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China lashes out at the NBA after the Houston Rockets general manager tweets in support of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and Ronny Chieng addresses the Chinese government directly.
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9 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
wenwen xu
wenwen xu Dia atrás
Now Americans see real Pro-freedom protesters look like. HK protesters are riots who wants to be white people
pizza 5 dias atrás
哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 慕名而来 果然好好笑😂
The asiatic Lion
The asiatic Lion 7 dias atrás
Trump needs to something about this l. I don’t agree with him but he is man that protect freedom of speech
jonas fullkvist
jonas fullkvist 23 dias atrás
Fuck nba man. Anyone who suck china money dick need to fuck off. South park forever 😂✊
Yigret L
Yigret L 25 dias atrás
Screw Chinese Government. Shame on China for endorsing this Nazi government.
Robert Moya
Robert Moya 27 dias atrás
Ronnie chieng is patient 0. He ate da bat!
L D 29 dias atrás
For any foreigners who interested in this issue, if you can understand Chinese or Cantonese, you should go check how most Chinese and HongKongers feel about these protestors. As far as I know, most people are offended by these protesters and we think they are stupid and violent. Ps. I'm just an ordinary Chinese and not affiliated with CCP in anyway.
Globglogabgolab 2.0
So many communist apologists here, fascinating. Let's see that morale hold up when your grandma dies from a Chinese bioweapon.
Anime Valenciaa408
Anime Valenciaa408 Mês atrás
Cause of this now we have CORONAVIRUS 2020
ping pong
ping pong Mês atrás
So sad well there you go China just shut down the NBA and these athletes still support them after the virus. There killing people in China and violating human rights its all about money not about lives you rich fucking clowns. China just sent you a virus to suck on god knows what they’ll send you next they will try to destroy America then your money will be shit NBA
Ryan Cunard
Ryan Cunard Mês atrás
lol Steve Kerr
Ryan Cunard
Ryan Cunard Mês atrás
Go back to Lebanon lidda boy
Jérémie gulliver
Jérémie gulliver Mês atrás
龘鱈鍵 Mês atrás
watch the magic unfold:
ji liu
ji liu Mês atrás
If you think free Hongkong is a ok slogan, then based on recent development we can say, Free California!!
Poke Mês atrás
Doesn't work that way, bro
ruifeng gong
ruifeng gong Mês atrás
For the Chinese people, the reunification of the country can never be violated. Freedom of speech is when you are responsible for your speech. Some non Chinese may not understand why it is still impossible to say "Hong Kong freedom" in non Chinese places. Because you can't say racist jokes in non-U.S. places 。
Watogo Mês atrás
I liked the game better before the NBA sold out to COMMUNIST China.
gurgy3 Mês atrás
And now the entire season is cancelled because of the virus. Ah sweet irony.
Manheim -Simulcast
Manheim -Simulcast Mês atrás
if u attack a cop in US. no matter what reason u got a shot. if u attack a cop in hongkong ur good to go :D
Young Vices
Young Vices Mês atrás
LOL WE ALLOW these FOREIGNER operatives like Noah and his asian friend TO MAKE FUN OF THE American people being control by communism
Jiaxi Cheng
Jiaxi Cheng Mês atrás
Perhaps some of the westerners think separatism is something representing freedom. It is very likely that it is true-for the most powerful country among all. You do not have to limit your aircraft carrier sooooo far away from our mainland like you did in 1996. You can destroy more than one Chinese military aircraft like you did to “81192” in 2001. Actually, I think you can take a giant leap on your strategy “Return to the Asia-Pacific” which you put forward in 2013. So, what are the cons about giving away Hongkong as a part of China? None, for most of the foreigners, since at least we know, to us, what the Government on the other side of Pacific is like. The things we are considering is not cultural penetration, not “cheap goods” or “they are taking our jobs!”, but actual US ARMY AT THE DOORWAY OF CHINA, our bled matherland. Let us just be straight, drop the hypocritical appealing for HK. We all know what is the thing you really want.
Sharie Huang
Sharie Huang Mês atrás
This just shows how impossible for 2 parties to communicate if they stand on different value base. There is actually a reason why Chinese people has strong reactions about HongKong issue. Anybody interested just go dig some histories about HongKong.
Shinobi Mayjin
Shinobi Mayjin Mês atrás
A lot of paid 50 cent dogs in the comment section of BRvid. They defend the ccp on a platform which is BANNED in china by the CCP. Hypocritical clowns! The ccp has ironically an account on every platform they did BAN to spread their own propaganda! Thanks for the CCP-VIRUS, never come to Switzerland again!
K. Wang
K. Wang Mês atrás
protecting the the integrity of sovereignty is an RED LINE issue to China, unfortunately to some westerners that line is just a tiny little dot. You can make a s**t load of cash in China as NBA and other intl company does, no one cares, but what’s that old saying again? Right, “you don’t crap where you eat.”
Yi Xiang
Yi Xiang Mês atrás
Free New York, Free California, the United States aren't so united during this Covid-19 pandemic :)
Poke 10 dias atrás
Doesn't work that way, bro
脱兔 Mês atrás
It's not your word to say.No one knows how to produce Chinese national flag better than Trump.(escape
Xianyao Liu
Xianyao Liu Mês atrás
Chauncey qin
Chauncey qin Mês atrás
William Su
William Su Mês atrás
Way to go Ronny
蔷薇 Mês atrás
Chauncey qin
Chauncey qin Mês atrás
ZZZ A Mês atrás
Ronny,you are just a genius! hahaha
闽南人 Mês atrás
Please come back NBA pleaseeeee.... Lol... Go F
zb L
zb L 2 meses atrás
chinese shut up when America people talk about freedom of speech
A Pei
A Pei 2 meses atrás
2020 and people still talk about ideology.....I’m glad China is free from Western fake news, and propaganda by setting up the firewall, I mean outside China, 99% propaganda are US made. Maybe we are all to an extent brainwashed, but I trust Chinese government more then US government. But then again, some people are just nonnegotiable, 朽木不可雕也。
Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
A Pei shut up commie
Five Strong
Five Strong 2 meses atrás
And next thing you know here comes the coronavirus...🤔🙁
Hyteen Ju
Hyteen Ju 2 meses atrás
It NBA's freedom to speak anything, and it's China's freedom to choose stop cooperating, seems fair enough, perfect freedom
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang 2 meses atrás
double standard, shame on you. HK issue in China is like African - American issue in US. It's not for joke'
Jamee F.
Jamee F. 2 meses atrás
China has her own rules, just like any other countries in the world. You respect theirs, they respect yours.
Jamee F.
Jamee F. Mês atrás
@Poke OK. At least I myself can try to be fair. Anyway, nice talking to you.
Poke Mês atrás
@Jamee F. Well international business can't be fair if either country ain't playing it fair. I like your idealism, but it just doesn't work that way
Jamee F.
Jamee F. Mês atrás
@Poke Look, I understand. I just hope people can be more fair and objective, not be misled by personal bias, anger, feeling or something
Poke Mês atrás
@Jamee F. Yeah it does, actually. It warns me to never go back to China for whatever reason cuz fuck the CCP
Jamee F.
Jamee F. Mês atrás
@Poke and those hates do you any good?
The Immortal Doomslayer
CIA and NED was first funding the independent movement (disguised as anti extradition bill movement) in Hong Kong, providing masks, and many resources for "peaceful protestors". Since ancient, separations and rebellions caused millions of deaths in China. Yet a leader of an NBA team supported this movement and he is ignorant and stupid. Meanwhile the world criticize China lack of freedom of speech. And when someone only say he support the Black Slavery in the US, get arrested and yet nobody complain. Typical hypocrisy and imperialism 只許州官放火,不許百姓點燈
Rewa Hard
Rewa Hard 2 meses atrás
Hk is too free man! Without china help all these years, most of the ppl wont even have food to eat
small pink
small pink 2 meses atrás
new! RBA
new! RBA 2 meses atrás
Rong Q
Rong Q 2 meses atrás
Hahahaha you the best Trevor
李馨宇 2 meses atrás
li monmon
li monmon 2 meses atrás
every evil things on the name of freedom, damn it
li monmon
li monmon 2 meses atrás
shit US
JC Huang
JC Huang 2 meses atrás
Trevor, imaging that Huawei company announced that they think California is a country..
Sean Lann
Sean Lann 2 meses atrás
The issue is not whether freeing Hong Kong is justifiable or not It's that you are free to express such belief Yes, shouting "free Hong Kong" is like shouting "free Puerto Rico" in US But the important thing is you won't get arrested or prosecuted for doing so
Tommy Belciano 雷
Tommy Belciano 雷 2 meses atrás
Thank you TREVOR!! After watching this video I have changed my thought on China, China is now taking many aggressive actions which they did not in the past, I think it is because China is becoming stronger. I hope USA remains number one nation in the world.
Flora Yang
Flora Yang 2 meses atrás
I think it's fair to say that most Chinese are nationalists, we feel very protective of our country, since we know how the world is looking at us with their biased opinions. If you are black you probably can imagine how it feels like here in America, no offense. No one can deny that western media is portraying China like an evil superpower, and we find it funny that Americans think they know better about how we Chinese "suffer" than ourselves.
John Mark
John Mark 2 meses atrás
The issue about Hong Kong is serious.Some foreigner politicians take part in it in order to bring Hong Kong back to colony which belongs to UK.It's not a simple issue.It's an international political struggle.Protesters are employed.Someone paid them money to make more chaos in Hong Kong.But fake news doesn't report this.
Poke Mês atrás
Fantastic conspiracy theory you got there
Lawrence 2 meses atrás
The issue is that the Americans keep commenting on China without knowing what is really going on, they just go against China even if China is right. If you really spend some time finding out what's going on in Hong Kong, don't only read from western media who are always double standard and not willing to really try to understand China, try to find some facts from more objective sources, such as Singapore or South Korea media. You will find American are supporting a batch of gangsters and killers against China.
Clyde Xu
Clyde Xu 2 meses atrás
这个节目三观很正。其实他也是做了自嘲。我有两点想说,1.中国政府不要太过敏感。2.其他国家也不要挑衅中国的底线,也就是主权问题。Certain points of this show are actually quite correct. I want to say two things: 1. The Chinese government should not be too sensitive. 2. Don't challenge China's bottom line, that is, the issue of sovereignty.
xite trump
xite trump 2 meses atrás
lol .i'm sun xiaochuan,the emperor of japan!
XG Cui
XG Cui 2 meses atrás
I Loled so loud that my neighbor starts knocking the wall.
mona liao
mona liao 2 meses atrás
Because what HK protestors want it’s not just freedom but also make the protest for non sense and just being violent, it’s horrible that hongkongers don’t know what they do is just ruining their own little piece of land lol
yrret1996 2 meses atrás
its like the same as saying "free puerto rico"
Jiang TianYU
Jiang TianYU 2 meses atrás
Chinese people are pretty friendly, as long as you don't joke about China's border issue, so be careful what you say
张艺凡 2 meses atrás
Spencer Elvis
Spencer Elvis 2 meses atrás
NBA is shit.
TG gaming gg
TG gaming gg 2 meses atrás
ทุกคนเพื่อฮ่องกง everyone for Hong Kong
Tongling Kalytius
Tongling Kalytius 2 meses atrás
Trevor Noah is one of the few commentators that is not biased about China, probably because he is from Africa. I've watched the show of David Letterman, Steven Colbert, and Jon Oliver, these are all condescending Americans or westerners who think they know better about China than Chinese themselves. They are not just mocking Chinese people's politically sensitive matters for fun, but also making fake news about China, shame on them.
Tongling Kalytius
Tongling Kalytius 2 meses atrás
These Hong Kong protestors are jokes. They didn't have any voting right from the British colonize government and they enjoy their freedom of speech and voting right now only because CCP granted them based on the basic law of Hong Kong. Shameful, ungrateful and brainwashed idiots.
Abby G
Abby G 2 meses atrás
“You can’t be joke about China’s boarder issue just like you can’t make any racist joke in the US towards black people”.
王聖彥 7 dias atrás
@Rex Liu 我也推薦你一些頻道吧,看看些其他華人的意見。
王聖彥 7 dias atrás
@Rex Liu 删除、限流、删除订阅事实存在,但不是盡對美國不利的事啊,很多與政治有關的頻道都有受到影響,你這樣講不就跟火鍋大王一樣了嗎?只講片面事實,很多反共自媒體的訂閱也是一直被刪除訂閱啊,你知道這事嗎?種族主義是違反普世價值,難道是針對美國?難道在英國或在法國就可以?你是如何定義強盛的?是更多人過少好日子,還是更少人過上壞日子?還是有很多軍隊可以跟美國抗衡?還是領土超大?我不在乎多有錢,我在乎的是人權啊。中共各方面做的都对人民不好,他還是能继续执政下去啊,不然中國人民敢怎麼樣?中國人又不是傻子,中共緊抓住槍桿子,對人民開槍也不猶豫,所以中國人普遍不敢反抗啊,敢反抗的要嘛被抓,要嘛流亡國外。
王聖彥 7 dias atrás
@Rex Liu 到底為什麼還需要用VPN呢?而且我聽說近幾年好用的VPN越來越少了。我記得俄羅斯主要是怕美國可能會切斷網路,造成俄羅斯無網可用,而不是懼怕美國的輿論與風向
王聖彥 7 dias atrás
@Rex Liu 1.中共老愛將中共的底線當成中國的底線,在歷史上大部分時間東突厥斯坦都是獨立於中原王朝的,近代是遭到清朝武力併吞;各國中央政府一向是不希望領土分裂的,但看看西方國家的地方分離運動,加拿大的魁北克、英國的蘇格蘭、西班牙的加泰隆尼亞,三者皆舉行過獨立公投,除了加泰隆尼亞未獲中央同意外,中央有說他們違法,將他們抓起來嗎?建立集中營逼迫他們對中央效忠嗎?他們宣傳地方獨立思想有罪嗎?網路有封鎖關鍵字嗎?他們會因此就無法擔任行政與立法機關的職務嗎?這個中國是很不一樣的 2.你對64的說法就跟中共差不多阿,你貼給我的影片旁白敘事口吻就給我一種央視影片的感覺,當然我不敢保證,但你有沒有想過,這樣有中文配音的影片,如果不合官方的意識形態,能流傳到現在地可能性有多高?中共對幾乎所有危及其獨裁統治地位的行動都是用這套說詞 3.老實說我並不清楚近況,但願強拆不再發生。 4.為什麼武漢地方高層決策不敢上報?這從根本上是結構性問題,武漢地方高層需要像武漢市民負責嗎?武漢市民能因為他做的爛就罷免他嗎?,不。他們只需要向習近平負責,他們會受到懲處也是因為中央政府需要替罪羊。這次的疫情就算不是在武漢爆發,而是在其他省,大概也是先把消息壓住,因為報喜不報憂,才能使他們的仕途順遂。追為烈士的理由是甚麼呢?不就是作秀安撫民間憤怒的情緒嗎?難道是因為他抗疫而死嗎?那其他廣大的抗疫人員是不是也該追為烈士? 5.那你知道為什麼香港人上街頭嗎?不就是港區政府跟中央政府想通過惡法?和平示威他們早就試過了,有用嗎?而且也是警察先對和平示威者使用暴力,另外,你有看到警察偽裝成示威者去挑釁其他警察嗎?你有看到警察走進店家拿了商品沒付錢就離開嗎?你有聽到警察拘捕並性侵示威者嗎?更別提那些原因不明的浮屍跟失蹤人口了,到底是誰該真正關注香港示威者? 6.我認為你的類比是錯誤的,毛澤東領導的文革只有在中國發生,黑奴當時是普遍存在於英法西葡美的;毛澤東幾乎只憑一己之力就發動文革,文革也在他死後消亡;大躍進飢荒怎麼造成的?先是共產黨只對上負責,所以報喜不報憂,虛報數字,同時中央不顧數千萬餓死的中國老百姓,還因為要爭取亞非國家支持而援助糧食,這種結構性問題改進了嗎?
Rex Liu
Rex Liu 7 dias atrás
@王聖彥 删除、限流、删除订阅事实存在,什么是对美国不利的视频您怕是不了解,种族主义,你看能有这样的视频吗?因为这个问题在中国就和台湾问题一样,每个国家的痛处。你说苏联对自己的人民不好,你现在去俄罗斯看看,有多少人怀念当初苏联的强盛,虽说斯大林也有过,你看看斯大林执政时期苏联有多强盛,朋友,不要用非黑即白的眼光看问题,太天真了。对中共的看法也是一样,你觉得中共真的如你了解的那么昏庸,你觉得中共能走到今天吗?中国人又不是傻子,中共各方面做的都对人民不好,他能继续执政下去?
Denis Pepic
Denis Pepic 2 meses atrás
The Knicks season ends at opening night
Renee Ren
Renee Ren 2 meses atrás
Laughed so hard. Love Ronny Chieng. His Chinese is pretty good.
Maple Ye
Maple Ye 2 meses atrás
Money make people bark!
Winters聂 2 meses atrás
Stanger Julian
Stanger Julian 2 meses atrás
keys nom
keys nom 2 meses atrás
Jing H
Jing H 2 meses atrás
Wang’s Adventure
Wang’s Adventure 2 meses atrás
If I said Hawaii is an independent country how will.americans feel ? that‘s the same thing please don’t double standard
Yitzhak Gan
Yitzhak Gan 2 meses atrás
Han Uy
Han Uy 2 meses atrás
Obviously you are fooled by the literal meaning of freedom or democracy and didn’t figure out the true situation. Horrible inhumanly violence is under the cover of fake freedom. Every system has its pro and con, but it should never be a reason to riot, kill, make society totally out of order and everyone scared. Those ppl who shout “freedom” and do inhuman things are mostly some guys who are easily treated and instigated by groups with specific malice intentions. These groups give small advantages like much money to them, told them who proceed first would gain a certain amount of money. And ppl with bad judgement and less awareness and less responsibility would make a deal with them and be exploited. Only behavior tell what really guards for people, thinks for people, behaves for people. Making ppl live in peace and happy is all we want. And in Chinese history, people respect HK’s history and remain the mostly system for it. HK does have some privileges over other parts of China. Some poli**** ppl take this advantages to launch “freedom” campaign and distort Chinese intense to protect people and maintain a order aiming at cheating their ppl to believe China is not good. There are already so many ppl being misguided by media thinking Chinese is not good. For that reason, racist will be more overflow. Violence should never be accepted. And hope you all to be aware of that There are certain groups whether inside or outside the country push and back the violence to happen aiming at xxxxxxxxx the country. It’s not that simple like what you see, but dig down to the origin before you stand in judgement. Rub your eyes and see it’s who want it bad.
Han Uy
Han Uy 2 meses atrás
I’m fan of Trevor. Appreciating his previous comments which is with logic at racist and many other subjects.
jotoro culjo
jotoro culjo 2 meses atrás
Secret Wang
Secret Wang 2 meses atrás
The Americans will never understand the reason why Chinese are so angry about this, utils the hear the rest of the world yelling "Give California back to Mexico"
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 meses atrás
What is funny is you dont have this type of freedom of speech in china, you cant even criticize smell of the air
dental health
dental health 2 meses atrás
this chinese guy ,I heard his pronuciation like singaproe or malysia south east Asian.
冯子昊 2 meses atrás
Nothing is about offense, it is only about power. Strong enough, and kick American asssss! Let them ask us for apology!
N Z 2 meses atrás
HAHA I like your show! Cause you are very funny that is include attitude.
Huskero NG
Huskero NG 2 meses atrás
xu wang
xu wang 2 meses atrás
Americans don't realize what jokes they can't make ? NBA should be banned forever. our country is too gentle
Mr.Bunny 2 meses atrás
People who watch this Video: 99% Chinese 1% Fan of Trevor
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