The Mountain Goats - Poltergeist

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The Mountain Goats, "Poltergeist" recorded live @ Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 01-27-99. All rights reserved, all hail John Darnielle.

i can't stand it when you tell our infant son
that he was born beneath a bad sign.
and i can't stand it when smiles up at you
just because you're his mother.
and i can't stand the bitter thing that i've become
beneath the four walls that hold up our ceiling.
and i wonder when the house gets real quiet
who between us will be the first one to give into the feeling.
and i know you don't want me to hurt you tonight.
and i, i don't want you to hurt me the way you do.
i can't stand it when you put the boy to bed and ya
sing him those songs i used to sing to you.
yeah i can't stand to hear you sing those songs
when you know you don't mean them.
and i can't stand the way my body still remembers
how much we used to mean to one another way back when.
and i can't stand going back to seek the shelter of your arms.
and then i can't stand it again.
and i know you don't want me to hurt you tonight.
and i, i don't want you to hurt me the way you do.


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23 Jan 2011




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kgpspyguy Anos atrás
Hi Joel.
a 6 anos atrás
Maybe there is one on
Nick Shamas
Nick Shamas 7 anos atrás
have you tried SoulSeek? ( slsknet dot org )
mikeford 7 anos atrás
man, is there a full recording of this show floating around? i only have 3 songs from it.
Ryan Greenlaw
Ryan Greenlaw Anos atrás
hey you might not even use this account anymore, but here it is
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