The Making of Iman's Met Gala Dress | Sketch to Dress | Vogue

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Watch how Iman and Harris Reed collaborated on the Met Gala’s most dazzling look.

Director: Posy Dixon

DP: John Fisher, Mike Lopez

Editor: Victoria Mortati

Supervising Producer: Jordin Rocchi

Producer, On-Set: Liv Proctor, Vara Reese

AC: Joe Salkey, Jake Jurich

Audio: Adina Istrate, Brianna Simons

Make-up Artist: Joey Choy

Hairstylist: Terri Capon

Filmed on Location: The Standard London, The PierreAnimation by

Brady Jackson & Lea Kichler

Post-Production Supervisor: Marco GlinbizziVery Special Thanks To:

Ennis Finnerty Mackay

Evie Campbell

Maria Castro

Mollie Boyd

Phoebe Briggs

Rebecca Bean

Robert O’Hare

Special Thanks To:

Daisy Hoppen

Kiki Kaur

Special Thanks To:

The Standard, LondonVP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer

Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy

Director of Content: Tara Homeri

Showrunner: Lila Benaissa

Production Manager: Emily Yates

Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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Publicado em


16 Set 2021



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Comentários 1 473
Harris Reed is definitely a designer to watch closely, he's genius.
blacktigerpaw1 3 meses atrás
@Precious Ayebiowei That's a dude
Precious Ayebiowei
Precious Ayebiowei 6 meses atrás
She, not her
CJack14dt Anos atrás
Couldn't get past 0:35, they were already irritating this crap out of me.
Nick Anos atrás
@Liz Liz ???
Brittany Michelle
Brittany Michelle Anos atrás
I would looooove to pick his brain! Genius is a serious understatement... I don't even know what word to use!
residentevil4life Anos atrás
The woman is pushing 70 but honestly looks 20 years younger. She truly IS a model
Kencana 6 meses atrás
Wow, I thought she in last thirthies to early forty.
Claymore007 6 meses atrás
Shes a vampire im convinced
DDomino Geronimo
DDomino Geronimo Anos atrás
She looks 30+ years younger
Marie Oy
Marie Oy Anos atrás
But why are we not also talking about how beautiful HIS HAIR is?!
Kia Nim
Kia Nim 3 meses atrás
Better than mine ! And now I’m awfully sad about my own hair
Put Jesus First
Put Jesus First 4 meses atrás
First thing I noticed
Nemesis Deimos
Nemesis Deimos Anos atrás
I was in awe the entire time
marina kasparov •
@fhiyos_ he’s genderfluid but uses he/him pronouns
fhiyos_ Anos atrás
issa dude??
Corliss Wilson
Corliss Wilson Anos atrás
For his first Met this is so impressive because she was definitely the best dressed there!!!
Mariah Delapenia
Mariah Delapenia Anos atrás
MoLa Anos atrás
Harris' hair is fabulous
Alma Anos atrás
@Nick and another lbtq+*{!’ fan over here ..
Nick Anos atrás
@Alma pronounce what????
Alma Anos atrás
I knew that in your comments is going to be that someone who has to tell you how to pronounce ..
Alison Fairley
Alison Fairley Anos atrás
I'd much rather watch a full length documentary on this than a 5 min clip of someone famous tell me how nervous they are. This designer is a genius and I feel privileged to have witnessed his and his whole teams creative process. Also choosing Iman as his date was such a clever power move.
T L 6 meses atrás
well said!!
Svjetlana Beric
Svjetlana Beric Anos atrás
Iman chose him
Vashti Ramsaroop
Vashti Ramsaroop Anos atrás
Yes, yes yes! This was too short. I love watching the creative process of Harris and his team, especially when they are creating genius art such as this. 🎨 I honestly would love seeing a 1 - 2 hour documentary. I'm in awe! 💕
Iris Essex
Iris Essex Anos atrás
Yes she was Iman is so classy. She doesn’t have to have all the media attention or strip down to nothing. She’s elegant and that outfit was so creative. Iman stands out in a crowd without even trying. She is timeless as a model.
Chuuzus Anos atrás
i think we can all agree Iman was the best dressed at the Met Gala
Lobi Minyo
Lobi Minyo 6 meses atrás
Naaa.. lol🤣🤣
Deepa Pant
Deepa Pant 10 meses atrás
Didn't you saw Kendall ?
Mohammad Qamar
Mohammad Qamar 10 meses atrás
Iman & Billie Eilish
Lazy Lucy
Lazy Lucy 11 meses atrás
I agree 😍
Aastri Anderson
Aastri Anderson Anos atrás
🤑🤯🧕🤬👾🦄your parents are dear TOO ❤
Taylor Anos atrás
The fact that him and his crew were able to create imans look perfectly without fittings and it still coming out amazing is extraordinary
Alexandra Upton
Alexandra Upton Anos atrás
The MOST incredible!! Sad this hasn’t got the attention it deserved. Hopefully this turns the tide
Moon & Rose Tarot
Moon & Rose Tarot Anos atrás
The gold compliments her glowing skin so much! Outfit is a stunner but wow her skin is amazing
Sakura 97
Sakura 97 Anos atrás
Hands down, Iman was the best dressed at this MET. this deserves all the attention
07celebrity Anos atrás
The designer has SOLIDIFIED his career!!!
Lorena Holloway
Lorena Holloway Anos atrás
The designer understood the assignment. A lot of people didn’t reference anything American. Great job to this team👏
Jeanette Elmore
Jeanette Elmore Anos atrás
@Mohamed Ezawi hater, definitely american. I would say universal especially the African twist
Goldenxbih 🦂✨
Goldenxbih 🦂✨ Anos atrás
@Luso Mnthali that part
Goldenxbih 🦂✨
Goldenxbih 🦂✨ Anos atrás
@c lmaoo
AngloFrenchyChick Anos atrás
@Shauntaé it reminds me of Native American traditional wear
MSNair Anos atrás
I've never heard of Harris Reed until now, but man is a visionary.
GGV SS Anos atrás
Iman is the epitome of timeless poiss, grace, elegance. She is regal and this dress is a beautiful compliment to her and a showcase of the incredible talent of the designer and all the others involved in creating it. Also her talking about David is so beautiful.
Laïla Pierre
Laïla Pierre Anos atrás
Her look was the one that stood out to me the most her skin her face her body everything about her is majestic
Jo O'Brien
Jo O'Brien Anos atrás
Agree completely. She has the most gorgeous face and skin! But it's more than that, the way she holds herself- love her
berryrhubarb Anos atrás
Harris Reed brought such skill, passion and personal beauty to this dress. It’s almost more of an art piece, elevated fashion.
Iman is so gorgeous I can not. Voice, skin, body, face everything.
Sophia 45
Sophia 45 Anos atrás
She really is so stunning
Viviane Venancio
Viviane Venancio Anos atrás
I can see Harris Reed is an actual artist. He has culture, finesse, style, education and a very professional approach. I'm a new fan.
Melina Dekker
Melina Dekker Anos atrás
MURYO.TOKYO/comment #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Darren O'hara
Darren O'hara Anos atrás
He has a great personality too
admenocal Anos atrás
It was my favorite look of the whole gala. He dressed her accentuating her exquisite beauty in every possible way. Pure art.
Markar Alvin
Markar Alvin Anos atrás
Hello Admenocal
VvNG Anos atrás
Harris Reed is an incredible human yoooo. Iman's met gala dress is the best.
Helene Severas
Helene Severas Anos atrás
God Iman is just so elegant and gracious even at this point in her long career. I hope to see her as a regular at the met for a long time to come, she carries her outfits with such a grace that doesn’t come easily to many models! Love her and the designer they really pulled out all the stops for this one.
Nancy Trevino
Nancy Trevino 10 meses atrás
Just beautiful! Got goosebumps when he revealed the outfit to Iman behind the curtain
Teddy P
Teddy P Anos atrás
David would have been so proud. These two had such a beautiful relationship. 💜 Iman is gorgeous: inside and out.
Susan Carson
Susan Carson Anos atrás
His energy is so radiant. I can feel his positivity through the phone 😭
asava17 Anos atrás
I thought he was Florence welch at first
Shesmarlyn Anos atrás
LadyNomNom Anos atrás
This was just such a fun and interesting watch! Getting to see the process behind the dress and listening to the designer is such a great reminder that Met outfits are truly works of arts. (I actually enjoyed this much more than watching the celebrities get ready hahaha) Harris Reed is as divine and fabulous as his creation!!
Darragh Collins
Darragh Collins Anos atrás
Iman’s dress was literally the best dress of this years met. It was gorgeous
B.L Ward
B.L Ward Anos atrás
Not into fashion myself, but I find the industry and the inner workings quite fascinating. Can't help but think events like this must be extremely nerve racking for all involved.
Mariah Delapenia
Mariah Delapenia Anos atrás
Iman had the perfect skin for this entire look. I don’t think anyone else could pull this off. Even if they so desperately wanted to wear it… 😳
Cavelle Ardiel
Cavelle Ardiel Anos atrás
I am absolutely mesmerized by the designer. Their creativity, the gentle, engaging voice telling the story of the design and quite frankly physically beautiful. In my option!! Plus Iman looks enchanting!
B Jean
B Jean Anos atrás
She looks like a goddess.
Connard Cyndi
Connard Cyndi 6 meses atrás
@alice💙 stop spamming
maya rosco
maya rosco Anos atrás
@Vora she’s literaly 5’10 so you know how tall that is- ofc she’s gonna look like that whe can’t be super skinny foreaver- ur acting like ur gonna age better anyways.
Vineeta’s Journey
Incredible, it’s like she captured the beauty of the hay on the top of a rural African hut with the golden sun shining on it and turn it into an outfit and a statement of tribal beauty and power.
Vora Anos atrás
Lol she really doesn’t. She’s aged very badly and is gaining too much weight for her body frame at her age.
Paige Fish Ford
Paige Fish Ford Anos atrás
Love how everyone who worked on the dress had a moment to shine in this. Great job on the dress guys!!
TheGlamourGhoul Anos atrás
This was my favorite look of the night. And NOBODY could have pulled it off as well as Iman! This was perfection! 💛
Chip Wander Lust
Chip Wander Lust Anos atrás
Iman is very humble and has a great personality. She treats people well and with respect and this adds to her beauty, which is both inside and out.
V M Anos atrás
The outfits were amazing she looked like rays of sunshine 🌞
viv Anos atrás
at first i didn’t think they were on theme but after hearing about the inspiration i think they did amazing. it was beautiful either way.
T Anos atrás
This ensemble is very Heaven meets Africa to me. The ideas, mood boards, the amount of artistry that went into this is real fashion, wow Harris is one to watch.
Des Rankine
Des Rankine Anos atrás
@AfricancoolChic I know it looks good but there is no urge for wanting possession over the authentic person's design. It is Harris and that design, art and idea belongs to her and her culture. I'm not that desperate for credit for other people's culture. Like that sounds desperate. It sounds territorial. It sounds like u r trying to mark a territory that doesn't belong to u.
Des Rankine
Des Rankine Anos atrás
Wow a black girl wearing a white girl design/culture. Beautiful culture sharing. The designer deserves all the credit for coming up with the idea and iman deserves the credit for wearing her idea well. Harris Reed well deserved recognition.
Des Rankine
Des Rankine Anos atrás
@AfricancoolChic lion and sun is on every continent
Zoliswa Tyelakhe
Zoliswa Tyelakhe Anos atrás
Right, african godess(y) kind of look
Liana Gao
Liana Gao Anos atrás
Harris Reed. An absolute icon.
Lesley K
Lesley K Anos atrás
Hands down, one of the best pieces at the MET Gala. Harris Reed, you are brilliant! It is meant for the queen, Iman! Glorious in gold with a crown of sparkling mane & a jumpsuit fitting like a glove. This personifies Leo energy!
Julia Anos atrás
This outfit was absolutely no question the best and the performance of the outfit was stunning and Iman looked like a goddess
Cari D
Cari D Anos atrás
There is such a thing as a clothing designer and there is such a thing as a clothing artist, it’s inspiring when you see someone who is both who know how to do it well and not just for the sake of being outrageous. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. Keep your eye on this one. 😉
Super S Patrick
Super S Patrick Anos atrás
She was definitely the showstopper of the night. Just amazing and beautiful, and that dress was so incredible.
Dominique The easy minimalist
Only the majestic Iman could wear this heavenly dress. Class, elegance, panache 💖
hurst Anos atrás
Hi Dominique, how are you doing ?
fai ali
fai ali Anos atrás
@RJ Gee naomi campbell is a legend in her own right but only IMAN could pull of wearing this dress,
Work In Progress
This was such a beautiful look. I can’t believe they completed it in only 25 days.
sparkz Anos atrás
She looks absolutely stunning and she slayed while doing it.
Josalin Mason
Josalin Mason 10 meses atrás
I've completely fallen in love with everything about this and it's designer. ❤️❤️ Brought me so much joy watching a masterpiece being built and adorned by such a fashion icon. Everything about this is absolutely breathtaking.
Mane Thingz
Mane Thingz Anos atrás
This idea! This color! These materials! This dress is a masterpiece. I love everything about this. My grandmother used to be a fashion designer (she did the wardobe for the Philadelphia Mummers 1 year in the 70s) and some of her dramatic pieces were huge head pieces. This also reminds me of the Victoria Secret wings.
shawn preston
shawn preston Anos atrás
The gold, the glamour, the feathers that looks like a lioness fur, and a headdress like the sun: only a Leo ♌️. 👌👏👏👏👏
Jade Lee
Jade Lee Anos atrás
He managed to make the best--most accurate to the theme--dress of the Met Gala in less than a month. BRAVA.
Jade Lee
Jade Lee Anos atrás
@Hannibal Justin Case Most were extremely literal
Hannibal Justin Case
I think there were much better interpretations of the theme than this
Ama Osafo
Ama Osafo Anos atrás
This is the best thing I've ever watched. Harris Reed is so talented and Iman is gorgeous
raime M
raime M Anos atrás
Iman and this look for the WIN! Everyone absolutely loved it. Magnificent art bravo!
Lizbeth Ajuria
Lizbeth Ajuria Anos atrás
I love the designer look and his creation for Iman was just breath taking!
Kelly Khamisa Azania
"Hope"! She was the embodiment of a ray of light...a gazillion rays! She looked like a Sun goddess...just so awesome! I think if I were to see the entire outfit up close, I'd cry.
Adrita Majumder
Adrita Majumder Anos atrás
I'm so happy to finally see Harris get the recognition he deserves 💗
Cheryl DiManno
Cheryl DiManno Anos atrás
Iman is the perfect example of how to look at the Met Gala. She looked beautiful and I think the best of anyone. Gorgeous 😍
Sleepy Willow Sounds
Absolutely ❤️❤️
habibah perez
habibah perez Anos atrás
I agree. She is soooo elegant and beautiful
tanja kun
tanja kun Anos atrás
This os what the dress is an update for met
Algiers Muse
Algiers Muse Anos atrás
can we talk about how the designer is so kind and passionate and just adorable
Vanessa Joh
Vanessa Joh Anos atrás
It actually so cool to watch the creative process and everything that happens behind the scenes to make these looks happen!
LLC Anos atrás
it just came out so beautifully! It made her radiate even more than she naturally radiates.
Sophio Chkhobadze
Sophio Chkhobadze Anos atrás
Harris is so talented and creative he deserves much more fame❤️
Boblobblah4 Anos atrás
It’s incredible to me that other designer houses helped with fabric and a D&C flagship store to help with fittings. That’s glorious! This was one of my favorite Met looks ever!
one of the best met looks this year, hands down 🥺🤩
Lily Fallon
Lily Fallon Anos atrás
THE best
sofia Anos atrás
iman has always been best dressed at the met gala since the 80s. Harris Reed is such a hardworking designer.
Vashti Ramsaroop
Vashti Ramsaroop Anos atrás
NO, this was too short!!!! I really loved watching the designer and his team start with an idea, and the tremendous number of steps and details to create this stunning look! 🎨 While it was awesome seeing Iman, I could have watched the designer and his team for much longer. 💖 I'm in awe!! Thank you to Harris, and his team! ❤
Phillip Bruno
Phillip Bruno Anos atrás
The outfit was fantastic. The head piece reminded me of the Toyah cover for her 1981 top 5 single Thunder In The Mountain. As a kid back then I always wondered how it was achieved. This gave me an idea of how it could've been done. Again, great dress for an iconic woman. Very talented team.
Vault713 Anos atrás
Only Iman could have worn that dress! She's timeless and beautiful!
BeautyOfFat Anos atrás
A masterpiece, and without realising the outfit is reflective of Native American heritage, his a genius ✨
cowgirloatmilk Anos atrás
crazy how they made this look in only 25 days!!
Sona Amalia
Sona Amalia Anos atrás
Harris is gorgeous. I love his enthusiasm, it even gets better with his radiant smile and sincere eye contact.
Sona Amalia
Sona Amalia Anos atrás
@Nez ball Indeed!
Nez ball
Nez ball Anos atrás
And the sincere hug he gave Iman … a beautiful creative soul
SLMA Anos atrás
harris reed is such a talented person they will grow even more in the industry and i can't wait for all the new things they will design
Loraine K.
Loraine K. Anos atrás
Harris Reed does it again. He's on freaking fire!
Gemma Pecorini Goodall
Harris Reed's hair is everything. so is the vision and design but the hair. My god.
Rebecca Lowe-Hodges
Iman is iconic as her late husband David Bowie. She is magnificent.
U C Anos atrás
Thanks Vogue for revealing how much efforts have been put into this amazing dress
Elfin990 Anos atrás
I really love Harris Reed, their energy is so calm and inviting. I also appreciate how they explained the design process. Iman looked stunning xx
foodies asian
foodies asian Anos atrás
Iman is becoming younger as she age... I couldn't recognise her... Such a legendary super model..❤️
SJ Hall
SJ Hall Anos atrás
naomie tat
naomie tat Anos atrás
I’m LIVING for the amount of Met Gala content we’ve been getting this year! I hope they do that next year too 🥺
Sierra G: Heal Thy Self
These backstage videos are more entertaining than the actual Met Gala 🎯😂👏🏾👏🏾
WND 2 Anos atrás
Oh if Bowie could see her 😩😩 she’s glorious
Nessie Zelalem
Nessie Zelalem 8 meses atrás
@NnyCole don’t listen to them. They got no life.
Cat Marsolan
Cat Marsolan Anos atrás
He is always with her, I do not think he ever left her.
NnyCole Anos atrás
@Duchess Duke huh?
Adventures With Billie
@Precious DeVere a goblin babe lol I grew up on it and my kids too I used to love to sing that song to them as babies. A classic for sure.
Precious DeVere
Precious DeVere Anos atrás
@Adventures With Billie I love that film...You Remind Me Of The Babe!
Star Anais
Star Anais 11 meses atrás
Iman is stunning! The way she still talks about David ❤️
Sri Juhari
Sri Juhari Anos atrás
the designer look so happy with his job. we can tell he put so much love and effort into it.
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus Anos atrás
That was THE BEST OUTFIT of the 2021 Met Gala. It almost looked out of place among all the mediocre outfits that year.
Ihsan Jw
Ihsan Jw Anos atrás
I really love how Iman looks, and her voice 💕🔥 so elegant and fierce 🔥
Candy A.
Candy A. Anos atrás
Hands down. Iman was queen of the Met Gala this year!
Roger Anos atrás
I absolutely adore Iman and I'm obsessed getting to know Harris, they did such a great job! Best dressed! Sweathearts!
Mary Miller
Mary Miller Anos atrás
The degree has a fabulous voice and I love how he explains things. Give him his own show.
Gail Cullinan
Gail Cullinan Anos atrás
What a masterpiece. Harris has stunning hair ... I have the most profound admiration for the seamstresses and people who sew and cut the pattern. Its incredible. The head piece is like a halo.
Aysha John
Aysha John Anos atrás
Harris and his team did a great job creating this look. Iman is such a beautiful woman. I was so happy to see her wear this look.
Ali Anos atrás
The designers so creative & communicative to make the perfect dress.
Chandrika Rawat
Chandrika Rawat Anos atrás
The vibe of the team and the actress is like flowing water
Mary Oz
Mary Oz Anos atrás
The only dress there that actually looked like it’s was supposed to be worn at the Met gala
Georgina Mariwanjik
Right!? The dress was stunning!
Digmer Anos atrás
Most of them looked like a fancy prom. Very boring. But hers was heavenly.
im in love with scorpio rising
This deserves to be the ballroom dress of this met gala, it’s matching so well with the theme and also gorgeous
Kristin Nefertiti
Kristin Nefertiti Anos atrás
Absolutely gorgeous. She looked...... Amazing! Good job to all of those involved in the making of this outfit. I like that it was pants and not a dress. Makes her stand out even more.
Mona Jackson
Mona Jackson Anos atrás
Let me just say not only was Iman beautiful as always but the designer is gorgeous!!
naomie tat
naomie tat Anos atrás
Unrelated but the designer is absolutely gorgeous! I’m mesmerized by their energy…
Lindsey Palmer
Lindsey Palmer 6 meses atrás
Iman is so beautiful! One can only dream to look as good as her at her age. I love the gold top and pants by themselves but for the met gala obviously needed something more and the hat and skirt definitely completed the look.
Carl S.
Carl S. Anos atrás
There is a very thin line between fabulous and just plain stupid Many of the "couture" pieces are simply a train wreck Congratulations...THIS IS FABULOUS!
Gemma B
Gemma B Anos atrás
Oh my gosh!!!! Why did they cut the video once she arrived and was dressing to enter?!?! I let out a scream of disbelief. Otherwise, I’m speechless in the face of the magnitude of creative splendor in this video.
Linda Anos atrás
I’m still in awe of this look. She looks like a goddess
anna Anos atrás
These two were the most magnificent looking at the Met. I loved watching Harris adore Iman in the look.
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