The Most Overdue FIRINGS of Bar Rescue 🤬 Season 4

Bar Rescue
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From bartenders who never charge for drinks to those who dare to go head-to-head with Jon, these employees were finally fired after proving their incompetence.

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Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. Bad drinks, wild staffs, and wasted owners conspire against him and his experts as they give failing businesses one last shot at success.

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14 Abr 2021



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Comentários 2 293
Bar Rescue
Bar Rescue 7 meses atrás
Jon vs. The WORST Beer Bars 🍻🤮 Bar Rescue
Israel McClain
Israel McClain Dia atrás
TheMajR Payne
TheMajR Payne 20 dias atrás
Megan Molinaro
Megan Molinaro Mês atrás
@M3ATLUG you type
Megan Molinaro
Megan Molinaro Mês atrás
Yyy tyou you too Tyyyyt
Human 11
Human 11 3 meses atrás
Toooo beeeeee faaaiiiirrrrrrrr
mr fun at parties
mr fun at parties 10 horas atrás
Bruh i came across the shittiest show wtf is this.
al Cole
al Cole 19 horas atrás
Well fake
Nathan Krush
Nathan Krush Dia atrás
I forgot how much I loved this dude.
Markus gordon
Markus gordon 2 dias atrás
John talks to people like an Ahole this must be scripted fake
tony clicky
tony clicky 2 dias atrás
tony clicky
tony clicky 2 dias atrás
fire all of them ASAP
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 3 dias atrás
I feel like John taffer was a mob boss, thats why he is so rich
Questionable Content
Questionable Content 3 dias atrás
"Nina wasn't just a bartender she was a friend." Nina: "KILL YOURSELF!" If this is this guy's standard for friends I don't even want to imagine what his enemies are like.
joseph sylwestrzak
joseph sylwestrzak 4 dias atrás
none deserve saving
Dan Kamp
Dan Kamp 4 dias atrás
18:40 bartender takes off shirt to go into Afro Battle Mode
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Watkins 4 dias atrás
I just wish it wasn't so fake.
Mind Flex
Mind Flex 4 dias atrás
The American Gordon Ramsay.
Taylor Schmidt
Taylor Schmidt 4 dias atrás
“Thanks”. 😂😂
Brodore 5 dias atrás
TamTam used nudity. It was not very effective. Owner used landmark fire. It was super effective... TamTam: "TamTam!"
Aidan Kline
Aidan Kline 5 dias atrás
K A 6 dias atrás
I'm noticing that there's more blacks than whites here
Fernando Barbosa
Fernando Barbosa 5 dias atrás
Why does it fucking matter
ADHDavid 6 dias atrás
Tam Tam.... the female version of Bam Bam
Lawnmower American
Lawnmower American 6 dias atrás
Damn, I like me some Tammy
Lucas McClain
Lucas McClain 8 dias atrás
nah this shit cant be real lmao
Jesus Gil
Jesus Gil 8 dias atrás
This shit is scripted
Tim R. FBR  (HMS) 1.2M
Tim R. FBR (HMS) 1.2M 8 dias atrás
Ahh the old quote fits best ''you want the truth?!.. you can't handle the truth!!... "
Blitz Of The Reich
Blitz Of The Reich 9 dias atrás
American bars look so tacky
SevenSixTwo 9 dias atrás
Instead of “single” her pants should have said” sloppy and ugly”
Topaz knight
Topaz knight 9 dias atrás
Love that the pizza box tells me precisely where the bar is, even if the name is taped over.
Beauty By Ashhh
Beauty By Ashhh 9 dias atrás
Whispers : “ hello I’m waving my hand can anyone hear me “
Lauren Barnett
Lauren Barnett 10 dias atrás
I love when the people who get fired blame other people lol and get mad.
Gaming Architect
Gaming Architect 10 dias atrás
Scripted as fuck.
Fernando Barbosa
Fernando Barbosa 5 dias atrás
@Gaming Architect im guessing you got the script know it all
Gaming Architect
Gaming Architect 8 dias atrás
@Hannah The Terrible ofcourse you do.. you have friends in the white house aswell? thats why theres alot of videos out there actually showing it is fake where they recorded them rehearsing..
Hannah The Terrible
Hannah The Terrible 9 dias atrás
Nah - I know some people who worked at one of the bars they did; the place really was THAT fucked up.
Tawnie Belcher
Tawnie Belcher 11 dias atrás
Hannah The Terrible
Hannah The Terrible 9 dias atrás
Matt M
Matt M 11 dias atrás
I have to give John shit for not shaking Doug's hand. He may have been bad at his job. But it's not like he was a criminal. Shake the man's hand when it's offered, tell him he should be in another profession, and move on.
504kid 12 dias atrás
Tam Tam seems fun lmao
Hannah The Terrible
Hannah The Terrible 9 dias atrás
She the kind of woman that will get YOU arrested, will somehow manage to get keys to your place, and while you're in jail she'll be crashing at your pad with her friends who polished off all your liquor, ate all your food, went through all your stuff, stole your guitar, and clogged your toilet so badly they wound up shitting on the floor. You'd be better off letting a pack of 50 wild raccoons in to your place for the weekend!
Iris J.
Iris J. 12 dias atrás
No one: Taffer to a owner in distressed: “No You’re Disgusting” 😂
Erick Perez
Erick Perez 12 dias atrás
The way he comes around the building at 29:02 😂
Skifullydone 13 dias atrás
@20:54 the whale is going back into the sea.
Kevin Malcolm
Kevin Malcolm 13 dias atrás
Damn I need a hug from Tam tam nice pillows
Gino Trawöger
Gino Trawöger 13 dias atrás
4:28 Ok, this now convinced me that Jon is actually a mafia boss
ozone00 13 dias atrás
Why not just starve them like military dogs?
Miladin84 13 dias atrás
this is all rigged everything is fake
Jade Salmon
Jade Salmon 13 dias atrás
He could’ve shaken that guys hand
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz 14 dias atrás
“This is outrageously disgusting.” *Jon Gets Outta The Car*
English 15 dias atrás
This guys hilarious
Beat Z
Beat Z 15 dias atrás
I don't agree with them saying "who wants a sidecar?" to the whole bar. I've never seen a bartender anywhere in the world that asks all the guests what they want by shouting. You serve party by party.
Hunter RedDay
Hunter RedDay 15 dias atrás
The real problem with these bar tenders is their all bald head.
HOBOKnifeFight 16 dias atrás
When keeping it real goes wrong!
rebecca bukta
rebecca bukta 16 dias atrás
In am wondering if Taffer ever got bitch slapped lol
Steve odonoghue
Steve odonoghue 16 dias atrás
Mind kind of bar! As an Englishman I would definitely get laid 😅
Kokhob Hagos
Kokhob Hagos 17 dias atrás
Way not coming restaurant ethiopian,
Joseph Jameson
Joseph Jameson 18 dias atrás
Imagine if Jon Taffer teamed up with Gordon Ramsay.
Don Pressley
Don Pressley 19 dias atrás
fake ass bar show
raven thomis
raven thomis 19 dias atrás
love this show. miss watching it!
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 19 dias atrás
this show is FAF
auck1969 19 dias atrás
My one and only question is, why would anybody want to hang out in a bar?
OH LAWD HES A COMIN 20 dias atrás
Jon is like if Gordon Ramsay became American and started listening to heavy metal
Carol Cornell
Carol Cornell 20 dias atrás
Cuz your drunk
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson 20 dias atrás
A manager backs up the floor staff. Do your bar tenders need supplies? Replenish them BEFORE they run out. Does one of them need an extra pair of hands for 10 minutes? Then , by God, the manager steps in to help. Does a customer have a problem? Then the manager finds a way to fix it. A manager doesn't drift around ignoring the bar staff.
Roel Horemans
Roel Horemans 20 dias atrás
I always LOL at these American style bars. Ten staff members behind the counter. In Belgium you rarely see more than 2 bartenders, even in really crowded places and it works just fine, as long as you have a system and good communication skills.
Film Rockstar
Film Rockstar 20 dias atrás
To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer ❤️
Kari Fredrikson
Kari Fredrikson 21 dia atrás
It looks like the Bar Industry has alot of Sleazy,Low Class, Alcoholics! I’m glad I haven’t gone to bars since Adolescence. Same Crowd!
Purvis Van Dongen
Purvis Van Dongen 21 dia atrás
truly don't need the censorship. we can handle words.
Sommer R
Sommer R 21 dia atrás
Congrats to Bobby becoming GM! That man was busting his butt between drinks and running food.
Steven Henderson
Steven Henderson 21 dia atrás
His face is one of those faces you can't stand looking at for a long time and when I mean a long time I mean longer than .5 seconds
YouFoundNemo 22 dias atrás
"I don't understand why I got sent home!" You just got pulled off the bar and you've been drinking while on duty but yeah, I don't know why either.
bkgaming 1
bkgaming 1 22 dias atrás
"who is the worst employee" "that will be Tam Tam" "TAMTAM" background:I'm gonna do another shot "let me explain the concept of landmark fire.
Teddy Holiday
Teddy Holiday 22 dias atrás
Why would Doug give away drinks for free while he knows he’s being watched
Becky Smith
Becky Smith 22 dias atrás
Alcohol.. the worst drug on the planet. But legal
worm 22 dias atrás
First Lady starts crying instead of fixing her problems
Whis 22 dias atrás
"I'm a man before anything" _Drives away in a Ford Focus_
Ab Dullah Bin Packing
Ab Dullah Bin Packing 22 dias atrás
Is this even real
Callum Thick
Callum Thick 23 dias atrás
TaM tAM!!!
Echinoidea 23 dias atrás
Doug: (gets fired, tries to shake Jon's hand) Jon: That's alright. I laughed over how cold that was.
GM David
GM David 23 dias atrás
icedbannanas 23 dias atrás
I like American shows because everyone pretends none of this is scripted, but everyone knows it's scripted. Fake.
Meme Juice
Meme Juice 23 dias atrás
Jon looks like that green ghost from Ghostbusters. If it was turned back into a person it'd be Jon.
Giovannimain 23 dias atrás
why does Dre look like a Kenan SNL character. lmao
Blue Lives
Blue Lives 24 dias atrás
Did any body else feel like on the last one when John comes around the corner where the hell did he come from the door is the other way from where he walked
Jrezky 24 dias atrás
Alcoholism must be so hard to deal with considering its totally legal and all over the place.
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 24 dias atrás
This guy like the devil on the shoulder
John V
John V 24 dias atrás
And say goodbye to these. Cause it's the last time.
Pringles 24 dias atrás
this is faker than fuck the nude bar one
william gallucci
william gallucci 24 dias atrás
I love the way john approaches their absolute ineptitude regarding their roles in the business when the lion roars you either listen and respect him or you are out the door period!!!
Scott Fry
Scott Fry 25 dias atrás
ima go out and find some of these schmuks that give out free liquor lol
FknLit 25 dias atrás
That dude handing out free pizza hasn't got that much attention for a long time lol
mo fo
mo fo 25 dias atrás
this kind of crap happens in most every bar around military bases. they get away with it because they are 1 of maybe 12 bars at most for a large base with a high transition personnel of over 100,000 annually due to the large number of small schools.
ketchups 25 dias atrás
Man loves getting out of that car
Robin 26 dias atrás
Ricki Lake just texted me asking me to tell the screaming guy to calm down a bit. It's all fake - no need to get upset.
erin 26 dias atrás
the manager switching to ex-manager took me out
MrAddyan 26 dias atrás
People here actually think this is real and not scripted
2Bhonest 2Bhonest
2Bhonest 2Bhonest 26 dias atrás
Dre is not a man. A man takes care of his family. And by that I mean a man learns his job and works as hard as he can so he is able to support his family. Too many people think being a man means being ready to fight at the drop of a hat and a man like that is very insecure
Gliding Kangaroo
Gliding Kangaroo 26 dias atrás
"Can't really see the music from here" - smooth brain user
Gliding Kangaroo
Gliding Kangaroo 26 dias atrás
Taffer looks like a guy who would know a guy who knows a guy.
Turi Marubu
Turi Marubu 27 dias atrás
Little Miss Dynamite
Little Miss Dynamite 27 dias atrás
Its like watching Segal suddenly be 12th dan in bar tending! what fake shit!!
lavish 27 dias atrás
I'd go to that bar to watch Tam Tam make a shitshow .
Queen Alice Kingsley
Queen Alice Kingsley 27 dias atrás
The way everyone of them walk out trying to describe they are the victim and it was all someone else's fault 😆😆
Jodie Carlson
Jodie Carlson 27 dias atrás
"You're fired." "Kill yourself!" Wow ... it was time for her to go!!
Salvatore nicolazzo
Salvatore nicolazzo 28 dias atrás
Mixology expert wtf 😂😂😂😂
robluxi piech
robluxi piech 28 dias atrás
Those slags behind the bar are pretty accurately depicted avg gals these days. Yes you have tits. They feed kids.congrats on your hard work and accomplishment. Continue to enliven our meek lives with your great awe inspiring presence ...
DocEmmettBrown 28 dias atrás
Wooohwoooo Tam Tam!! 🥃 🤪 🤮
Kati Jeanine
Kati Jeanine 28 dias atrás
Who cuts John’s hair. They should be fired
troubleMaker 29 dias atrás
"I got money in my pocket" and what ? You thing you are the god or what John??? Sh*ter screemer f*ck. You are not bether old f*ck
Ricky&Ricardo 29 dias atrás
Poor TamTam definitely peaked right after high school...
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