ammar Mês atrás
I'm subbed and your vids are amazing too !
This Writer Games
This Writer Games Mês atrás
I just love how you, Gem and Fwip nearly lost it all due to powdersnow in the first episode! Love your first build.
ElectroChip VoidSoul
ElectroChip VoidSoul 21 dia atrás
Well, only fWhip and Sausage were in any real danger. Gem is playing in survival mode (not hardcore) so she would have just respawned had she died.
reevler Mês atrás
I like how he says "Okay, let's build a starter house!" and it's a hundred times better than anything I've built. *sigh*
Riley Amell
Riley Amell 21 hora atrás
I feel that
JellyBoyFrank Dia atrás
Egg Bert
Egg Bert Mês atrás
Have you seen Goodtimeswithscar’s hermit craft season 8 starter base? That’s like a mega build in my eyes
Fabian Mohammed
Fabian Mohammed Mês atrás
Scrony Danza
Scrony Danza Mês atrás
Come on you Spurs!
Amber Mês atrás
I love how his "starter" houses are so good looking when mine is either a dirt hut or a hole in the wall😭
Fabian Mohammed
Fabian Mohammed Mês atrás
Shadow Mês atrás
Ivy Inkwell
Ivy Inkwell Mês atrás
I'm honestly just so happy that Sausage found a naturally-spawned blood sheep. Feels like a cosmic gift, doesn't it? Hope stuff goes well for him!
fWhip Mês atrás
Vertual gaming
Vertual gaming 26 dias atrás
Silly sausage 😂
SarahMoonGirl 29 dias atrás
@breyauna jacobs Omg that would be so cool
School Account
School Account Mês atrás
@breyauna jacobs omg yes!!
Ntlakuso Pilane
Ntlakuso Pilane Mês atrás
Pls do a multipayer hardcore series pls but just an idea and I love your content
Lilia Koll
Lilia Koll Mês atrás
Omg! Hi FWhip!
A Mês atrás
I need Sausage and Bdubs in a series together to see who would out-"perfect" the other one 😂
Inez Mês atrás
I audibly gasped at the blood sheep. I’m so excited for this, the ideas…the starter house build 😍
Kuutie 07
Kuutie 07 Mês atrás
18:16 omg the way I jumped, threw my phone into the Atlantic sea, did a backflip for the first time, ate a meal and peed my self 58 times when you screamed at the creeper.
WeesaWee Mês atrás
The silent timelapse of the interior decorating was super satisfying and relaxing sausage!! Keep up the amazing work!! I'm excited to watch everyone's progress in their 1.18 worlds^~^
Jessie Morgan
Jessie Morgan Mês atrás
Tip: use leather boots to walk on top of Powder Snow safely. Also, leather armor will keep you from freezing inside of it.
MadGamez 10 dias atrás
@voltrxzx4697 yea and no one cares
voltrxzx4697 11 dias atrás
@MadGamez as a bedrock player i am offended.
Serotonin_Deficiency 12 dias atrás
@MadGamez ur so sad x-x
MadGamez 12 dias atrás
@Danni what does it matter that I’m a robloxian? I play Minecraft as much as I play Roblox.And you probably play on bedrock… *not the best version to play on*
MadGamez 12 dias atrás
@ghost you saying I don’t have a life?
moonies Mês atrás
I love how everyone's making 1.18 let's plays (dying to do one next!)
Raymond Raptorclaw
Raymond Raptorclaw Mês atrás
It’s crazy how 1.18 completely changed some seeds. My 1.17 world was a mountain with plains around it, now it’s a huge jungle with rocky shores!
Cocoecake Mês atrás
The steampunk starter home looks amazing!! Also, the bloodsheep starting a family in the hardcore world is definitely going to lead to some empires smp connections- perhaps this hardcore world is one of King Sausage's dreams?!
Addie Carson
Addie Carson Mês atrás
I'm so used to watching completed series! The anticipation is going to kill me! Yay for lush caves!! Excited for all the new adventures
FoxxInnit Mês atrás
The name would probably be Zephyr's Peak The lore is: Once there was a village up in the mountains where everybody was in peace. Then, the pillagers nearby came in to ransack the priest but ended up killing the priest and razing the village to the ground. The remaining villagers ran away to another mountain range. Seeing their despair and pain, the god Zephyr decided to give them a good place to build a village and live in harmony as they deserved it. Once they built up their village, they made a shrine atop the highest peak to worship him. To add to the repayment, the villagers were so grateful that they named the village and the mountain (highest peak) after Zephyr. They have lived in peace and harmony ever after !!
Ammar Mês atrás
If you could somehow add a twist for the Bloodsheep here then its gonna be perfect. Edit: Just thought of one ! Sausage like you have The General in Empires as the war general for Mythland, here we could have that very first Bloodsheep !
phoenixparrot Mês atrás
@lol Thats great to know,
lol Mês atrás
@phoenixparrot zephyr is an actual god (the god of the west wind) but i do think it would be rather cool if there were lots of gods instead of just the one!! :]
Java Rogers
Java Rogers Mês atrás
Then one day Blood Sheep arrived in the town. They came in camouflaged, hidden behind red wool and no one noticed them. They only saw shadows. You see, without the truth of the eyes, the Villagers were blind. EDIT: (This is a Gorillaz song)
phoenixparrot Mês atrás
@TheMythcialsausage and the god should be the god of Knowledge, peace, and eternal justice and god shall be the Highest of all the gods. The pilliagers should worship the God of the nether as it is the land they came from and they have a portal leading to the shrine where a blood sacrifice is given. If you wanted to also follow the pilliager god idea it would be a build for a later episode when your all geard up.
beaniekoo Mês atrás
it would be so cool to have a dragon flying through the middle of the two peaks later in the series
KarmaBaguette- HELIX
Ooohhh! I love the vibes~ I felt that part with the powdered snow!! Apparently, Powdered snow can be so friggin deep! As far as lore for the Caves and Cliffs villages, I would like to suggest a duality of Winter Eladrin Elves residing up high in the mountains, focused more on the Scholar side of trades such as Librarians, Clerics and Cartographers. While the Underground Dwarvens would focus more on the defensive and weapon making jobs~
jagruti thakur
jagruti thakur Mês atrás
Sausage: makes his starter house A new minecraft player: you call that a starter house.that can be a main base for my survival world!!!
Ally Smith-Jones
Ally Smith-Jones Mês atrás
Yasss let's go! Can't wait to see what you do with this world!! Some lore: Long ago, an ancient tribe lived peacefully together. They were skilled craftspeople who created stunning architecture. Alas, a disagreement became a civil war, and the clanspeople marched off in opposite directions; half settled deep underground, and the other half built a home high in the mountains. Over the centuries, the settlements fell into disrepair. But one day, an adventurous builder journeyed through the land and stumbled upon the remnants of the mountain village. He was a gifted builder, and after learning the story of the few villagers left, vowed to restore peace between both sides. And so his quest began....
Maas P
Maas P Mês atrás
This is an really interesting lore you thought off.
MinecraftPiglinMatt's Poems :D
Excited for new adventures! Can't wait to see more of your amazing builds in your new hardcore, Sausage! :D
GossArt1323 Alyssa
GossArt1323 Alyssa Mês atrás
I am SO EXCITED for this series!!!! I love the two themes you're planning on and I can't wait!! I'm super excited for the 1.18 update, it's the first one I've ever really experienced. I started playing in 1.16, and after a break I didn't get into 1.17 until it was released for a bit. I'm soooo excited to be able to watch all my fave BRvidrs make their new 1.18 series, and to be able to play along with them in my own world! Wishing you the best of luck with that blood sheep!!
Who I Am
Who I Am Mês atrás
Winter just started in my place and i just love seeing amazing videos like this while chilling in blanket love your content man keep it up
Aaav Lol
Aaav Lol Mês atrás
I can feel it , this series is gonna be amazing
Wordfish Trombone
Wordfish Trombone Mês atrás
“I’ve almost died twice to snow.” Welcome to winters in Minnesota. Great start to the series! I’m hyped!
chilichicken09 Mês atrás
Same But in Sweden
Finn Hedden
Finn Hedden Mês atrás
I know
Can't bridge
Can't bridge Mês atrás
Sausage I am so hyped for this series.I hope you survive a long time.
Funudge Mês atrás
oh this is gonna be a great series to follow. ive been planning on doing this same style of building in my survival world and this is great inspiration
Hudsanian224 Mês atrás
I love how he is so nice to the game and villagers, and h is just such a fun person to watch
not gonna lie. he was the first person i saw when i was looking or a good playthrough of 1.18. i expected him to be overly annoying and too hyper. however i was welcomed with a happy and warm personality. i am now subbed, and have liked, i am enjoying this playthrough a lot. keep up the good work!
chilichicken09 Mês atrás
Some lore idea: From the beginning of times a group of musicians called Ehdma Ruh found the high peaks of myth-mountain, where they settled down not knowing of the empire in the caves. The cave folk put up a pilliger tower to scare those who disturbed their mountain, which the Ehdma Ruh simply ignored. At first, it was war. But now the empires have come to peace The only problem is the new king, and an awfully cold winter that’s coming…
ThereIsNoHero Mês atrás
You could name it "The Sausage Kingdom" I think it has a nice ring to it 😊
Lucas Bender
Lucas Bender Mês atrás
A beautiful build! I immediately used it as a reference for my own :)
MaMaT Artlife
MaMaT Artlife Mês atrás
Good Mythical Morning Sir Sausage. Love that you started another hard-core series as 1.18 came out. Have an amazing day
Vix Mês atrás
Vix Mês atrás
@Akib Jabed I’m not Uraraka 😰😰
Akib Jabed
Akib Jabed Mês atrás
Hey uraraka
FazyCraft Mês atrás
We all know, this series gonna be epic!
ImmyNuggets Mês atrás
When I saw the little copper wheels on the base it made me think the kingdom should be called something like “dawn of industry”
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith Mês atrás
The City of Arclight -- (named after the first source of electric lighting, created in the early 1800's by Humphry Davy) Arclight started out with humble beginnings -- a small farming village built at the base of a mountain. Horses and sheep were vital to their lifestyle, horses for labor and transportation, and sheep for food and wool. It's easy to tell where the city started, and where its infrastructure started to advance. At the base of the mountain, the buildings are built from wood, and are small things, no more than huts. The higher up the mountain you go, the more the architecture changes -- stone, then iron, then copper, and finally, deep slate. Much like the drastic change between the architecture, so too was the change in the city itself. For years, maybe decades even (the stories differ depending on who's telling it), the city remained stagnant. It changed when a strange man was found in a cave. A passage existed there that had not been there before; the man created it. He was a strange thing, the height of a child, yet unmistakably adult. He was humanoid, despite his size. His beard was adorned with jewels, his outfit sturdy and unrelenting. He spoke their language, though it was clear it wasn't his mother tongue. He'd been watching the village, probably for a while. With him he brought an offer: trade. His people lived underground, and unused to the conditions above: namely, the sun. Their skin was pale, their eyes adjusted to the night. Sun made them uncomfortable, and the weather was a lot more extreme, where underground it remained fairly stagnant and comfortable. The village would supply them with supplies that existed above ground -- timber, animals, dyes and paste made from flowers, etc. and they would share with the village the secrets of the underground world they had discovered. The dwarves, as the man was called, were masters at stonecraft, and Arclight flourished from their influence. But so too did the underground city the dwarves called home. Arclight may have relied on the underground city to exist as it did today, but that did not mean they hadn't made discoveries of their own. For instance, glass was a big discovery, and the citizens of Arclight were excited to share it with the underground city. Soon, glass became a staple of Arclight's trade with their underground friends.
Tony Bishop72
Tony Bishop72 Mês atrás
Really looking forward to this series. Hope you and everyone in chat are doing well. ✌💚😎
Rachel E
Rachel E Mês atrás
18:20 jumpscare warning. in the immortal words of GeminiTay, “SAUSAGE!!!!!” ffs i nearly died awesome work, very exciting
Foxy Flyer
Foxy Flyer Mês atrás
I saw your comment just as that happened lol
Dus Mês atrás
@TheMythicalSausage i can hear your voice while reading your replies! 😆
Igor Mês atrás
@TheMythicalSausage i woke up my mom because of you lol
unknown ??
unknown ?? Mês atrás
I can hear her😂
CelestialAngel Mês atrás
now that I think about it she does that alot doesn't she.
Perebima Mês atrás
Leather boots protect you from the snow, allows you to walk on top of it
Historia Mês atrás
I would be so grateful for a tutorial for this house!
The Creative genius [TCG]
Your videos are honestly some of the best content I’ve ever seen. Absolutely love it!!
The Creative genius [TCG]
Your videos are honestly some of the best content I’ve ever seen. Absolutely love it!!
FastPots Mês atrás
It's always a good day when TheMythicalSausage uploads
ItsMeHG Mês atrás
Yessir love me some bots
pınar karayiğit
pınar karayiğit Mês atrás
@Craig dcruz idc
Craig dcruz
Craig dcruz Mês atrás
it's funny, i broke my hand whilst playing football lol
John Ivan Falco
John Ivan Falco Mês atrás
The Mythical Cliff of 1.18 is here!! Can't wait for more episodes 😁
Mr Tiny Creeper
Mr Tiny Creeper Mês atrás
Omg sausage I was looking forward to this, every time I watch your videos I wanna make some crazy buildings just like you.
dreamywishes Mês atrás
It's been a long time since I watched Sausage, I missed it a ton Anyways, I think the mountain town should be name "Skaoi's Perch" and the underground city should be Torsteinn's Haven. My lore: Skaoi was named after the Old Norse goddess of the sky, and traveled the land looking for a place to be close to her goddess. As she traveled, she met a half-dwarf, Torsteinn, who had emerged from the underground in search for a new land to settle his people. They decided to join together, and gradually fell in love. But, as they were traversing a snowy mountain range, they found a small village struggling to survive. Skaoi wanted to help them, and so Torsteinn and Skaoi helped build the town, protect the people, set up snow walls and farms. But Skaoi had found her place among the villagers. She helped them learn utilize fire, set up festivals to boost their spirits, and more. Torsteinn still needed to find a place for his people, who depended on him to find a lush land free of war where the dwarves could live and mine in peace. Skaoi did not want to leave her place, but did it in order to stay with Torsteinn. The day she set foot out of the village, an avalanche swept down and buried her. Torsteinn tried to save her with the help of the villagers, but they could not find her. So in honor of her, he built a tall tower on the nearest mountain, overlooking the town that she had loved. And not being able to leave her, he built his Haven nearby.
Emily Bartholomew
Emily Bartholomew Mês atrás
I’m looking forward to the new series! For the mountain village, Mythington has a steampunk vibe to it. Considering the cave breaks in the mountain, maybe there was a large earthquake that tore the mountain apart. This could have opened the path between the dwarven and steampunk villages for the first time, allowing the two villages to help each other as they slowly rebuild from the disaster.
GeminiTay Mês atrás
first omg hi sausage!!!!
spork 21 dia atrás
@Solaris • Starry saaaaaaa@aaaaaaaa@@aaaa@@a@@@aa@aaa@@@aaaaaaaaaa@aaa@a@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaa@aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
spork 21 dia atrás
@Solaris • Starry aaaaaaaaaasaaa
IRENE GOBE Mês atrás
Hey Gem
mr.UNKNOWN Mês atrás
Omg gemini hiii!!!!
Lilia Koll
Lilia Koll Mês atrás
Hi Gemmy Tay!
Phenomenal Ozzy
Phenomenal Ozzy Mês atrás
I already watched fwhips episode and I must say, you guys are amazing builders, I wouldn’t even be able to do this in creative😂
Nitya D
Nitya D Mês atrás
Love this already! I think you can use leather boots to stop yourself from sinking in powder snow in the mountains.
Maísa Soares
Maísa Soares Mês atrás
ok this house looks SO GOOD, i need a tutorial of that 😭
IKMTB Mês atrás
I just found your channel today and can't wait to see this series progress.
Pär-Erik Segolsson
Optimal depth for diamonds/redstone should be -59, copper 47, iron above 15 and amethyst geode 0. Hope that helped! 😀
Upnorth 3390
Upnorth 3390 Mês atrás
Yay I'm excited for this series and get to watch from the beginning. Good luck and be careful.
Pinank Jain
Pinank Jain Mês atrás
His voice is so calm.. I love the way he speaks he isn't rude or cruel to any of the creature in Minecraft... And all the best for yoyour brand new hardcore series ❤️❤️🥳🥳
Sara 😼
Sara 😼 4 dias atrás
Sausage: “We have a little bed!” The *little* bed: 🛏🛏🛏
Skylar Monahan
Skylar Monahan Mês atrás
You should call the cave kingdom “The Edge” and break a hole through the bedrock that looks all cool and magic and stuff and have it be the edge of the world
LavenderCorgi Mês atrás
I thought of a couple cool news for this steampunk mountain city: 1. Copperport (general name) 2. Constance's Heart (lore name, explained below!) Since it is on a mountain side, I imagine the machinery is mostly based around transporting coal and emeralds, and I can just imagine rail roads zipping in and around the mountain -- around the village -- almost constantly. For lore, the city has a mechanical "heart" at the center, and that's why I thought the name Constance's Heart sounded cool! Who was Constance, you ask? Perhaps the inventor who made this named the machine after a lost loved one....
nice guy
nice guy Mês atrás
Igor Mês atrás
you would love the first book of city of ember and the second one thats not as steampunk. (the third one takes place before the events of the story and gives major lore) just a recommendation
Naomi Mês atrás
Not me almost yelling when the creeper made you yell 😂 the starter house looks so cool, I always love the shapes you make!
faqgame g
faqgame g Mês atrás
I loved the format of this video sausage, the resource gathering time lapse and the starter house time lapse were very cool, I hope you continue with this style.
Winnie 2609
Winnie 2609 Mês atrás
Love how you have started your 1.18 hard-core lp already.
Harlily Mês atrás
I've only watched a few building tutorial from you and this is the first time me watching you game play. Definitely did not regret clicking on this! Grateful that this pops up on my recommendation, what a lovely guy you are!
When one journey ends, a new one begins
Igor Mês atrás
The end is just the beginning
Raju ram
Raju ram Mês atrás
I coudnt watch that ep
NobleSky Sisters
NobleSky Sisters Mês atrás
That episode made my sister sad and I can't blame her.
bluemajesty__ Mês atrás
Sausage, I suggest that you go explore that deepslate cave thing. I just started my 1.18 survival last night and came across the same one but really huge that I almost got lost😂 and got a lot of ores specially diamonds (47 diamonds to be exact), well I can say no need to mine but you should stay around y-11 to y-(-17) coz there's a lot to get already when you explore it😆
Ali Needleman
Ali Needleman 26 dias atrás
just started getting back into minecraft and i’m so happy to see the growth on your channel! i’ve been here since 17k and you’re already almost at a million
Crocknor Mês atrás
This mountain is so amazing!
Orphan Destroyer |メーカー
Wow i just started watching sasuge and hebmade me really smile I love his energy!
Ahhh, a new series from the best Minecrafter, what could be better!
Argobot Mês atrás
More and more episodes?
Sarvansh Sharma
Sarvansh Sharma Mês atrás
that minecrafter actually like your comment😄
Pie [Rogue]
Pie [Rogue] Mês atrás
I have a name for the cliff kingdom! Twin Pillars! For the two peaks up above, but also for the pillars that the town will probably have a lot of!
adam persson
adam persson Mês atrás
It be a great day as I found your new video sausage, can't wait to see your lush caves empire!!
Dawnetta Viars
Dawnetta Viars Mês atrás
I had the EXACT SAME experience with powdered snow! My new spawned me right in the middle of it! I honestly thought I was going to die! 😂😂😂 I have watched you for a long time but I mostly watch your tutorials, not survival series. I now know I’ve been missing out!!! I love it!!!
MC AT Mês atrás
Thank you for another super cool aesthetic house and another episodes update! :) Your are amazing at building :D
Brad Meyers Art
Brad Meyers Art Mês atrás
In the kingdom of Mythenvale, the Elves of the Mountains, after many years of turmoil, have formed an alliance with the Dwarves of the Deep. Edit: It is a time of peace.... for now.
Caleb Blignaut
Caleb Blignaut Mês atrás
Nice names and lore, LIKE THIS SO HE CAN SEE IT!!!!
Elizabeth Newell
Elizabeth Newell Mês atrás
It was hard to watch without laughing so hard, thank you. Cool area. See you next time
Chica en Llamas
Chica en Llamas Mês atrás
IM SO HYPED FOR THE NEXT EPISODES!!!! This is gonna be awesome!!!!
Voguishstorm Mês atrás
Excited to see this steampunk style village!
Martim lopes 361
Martim lopes 361 Mês atrás
I am so happy that you got new amazing minecraft hardcore video series. So that everything goes well I would give you a hint! Never dig straight down because you may fall (in big caves, lava, among the monsters...) or hit the ground too hard. I am advertising that this is a dirty trick for any kind of players when playing. I am kinda anxious for more!! Whenever you can, upload new videos of minecraft hardcore. I love them!
Erwan Peeyearee
Erwan Peeyearee Mês atrás
im new to the channel and right from the start u already earned one extra sub, thank u for making me feel excited with ur energy 🥺
Marian Liscinsky
Marian Liscinsky Mês atrás
Those two mountain peaks, could be tun into so many things. ✨ I was thinking about, two opposite towers, observatory, dwarven fortress in the middle of them, tesla coils (lighting rod on the top of both of them), elven embassy with an artificial lake in the middle, or a high class part of the town with a townhall ... ☺️ Keep up the good work friend.
Marti D'Angelo
Marti D'Angelo Mês atrás
Lauren Stewart
Lauren Stewart Mês atrás
I love this! I enjoy watching your videos. I can’t wait to see more
Dnieto Mês atrás
Woke up at a good time! Tip: you fell in powdered snow so wear leather boots. 18:18 Sausage's 1st scream. Omg a Blood Sheep on this series thats even better I have to say it ALL HAIL BLOOD SHEEP!
Ammar Mês atrás
All Hail The BloodSheep !
Dnieto Mês atrás
@Brianna Keiser play it at 18:17
Brianna Keiser
Brianna Keiser Mês atrás
If you just keep pressing the time tag thing after the scream it sounds so weird 💀
PurpleVX aka Nitzan
18:18 gave me a heart attack 😂 That being said, great video!
Tatar_Man Mês atrás
This inspires me to start a new world after some time.
IMAGEN Mês atrás
We require a guide to this starting house!
Seale Family
Seale Family Mês atrás
I just realized that Sausage's starter house has a similar type of style as Geminitay's hardcore series.
TheRandomShow Mês atrás
The build is SO GOOD! And that mountain is just *chefs kiss*
Grimble The Great
Grimble The Great Mês atrás
Bro you got me so hyped for this season with just one episode!
Brennen Halliwell
Brennen Halliwell Mês atrás
Sausage! Love the new base! So smart of you to release your vid today! Haha! Can't wait to see what comes from this series!
KIDAA12 AAandrew000
Just how I love this man's videos... Because he's a nice builder. 💯 Keep with 1.18 series
• Cheeky - Fox •
Hey sausage I’m so excited for this series it looks so cool! I like how you did the starter home and you planned to do 2 kingdoms ✨😁
• Cheeky - Fox •
You just made my day ❤️
Ter Moss
Ter Moss Mês atrás
Can't wait to see to complete the kingdom for that place Sausage!!
AngelsVoid Mês atrás
Here’s a tip of when you probably eventually need to go trough the snow, just wear a piece of leather. You won’t fall and go up and down the snow on will, no worry of freezing. Also creates quite funny elevators.
the Mousies
the Mousies Mês atrás
Letter boots, I think
Lovely Aliana
Lovely Aliana Mês atrás
I'm so excited for this lets play! Can't wait for the underground village! Going to be so majestic!
Juno Antares
Juno Antares Mês atrás
Hey um, can you give your husband a message for me? I've sent letters every year, but I think they get lost. I just want a puppy for Christmas 🥺. Please and thank you?
Rowland Goddard
Rowland Goddard Mês atrás
Im so hyped for this series, cant wait for your next video
Fabi Mês atrás
You can not fall into the powdered snow with leather boots, so if you ever want to go back, be sure to bring some!
Wen Mês atrás
It’s be cool to have like many different platforms you access by bridges and also landing pads for airships and balloons
eggrollsoup Mês atrás
wish there was like a building tutorial for that cliffside house. looks cool
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