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China lashes out at the NBA after the Houston Rockets general manager tweets in support of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and Ronny Chieng addresses the Chinese government directly.
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10 Out 2019



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Comentários 7 620
Aureola 11 horas atrás
" Getting America's advice on governing is like getting a dog's advice on fixing your WiFi ."
Javi jd
Javi jd 21 hora atrás
They ain’t got tegridy
Yunfeng Zhou
Yunfeng Zhou Dia atrás
WT Y 2 dias atrás
China is still a poor and backward communist country, and people have no freedom or property. The Chinese are eager to get help from the United States. Come and repair railways and power plants. 99% of people in China have not used electricity and trains. Everyone can't get online. Everyone is hungry. We can't afford a year's salary for basketball. All Chinese tourists, entrepreneurs, international students and rich people are Chinese actors who are sent to the world to promote China. The Beijing Olympics is a drama, and China does not have any modern and magnificent infrastructure. People are still as miserable as the Stone Age. The average life expectancy is only 35 years old and the illiteracy rate is as high as 99%. No one has seen cars and planes. Smartphones require 20 years of salary for ordinary people.
Bad Andy
Bad Andy 2 dias atrás
I take the same stance as the South Park creators making a mock apology after they offended China when they mentioned how it's sad that companies are putting profits about our countries freedom of speech. Yes I understand the companies want to keep making as much money as they can, but I see it as China being sensitive little bitches who want to control the world with their buying power every time they get offended by something said or done that goes against them.
simeng liu
simeng liu 2 dias atrás
Shit doesn’t make any sense.
eDwin homeboy
eDwin homeboy 2 dias atrás
Chinese using capitalism to control the Western!
Zhipeng Wang
Zhipeng Wang 3 dias atrás
pla walk into America
david fan
david fan 3 dias atrás
Free Texas!!!!
黄枫 4 dias atrás
whatever other countries suffer is nothing but a daily tv show for those so called democracy defenders
DeeDee Leong
DeeDee Leong 4 dias atrás
Oliver 4 dias atrás
IF you know the history of China,you will know the truth.
Andre Wang
Andre Wang 4 dias atrás
The reason of why china was pissed is bc that tweet offended Chinese concept abt completion of its sovereignty. It's just like the freedom of speech in US,so when someone offend ur freedom of speech,how u were feeling is just as same as how China got offended by others trying to separate its sovereignty.Try to understand,and then everything's gonna be alright.#DiversityMatters
Jake Tang
Jake Tang 4 dias atrás
China be like
Seepen L
Seepen L 5 dias atrás
I find a funny thing that every frames about China in the episode, the news network, the people and so on, are full of sense of age...why don't use the current scenery of China? why can't you try to comprehend the history and grows of China more? Emmmmm as a Chinese student my English may be poor, but I truely believe every misunderstanding and discrimination can be eliminated after full investigation and understanding. We learn English is for communicating, not quarreling, so I hope you can understand us, too.
Kingt Blass
Kingt Blass 5 dias atrás
“Hong Kong Freedom” a ...Basketball Game...and... across half earth? A Joke-like-News
Tan Luming
Tan Luming 5 dias atrás
As a international student who love my country and NBA at same time. I don't like the show making “funny jokes” to this thing. Because HongKong is part of China. Supporting HongKongh protest is bad as supporting Bin Ladin on 911. It is not a negotiable topic. I hope this show could make an objective appraisal on this situation.
Zhao Liu
Zhao Liu 5 dias atrás
Thunder Ball
Thunder Ball 6 dias atrás
Money or Democracy? Most people will select The first one!
Jason Ong
Jason Ong 4 dias atrás
More precise, Benefits.
Guoguo Liu
Guoguo Liu 6 dias atrás
He is not Chinese
Alex Li
Alex Li 6 dias atrás
so... you guys all ASSUME it's "pro-demacrocy" protest!!!!!! what's happening in HK is just riot and violence.
駱LWY 6 dias atrás
guibiao jiang
guibiao jiang 6 dias atrás
I don't have to watch nba Because I know why I can lie comfortably in bed and watch TV ,Nba's a Dick
Count Giger
Count Giger 6 dias atrás
A classic scene from "Devils on the Doorstep" re-enacted.
萧远山 6 dias atrás
freedom of speech means "all the world must hate china"~
purple Flash
purple Flash 21 hora atrás
Tom Franklin So, u understand the world only by googling? pathetic...
Cedar Joven
Cedar Joven Dia atrás
@Tom Franklin SHUT UP MONG
Inglam 2 dias atrás
@Tom Franklin any proof asshole? spitting shit all over the place without even evidence?
Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin 2 dias atrás
@Gino Vasco Google the problem China has with its Uygur population
CN TD 6 dias atrás
“Free New York!”
Fariz Hadi
Fariz Hadi 6 dias atrás
chinese is a sisi
Sofia Ho
Sofia Ho 7 dias atrás
3:40 exactly how I feel
Handoko Davidson
Handoko Davidson 7 dias atrás
tyyyys 7 dias atrás
John 8 dias atrás
wbat tbat yur shit Backwards, Chinese Accent? Holy Shit
Michael J
Michael J 8 dias atrás
The show is funny. But for the political shit, Sorry, it has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It is supremacy of some pride western souls of freedom of bitching other ppl’s domestic affairs even earn your billions. I don’t care what i am doing, i do it because i can and i am kinda used to do it and feel so good and progressive, right? If the west still don’t understand what a british Hongkong flag means to Chinese, it’s like you don’t understand what colonization means to Asian, to African, to native Americans. Confederate flag is part of ‘our’ history, yes it is. But sorry, it also means slavery to AA.
Miss Hell
Miss Hell 8 dias atrás
It's so funny cause I fluently speak Chinese 😂 I can understand every single thing without captions
J Del
J Del 8 dias atrás
It's funny to see the comment in such an ironic way, humorous? yes of course, but the problem is, this show does not really dig deeply and REVEAL why ppl in China are so pissed off by such a tweet from Rockets' GM. It's about the sovereignty for China, like ppl talking about the sovereignty of Alaska or racial equality in US. So why we only laugh when we not really know the other side? Yes, It's sth ppl don't know or don't bother spending time to know that could laugh about like watching the show, but that's a TOTALLY different case for ppl in China, that's not funny for them.
J Del
J Del 8 dias atrás
jokes can be jokes when two agree each other, not everything can be a joke. Maybe LBJ knows that?
Rick Kwok
Rick Kwok 8 dias atrás
HK Issue is about territory integrity of China. That is why China is so sensitive about that. Most Americans may not know this reason.
FoolishInTheEnd 9 dias atrás
It would have been so awsome if china's hissy fit had the opposite effect where all free countries' companies such as nba, nike, gucci, prada, etc. Banned china instead. But sadly this is our reality revealing human nature and greed. ...Sigh
Terricole Media
Terricole Media 5 dias atrás
How can you “ban” china when all these companies' overpriced garbage is all made in china at the lowest cost as possible?
liuyi Wu
liuyi Wu 9 dias atrás
Azog Jarvan
Azog Jarvan 9 dias atrás
Please think about why even Donald Trump didn’t say anything about free Hong Kong. Territorial integrity is the bottom lane of China. So many countries invaded China: Japan, Britain, France, Russia etc. China lose so many territory. If you do some research about China’s history, you will figure that out. However, China never invade any countries until now. Now China is strong and powerful. You might think CCP is suck, but remember, they didn’t bomb Syria, Iraq, Libya, destroy their city, and burn their people to the ground.
Ethan Treachler
Ethan Treachler 9 dias atrás
Why is anyone in the US buying tickets to see these commy loving fuck heads. They will stand for china but disrespect the nation that allows then to? When are idiots going to wake the fuck up and stop supporting these fucks. Take back the tax funded property these stadiums are built on and tell them to get the fuck out
林朋 9 dias atrás
Haaaaaa!African idiot!That's quite funny!
Greay Hanzer
Greay Hanzer 10 dias atrás
The places Hillary Clinton supports are in ruins! Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine! Now it's Hong Kong. BBC CNN fox will tell you that the "injured child" who has made up has become the "blind girl" in Hong Kong! It's time to fight for freedom! As for how many people died, sorry, that's China's problem! The Chinese didn't say anything about the American shooting! Although they have this nonsense of "freedom"
Jake Ni
Jake Ni 10 dias atrás
I love China
oiahnj p'mg
oiahnj p'mg 10 dias atrás
in different countries we have different culture, and we people care different things.the people in america may care about freedom but we chinese care more about our country our nation. we take our country and chinese communist much more important than individual. and our belief is the honor of our country, chinese communist and our nation. there may be no so-called religion belief, because we believe our country our chinese communist and our nation!
纪豫湘 10 dias atrás
steve liang
steve liang 10 dias atrás
free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!free California!!!
Steve Poi
Steve Poi 11 dias atrás
I know Ronnie is from Malaysia, but you can't hardly know if he keep speaking English. His Chinese tho, 10000% Malaysian.
Vincent Fan
Vincent Fan 11 dias atrás
NBA doesn't have to go to China. However, if they want to do businesses with Chinese companies, there are bottom lines they can't go across. Chinese companies get to decide how to spend their own money.
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu 11 dias atrás
Actually why the Chinese are so pissed is because the standard of freedom of speech. The freedom should be based on mutual respect. It's like In America you can't be racist, you can't say bad words about minority ethnic groups. Because America is an immigrant country and there will be chaos if different races starts fighting with each other. Former president of Clippers resigned because he said something bad about black people. When it comes to China, separation is not accepted by any Chinese people. Because in History, when the country gets separated, there will be endless wars and invaders will come. So unification is the value of all Chinese, everyone will be pissed if others try to separate the country
NASA F 11 dias atrás
I don't agree w everything Trump says, but at least he doesn't apologize for his opinions. Respect.
AA hung
AA hung 11 dias atrás
Wow Ronny, support u as a Malaysia chinese haha
VandalAudi 12 dias atrás
I wonder why the CCP hasn’t made Ronny Chieng’s bit for their news soundbyte yet.
moj ljj
moj ljj 12 dias atrás
this one is so funny
meday354 12 dias atrás
China owns America this proves it.
Ting Yang
Ting Yang 12 dias atrás
I think US media is very misleading. It doesn't have much to do with communism or controlling by capitalism. It has much about mutual respect, and some self-respect by deeply understanding the true context behind the event that you are commenting on. This sense of responsibility when you put out a serious comment is especially important when one side is a celebrity who has a public platform to voice his ignorant and self-righteous opinion that is inflammatory, can be widely spread to people and incorrectly skew/sway people's views of the event, and the other side has no voice on the same platform, either because they don't speak the same language, or when they can, their accounts get removed by this platform due to secret censoring.
RoD H 12 dias atrás
China needs a Tampon
Jennifer Eisenberg
Jennifer Eisenberg 12 dias atrás
What you thought the NBA was all about sports? Capitalism means that loyalties can be bought and sold(team trades?),NBA is doing exactly what it was designed to do follow the money.
孙让 12 dias atrás
Louis Wu
Louis Wu 12 dias atrás
In China you can criticize Jews or any other race but not Hongkong not Taiwan. Or you will be killed, not by CPP, by 1. 4b people. Because Hongkong is the pain of historical colonialism.
Luna Shaw
Luna Shaw 12 dias atrás
I mean the issue between the mainland of China and those pre-colonized islands and cities is kinda personal and really sensitive. We don’t like people from the outside to judge us incorrectly. It’s like a Chinese person trying to tell his or her or what ever gender’s arrogant opinions about race relationship in the US. And especially when this somebody is taking your money and then says omg that’s an idiot.
E Chan
E Chan 13 dias atrás
Money talks. Stop buying products made in China and boycott products sponsor NBA players and ads.
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