The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever

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The Most Disrespectful/Savages Celebrity Audience Reactions Ever
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29 Nov 2018

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Comentários 8 273
Salty Mês atrás
The Funniest Runway Model Falls Of All
PikaPluff2040 4 dias atrás
bitch stop manipulating what celebs say. idiot, taylor swift did not say shut the fuck up... which sheep u trying to fool. salty mf.
Ali a is a pro
Ali a is a pro 19 dias atrás
Why did celebrities have weird expressional
Shirley Cameron
Shirley Cameron 21 dia atrás
Kimmel.....Same old Shite......bloody bollocks....... boring....
sofia grace
sofia grace 2 horas atrás
I felt bad for Beyonce more than Taylor, because he had to be humiliated in front of the winner by a total douche bag. Also. NO ONE INTERRUPTS BECK.
Ian MD
Ian MD 2 horas atrás
it basically tells me they are all leeches and plastic people
Gabby 3 horas atrás
Ummm did you know Ari and Nicki are legit best friends I think not
Emma Hadley
Emma Hadley 3 horas atrás
nicki low-key don't like Taylor Swift .
lœv uwu
lœv uwu 3 horas atrás
Justin the weekend and asap: 👀✌️
sexy69vilvoorde 4 horas atrás
Taylor swift is such a rag tho
sexy69vilvoorde 4 horas atrás
tommy lee jones just died Inside at that moment
• duha
• duha 6 horas atrás
for example 5:23 is my normal face
Rachel Braddy
Rachel Braddy 6 horas atrás
Who are you??????
Rachel Braddy
Rachel Braddy 6 horas atrás
I like turtles
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 horas atrás
Kenya such a dumbass.
3 1 / 0 3
3 1 / 0 3 10 horas atrás
Most of these weren’t disrespectful at all
coolio 90
coolio 90 10 horas atrás
😂😂😂Shiiiiiiiiiit Punch's of illuminates...we fucked up
Gzielle 10 horas atrás
if feel so sad for taylor, like she really deserves it but the boy think it didn't reach on his expectations. like pasampal 20 please.
Lynden Lee
Lynden Lee 12 horas atrás
okay wth was Chrissy Teigen doing at 9:18??? hahaha looks like she's having massive cramps or something
Lynden Lee
Lynden Lee 12 horas atrás
wtf was ariana having an orgasm at 5:45 lmao
Martha Martha
Martha Martha 16 horas atrás
Tarantino’s reaction was THE BEST!!!
Bleached Noodle
Bleached Noodle 18 horas atrás
I feel bad for Tom Hiddleston. He is a genuinely good guy and a gentleman.
Glorivic Excelise
Glorivic Excelise 18 horas atrás
Poor taylor swift😢
Joe Pearson
Joe Pearson 20 horas atrás
RIFF RAFF @3:46?
Tara Heise
Tara Heise 22 horas atrás
dele is amazing however kanyes response to beyonce loosng to taylor will always DISGUST me
Camila Castro
Camila Castro Dia atrás
It seems like Taylor Swift is the most hated celebrity ever. Hahahaha
Amanda Wolfe
Amanda Wolfe Dia atrás
And I’m sure somebody’s gonna get mad at me for saying this, but as a native Tennessean, I’ll tell you that almost everyone even remotely close to the Nashville area will say that Taylor Swift’s really known as a mean girl who “tries” to masquerade as a nice person. I’m not necessarily a Miley Cyrus fan per se’, but at least she’s pretty damn up front about who she is as an individual/human being. I might not like a someone, but I can respect them if they’re honest about who they are/are not.
Reniyah Boyd
Reniyah Boyd Dia atrás
You can literally see Beyoncé say no not again 😂😂
Reniyah Boyd
Reniyah Boyd Dia atrás
You can literally see Beyoncé say no not again 😂😂
R miaw
R miaw Dia atrás
R miaw
R miaw Dia atrás
Why?????? Anyone is disrespectfull
ali hassan
ali hassan Dia atrás
I love that Kanye did that
Ntobeko Mellisa Sibanda
Kanye did it for me😂😂😂
ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ
“Miley wus good” Nicki was ready😂
Rad S
Rad S Dia atrás
Still like Swift more than Kayne Kardashian.
Priscilla Saunders
Leonardo too silly 😂
bry vfx
bry vfx Dia atrás
most of these celebrities weren’t being rude or disrespectful they were just, observing what was happening in front of them and paying attention to their fellow friend or acquaintance speaking up on stage.
Green Ash
Green Ash Dia atrás
It doesn't matter who deserves the award better. What Kanye did was totally disrespectful.
Amelia Jeter
Amelia Jeter Dia atrás
Ari I love you but I think it was disrespectful to do that to cardi I know Nikki is your basically your sis but come on now
Alizia Flicks
Alizia Flicks Dia atrás
10:03 nicki was standing there smiling, what's wrong with that?
Alizia Flicks
Alizia Flicks Dia atrás
umm...ariana in the first one was just blind and the other one...she had no reaction. half of these aren't disrespectful at all. they just didn't have a reaction.
Ozzie ‘
Ozzie ‘ 2 dias atrás
I could not believe Random Access Memories won album of the year that day jeez
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 2 dias atrás
Oprah 🤮.
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 2 dias atrás
2019: liking Kanye more than Swift.
Yoshidude Bleung HAH
Yoshidude Bleung HAH 2 dias atrás
Award shows are god dam boring. Speech there speech here . I would probably sleep
Defne Valeska
Defne Valeska 2 dias atrás
İ really dont like taylor swift
Mykiah13 2 dias atrás
3:11 no offense to Taylor but she can do the same thing because they wouldn't do that if she was talking rude asf and mad disrespectful.😠😠
Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl 2 dias atrás
6:00 I’m not blaming Ariana for that, she deserved that award way more than Selena 🙄
Levi Belongs To The Fan Girls So FUK OFF
they both deserved it
Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl 2 dias atrás
Ohhh this is why my parents are always calling me disrespectful! Because staring off into space is disrespectful! I get it now
Jessica 2 dias atrás
The more I watch these the more I think it’s robots malfunctioning.
Typeonegative 1
Typeonegative 1 2 dias atrás
Sooooo is all of the performances lipsynced?Smh.
Typeonegative 1
Typeonegative 1 2 dias atrás
Nicki is salty af lol
Sarah 2 dias atrás
Most of these were literally nothing
Elliot Opie
Elliot Opie 2 dias atrás
Ariana has vision problems
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