The "Other Guy" with a CAT 3126 swapped F350 feat. @DrewMan'sDriveway

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What better way to learn how to swap a 3126 Caterpillar engine in a F-350 than meet someone who's already done it? @DrewMan'sDriveway
#DebossNation #FTreeKitty #CatLovers
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29 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
DEBOSS GARAGE 2 meses atrás
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harry walker
harry walker 13 dias atrás
fuller 5 sp.?.
snipemanic Mês atrás
Please god turn the music off during the in truck interview it’s so unnecessary
Chris Mathia
Chris Mathia Mês atrás
I've put a cat 3126 in my 05 f350 and been running it since June of 2019. Just swabbed the 5 speed allison for a 7 speed Spicer.
Tyler Duysen
Tyler Duysen 2 meses atrás
@Xavier Gamboa its ok man i wasnt upset was just wondering why youd commented that thx for letting me know you have a good day man
Xavier Gamboa
Xavier Gamboa 2 meses atrás
@Tyler Duysen I got the wrong person it was a joke between me and my friend
Charlie Bruff
Charlie Bruff 12 horas atrás
Xlt's are for sissys its all about that custom
Bacon Ranch Smart Homesteading
check this out, almost bought it but price was high, a c13 in a ratrod 13 speed air brakes,
Alex Mac
Alex Mac 4 dias atrás
Thassa dizzle
Steve 5 dias atrás
Love the Vice Grip Garage hat.
John Grimes
John Grimes 6 dias atrás
just another ass wipe with no fucking courtesy. You think its "cool" to wake up everyone with your truck at 5 in the morning? First off, its illegal. Second, it just makes you a selfish childish prick. Put a fucking muffler on your truck fucknuts. Trucks that drive past my house like that get hit with bricks. Funny, it stopped happen after a while for the most part.
UserName117 8 dias atrás
Build the engine up and put a decent turbo that the engine can easily handle. It's a diesel so it can handle a lot of boost and not hurt the engine. Then when youre done dyno it. I got to see the torque numbers
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 8 dias atrás
Imagine taking that thing to one of those Jiffy lube places for there $19.99 oil change specials 😂
——-——- 8 dias atrás
“I don’t want to be seen in this thing!” Laughed pretty hard at that.
Jeff Rasberry
Jeff Rasberry 9 dias atrás
I bet it's a beast I have a 2 ton with that motor and it will pull just about anything
El Rey
El Rey 10 dias atrás
I’ve swapped out so many of those engines that have cracked at the oil pan flange near the bell housing.
J M 10 dias atrás
i'd like to be seen in that thing. Flat bed trucks are definitely the look now
nathan campbell
nathan campbell 11 dias atrás
when he gets tired of the at545 turd, the spicer 3053a from the deuce and a half is also sae 3 like the at545 turd. i have the 3053a behind my 12v cummins in my 96 ram. .85 overdrive, 3.55 rear. 30" tires. 2150 rpm at 65 mph. far stronger than that allison turd
nathan campbell
nathan campbell 11 dias atrás
yeah but aren't they terribly unreliable. everyone in the medium duty truck world warns me against them.
Samuel Holland
Samuel Holland 12 dias atrás
Cool truck! Thanks for sharing!
pablo sandoval
pablo sandoval 12 dias atrás
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean 13 dias atrás
that's the old hummer design to do the deed to do the deed great work
Michael E.
Michael E. 13 dias atrás
This dude is pretty smart. As an electrical engineer I've meet other engineers that don't even know what a diode is.
undefined bs
undefined bs 19 dias atrás
Hard cold start and skipping put 2 bottles of Rev-x in it. There's no such thing as a mechanic in a can, but I swear that stuff is better than boneless pizza.
AsTheWheelsTurn 20 dias atrás
put a muffler on it, the only one who thinks there loud as fuck truck or motorcycle is cool is the one making the noise everyone else thinks you are a tiny dicked is annoying as fuck.
AsTheWheelsTurn 20 dias atrás
name one single benefit to putting that engine in that truck? dumbest most pointless swap I have ever seen.
AsTheWheelsTurn 20 dias atrás
whats the point? you cant even service this engine without completely removing it from the truck because it is physically not compatible with the engine bay, it takes 8 gallons of oil? and weighs so much that the truck is already at the edge of breaking just with the weight of the engine. this is just stupid.
TyO Silver
TyO Silver 20 dias atrás
That truck is amazing! Drew you are a pioneer!
Rob S
Rob S 23 dias atrás
The CAT is is a great engine. So is the Cummins and the Navistar / Ford. Don't know why the Duramax exists, junk diesel.
Oasis Sands
Oasis Sands 24 dias atrás
François Dillinger
They have one in east Texas
350 orange crush
350 orange crush Mês atrás
10:02 I dont what to be seen in this thing lol
Dakota Alexander
Dakota Alexander Mês atrás
What kind of transmission did he say he had. For some reason I can't hear it well
mike cubes
mike cubes Mês atrás
when are you going to put a 3306 in a pick up? why are you still in backwards NY state?
Eeyton Bakonbits
Eeyton Bakonbits Mês atrás
Why not an 8.3 cummins?
John Vandling
John Vandling Mês atrás
I'm a die-hard Chevy guy but. I'd take that all day long.. I like CAT.
screaming diesel
screaming diesel Mês atrás
Glade to see some one from dunville Ontario were I live
hotrodwelding7 Mês atrás
How about a commentary on dt466 if u haven't already, can't seem to find one from deboss, like to here different points of view
sa22see Mês atrás
I'm disappointed about the coffee too..🤷‍♂️☕
Aarond Anton
Aarond Anton Mês atrás
You guys got me motivated I'm already building it in my head
dannyd541 Mês atrás
rolling in dunnville....
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Mês atrás
So Ben Hur spikey pedestrian killing wheel nuts are legal in the US?
plaidjunky Mês atrás
Drew is more Ben Affleck than Ben Affleck...
Abid Ishtiaq
Abid Ishtiaq Mês atrás
All I hear is the turbo and I love it
gchsbus Mês atrás
As someone who runs fleet for medium sized companies, the only thing I do not like about this swap is the cost of replacement parts down the road. CAT dealers are real pieces of sh*t who severely overprice their parts. Even for my clients with a government or tax exempt discount, they want to charge $150 for just a special drive belt and $4k for a trans cooler. Fun swap but there is no way I would put a CAT engine in anything I would have to buy parts for.
Clint H
Clint H Mês atrás
" I don't want to be seen in this thing" lol
Josey Wales
Josey Wales Mês atrás
I'm a Ford guy all the way love this Build I'd want to do this or a 12V cummins 👌
jrspeed_ 9312
jrspeed_ 9312 Mês atrás
I swear every time one of your videos pop up for me it's always fucking cold and snowy where the fuck do you live Siberia
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Mês atrás
60 mph? Tf?
Chill Yourself
Chill Yourself Mês atrás
Make big and slow, heavier and slower
Max Powers
Max Powers Mês atrás
I have a bit of a truck "problem" myself, 4 of them so far, I told my girlfriend I realize I have a bit of a problem. She said there are worse things to be addicted to, plus she likes them.
562skillz Mês atrás
Is he a ur technician? Fellow technician hello from h45
C.T. Wellington
C.T. Wellington Mês atrás
pull sumfin
Thomas Curlin
Thomas Curlin Mês atrás
Should've been a 3208T
Brian Klecan
Brian Klecan Mês atrás
Honestly a DT466 would be better.
Brian Klecan
Brian Klecan Mês atrás
It weighs a whopping 200 more lbs. And it's been done all ready
Too heavy
ZAK SMALL Mês atrás
john smith
john smith Mês atrás
Serous gear heads. Great job guys.
SSG Pentland
SSG Pentland Mês atrás
Wonder if you could shoehorn a C7 and Allison 3700 transmission into a truck? Biggest thing im worried about would be the extra weight on the frame. The engine is almost 650kg alone.....but as they say "it just takes time and money"
Charles deYoung
Charles deYoung Mês atrás
Sounds like my 96 Kodiak rollback I used to own. Cat 3116 with straight pipe. Allison 6 speed manual. Miss that one.
SocialHostage Mês atrás
That's cool and all but what are you gonna haul??
Some Guy
Some Guy Mês atrás
Why didn't you drive all the way to NY to see it?
C&C Phx
C&C Phx Mês atrás
Damn this guy must have been high, anyone else would have used an 8.3 Cummins
Whats another 400 lbs on the front end lol
I'd like to work for cat
Matthew Young
Matthew Young Mês atrás
Allison mt650 (4 or 5) series. That would be the way to go, that at545 is garbage
He's replacing the trans on his channel right now
IdahoPatriot Mês atrás
Leaving for work every morning at 5:00 am without coffee is possible?
Daniel Colon-Class
Daniel Colon-Class Mês atrás
Next video: "Guy transformed a school bus without engine into a trailer and pull it with a Ford 350 with a school bus engine"
Mar-Kale Espartano
Mar-Kale Espartano Mês atrás
Sounds alot better than a Ford
Mar-Kale Espartano
Mar-Kale Espartano Mês atrás
Makes me want to swap a skid loader engine in a Nissan frontier
Justin Racine
Justin Racine Mês atrás
Worst swap ever made 😂
A. W. Sum
A. W. Sum Mês atrás
The only thing that could take my eyes away from from the screen was a slice of ham in between a Hawaiian roll
Kody Cunningham
Kody Cunningham Mês atrás
I want to put a diesel in my 1972 dodge w200
Chris Collison
Chris Collison Mês atrás
So is that the C5 or C7 series powerplant! Cause I ran a C7 in a 2001 Pete short hood 10wheeler and I got it from RENN fuel out of Morganhill, CA with little over 800k miles on it all as a 40ft fuel tanker in the Bay Area and that little truck spun circles around all other trucks! Loved that truck and I know they run the C7 in the F650s so figured I’d ask! Either way I’m all about it I’m bout to drop a 4bt Cummins into my 91’ 4Runner!
Victorious victor
Victorious victor Mês atrás
Got one in my gm6500. Be a wicked motor for a 1 ton truck.
Insane in da Membrane
“He drove 5 hrs to show us his truck” “Well, thank you, now gtfo” 😂😂😂😂
It was an awesome day. Got to have lunch with him and his buddy and chat about BRvid, family and projects. I think we doubled his subscribers on his channel too. Always enjoy meeting different people from different places. On all of our viewer builds, we haven't had a bad experience yet
Walker Sullivan
Walker Sullivan Mês atrás
Victor L. Fazio III
that was cool
MAAC Mês atrás
I’m from Canada 🙏🏽tims is the best coffee you can have!
Remington Steel
Remington Steel Mês atrás
So it has the deep aluminum oil sump?
Mr Jimmy Fly
Mr Jimmy Fly Mês atrás
Why would you pick that shit motor that is made in China?
Phil Viera
Phil Viera Mês atrás
Even ford haters love the OBS ford
Wisconsin Hounds
Wisconsin Hounds Mês atrás
You got yourselves another subscriber boys!
mynameisray Mês atrás
Who uses a shit ass cat motor for anything. You could put a cummins in it and get more power, more torque, and have a better engine in your truck.
David Corbit
David Corbit Mês atrás
Sic.. I put a 6bt into a 1972 Toyota it too.
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider Mês atrás
looks amazing, an awesome built to have for sure
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Mês atrás
Its nice he didn't put a stupid exhaust stack he kicked it out the side, and chevy seats are way more comfortable
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