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18 Dez 2021



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Kallmekris Anos atrás
A Little girl doing cpr on a duck stuffy🦆 …that’s what I needed to see this morning.
Blade X
Blade X Dia atrás
@DangerZone yessssssssss
Blade X
Blade X Dia atrás
@Big Daddy ayo your name
Sams Gaming
Sams Gaming 2 dias atrás
Good one kris
DangerZone 3 dias atrás
Kylie Branch
Kylie Branch 5 dias atrás
Hey Kris
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus 2 meses atrás
My son has huge hypermobility. He can touch his big toe to the top of his foot and even to his shin. He can bend his knees and elbows way backwards. It causes huge problems because he has to use muscles to brace his joints each step and gets tired quickly. The doctors were worried about heart problems associated with it but he seems to be fine there.
Kylie 10 dias atrás
@The Raging Platypus there is no cure unfortunately, but there are lots of ways to treat the symptoms to make life more bearable... and many of the common comorbidities can be treated as well. Plus there are certain things that are dangerous for people with EDS (like certain antibiotics, steroid shots, even simple things like stretching can be bad with EDS) so it's good to know if you have it so you can avoid these things.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus 11 dias atrás
@Kylie Thanks for the info. Do you know if there's anything that can be done or with it?
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus 11 dias atrás
@Els Peaches I looked it up...this sounds exactly like him. He has a lot of those symptoms, some that were never mentioned like depression and hopelessness and feelings of inadequacy. He's constantly down on himself. He has fatigue, unusual foot arches, pain, dislocation, etc.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus 11 dias atrás
@Kylie We've been living in that we're back in the states maybe we'll get more answers.
Els Peaches
Els Peaches 11 dias atrás
this sounds exactly like me and i’ve just been diagnosed with hEDS - good luck to you both
Buffoon Mês atrás
"cat cow on steriods." this one got me good 😂😂
The Dog
The Dog 4 dias atrás
same bro 😂😂
Billy Metellus
Billy Metellus Mês atrás
No one’s gonna mention he doesn’t know what a taki is? Just me? I’ll recede back into my troll hole now.
The Dog
The Dog 4 dias atrás
@Darkstarf basically a brand of chips
Billy Metellus
Billy Metellus 9 dias atrás
it’s like a spicy chip in like a roll kind of? hard to describe
Billy Metellus
Billy Metellus 9 dias atrás
what bro 💀
Darkstarf 9 dias atrás
what is a taki?
Susan Banks
Susan Banks 10 dias atrás
A taki is spicy crisps(or chip if your American) and can i join you in your troll hole?
Nick 2 meses atrás
I do ALOT of martial arts, been at it since 1996. As a side effect the sole of my feet are very thick, almost like nails. I once stepped on my ex gfs earring and it got stuck through my foot, like 2cm pin straight in. I thought I stepped on something, So lifted my foot and nothing was on the floor. I got my socks on and went to work. That evening when I got in the shower I noticed it and couldn't stop laughing, when my gf saw it she fainted😂
Smiling Banana
Smiling Banana Mês atrás
giviko zindrishvili
I mean yeah i agree to this beacuse youve been thru so much foot pain beacuse of your training that you wont even feel it
BrainyLaney Anos atrás
It’s so awesome how he doesn’t judge anyone’s TikTok’s or videos when he reacts. Just states the facts and expresses health concerns.
Kings to Gods Hm
Kings to Gods Hm 2 meses atrás
@matheus Santhiago no mercy then😭😭😂
Yvonne Kemp
Yvonne Kemp 2 meses atrás
@Ethanos so true
lynette Konecny
lynette Konecny 2 meses atrás
yes its great
Parsa Zaheri
Parsa Zaheri 3 meses atrás
I have a lazy eye(esotropia) which is the fact that I can trun 1 eye without the other one turning
Unit424Wild Olson
Unit424Wild Olson 3 meses atrás
I once kicked a pencil an it stabbed my foot and I DIED AT ThAT VERY MOMENT😣
Someone Mês atrás
Haha in Italy when I was 4 I slid on the marble floor while my dad was putting on my shoes and I was singing, so I didn't hear him say "Be careful, you could fall" to me, and landed on my elbow, and from then on I was so embarrassed and grumpy to everyone (unless they made my favorite octopus salad heheh) for literally four months :( lol
Unseen Mês atrás
The final voice crack when the stickers were relevant, love it. He doesn’t judge anyone, but explains how the health of someone could improve or even decimate
East Flamingo
East Flamingo Mês atrás
Once I was running into my room and I stepped on a thumb tack. I learned my lesson 🤣
Sreehari Nandhan
Sreehari Nandhan 2 meses atrás
I can do the same thing Charlie Puth did, and it always gets my barber laughing..
Elle Anos atrás
I love that he has such a wholesome, innocent quality to him and then reminds you of how boss he is by spitting wisdom like "a vagina smells like a vagina, it's not supposed to smell like peaches"
Hazukichan X
Hazukichan X 11 dias atrás
I mean, if people wanna smell peaches, they can smell some peaches. Seems a lot healthier to associate parts of the body with what they actually smell like, though, yes.
Sarah Moon-Sapp
Sarah Moon-Sapp Mês atrás
@Conundrum I mean if he's worth his salt in bed, then yeah, I'd say you're likely very right . Lol
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 8 meses atrás
@I will curse your unborn fetus dont defenestrate yourself.🤣
An On
An On 11 meses atrás
If it smells fruity that could be a symptom of diabetes.
Arlynne Cumberbatch
Arlynne Cumberbatch 11 meses atrás
middle schools lost to mike with that one, never heard of anything about and beyond those things in genitalia expect on youtube or professionals sex ed means what is sex, not how to sex
Jesus Medina
Jesus Medina Mês atrás
Jit said he don’t know what takis are 💀
Zuri Villegas
Zuri Villegas 2 meses atrás
I love how dr mike doesn’t know what a talk is 😆😆
YourboyJack Mês atrás
Idk how this man only has 10.4M subs
rebecca xx
rebecca xx 2 meses atrás
11:12 she never claimed that, u heard wrong. She explained if it smelled and tasted fishy yada yada, not if u ate fish.
ャ - marceline.
ャ - marceline. Anos atrás
Reasons why I watch doctor Mike: 1: He’s funny 2: He’s educational 3: He’s Helpful 4; He’s kind 5: He’s cool 6: He’s not judgemental 7: chest compressions
Kristian Stefanov
Kristian Stefanov 11 dias atrás
you forgot to repeat it 3 times
Calin Popescu
Calin Popescu 12 dias atrás
Sumita Patil
Sumita Patil 24 dias atrás
0joface Mês atrás
You forgot one....He's Hot looooooool @u@
ProjectTutorial 2 meses atrás
Give her 10 more years to relise its fake
Misha's TV
Misha's TV Mês atrás
Your an awesome doctor!
Lea 5 meses atrás
One thing I like about Dr Mike is that he enunciates so well! Haha I am not a native English speaker and would most of the time have a hard time understanding a whole video without subtitles but for some reasons I understand evrything Dr Mike says 99% of the time.
Yer 2 meses atrás
Another weird condition with your eyes is you have a chance to have 2 eyes I’ve got it It’s called normal eyes
MichelleisWrite G
MichelleisWrite G Mês atrás
It's burning on its way in and it will burn on its way out 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks doc 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy Anos atrás
So glad you pointed out how hyper mobility, while sometimes not a problem, is usually a disorder and not a super power. If any of you are hyper mobile, let your doctor know.
Sarah Brownhill
Sarah Brownhill Mês atrás
Yep my hypermobility causes me to have migraines, I have TMJ dysfunction, have dislocated wrists, knees and elbows from the silliest of things. The other week I dislocated my right elbow lifting a shopping bag up 😫 Still experiencing the pain of that one.
Рэгын Anos atrás
My main problem is just how difficult certain activities are with it. For example, I struggle holding a viola bow because my pinky falls back.
Hillx Anos atrás
1.35 mike is a simp sheeeesh
MC Optimystical RainbowKittyFluxx
@ꙮwꙮ Marta ꙮwꙮ so funny you mentioned your legs being ostrich-like ...I often say that my legs are trying to flamingo when I stand up up longer than 20ish minutes at a time 🤪😅😹😅😹😅😹😅😹🤪
MC Optimystical RainbowKittyFluxx
@Widdekuu91 omfg lmfao that is epic 😹😹😹
Teumessia 5 meses atrás
I’ve got a pretty extreme case of hypermobility too, and it definitely lead to problems down the line, seeing as I got diagnosed with polyarthritis at 16. Hooking my foot under my ribs was a cool party trick though, back when I was still allowed to do it :)
Sarah Moon-Sapp
Sarah Moon-Sapp Mês atrás
@Teumessia Still sounds like some fo of EDS to me, I'd just have to know to be satisfied.
Teumessia Mês atrás
@Sarah Brownhill Nope, but it only affects my joints, not my skin, so I don’t think that’s what it is. My rheumatologist theorizes that my tendons are simply to loose, but we never did further testing, so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sarah Brownhill
Sarah Brownhill Mês atrás
Have you been assessed for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and similar conditions?
Sarah Brownhill
Sarah Brownhill Mês atrás
So happy to hear you talk about Lymphoedema and Lipoedema (Australian spelling] I have both conditi9ns and so many doctors have never heard of Lipoedema and many have very little understanding of lymphoedema
KniveXd 2 meses atrás
Uhm Doctor, I'm left handed, has sun sneezing, hazel eyes, how rare is that😂
Riva Gill
Riva Gill 4 meses atrás
You're so cool man! If I had you as a study buddy, a mentor or a teacher, I would have probably pursued biology in school... Really endearing screen presence!
Norm Rayos
Norm Rayos Anos atrás
“Did you know that removing caffeine from your diet can help you lose...” *Dr. Mike: Please be accurate! Please be accurate!* “...Over sixty percent of your will to live.” I don’t see anything wrong here. That’s completely accurate.
Hazukichan X
Hazukichan X 11 dias atrás
I do okay on a relatively low daily dose of caffeine, like... one small spoonful of instant coffee powder to make a mug of coffee in the morning, and that's usually it. But when I tried going cold turkey for a few weeks, there was this highly distressing feeling of general misery which pretty much went away when I had another mug to test/confirm that it was, indeed, withdrawal. Caffeine is a drug, for those of you who were still on the fence. And a hefty chunk of the world's population is addicted to it. Scary, no?
Ann Nee
Ann Nee 2 meses atrás
@dione f. No one mentioned suicide, it's a joke, buy a sense of humour.
Ann Nee
Ann Nee 2 meses atrás
Valerie vB
Valerie vB Anos atrás
Best Clip XD
Potato Furyy
Potato Furyy Anos atrás
*addiction* *withdrawal symptoms*
XxApex studiosxX
XxApex studiosxX 2 meses atrás
Whenever Dr. Mike shares a fact he sits up in his chair and puts on a smile. Dr. Mike videos always help my mood 😊
olliebear blu
olliebear blu 2 meses atrás
About the "spice limit" tiktok, none of the things he ate were remotely even "moderately spicy" nor does the spice add up. The hot sauce he used was quite mild. The fresno pepper is less hot than a jalapeño, and the spiciest thing in there is probably a serrano pepper, which is only a bit spicier than a particularly hot jalapeño. The dude also wastes food and tricks people (children) into thinking he has this insane spice tolerance.
Beu By
Beu By Mês atrás
Just how handsome he is🥺❤️
WeirdBambiBiatch Mês atrás
“It’s not all about the stickers😢” 13:18
WhatsInAName Anos atrás
"it's not all about stickers" yes Mike, Yes it is. the gold star stickers for amazing health. you should make chest compression stickers.
Fried Egg
Fried Egg Anos atrás
@Nils its not just about the money spiderman
Fried Egg
Fried Egg Anos atrás
cringe pfp
Nils Anos atrás
its about the mets
timidbirb Anos atrás
Mushroomkitty Anos atrás
Aye Mya Phyu
Aye Mya Phyu 2 meses atrás
If you want to know if someone is from the east coast but you don't want to ask it if they are so then say do you know what is a Taki
Browntau 5 meses atrás
7:30 We saw lots of clubbing in the fingers of Cystic Fibrosis patients in my respiratory unit. The younger patients would also go clubbing occasionally, but that was a different problem.
K S 4 meses atrás
Secondary clubbing of fingers/nails is often a symptom of a respiratory problem for example copd . It can also be a sign of cardiac issues. I always advise people to see there dr if I notice they have clubbing
James Richards
James Richards Dia atrás
The splinter take: When I was 4? Pretty sure I was 4. I was running up and down the hall of our home as it was a new home and I was one of those who stood up pretty early and walked rather well on my own pretty early. I was running, and with enough force, managed to get a sewing needle jammed between my first and second toe. There was so much force, to this day, a piece of that needle is still nestled between my bones.
Defarealhooman Mês atrás
Katherine Anos atrás
Dr Mike is always making the best medical videos on BRvid. As weird as these tiktoks are getting, his explanations are always on point.
katherine tsai
katherine tsai 3 meses atrás
i like ur name
konomakesvideos 7 meses atrás
Do not read my name.
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan 8 meses atrás
Not always
Ben 9 meses atrás
Yo know ur simping on him
bernard 9 meses atrás
@Vii Np!
amogus columbus
amogus columbus Mês atrás
5:15 Bro's career ended before it even started 💀
J B 2 meses atrás
I'd love to see more videos about stuff like the wood treatment debunking. There are so many random treatments on social media like that. I'd love to see which expensive ones are total bs
Lazy Paladin
Lazy Paladin 5 meses atrás
OK hold on; I have a medical question. Would Caffine headaches sometimes take the form of a Migrane? Been needing to go to my doctors about them but they're never allowing face to face visits anymore and I've had 3 over the phone chats with little to no help what so ever.
Sarah Brownhill
Sarah Brownhill Mês atrás
Yes caffeine withdrawal can cause migraines. Caffeine in itself can also cause migrajnes, I get migraines from having coffee so haven’t had coffee in 10 years now.
brunette3cookie 2 meses atrás
As someone with congenital clubbed thumbs and two clubbed fingers, your initially scared the hell out of me with that diagnosis 😱
Alice Kingsley
Alice Kingsley Mês atrás
I had a needle in my foot for 2 weeks and I didn't know about it at all! It hurt and all, but I thought I just poked it with something. Turned out it was a needle, when I was showering and pushed on the swollen skin on my foot the needle just came out. Scariest moment in my life. Lol.
phoebe sharp
phoebe sharp 2 meses atrás
It's so surprising how he doesn't judge someone of there mistakes, but takes his time to correct them so u can learn
Wally Bonejengles
Wally Bonejengles 9 horas atrás
Ive got this weird thing with the anterior part of my right ankle where i can hold my foot in place and roll the joint around or like pop it out of place. You can feel and see the Fibula move independently. Its odd.
Nyoom Monster
Nyoom Monster 11 dias atrás
Hypermobility like in some of these videos can be a symptom of EDS. It might be helpful to mention that and that it's diagnosed through genetic testing. More awareness would save a lot of people a lot of pain.
Em Em
Em Em Anos atrás
I love Dr Glaucomflecken. Hearing about how his wife saved his life when he went into cardiac arrest inspired me to update my knowledge of CPR and what to do in a cardiac emergency. She's a freaking hero to have kept up effective chest compressions for as long as she did. My partner had a massive heart attack in March, and it helps me feel less helpless to at least know that I'd be able to do my best to give him assistance if, god forbid, he ever had another cardiac event.
Giorne Manson
Giorne Manson Anos atrás
Dr .Glauc He’s my literal fave omg ❤️
Lydia Vaughan
Lydia Vaughan Anos atrás
Same I love him
Mohd Azan
Mohd Azan Anos atrás
I live in Malaysia
Susanna Danner
Susanna Danner Anos atrás
He's awesome but what kind of surname is that?! XD
Elle Anos atrás
and in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Like he was having some type of heart issue and she woke up cause of his gasps. Like talk about lucky
3ch1dna 07
3ch1dna 07 6 meses atrás
My husband had a metal splinter on his finger that caused a pyogenic granuloma so large that while in the emergency room the doctor got another doctor to look at it and they took pictures to send to their doctor friends! He had to have it surgically removed. Edit: Had to edit because my dog hit the little blue arrow before I was ready. She wanted belly rubs... now.
Eva Razumova
Eva Razumova Mês atrás
FelixSaralondë 4 meses atrás
Well, that talk about the vaginal fluids reminded me of a likewise story about the seminal liquid also changing taste depending on the diet. From what I've heard, having a lot of fruits (especially pineapples) in your diet makes it sweeter. I wonder if that's true, and if it is, what is the reason behind it.
AegisMonado3 Mês atrás
I also had a painful experience of sliding on the floor with socks on. This was when I was quite young. I thought it was fun at first and decided to try to slide and turn into my parent's bedroom. I realised quickly that I couldn't turn in time and slammed into the wall. I fractured my left collar bone and that is the only time I've fractured a bone (never broken one).
BatX Anos atrás
9:57 He's actually making a really good recovery! The rod and pins are actually out of his neck at this point, and I've been following his journey the whole time!
I will curse your unborn fetus
Who tf liking my other comment
BatX Anos atrás
@• txca lxy • Np!
• txca lxy •
• txca lxy • Anos atrás
Thx for the time stamp (.u.)
Josy350 Anos atrás
@amigo fr where the tiktok @?
Stephanie Barnett
Stephanie Barnett Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing!! I came across him a little bit ago and haven’t seen an update even though I follow. It’s great to know he’s doing better
Mia ortiz
Mia ortiz 2 meses atrás
The Trainspotter
The Trainspotter 4 meses atrás
I actually have hyperlaxity (aka joint hypermobility syndrome) in my joints and I can do certain strange movements however I have most of the signs and symptoms of this condition like fatigue, severe joint pain, sprains and strains and much more. I was actually diagnosed at age 4.
Drew McEwan
Drew McEwan 4 meses atrás
Capsaicin is also often a great way to treat nerve pain. You can buy cream even as a OTC. It is part of how I discovered the pain and paralysis in places all over my body was rooted in spinal nerves. Back pain started after the symptoms happened. Capsaicin almost completely relived problems from the neck to my toes. This caused me to hire a chiropractor which helped my GP and neurology order MRIs.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 2 meses atrás
My wife was vegan for almost 40 years, she developed an alergy to soy and peet protein (I think what thats what it was). She's had to go back to fish, eggs, etc. She's not happy about it.
asté Shylis
asté Shylis 2 meses atrás
truth is : being vegan kill far more animals than eatin cow meat ! Pesticides kill billions of animals every year
RiverRoses 2 meses atrás
4:32 ACTUALLY THIS IS VERY ACCURATE!!!! coffee is one of my coping mechanisms and when I cut out caffeine I fall much deeper into my depression and I genuinely do lose about 60-70% of my will to live.
Soelih 5 meses atrás
The way you react to the children is so adorable "NO Riri, ask the duck if it's alive" 😁
ONEGE 5 meses atrás
I had loiasis (worm in the eye) when I was six or so and my eyes were always itching. My parents treated it with onion. I remember I had onion juice pressed into my eyes 3 times a day directly from the onion. It was quite painful but it healed me.
Brandon P
Brandon P Mês atrás
When that splinter popped out I literally started screaming! God that looked painful! 💀
stay_gold Anos atrás
wow.. you’re the first BRvid doctor to point out that hypermobility can cause problems in the future and how important it is for your doctor to know about and explain it to their patients. Thank you! ♡
Creative traveller
Creative traveller 11 meses atrás
@ely_wannadie same but I did swimming and cycling, only mine wasn’t diagnosed until I was 19
George 'Foreman' Grill
George 'Foreman' Grill 11 meses atrás
Just because it's the first time you saw it doesn't mean he's the first
Maria Lindell
Maria Lindell Anos atrás
I mean I can do that and my mom is officially diagnosed with EDS. We know that I have inherited her hypermobility and I most likely have EDS too. A lot of doctors don't even look for EDS. Like the only reason as to why I currently don't score full marks from the Bighton test/scale is because I sit most of my time and don't exersice/stretch (also my back is annoying most of the time so I don't even attempt doing back stretches. I don't have the money to have it massaged through frequently enough.) so I only score like an 8on a normal day. (The full score needs a 9, but you can be diagnosed with a read of 7 or up.)
Jane Doe X
Jane Doe X Anos atrás
Yep looks like EDS. It not only can affect the joints - as rhere are various types of EDS - to be very flexible, but also other tissues and even connective tissue and tissue connecting the walls of blood vessels, what can cause a higher risk for aneurisms etc. Also EDS ' ler are prone to gastric problems, mast cell activation ( the symptoms are similar to anaphylaxis but with any reason like a drop / elevation in temperature etc. )
Em Burnham
Em Burnham Anos atrás
Am I the only one that hopes that everyone with EDS has someone like him as their physician???
Santiago Salgado
Santiago Salgado 2 meses atrás
thank you dr. mike, im learning a lot of english and medical terms because of you.
CoolDoge Mês atrás
Great Video! *This is extremely hilarious and I love it*
Kayla Manahan
Kayla Manahan 5 meses atrás
That splinter reminds me of the needle I had in my big toe in second grade. We had moved into a place and for years there had been a needle just sitting in the carpet without us knowing until one day I stepped on it. It was an inch long and I had to get my toe cut open for that. I had it sitting in my foot for a day because the pinprick was so small that to my parents it looked like nothing so I sat all night crying because it throbbed and in the morning my mother finally said she was going to take me in because something didn't seem right. It's a good story, though. I don't remember any of the pain so that's a bonus.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 4 meses atrás
I absolutely love how smooth your videos and sound effects are.
 ShortHax Anos atrás
A moment of silence for the people who think they can awaken the Power of the Sharingan with the double pupil
JanusKastin Anos atrás
"Doctor, we've got another emergency case in the ER. Male, age 10. Damage to the eyeball, apparently a playmate tried to snatch it out with his bare hand." "Freakin' Naruto, AGAIN?"
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Anos atrás
YOU i see YOU everywhere! How.where do you get the power.WHERE
Kiefer5win Anos atrás
@ ShortHax 5 mins ago :D
 ShortHax Anos atrás
Straight Busta Ah yes, comment bots can definitely make unique comments and reply to people. If they could get past CAPTCHA in the first place...
RDGTrap Anos atrás
Your crushing peoples dreams
Sinicope 3 meses atrás
I have watched doctor mike for a bit, even though i'm a songwriter, i now enrolled in med school because i find medical practice interesting, thanks dr. mike!
Cat's Pajamas
Cat's Pajamas 5 meses atrás
I knew this kid in a high school geometry class that would stop by a convenience store every single morning before school and pick up a half-gallon of iced tea + lemonade that was caffeinated One day he apparently woke up late and didn’t get his iced tea, and he spent the day entirely silent with his head in his hands Could’ve been the sugar tho too, idk
Demonetization Symbol
Demonetization Symbol 5 meses atrás
I wish all the best for the guy with the jaw rod (good thing he seems to be doing well in the tiktok). I also hope he recovers from the trauma he probably got from being shot.
Damian Reynolds
Damian Reynolds 3 meses atrás
🖤..Emily..🖤 Mês atrás
My weird thing that my body does is that I can shake my pupils really quickly
🖤..Emily..🖤 Mês atrás
@-PowderedLatte- well I can do it on command so I don’t think it’s that.
-PowderedLatte- Mês atrás
is it voluntary or involuntary? Because if it's involuntary, that can be a symptom of neurological problems.
K10 Couple
K10 Couple Anos atrás
The fact that Dr. Mike (and other social media Drs) work 14 hour days and still make these videos so we can laugh together is incredible
Cynthia M.
Cynthia M. Anos atrás
That's not everyday anymore. He does half days and other days of just You Tube or social media. He made a video about it, of how his workdays are now.
Temporary 5 meses atrás
6:30 I can do this as well with my legs but it comes with a downside because I can actually break and dislocate my knees very easily. I actually broke my right knee very badly and I’m little scared to try it on that one anymore 😅 left one still does it just fine.
Eloise S (Pharmacist)
Eloise S (Pharmacist) 2 meses atrás
Exactly - I could in my 20's but now in my 40s I have no cartridge in my hips and struggle
Aubree 5 meses atrás
As soon as I heard you say don't pop your blisters I thought of the time I had a infection that caused a wart and the doctor over froze the wart causing a blood blister that would not stop getting bigger to the point I had to pop it. Luckily I got it popped by my wonderful aunt that's a nurse. I know pretty weird😬
Crystalli 2 meses atrás
I have a chronic subluxation of my tendons in my left and right hands, mainly on the knuckles under my middle, and ring fingers. It started slipping seems it happened so much they started splinting my fingers straight to hopefully calm it. Unfortunately, my doctor said "hopefully" and not "will" or "should" and it didn't get better. Now we are waiting on a surgery to get my tendons shortened on all my fingers to relieve the problem and stop any future issues happening
Jackson Mason
Jackson Mason Mês atrás
Me: doctor mike is an incredible doctor , he knows everything -5 min later- Also me: doctor mike don’t know EVERYTHING in our body? :(
Alzezoid 24 dias atrás
6:30 i was telling my friend about this and I said " it really freaks me out when people can move there legs like this" and I tried my best to explain it and she said " oh this " and I screamed and almost got yelled at by my buss driver
Lino Altamirano
Lino Altamirano 9 dias atrás
I'm going to be honest I would love to have you as my kids doctor:)
Ashley Delgado
Ashley Delgado Mês atrás
Jean Kristein
Jean Kristein 2 meses atrás
My dad can smoke all he want and stop when he want easily For me is coffee One month i am an addict , next day i delete coffee from my diet
Veronika Kobylianska
By the way, Dr Glaucomflecken's (that doc from 11:41) wife did not just do chest compressions, she did chest compressions FOR 10 MINUTES NON-STOP (usually people get switched after 2 minutes)... She's a champ 👏 Thanks for sending him a merch shirt 🥺
papi chulo
papi chulo 2 meses atrás
@Avrysatos Ayo?
Cat Anos atrás
Wow, that's incredible. I feel like Mike should also send her a t-shirt!
Ioana S
Ioana S Anos atrás
The adrenaline makes you do amazing things.
Avrysatos Anos atrás
She's amazing.
xDarkTrinityx Anos atrás
Wow, 10 minutes x.x I'd be on the floor as well after 3 minutes.
KaylaJade 5 meses atrás
The excitement I felt, that you know and understand lipoedema… 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘eat less and exercise more’ *Has gastric sleeve and 7ltrs of fat liposuction-ed from thighs with a size 8-10 waist but BMI is still obese with size 16 legs*
Sarah Brownhill
Sarah Brownhill Mês atrás
Me too! I have Lipoedema Types II & IV plus full body Primary Lymphoedema.
Spinxers1 5 meses atrás
I did not expect that large of a splinter to come out, It even jumpscared me !
Theatre Girl
Theatre Girl 5 meses atrás
One of my elementary school friends had syndactyly and I just always thought it was really cool. I have a special ability and I don't know if anyone else can do it. I can hum and beatbox at the same time.
Tigerlily 5 meses atrás
I was once running around barefoot on an old wooden dock and managed to get a huge splinter. I had to be carried back to my house by my brother because I couldn't walk. It was so painful. We tried removing the splinter at home but it just wouldn't budge. When I went to the ER they thought it was a joke that I went there to get a splinter removed so they sat me in a hallway and gave me a numbing spray while a nurse tried to pull it out. The nurse wasn't able to pull it out either. Finally, they had to cut my foot open and remove the 3-inch splinter.
NotOriginalAtAll Dia atrás
My dad is a chiropractor and I’ve broken my arm twice(same arm different placesnot same time) had 2 concussions stung by a yellow jacket 3 times and since first broken arm (near my elbow) it bends past its point around a inch I’ve had bulletin impetigo I think Covid btw I’m not vaccinated
Muffinsaur 7 dias atrás
I wanted to be a Doctor in HS to help people. Like genuinely that was all I wanted to do was help people and that was the most direct way I could think of. Plus I have a very high tolerance for blood. Anyway I dropped out of college and I'm now a TA at preschool LOL
Dacellah HM
Dacellah HM Mês atrás
DEP Carter
DEP Carter 5 meses atrás
Doctor Mike, that double iris is actually a real thing I just don’t remember the name. It isn’t harmful (I’m almost certain. In other words I’m pretty sure it isn’t harmful)
Griffs Anos atrás
The splinter story resonated with me. One time I was dancing across the floor in my new apartment and I stepped, hard, on a pin that was on the floor and it went into my foot, hit the bone and bent on the bone but kept going in. I started laughing, because it hurt but I felt really dumb for the way it happened. My boyfriend was freaking out as, with tears in my eyes I had to figure out a way to manouver the pin out of my foot. So painful lol
WilsonRoo 6 meses atrás
@matta how in the actual- do you remove a fingernail 😵‍💫??
Kathleen Skidmore
Kathleen Skidmore Anos atrás
I get you. I stepped on 2 different nails in both feet when I was around 5 or 6. They were about 2 inches long I believe
therealophiuchus Anos atrás
Probably should've went to the hospital
therealophiuchus Anos atrás
@matta Oof
Krishna Choubey
Krishna Choubey Anos atrás
@matta Shiet dude
Crystal Preuett
Crystal Preuett 5 meses atrás
This video definitely activated my propensity for fainting! Being squeamish while having P.O.T.S. (thus chronically low BP) and vasovagal syncope isn't a good combination! 🤢😵‍💫☠️
Fishy_RL 10 dias atrás
I recently discovered your BRvid channel and I love the content so I subscribed!
Kairos 4 meses atrás
8:53 i actually had a nail stuck above my feet, it was so deep that it became a scar, 9 years later its still here.
John 3 dias atrás
That is not a splinter, my friend, that is a baby Xenomorph. 11:12 She is talking about the female ejaculate, and how what you eat and/or drink can change the taste and/or smell of your ejaculate. All I can say about that is that a lot of various sources online, including some medical websites I believe, have confirmed that the taste of your ejaculates - sperm in the case of the short research I did - can be altered by your diet.
Kristyn Hoffner
Kristyn Hoffner Anos atrás
I love how excited he gets about random medical tidbits. Also, wood splitters are nothing compared to fiberglass splitters. And you can’t even see the fiberglass to get it out so you just have to deal with it until it decides to come out.
Jesse Anos atrás
How about a metal "splinter" in your eye?? My brother had that, and had a newbie perform the procedure to remove it. 😥😥
david bass
david bass Anos atrás
that's if it comes out and doesn't just get buried deep inside covered in hard protective tissue. A big fibreglass splinter can leave more shards inside too?
IrishTeen Anos atrás
Have you ever had metal splinters
Gabbi Scott
Gabbi Scott Anos atrás
Different material but one time I was helping rake a softball field and the rake was broken in half but I didn’t think much about it until one of the shards was shoved into my hand and it hurt so bad
Bee_Is_Home 3 meses atrás
The bluster pop will stay with me forever. I've had multiple blisters (bad I know) but have never popped one and will never pop one. I can feel the pain that the person felt oh my lord 😭
Ms.Donald Son
Ms.Donald Son 3 meses atrás
My youngest son got clubbed fingers from medication that stunted his growth. I live in the birthplace of Johns Hopkins "Experts" = it's safer to stay away from the "practice" until treatment is needed. You said it yourself - everyone has FABULOUS Uniqueness, so we should not have one size fits all healthcare
michelle penford
michelle penford 4 meses atrás
So glad I came across you. Your awesomely funny 😄 and educational !!
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 2 meses atrás
3:19 Aww that made me smile ☺️ And that condition seems weird, and interesting. 3:29 I hate this 100%...I'm scared of anything parasitic being in me.
Rachel Rachel
Rachel Rachel Anos atrás
Look at you going on tour like a rockstar. You have come so far and deserve every ounce of each success you have achieved, and this is a big one. I wish you the best for your tour 😊❤️
Dawn Cochran
Dawn Cochran Anos atrás
Could you PLEASE tour in Oklahoma?? Would give anything to see you live!! Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄
ConeHead Anos atrás
Ahhh this reminds me of go little rockstar~
Dissociated Women Incorporated
@Sinead O Connor 🎶 _It’s been seven hours, and fifteen days…_ 🎶 🎶 _Since you posted this comment…_ 🎶 🎶 OwO, OwOOOOOOwO 🎶 🎶 _I go out every night, and sleep all day…_ 🎶 🎶 _Since you posted this comment…_ 🎶 🎶 OwO, OwOOOOOOwO 🎶
Chlo Lizzie
Chlo Lizzie Anos atrás
Ayo someone copied ur comment :/
Dissociated Women Incorporated
Girlbro, Doctor Mike is a _scientist._ He works in _grams!_ 😁 Merry Christmas! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️
DragonKnife09 21 dia atrás
a funny thing is that i had a same splinter go all the way through, but that was the area under my thigh (idk if i said it right i dont speak english normally) and it hurt. at the time i was 10 years old.
Anne Biebrich
Anne Biebrich 4 dias atrás
I wish I had a Dr like you!
CECIL Mês atrás
Had a really long splinter when I was younger, I think like 10 or 11, and I had to go to the doctor like that. Yeah, I hate outside decks now. :/ I am so careful when I walk on em.
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