The PERFECT Fake AirPods Are Here! $50

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NEW 1:1 Fake AirPods Are Here. Seriously, I was impressed with the perfect size, sound quality, connectivity and finish. $50 Well Spent!
New $3 AirPods Clone:
AirPods 2 NEW Leaks:
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27 Jan 2019



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Comentários 17 853
EverythingApplePro Anos atrás
Hey guys follow me on instagram to be more in the loop :)
Sb Clipz
Sb Clipz 6 dias atrás
I want to buy them
Itz Gacha Nat
Itz Gacha Nat 16 dias atrás
What’s the link to it?
GreyhoundZph 19 dias atrás
EverythingApplePro link please
SD Error
SD Error 19 dias atrás
mikola Nch
mikola Nch Dia atrás
Why do have to pay 160$ for the original, if I can get a fake one with half the price, but twice the quality?
UC FITNESS Dia atrás
7.36 lool Everything Apple problems
Ramesses II
Ramesses II Dia atrás
In my country airpods only cost 25levs ($12) and they're actually very decent o.o
DragonTonic Dia atrás
UgH I had to untangle my AirPods before I could start watching smh
Toxicyyz Dia atrás
What website tho
Aiden’s Puglife
Blessed With Curses
lmao i can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not
Rotule Longboards
Bluetooth 5.0 is nothing to be impressed with, these are not the best copies, good ones have the same snap, GPS tracker, IPX5, custom touch functions, 4h hours+ play time and name changer. Dude is not even using the pop-up window connection. Anyone who wants the best and latest copy should look into soundsgood V5's ...
H Saad
H Saad 2 dias atrás
link of the AirPods please?
EpicUX 2 dias atrás
who is listening to this with fake airpods?
SlowSage 2 dias atrás
wHeRe's tHe lInK ?
qkik 2 dias atrás
bought it for $19
WolfyGamer 2 dias atrás
Probably just buy AirPods from Apple then put them in different coloured case and box XD
Jerrayus Middleton
Jerrayus Middleton 2 dias atrás
Why dont u link the place that u got it from?
Emma Spergel
Emma Spergel 2 dias atrás
Gus Eylar
Gus Eylar 2 dias atrás
Yo where did you buy those I legit need some
BIG STONKS 2 dias atrás
Bruh now they got that w1 chip in them now
ALI_J THE_GAMER_-YT 2 dias atrás
I have something sooo good of a clone you can get them at Miami FL Dadeland mall
im stuck between getting airpods and fkn kraken gaming headphones lmao. legit the pair i want is $249 AU and so are airpods.
Junior Janos
Junior Janos 3 dias atrás
8:11 “i am not even exaggerating this is not bad” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Kaden Gartner
Kaden Gartner 3 dias atrás
all i want to know is if the apple charger works
Mike Jack
Mike Jack 3 dias atrás
wth it looks so real what if my mom buy me this for Christmas and I never knew I had fake AirPods The whole time
D4RK_J4GU4R 3 dias atrás
You should try to get a refund at the Apple store...
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 4 dias atrás
Everyone I finally found the link, it’s they have them for $42 your welcome😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I ordered them from there and got them in 3 days🔥 I posted a video on my channel:))))
Twisted Nemesis
Twisted Nemesis 2 dias atrás
@Graham Kelly I m defiinetly going to buy galaxy buds then.
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly 3 dias atrás
Twisted Nemesis yes, I phone 7. Audio is massively out of sync with all BRvid video
Twisted Nemesis
Twisted Nemesis 3 dias atrás
@Graham Kelly are you even owning an iphone?
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly 4 dias atrás
Kaleb Smith I got these today but I have crazy lag audio and video is massively out of sync on BRvid vids. Have you tried them and do you have any problems? I’m quite disappointed with poor bass.
Brandon P
Brandon P 4 dias atrás
ayyye same bro!!
Trottinette _
Trottinette _ 4 dias atrás
Bryce Covell
Bryce Covell 4 dias atrás
2:51 They don’t want to say AirPods because it’s copyrighted by apple, and they don’t want to get sued.
Zafar 4 dias atrás
AirPods are for poor people they cant afford their wire that is sad 😂 like if you agree
Oli ST
Oli ST 5 dias atrás
Nice hoodie
PROgamers CLUB
PROgamers CLUB 5 dias atrás
plz tell me where i can get them, pleaseeeee
G G 5 dias atrás
PROgamers CLUB I saw that a bunch of people (including me now) bought from this store and they sell AirPod clones for only $39👍 oh and they ship with USPS and I got mine in 4 days, so if your thinking of getting some then I would definitely recommend this store :)
Ranjith Krrish
Ranjith Krrish 5 dias atrás
Watching in airpods clone it's not clone it's 💯 similar to original best one I buy it for 2000 rupees
WARIOR MAN 6 dias atrás
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman 6 dias atrás
Sure it helps but where are the links to buy the products????
Kevin Anthony
Kevin Anthony 6 dias atrás
If you want the best 1:1 original airpods 2nd Gens and 3rd Gens find me on IG @DesignerKngz
Aminah A
Aminah A 6 dias atrás
Wow how can I get a pair
Mob Barley
Mob Barley 6 dias atrás
Listening with my fake airpods
Adam Goins
Adam Goins 6 dias atrás
try the clout buds
Eva Koch
Eva Koch 7 dias atrás
I'm not broke but I'm not going to spend 150 to 200 $ for headphones which I'm maybe going to lose. 50 $ is something different 😂
Ryjitsu Marino
Ryjitsu Marino 7 dias atrás
Is it capable with android
Austin Barrera
Austin Barrera 7 dias atrás
Can u give away the padear mini
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh 8 dias atrás
Nikol Troeva
Nikol Troeva 8 dias atrás
did you know that the aipods are copies of the I12 older versions?
iAppleAddict 8 dias atrás
‪Hey everyone! I uploaded a new video about the newest AirPod Pro Clones!! Check it out here! [Review: TWS i500 Pro - AirPod Pro (1:1 Replica with H1 Chip)] ( 🤩🥳‬
Carson Mercer
Carson Mercer 8 dias atrás
You can get refurbished AirPods on Best for 139
Mikki Moloney
Mikki Moloney 8 dias atrás
Who came here to see if they look like real AirPods so u can flex with them like if u did:D
614 a
614 a 8 dias atrás
They are not a clone... apple makes there shit in china... workers will knock them off lol but they make them so they are the same
sammuel 9 dias atrás
imagine paying $140 to have tic tacs in ur ears
Simplicity 3 dias atrás
sammuel lmao I was telling my mom how I wanted AirPods and she said “do you really want those things sticking out your ears like an alien?”
TRIBλL12TROLL 5 dias atrás
heh tic tacs
Ruige Willy`s
Ruige Willy`s 9 dias atrás
Getpotz is als an good site
Ruige Willy`s
Ruige Willy`s 9 dias atrás
Getpotz is als an good site
Gaming Cell
Gaming Cell 9 dias atrás
where does he get these?
R reviews
R reviews 9 dias atrás
They look pretty real
T 303-13
T 303-13 9 dias atrás
Try hoco.
BGM Beauty
BGM Beauty 9 dias atrás
Where can I buy the fake ones
savannah belle
savannah belle 10 dias atrás
ok but what are they called & where can i get them
DI1VIX 10 dias atrás
Can I get a link for the fake one
Patrick Coyle
Patrick Coyle 10 dias atrás
DO NOT BUY FROM THE SITE SUCH AS PODPALACE.COM! go to and search i12 they are there for as little £3.88
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 10 dias atrás
Everyone I finally found the link, it’s they have them for $42 your welcome😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I ordered them from there and got them in 3 days🔥 I posted a video on my channel:))))
TTC FAN 10 dias atrás
Your a bot
Taalibah Walker
Taalibah Walker 10 dias atrás
Where can I buy these?
Da’real Pariss
Da’real Pariss 8 dias atrás
Taalibah Walker I know where you can buy it
Jayleigh Peeters
Jayleigh Peeters 10 dias atrás
Where did you buy those
Exsicy 10 dias atrás
Sounds like a law suit if u ask me..
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