The Most Cleverly Designed DIY Tiny House ~ ELEVATOR BED 

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This amazing totally custom tiny house was one of the most beautiful builds I have ever toured. What do you think? Be sure to check out their Facebook link linked below.
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18 Jul 2018



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Comentários : 1 227   
Enna 4 anos atrás
So far 73 people sincerely admire your creativity and genius. Two people are either jealous, clueless, or both. This man needs his own show.
Simple Adventure
Simple Adventure 4 anos atrás
I love how laid back he presents it. A lot of people rush through the tour and try to talk without taking a breathe through the whole process. This is relaxing and gives me time to think about how to incorporate ideas into my tiny before he rushes on the the next thing.
Enna 4 anos atrás
Steven Bagley I agree. Wish I had a chaise so I could just watch this guy create. Quite the engineer! Very good at explaining, too. I'm searching for a few ideas for our '98 motorhome...not a tiny home, but gets my creative juices going...
Tracy Jammeh
Tracy Jammeh 4 anos atrás
These videos are done well, with good information and laid out very well. Unfortunately they are WAY TOO long. Not often do I have the time to sit and watch a 30-60 video. They maybe where the dislikes are coming from
Sherrill Smith
Sherrill Smith 4 anos atrás
Tracy, you could have skipped through the video (as I do after checking the time stamp for minutes involved) and have simply stopped at the points of specific interest to you. I agree that some are too long. And have also felt some are too short. Viewers can be chooser of the time allotted to their watching as well as to the subject matter. I thought the home was brilliant, that he was very engaging, and that - for a work in progress - he explained, but did not make excuses. I found it quite refreshing, given the quality of the work craftsmanship they are creating. : )
Enna 4 anos atrás
Excellent points! I'll say this: Stephanie is one blessed girl! I love hearing how things were done and how they work as well as learning about different types of wood and materials. Maybe they should have a "to the point" or a "for inquisitive minds" caption. Lol😂😂😉
Pip 3 anos atrás
Of all the tiny home tours I've seen this is my favourite hands down. Everything he shares is thoughtful, informational rich and clever. Such a calm & likable manner too. His wife's eye for details beautifully compliment and give a rich old-world vibe. Lovely couple & home! Thanks for sharing.
Serene Rune
Serene Rune 4 anos atrás
This is probably hands down the most beautiful work I've seen in a tiny house , and I've seen tons of them. The love you put into the details even down to the color of the rope hanging from the bed, and into the woodwork on the counters , the ceilings. To put it simply , there isn't one thing about your house that I've seen that I don't love. Thank you for sharing your home with us via video :)
Fiona's Mom
Fiona's Mom 3 anos atrás
The craftsmanship in this one is over the top. The woodwork! Just LOVELY! LOVE the doors, the kitchen counter, the bed. Congrats on a beautiful work of art.
54jeanmarie 4 anos atrás
The creativity of these builders is so impressive. His unique wood patterns are very attractive.
Kim Brundige
Kim Brundige Anos atrás
I could never live in a tiny home 🏡. I love having a second bath, a guest room. The 3rd bedroom is my craft room. Which I couldn't do w/o. We are 66and 65. We both are disabled. Very happy in our home! We also have 3 grandchildren.
Pauline Hampson
Pauline Hampson 2 anos atrás
There’s so many stunning features that I overlooked commenting on many including the brilliant collapsible deck! Wow, what a treasure your home is Greg & Steph! Enjoy all your adventures!
Yammy Yo
Yammy Yo 4 anos atrás
I absolutely love this house! They both did an awesome job building and designing their home. Very unique and I 100% agree...these two need their own show 😍
airfield3 4 anos atrás
This young man really knows his stuff. You don't see a lot of craftsmen anymore.
Andrea Low
Andrea Low 3 anos atrás
He is very knowledgeable, indeed! He should be proud!!!
Chris Ransdell
Chris Ransdell 3 anos atrás
An amazing level of skill and talent.
Theresa Sutton
Theresa Sutton 3 meses atrás
Just want to congratulate this couple on their simply beautiful home. The woodworking just incredible.
Pennie Adkins
Pennie Adkins 4 anos atrás
This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing tiny house I've seen on utube! Your space is so well used! I love the bed idea! Congrats on your build! You have definitely created a dream for me! Thank you!💜💜💜😀🌻✌
Erin Tacka
Erin Tacka 4 anos atrás
This tiny home is AMAZING! I LOVE the penny floor, the wood work is gorgeous. He is so talented and this couple has lovely taste with their color schemes and the simple decoration of the home. Love it.
Kevin Weber
Kevin Weber 4 anos atrás
You have a lot of nice work in your house and did a great presentation. The elevator bed was pretty cool. I always wish to see a tiny house with an elevator second floor space - i.e. the building of the loft area actually goes up to give you a full second floor bed room. four feet of headroom when down 7 feet of head room when up.
Angela Hartman
Angela Hartman 3 anos atrás
Wow, this guy is a design genius. So very talented. I have a feeling that the amazing design flow of this creation is equally shared with his other half.
Greg Carpenter
Greg Carpenter 4 anos atrás
I congratulate you and your spouse on a well thought-out home, it's a truly fine display of your skill, ingenuity, and craftsmanship. Kudos too for your excellent presentation!
Pidasian Hippie
Pidasian Hippie 4 anos atrás
This house has made me rethink living in a tiny house. I LOVE the bed that raises and lowers. One of my biggest complaints about most tiny houses is the attic beds where you have to climb up and and down a ladder to get to them. The fluid design of this tiny home is also exceptional. This is one of the best tiny homes you have showcased.
Sonia McMartin
Sonia McMartin 4 anos atrás
Pidasian Hippie I agree this is one of the best I’ve seen the design is just so liveable and the craftsmanship is great. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed home. I suffer from a disability and this is one of the few I’ve seen that I could actually contemplate living in comfortably
Pidasian Hippie
Pidasian Hippie 4 anos atrás
I agree. I don't have a disability but can not see myself climbing up and down ladders or stairs during the night to use the restroom. This also gives a lot more usable space.
withgoddess 4 anos atrás
Of hundreds, the best of 3 favourites. Congrats for being artistic geniuses !!! 🍀
Alice A
Alice A Anos atrás
There are so many alternatives to loft beds, you can do a Murphy (in the wall, pulls down) bed, or a sofa that you jackknife into a bed, or have the kitchen dinette table convert into a bed or much more!
Lipstick Lodge
Lipstick Lodge Anos atrás
My builder suggested an elevator bed..I now am convinced it's tge way to go!
LaSan Allien
LaSan Allien 4 anos atrás
This is one of my most favorite tiny houses! I love all the details! This house is just way cool!
Woman of Substance
Woman of Substance 3 anos atrás
This has some pretty nice ideas: elevator bed (I can't do ladders/stairs), pull-out table, fold-down covered porch (Yes!), but the bathroom is gorgeous! It's actually a room you could use and enjoy. Very Nice. Love the whole thing! Could the ladder-to-be be something like the attic access folding ladders? Just a thought. Do you have an update as to what you actually did do about that?
Tj h
Tj h 4 anos atrás
I don't typically like elevator beds. This one opened my eyes and made me think twice. GREAT design
Readings by CARA
Readings by CARA 4 anos atrás
Greg and Steph - *beautiful* job on every detail of your Tiny! LOVE the penny floor. ♥️
RamblinAround 4 anos atrás
One of the best I've seen so far. I like all the attention they have paid to the much artistry and craftsmanship.
Adz 4 anos atrás
Absolutely incredible! Amazing engineering and beautiful! I've always planned on a manual elevator bed and didn't know their name until now. Wow. I am truly blown away. When He said "if you think the outside is cool wait till you see the inside" I thought, sure. And man was he right. What an inspirational couple.
Mera Aleta
Mera Aleta 3 anos atrás
Absolutely gorgeous! It's obvious that they poured a lot of time, energy and love into it!
Eaglette 4 anos atrás
Chris, your production skills and photography skills are phenomenal! Congrats! Been watching you since your van days. Peace be with you.
briezzyh 4 anos atrás
Such a beautiful house I loved seeing this at the Tiny House festival and it was hands down one of my favorites there.
tlockerk Anos atrás
So much beauty and functionality in one place. Three years on it would be interesting to hear how living it has gone: pros and cons, what you've changed or updated. Great plans and I totally agree with everything Stephanie said. 🙂
Adina Hirschmann
Adina Hirschmann 4 anos atrás
One of the best tours I've seen. I LOVE all the inlaid marquetry woodwork, especially the doors. Not a fan of composting toilets, but the rest of the place looks great. BTW, some turquoise leather upholstered cushions would really class up the couch. And leather is known for being durable and easy to care for, especially with dogs.
RabidDingo12 4 anos atrás
Of all the tiny homes I have seen this is the most compelling reason to give it a shot. The amount of thought and effort you have put into this home, clearly shows. Amazing!
michelle matthews
michelle matthews 4 anos atrás
Absolutely one of the coolest tiny homes i've ever seen ! Very , very original and great space saving ideas . awesome job
Elaine Culbert
Elaine Culbert Anos atrás
I love your tiny home! Lots of thought has, obviously, been put into your home and you deliver a good tour with tons of information for anyone wanting to build their own. I love your pretty counter-top, farmhouse sink, your ingenious bed, your windows, your ombre paint on the exterior, etc, etc. Super home!
Cloudy Days
Cloudy Days 4 anos atrás
I saw this house at the Tiny House Festival in Colorado. The bathroom is out of this world stunning. The video didn’t quite capture how incredible it is. The French doors are a work of art. I can see them being desirable for Tiny and traditional houses. When I first saw the doors, I knew the house was special. The exterior of the house is amazing. The curves and materials make it inviting. Again, it’s more than a home. It’s a work of art. For my own tastes, I would prefer a sleeping loft, but the windows and the interior finishes are comfortable and look luxurious. Overall, it’s an amazing house, and the bathroom. Have I mentioned the bathroom?
Sal San
Sal San 3 anos atrás
Your home is incredibly beautiful! The artistry and craftsmanship are mind-blowing!
tjuedes 4 anos atrás
By far the best bathroom award goes to your design. its beautiful. Great use of all the space. Love the bed and the artful ceiling. You put a lot of thought and beautiful design throughout. Job well done. Im sure your business will do well.
Vonda Laffin
Vonda Laffin 4 anos atrás
Extremely well done vid. Well edited and very well presented. What a knowledgeable presenter. Absolutely he should have his own show. Beautiful home!
Dana Galloway
Dana Galloway 4 anos atrás
Your woodworking is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Teresa Galbreath
Teresa Galbreath 4 anos atrás
Elevator bed is the way to go! Really amazing what you did with "scrap" wood. This is the best tiny house I've seen!!
Hinetoi25 4 anos atrás
The detailing is just beautiful, you are very creative and talented. Love all the little things your wife found that also adds to those beautiful finishings, such as the dragon tap and the barn lighting and the fan set on the roof with those barn lights looks awesome. I could just go on and I will!! Love the custom made wardrobe draws, beautiful, the roof in the lounge, the elevator bed and the hand pully-system looks like industrial art, cool!! Well done. Thanks for sharing your home with us.
Linda L
Linda L Anos atrás
Love when builders show their house and all the custom features!! Loved it!
Athena Collins
Athena Collins 4 anos atrás
Give him his own tiny house show he's doing an excellent job explaining how he's putting things together I've seen it somewhat thank you for your time
Sherry Dee
Sherry Dee 4 anos atrás
Lots of great tips & tricks for those of us who enjoy making personal stuff with strange angles & odd curves. It's an extremely one-of-a-kind home that only the maker can fully appreciate. Spending that much time on a commercial piece would take so many more hours to would drive the cost through the ceiling! It is a thing of beauty! Be Proud.
Sheila Mcgee
Sheila Mcgee 4 anos atrás
This is the most beautiful home I've ever seen. Great job.
Darlene Meeka
Darlene Meeka Anos atrás
The creativity that went into this tiny home is amazing! Just beautiful!😁
Patricia Davidson
Patricia Davidson 4 anos atrás
Wow, gorgeous tiny home! I love the little details his wife thought of. This guy is a great craftsman. Thanks for sharing!
Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson 3 anos atrás
Very impressive tiny house! Love it! I’ll never understand why someone would dislike a video. Just stop watching it. And why would you dislike the work this man has done!
Moomoo 4 anos atrás
Wow, that is a beautifully unique Tiny home! Thank you for sharing. So many interesting and gorgeous details.
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore 4 anos atrás
This is the most original and unique house I’ve seen!!! I love all the woods you’ve put into this, gorgeous.
Teresa Jimenez
Teresa Jimenez 4 anos atrás
I was fortunate to get to see this house at the tiny house festival and it is truly magnificent. Such thoughtful craftsmanship and unique creativity makes it truly a standout amongst many of the other mundane box homes on wheels. Very well done!
Debbie Woolard
Debbie Woolard 3 anos atrás
This is the best tiny house ever! If I were to ever have one built this young man would be the one to build it. Awesome home and builder. ❤️
Elizabeth Reavill
Elizabeth Reavill 4 anos atrás
Really enjoyed your video and loved your tiny house design. Great job !! You and your wife must be so proud of each other for all of the creative ideas you both came up and shared with us. Thanks again. Sincerely, Elizabeth
Patti Chulick
Patti Chulick Anos atrás
The most beautiful tiny house I have seen so far. I love everything about it. The last few days I have been viewing tiny houses and I am obsessed with them. I would go tiny in seconds. It would take some convincing for my hubby, though. I would like to take a vacation in one to see how it really feels. We would need a floor bedroom, but I absolutely love that elevator bed.
Alex White
Alex White 4 anos atrás
A circle blind could be made by making a circle covering with magnets on the edge and putting some magnets around the edge of the window! When not in use, one could just take it off and fold it up :) I saw some really cool magnet windows on another tiny house.
Reflexology52 Welsh
Reflexology52 Welsh 4 anos atrás
I’ve literally seen hundreds of tiny homes, some I like, some I don’t, but mostly they all look alike, however, this house really excites me, it’s so beautiful, so different, every inch of it is full of surprises, that bathroom makes the house look like a 1000 sq ft home, and I adore your kitchen, the turquoise in the counter is like jewelry.....I love every inch f it!
Andrea Low
Andrea Low 3 anos atrás
Can't get any better than Sleeping Beauty Turquoise...!!! ❤️❤️❤️
BaiAnNa2014 Twitter
BaiAnNa2014 Twitter 3 anos atrás
His craftmanship is awesome! And his wife's touch resonates the place!
Sindy J
Sindy J 3 anos atrás
Oh my gosh I couldn't agree more. This was built with love and I hope they have many years of happiness together in it ahead
Cheryl Collins
Cheryl Collins Anos atrás
The entire place is amazing but those countertops are over the top!!! And I can’t believe how big the bathroom is!!! Stunning! 👍👍❤️
kitt7459 3 anos atrás
Oh my, I LOVE all your doors and drawers! Beautiful work! And all those wonderful windows! Great job! (Oh, and those counter tops are gorgeous too!)
Angela 3 anos atrás
If I consider living in a "Tiny Home," this would be my type. Beautifully designed.
Succulent Garden Life
Succulent Garden Life 4 anos atrás
Love it!!!! Beautiful and functional. Best tiny home I’ve seen so far... 💚💚💚
D33p Prpl
D33p Prpl 4 anos atrás
I love the elevator bed! It’s a beautiful tiny home!
MishaO 4 anos atrás
Never thought of tiny living, but I believe I would really love it. Such freedom and mobility. Great craftsmanship and love the details.
Bel Be
Bel Be 4 anos atrás
Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful way to live. Creative and skilled in both build and design/decor. Great match ❤️
Erin “oomami” malone
Truly amazing use of space! A full fridge, oven and SOAKING TUB!!!
chocolate bunny
chocolate bunny 2 anos atrás
i can't decide if it's clever or not though. if i had a tiny house/van i would do a very small kitchen and avoid cooking.
Alex Wallace
Alex Wallace Anos atrás
A very unique and beautiful tiny home. Thanks for the tour! The bed is wonderful. The kitchen has a great pantry .I wish there was a bigger or different table set up. The wardrobes were wonderful. The bathroom so big, and what a floor. I've seen about 6 other tiny house tours in the past few days ,most were wonderful!
AhmaLyra 4 anos atrás
What a beautiful home! The talent, skill, and creativity put into this home are all obvious; well done and best wishes to Greg and Steph!
Becoming Love and Light
All these inovative builders of tiny houses are SO inspiring!! I am binge watching tiny house builds and am just amazed at the creative and genius ideas that they come up with. Wow !
Patricia Acerra
Patricia Acerra 4 anos atrás
Really well thought out. Nice to see such a laid back capable and talented guy. Best of luck on all your adventures!
bethlvmt 4 anos atrás
Greg and Steph are awesome! This is one of the BEST tiny houses I've seen! PERFECTION!
Such an AMAZING build!! I can't wait to see it once it's completed!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us!!
Anne K
Anne K 4 anos atrás
That is an awesome tiny house! Well done you two!
Ria Wally ::::
Ria Wally :::: 4 anos atrás
Damn man, you know what you're doing'! Amazing skill & talent, your home is absolutely beautiful!
mickyunit 4 anos atrás
Wow. Love the awning/deck offset consideration... The elevator bed... The woodwork throughout.. The bathroom.... Simply awesome!!!
Just.G. Dispatcher
Just.G. Dispatcher 4 anos atrás
I watch these Tiny Home Tours all the time when its slow at work. This is by far my favorite one! Love the Penny floor! Thanks for the video!
ally wolf
ally wolf 4 anos atrás
This guy is special in the best way! He is a craftsman and artist. Steph is very very lucky!!
StephanieAnneFalls 4 anos atrás
I really am!
Paul Ortiz
Paul Ortiz 4 anos atrás
well....wait, wait, wait there just a minute! I haven't seen the Mrs. to know who got the best end of the deal!! he might be the luckier of the two! (But i have a feeling they both really won!! Cheers always guys!)
Catherine NELSON
Catherine NELSON 3 anos atrás
Maybe he's just as lucky!
Pauline Hampson
Pauline Hampson 2 anos atrás
What a beautiful home you’ve designed - all the wood work, lift bed, spacious & unique bathroom, all the antique touches counters, etc etc! 👌
Anna Ryan
Anna Ryan 3 anos atrás
Very nice! You and Steph make a great design team. Thank You for being so thorough! I'm inspired!!
fnnnk north 2000
fnnnk north 2000 4 anos atrás
The design is truly amazing. Lots of thought, talent, skill, and planning went into this build. Greg you can be proud and lucky you found your true calling in life.
Scorpionturtle 4 anos atrás
This is so beautiful. I wouldn't want to travel with it but having it on a piece of land would be brilliant. The details on the drawers, the bed and the bathroom are so beautiful.
Judy A. Shroads
Judy A. Shroads 4 anos atrás
Love your house. Could use car tinting for the round window. Maybe you can find a tinting that would easily be removed if you want more light. Great.
Joanna Goodman
Joanna Goodman 4 anos atrás
They have window tint at Lowes and Home Depot.
ro32901 4 anos atrás
Very Nice!!! You are a true craftsman. Your wife has great taste and a flair for design. The color selection and uniqueness of your Tiny House is awesome. One of the best Tiny Home I have ever seen.
Elyse 2 anos atrás
What a stunning tiny house! Amazing details and just overall a work of art.
maggie ferrell
maggie ferrell 3 anos atrás
Suggestion for your circle window is to put up a rod from corner to corner & hang a pretty patterned curtain. Then when you part them to reveal the window during the day, you can have the curtains only hanging covering the walls on either side of the window. When curtains are closed they almost resemble wall paper since they cover the entire wall basically. ❤️❤️❤️🤷‍♀️ PS the only other comment is that I HAVE to have a comfy couch, very cushy. I love built in couches so I’m hoping your cushions are thick & comfy ❤️💕❤️
Truth Eternal
Truth Eternal 4 anos atrás
You guys did an excellent job; This house is amazing, artistic & unique:)
Kathy Weaver
Kathy Weaver Anos atrás
The best tiny house I’ve ever seen. Clever ideas and use of space yet shows personal touches! Love this!
Cindy 4 anos atrás
WOW, First Class, A #1, hands down the most beautifully thought out tiny house I've seen. The craftsmanship and artistic appointments are stunning. Job well done!
tswrench 4 anos atrás
Super inspirational build with a very high level of craftsmanship! When I first saw the thumbnail and title, I thought, meh...I've heard that claim before. But, this...this is about as cool as tiny house building gets. Thank you!
Darlene Moak
Darlene Moak 2 anos atrás
I love the clever use of wood. The barn door into the bathroom is phenomenal. And the turquoise highlights - incredible!
Pam S
Pam S Anos atrás
This one is definitely in my top 4. I absolutely love it and would duplicate it for myself if I ever wanted to have a tiny house. That bathroom is my favourite bathroom in all the tiny homes I’ve seen(About 50.). Then it would be the bed. I love that idea of it being up and out of the way. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻You did a great job!! A++💗💗
Brenda Lawrence
Brenda Lawrence 4 anos atrás
Stunning home! A nice functional kitchen that is beautiful too and a bathroom to die for. A bed that raises and lowers for sleeping, I don't know what else one could ask for in a tiny home. Love all the beautiful woodworking and woods, the attention to details are amazing. This husband and wife make a great team-she has great design taste and he does beautiful work. Love this home!
Carole Chenowith
Carole Chenowith 2 anos atrás
You can't help feel for Carol. She's been through a lot but is prevailing! I love this house. It's soooo cute! I work stocking at walmart and I spied some things they carry lol. I love the flowers and the window box. Overall just a great tiny house.
B. Mad
B. Mad 4 anos atrás
When I saw the ceiling above the couch I immediately thought of a quilt pattern. Quilt books would be a great help for future designs. :). Love the house, thank you for sharing. Simply gorgeous.
Karla K Fox
Karla K Fox 4 anos atrás
The good over the stove really makes it look like a regular kitchen! Kudos to you and your wife!!!
M Marie Markel
M Marie Markel Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your home. It is so creatively well planned and I love Steph's have-to-haves. I love as well that you used previously loved items and reclaimed wood as well. And what gorgeous wood it is too.
Karlen Evins
Karlen Evins 4 anos atrás
Beautiful job! You are truly an artist ~ (Looks like Steph is too ~ Love the penny floor!) Thanks for sharing ~ May you and your wife enjoy miles and miles of joy in your creative space~
Gina Martindale
Gina Martindale 4 anos atrás
Wow! There is so much character in this tiny house design. I love everything about it, but my favorite room is the bathroom. :)
Alice A
Alice A Anos atrás
I absolutely love the doors, I'm trying to figure out what color I'd paint them or if I'd go with the natural looking wood inside but on the outside. This is visually incredible!
GracedChip 4 anos atrás
I loved your house, so many different amazing aspects to it and there’s such a creative use of space. I would love to incorpoarte some of these features into a tiny house for myself.
roberto abrams
roberto abrams 4 anos atrás
I really Really REALLY love this tiny home - This guy has some serious skills! 👍👌😎✌🏻
C Connelly
C Connelly 3 anos atrás
Love the elevator bed, the circular window and the light colors! So much better than wasting money on rent! Very cool!
Lynne Springer
Lynne Springer 3 anos atrás
This is by far the nicest tiny home I have seen. I agree this guy needs his own show. He does a much better job of building, explaining and making use of manmade items than most. The tiny home has quite a bit of curb appeal and inside is much nicer than the Mercedes Unity Murphy bed. Because of the elevator bed and the ability of this guy to build the house appears bigger than what one would expect. He makes great use of space. I am curious about the wood stove and how it is attached to the tile if it is? Also, when he is ready to ready to start burning wood how hot will that metal decorative piece next to the fridge get?
B Yusuf
B Yusuf 4 anos atrás
I love the detailed explanations of this tour as we are being shown every single aspect within the tiny home. So unique with lots of gorgeous features such as the penny floor, the dragon head tap and the steam punk theme light fixtures. Beautiful, well thought out home.
Karen Blackburn
Karen Blackburn 4 anos atrás
Not only a craftsman but a designer who has actually sat down and thought about exactly what is important, big or small, and worked out how to incorporate it all. Storage is important but not just any old storage, the right type of storage and that is what the majority get wrong. Anyone would be honoured to live in a house this couple designed. My only personal change would be the bathroom, make it smaller and add in a small office space/artists studio. And a smaller bed, 3' grand just for me. Otherwise perfection. I would live in this design any day.
April Leigh
April Leigh 4 anos atrás
That is so beautiful! I just Love it when form and function collide so effectively!!!
Bobby Younger
Bobby Younger 4 anos atrás
Excellent ! Love the design, it is Artsy, warm, and cozy. Great use of space.
S M 2 anos atrás
So many thoughtful and innovative details here, and it’s lovely as well. Beautiful little home.
Cheshire Mercury
Cheshire Mercury Anos atrás
Hands down badass tiny! The woodwork alone, dang! 💕♥️ The details, I’m shook. 🥰
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