The Mavericks Are Risking Everything for Kyrie Irving 

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The Mavericks have just traded for Kyrie Irving in a deal that could make them contenders. Luka has been amazing with subpar rosters in the playoffs and gets the best teammate he’s ever had. The risk is gigantic with the most unpredictable star of all time and it could be the first domino in Luka demanding a trade out of Big D.
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4 Fev 2023



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@vanhattfield8292 Anos atrás
The theme for this entire season has been that Luka doesn't have any help and is doing it alone, so it seems a bit strange that it would be considered "risking everything" in adding Kyrie.
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
He's a flake bro why would Luka stay if he's gone next year and your team is on a verge of rebuild
@BayAreaHoops415 Anos atrás
They aren't risking a damn thing lmao, they got rid of Smith and Spencer's contracts. Meaning, even if Kyrie didn't extend or resign they'll have the money to get ANY max player they want. Mavs are set, they are risking this season I guess but it was a smart move
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
@swish.highlights but no Luka he can't wait that long he's mvp right now
@@BayAreaHoops415 which max player would that be?
I don't think they are risking much. The Mavs were a play in or first round exit and a Luka exit anyways
@kurtisfalcone1958 Anos atrás
If Kyrie doesn't re-sign, Dallas will have enough cap space to sign a near max player. Before this trade they didn't have that. That cap space they could use to let Luka pick his next teammate. Plus they have Kyrie's bird rights which means they can match any offer out there. They have leverage and ways to recoup. Honestly this is a great gamble for them. Cuban is showing Luka that they are willing to do whatever it takes to help.
@piplonf8591 Anos atrás
Name 5 good players that would want to go to Dallas💀
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
They lost thier core to a flakey diva tho
@@piplonf8591 as long as Luka is there of course many players would be interested
Yea he missed it with not knowing this about the trade. Makes it a almost can’t lose for the mavs
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
@@justinragsdale3001 your 50/50 right now bro like the rest of the league. Nets got the beast of that trade tho
@rangersraven1453 Anos atrás
Here’s what I think: the Mavs have nothing to lose. Keeping the same guys doesn’t help, and if we were waiting for 2025, Luka would’ve requested a trade by 2024 anyways. Even if Luka waited, did you think Ingram/Tatum/Murray/Spida would leave their teams? Not a chance. So it’s the best thing they could’ve done. Us Mavs fans just have to do one thing: pray to God this works out.
@bingusenjoyer197 Anos atrás
you’re the first person ive seen also talking about the mavs waiting for the 2025 offseason. with the increased cap space because of the 75 billion dollar TV deal and the absolutely insane 2025 free agent class, the mavs have an amazing opportunity to sign players around luka that can make them a championship contender.
@melvinlai877 Anos atrás
Shhh. That doesn’t sell the “Luka will leave, sky is falling” narrative that gets clicks.
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
why everyone's tanking except for giannis luka will leave ya bro. dallas is going backwards
@fabmyride5181 Anos atrás
It will work out bc Kyrie is all about that big bag
@Mlynoph Anos atrás
EXACTLY, this is precisely what you would understand if you're an actual Mavs fan who watches the games and the team over the past few year, hell even DECADES. The idiots talking negatively of this trade simply follow large headlines and let the mass media talk for them.
Lakers fans punching the air right now
@gypsykiing2013 Anos atrás
I feel like Dallas has struck out on everyone they’ve tried to sign, they just had to take any big name star they could get their hands on, for good or bad.
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
Like who else but dirk? I like Dallas but you gave up your starters that are doing just fine for a flake
@gypsykiing2013 Anos atrás
@@argeldelacruz9545 they still need to make another move I feel like, pairing Woods up with someone else in the front court.
@levskilevov4888 Anos atrás
If Irving doesn"t work with Luca, they will have max cap space for other MAX superstar. Before the trade they doesn't -Spens have 2 years, Dorian 4 years. Now they remove players with long contracts.
@gypsykiing2013 Anos atrás
@@levskilevov4888 agreed, my question is though with Dallas’ poor record of being able to sign superstars in the off season, is who would they be able to get?
@gypsykiing2013 Anos atrás
I think the last person they signed was DeAndre Jordan
@russell2890 Anos atrás
Thoughts and prayers to the dallas mavericks.
@alrizo1115 Anos atrás
I think it's a good deal for Dallas.
@stunna5580 Anos atrás
It’s a great trade for Dallas they weren’t going anywhere with doe doe & dinwiddie anyway
@purrinkittyz4737 Anos atrás
@@alrizo1115 as a nets fan… the Mavs are FUCKED! Thank you guys for taking him off our hands lol
@purrinkittyz4737 Anos atrás
Cavs had better defense.. Luka and Lebron are nothing alike
@alrizo1115 Anos atrás
​@@purrinkittyz4737 Nets are first round exit after this trade.
@oladipupoajani Anos atrás
Even though I am disappointed with Kyrie not being traded to the lakers, i am still intrigued by how he and Luka will look together. It looks good on paper, but chemistry is definetly important if this going to work.
@managed9348 Anos atrás
How would kyrie getting traded to the Lakers be beneficial for the Nets?
@wayneturner8575 Anos atrás
The Lakers dodged a bullet.
@Omnipotent1494 Anos atrás
Kyrie looks good w/everyone on paper! Lebron, the C's, Kd, Luka, when will it end? I'm won't b upset when this 3 ring circus known as Kyrie Irving is out of the game......just saying 😐!
@roycedot Anos atrás
It’s going to be a terrible fit
@@managed9348 helping lebron is supposed to be beneficial to everyone, evidently.
@Vladraac Anos atrás
I like it! Gonna be interesting to how they both flow in a short amount of time. And then there's the off-season which should prove to be interesting as well.
@Omnipotent1494 Anos atrás
So u like the drama, not the game of 🏀? This man is a flaky, fruit loop🥴......who made this deal 🤔?
@fobinc Anos atrás
I don't question the fit, I question the depth.
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
He fits great but take that risk tho??
They need a big lmao and someone who could actually play defense.
@aduad Anos atrás
I question both!
@MrMLNOP Anos atrás
@@AnObliviousCelticsFan a healthy maxi and cWood is a good inside defender
Both of them are all stars and are some of the best offensive players period. I don't question the offensive depth
Trade is fair because the nets will have Dinwiddie and Finney Smith + KD and Kyrie and Luka are gonna be an awesome duo together these guys will have a bright future
@HDX21 Anos atrás
I think this is a win-win for the Dallas Mavericks and hear me out. If Kyrie Irving could get them over the hump and get them to the finals because last year they lost in the Western Conference to the Golden State Warriors who became champions that year then it will be lovely even if they get to The Finals and they lose it's still a success. But lets say it's bad like Rajon Rando bad then the Dallas Mavericks can look at Luka and say hey we are trying to get you a star or superstar to go alongside you and we will continue to do so. I mean let's be honest what they have nothing to lose plus the Western Conference is wide open so it's a possibility that this can probably work.
@maxmeier532 Anos atrás
Kyrie is that hot shawty in a mugshot every guy thinks he can fix. (But he never can)
@christ-Revealed Anos atrás
@@maxmeier532 a really hot badhie
@razkable Anos atrás
They won't win the west but they basically gave up the season letting brunson go
@MFKaradayiEnglish Anos atrás
U think these Mavs can beat the Nuggets, Clippers and healthy Warriors in a PO run? I doubt it. Their lack of D will make them 2nd rounders big max
@christ-Revealed Anos atrás
@@MFKaradayiEnglish clippers, yes, nuggets too have had a bad defence as well and warriors might not make the playoffs, seeing curry is banged up again
@notreubensandwich Anos atrás
I think it's a best deal Dallas could get to actually compete. That current squad was simply mid and they're 0-7 without Luka. I'm sure they talked with Kyrie already to sign an extension which Nets wasn't willing to offer. Now if Mavs sign Wood and Kyrie to extensions they can simply compete and make their way to NBA finals sine GSW's core is getting older. Steph will be 35 and is super injury prone. Suns are done as well. Clipper are flippers. Lakers are bad. I'm taking my chances of Mavs with Luka, Kyrie and Wood beating Nuggets, Grizzlies and Pels in playoffs.
@BayAreaHoops415 Anos atrás
Mavs were 6th in defense last year and 24th this year, that's their main reason for struggling and they just got rid of their best defender. They clearly need more defensive moves to honestly contend
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
If they ey waited In the off season without giving up thier core
@eugene8166 Anos atrás
@@argeldelacruz9545 no cap space idiot someone has to get traded
@notreubensandwich Anos atrás
@@BayAreaHoops415 totally agree!! Their defence is goona suck ever more. But then again, Mavs were shitty defensive team even with their best defender so what's to lose? Kyrie is basically a much better version of Brunsion who was also shaky on defence and needed ball. Kyrie jammed well with Bron so I'm worried about him with Luka. Mavs also got Morris in return and I'm not if he's gonna play or not. Hope they make another move for a defender.
@notreubensandwich Anos atrás
@@argeldelacruz9545 Yeah but Kyrie might not be available in the offseason and Mavs don't really have much draft capital to trade for a star like Kyrie. It's a risky sure but they needed to take that risk.
@haasiniedam2346 Anos atrás
I was waiting for this video as soon as I saw the news. Great job Casey!
@fakename1656 Anos atrás
Same, my top channel for ball news. The rest always seem to have the exact same takes
@mvalentino5650 Anos atrás
THANK YOU. I live in Dallas and have been saying for months that Kyrie would make a great addition to this team (on paper). I didn't think it would actually happen, but I always liked the idea of it. This sums up all of my thoughts perfectly. I don't know why people keep saying the Mavs got worse. They weren't a great defensive team anyway. At the VERY least, this is a net zero trade for the Mavs short term. At best they're a real threat, although, I still don't think they have enough to ACTUALLY win a championship. And for the people who keep saying they're risking losing Luka, they were already on the verge of losing him. I watched Dirk's whole career and many times I thought he should’ve left. Man had more loyalty than Dame. Mark Cuban has always been a mid owner at best. He blew up the championship team literally the year after they won. Before or after he never surrounded Dirk with a GREAT team. I never expected them to sign anyone significant. Cuban is cheap and short-sighted. To me this gives the Mavs a better chance of keeping Luka than what they were doing. Sure they're kinda boom or bust right now, but at least they’re not mid. At least something other than the inevitable "Luka puts up a Herculean effort only to not have enough help" headline that was coming.
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
get DeAndre ayton or another tyson chandler and i see ur point
@randygraham926 Anos atrás
Your comment shows you're aware of Cuban's many poor decisions. Blowing up that championship team was crazy because they had an excellent chance to repeat. Cuban inherited Dirk who Donnie Nelson Sr. acquired in a trade before Cuban bought the team. Nelson then traded for Nash ... but Cuban let Nash walk for nothing back to the Suns. Nash, of course, then won two MVPs. Keeping Nash and Dirk together would have almost 100% produced a couple of titles. Then Cuban refused to draft Giannis to save a few bucks (no pun intended) even though Donnie Nelson Jr. was BEGGING him to draft the Greek Freak. Nelson Jr. is the one who got them to draft Luka but Cuban fired him last year. I think the Kyrie trade is bad because he's 100% undependable ... but it will certainly be interesting. Good luck to all Mav's fans out there.
@MusicLover-my6fo Anos atrás
Rob Pelikna played cheekers while Mark Cuban played chess. I'm glad he honor's Luka enough to try to capitalize on him being as good as he is. A smart owner and a smart person.
@kalin4419 Anos atrás
This is very risky, but I have little bit of hope. I probably shouldn’t have that much hope
@randygraham926 Anos atrás
Well, it will be interesting for Mav's fans. They weren't going to win a title with this team before the trade. I think Kyrie is the WRONG dude ... but it will be interesting.😂
@josiahsholtz9524 Anos atrás
To am hoops these videos are incredible I get so exited when you post new videos and you straight facts if you ever see this just now your my favorite BRvidr keep it up, your videos are complete fire hope you see this
@360ryann8 Anos atrás
He was not this confident bout the trade on the live last night😂
@SimonLYW Anos atrás
How could this possibly go wrong? 😅
@rocstar241 Anos atrás
Awesome job of putting this together in such a short space of time 👏🏽
@Sonofadugg Anos atrás
It really speaks to Kyrie’s talent that he has ultimately destroyed his relationship with every team he’s played on and yet teams still want to pursue him and give up a lot to do it.
@farrdawgjoker7087 Anos atrás
Risk vs Reward! Could we see a Kawaii 2.0 with a half season rental ending in a title or does it fall completely apart and the Mavs lose it all with Kyrie and Luka wanting out. You ask any Raptor fan and yes they hate losing Kawaii but they would do it 100 out of 100 times again because they won a championship. Luka and Kyrie is a terrifying match up on the court.
@RD-zx6py Anos atrás
Kahwhi was mismanaged and it lead to problems, Kyrie WAS the problems.
@alohatigers1199 Anos atrás
@@RD-zx6py Eating up the media propaganda as always
@CamWick Anos atrás
@@RD-zx6py kyrie is the problem because he wanted to be paid, y’all act like he’s a villain
@lustrousnoob702 Anos atrás
As soon as it happened i was waiting for am hoops to upload
@stujohn6569 Anos atrás
Dallas had to do something. They never can get superstars to come there in free agency. Their last shot to help Luka.
@razkable Anos atrás
The spurs never got free agent and won 5 titles with duncan
@stujohn6569 Anos atrás
@@razkable you comparing the spurs organization to Dallas? Foh
@realdealhoops9427 Anos atrás
Amazing Video Casey, one of your best!!! Michael Carrozza 💯
@VonAndrade Anos atrás
What's interesting is Mavs might not be even done yet they can still make moves before deadline and in offseason.
I was waiting for your video bro
@d2euceslyck757 Anos atrás
To me Clippers would've been nice fasho and I'm sure a lot of people wanted the Lakers to get him. Now let's see how they mesh and how far they get in the playoffs. They have some nice pieces to work with to be competitive. I'm surprised they didn't give away Hardaway though.
@MrShishi Anos atrás
Ima celtic fan and see this happening to us so draft and develop is the only way to buid a contender. Kyrie may surprise us this year but soon as he gets his contract he has lousy work ethic compared to everyother star. Anyways 27+ scorer next to luca may be deadly. Wishing all the best
@d2euceslyck757 Anos atrás
@@MrShishi right they say Luka cnt do it alone. Now let's see what he looks like with another star who also has a great IQ for the game. I hope they mesh.
Clippers have enough headaches with taking kyrie.
All hands on deck to see how it plays out, Mavs will be a fun to to watch looking forward
@PeakApex Anos atrás
I'm mixed on this trade. the fit doesn't seem to be there, what is luka going to do when kyrie has the ball, and vice versa? but kyrie is still a star player, so i can't imagine it will be a total dud
Lebron was a ball handler too. They worked fine. Luka is like a lebron with better offense.
@MrAlien-cr4xb Anos atrás
@@dustinnavarette6390that take is kinda crazy though, I mean Lebron when playing w Kyrie was probably better at everything defensively
@texchu8331 Anos atrás
The problem is with low efficiency playmakers where their value is tilted in favor of playmaking. With Kyrie's high efficiency, he should fit in just fine. He also doesn't fit into ball movement unselfish style of play like Boston, but Luka is more like Lebron, so that's fine too. The only concern really is defense, locker room toxicity, and other off-the-court antics.
Yall have no sense if kyrie went to lakers it would probably be worse that would be a literal superteam who would face way more problems thats the only thing yall luka fans worry about what he is going to do when kyrie has the ball that's the thing with you luka fanboys yall sacred kyrie gonna take some of you star boy shine just cope harder bozo yall hoped he got help well you got it stop complaining about it like a sissy
@Damianoutlaw Anos atrás
Jalen Brunson was a ball handler and did just fine with Luka.
@AlfonzoFrohicky Anos atrás
Bro ngl this dude is the best nba content creator out there.
@nyc21282 Anos atrás
@AMHoops Anos atrás
@@nyc21282 😆😆
@razkable Anos atrás
@@AMHoops I think everyone is underrating jokic's team and the fact he's played without murray the past 2 postseasons the way giannis didn't have khris last year vs boston...having their co stars back as the two clear best players in the nba probably means they will meet in the finals if healthy....embiid is close but we know harden shrinks in the big games...
Great episode, thanks! P.S. the Pelican’s pic is just a bit outdated😅
@treyworsham8252 Anos atrás
The thing is the Mavs have enough decent players to replace them no worry. They needed a solid #2 and that is kyrie. J. Green, Wood, Powell all can cover defense and energy and we have multiple backups ready to play. Mark Cuban really is an amazing person for giving Luka the support he needs and doing so many other things at the same time. Im really starting to like our chances this year in the west.
@josht1167 Anos atrás
Love how thought provoking your videos are. So interesting
AM creating a full content faster than ESPN is such a massive W
@razkable Anos atrás
The nuggets disrespect is killing me...murray hasn't played in the playoffs since the 2020 west finals...they should not be taken lightly
@doug186 Anos atrás
You hit it in he head with Kyrie’s pattern.💯
@josiahsholtz9524 Anos atrás
I’m am 13 and a huge nba fan so this is the type of content I love
@karimw.9954 Anos atrás
If Kyrie doesn’t work out with the Mavs, they will have plenty of cap space to pursue additions that fit. There is also the option of a sign and trade
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
bye luka he deserves to be somewhere better than dallas right now 2bh
@robertweekes5783 Anos atrás
Fast video ! Nice work
@patataboom2645 Anos atrás
3:17 love this 2023 Pelicans. Zo2 is a monster, hope he doesn't get injured and miss a lot of time, and also the other player playing for Pelicans that can have a huge impact in Pelicans: Steven Adams. Damn what a team to have now
@deeznutz8221 Anos atrás
Been waiting for this vid since the news came out
@johnbsouth1 Anos atrás
Now they should trade for Gordon from Rockets. 3 point specialist.
@SiccazHD Anos atrás
2/3 of those FAs you mentioned will be extended B4 then
@liamtrim9727 Anos atrás
This video is so well made its crazy
@sydryan9589 Anos atrás
Damn you called it. Nice one man.
@HookedonChronics Anos atrás
And Luka and Prozingus got a long fine, it's just KP was always getting this little injuries every time he was looking good that got him out of his rythym
@solbtv2753 Anos atrás
Facts, but we will about to see if kyrie fits in
@WeCube1898 Anos atrás
This might just work for Dallas, Morris gives some toughness on the Frontcourt and Kyrie gives some additional playmaking and scoring. The key here would be Green and Bullock become reliable 3&Ds.
@cmf3947 Anos atrás
Great video!
@pao_banaag Anos atrás
Kyrie's "pattern" 😂 casey sees it
@jthe2ndd Anos atrás
Rare he posts on a Sunday. This how you know this trade is crazy
Luka and Brunson were not really working till Dinwiddie arrived! They still need a third player that can create with the ball.
@heyitsmedammit Anos atrás
Yo, did you take voice coaching lessons?
@posterizedNBA Anos atrás
Best NBA youtuber ever!
@M4rio21 Anos atrás
Love this. I was just telling my brother we need a supporting player for Luca.
@razkable Anos atrás
@MikeP_ Anos atrás
I am curious to see how this trade shakes out... Kyrie is an upgrade over Dinwiddie on offense, but likely a downgrade on defense. Dallas also lost a valuable piece in Finney-Smith. So does the offense of Kyrie compensate for everyhting they gave up? My initial guess is that Dallas will not improve enough to justify the price.
@BigDaddy-hz8et Anos atrás
Honestly the way he redirected and teased the other video he made at the end there doesn’t have me mad.
@ZELL1MEDIA Anos atrás
Nets could have a KD average 30/35 ppg 7 rbg 6 apg Spencer average 17/20 ppg 6/7 apg and nic average 13/15 ppg and 2 bpg and Ben average 15 ppg 7 rbp and 7 apg . Dorian 12 ppg 4/6 rbg 4 apg . That could have potential for a deep playoff run . If the bench is solid too .
@Damon_Bishop Anos atrás
This was a good deal, the mavericks rarely land good players in free agency even when they have cap space.
@ericpedroza4061 Anos atrás
You trending dawg 💯👍🏻
@wdvsjsugshsys5653 Anos atrás
Let's see how long it takes kyrie to drive luka and the Dallas front office crazy
@whatismydick Anos atrás
I honestly think if Kyrie doesnt sign an extension its probably his biggest ever betrayal. As a Mavs fan, even tho we will have cap space we wont be able to attract a superstar calibre player like Kyrie. So if Kyrie joins for a few months and then leaves after Dallas have dropped a 1st and 2 of there top 5 players, I would personally despise Kyrie and I would worry for his safety in Dallas whenever he came
@razkable Anos atrás
Losing 3 picks really hurts...they better keep kyrie
@whatismydick Anos atrás
@@razkable i can just see him going to LA tho. Unless we come out the west/win a chip then I cant see him staying. However I think us getting out the west is achievable this year depending on what we do in the next coming days. Idk probability is that he goes LA, but theres still a chance im holding on to
@ryangalvez6993 Anos atrás
I feel this is a weird move from the mavs both players love having the ball in their hands which will either take away from luka or kyrie which will make one of them leave
@epiczy998 Anos atrás
I’m gonna comment the same thing a fellow commenter, Kurtis, said. This gives the Mavericks actually a LOT of freedom. They did have to sacrifice a first round pick, and some decent players, I’m a big time mavs fan and I love Doe-Doe and Spence, but even if Kyrie does not resign or they do not agree, they will have plenty of cap space for Luka to choose his star. So, in terms of risk, there’s always risk. Kyrie could resign and then cause trouble. They could miss out on a star and spend the cap space on someone else. There’s always risk. But I think this is great for the mavs. Worst case scenario he’s a rental that is essential for a deep playoff run and you retool, best case scenario they make a big 2 with Luka and Kyrie at the helm. So yes, there is risk, as every trade does, but I think people are kind of blowing the negative out of proportion. The mavs can recover if Kyrie doesn’t re-sign. Also, Luka and KP did get along at first. Was their relationship perfect? Of course not. But they worked good together and there were moments where they were good friends. However KP got tired of playing second fiddle and the mavs were not going to be choose him over Luka.
@sayeb435 Anos atrás
Did I see steven adams on the pelicans in that picture 3:17 👀
@roan5254 Anos atrás
Grizzlies kinda stacked underrated they where deep in playoffs last year
@BrandE720 Anos atrás
They’re over rated
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
They have no real starting center offensive rebounder with the extra long range shooting like this is 50 50
@yoshikigrg8 Anos atrás
Though we are all looking for this, let's be honest, Kyrie is a ticking time bomb.
@dentonyoung4314 Anos atrás
Maybe so. But if the Mavs are championship contenders for the next three years and win a title at least once in that span, they won't be crying if Kyrie implodes in 2026. High risk, high reward move.
@BUR6O Anos atrás
this is a low risk high reward trade for both sides and I love it
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
high risk. no center and giannis deferneder. good luck in the next month mavs
@razkable Anos atrás
It creates some intrigue for teams that were not winning the title this year but could become champions later due to these moves possibly
@timstar28 Anos atrás
Best take I've heard so far.
@tbrown15 Anos atrás
Should’ve figured out a way to hold on to DFS…
@SFBayAreaLiving Anos atrás
Another SOLID analysis!
It’s risky but I have so much hope in this 😅 for no reason. 😂
@50shadesofcrypto Anos atrás
I wouldn't have done this trade. I don't trust him to not cause problems.
@razkable Anos atrás
It cuts cap space
@MrRapmaster19 Anos atrás
The issue with the 2025 Free Agent market claim is that Dallas NEVER signs big name free agents. They never have and likely never will, whatever the reason may be. I agree its a big risk taking the Kyrie baggage, but the Mavs cannot rely on getting a FA in that class.
@janveidt2700 Anos atrás
Exactly. And obviously Luka is not the type of guy to just sit tight and wait. Not for two more f'n years.
@saintnick6413 Anos atrás
The organic negrow hat Kyrie had on is wild surprised no one blew that up in the news 😂😂
@youngthor1780 Anos atrás
Im sorry which other super star?? Tingus Pingus ?? HAHAHA
@OK-yy6qz Anos atrás
I don't think the Mavs risked much. Best case scenario they gave a good run (potentially finals/championship i mean they're contenders after all) and Kyrie re-signs. And Mavericks are now contenders for the next few years. Worst case scenario Kyrie leaves and they have some cap space in a good free Agency: Vanvleet, Russell,Claxton all would be more than good enough replacements for Dinwidie. And DFS is far from irreplaceable as well,he was a good defender and decent 3 point shooter it's not like this type of players are impossible to find.
@AlvarWahle Anos atrás
I think Irving is smart enough to know he has to deliver now. Also Irving and Cuban should be a good mix
@King_JappyJoe Anos atrás
Would be hilarious if they both leave 😂
@jordandiaz7605 Anos atrás
ngl the nets might’ve gotten better lol
@liambenjamin2827 Anos atrás
lets all be honest on this one, all us already understood this move, Kyrie wants a player with a LeBron type of talent, but the situation is Kyrie wants to be the older and wiser athlete instead of teaming up with Lebron where his gonna play the second fiddle again just like back in days when they were still in the Cavs.
@manavgill1763 Anos atrás
Hopefully it works out
@Nuvendil Anos atrás
Man these reports about why the Lakers didn't get Kyrie are all over the place. Some say it's the picks, some say the contract. I personally lean players. The Nets needed proven playoff performers out of this and the Lakers didn't have any such roleplayers to trade. The Mavs came in aggressive and got it done before LA could get a third team involved.
all you need to know is that luka signed on the trade so he knows about the risk involved in it so if it did not work it will not affect luka relationship with the mavs
@argeldelacruz9545 Anos atrás
its not gon work bro luka is jewish
@randygraham926 Anos atrás
Do you know if they asked him about this trade? They certainly did NOT ask him when they traded away Porzingas. And they did NOT ask him when Cuban fired Donnie Nelson Jr., the former GM. Luka was friends with Nelson who scouted him in Europe when he was a teenager. Luka was shocked by the firing of his "friend". I do not know for certain either way but Mavs refused to sign Goran Dragic, who is Luka's pal from Slovenia, so he is definitely not running this Mav's team.
@Jackey_Chen Anos atrás
This Risk could pay off if Kyrie resigns but the man literally got 0 loyalty so who knows
@romansmith1681 Anos atrás
The only team that the mavericks may lose to in a 7 game series would be the clippers. Everyone else is either too young or cannot guard and match their depth in 7 games. The mavericks, have the experience and the depth but a healthy clippers could guard them up
@bennybuckets4 Anos atrás
I disagree the Mavs can’t ever land who they want in free agency. That and luka forced their hand to trade for someone to put them over the hump and it ended up that Kai was the domino that fell.
@TheHezzii Anos atrás
Like how he says steph curry out with an ankle issue then shows the report saying its the leg not ankle. 😂
@texasscifi3431 Anos atrás
Always thought Kyrie would end up in Texas. Since we are a Virus "ignorant" state and Kyrie fits in great.
@jacobswisa Anos atrás
Hi another 🔥 video
@texchu8331 Anos atrás
Brooklyn can't accept an Ayton offer because Simmons also has a rookie extension, and NBA rules limit it to one per team.
@RD-zx6py Anos atrás
It's a dumb rule that.
@ryanpilgrim4123 Anos atrás
Don’t think that is correct… DA was signed a 4 yr max not a 5 yr max… James Jones matched the offer sheet to specifically leave this door open. Which is why Bam, who signed a 5yr max, can not trade be traded to the Nets with Simmons on the roster… James Jones foresight on this should not be overlooked
@texchu8331 Anos atrás
@@ryanpilgrim4123 Ah, okay, so it was just the new contract that stopped Ayton from being available to trade for 6 months that was stopping it then. Thanks for the clarification.
@obama_yo_mama4653 Anos atrás
doesnt even matter if Luka and Jalen made it to the western finals... bub... the team just gave up 2 valuable assets, but yeah hope the trade works out fr
@tajgibson8776 Anos atrás
Well, in all fairness Toronto did the same thing back in 2019 when they traded for Kawhi, they knew he was only a 1 year rental and despite what happen, he helped them win the NBA championship. I think If Kyrie wants a max contract, he will have to ball out in the playoffs and help the mavs get back to the NBA finals.
Dallas vs boston nba finals im calling it
AS THEY SHOULD . Few days ago everyone was saying that the Mavs don't have the assets to trade for a 2nd star . Today Mavs have another all star starter AND Josh Green-Wood-Hardy AND 2 first round picks AND they have changed their status to contending . Now , if the Mavs call Cavs and ask them about that Hardaway for Levert trade that Cavs wanted to do earlier this season , then Mavs have cap space for a max player (in case Kyrie don't sign) . How many teams can say that now ? This is a great move . A necesary risk in order to turn around the franchise instead of being in an eternal meddiocracy .
@majesty1842 Anos atrás
3:40 EXACTLY. How many time he said: I will not leave my #7, then he demanded the trade this off-season, then he said I'm all in, now because of money he left the Nets. I thought The media was overreacting saying he's unreliable but now nobody can trust Kyrie and his words
@CamWick Anos atrás
Kd tried to leave all off-season but when kyrie wants to leave because he won’t be paid for his work he’s unrealiabe
@majesty1842 Anos atrás
@@CamWick yep
@majesty1842 Anos atrás
@@CamWick this guy played 142 games in 4 years. Do you think Kyrie is worth 40 mils per year? KD wanted to leave to win championships, Kyrie left for money, he said he's resighing with Boston then left. So yes, I think Kyrie Irving is unreliable
@TheLaTrellC Anos atrás
I’m getting Rondo to Dallas vibes
I am not even that optimistic.😁
@noahriley7231 Anos atrás
As a Mavs fan I hope to God that this works out. At the same time I am terrified😳😳😳.
@dk6173 Anos atrás
I'd like to see this work too. But honestly I sew Kyrie leaving after the season. However this gives Luka and everyone a chance to see how he would pair with another top tier player. Either way the Mavs will know what to do in 5 months.
@eazyzoey2561 Anos atrás
Kyrie bringing the drama to Dallas Luka went loco 😂
@DaveyDeluxe Anos atrás
Prizepicks not available in my state 😒
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