The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever

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The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever
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29 Nov 2018



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Comentários 9 799
Salty 4 meses atrás
The Funniest Runway Model Falls Of All
Violet Lavender
Violet Lavender Dia atrás
The video was removed so
i'm a mouse, duh
i'm a mouse, duh 22 dias atrás
overreacting bitch. most of the celebrities in this video was just breathing. disgusting piece of shit. i know you're gonna read my comment and delete it. go ahead.
Disciple warrior princess
Taylor swift is survived
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Mês atrás
Milly Jeffery 1qqqqqq111q1111111111111111111111111111qq11111qqqqqqqqqqq11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
checkoutmyballz 4 horas atrás
So much under the table hate in Hollywood
Abi HT
Abi HT 19 horas atrás
They probably go to shit like this all the time and hear the same corny "Inspirational" speeches over and over and over.
Tou Dou
Tou Dou 16 horas atrás
Whose number one female and Male song artist in USA
Anabel Esquivel
Anabel Esquivel 19 horas atrás
Majority of them were.just very focus
Dalila Watts
Dalila Watts Dia atrás
Dalila Watts
Dalila Watts Dia atrás
Kanye West deserved to be hurt by that Mom question. He embarassed that little girl.
pts kts
pts kts Dia atrás
3:08 she says sorry for my arm
pts kts
pts kts Dia atrás
bruh they didnt do anything wrong except Kanye
ajayi samuel
ajayi samuel Dia atrás
I thought this only happened in Nigeria
Professor Rob
Professor Rob Dia atrás
how was beyonces reaction disrespectful?
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson Dia atrás
That's embarrassing from the beginning.
Adrielle Bechara
Adrielle Bechara 2 dias atrás
The celebs getting jealous look like little kids when they find out Timmy won the _____ competition
Afifah Indrian
Afifah Indrian 2 dias atrás
What song at 4.45?
aliceloveslarry 2 dias atrás
3:10 that’s why i hate taylor swift
Afifah Indrian
Afifah Indrian 2 dias atrás
What song at jlo showing??
J Wilcox
J Wilcox 2 dias atrás
Music and dancing has gone to the dogs. Yucky. Cheerleader moves for older women with sex thrown in. Nasty not artistic.
Maria Clara
Maria Clara 2 dias atrás
NotASmartCookieh 2 dias atrás
2:00 My friends when I'm talking about a subject that they have NO interest in AT ALL (Who relates XD)
e l l i e :::
e l l i e ::: 2 dias atrás
fouz aljeri
fouz aljeri 3 dias atrás
ariana wasn’t being shady lmaooo. she’s just blind
fouz aljeri
fouz aljeri 3 dias atrás
5:46 myy queeennn ARIIIIII SAVAGEEEE
still dat bitch 09
still dat bitch 09 3 dias atrás
or they might just have a rbf?
am edits
am edits 3 dias atrás
Honestly I still don't understand how Katy was being disrespectful when Taylor was presenting at 3:43,all she did was move her hair and talk to someone like what do you want her to do dance or jump around..smh you lowkey dumb..
arb Deal
arb Deal 3 dias atrás
What is with all the Oprah and Mariah Carey clips?
Austen Ortman
Austen Ortman 3 dias atrás
What’s with the slow motion every time
seidoCK 3 dias atrás
People look away or straight face for half a second and you call it disrespectful, but it’s not whatsoever
seidoCK 3 dias atrás
This video is a whole L
hey there
hey there 3 dias atrás
ariana: -_- diSresPecTfuL
Xxx Music
Xxx Music 4 dias atrás
Ok so Ariana was just keeping a straight face and you're calling this disrespectful OMG
Myra Mebato
Myra Mebato 4 dias atrás
I don't mean to shade on 1D but they're horrible at keeping these wonderful talented and beautiful women.
Lilie Lay
Lilie Lay 4 dias atrás
Well ariana grande can't clearly see from a far so she needs to squint her eyes tho 👀
Squelch 4 dias atrás
A lot of these are dumb !!
Not a fan
Not a fan 5 dias atrás
Iam just wondering how thinking u won is disrespectful like come on u really gotta double check some of these
Suci Hani Hani
Suci Hani Hani 5 dias atrás
omg one direction :*
Laeloni Johnson
Laeloni Johnson 5 dias atrás
Am I the only person who noticed Ariana was being fingered
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez 5 dias atrás
Nicki is way to much💀😂shes been way to much since American Idol
_.marriissaa 5 dias atrás
ariana wasn’t being shady lmaooo. she’s just blind
fouz aljeri
fouz aljeri 3 dias atrás
Sassy Green
Sassy Green 5 dias atrás
Taylor swift wins the award she such a horrible person. 1st time in life imma give Kim Kardashian the last peice of cake. She straight gathered her skinny ass.
Link Joker
Link Joker 5 dias atrás
Why is Timberlake keeping a neutral expression bad? He just may not like the music?
The Panel
The Panel 5 dias atrás
I couldn’t be in the industry 💯 , they would had to sue me , cs I would beat some body out they shoes rft 😂👏🏾
Morenai Zambo
Morenai Zambo 5 dias atrás
Yo no entiendo el chisme subtitulos😂
Swati Thakur
Swati Thakur 5 dias atrás
3:05 and 4:32 I love one direction.. I love my boys
Andalorah Paillant
Andalorah Paillant 6 dias atrás
Oprah killed me😂😂😂
Enigma Pop star
Enigma Pop star 6 dias atrás
Lady Gaga at 4:37 ❤❤❤
Corben Heaton
Corben Heaton 6 dias atrás
*Oprah and Mariah*
Coran Clarke
Coran Clarke 6 dias atrás
4:48 to 4:51 killed me 😂
Hoshimochi 6 dias atrás
3:08 she actually said “sorry for my arm” to Selena
valde Giroth
valde Giroth 6 dias atrás
Fuck kanye west,,trump bitchesss
Jake DeMarco’s Mex Fave
Whitney and Mariah. What a fucking duo
Erin Schoeman
Erin Schoeman 6 dias atrás
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith 6 dias atrás
When Miley said Congratu-fuck-alations I died
Kyleigh Smith
Kyleigh Smith 6 dias atrás
I get it Beyoncé is a QUEEN but the way Kanye disrespected and embarrassed Taylor like that is just wrong.
Nohemy Alamillo
Nohemy Alamillo 6 dias atrás
I hate Taylor Swift with a passion. Don’t ask me why Bc i have no idea I just don’t like her🤷🏽‍♀️
Liam Glen
Liam Glen 7 dias atrás
3:08 is Taylor Swift going shut the fuck up
Lexa Com Trikru
Lexa Com Trikru 7 dias atrás
Haha i love taylor swift
Ronda Witt
Ronda Witt 7 dias atrás
Yep!!! Mariah Carey takes it all. Beautiful during her whole career. A true artist.
Sushi 7 dias atrás
when kayne said that stuff bout beyonce to taylor i was like B*TCH WTF GET OUTTA TAY'S FACE
Johannes De Jonge
Johannes De Jonge 7 dias atrás
Those are not reactions but looks. You can not derive anything from that. Maybe the look is because they had a bad day or because their dog juist died etc. Etc.
AB CD 7 dias atrás
3:43 her music really is boring.. 😐
AB CD 7 dias atrás
People shouldn't be always fake. Good job ! 👏🏽
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