The Mavericks Are Risking Everything for Kyrie Irving

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The Mavericks have just traded for Kyrie Irving in a deal that could make them contenders. Luka has been amazing with subpar rosters in the playoffs and gets the best teammate he’s ever had. The risk is gigantic with the most unpredictable star of all time and it could be the first domino in Luka demanding a trade out of Big D.

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4 Fev 2023



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Van Hattfield
Van Hattfield Mês atrás
The theme for this entire season has been that Luka doesn't have any help and is doing it alone, so it seems a bit strange that it would be considered "risking everything" in adding Kyrie.
Obamain POtin
Obamain POtin Mês atrás
@swish.highlights which all star or almost certain all star is available on the market for a max except irving ? 🤣🤣
Nintendo Convert
Nintendo Convert Mês atrás
@Chaunce Dickerson and whichever player happens to be available, which right now isn’t a great list.
Chaunce Dickerson
Chaunce Dickerson Mês atrás
@Argel Dela Cruz look at Luka vs Gianni’s games. Not a problem, he can’t guard Luka.
Chaunce Dickerson
Chaunce Dickerson Mês atrás
@Daunte Williams your words bro.
Kurtis Falcone
Kurtis Falcone Mês atrás
If Kyrie doesn't re-sign, Dallas will have enough cap space to sign a near max player. Before this trade they didn't have that. That cap space they could use to let Luka pick his next teammate. Plus they have Kyrie's bird rights which means they can match any offer out there. They have leverage and ways to recoup. Honestly this is a great gamble for them. Cuban is showing Luka that they are willing to do whatever it takes to help.
SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF
​@Neill Oireachtaigh no way in helll Nikola jokic goes there, he is the Draymond Green on offense for the nuggets & the ball flows through him very fluidly. Luka just needs a bunch of good role players around him that don't mind having everything flow through Luka and their offensive numbers taking a hit. He kills the fluidity of the offense and shoots eight threes a game at a low percentage. It would kill a Superstars career to go there, even someone like Klay Thompson who doesn't need the ball is much better suited with Steph because neither team hurts the fluidity of the offense and both of them played the exact same way without the ball
Neill Oireachtaigh
Neill Oireachtaigh 29 dias atrás
@SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF jokic
SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF
​@Neill Oireachtaigh lollll which players? Name them, Luka has the highest usage rate in the NBA by mile. Isn't in shape to play both ends of the ball and passes most of the time only when he doesn't have the shot. Name the players that would want to play there with him?
Obamain POtin
Obamain POtin Mês atrás
@Marcin Kobos tell us who pls ?
Obamain POtin
Obamain POtin Mês atrás
there's no big name accepting 1: to go to dallas, 2: to play in the shadow of luka, and 3: there"s almost no big name free agent available. so u can try to reassure yourself, but w'll know what will happen if Irving leave dallas( like he will most likely will) 🤣🤣🤣
Rangers Raven
Rangers Raven Mês atrás
Here’s what I think: the Mavs have nothing to lose. Keeping the same guys doesn’t help, and if we were waiting for 2025, Luka would’ve requested a trade by 2024 anyways. Even if Luka waited, did you think Ingram/Tatum/Murray/Spida would leave their teams? Not a chance. So it’s the best thing they could’ve done. Us Mavs fans just have to do one thing: pray to God this works out.
Wicked Tinggzz
Wicked Tinggzz Mês atrás
@bingus enjoyer nba players are divas and have egos to big . They won’t play with luka because it won’t be their team . My take anyways
O K Mês atrás
And even if some of these guys do hit free agency (who out of the 10 potential ones it will probably be like 3) what makes you think any of them would want to go to Dallas? Especially at this point would be neither a big market or a good team
Morales Corner
Morales Corner Mês atrás
Luka would not leave nor request a trade for a while no matter what, he's signing the max extension with the Mavs
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
Yeah they would be in better shape with brunson kyrie luka kleiber wood
CUTIE ent...
CUTIE ent... Mês atrás
Luka is a cry baby and is not a good team player
Oladipupo Ajani
Oladipupo Ajani Mês atrás
Even though I am disappointed with Kyrie not being traded to the lakers, i am still intrigued by how he and Luka will look together. It looks good on paper, but chemistry is definetly important if this going to work.
iL Duce'
iL Duce' Mês atrás
@Turn ya Gangsta Down So the truth is Tatum & brown r equivalent to Wade & lebron 🤨? CLE tried to build around Kyrie & it was a dumpster fire, his best yrs were playing"robin"alongside lebron & he believes like u that he's more 😓.
Turn ya Gangsta Down
@iL Duce' you sound mad I spoke the truth bro 🤣🤣
iL Duce'
iL Duce' Mês atrás
@Turn ya Gangsta Down Okay u mentioned Steph not winning anything till Draymond & Klay which I never mentioned but Tatum & brown r a winning culture 😅😂🤣. I said the organization had to make a choice between Steph & Ellis, they saw the big pic w/Steph! U said Steph only has one FMVP, ok but he's the reigning FMVP tho'🤨..... besides I can show u a bunch of FMVP that weren't impressive!!!
Turn ya Gangsta Down
@iL Duce' Steph didn’t win nothin till klay and Draymond arrived and they formed chemistry he popped off later on in his career bad comparison bro. You tried 🤣🤣 why you think Steph only has 1 finals mvp? It’s not by coincidence Steph nem wasn’t no pressure in his younger years gang. Dame ain’t no Robin y’all buy too much into that Robin and Batman shìt that y’all don’t focus on winning and winning culture. Share the responsibility like JT and JB Bron and WAde n you can go far. You talking TV narratives that rarely work out
iL Duce'
iL Duce' Mês atrás
@Turn ya Gangsta Down Wasn't Steph young when he showed his potential🤔, remember GS had a choice to make between a young Steph & a veteran Ellis! Kyrie & Dame r robins & it's no shame in that, but Kyrie can't accept that........just saying!
Russel L
Russel L Mês atrás
Thoughts and prayers to the dallas mavericks.
_ Mês atrás
MajinNY Mês atrás
@ReyJae_ Kd still got 3 yrs on his contract, we can use that time to get more pieces around him, and it’s ironic u say that w/ a Paul George pfp💀
ReyJae_ Mês atrás
@Purrinkittyz 😹 The Nets are poverty lmfaoo Kyrie the reason KD went there and what makes you think he’s staying 💀💀
_.s4m._ Mês atrás
@AL Rizo I’m a nets fan DONT MAKE THIS TRADES
Tim Jenkins Guitar
Tim Jenkins Guitar Mês atrás
Lol, Dallas also has 4 more days to make more trades and signings, I think they are all in this year and Tim Hardaway Jr., Bertans and Javale Mcgee will be gone too for more upgrades
Ruben Dandiwal
Ruben Dandiwal Mês atrás
I think it's a best deal Dallas could get to actually compete. That current squad was simply mid and they're 0-7 without Luka. I'm sure they talked with Kyrie already to sign an extension which Nets wasn't willing to offer. Now if Mavs sign Wood and Kyrie to extensions they can simply compete and make their way to NBA finals sine GSW's core is getting older. Steph will be 35 and is super injury prone. Suns are done as well. Clipper are flippers. Lakers are bad. I'm taking my chances of Mavs with Luka, Kyrie and Wood beating Nuggets, Grizzlies and Pels in playoffs.
Yonathan s.
Yonathan s. Mês atrás
Curry will be good for like 4 years trust me
ArchtopNYC Mês atrás
@BOWTIE TIL I DIE they are only one game ahead of 10th place right now, 2 games ahead of 11th place. Except for NO, who just got back Ingram and will get back Zion, DAL is the only team below 0.500 for the last 10 games, from 6th place to 13th. They might make it. I’m thinking not
Napoleon in exile
Napoleon in exile Mês atrás
You're sure Kyrie is ready to sign an extension,lol? I think the Celtics and Nets know that feeling. The Nets did offer an extension, it simply had stipulations that Kyrie will you know, actually play most games. Crazy ask by the Nets
@ArchtopNYC They would have made the playoffs without the trade even if it was an 8 seed
swish.highlights Mês atrás
@Ruben Dandiwal I get that completely, but his comment had nothing to do with what I said. I'm just saying, the Mavs need to make future moves to help their defense if they actually want to contend for a ring. Last time a 20th ranked defense won a ring was Kobe and Shaq, who were the 2nd offense
Gypsy King
Gypsy King Mês atrás
I feel like Dallas has struck out on everyone they’ve tried to sign, they just had to take any big name star they could get their hands on, for good or bad.
heyjackass dotcom
heyjackass dotcom Mês atrás
@Gypsy King phoenix would be ideal as well except there might internal issues with ayton .
Gypsy King
Gypsy King Mês atrás
@Asmosis Jones they have spent a lot on players however it’s usually been terrible contracts
Tony Mês atrás
I agree, Dallas has never gotten a truly great Free Agent as far as I can remember, and they are always trying hard as hell, just to get the shaft from even players like Deandre Jordan
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
People forget how much they spent from 02-11 on players...they have tried to win since 2002 imo and the fact they have 1 title to show for it and for the foreseeable future wad kinda sad so they pulled the trigger because they didn't want to lose luka one day or not win at all for years
Nick Mês atrás
It really speaks to Kyrie’s talent that he has ultimately destroyed his relationship with every team he’s played on and yet teams still want to pursue him and give up a lot to do it.
M Valentino
M Valentino Mês atrás
THANK YOU. I live in Dallas and have been saying for months that Kyrie would make a great addition to this team (on paper). I didn't think it would actually happen, but I always liked the idea of it. This sums up all of my thoughts perfectly. I don't know why people keep saying the Mavs got worse. They weren't a great defensive team anyway. At the VERY least, this is a net zero trade for the Mavs short term. At best they're a real threat, although, I still don't think they have enough to ACTUALLY win a championship. And for the people who keep saying they're risking losing Luka, they were already on the verge of losing him. I watched Dirk's whole career and many times I thought he should’ve left. Man had more loyalty than Dame. Mark Cuban has always been a mid owner at best. He blew up the championship team literally the year after they won. Before or after he never surrounded Dirk with a GREAT team. I never expected them to sign anyone significant. Cuban is cheap and short-sighted. To me this gives the Mavs a better chance of keeping Luka than what they were doing. Sure they're kinda boom or bust right now, but at least they’re not mid. At least something other than the inevitable "Luka puts up a Herculean effort only to not have enough help" headline that was coming.
Randy Graham
Randy Graham Mês atrás
Your comment shows you're aware of Cuban's many poor decisions. Blowing up that championship team was crazy because they had an excellent chance to repeat. Cuban inherited Dirk who Donnie Nelson Sr. acquired in a trade before Cuban bought the team. Nelson then traded for Nash ... but Cuban let Nash walk for nothing back to the Suns. Nash, of course, then won two MVPs. Keeping Nash and Dirk together would have almost 100% produced a couple of titles. Then Cuban refused to draft Giannis to save a few bucks (no pun intended) even though Donnie Nelson Jr. was BEGGING him to draft the Greek Freak. Nelson Jr. is the one who got them to draft Luka but Cuban fired him last year. I think the Kyrie trade is bad because he's 100% undependable ... but it will certainly be interesting. Good luck to all Mav's fans out there.
Argel Dela Cruz
Argel Dela Cruz Mês atrás
get DeAndre ayton or another tyson chandler and i see ur point
Trey Worsham
Trey Worsham Mês atrás
The thing is the Mavs have enough decent players to replace them no worry. They needed a solid #2 and that is kyrie. J. Green, Wood, Powell all can cover defense and energy and we have multiple backups ready to play. Mark Cuban really is an amazing person for giving Luka the support he needs and doing so many other things at the same time. Im really starting to like our chances this year in the west.
Vladraac Mês atrás
I like it! Gonna be interesting to how they both flow in a short amount of time. And then there's the off-season which should prove to be interesting as well.
Ronald Harvey
Ronald Harvey Mês atrás
I think this is a win-win for the Dallas Mavericks and hear me out. If Kyrie Irving could get them over the hump and get them to the finals because last year they lost in the Western Conference to the Golden State Warriors who became champions that year then it will be lovely even if they get to The Finals and they lose it's still a success. But lets say it's bad like Rajon Rando bad then the Dallas Mavericks can look at Luka and say hey we are trying to get you a star or superstar to go alongside you and we will continue to do so. I mean let's be honest what they have nothing to lose plus the Western Conference is wide open so it's a possibility that this can probably work.
Fluke Mês atrás
Yup I agree Ronald
Jeremiah Efojie
Jeremiah Efojie Mês atrás
You just said a whole lot of nothing
O K Mês atrás
@M&F Clippers always find a way to underachieve. On paper they should be the champions for the last 3 years, instead they have 1 conference finals. Nuggets aren't exactly great in defense either,and only really have Murray as a perimeter scorer. Don't get me wrong Murray is great but Luka can somewhat restrict him. Meanwhile the Nuggets would have no answer for both Kyrie and Luka. And the way the Warriors are playing so far nobody is scared of them
david moses
david moses Mês atrás
@M&F clippers, yes, nuggets too have had a bad defence as well and warriors might not make the playoffs, seeing curry is banged up again
D2euceslyck Mês atrás
To me Clippers would've been nice fasho and I'm sure a lot of people wanted the Lakers to get him. Now let's see how they mesh and how far they get in the playoffs. They have some nice pieces to work with to be competitive. I'm surprised they didn't give away Hardaway though.
Demon King Badger
Demon King Badger Mês atrás
Clippers have enough headaches with taking kyrie.
D2euceslyck Mês atrás
@Ashish Patel right they say Luka cnt do it alone. Now let's see what he looks like with another star who also has a great IQ for the game. I hope they mesh.
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel Mês atrás
Ima celtic fan and see this happening to us so draft and develop is the only way to buid a contender. Kyrie may surprise us this year but soon as he gets his contract he has lousy work ethic compared to everyother star. Anyways 27+ scorer next to luca may be deadly. Wishing all the best
Rob Vera
Rob Vera Mês atrás
My heartfelt condolences to the mavericks fans. The next year will be tough.
Discus Lin
Discus Lin Mês atrás
I don't question the fit, I question the depth.
Mr. M LNOP Mês atrás
@AnObliviousCelticsfan no one call lock those guy bro. But still Maxi and Wood is a good inside defender im not saying they are elite i said “GOOD” like decent you know?
@Mr. M LNOP Christian Wood isn't locking up someone like Jokic, Zion, Ingram, or Ayton in the paint. C'mon now
jazz winning the chip
Both of them are all stars and are some of the best offensive players period. I don't question the offensive depth
Mr. M LNOP Mês atrás
@AnObliviousCelticsfan a healthy maxi and cWood is a good inside defender
ken juan
ken juan Mês atrás
I question both!
MikeP Mês atrás
I am curious to see how this trade shakes out... Kyrie is an upgrade over Dinwiddie on offense, but likely a downgrade on defense. Dallas also lost a valuable piece in Finney-Smith. So does the offense of Kyrie compensate for everyhting they gave up? My initial guess is that Dallas will not improve enough to justify the price.
Boss Vibes
Boss Vibes Mês atrás
Awesome job of putting this together in such a short space of time 👏🏽
BENNYtheballerONE YT
Trade is fair because the nets will have Dinwiddie and Finney Smith + KD and Kyrie and Luka are gonna be an awesome duo together these guys will have a bright future
Yoshiki Grg
Yoshiki Grg Mês atrás
Though we are all looking for this, let's be honest, Kyrie is a ticking time bomb.
Denton Young
Denton Young Mês atrás
Maybe so. But if the Mavs are championship contenders for the next three years and win a title at least once in that span, they won't be crying if Kyrie implodes in 2026. High risk, high reward move.
collins femmville
collins femmville Mês atrás
All hands on deck to see how it plays out, Mavs will be a fun to to watch looking forward
EpicZY Mês atrás
I’m gonna comment the same thing a fellow commenter, Kurtis, said. This gives the Mavericks actually a LOT of freedom. They did have to sacrifice a first round pick, and some decent players, I’m a big time mavs fan and I love Doe-Doe and Spence, but even if Kyrie does not resign or they do not agree, they will have plenty of cap space for Luka to choose his star. So, in terms of risk, there’s always risk. Kyrie could resign and then cause trouble. They could miss out on a star and spend the cap space on someone else. There’s always risk. But I think this is great for the mavs. Worst case scenario he’s a rental that is essential for a deep playoff run and you retool, best case scenario they make a big 2 with Luka and Kyrie at the helm. So yes, there is risk, as every trade does, but I think people are kind of blowing the negative out of proportion. The mavs can recover if Kyrie doesn’t re-sign. Also, Luka and KP did get along at first. Was their relationship perfect? Of course not. But they worked good together and there were moments where they were good friends. However KP got tired of playing second fiddle and the mavs were not going to be choose him over Luka.
DracoFire Mês atrás
Let's just put it this way: this is basically what the Cavs did with Lebron, but instead of trading for Kyrie, they drafted him as a means to get Lebron to come back. In the Mavs case, they traded for Kyrie as a means to get Luka to stay. We'll see what happens.
Sean Ngere
Sean Ngere Mês atrás
Nice breakdown. This will be an intriguing 3-4 months. The Mavs really have to at least make it back to the WCF for Kyrie to stick around, although it's really championship or busy.
Von Andrade
Von Andrade Mês atrás
What's interesting is Mavs might not be even done yet they can still make moves before deadline and in offseason.
Doug 🥷
Doug 🥷 Mês atrás
You hit it in he head with Kyrie’s pattern.💯
Nuvendil Mês atrás
Man these reports about why the Lakers didn't get Kyrie are all over the place. Some say it's the picks, some say the contract. I personally lean players. The Nets needed proven playoff performers out of this and the Lakers didn't have any such roleplayers to trade. The Mavs came in aggressive and got it done before LA could get a third team involved.
Patata Boom
Patata Boom Mês atrás
3:17 love this 2023 Pelicans. Zo2 is a monster, hope he doesn't get injured and miss a lot of time, and also the other player playing for Pelicans that can have a huge impact in Pelicans: Steven Adams. Damn what a team to have now
Ashvik Senthil
Ashvik Senthil Mês atrás
I think the nets would work with Lavine pretty well. And I hope fvv can be conserved for the lakers. THEY NEED HIM
munchieOG Mês atrás
On another note, I heard someone mention Mark Cuban didnt want Luka to go through what Dirk went through for years and this might have made him want to pull the trigger even more. (just speculating)
Liam Benjamin
Liam Benjamin Mês atrás
lets all be honest on this one, all us already understood this move, Kyrie wants a player with a LeBron type of talent, but the situation is Kyrie wants to be the older and wiser athlete instead of teaming up with Lebron where his gonna play the second fiddle again just like back in days when they were still in the Cavs.
Hooked on Chronics
Hooked on Chronics Mês atrás
And Luka and Prozingus got a long fine, it's just KP was always getting this little injuries every time he was looking good that got him out of his rythym
solb tv
solb tv Mês atrás
Facts, but we will about to see if kyrie fits in
Noah Riley
Noah Riley Mês atrás
As a Mavs fan I hope to God that this works out. At the same time I am terrified😳😳😳.
D K Mês atrás
I'd like to see this work too. But honestly I sew Kyrie leaving after the season. However this gives Luka and everyone a chance to see how he would pair with another top tier player. Either way the Mavs will know what to do in 5 months.
munchieOG Mês atrás
Not really screwing their future. Lots of cap space available for trades with other contracts expiring...lots of teams lookin to trade too next season. After listening to all factors and perspectives, Im convinced this is a win no matter what. Also, Green over 12 on last nights game was the easiest money I ever made....I saw that with all the players out and felt like I was cheating.
Josh T
Josh T Mês atrás
Love how thought provoking your videos are. So interesting
Sanghaya TLC
Sanghaya TLC Mês atrás
This might just work for Dallas, Morris gives some toughness on the Frontcourt and Kyrie gives some additional playmaking and scoring. The key here would be Green and Bullock become reliable 3&Ds.
Music Lover
Music Lover Mês atrás
Rob Pelikna played cheekers while Mark Cuban played chess. I'm glad he honor's Luka enough to try to capitalize on him being as good as he is. A smart owner and a smart person.
RD8 Mês atrás
Looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans Kyrie gets up to in Dallas. His antics are pure comedy at this point.
Jacob Ortega
Jacob Ortega Mês atrás
It's been boring around here since the obj fiasco with the Dallas cowboys. I'm excited to see what controversies he brings lol
Oat Meal
Oat Meal Mês atrás
Big ups for Mark Cuban's vision. He got the best point guard in the game. Kyrie will do well with Luka & the crew.
Derrick Valenzuela
Derrick Valenzuela Mês atrás
I feel like Kyire and Luka might struggle a little bit but at the same time I feel like it could some what work but it will take a little bit of time. But this trade does help the Mavs cause it gives them a all star point guard in kyire which they need and he is better then Spencer diwiddie. For the nets it is soild cause they get some shooting and some picks at lest some assets. At the same time Toyo gave up an all star that maybe could of win championship with KD. But at the Ames time same time they are still hella good cause thier is some familiarity for Spencer. But at the same time this could hurt the Mavs cause they under perform and kyire and Luka have different playing styles. And they are not good in defense and they are different personalities. And what if kyire don’t wanna be their and not play with Luka it like James harden didn’t wanna play with John wall. Or what if they both want want the ball but then that effects thiwr chemistry like James harden and cp3 or Russell Westbrook. But it gonna be interesting to see what happens.
PeakApex Mês atrás
I'm mixed on this trade. the fit doesn't seem to be there, what is luka going to do when kyrie has the ball, and vice versa? but kyrie is still a star player, so i can't imagine it will be a total dud
Jordan Cromwell
Jordan Cromwell Mês atrás
@Dustin Navarette LeBron actally did more when the ball wasn't in his hands
Jack Frank
Jack Frank Mês atrás
@Dustin Navarette lebron also lead the league in assists
Damian Outlaw
Damian Outlaw Mês atrás
@PeakApex what’s your point?
Johnny Natural
Johnny Natural Mês atrás
@Dustin Navarette lol no he's not, he's a prime Harden
Johnny Natural
Johnny Natural Mês atrás
You got two high usage PG who need the ball, this is a +2 trade on the +/- scale, overall it doesn't do anything for the Mavs
Damon Bishop
Damon Bishop Mês atrás
This was a good deal, the mavericks rarely land good players in free agency even when they have cap space.
Kalin Mês atrás
This is very risky, but I have little bit of hope. I probably shouldn’t have that much hope
Randy Graham
Randy Graham Mês atrás
Well, it will be interesting for Mav's fans. They weren't going to win a title with this team before the trade. I think Kyrie is the WRONG dude ... but it will be interesting.😂
IGotClampsOnHOF Mês atrás
Lakers fans punching the air right now
Aaaaa Mês atrás
I honestly think if Kyrie doesnt sign an extension its probably his biggest ever betrayal. As a Mavs fan, even tho we will have cap space we wont be able to attract a superstar calibre player like Kyrie. So if Kyrie joins for a few months and then leaves after Dallas have dropped a 1st and 2 of there top 5 players, I would personally despise Kyrie and I would worry for his safety in Dallas whenever he came
Aaaaa Mês atrás
@Asmosis Jones i can just see him going to LA tho. Unless we come out the west/win a chip then I cant see him staying. However I think us getting out the west is achievable this year depending on what we do in the next coming days. Idk probability is that he goes LA, but theres still a chance im holding on to
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
Losing 3 picks really hurts...they better keep kyrie
Reign Mês atrás
I am actually optimistic. First off, a place like Texas will be a better fit for a person like Kyrie. Second, I think Kyrie would like to ball out and get a chip with Luka despite all the frame around him, that would be the ultimate revenge on the media etc. Could work out.
Stu John
Stu John Mês atrás
Dallas had to do something. They never can get superstars to come there in free agency. Their last shot to help Luka.
Stu John
Stu John Mês atrás
@Asmosis Jones you comparing the spurs organization to Dallas? Foh
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
The spurs never got free agent and won 5 titles with duncan
Karim W.
Karim W. Mês atrás
If Kyrie doesn’t work out with the Mavs, they will have plenty of cap space to pursue additions that fit. There is also the option of a sign and trade
Argel Dela Cruz
Argel Dela Cruz Mês atrás
bye luka he deserves to be somewhere better than dallas right now 2bh
Farrdawg Joker
Farrdawg Joker Mês atrás
Risk vs Reward! Could we see a Kawaii 2.0 with a half season rental ending in a title or does it fall completely apart and the Mavs lose it all with Kyrie and Luka wanting out. You ask any Raptor fan and yes they hate losing Kawaii but they would do it 100 out of 100 times again because they won a championship. Luka and Kyrie is a terrifying match up on the court.
drxpped Mês atrás
@RD8 kyrie is the problem because he wanted to be paid, y’all act like he’s a villain
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers Mês atrás
@RD8 Eating up the media propaganda as always
RD8 Mês atrás
Kahwhi was mismanaged and it lead to problems, Kyrie WAS the problems.
Johnny South - Auto Computer Pro
Now they should trade for Gordon from Rockets. 3 point specialist.
KOJO . TV Mês atrás
Nets could have a KD average 30/35 ppg 7 rbg 6 apg Spencer average 17/20 ppg 6/7 apg and nic average 13/15 ppg and 2 bpg and Ben average 15 ppg 7 rbp and 7 apg . Dorian 12 ppg 4/6 rbg 4 apg . That could have potential for a deep playoff run . If the bench is solid too .
M4rio21 Mês atrás
Love this. I was just telling my brother we need a supporting player for Luca.
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
Josiah Sholtz
Josiah Sholtz Mês atrás
I’m am 13 and a huge nba fan so this is the type of content I love
XY Mês atrás
Giannis and Luka on the same squad would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nono Ignacio
Nono Ignacio Mês atrás
If what you are saying is true, what an exciting upcoming offseason it will be 😄
the black blast
the black blast Mês atrás
Pao Banaag
Pao Banaag Mês atrás
Kyrie's "pattern" 😂 casey sees it
Dawgz Mês atrás
"now i am not a mavrericks fans so I am pumped to see this" The Dallas fans in their living room wondering if they should throw a bottle at kyrie despite him being on the team.
steijn vanb
steijn vanb Mês atrás
Mavs won the trade battle but might lose the war. Imagine them both leaving because of a fight
Hustle & Sport
Hustle & Sport Mês atrás
Can’t play through luka all game now if you wanna keep Kyrie long term it’ll help the mavs if Kyrie becomes mentally stable within a team. They really didn’t have to give up much either if you compare to to RG & Mitchell & Murray trades this off-season it was a no brainer for Mavs u know Lebron pissed tho looking at how cheap it was but the Lakers didn’t have a S.D. Type guy to send back
MrRapmaster19 Mês atrás
The issue with the 2025 Free Agent market claim is that Dallas NEVER signs big name free agents. They never have and likely never will, whatever the reason may be. I agree its a big risk taking the Kyrie baggage, but the Mavs cannot rely on getting a FA in that class.
Jan Veidt
Jan Veidt Mês atrás
Exactly. And obviously Luka is not the type of guy to just sit tight and wait. Not for two more f'n years.
SimonLYW Mês atrás
How could this possibly go wrong? 😅
King JappyJoe
King JappyJoe Mês atrás
Would be hilarious if they both leave 😂
Mackenzie Spence
Mackenzie Spence Mês atrás
There's going to be a whole lot of ankle breakers going on in mavs games lol, im excited honestly lol
Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips Mês atrás
Looking at what Dinwiddie and Smith get paid… looks like a pretty good deal for the Net’s books… if Smith can slot into the rotation and contribute, great… he might be able to do that.. great he’s been a solid player in his career… if not… he isn’t costing that much
J Mês atrás
They could probably just S&T for Herro if it doesn't work out
Siccaz Mês atrás
2/3 of those FAs you mentioned will be extended B4 then
j the 2nd
j the 2nd Mês atrás
Rare he posts on a Sunday. This how you know this trade is crazy
ry9nn Mês atrás
He was not this confident bout the trade on the live last night😂
Haasini Edam
Haasini Edam Mês atrás
I was waiting for this video as soon as I saw the news. Great job Casey!
Fake name
Fake name Mês atrás
Same, my top channel for ball news. The rest always seem to have the exact same takes
Antone G
Antone G Mês atrás
Damn this makes me ALMOST want to watch basketball again!!!
Arian H
Arian H Mês atrás
As a Raptors fan, Vanvleet and Trent would make the Lakers serious contenders
Randy Graham
Randy Graham Mês atrás
LeBron and Davis to the Raptors would make them serious contenders, too.
Grant Pierce
Grant Pierce Mês atrás
As always lifelong Local Mavs Fan I am ecstatic right now. Now is the time we gotta strike while the iron is hot. We gotta go in and push all our Chips in and go for broke on either Siakam or Anunoby. It's now or never. The west is down and weak this year. A move like that could put us over the top if this all works out and Luka and kyrie are both on the Same page. Luka, Kyrie, Wood and Anunoby or Siakam regardless of whoever else is the 5th starter. Name a better starting 5. Sad to see Spence and Doe go they were major parts of the culture and backbone of our Squad. If any coach in the League has a chance to bring this together and make this work its Kidd. Kyrie has nothing but Respect for Kidd and Kidd was one of his idols growing up. Not to mention his close Friendship he has with Nico Harrison. This could work. Kidd just has to try to get Kyrie Focused and ready to do nothing but Hoop.. what I was shocked about was that we had to give up no immediate assets and we could push them down 5 or 6 years down the line and still Land Kyrie. Not to mention still get to keep Wood too and still have immediate draft assets to male another bit splash. As cheap as we got Kyrie is going to hurt the potential returnthey could have got for Anunoby/Siakam and Lavines value. Might be able to land somebody else for cheaper than what the price was be fore now TBH... 🤯🤯🤯
the black blast
the black blast Mês atrás
My man with them analysis but fr agree on you 100 percent this kinda op brunson
AI Mastery
AI Mastery Mês atrás
I'm so happy I'm not a mav fan. This is a lot of pressure; I have a feeling about Kyrie Irving that he will leave after the season, lol 😆
Efia Ahimah
Efia Ahimah Mês atrás
Dinwiddie is a great player. Should've never given him up for Kyrie 😭
Andrei Taker
Andrei Taker Mês atrás
I think this trade happens because they want to show Luka they want to get him help and if kyrie leave they have cap space next year.
Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips Mês atrás
The only problem with a deal like this is if the guys aren’t as comfortable on their new team.. Kyrie… looking like he’s having a great season… that phenomenon… is a few weeks old… he’s been bonkers…. Which has raised his season numbers…
Healthy Andrew
Healthy Andrew Mês atrás
Now I see Kyrie for what he is; a gifted enigma. I was blind before.
Mau Ligaya
Mau Ligaya Mês atrás
Kyrie Irving's NBA career is honestly in my opinion is the most entertaining career in NBA History.
chuckei Mês atrás
Kyrie i believe in you no matter what decision u make.. good luck Kaii
Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil Mês atrás
Papigatito ASMR
Papigatito ASMR Mês atrás
And he's one of the best rated players by the NBA players themselves... Underrated player
Randy Graham
Randy Graham Mês atrás
Sorry to see him go. Plays hard every night ... No drama.
Hamira169 Mês atrás
dallas was really the last place i expected kyrie to end up
Justinas Jankevičius
Great episode, thanks! P.S. the Pelican’s pic is just a bit outdated😅
Frikk Mês atrás
Imagine Luka getting Kyrie-like ball handling skills. Might happen if this goes right.
RD8 Mês atrás
What do you think this is, Highlander? 😂
Masks Dont Make a Difference
Dallas number 1 offense with Luka on floor, last place when he’s off…yes this was a great trade with little risk if it doesn’t work out in 6 months
Jn Mc
Jn Mc Mês atrás
People might underestimate Nicos and Kidds relationship with Kyrie.
dmoney Mês atrás
It’s worth the risk they got nothing to lose.
Raymond Thomas
Raymond Thomas Mês atrás
@Kurtis Falcone stop the stuff this stuff been going on for the last past 6 years nobody has came in and they not going to come so get over it
Raymond Thomas
Raymond Thomas Mês atrás
@Kenny if Luke wants to leave get everything you can form him I mean everything
Raymond Thomas
Raymond Thomas Mês atrás
@Austin Carlson lol Cuban can give all want he kyrie has to accept it I don't see that happening
Kurtis Falcone
Kurtis Falcone Mês atrás
If Kyrie leaves Dallas will have near max cap space. Luka can then pick his next teammate. They didn't have cap space before this trade. Giving up picks 6 years from now I think is worth the flexibility.
Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson Mês atrás
@NoSkill_InEdits username says it all
M H Mês atrás
They’re about to find out what every other team has found out about what it’s like to have Kyrie on their team. So sad. I really liked the Mavericks.
Lola2333 Mês atrás
I'm so sick of players demanding trades!
BUR6O Mês atrás
this is a low risk high reward trade for both sides and I love it
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Mês atrás
It creates some intrigue for teams that were not winning the title this year but could become champions later due to these moves possibly
Argel Dela Cruz
Argel Dela Cruz Mês atrás
high risk. no center and giannis deferneder. good luck in the next month mavs
Ryan Galvez
Ryan Galvez Mês atrás
I feel this is a weird move from the mavs both players love having the ball in their hands which will either take away from luka or kyrie which will make one of them leave
Dan Mês atrás
Great moves for mavs, they are not wasting Luka's talent like Lebron and MJ at age 23
Nico Mês atrás
Luka gonna have his first ring 💫👌
Charlie DeArcos
Charlie DeArcos Mês atrás
I’m just like you I cannot wait to see what kind of job is going to happen in Dallas Luca has a high temper and he made them in a tree and he said things are working out .
Christian White
Christian White Mês atrás
For the whole Kyrie potentially being a Western All Star starter, he wouldn’t be. I remember after the DeMarcus Cousins trade during the All Star Game that if a player is selected to the All Star team, then is traded to another team, he would still represent his former team in the All Star Game.
Waun Mês atrás
I said the same dang in the Allstar game And Jalen gone become a Allstar 😅 Fox not Kyrie going to get Steph starting spot
Ap532g Mês atrás
I honestly think this trade was a very big L cuz now there are two players who now have to choose who shoots.Maybe what the maverick thought is that kyrie was gonna boost their chances in winning the title but I only think what they should play at different time not together cuz that will mess up the chemistry on the team. The only way they have a chance is if they someone find a chemistry with kyrie
Determinedly Unmotivated
Let's go Mavs!!!
Barsham Mês atrás
if kyrie play the same when he played with lebron they would have a great run
Argel Dela Cruz
Argel Dela Cruz Mês atrás
dallas depth is terrible this year bro. cuban is hoping next year. sux its so even honestly both la and phx woulda made finals this year with my uncle drew
Chef Curry🔥
Chef Curry🔥 Mês atrás
Kyrie is good player but he is drama player as well 😂
MAJESTY Mês atrás
3:40 EXACTLY. How many time he said: I will not leave my #7, then he demanded the trade this off-season, then he said I'm all in, now because of money he left the Nets. I thought The media was overreacting saying he's unreliable but now nobody can trust Kyrie and his words
MAJESTY Mês atrás
@drxpped this guy played 142 games in 4 years. Do you think Kyrie is worth 40 mils per year? KD wanted to leave to win championships, Kyrie left for money, he said he's resighing with Boston then left. So yes, I think Kyrie Irving is unreliable
MAJESTY Mês atrás
@drxpped yep
drxpped Mês atrás
Kd tried to leave all off-season but when kyrie wants to leave because he won’t be paid for his work he’s unrealiabe
Josiah Sholtz
Josiah Sholtz Mês atrás
To am hoops these videos are incredible I get so exited when you post new videos and you straight facts if you ever see this just now your my favorite BRvidr keep it up, your videos are complete fire hope you see this
Mitch Hills
Mitch Hills Mês atrás
Low key hoping the Heat get one of em 😂
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