The Manliest Laptop Ever - Dell Rugged Extreme Review

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The Dell Rugged Extreme is basically indestructible, but why would anyone need that?
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22 Mai 2019




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Comentários 3 792
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 28 dias atrás
Get your first audiobook and 2 Audible Originals free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit or text linus to 500500 Save 10% at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LINUS at
warlock040269 26 dias atrás
Funny that dells calls it rugged since Toughbook has been calling their laptop that for many years. I believe I first saw it call rugged over 12 years ago. By the way their 14" toughbook 54 lite is only 1500
Paul Piatt
Paul Piatt 26 dias atrás
Linus Tech Tips got a ridge wallet. And I love it.
Nathan Millsap
Nathan Millsap 27 dias atrás nice reference, Love those guys
Hari Molla
Hari Molla 27 dias atrás
@Max Painnope
你喜欢囧菌么 27 dias atrás
Gerry Hernandez
Gerry Hernandez 4 horas atrás
Rex rex
Rex rex 8 horas atrás
Omg nice intro
Xavier Montgomery Britt
Bluetongue 3 dias atrás
2k for the laptop, 3k for the hazardous areas certification...
Stavros K
Stavros K 3 dias atrás
Why does David act like a tool in all the videos??
ustio 4 dias atrás
"Predator missile ready for launch"
JonnyInfinite 4 dias atrás
But, is it better than the Panasonic Toughbook?
Scott Hidlebaugh
Scott Hidlebaugh 6 dias atrás
Panasonic Toughbooks are the standard that all rugged laptops are held to. All of the features that Dell has on this laptop were on Toughbooks years ago. It would be interesting to do a comparison of the CF-31 and this laptop to see who makes the better machine.
Boss Jinn
Boss Jinn 6 dias atrás
Who the is that guy
Wafi Ghani
Wafi Ghani 6 dias atrás
Please review also the Toughbook LTT.
hkistreet 6 dias atrás
He gave it a solid eh
Arco Mxxnxn
Arco Mxxnxn 7 dias atrás
tim cook, that's how I want laptop from apple
Mihnea Lazăr
Mihnea Lazăr 9 dias atrás
I’ve seen this laptop in Mission Impossible Fallout, in the beginning scene where they get the phone from Dr. Delbruk. I thought it’s fake, or a special model, but it looks like it’s real. Cool either way.
Zes Jerome
Zes Jerome 10 dias atrás
no such thing asmanx or not about it, squarex etc doens't matter, cepix, any be infixn any manlyx nmw
elktaro 10 dias atrás
I want this
Wai logobank Ben
Wai logobank Ben 10 dias atrás
It should inside server rack.
TigerChuu 10 dias atrás
Watching videos about indestructible laptops... Just sits at home all day.
Saanvi Sharma
Saanvi Sharma 11 dias atrás
I'd prefer prefer Panasonic CF-33 than Dell. Cuz, we can use it as tablet or laptop!!!!
justkidding 11 dias atrás
Missed chance to fully remake darude sandstorm
Cristian Valdes
Cristian Valdes 11 dias atrás
Is this the best pc ever
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers 12 dias atrás
TopShot501st 7 dias atrás
blackjackcountry 12 dias atrás
nice work thad was a pro advertisement
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 12 dias atrás
It has the G I R T H
Rolfathan 12 dias atrás
It's thick, but I feel like most people carry a gaming laptop in a thick enough bag that it's probably about the same. So if you look at it as "the bag is built in" the thickness is rather justified.
froopy070 12 dias atrás
this laptop mad THICK dawg
Joe Diamond
Joe Diamond 13 dias atrás
I work in a factory and these are the laptops that we use. Despite how strong these laptops are, they aren't invincible. Keys break off, LCD panels break, touch pads get all wonky...
Miss17 Black
Miss17 Black 13 dias atrás
When the guy in the thumbnail looks like Felix, I clicked real fast!!!!!!!
4c1dr3fl3x 13 dias atrás
The Military. Yes, we use Toughbooks, and the US Government buys us Dell shit. We live on 2 things: Coffee and Paperwork. And that digital paperwork has to go in the back of an armored vehicle that's about to bounce around the training areas of Fort Irwin, California. Otherwise known as Death Valley.
MrToilet 13 dias atrás
1:40 - 1:50 T H I C C
joebear80 13 dias atrás
Thicc! Alex is good at narrating!
Garry Superales
Garry Superales 14 dias atrás
I need Linus near that laptop so i can scale the size. Lol.
Marc Fuchs
Marc Fuchs 14 dias atrás
I hate it, that people are usually hating on resistive touch displays. While I'm not saying, that smartphones should use those, the often used argument, that those are bad and have awful precision is just bullshit. Take the WiiU gamepad display as an example. Definately resistive, but you could easily draw pixel perfect on this thing. Far better than most smartphone screens, and I can tell as an experienced artist (though I have also successfully drawn pictures on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4). Anyway, it's pretty obvious, this laptop isn't meant for the average user. And even though I like to take my gear out into the woods, it's not even for me. It's for heavy duty jobs for people, who do heavy duty jobs. If you took this beast to your friends, first they would be amazed, but then they would laugh at you. It's like if a soccer mom, whose trips are basically to school and back and to the store and back would get a 4x4 lifted pickup truck with a lifted, water proofed exhaust system.
Dran5 14 dias atrás
Coyote Peterson needs this for brave wilderness shooting lel XD
nexxusty 15 dias atrás
The same exact people Panasonics CF series was for. I know you need to appeal to tha masses, who are incredibly dumb.... however come on....
CovertCoder01 15 dias atrás
0:33 BRAH
MiguelPpM 15 dias atrás
Pontus Ferm
Pontus Ferm 15 dias atrás
Love the Mantage reference.
Amplufyed 15 dias atrás
The intro reminded me of a certain Barats and Bereta skit.
Adrian R
Adrian R 16 dias atrás
"If you're a scientist or such crap." That line had me laughing out loud. LOL.
Sanan 16 dias atrás
grah55 16 dias atrás
So a review that would be perfect for Linus. He can drop it as much as he wants without worry.
Ayush Bakshi
Ayush Bakshi 16 dias atrás
I want one but with best possible specs.. Even though I don't have money to buy sandals. :\
Neptria 16 dias atrás
when will we get a man-sized laptop
human 17 dias atrás
I wanted it to be my next laptop until he said $4500 😱
Jia Kang
Jia Kang 17 dias atrás
Meanwhile my Dell G7 7588 has no RGB keyboard lol
speedracer123222 17 dias atrás
So does this mean I can sky dive with this and drop it and it survives? Jk I don’t do extreme activities
Vs. MLG 17 dias atrás
nobody really cares about the thumbnail?
randall smith
randall smith 17 dias atrás
They finally get a product that Linus can't drop without worry. Linus not in the vid. wtf
Afro Bob
Afro Bob 18 dias atrás
Since the fan is in a separate chamber, and probably waterproof for the IP rating, can you submerge is just a bit to get watercooling?
Jon Wit
Jon Wit 18 dias atrás
RGB keyboard what a weird feature to include in an ultra touch laptop.
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 19 dias atrás
Sounds like the perfect laptop for me :)
Rockman 19 dias atrás
Dude, let others review this, maybe linux or rikey, you looks like youre in pain.
Anirudh Ashok
Anirudh Ashok 19 dias atrás
You lowkey look like PewDiePie in the thumbnail
RockstarBruski 20 dias atrás
Love the intro on review! Such a cool laptop! Glad they're still making these ruggid beasts!
Techivax 20 dias atrás
i thought it was finally a Video whithout Linus, but *then"...
eF Ka
eF Ka 20 dias atrás
Wow. This makes my Toughbook look like a skinny teenage geek. Nice. Great for technicians who have to work outdoors or in very humid or dusty indoor conditions. And it has an RGB keyboard!
Valnar Darnus
Valnar Darnus 20 dias atrás
In germany I only can buy a four year old two device in new or used ones with the same age. Is there a new one with updated hardware planned to come even to germany or only to the us?
أحمد حميدان
أحمد حميدان 20 dias atrás
that looks like an engineer's design that he sneaked past the fashion department
Sparki Thepony
Sparki Thepony 20 dias atrás
I've worked on a lot of these. The handle is absolutely garbage. The Highway Patrol break theirs all the time. Otherwise it's a solid laptop.
Makaveli -
Makaveli - 21 dia atrás
holly shit it has an rx 540
X Razorsz X
X Razorsz X 21 dia atrás
Dell Rugged Extreme: Im Thicc as fuuuuck! 1990s laptops: Am i a joke to you?
Kryštof Dzoba
Kryštof Dzoba 21 dia atrás
I have to confess I have a man-crush on Alex
jekanyika 21 dia atrás
I'm glad they called it soil rather than dirt.
Israel Lai
Israel Lai 21 dia atrás
can we talk about that human organ tho
AtmasOne 21 dia atrás buy it if you're a scientist OR SOME CRAP. lol
Javi G.
Javi G. 21 dia atrás
Indiana Jone's laptop
ISM 21 dia atrás
is Alex single?
Demonslayer20111 21 dia atrás
our t.o. manuals were on these in the airforce. well the panasonic ones but same idea
Tikay 21 dia atrás
These are liked in quite a few different industries. Love mine in any case, but is an older version.
Rory Morris
Rory Morris 21 dia atrás
Its like three time thicker than a thick laptop lol
SimpleGamingF2P 22 dias atrás
military will use it
tonnentonie 22 dias atrás
Ohh so you found out that the military has its own rigs? That took you sometime
宋欣睿 22 dias atrás
真,健身器材(习武之人必备)must have for a man who can fight
Dru Schweigert
Dru Schweigert 22 dias atrás
It's for outdoor types, law enforcement, emergency personnel and military!
Howard Zhao
Howard Zhao 22 dias atrás
bruh why tf does this thing have a RGB keyboard?!
Demonslayer20111 21 dia atrás
why not?
Rory Savage
Rory Savage 22 dias atrás
Hotel room keys, and spent gift cars? Hmm... LOL.
Abby Normal
Abby Normal 22 dias atrás
This is for EMS, we break our laptops/tablets all the time.
Scripture Examined
Scripture Examined 22 dias atrás
But can it djent?
michael newell
michael newell 22 dias atrás
These are primarily marketed towards police and military big way you can tell is the smart card reader
Adam Augustus
Adam Augustus 22 dias atrás
Elon's Mars gear
Zaldhy Darwin
Zaldhy Darwin 23 dias atrás
Woah this is perfect for me :) as a forest patrol rescue unit who spend 24/7 in the wild it would be realy useful to have a rugged portable machine. just kiding i live in my mom basement.
Evgeniy Pizza
Evgeniy Pizza 23 dias atrás
Why is he talking with closed mouth
Charles Farrant
Charles Farrant 23 dias atrás
Cody 23 dias atrás
I promise you, give this to some soldiers and it will get beat up more than you could ever imagine.
Reality 23 dias atrás
Why are there hammers?
pward17 23 dias atrás
Hi I'm the 4 hour response personnel. :)
Mike Soda
Mike Soda 23 dias atrás
All tech inept parents need this laptop.
Mickel Ntek
Mickel Ntek 23 dias atrás
spies and black ops people will love this thing.
Roger Barachita
Roger Barachita 23 dias atrás
looks like you could launch nukes with that
Collin Black
Collin Black 23 dias atrás
PLEASE stop using that shaggy haired douchebag in videos. Alex is fine, but his douche level is a .1, whereas that guy is an alarming 12 on a scale of 1-10.
FordPower5288 23 dias atrás
"Who is this beast actually for?" I can answer that. My shop for "Big engines manufacturer Inc. uses these throughout the shop. Considering we are working with thousands of pounds of 30-78L Diesel engines. It helps. Also, throw in the fact that many of the people I work with are either completely tech illiterate or don't seem to understand that electronics can be a little weak.
JoyTheGeek 23 dias atrás
I had a Dell rugged at one point as a kid It was p legit
Goalatio 23 dias atrás
We use these in my job in the military, they still get broken lol. Specifically the tabs for the ports on the back/sides, and we had problems with screws working their way out and ended up removing a bunch of them with the entire rear frame and putting glue over the essential ones.
Aswin -
Aswin - 23 dias atrás
drop a nokia 3310 over it and.......
Daniel Hoy
Daniel Hoy 23 dias atrás
nice mantage.
Lamron333 23 dias atrás
Use the 8K cameras to upload to AT LEAST 1080p 60 fps. Can you do that, are you that behind Gamers Nexus? What about timestamps in the description? Too complicated for you? Seriously? WTF???
Lamron333 23 dias atrás
Use the 8K cameras to upload to AT LEAST 1080p 60 fps. Can you do that, are you that behind Gamers Nexus? What about timestamps in the description? Too complicated for you? Seriously? WTF???
Caveman 23 dias atrás
Have a lot of online friends in the military, especially (ch)air force. This might be geared towards the armed forces TBH.
Cyrph 23 dias atrás
Extreme cold down to -29degrees celsius. Thats just a regular day in canadian winter, on somewhat the warmer side even
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