THE MARKSMAN Trailer (2021) Liam Neeson, Thriller Movie

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THE MARKSMAN Trailer (2021) Liam Neeson, Thriller Movie
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3 Dez 2020



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Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan Dia atrás
Just watched today. Absolutely fabulous movie. The boy fired two shots from the revolver to create a diversion, so that Liam could take out one thug with his rifle. Best scene.
GearóidODU -
GearóidODU - 4 dias atrás
Liam Neeson is pissed the DUP is taking a spurious legal challenge against the Northern Ireland protocols.
BRABUS B. 6 dias atrás
From NYC now down south???
Seen K
Seen K 8 dias atrás
Lmao. Lame movie. Cliche.
Ary 10 dias atrás
First they kidnaped his daughter then his wife, now his epic line, can ya pease let Liam live in peace for a while?
Bosanac B
Bosanac B 10 dias atrás
He is the best actor!!!
John Weak
John Weak 10 dias atrás
My idol is getting old which makes me sad about the reality!😭
binder sohi
binder sohi 10 dias atrás
Liam is my favourite actor
Shellanie Flores
Shellanie Flores 11 dias atrás
Why do they always have to have a dog then get it killed in these movies. 😠
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia 12 dias atrás
The taken man never stops taken movies
mrkyfn 12 dias atrás
i felt like i watched the whole movie in this trailer
Pharaoh Smith
Pharaoh Smith 13 dias atrás
No I rather watch the Wesley Snipes version
Insanity Music
Insanity Music 13 dias atrás
Good to see Liam Neeson branching out.
rahmat nawi siregar
rahmat nawi siregar 14 dias atrás
1:07 Here we go again...
thomas he
thomas he 14 dias atrás
it looks like its not a triller movie
black summer
black summer 15 dias atrás
Who's his next target?
Sheelovesdrew Tyb
Sheelovesdrew Tyb 15 dias atrás
Does he pay off the ranch ?
ervross1 16 dias atrás
Great actor
Buggger Zhimo
Buggger Zhimo 16 dias atrás
Liam is so cool
Vincent Lui
Vincent Lui 17 dias atrás
A classical, fascinating and iconic American movie.
piyush golatkar
piyush golatkar 17 dias atrás
I don't know but seems little bit similar to the Logan.
Damarcus Mitchell
Damarcus Mitchell 17 dias atrás
So Much Sin
So Much Sin 18 dias atrás
What if rambo last blood joins liam in every movie he is.
Glen Gray
Glen Gray 18 dias atrás
They Got That "Find You & Kill You" In There!!! Gonna Be Good!!!
loglog7 20 dias atrás
This season in "there are only 3 members of the cartel"
scott 20 dias atrás
dont hurt the young coloured boy liam ,,hes done nothing wrong
Sir Michael Burnham Crosby
It seems Liam Neeson completely gave up on doing an American accent 😁
Queen martin
Queen martin 21 dia atrás
This movie was amazing I rate that a 💯 mana even more one of the best action movies I have ever watched
Bolesław Krzywousty
Bolesław Krzywousty 21 dia atrás
Cliff Guthrie
Cliff Guthrie 22 dias atrás
roadcrew 22 dias atrás
wait what, where's his doughter???
MiMi Alipio
MiMi Alipio 22 dias atrás
This is Liam Neeson so I'm gonna watch it. But I swear to God if they kill off that dog I'm gonna lose it.
Current King
Current King 22 dias atrás
When they thought his just another gringo, Big mistake
lolo lala
lolo lala 22 dias atrás
i love this movie full of fight
PutoProdigio 23 dias atrás
Was this after or before is Daughter was TAKEN ?
kamalfarhat987 CH
kamalfarhat987 CH 23 dias atrás
when he finds he will kill u lady i think u r talking to the wrong person here
Lita Simoes
Lita Simoes 23 dias atrás
Enrique Montaño
Enrique Montaño 23 dias atrás
Trailers nowadays just spoil the whole movie basically
Lucah London
Lucah London 24 dias atrás
Taken 10. This movie never gets old .
Indy Sanchez
Indy Sanchez 24 dias atrás
Wow that's classic with neel
No Name
No Name 24 dias atrás
When you think he's too old to do anything else he proves you wrong....
XanderShiller 24 dias atrás
These are the "Westerns of Today". So much better imo
Solo Lay
Solo Lay 25 dias atrás
So wait. He went from going out there patrolling the border and killing Mexicans to saving a little boy?
MistaMemphis10 26 dias atrás
Gee, thanks for showing the ENTIRE MOVIE, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!!!! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ People just don't know how to make good movie trailers anymore...
Mamang Wiiikkkwiiikk
Mamang Wiiikkkwiiikk 26 dias atrás
trailer must be done in less than 90 sec, all u do is spoil everything here. lol
XXV Official
XXV Official 26 dias atrás
John wick, Liam nesson and Rambo would be the ultimate trio
Tarun L
Tarun L 27 dias atrás
Poor Liam, somebody's always trying to kill him or his family
Stephen L
Stephen L 27 dias atrás
*......this Liam Neesons from Tooken?*
sobat robbani
sobat robbani 27 dias atrás
The Last of us cartel edition
A atirek
A atirek 27 dias atrás
Best badass action heroes at present: 1. Denzel Washington 2. Keanu Reeves 3. Liam Nesson 4. Tom Cruise 5. Mel Gibson 6. Daniel Craig
Hay Cac
Hay Cac 27 dias atrás
Very nice….
KuMaiL HuSaiN
KuMaiL HuSaiN 28 dias atrás
Leon with Matilda western version
Inthezal 28 dias atrás
when this gonna release
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton 28 dias atrás
After seeing Sly doing his grampa stuff near the border....gave iday to others in hollywood that dont have a cellbrain to build new script.... lol
Gessprach M
Gessprach M 28 dias atrás
No puedo esperar para poder verla
bruh 2
bruh 2 28 dias atrás
Liam Neeson is the G.O.A.T, what a legend!
TheKyleLigaya CHANNEL
TheKyleLigaya CHANNEL 29 dias atrás
Tim Henneberry
Tim Henneberry 29 dias atrás
If the dog dies I’m not watching it
100forks 29 dias atrás
liam neeson, the hypocrite. He makes millions of of movies filled with gun violence yet he is against the second amendment and wants all guns taken away from the honest citizen of the USA. DON'T GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
Alex Stan
Alex Stan 29 dias atrás
0:12 Warzone players' PTSD kicks in..
i will find you ME CANSO GANSO
Criminals they do have a bad memory, how can they forget about this guy who has a very particular set of skills🤨
Candy Arellano
Candy Arellano 29 dias atrás
I really really really love this man ❤️❤️
I-K Addicts
I-K Addicts Mês atrás
I'm not really into action genre but wow. I hope this will be available in Netflix. I want to watch this badly.
David Anthony Franco
Umm, does this remind anyone else of the plot from Sicario 2?? 🤨🤔
Emily May Bartleson
Love Liam Neeson so much. Can’t wait to see this movie 😍😍😍
Rafi B
Rafi B Mês atrás
It appears Master Qui Gon got a new padawan.
Brent Delong
Brent Delong Mês atrás
For someone so anti-gun this hypocrite sure makes a lot of movies with them.
Eurivan Souza
Eurivan Souza Mês atrás
Isso é muito logan
Waqar Ali
Waqar Ali Mês atrás
The grey is still his best movie
boerashid Mês atrás
Man I don’t want this guy to ever stop making films
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy Mês atrás
Why is liberal Hollywood advocating for illegal gun use?
Amy A. Ramirez
Amy A. Ramirez Mês atrás
Definitely gonna be watching this tonight
Tom AZ
Tom AZ Mês atrás
Liam Neeson: "Guns are bad... unless you're watching me get rich glorifying them in a movie."
DominØ 1
DominØ 1 Mês atrás
So The Last of Us Featuring Texas...
Nanette Alegado
Nanette Alegado Mês atrás
If Julia Roberts ended up marrying Liam before, I think they’re still together until now.
Blurry Face
Blurry Face Mês atrás
Atsumu Tijzu
Atsumu Tijzu Mês atrás
Is this guy is the voice sctor of optimus prime?
Funck family
Funck family Mês atrás
This is why Trump wanted the wall!!!
Alexandyr Mitew
Alexandyr Mitew Mês atrás
The woman is from narcos Mexico and the man is the actor who play gustavo gaviria at narcos...+Liam's neison maybe will be good^^
Safwan Suhaimi
Safwan Suhaimi Mês atrás
La la la la
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Mês atrás
defenetly going to watch
Willie Fufu
Willie Fufu Mês atrás
Stupid movie, plagiarism, boring and very stupid. Why slides it have so many thumbs up?
Kuluto Sakha
Kuluto Sakha Mês atrás
So Underrated
Felix Diaz
Felix Diaz Mês atrás
Krokrok Renz Vlog
Krokrok Renz Vlog Mês atrás
Next movie The Tank, The Fighter, the mage, the Assassin, the Mage, The Support haha
andrew loya
andrew loya Mês atrás
Aye what’s the song in it
Evan James White Sr
Lady:"He will find you and he will kill you" Liam Neeson: "Thanks a bunch. Now what the fuck am I supposed to say to them?!"
Sheila MacRae
Sheila MacRae 28 dias atrás
Evan , that was funny & probably most likely what dude woulda really thought. Seriously 🤷🏼‍♀️😁😁👍
Sheila MacRae
Sheila MacRae 28 dias atrás
A hahaha...🤣😂🤣😂😁😁😁Right ?
Alexandyr Mitew
Alexandyr Mitew Mês atrás
The lady is playing at narcos Mexico and the cartel guy at narcos
Rain Rain
Rain Rain Mês atrás
I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it.--carefull of this guy💪🏻
Zorn Casteel
Zorn Casteel Mês atrás
Movie looks subtly preachy ... (About the you-know-what issue)
Edzhjus Mês atrás
1:08 Why would "they" want to kill those who are not adults? Witness of crime or something? 🙄
COLDSUN Mês atrás
Basically rambo 5. Lol
Henny Verheij
Henny Verheij Mês atrás
Seems like another great movie with Liam....
Sam ShepCap
Sam ShepCap Mês atrás
They will find him and they will kill him? Do they know who they are dealing with? Do they not realise that he is Liam Neeson?
Will Chill
Will Chill Mês atrás
is this on netflix or amazon primes yet?
IBRanger Mês atrás
Never piss off some old Marine holding a scoped Ranch Rifle
ryanator_109 Mês atrás
Should've just given the Mexicans back their people lmao
Jay-son Agustin
Jay-son Agustin Mês atrás
I kinda get a vibe of Taken.
Thabang Sqoko
Thabang Sqoko Mês atrás
So I'm the only one who see a bit of Leon Messi look alike in this guy
Barry Ayers
Barry Ayers Mês atrás
The bad arse returned as soon as that 🤠 hat was gone
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