The Metaverse could be a problem.

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Facebook has changed to Meta, because they're building the Metaverse. This is going to change our lives. Here's how. To protect your data in the new uncertain world, hit the link:

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12 Nov 2021



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Comentários 32 033
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
I think I’ve seen this meta thing play out in some movies…. It never ended well
rootbrian Dia atrás
Nope, it never did.
Not_Zimon 2 dias atrás
Deeptanshu Ojah
Deeptanshu Ojah 3 dias atrás
War never ended well too, we see that in movies
Lucas R
Lucas R 3 dias atrás
lucky real life isnt a movie lol
thot slayer
thot slayer 5 dias atrás
Loll I get you😂
Paul White
Paul White 8 dias atrás
This sounds unlikely to improve the real world or real lives in any way. I hope it fails, and not just because it's coming from a corporate monster.
Unknown Dia atrás
@Jwolfen I agree 100%.. They wont make vr cheap enough anyway (which is the only pro that actually mattered to me) and also i dont think anyone will try to replace their real life with this... All those incredible things you can do in VR will ALWAYS be just VR, cant compare that to real life experiences.. top this off with a ton of people not trusting Mark as it is and how much data he can take from this.. Honestly think that metaverse will be forgotten about sooner or later.
Monkey Sun
Monkey Sun Dia atrás
I hope it becomes a video game
Nam 4 dias atrás
Well actually the world is running out of computer chips so i think there won't be enough VR glasses for everyone
Jwolfen 7 dias atrás
I hope it fails too, so far I haven't heard of anyone who actually thinks its a good idea, so its looking like we might not have to worry about it taking over.
Mason 7 dias atrás
I think this is a prime example of "just because you can doesn't mean you should".
the_SPAZ 3 dias atrás
Hell ya
KxttFN 12 dias atrás
This is really scary tbh, I think it's a cool concept but the fact that this could potentially outweigh the real world freaks me out
Blook Berry
Blook Berry 3 horas atrás
@No true but also the fact that it's vr and you can experience it all and it all has the perks of a videogame will probably catch more people to try it. And in my personal opinion i just think it'd be more fun that way lol. Of course though, that's not the point. I'd like to at least have fun if my information is going to be stolen either way
No 10 horas atrás
@Blook Berry That's already happening right now, it being VR won't change a thing
Blook Berry
Blook Berry 10 horas atrás
@No respectfully, I agree that a lot of people are basing it on movies but I don't think it's irrational either. If it were to turn bad, it probably wouldn't be cus of evil killer robots but probably because of private information safety.
No 12 horas atrás
It won't, you're watching waaay to much movies
SCP-173 4 dias atrás
@Peter you can't even be non-human in it, like bruh
Mati H.
Mati H. 12 dias atrás
This just seems like a breeding ground for toxicity. Second Life has already been a decent beta test of this sort of concept and how bad it can get. I would also be concerned, combining your points on how easily this could become an echo-chamber and how one could attempt to experience history first hand, that this would allow content creators to curate history to whatever narrative they chose. That could lead to large numbers of people believing a convincing historical lie over historical facts because of the illusion of experiencing it in real time. All of this seems like dangerous territory for sure.
$pekk_ 20 horas atrás
Laban Labansson
Laban Labansson 2 dias atrás
You are so right. This is some scary shit. Fun for the weirdos though, they can finally be that unicorn they've dreamed of beeing for so long. 🤭 This will be the perfect place for leftist indoctrination.. on steroids! 😒
Carpenter Bee
Carpenter Bee 7 dias atrás
Especially coming from a company who intentionally censors factual information to protect their favorite political party... Yeah I'll pass 👍
DustyFoxBoy 7 dias atrás
Freedom of speech
Carlos Loff
Carlos Loff 7 dias atrás
@Wolfgang Willis curiously, appart from all the problems SL users point out, Lag, Copybots, Tier prices, etc, SL being owned by one single company was never refered as a problem in itself, at least not in a general abundant way
Six 2 meses atrás
The Metaverse would be really scary if Facebook owned it to begin with. Stuff like this shouldn't be owned by a company that already has such a detailed profile of all of their users.
trollhunter Dia atrás
They're already making Avatar's for all of their users and using everything they've already posted to do it.
Gagoulol 1
Gagoulol 1 6 dias atrás
Every social media have a detailed profil of all their users. Ur using ytb rn which means that they already have all ur data💀
mak_Son97 8 dias atrás
@Ugochukwu Eze maybe some decent human who interests in it learning either might discover site like websites social cites, like Marck Zuckerberg done with Facebook, and maybe he will discover and own something like metaverse similar too?
jeff uz
jeff uz 8 dias atrás
@ზ but we may be forced too if everyone follows suit.
Fifteen88 9 dias atrás
@Foxel and it probably won’t
Sweet Disappointment Pie
But if every move on the metaverse requires a certain amount of virtual currency, then we're not really given that much freedom inside that virtual world.
Leo Majors
Leo Majors 8 dias atrás
If the Metaverse goes the way of current social media, it's likely to be funded more by advertising than transactions. And the algorithms are very good at finding the maximum number of ads a person will put up with before logging off.
Leila Valentin
Leila Valentin 10 dias atrás
Very scary because Facebook has already become everyone’s “life” their Metaverse life would be better than most people’s reality and they’d never want to get off it! This is a huge problem!
TheIndieGamesNL 8 dias atrás
If you mean meta owned instagram and whatsapp sure but facebooks popularity has died down
Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness
I don’t want the metaverse to be as strong as it’s sounding, I don’t want a replacement for our reality, I want the metaverse to be a hyperrealistic game universe, the way it’s sounding like it’s meant to be sounds like what various video games and movies warned us against, physical reality should always is distinguishable from the digital one
Space Usagi
Space Usagi 4 dias atrás
I never thought this kinda stuff would be possible, from movies like Ready Player 1 and anime like SAO it just seemed like an exaggerated fantasy or a jab at how immersed we are in our technology but seeing the start of something like that is actually really freaky. Yes the Metaverse could make a bunch of things more accessible and quicker, but it seems they're trying to make it into some kind of second reality rather than some quality of life improvements. It's scary.
Professor Fukyu
Professor Fukyu 2 dias atrás
It's called predictive programming.
Shellrockguy 2 meses atrás
Can’t wait for everyone to be consumed on their vr headset, while I stay outside and have peace and quiet in the real world
Mzb Nation
Mzb Nation 3 dias atrás
It’s Sword Art Online we will be trapped ther.
CommanderSarge69 6 dias atrás
Yall be overreacting 💀
Under Your Bed
Under Your Bed 9 dias atrás
@Михаило Вид Коларић Amen. Bring me the Crowns of all world Kings and Queens and we melt them down for one Crown 👑 to rule them all.
Snipppy Duck3
Snipppy Duck3 9 dias atrás
I agree
Tylerxic 9 dias atrás
You know your on BRvid right?
A. Chong
A. Chong 11 dias atrás
this is mind blowing and scary at the same time..imagine being born in a world where you don't see people's eyes anymore because all are covered in vr glasses..
Blook Berry
Blook Berry 10 horas atrás
To be fair tho, you'd still see their virtual eyes
ICIW_7 11 dias atrás
The idea of travelling to different planets, solar systems or even galaxies sounds really really cool. But the overall Metaverse thing sounds way too dangerous to me.
mak_Son97 8 dias atrás
I'm thinking the same like you, it's fan when you coming to online game and playing there by yourself with yourself in avatar, and it's fan and really cool to travel to different planets, solar systems, galaxies, or change in places ( teleportations and changing in times) like in Lucy, Back to the future. But there are some negativity in that too.
TristenNator 6 dias atrás
I think it's pretty weird if this was used by everyone all day every day for jobs,etc. I hope it will be more of a game like VR is now. I love VR and cant wait for the tech to get better.
Demonetization Symbol
Demonetization Symbol 8 dias atrás
I don't care what person or company achieves this, I don't want anyone to own/take over/rule the world.
Nas ML
Nas ML 19 horas atrás
@SwordMaster444 Righteous absolute leaders don't exist Absolute power corrupts everyone
MarkVEVO 3 dias atrás
@Artistic-skateboarder me
Artistic-skateboarder 6 dias atrás
@SwordMaster444 yea but a leader like that will at some time get bored about being like that and forget about his promises
SwordMaster444 7 dias atrás
It depends actually, if righteous leader and people rule the world, then world will have true peace and harmony.
Cambo Space and Science Edu
I don't like the idea of turning human to live in a faked world. My real dog will never want me to abandon her...
coolcatalesha 13 dias atrás
put a headset on ur dog. duh
nitroncat 17 dias atrás
@Ashwin Cherian Reji well that’s just fucking sad then
CreeperYT9824 24 dias atrás
Same with my pet fish
Clink- CrackedKiwi69
Clink- CrackedKiwi69 25 dias atrás
That's what I'm saying
យმκiიγმი យθrtςuឥឥεr
@Youssef Rochdi great point. And its sad that some less ambitious people will select to live in the meta-verse. Never improve their true bodies, true physique, or true motor skills in the real world. But come to believe that the meta version of themselves as who they truly are. This is going to be completely devastating and highly destructive. This creation of a plug-in digital reality is going to create an entire new level of mental psychosis upon exiting and having to deal with the real you: face, eye color, height, voice tone, love life.
Yodaman Sage
Yodaman Sage 3 dias atrás
This sounds like a hell of sorts. It is overwhelming temptation. In the end, everything you do there will be even more meaningless than it will be in real life.
Calista Falcontail
Calista Falcontail 10 dias atrás
Call me "in denial" but I just dont see this going off cause to many people are critical about the way we waste our lifes on technology, how companies mess with us and yearn for spirituality and authentic experiences. I am neither super young nor old...I am right in the middle and this just flew by me. I dont care about it and dont wanna use it. I am to old for THIS ish for sure and dont wanna deal with it. I dont know anyone my age or a little younger who wants this either.
Qorax 8 dias atrás
OK Boomer!
Old King Spook
Old King Spook 12 dias atrás
Can't say I'm interested in VR at all. It's cool, I suppose, but never really struck my fancy. Nothing can replace the experience of actually being somewhere for me.
Lt. JoeAnimatez
Lt. JoeAnimatez 3 dias atrás
Online is good enough for me.
Crazy Beaker
Crazy Beaker 6 dias atrás
i do not want to be negative as the technolog would be cool, but I can see this increasing harrasement, bullying, and online abuse. Even in our current social media platform amplifly the negative personality traits. also people was massive insecurities will pay a heavy cost as this will increase their time on the platform. I think as a society we are not mature enough for this technology.
John Olswang
John Olswang Mês atrás
Nice to see such a trustworthy company tapping into your perceived reality what could go wrong.
matheus Santhiago
@Shoegaze Based Genre that's offensive to actual lizards
Cheeto Licker
Cheeto Licker 15 dias atrás
Ikr they seem so nice and trustworthy nothing could possibly go wrong with this whole thing. This totally won’t be the end of mankind.
RØåStYDut54³ Mês atrás
Yeah very trustworthy😀
StormyEX Mês atrás
TG mod
TG mod Mês atrás
lmao btw i m 1000th liker
Sri Harsha Chilakapati
Sri Harsha Chilakapati 20 horas atrás
It definitely feels great to turn dreams into reality, but what if that "reality" is itself a dream?
TheElfsHeadStore 4 dias atrás
It's nice to feel the future, see what could be next and how we're soon going to have flying cars etc. But I cant wait for epic fails from the meta verse. Bugs, glitchy graphic, weird faces etc.
george corduneanu
george corduneanu 6 dias atrás
I just wanted to say that the metaverse would be just an escape from the real world. If we don't accept our weak points we might all end in the Metaverse.
Martand Aditya
Martand Aditya 8 dias atrás
The pros and cons covered, as well as the whole presentation in general, was epic!!
No One
No One Mês atrás
Imagine how empty people feel after leaving the meta world and being back in reality. Society will get more and more lost in the circle of dopamine addiction, creating brain dead people and increasing the development of depression
Laban Labansson
Laban Labansson 2 dias atrás
@Villas Dam-Karlsen Why are you saying You have seen too many movies all the time? You know nothing about human traits, the way to create an addiction and the consequences of it.
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@ernesto mininno at the end of the day nature is unknown for us and trying to mimic it is impossible
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@spacecore _ yes but social media has caused more depression they see their avatar and see they’ll never be like it same with metaverse
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@S!lx Beats || tt meta won’t blow up because you just cannot copy human contact and with the insane graphics it will have many bugs probably
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@Nayan Punekar you do so much in the mega verse and you take the headset off BLAM get hit with the realisation it’s not real you see what I mean
Nicholas McCarthy
Nicholas McCarthy 7 dias atrás
Funny how every content creator who has been making their living thanks to their complicit cooperation with new and constantly evolving communication mediums like youtube that have permeated every wrinkle of society to enormous individual detriment are now telling us "nah guys this next one is going to be the end of free consciousness" as if most people aren't already dead.
Rudi Wiedemann
Rudi Wiedemann 23 horas atrás
I’d like to be totally immersed in the ultimate version of the MetaVerse during my last year on the planet where I don’t give a crap about anyone or anything anymore except my own experiences.
Kavyaansh Kundu
Kavyaansh Kundu 6 dias atrás
Just watching this video was an emotional rollercoaster. From the excitement of the project to the scare of its implications. Well executed @Mrwhosetheboss.
k.niranjan reddy
k.niranjan reddy 7 dias atrás
You know what, the thought of a virtual world like sao was dope when in series but as it is becoming a reality its terrifying
Bobby Ang
Bobby Ang Mês atrás
And in the end, we arrive at the Matrix.
white angel
white angel 8 horas atrás
Ok ready player one
Zion Dia atrás
The new Bitcoin mining scheme. But instead of your GPU, you let them mine with your body.. That's fucked up.
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 5 dias atrás
Except it’s not going to happy. The public laugh at it. Nobody thinks it’s cool or desirable. Just like VR headsets don’t have mass appeal. I hope Facebook carry on thought because this will fail so spectacularly hopefully it will bankrupt them.
oscar valmon
oscar valmon 8 dias atrás
In a year, we will end up in ready player one
the steam doge
the steam doge 10 dias atrás
@JokerfleckCast true facui is a nazi
SUPER MAN 5 dias atrás
Saymine is actually really helpful tho. and it's really scary how the metaverse could track every single thing we do, but at the same time, it's really cool (not the tracking, but all the experiences! like, you could literally have magic, which has been my dream, since forever)
PlatinumDot 8 dias atrás
I really don't know how to feel about this. Do we really want something like this?
Austin Drexler
Austin Drexler 14 horas atrás
You're right about one thing... the metaverse is here. It's been here since AOL. It's a glorified web browser with built-in vr chatrooms. We'll still need restaurants, travel, transportation, etc. In my opinion, this metaverse feels like a snake oil sales pitch. Though I am curious what folks will pay for virtual avatars.
Brian Gambler
Brian Gambler 9 dias atrás
The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that I can do a lot of this stuff already in real life and it will be a lot more enjoyable. Sure in the metaverse you can go the Bahamas, but it will still be the same environment as your living room. It has all of the visuals and none of the feel.
zehran 2 meses atrás
Can't wait for people to full go into this "meta verse" so I can go outside and enjoy some alone time.
6 horas atrás
edgy 😮‍💨
worldwhitewide 7 dias atrás
Outside it'll all be acid rain and toxic smog and mutated homeless cats and dogs
CJ Goodman
CJ Goodman 17 dias atrás
Orlando Furioso
Orlando Furioso 20 dias atrás
@acidkhmer yeah right because you actually chat with your friends on the other side of the world and not ignore them. This was the same excuse we made when we were 11 with our parents to use Facebook
Clink- CrackedKiwi69
Clink- CrackedKiwi69 21 dia atrás
@Jie dude just realised it would be so easy to kill people and do basically anything irl, I could probably go into someone's house and just do anything, and hide in a closet or something when they're not on the verse
dinesh revunuru
dinesh revunuru Dia atrás
Actually, I felt this video is something serious that everyone should think about. To be frank, at some point of time I was scared about how this world is going to be and that's beyond my imagination. Maybe you have to add a scary music instead of expressing happiness and excitement. Lol 😅
Ace Wing
Ace Wing 12 dias atrás
My biggest problem is that: All this will be owned by one single private company I really don't think this will be a good thing for its users
1kingcarson 2 dias atrás
The ONLY benefit of this is that it'll help to keep jobs in the real world available. No one wants to work now, and the pandemic is getting worse. This is the perfect tool for isolation.
デカラインLARA 8 dias atrás
*_I'd still pursue my goal to spread stories and tales through creative means... while I enjoy the real world while it still remains innocent to me (If only the future was more merciful)._* *_Except the problem is how much they're gonna monopolize it..._*
Karthikeyan Lakshmi Narayanan
Me: can I actually fly in metaverse? META: Yes, you can with a simple monthly subscription
s Lieberman
s Lieberman 21 dia atrás
@MrBlob will be the best qb lol
Andromeda Delux
Andromeda Delux 22 dias atrás
@Special EliteYT Don't get it twisted. Stuff like this only gets as far as it does due to user generated content. 3D artists and content creators jobs take a lot longer than the piddly cents facebook can give and gain from revenue per click from ad sponsors. They're going to want to pay people or set up direct monetization of virtual avatar costumes etc, which will then come into question of "how much of that money paid to artists is shaved off to give to facebook". If that net profit share gives them less money than they would make by simply generating content for an older game with the same premise like second life....again, its dead in the water.
CronosX Cronos
CronosX Cronos 23 dias atrás
@Special EliteYT True
Special EliteYT
Special EliteYT 23 dias atrás
@CronosX Cronos That's exactly what I'm saying. The original comment above was implying that we would have to pay for simple stuff in the Metaverse, which is of course bullshit. We are the products, which is the only way to keep the platforms "free".
CronosX Cronos
CronosX Cronos 23 dias atrás
@Special EliteYT It seems like you don't understand how platforms work. The ads that are placed in any platform are used for attracting customers to pay for that product, seminar, course, etc. Facebook seems free but it's not free. You pay for the BS political endorsements and brain washing.
AvviDs TTV
AvviDs TTV 3 dias atrás
Unless we develop full dive vr at a level where this would be actually possible I don’t see this going anywhere
SaliG Dia atrás
For recreational and educational purposes it sounds amazing, but to replace real life? In my opinion, it should enhance our lives by showing us things we CANT access meaning how it looks on another planet and historical sites rebuilt or playing a game (like VR is doing now). Trying to place yourself completely in tech is where I'll draw the line. I prefer my holidays and experiences in person with real people.
Drago 11 dias atrás
With great power comes great responsibilities
Siddhesh Bandgar
Siddhesh Bandgar 9 dias atrás
These things are really interesting and fascinating! But, I don't think this could be a new normal any time soon. This could be useful in unforeseen circumstances, like attending a meeting virtually because of issues. People are always going to enjoy and prefer to be physically present at places rather than virtually. We have seen how people have been fed up of staying at homes during this lockdown. We have all the online mediums for learning, but are students actually learning or just muthing the tab and sleeping?
Abhishek Guruvannawar
Abhishek Guruvannawar 2 meses atrás
The world has literally started feeling like a sci-fi movie
Qorax 8 dias atrás
Yeah I'm starting to feel old lol
Andrea Voigtländer
Andrea Voigtländer 12 dias atrás
@Lytening ready player one is really bad
woah 14 dias atrás
Domi Plays
Domi Plays 20 dias atrás
@Dr. Quantum I really hope so
Dr. Quantum
Dr. Quantum 20 dias atrás
@Domi Plays We win in the end don't worry.
Lomash Dubey
Lomash Dubey 3 dias atrás
Video was so well made seriously ! to the points and perfectly precise.
Lukas Navickas
Lukas Navickas Dia atrás
I think metaverse is a cool idea with a much more sinister goal.
Ci V
Ci V 11 dias atrás
"We were being pitched our own future." this all felt vaguely dystopian and eerie. This is dangerous
Chiara Perez
Chiara Perez 6 dias atrás
this was so deep, and now i must go and re think my life and how our worst nightmare in movies and shows of the future, might come true....tbh, this all seems cool, but i think it should stay more as a social media and gaming method, bc anything more that that, and we might end up becoming vegetables with head sets on.
Sami GARNATI 2 meses atrás
Honestly, I'd rather to be a normal being, living a normal life than an electronic avatar, living an electronic verse. AKA Meta verse.
Cheeto Licker
Cheeto Licker 15 dias atrás
Yeah me too. This whole meta verse thing definitely won’t end well.
meliodas 20 dias atrás
@ava oh cool
Clink- CrackedKiwi69
Clink- CrackedKiwi69 22 dias atrás
Villas Dam-Karlsen
Villas Dam-Karlsen Mês atrás
You've seen too many movies my guy.
No Way
No Way Mês atrás
​@fahim salim This
Remote Revolutions
Remote Revolutions 2 dias atrás
I have a feeling asking someone to state what the metaverse is will tell me more about them than it will about the metaverse is. And that actually might be what the metaverse is in the end.
Damien Boyd
Damien Boyd 8 dias atrás
This is gonna get bad. I work in retail and the Quest 2 was definitely the hot item this year. I think that’s the gateway
Josefin Jerndahl
Josefin Jerndahl 3 dias atrás
I am actually really excited for this! So easy to är My Friends, especially during a pandemic 😅 and oh not to mention - it would be great for the climate?
Marc Ricōs
Marc Ricōs 28 dias atrás
The danger of giving EVERYTHING to a company (Meta/Facebook) is absolutely apocalyptic. If this idea works, Facebook is gonna own the world.
Demonetization Symbol
Demonetization Symbol 8 dias atrás
I don't care who the person is if it's a person, what the corporation is if it's a corporation, I don't want anyone or anything neither ruling nor taking over the world.
play man
play man 9 dias atrás
A man could only hope for a open source meta…
Dark -
Dark - 9 dias atrás
North Korea is immune
Green Cappy
Green Cappy 10 dias atrás
Modern day feudalism. CEOs and company leaders are literally dictators.
Andrew Varnum
Andrew Varnum 10 dias atrás
@Space Ninja yea for real or the oasis
LOJAS42 Dia atrás
things like surfing and activities like that, are exciting because you know you are not safe, the whole point of them is to physically feel like you are not in your normal environmets, the thrill of it comes from the danger that you are in, the adrenaline rush, ut that does not really come from something that you cant feel
Ewan Lier
Ewan Lier 5 dias atrás
food and stuff should be provided by the metaverse and any jobs you do online would earn you food. this would make more people buy the vr headset for the metaverse and thr money that meta makes would provide people to move to the platform
FreëzeLucif3r 11 dias atrás
isnt this just gonna make us want to escape reality more then we already do
Benjamin Claridge
Benjamin Claridge Hora atrás
Perhaps, in the future when enough humanity has been lost, we will appoint a regulator to evaluate whether new tech is in the interest of our species or against it and find our way back to a balance.
StingrayC267 2 meses atrás
So is VR/AR the bridge between reality and Metaverse?
Clink- CrackedKiwi69
Clink- CrackedKiwi69 22 dias atrás
Yeah it's terrifying
s. Mês atrás
@lukyboi _44 Yes, Metaverse is basically VRChat with A LOT more budget
Daan Daan
Daan Daan Mês atrás
For now..... but finally we will be connected directly
KlearChristal Mês atrás
@lukyboi _44 Yup.
gocygo 2 meses atrás
Very different things
Cami chan
Cami chan 9 dias atrás
At the end of the day the Metaverse can never replace reality. It won’t ever be the same and I honestly don’t see everyone jumping in on it like Facebook thinks they will.
rootbrian Dia atrás
To be honest, I just haven't felt the need to even dive into virtual reality at all. Never wasted time getting a headset (because, most aren't compatible with specks, eg. eye glasses!), though, I did try a few on (didn't fit over my specks), and discovered one at value village, though, it required a smartphone to be placed inside it. I would rather relegate it to video games, simulators (eg. racing, driving, boating, flight) and related uses, and not to replace anything in real life (because THAT would result in horrible health issues/problems, eg. under/over-eating, urinating/defecating in place, neglected hygiene, physical inactivity, severe obesity, muscular wastage). Getting into mountains of debt from not working (eg. no income) would likely also be common place too, homelessness would result in no roof over your head.
JellikinG4ng 12 dias atrás
I feel like this is going to be in a tech fail video in a few years time 👀
Stephan Forseilles
Stephan Forseilles 4 horas atrás
Very good and thorough analysis. Thanks for the insights.
Woodii Mês atrás
Damn this sounds so damn sad and terrifying to a large degree. We the people need to fight against this. Remember we dont have to use this just because its invented.
ice_bear 8 dias atrás
@jeff uz hmm fair enough... but I rather like to think the other way around, that they develop Meta because FB is not as popular anymore
jeff uz
jeff uz 8 dias atrás
@ice_bear but maybe Facebook is neglected because they are putting their resources into meta?
pl565ter 14 dias atrás
@Nuwan In the long term there will be no ads products or markets because there will be no scarcity of resources. Everything will be produced 99% automatically by machines while humans live in a metaverse simulation
pl565ter 14 dias atrás
I will absolutely use it. Full automation and full virtualization will end most human suffering
df pl
df pl 16 dias atrás
All of you sound paranoid for no reason
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Ishtiaque Ahmed 2 dias atrás
*Thank You So Much Man,,, This Video REALLY Helped Me And Cleared My Concept About Metaverse* 😊
Jordan Green
Jordan Green 6 dias atrás
VR is already a thing, these things already exist. VR chat is a huge community, and what we need for a "meta verse" is one run by the community, because those people are the only ones that will create this space for the people. I'm a huge fan of VR, and I do think it will be more integrated into every day life, just wish Facebook would stay out of it.
Gthenics 11 dias atrás
Thank you for the fantastic video. How did you make it? What software did you use for composting? Editing? Animation.
Littleillustrator 7 horas atrás
I am scared about the fact that virtual reality is the future, its cool but imagine the strain on your eyes
Kevin C
Kevin C Mês atrás
Sounds like an escape from reality. Metaverse sounds concerning and dangerous for humanity.
carso1500 Mês atrás
@Sasa Washe M thats sounds exactly like the same thing people where saying about comic books, rock and metal music, televisión, dungeon and dragons videogames, etc, that it would destroy the children that it was evil and satanic that it would push then into cults or make them violent killers and look at that those where always wrong Just because your children will have access to forms of entertainment that you didnt had that doesnt mean that they will go wrong, it's the exact same discusión that we have every single new generation but people don't learn from the past
Andromeda Delux
Andromeda Delux Mês atrás
@Sasa Washe M Just give them the same access to outlets for creativity and time you have. A hobby is what you do in your free time. Make sure their hobbies only take up "free time" and not "all of their time". Whether its a video game, or a VR headset game, or a tablet, or mobile phone. Its nothing to be afraid of anymore than the first pac man arcade. Except, at an arcade there was always a waft of nachos or whatever else to draw your attention away so as to "NOT" obsess and make your free time run into your "all time". Getting them to understand that their hobbies require bills to be paid and a sense of work ethic can help insure they prioritize the right things.
Sasa Washe M
Sasa Washe M Mês atrás
I really dont know how best we can help our children not to be hooked.. evil evil world we are in
Andromeda Delux
Andromeda Delux Mês atrás
@carso1500 Its because a lot of people are still tech illiterate even though its 2021. Outside of their phone they don't really interact with many forms of technology that require any thought past "push button".
carso1500 Mês atrás
@Andromeda Delux people using ready player one like reality, is like when they try to argue that AI is bad because of Terminator
AbvoltBolt 11 dias atrás
I really like this video and it has a lot of points that add to me not wanting meta making the metaverse. I think a good metaverse needs to be "open source" so that you're not limited to one companies vision and no one company should be in charge of moderation. Companies in general shouldnt be moderation here, I think the moderation should just be done by what the users say is good and bad, there shouldnt be interference from companies
plasticvideo 6 horas atrás
MetaVerse will be another tool in the toolbox emulating the closest thing technology can offer to real life. Think about what they are trying to do which is, be as "real" as possible or even hyper real. Psychologically this could have a real affect on mental health as the Mrwhoestheboss points out. It's the same as when a teen girl feels she could never be supermodel perfect compared to the magazines she reads and suffer from depression because of it or go to extremes like plastic surgery to obtain her meta-self. It will be a great place to escape to as we do with Netflix or gaming, but it won't replace a food experience or the smell of anything. Overall its simply more immersive and customizable in detail of what we are already experiencing with real time chat/video streaming, gaming etc. To put it another way, it's the difference of going from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s. but people are still going to get burritos at Taco Bell.
Edvard Aslaksen
Edvard Aslaksen 20 horas atrás
The metaverse is like lucid dreaming. the first second your flying, the next second the world is ending.
Agent Null
Agent Null 2 dias atrás
Unpopular opinion: This is an amazing idea that I love.
Lily 2 meses atrás
The meta thing should be like a Disney theme park ; limited time, for fun, as a hobby. It's so cool to have certain experiments but living in it 24/7 seems terrifying.
Amirul Mustafa
Amirul Mustafa 22 dias atrás
So Vrchat or recroom?
Dinu G
Dinu G Mês atrás
@Lego City batman Set Lifestyle that cgi fake smile of yours is a "disapprove" .
Lego City batman Set Lifestyle
@Dinu G God disprove
xotikkk Mês atrás
@Dinu G it could very likely be something like that
xotikkk Mês atrás
@Dinu G exept we all know how SAO ended
Alaska 49
Alaska 49 3 dias atrás
I like the learning potential of it, I think training for jobs could be a lot easier especially those high stress jobs like law enforcement or surgeons, or even military. But I’m also hesitant about the whole thing. I think it could do more harm then good. You can run from all your problems while the world moves on without you. In reality, you might end up with no real experiences, no real friends, and you’re always presenting how you want the world to see you so and then you take your headset off and look into the mirror and you see who you really are. I’m interested to see where this goes, but it could have the potential to do more harm then good.
not google
not google 3 dias atrás
I know this will never happen, but I still hope!
Naoya Yami
Naoya Yami 10 dias atrás
As a pro-tech hedonist, I think this idea of real life Oasis (from Ready Player One) is a waste of money, time and resources. What's the point of meeting other people if you can't feel their presence? If you want to see how people communicate in virtual realities not bound by physical restrictions, just check out what happens to many communities in MMORPGs like WOW or Guild Wars 2: since players are no longer confined to their own servers and they can freely meet and play with every other player, it makes any relations less important, often leading to toxic behaviors since "I don't care what you think, I won't have to play with you anyway".
SHL1_mW Dia atrás
50 to 100 years from now, mrwhostheboss will be like an important historical figure being one of the first to discuss the metaverse in it's early days.
Mendez Mês atrás
The scariest part is: for most people this is the escape that they've been waiting for. No need to live in the real world, this is where they will inhabit this is where they will die.
MattsLegoChannel 12 dias atrás
Rec room.
Lyric 12 dias atrás
I think people don't know how to balance their desires. Too much of anything isn't healthy for anyone. However, I can see how out of touch this can cause a person to become, if it isn't controlled.
Jeremiah Ducate
Jeremiah Ducate 12 dias atrás
It certainly will help corporations keep people in meaningless, under-compensated, soul-sucking jobs wHen people are able to cope by literally getting away from it all once they get home. That is until AI and tech make those jobs obsolete and people are so addicted to this AR they dont care about actually living in the real world.
CodeNameZ 12 dias atrás
Yes but it can make people more depresed, like there are already many people who hate their life, the metaverse can make it worst, after all when you need to return to your boring self to eat, work, do normal in real life stuff
TinyBearTim 13 dias atrás
@Pixelator that’s called therapy
Zamerus 9 horas atrás
13:25 This already happens. VRChat and Neos VR are akin to the metaverse, you can be who or what you want to be. But as soon as you take your headset off, you are no longer that, and just yourself. In VRChat I'm a short fox dragon, weebs, furries, eboys and the like tend to find me cute. I'm that cute little chibi dragon that trills and dances that people like for some reason. But when going back to reality, I'm just some nobody that is practically a ghost and barely speaks in real life. Its an incredibly jarring difference but a difference I am used to flipping between now.
Rudi Wiedemann
Rudi Wiedemann 23 horas atrás
Imagine “cyber wars” in the global MetaVerse where if your Avatar is “killed” they wipe out your digital existence?
Eljay Meneses
Eljay Meneses 12 dias atrás
I'm very excited for the Metaverse but ,like he said, this would make some problems that would affect many people in the world.
atat **
atat ** 8 dias atrás
My god! An actually critical video that discusses the pros and cons of the Metaverse and not just: "Zuckerberg bad! Corporation bad! Wallmart showcase bad!" Thank you!
:D 2 meses atrás
This concept is so terrifying.. imagine the limits of cyberbullying and pedos if this becomes a norm in peoples lives…
spacecore _
spacecore _ 24 dias atrás
@asianhd it’ll make 4chan look like a tea party
Queef Bard
Queef Bard 27 dias atrás
@Mein Führer Is your profile picture the Black Sun symbol with a troll face?
Pinky’s P.O.V
Pinky’s P.O.V 2 meses atrás
My thoughts exactly. Creeps are going to take advantage of this. Imagine a criminal just teleporting to your bedroom because he doesn’t have to break in. Thanks metaverse 😒
Mein Führer
Mein Führer 2 meses atrás
Don't worry Zuck will remove all "cyber hate" and make sure you see real approved ideas.
asianhd 2 meses atrás
this makes vrchat like heaven
lucy 10 dias atrás
well on the other hand, I think they made metaverse because of covid-19 pandemic which is okay because it can help the students who learns at home, meet and learn virtually on metaverse
Specs 2 horas atrás
If everyone was in the metaverse I wonder how lonely blind people would feel
Ross 7 dias atrás
We'll all live in the metaverse and do whatever we want! Well... except for the service workers who still have to provide every single essential service we actually need to survive. They're screwed of course.
Adyan 2 dias atrás
Its like being in your dreams anytime you want and its upto you what dream you want to watch.
Aci 2 meses atrás
I'd rather not have Facebook be the one to make this...
DaDolphinPlayz Mês atrás
@Dakota Davis id rather have it to be fully open source
Jessica Gruskin
Jessica Gruskin 2 meses atrás
You do realize Facebook made the quests
Pixellated-Turtle 2 meses atrás
@PianoPianist same exactly
roni dutta
roni dutta 2 meses atrás
Roblox will be better platform .
FnnElm 2 meses atrás
I’d rather have no one make this
* d o r i e *
* d o r i e * 4 dias atrás
I understand the points he’s making, but we’ll always need to return to the real world where nothing has changed. Most things will not really become redundant. We’ll still need cars to go places, people to build roads, the need to make money to pay mortgages…?
Laban Labansson
Laban Labansson Dia atrás
@* d o r i e * Agreed 👍
* d o r i e *
* d o r i e * 2 dias atrás
@Laban Labansson I agree people will be addicted to their screens to an even greater extent but I keep hearing people say things like, "We won't need cars". I just mean that everything in the real world will not just cease to exist, they might not be cared for to the same extent, but they'll still be needed.
Laban Labansson
Laban Labansson 2 dias atrás
You dont think people will get depressed returning to their real life? Screen addiction is already a HUGE problem in the world, this wont make it better.
Slyko 7
Slyko 7 8 dias atrás
Here’s some feedback as someone who has been in the vr space. First of all none of what meta is talking about is new. Games like rec room and vr chat are basically the same thing. Meta is basically just bringing these words to light. The issue is that there changing the very market as we know it. Claiming it as there own. However with metas already established popularity and there ability to create new technologies for consumer prices. There idea is to connect all the games and experiences we already have through one software (the meta verse) and then slapping there name on it. But the meta verse can’t succeed without people so it’s really in our hands. If people don’t want it it can’t work even for those who do want it. I kinda hate this video because it acts like all of this is new. It’s not. All of these things have been done and will probably be done better then meta.
Crypt0_7377 11 dias atrás
I just want real life not MetaVerse to always be part of my life just like zoom
Arindam Das
Arindam Das Dia atrás
i don't want the metaverse, the thing is that you will lose connection with your family friends in real life, heck you might even lose yourself as a real person and lose all hopes in the real world. if this continues on then we will progress more towards virtual reality but not towards the real world and the world would seem as a plain old apple while the metaverse would seem even more cooler and we lose touch with real world the real feel the real taste it's all gone even your feelings.
Caellum Moran
Caellum Moran Mês atrás
I love technology, and this may be cool to log into every now and then, but this shouldn't ever be a replacement for any real activities.
A 19 dias atrás
You will start out thinking that way but meta verse will make sure they do everything they can to make you addicted
Sh3rlock H0lmes
Sh3rlock H0lmes 22 dias atrás
Yeah, like this is cool, but freaky as hell
A S 23 dias atrás
@Dragapult Change your world and your mindset, break out of that nasty funk.
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@Dragapult sometimes it does but lying to yourself is worse
Lukepuke 311
Lukepuke 311 23 dias atrás
@Thomas Von Wenden I’ll only use it to be on top of big mountains
Phillip Batz
Phillip Batz 11 dias atrás
I think an exorbitantly well-paid job will be to reproduce "unplugged" experiences for digital remaster. You'll have to record your interactions with an entirely physical, if not entirely analog, environment. Horror movies set in the Industrial Age would be big sellers. Coal mining experiences would be seen as being nearly as horrific as "8mm". I'd like to see the Metaverse be a complete design space for how we produce goods and services in the real world. I think that's possibly its most promising use.
christoph dittmer
christoph dittmer 6 dias atrás
Tech is very far from giving us anything near to a realistic experience of realtiy with an AI Headset. Metaverse is gonna be some kind of roleplay version of reality.
Carlos Loff
Carlos Loff 7 dias atrás
Do not try to invent the wheel, since 2003 Second Life has a system that when you create or upload anything to the Metaverse you can define if its free or has a price and if after purchased it is or not - copy - modify - transfer, it is embeded and setup on the object itself
Dimitar Yanakiev
Dimitar Yanakiev 9 dias atrás
Just let technology do its thing and move on with ur lives. Thanks
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