The Most Hilarious Doom Speedrun Ever Performed

Karl Jobst
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11 Ago 2022



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Karl Jobst
Nuts competition rules:
AllCatch Traz
“The only person I’ve ever heard of that might have the skill to pull something like this off would be Todd Rogers In his prime” haha this caught me off guard gave me a good laugh
"If you have a spare month, you can watch it for yourself"
The mere fact that a level pack for the original Doom, a game nearly 30 years old, can be played in such a way that it lags to
One Doomed Spacemarine
Final Doom is extra cool, because it started out as TNT : Evilution, a project by a bunch of fans in a team to make a full 32 level replacement for Doom 2, complete with a bunch of custom textures and custom music. Particular attention was paid to make the maps as impressive as they could make them at the time, featuring lots of detail, along with various engine tricks, and some levels being enormous in size.
About the first level of doom... I remember getting stuck in the first level for hours thinking it was all the game had to offer. Then I realized you can open doors
As a hacker, I can tell you that a lot of these glitches are found through a mix of intuition and experience. For example, a lot of glitches have the same underlying idea of putting the game into an "unintended state", such as doing two things at once, moving at high speeds or using "push" mechanics against solid objects like walls.
If this speedrun is uploaded to any leaderboard with the runner listed as anything other than "Zero Master's CPU" I'm fucking rioting
It's been a very bad last few months for me. But the random Todd Rodgers joke caught me off guard so much that it actually cheered me up a lil. Thank you Karl. <3
Justin Connelly
I feel like this would actually be the world's first qualifying 'Slow run' and the fact it still goes to the legend Zero Master is perfect.
Imagine the sheer compute power that we have today and a game from the 90’s coming to a crawl over 90.000 sprites with a smoke trail😂
Your skill to consistently find interesting topics to talk about combined with your stellar commentary amazes me with every video you upload. Keep it up, please!
One Doomed Spacemarine
RIP Espi, he was a phenomenally gifted level designer.
The only reason it took 25 days is because the program lacked "the human element" as Todd Todgers would say. Should have began the level in 2nd gear
Angus Jameson
Just trying to imagine 90,000 missile sprites all with their own hitboxes and tracking AI being processed at once without the game crashing in hurting my head.
Kae Hatdork
“To achieve great things one must sacrifice stability and push ones limits past sanity.”
Dr jebus
Speedrunning is a performance art.
Ender Onryo
All the props to them for pulling this off. Mildly sad that they didn't grab all the items so all the numbers would say 100% at the end but that would just be a cherry on the top of this amazing cake.
C. E. S.
C. E. S. Dia atrás
The fact that a Doom video uploaded only a month ago has over a million views shows how legendary and interesting this masterpiece of a game still is.
As a quick correction just in case anyone cares, the map's creator, BPRD, said he created Nuts not only as a joke, but to also test the file size that he could upload on whatever website he was using back in the day. He said he wasn't sure how big it was, so he made this big map to see if it would still accept it.
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