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Will Cain sits down with John Paul Mac Isaac, the laptop repairman who was in possession of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. He explains how he came into possession of the laptop and exactly what he found on it.

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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 10 540
J Garlito
J Garlito Mês atrás
It’s hard to find a good man during good times. This guy is classic.
Mr. Trent
Mr. Trent 7 horas atrás
@24:42 I mean, it sounds like he has trouble finding the door.
Sally Turner
Sally Turner 15 dias atrás
He’s a fruit Cake.
Dolly Harper
Dolly Harper 21 dia atrás
@Scooby Doo AÀA!
Zim Tage
Zim Tage 24 dias atrás
Pamela Mann
Pamela Mann 2 dias atrás
He's a Brilliant man !! We the People can only thank God that he was the Man to find the lap top !! God Bless you Sir !!
Ithaka 12 dias atrás
This man is honourable - a man of integrity, a treasure in this day and age. It is a travesty the he has been so aggrieved. The treatment he has received is UNACCEPTABLE.
Denay Howard
Denay Howard 2 dias atrás
Same as the Trump Family 💯
b hiatt
b hiatt 5 dias atrás
@Emily Wilson this guy was hoping to be on stage as a hero, at one of Trumps YMCA rallies. The more he talks, the worse it gets for him. lol
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 7 dias atrás
Yes. Honorable… with also no sense of confidentiality in the data business. Upstanding and trustworthy of his word 👍🏽😅😒🤮
Maria Roali
Maria Roali 3 dias atrás
I love his hat 😇 God bless you and thank you for your honesty … people like this man that’s what we need in are country 🇺🇸🦅🙏
Lil' Stinkers
Lil' Stinkers 22 dias atrás
I'm glad it was this man who got the laptop. He seems pretty sharp. He should be famous as a hero and a patriot.
Justin Mashburn
Justin Mashburn 6 dias atrás
Funny all of the peoppe who have wrote books about Trump yall claimed they were all lies becayse they were just trying to get rich but this dude is doing the same thing and he is a patriot right? Hypocrisy at its finest.
Nicolas Jensen
Nicolas Jensen 19 dias atrás
You need some classes of hearing understanding
Shark Bait
Shark Bait Mês atrás
This man never revels in speaking of the distasteful acts that were on Hunter's laptop. He's a respectful man.
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 3 horas atrás
@Mighty Sparrow92 When? Where?
Cletus Spuckler Stable Jeanius
@Shhhhh🤫 ... Why not, Trump would .... and has!!
Shhhhh🤫 Dia atrás
@Uwe Könnigsstaddt I call BS . Where’s the evidence. If he made copies he should show it but he also told the FBI he made no such copies. Understand that under oath he won’t make these false statements
Shhhhh🤫 Dia atrás
@Donna D I’m not kidding you . Where is the evidence?
Nicholas Lacovara
Nicholas Lacovara 28 dias atrás
Just to be clear he has always worn the hat when I went to his shop, ( Since about 2015). I have seen him hold up things and look at computer screens at a distance of 4 to 5 inces. Plus he fixed my hard drive the same way as he discribed here. What really stinks is he had to close his shop so now have no place to fix my Macbook. I know he is telling the truth because I have been to that shop.
b hiatt
b hiatt 4 dias atrás
@Laura Chang why yes, obviously the republican party didnt want anything to do with this goofy hat guy. Its the Trumper party that believes this goofy hat guy, not the Republican party.
Laura Chang
Laura Chang 4 dias atrás
​@b hiatt Risk of handling info to Police Hunter?
b hiatt
b hiatt 5 dias atrás
he made his own bed. Why not go to the local police right off the bat if he felt there was criminal activity on it? Years later he hands the info over to top republicans lol
angela barlow
angela barlow 3 dias atrás
Bless this man. Keep him safe with all this insanity. 🙏 also he's got albinism Nystagmus I'm pretty sure, poor guys dealing with ENOUGH he doesn't need more to deal with. My 9 yr old daughters got Nystagmus as why I recognized what's up with his eyes. Stay safe sir.
John Russel Smurf
John Russel Smurf 28 dias atrás
Praying for this man's safety!
granand Dia atrás
@Denay Howard I agree.
Very articulate and I’m glad he was able to use the proper wording so not to incriminate himself because in my opinion this man has done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve the wrath he received for doing HIS JOB
Terri LaDow
Terri LaDow 23 dias atrás
Thank you for going against THE MACHINE!!!! I'm proud of your parents for raising a fine man such as yourself ❤
Blanca Farfan
Blanca Farfan 5 horas atrás
Beverly Druskis
Beverly Druskis 16 dias atrás
What channel is fox news on in the Milford area
Liana Esterhuizen
Liana Esterhuizen 28 dias atrás
Honest and truthful man. Very few left on this planet. And will add brave. May he be protected
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 7 dias atrás
Yes, I pray that God has mercy and protects him from his mistakes (physically though, not financially… because after breaking client confidentiality so severely, he should no longer own a business in this great country)
Ithaka 12 dias atrás
Absolutely an absolutely honourable man - a man of real integrity and a treasure in this day and age. It is a travesty the he has been so aggrieved. The treatment he has received is UNACCEPTABLE.
Gladys Vogel
Gladys Vogel 3 dias atrás
Christopher Sean Rose
Christopher Sean Rose 20 horas atrás
calm down there buddy, no need to yell.
Elizabeth Honeycutt
Elizabeth Honeycutt 25 dias atrás
I’m sorry for all you had to go through just because a bad person crossed in your way. Thank you for doing what you did to bring this hunter mess to light.
Joseph Naoc
Joseph Naoc 7 dias atrás
@Keith Torrence No response at all?
Keith Torrence
Keith Torrence 12 dias atrás
@The Chronicles there’s literally nothing bad on the laptop lol.
Joseph Naoc
Joseph Naoc 12 dias atrás
@Keith Torrence like if you were to come into an oil change shop or tech shop and wanted services performed on a vehicle with high mileage which by policy that shop doesn't cover unless you sign an invoice noting the shop is not responsible for damages. You'd be signing the invoice fully aware that it's your fault for any damages to your vehicle.
Dave Duvalier
Dave Duvalier Mês atrás
From England this man deserves a medal for what he has done. The US is in a state of decay and it needs patriots like this man.
Dave Duvalier
Dave Duvalier 7 dias atrás
@Emily Wilson You sir live in a country of immigrants so in what universe do you believe people from another country don't know what is happening in the USA? We have access to the internet here too, dont you know! :)
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 7 dias atrás
Well if you’re from or in England, than you have no idea what my country needs 😊
Alchemist XP
Alchemist XP 27 dias atrás
The fact Hunter was dumb enough to leave this laptop at some random repair shop, and not get it, or send anyone else to get it for MONTHS before it turned into the shop owners property is absolutely mind boggling. Im going to assume Hunter didnt tell anyone where he brought it, or what data was on the laptop, otherwise someone else would have grabbed it.
BabyT 5 horas atrás
Same way Ashley Biden left her diary just anywhere. What if despite what the media portrays and what we personally believe, those troubled children could be wanting to get themselves and father caught. I don’t believe anyone could possibly be that forgetful but then again maybe so if you let your guard down either way, there’s no denial to the evidence of either laptop or diary which means we should be concerned
J Q 4 dias atrás
@T Otis That part! You know that's gotta be the best explanation for him to be unreachable and irresponsible.
Laura Chang
Laura Chang 4 dias atrás
​@Janey DoeEvidence and truth do not work with denying liars.
Susan Rarick
Susan Rarick 6 dias atrás
@T Otis I am beginning to think along this line too.
Rk Rk
Rk Rk 27 dias atrás
Imagine if the regular media did it's job and was fair, you would have heard every detail in 2019
MionTheLion 16 dias atrás
@Jacqueline Guzmán but look at the train wreck your current boss has created.
2000 Donkey’s
2000 Donkey’s 18 dias atrás
@Jacqueline Guzmán he was! Watch 2000 Mules
Jacqueline Guzmán
Jacqueline Guzmán 20 dias atrás
And that's good bcuz? Oh that's right Trump would have been re elected. THANK GOD HE WASN'T!
Married-Wit-Children & a Dog!
This guy is a hero and his dad and uncle, too! Too bad we have such a broken and corrupted system! It definitely has to be fixed and I admire how this man kindly communicates that!
Richard Roddenberry
Richard Roddenberry 6 dias atrás
Way to go Will. Your heart is in the right place as a patriotic American!!!
Christina Williams
Christina Williams Mês atrás
Unbelievable!! This is how you know the people in power are STOOOPID! This HERO tried to play by the rules, trusted his government, went through the proper channels and HE was punished when it should’ve been HUNTER!!! If they can do this to him, they can and WILL do it to all of us. They gave him no other option BUT to go public! If the FBI had done their job, we wouldn’t know this man’s name He got that right!!
Warren Bailey
Warren Bailey 10 dias atrás
you should use more capital letters, difficult to read otherwise...
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 22 dias atrás
Two previous comments are invisible. BRvid has to save us from words again.
J C 29 dias atrás
Great guy and great interview....I really appreciated the non-biased slant from the interviewer. Very professional and it adds alot of creedence to the story.
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 7 dias atrás
This man, ten years ago, probably would have said he had a better chance winning the biggest lottery, than ending up in a pickle with hunter biden's laptop 😩💻 God bless this man 💖🙏🏾✌️💡
Dennis Kuhn
Dennis Kuhn 3 dias atrás
Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones 19 dias atrás
Thank you for this incredible interview! Praying for this man and his family!!
Martine Shamzin
Martine Shamzin 15 dias atrás
Love this man. Love his hat, and the explanation. Love reading the comments from people trying to somehow say this is a hoax. I even heard someone say that because he can only see close up, he cant be a repair guy.....even though liberals have been protesting outside his repair shop.
Richard Mundt
Richard Mundt Mês atrás
Whenever a person like this is accused of being a traitor by the left, that tells you all you need to know. God bless this guy, and please keep him safe from the swamp creatures.
Chris Cordingley
Chris Cordingley Mês atrás
@Ghost Lachlan FACTS!!
Ghost Lachlan
Ghost Lachlan Mês atrás
The only way to keep him safe from the swamp creatures- any of us safe- is to put them down.
Roberto Arriola-Bustamante
yes keep Him safe from this demons in the Name of Jesus Christ
Maxie Pattie
Maxie Pattie Mês atrás
Hollywood would do a flick about this but make it all Trump's kids (Based on a TRUE STORY!)
Linda F
Linda F 23 dias atrás
This man is a patriot and he got demonized for it. I thank him for his service, I thank him for doing what was right! ❤️ It’s unfortunate that government officials didn’t do the same!
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 20 dias atrás
He was never demonized. Nobody really knew much about him until he came forward.
KC Shaw
KC Shaw 24 dias atrás
He's lucky to not have been imprisoned. Be careful. You obviously are very brave, thank you for your families and your service to our Country.
Tracy Reid
Tracy Reid 26 dias atrás
God bless this man….he’s a good good man
esp92310 24 dias atrás
Very good interview. But a heartbreaking story considering that the proof is there, yet nothing is done.
joe Brown
joe Brown 18 dias atrás
The powers that be have bought off everyone they can and are praying that this stays swept under the rug.
Roland Boeing 747
Roland Boeing 747 19 dias atrás
@Victoria De Vore In this life the rulers are 1st and rule the life as they wish , dream like they want it for their life gains , we the pions are under these rulers and not too much we can do to change their mind and their heart for emotions or feelings for so many of others by billion people More exactly around eight (8) billion people !
Victoria De Vore
Victoria De Vore 19 dias atrás
Rules for thee and not for me!
DONCHICHI vagabond
DONCHICHI vagabond 25 dias atrás
Will Cain is a great interviewer. By far asking more important questions than many others. I've never heard of this man before. Definitely a new fan!
DONCHICHI vagabond
DONCHICHI vagabond 23 dias atrás
@RekietaBeatsL&C it was a genuine interview like two people discussing everyday information. Very relatable.
RekietaBeatsL&C 23 dias atrás
Even asked a random question about a hat & realized answer would be interesting to his viewers too. Great interviewer & interviewee ☺️
Mike 26 dias atrás
I would like to think I'm brave enough to do what John Paul has done, but I sort of know I'm not. Respect, brother.
AscendedFortune 24 dias atrás
When the time to step up comes in any situation; you’ll answer the call. You got it in You, just don’t know it ✊🏽
Tanku Eytryn
Tanku Eytryn 24 dias atrás
Your humbleness is admirable.
Alan Turick
Alan Turick 12 horas atrás
A stand up guy speaking the truth without judgement or innuendo.
Tatiana Ofri
Tatiana Ofri 17 dias atrás
NICOLAS SMITH.. I'm a lumberjack
@ADA LUZ FELICIANO ARROYO how are you doing... where are you from??
Wow!!!! Very interesting!!!!😳
Alex Mês atrás
Wonderful interview. John is a good man . Can't say the same for the FBI.
T Beck
T Beck Mês atrás
@John Soboleski as a member of the FBI let me assure you we are not biased! We just love a sweet beret. Especially the raspberry kind!
T Beck
T Beck Mês atrás
Looks like he also found out he was a freaking green beret! Dude is awesome!
captainwho1 Mês atrás
And don't leave out the Twits at Twitter. I hope and pray that Elon Musk gets their company for $10 per share.
Andrea Brundige
Andrea Brundige 18 dias atrás
Great interview. Thank you John Paul for being a patriot.
Mary C
Mary C 10 dias atrás
Agree! Outstanding interview!
Arthur S
Arthur S 23 dias atrás
WoW....WoW..... thank you for inviting this PERSON to be on you show and for giving him chance to speak respect....what he told all of us - is frightening...I hope🤞 to hear and read more from the media on how it will end....🤝
Susan Morgan
Susan Morgan 18 dias atrás
Yeah right
abuelasuza 25 dias atrás
That is a good, courageous man. I hope he can recoup what he lost, and stay safe.
Amanda Assoignon
Amanda Assoignon 14 dias atrás
So happy to see this! So proud of him and I hope he stays safe ❤️❤️
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 7 dias atrás
Yes, of course… Safe AND out of business 👍🏽
He found a way to serve his country just as his forefathers in his family line did. I guarantee he would of served if he were able, as i believe this because of his patriotic charismatic attitude looking up to his Dad, Uncle & Grand Dad All Who Served. My Family Also Come From A Long Line Of Army With Me Going To Marine Corps. Our leaders forgot they are supposed to serve us the people, and i can tell unless he's a paid actor that he loves his country as much as i do and stand with every man woman and childs rights and freedoms they deserve. I BELIEVE HIS NEAR BLINDNESS LITERALLY HELPS HIS MEMORIES KIND LIKE WHERE SOME SENCE'S ARE GONE THE OTHERS BECOME MORE AWARE WHICH WATCHING HIM TALK HE CLEARLY HAS A VISION PROBLEM AND SOMETHING THE BEST ACTORS WOULD HAVE A HARD TIME PUTTING ON SO HE REALLY SEEMS LIKE HE'S LEGIT BUT I NEED TO VERIFY AS I DONT TRUST EITHER SIDE OF OUR GOVERNMENT ISLES AS THEY ARE A TWO PARTY DICTATORSHIP IF ANYONE WAS TO ASK MY OPINIONS ON THE MATTER AS I PUT MY TRUST IN THE LORDS HANDS
Caris H
Caris H 24 dias atrás
Some version of albinism seems to be what’s affected his eyesight.
Georgann Conway
Georgann Conway 4 dias atrás
He is the victim. He got this laptop and did what he was suppose to do. Any of us would have done the same thing. He should have his business restored.
HC 19 dias atrás
He’s so courageous! I can’t wait to read the book!
Merisol II
Merisol II 26 dias atrás
I trust every word this man has said. Our country is doomed.
Adam Stankard
Adam Stankard 19 dias atrás
@Lynda Peoples we could start with attention and a pat on the back from dear leader. So you believe a blind man that clams he saw something? what a dunce
walliejohnwayne 19 dias atrás
@Lynda Peoples Yes there is
Lynda Peoples
Lynda Peoples 19 dias atrás
@Lisa Steigerwald he's giving his account. He doesn't hold the reins. He's just a human like we are. He seems to be honest.
Lynda Peoples
Lynda Peoples 19 dias atrás
@Bryan Weed you're right but nothing is insufferable with Christ.
Lynda Peoples
Lynda Peoples 19 dias atrás
@Ethan Weeter are you surprised that the FBI hasn't come forth with anything re: that laptop's contents??????
Perry Coman
Perry Coman Mês atrás
Probably the best interview I’ve ever heard. John Paul appears to be a very objective ,humble, intelligent man. I am so impressed
Alec Binyon
Alec Binyon Mês atrás
It's just a real average American who's smart and brave on TV. We're so used to not seeing a real hard working and capable person on TV.
Karl Louise Bevan
Karl Louise Bevan Mês atrás
So agree with you on that statement.. Factual and very compelling... I will be buying this book. x
Ritalie Mês atrás
His voice and eloquent speech is better than 99% of Humans. He has the speaking ability and a great broadcast voice. He really needs to be working in the Media. Someone needs to hire him immediately for voice-over work.
Vickie Lynn Fisher
Vickie Lynn Fisher Mês atrás
Award-Winning Interview….should Win Journalist Awards.
miss galaxy
miss galaxy 14 dias atrás
For the record we all see this man is in good health he is speaking clearly and he is well-dressed something happened to this man we already know
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan 17 dias atrás
This is a very intelligent man. It's sad that this man is smarter then the FBI he unfortunately had to work with and he is a way better and a more honorable man then all of them put together.
🙄 22 dias atrás
I used to think hunter turned in his laptop as a cry for help knowing a computer professional would see his crimes, but when the computer guy asked him his last name and hunter responded indignantly, well then, I reckon I was mistaken.
Sue Peterson
Sue Peterson 22 dias atrás
Wow just wow I stumbled upon this podcast and it has been fascinating. I knew a little bit about this man but his interview was so eye-opening and frightening. I hope he is successful with his lawsuit and gets multi millions of dollars because he certainly deserves it. He's been through the wringer.
FirebirdDude Mês atrás
Fabulous interview. More power to John. America stands with him.
phone games
phone games 11 dias atrás
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs 18 dias atrás
@Jame Moself 🤣🤣🤣
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs 18 dias atrás
Indeed great interview 👍
C Hope
C Hope 26 dias atrás
This man will one day be remembered as a hero. And I think that day is coming sooner than later.
Lisa Steigerwald
Lisa Steigerwald 20 dias atrás
He’s gotten his 15 minutes he was looking for.
Patrick Shane O'Marra
Patrick Shane O'Marra 20 dias atrás
@Rich Holland Hunter is that you?
Olivia Zinck
Olivia Zinck 20 dias atrás
@Ethan Weeter finally someone reasonable in this comment section lol
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 20 dias atrás
For what? He admitted what he gave to Rudy and others is not the same and he tells conflicting stories on when this happened. Even if the photos are real, they just show Hunter had relapsed, not that Hunter broke any major laws. And the e-mails were not even verified because they could not be verified. If you read the full articles, they do not say any of this would be admissible in court and do not even say 100% if all the information is verifiable beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is not my words, this was in the article. That is why you need to read an entire article, not just the headlines or trust what someone says about an article at face value.
Dr4gonBorn 21 dia atrás
The way this is worded makes it sound like he's going to die...🤨
Luisa Cleaves
Luisa Cleaves 22 dias atrás
Excellent interview; this is a very intelligent and honorable man. He is very clear of what is happening . May God keep him well and safe
2000 Donkey’s
2000 Donkey’s 18 dias atrás
@Matthew Brown absolutely
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 19 dias atrás
@Olivia Zinck this is like going to get knew lining in your car with bag of cocaine under seat getting mad them for finding it.
Olivia Zinck
Olivia Zinck 20 dias atrás
honorable? he literally went through someone’s personal, private computer. that’s not honorable or ethical in any way. i don’t care what came of it, doing that is never honorable
Anna Crowley
Anna Crowley 11 dias atrás
You Sir are an honourable man. Your family, despite the pain they suffer of seeing how their son has been treated, at the same time, must be incredibly proud of you. My father(R.I.P.) suffered from integrity, and I can assure you Sir, if you were his, he would burst with pride. I think citizens should take a good look at this man and take a good look at who they voted for. America should look at you and learn from you, what honesty and integrity looks like. Ask themselves if they really want politicians that, to my mind, appear to be throwing the country's money away intentionally so your country can be conquered. Looking at American wars in many countries. Many of their populations would be delighted to get their turn of doing to you what your politicians authorised done to them. Please, pull up your draw bridges. Protect your country and your children. Hold on to your money, if you really have any. I understand you borrow from China. (Whose clever idea was that?) This quiet, gentle man, now known and scandalised, has risen through the ashes of abuse and destruction to be seen as what he is. A rare specimen these days. A man of honour. AND The whole world sees it. UK
Molly 10 dias atrás
Thank you for your observations
Jennifer Hagan
Jennifer Hagan 21 hora atrás
Omg the beginning is hilarious " counter top illuminated..." " I took a sigh"
4FunRC Mês atrás
An American Hero, and the way things are today you know how this plays out.
r v
r v 15 dias atrás
@Dale Slover spot what? Like a on underwear?
Joanne Cobble
Joanne Cobble 27 dias atrás
You’re in my prayers. It’s awful what they’ve tried to do to you when they are guilty as hell!! They need held accountable for their crimes
Son of Liberty
Son of Liberty 29 dias atrás
This gentleman does not need to worry about being tagged as a traitor. The vast majority of those that might accuse him of traitorous activities are in fact traitors themselves.
Young Roshi
Young Roshi 17 dias atrás
Bro. Traitors? This isn't 1896. People can be citizens of multiple countries at once 😂
KING KEYZ KUPA 19 dias atrás
Steph Goble
Steph Goble 20 dias atrás
The guilty ones try to hide their evil deeds by trying to discredit this fine man.
Sadrera 14 horas atrás
Thank God for honest people! His story shows why no one trusts the government. They protect their criminal own. Bless this man and protect him🙏
danette cadzow
danette cadzow 26 dias atrás
I can only imagine what was on those other two laptops! It's going to be interesting how this all plays out.
Loren Luyendyk
Loren Luyendyk Mês atrás
This man deserves the medal of honor
Derrick QuarterMane
Derrick QuarterMane 18 dias atrás
Sweetlemonade97 29 dias atrás
The way he recollects specific details indicates to me he’s being truthful.
jay bee
jay bee 27 dias atrás
Or. . . . .
Rebecca Larson
Rebecca Larson 25 dias atrás
God bless this man for his honesty and for all he has been through at the hands of evil men/women in our government.
GMar 19 dias atrás
Rebecca I would love to find out if there’s someway, to find out everyone involved in government and Washington DC if they belong to any secret clubs or cults.
buxtehude123 23 dias atrás
I absolutely agree, American repressive security apparatus and totalitarian liberal media have crushed this poor guy
Rich Holland
Rich Holland 23 dias atrás
Roflmao, sure.
Missy 19 dias atrás
We’re going to have a movie about this man in a few years
Who’s who at the zoo ?  🦓
If there were more people with the intestinal fortitude ( guts ) of this man in the corridors of power, the country wouldn’t be in the mess that it is today.
Greyhound Mama
Greyhound Mama Mês atrás
He is protecting his life by doing interviews like this. The laptop from hell could not have landed in the lap of a better person. He is smart and savvy.
Jody Bean
Jody Bean 11 dias atrás
He is legally blind where is his proof besides his mouth
Marissa Shantez
Marissa Shantez 15 dias atrás
Yeah. He is. Extremely smart. Just handing it over to the police, would have meant the FBI would probably tell the people who work for the Biden's and he would be gone.
BTS Dance Studio
BTS Dance Studio 17 dias atrás
@Paloma F. The dude is blind. He has no receipt or video and Hunter was not even in the State! I feel sorry for you guys. Believing in any of this stuff!
Paloma F.
Paloma F. 17 dias atrás
@BTS Dance Studio you obviously believe the msm lies. Were you there, did you see that he didn't bring in the laptop ?🤦‍♀️
BuddyRIP 17 dias atrás
@Anthony Caserta alright. I'm someone who honestly has no context of this situation but that's irrelevant for the point I'm going to make. But he was smart not saying names. Legally any one he named could attempt to sue. And in the worst case, they may have connections that can do way way worse. Plus the added aspect of he may not be allowed to say legally if there's an ongoing investigation. It is not him being a coward. It's him being smart, the dumbest thing he could do is give those names in a PUBLIC interview
Tracy Engle
Tracy Engle 28 dias atrás
When the laptop died is when he opened pandoras box for the FBI to finally _have a reason to get the laptop. Almost looks like the FBI needed him to open up the information to gain access to it in an indirect manner. I feel for the man as I continued to watch the video, he should of never had to face what all he has gone through.
Susan Morgan
Susan Morgan 18 dias atrás
China has the information and videos we’re releasing them on certain sites
Chenoa Trimarco
Chenoa Trimarco 19 dias atrás
He looked at the private files long before he had his dad bring it to the FBI
Scott Hansen
Scott Hansen 25 dias atrás
They don’t need a warrant. Hunter gave access to the store owner and if he find’s illigal activity he can report it.
Tyler Hargrove
Tyler Hargrove 25 dias atrás
they would need a warrant and to get one requires some kind of evidence, which he would have to provide.
Will Cox
Will Cox 27 dias atrás
The laws of the State of Delaware define "Property Abandonment". Hunter legally abandoned his laptop after a certain time period had passed and documented efforts to contact Hunter failed since Hunter failed to respond. So, the laptop then became the property of the shop owner. Remember, Hunter gave the shop owner the password in order to be able to access the information on it. So, who wouldn't be curious as to the contents of the laptop of the son of the president? After discovering the documented crimes on the laptop, the shop owner turned the laptop over the the FBI in 2019. The FBI did nothing and give it back to the shop owner.
Lily Markovic
Lily Markovic 11 dias atrás
It's not about curiosity! As you copy and transfer folders, you have to open them to check if you copied the contest or just an empty folder.
Renae 29 dias atrás
Such a true warrior in your own way. I apologize on behalf of my people who has mistreated you. Again, thank you for choosing the right path.
Silvia Etna
Silvia Etna 20 dias atrás
This man is outstanding, he is so kind and clever and even takes his part of responsibility for “sending” his dad to try and protect him. While they don’t take responsibility for anything. By the way I don’t think he did anything wrong. He was overwhelmed by what had happened to him and rightly so didn’t know who to trust. How unlucky he was having his life turned upside down for a piece of work like H.B. I really hope his book will sell well, his reputation will be restored and the B. ‘S Crime family prosecuted …
Louise Stevenson
Louise Stevenson 19 dias atrás
His background is sound and patriotic fought in wars. If the liberals ever had to experience a hard day they would crumble to pieces.
Lynda Peoples
Lynda Peoples 19 dias atrás
@Nicolas Jensen the interviewer seems like he sometimes lacks consideration and empathy for others. Maybe he's trying to bring attention to some things but he doesn't pause to think before blurting out things. He's a professional and should be better at finding out what he wants to know.
Texas Cayote
Texas Cayote 19 dias atrás
And now Fox is misrepresenting saying he “found” it.
Nicolas Jensen
Nicolas Jensen 19 dias atrás
Literally blind by the interviewer mentioning the interview SEEING evidence, yall need to understand logic
Opinionated Mês atrás
Excellent interview, Will. Thank you very, very much, John Paul. History will show you to be a very honorable man who served his country well during this difficult time.
Word Warrior
Word Warrior 21 dia atrás
@Keith Torrence He can only be a traitor to his country, not to another citizen. It is up to a judge and/or jury to decide. NOT YOU? That is what the LAW is about. RIGHT?
Keith Torrence
Keith Torrence 21 dia atrás
Bring a traitor is not honorable.
Word Warrior
Word Warrior Mês atrás
He and FOX may have thought what he, and his father did was ethical. He could be sued, since, porno is NOT illegal. Child porno is, only because they are under 16, which is below the age of consent in anything. Under 16 only parents can sign for them in anything, except porno. I hope. Please remember that most problems and disagreements people have is because one or both are ignorant, or dumb, and/or just pushing their own political, and/or religious opinions and think in absolutes.
Eleanor Stanford
Eleanor Stanford 8 dias atrás
A brave man who knows the deal in this country. Thank you for your honesty. And thank you to this wonderful interviewer who allowed this man to speak and didn't make any effort to blackball his experience. We need much more of this kind of old fashioned journalism.
Rosanne Prioli
Rosanne Prioli 16 dias atrás
That was an incredible journey for a really great American. Thank You
Every TRUE AMERICAN should be speaking out against our government and evil entities in service of this brave man! We should be standing with this man!
leann meddings
leann meddings 17 dias atrás
We vote them out of office. We demand that there are term limits for all goverment offices. We demand all benefits stop at the end of their terms except for the President. The only way to stop these corrupt officials is get them out of office. The longer they hold a position the more corrupt they become. Term limits. They shouldn't get any retirement benifits. They need to work, hold a job, just like our founding fathers. did
riggeddi 20 dias atrás
lol wut
Jodstar 19 dias atrás
The hat is you! I like it and people need to fill their hearts with love. You did the right thing turning the laptop in. Enough with the deception.
Mandy Gershon
Mandy Gershon Mês atrás
As one who had a small business in similar domain, I respect and applaud your actions.
Mandy Gershon
Mandy Gershon Mês atrás
@Sir Colin Lesley Rowling Wow.
Sir Colin Lesley Rowling
@Mandy Gershon yea you sound like you search for things you shouldn't under the pretence of " hunters laptop " !
Mandy Gershon
Mandy Gershon Mês atrás
@Sir Colin Lesley Rowling Feel free to call my computer knowledge and experience twisted if you wish, but it's accurate.
Sir Colin Lesley Rowling
@Mandy Gershon your facts are invented from your own twisted history !
Mandy Gershon
Mandy Gershon Mês atrás
@Fox viewer brain reactivation session Facts state otherwise.
Still Waters Farm
Still Waters Farm 24 dias atrás
I’m glad I watched this. I have no interest in hearing about the Bidens, but I am glad to hear this man’s story. He did right and has been treated unfairly, and the treatment of someone with a disability by nearly everyone is devastating. What can we do about the doors at Fox to help the visually impaired?
Raphael Protti
Raphael Protti 29 dias atrás
Poor guy's eyes were never the same after what he saw on Hunters laptop...
Mizz Gogeta
Mizz Gogeta 6 dias atrás
Susan Morgan
Susan Morgan 18 dias atrás
Yeah really
Prone2Wonder 18 dias atrás
Love your hat! Love your humor! Love your bravery! Thank you
Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones 24 dias atrás
What a Patriot and hero we need more like that, hope he stays safe
Ritalie Mês atrás
This man has a better broadcast voice than 99% of Newscasters. As well, he speaks with absolute perfect precision. Someone in the Media definitely needs to hire this man.
Super knullisch
Super knullisch Mês atrás
@shaggy Stone I just found out about this guy yesterday. Although I obviously heard of this alleged powder keg of a lap top before and what was supposed to have been on it. So, I don't know how many more copies he posses over, and so whether or not he can share some of these evidence. That said.. I honestly hope though, that what you're asking for here/expecting, isn't him providing a slide show on Fox news of that material directly uncensored. Coz then you're fresh out of luck my dear!😁
Super knullisch
Super knullisch Mês atrás
@Jame Moself Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence! Perhaps you would be so kind to provide some for your extraordinary claim, hum?
piet skiet
piet skiet Mês atrás
Sadly he is to honest to work in MSM! hehehehe
MissMal92 29 dias atrás
*I love this guy.* ⭐ Makes me feel hopeful knowing there are people like him out there: competent, capable, honorable. 🇺🇲 *_Thank you for your sacrifice_*
MissMal92 23 dias atrás
@Donna Mascio cool argument.
Donna Mascio
Donna Mascio 27 dias atrás
Mama Bear 420
Mama Bear 420 28 dias atrás
Unfortunately nothing has and nothing will happen to Hunter.
F Amj
F Amj 28 dias atrás
Wow. A brave and true patriot. Thank you, John Paul. (Love the name, too.)
John Laury
John Laury 29 dias atrás
Kudos to Will Cain for such a great, in depth report on this story.
Andrea Rogers
Andrea Rogers 22 dias atrás
What a great, upstanding American patriot. He sacrificed everything for the truth. Thank you sir!
T M Rossi
T M Rossi Mês atrás
He didn't find it - it was left, abandoned etc. What a true patriot 🇺🇸
William Mayonnaise III
Where can i see it?
Mike 27 dias atrás
This guy is as well spoken as anybody on earth. At first glance he comes across as a total goofball and impossible to take seriously. However, he comes cross as very genuine, very smart, calm, honest and effective in his story telling. He doesn't seem evasive in his answers at all and his body language exudes confidence. I really wanted to doubt this guy but I don't doubt anything he's said.
It'sYou'reNotYour Stupid
I like how he can look at the camera and the reporter at the same time. Must got his eyes on everything at all times. Hopefully, on the back of his head as well.
jcbusto122 26 dias atrás
I didn't even think he was weird. Like you said genuine calm smart honest seems like he's just reporting the facts and responding on his own ethics and conscience.
Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker 22 dias atrás
Thank you for your courage!!! We need more people like you!!! Praying for justice and for God to uncover all the hidden things!!!
2000 Donkey’s
2000 Donkey’s 18 dias atrás
@Beverly Scott troll 😈
Beverly Scott
Beverly Scott 19 dias atrás
Yeah, Im sure you're perfect...
Connie Jackson
Connie Jackson 15 dias atrás
Sad, this man is the fbis main witness and they have left him high and dry. Good luck sir
Dawn taylor
Dawn taylor 23 dias atrás
We should all start wearing this green hat to show support for this brave patriot who has put his livelihood and his life on the line...God bless the good truthful Americans that care about our beautiful country!!!!
lrdeldric 21 dia atrás
He should sell his hat. There'd be thousands of people buying and wearing it by end of week.
Angelo Martinez
Angelo Martinez Mês atrás
I wish I was in a financial position to help this man. He is obviously an honorable man. That probably explains why so many want to bring him down.
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F Mês atrás
Same here.
Brandee Morris
Brandee Morris Dia atrás
This man is so honest thank you for your honesty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anna K
Anna K 22 dias atrás
The government doesn't care about destroying lives to accomplish their agenda. This brave man did the right thing. Keep him in prayers. 🙏
CHIVI69 Leon
CHIVI69 Leon 16 dias atrás
I can imagine what he seen if he does not want to tell the world about it because he feels disgusted by it. I hope he is doing well and I'm sorry he has to endure loosing his job and the humiliation from "OUR" government, who only covers up for the big wigs.
Onward Physical Therapy
I'm so thankful he's finally getting to tell his story on larger platforms. He's an absolute HERO and has been DESTROYED by our own government corruption. 🤬🤬🤬
R U Mês atrás
Love this guy! God bless him and protect him from the very wicked elites.
Tatyana Ihnatovich
Tatyana Ihnatovich 15 dias atrás
You are a hero. Brave man of honor. Will come a day when you will be told well done faithful servant!!!
Deborah 18 dias atrás
Your a stand up Guy Sir !! God Bless You !🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Julia Collins
Julia Collins 21 dia atrás
Thank you John Paul for your courage and integrity. I hope you will reimbursed.
DONCHICHI vagabond
DONCHICHI vagabond 25 dias atrás
The history books will show this one single individual as the epitome of "the home of the brave!".
Even Bigger Al
Even Bigger Al Mês atrás
John Paul Mac Isaac, your story will be told truthfully as long as you continue to stand up to Goliath. Power to you.
Louise Stevenson
Louise Stevenson 19 dias atrás
@Jillian He's an easter egg in this chapter. If nothing happened to those laptops nothing would be known.
JG Mês atrás
I love the way you put that 👍 this man is doing God's work.
JemJean2012 24 dias atrás
Your story would make a great movie with the right actors to wake up people to government corruption.
Angela Chavez
Angela Chavez 28 dias atrás
This mans father should have been treated with the utmost respect, shame on ' agent mike'. I love this man and his hat! Also what a lovely sense of humor. You are NO traitor, Sir. If only we could count on more Americans to be as on point as you. I wish you all the best in life. Also I hope that your good name is restored ..... and your bank acct. grows beyond your dreams. God bless you! .
so long nerds
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