The PERFECT Fake AirPods Are Here! $50

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NEW 1:1 Fake AirPods Are Here. Seriously, I was impressed with the perfect size, sound quality, connectivity and finish. $50 Well Spent!
New $3 AirPods Clone:
AirPods 2 NEW Leaks:
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27 Jan 2019



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Comentários 15 802
EverythingApplePro 7 meses atrás
Hey guys follow me on instagram to be more in the loop :)
Juanchito203 5 dias atrás
Cavell da savage what was the link?
Shauni Smets
Shauni Smets 8 dias atrás
What's the linkkkk i really want one of these
DarkNigglet 12 dias atrás
rather buy cheaper wireless earbuds/Airpods than ones that cost more when they do the same exact thing
NickNack attack
NickNack attack 17 dias atrás
Where the link
Lovely Love
Lovely Love 13 horas atrás
omg please bless and send me airpods idc if they’re the fake ones
mr83_gramz▪ 13 horas atrás
Where can you get these
Kido 15 horas atrás
PLOT TWIST: He mixed up the fake AirPods with the real AirPods and was testing the REAL AirPods 🤣
Flykilla2353 Thomasn
Flykilla2353 Thomasn 17 horas atrás
Swap the fake ones for someone with the real ones 🤣🤣🤣
miettelund84 19 horas atrás
What the hell good is it if hes not gonna share where to get the perfect ones we won't know the difference online
miettelund84 19 horas atrás
Do air pods only work on Apple phones? We have a Google pixel
Angel Mejia
Angel Mejia Dia atrás
I see ppl asking for link besides me so plz put link
Angel Mejia
Angel Mejia Dia atrás
Angel Mejia
Angel Mejia Dia atrás
Angel Mejia
Angel Mejia Dia atrás
Can someone put the link to buy them PLZ
Joevanti Quijano
Joevanti Quijano Dia atrás
.... lol.. they look fine to me.. isn’t the point of headphones to listen to music. These look conveniet
JMK !!
JMK !! Dia atrás
Where did you get it from
xX GaMeR Xx
xX GaMeR Xx Dia atrás
Maher Kadamani
Maher Kadamani Dia atrás
I am listening to this video with airpods 🤣
Shermeel Dia atrás
What website did you get it from
Stephanie De Sales
Where is the website
Thunder eSports
Thunder eSports Dia atrás
Where is the link to buy the clone bro 🥺
The Retro Gamer 101
Now fake airpods have a w1 chip
Dyani Baerga
Dyani Baerga Dia atrás
Can i get the link so I can buy them
Daniela Jazmine
Daniela Jazmine Dia atrás
* watches this with wired headphones *
Callum E
Callum E Dia atrás
Where’s the link?
Billy Dia atrás
How is $55 1:25 close to $145 1:45 ?
Bieris Antonio
Bieris Antonio Dia atrás
I coped the fake ones just now XD
Weelio 2 dias atrás
I understand why these fakes are made and why people buy them, but as someone who has spent £350 on AirPods ( I broke the £150 and bought the £200 after ) it’s kind of annoying walking around having £200 in my ear and someone could be looking at me thinking that I’ve only got £50 odd in my ear. Because let’s be honest, we all buy them because they’re a fashion statement.
Turtle Tv
Turtle Tv 2 dias atrás
Sketchy Akechi
Sketchy Akechi 2 dias atrás
I'm not going to link you because there are a lot of places you can get them. The model is i12 (I'm not sure about the i80, i500 stuff though and how they differ).
KHEYC De Jesus
KHEYC De Jesus 3 dias atrás
give me 1 hehe
Abisael Cruz
Abisael Cruz 3 dias atrás
Honest to God someone help me find these ones or they don't exist anymore?
jaeden Dia atrás
Abisael Cruz they either don’t exist or it got sold out
Abisael Cruz
Abisael Cruz 3 dias atrás
Patrick - Nah
Patrick -
Patrick - 3 dias atrás
Did you find them bro
Mohey aldeen Shami
Mohey aldeen Shami 3 dias atrás
plz we wanna like for buy
Logan Simp36
Logan Simp36 3 dias atrás
I11 tws are really good
Kaytie Terryberry
Kaytie Terryberry 3 dias atrás
Is there a link for these?
Murder 3 dias atrás
Still can’t afford them 🤙
Alex Guzev
Alex Guzev 3 dias atrás
Try Blvck Pods they have the chip
joe brady
joe brady 4 dias atrás
What are they called (the real name)
Raybanz UK
Raybanz UK 4 dias atrás
anyone got link????????????????]
Alex Gabi
Alex Gabi 4 dias atrás
Call volume is low
Cooper Rury
Cooper Rury 4 dias atrás
What AirPods are the 50 dollar ones?
Sam 2 dias atrás
Sketchy Akechi where’d u get urs from
Sketchy Akechi
Sketchy Akechi 2 dias atrás
The i12 model (there's also i80 or something like that and i500. I have no idea what the differences are, but I have i12s myself and they's identical to my friend's legit airpods)
Jaja Jaj
Jaja Jaj 4 dias atrás
Are the AirPods at Best Buy fake?
Boxer Tech
Boxer Tech 4 dias atrás
I bought these same ones on and they actually have a legit serial number with Apple and a model number as a China market Airpods.
Lars Leonard-Cook
Lars Leonard-Cook 4 dias atrás
Any one who lives in a human body is a human being
Lars Leonard-Cook
Lars Leonard-Cook 4 dias atrás
And that's a fact
sujith babu
sujith babu 5 dias atrás
Bro give that website link please
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith 5 dias atrás
Link: he said it on his ig story for those who missed it thank me later;)
MrPerez Dia atrás
Bet ima get some AirPods lmao
Olif Yoseph
Olif Yoseph Dia atrás
TaeVonn Colbert don't
Olif Yoseph
Olif Yoseph Dia atrás
TaeVonn Colbert it's fake man dine trust him
TaeVonn Colbert
TaeVonn Colbert 2 dias atrás
Bryant Smith thanks
Olif Yoseph
Olif Yoseph 2 dias atrás
Junior Yea your right he's a bitch
Mot Poopenxhest
Mot Poopenxhest 5 dias atrás
I need to know where you buy these things
John Hernandez
John Hernandez 5 dias atrás
I think i got ripped off
MY Food  Board
MY Food Board 5 dias atrás
What’s this modal name
1v1me BOT
1v1me BOT 5 dias atrás
I just got airpods today
mighty migs
mighty migs 6 dias atrás
I would rather just spend the extra $109 instead of risk getting a shitty product it is so easy to buy crappy headphones spending a little extra is worth it imo nothing like a solid pair of headphones obviously a different story if you can't afford it
reignderlust 6 dias atrás
okay so I have those the problem is sometimes the airpods connect and it i can only use it for about 1-2 hrs :< so I recommend you buying the original airpods to avoid the hassle of fakes
Kommentator 01
Kommentator 01 5 dias atrás
I sold my fake Airpods (Tws i30) for 30€ to buy me a new pair of fakes (Tws i9000) because the chinese models gets better every week. Really. The one which I bought also have wireless charging and in ear sensor so they stop playing music if you pull it from your ears. I love chinese products!❤😂
Kommentator 01
Kommentator 01 5 dias atrás
Yes you are right but you should consider the price. I bought mines for 22€ and the sound hears almost like the Airpods. They also look like the real ones and have the exact same size. Also you have the pop up function so they will be automatically connected like the airpods. The only bad thing is that they have a white noise which you can hear at the background and the battery life is also very low like 1-2h. But all in all, it's a good product for its price. I can buy 5-6 fake ones instead of the real Airpods so I will always go for the fakes.
ふわShunske 6 dias atrás
My classmate brought a fake pair of AirPods and legit ones. There’s so much difference just from the case.
Kai Cordero
Kai Cordero 6 dias atrás
I can’t find them can somebody help me
ez101 tube
ez101 tube 6 dias atrás
I wish you giveaway those AirPod cuz I never had them poor me🙁
becca jones
becca jones 2 dias atrás
oh boo hoo no one gives a fuck
Caitlyn Sherlin
Caitlyn Sherlin 6 dias atrás
Any chance that the fake company bought real airpods and just used the same technology and made their own case? because i really dont think they figured out how to replicate it perfectly in 2 years.
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez 6 dias atrás
Where is the fucking link ???
Emilthehun 7 dias atrás
Why would anyone buy airpods when you can buy Bose NC
linds h
linds h 7 dias atrás
so like where’s the link to these
Vosso 7 dias atrás
For some people that wanna know how to get those good replica... Its called Easybuds...
Vosso 7 dias atrás
@King 10 idk i never tried to find one because i have the real airpods... I dont know if these fake ones are worth it
King 10
King 10 7 dias atrás
Is there any sites to order it online
Vosso 7 dias atrás
@King 10 nah just search up easybuds airpod ripoff... If you search good enough you will find it
King 10
King 10 7 dias atrás
In Amazon. ?
King 10
King 10 7 dias atrás
Where to buy these airpods ?
Captain Merica
Captain Merica 7 dias atrás
All the broke boys are uniting
Krispy1702 7 dias atrás
He’s like the first youtuber i’ve ever that doesnt have a long intro which is good
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