The Lumineers - "Stubborn Love" (Official Video)

The Lumineers
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The Lumineers - "Stubborn Love"
Album: The Lumineers
Label: Dualtone Music Group (US), Rouge/Inertia (AUS), Dine Alone Records (CAN), Decca Records (ROW)
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Twitter: - @TheLumineers
Instagram: - @thelumineers


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8 Fev 2013



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Comentários 100
clay jones
clay jones 19 horas atrás
the kid takes the ring off the right hand i'm confused
Maria Jimenez
Maria Jimenez 23 horas atrás
Idk if this song makes me get relaxed or makes me get depressed 😦🥺😔♥️
Darpana Shrestha
Darpana Shrestha Dia atrás
My ex suggested me this song ☹️
Diego Nieto
Diego Nieto Dia atrás
Shirly Aldrin
Shirly Aldrin Dia atrás
Marie Love
Marie Love 2 dias atrás
How this doesn’t have at least a few million likes is beyond me.
Darshan Reddy
Darshan Reddy 12 horas atrás
Some songs aren't meant for all. They are better off protected!
Marina Gomez
Marina Gomez 2 dias atrás
Bonnie Marthaller
Bonnie Marthaller 2 dias atrás
keep your head up my love
seth ramos
seth ramos 2 dias atrás
It's better to feel pain than nothing at all 🥺
Troy Massaconi
Troy Massaconi 3 dias atrás
I see this from a perspective of a person who's made the mistakes in a relationship 🥺 some things I wish I could take back every single day of my life and they will haunt me as long as I live 💔
Troy Massaconi
Troy Massaconi 16 horas atrás
@Jaqueline M M de Aquino wut
Jaqueline M M de Aquino
Mandy Huppert
Mandy Huppert 4 dias atrás
This song makes me cry
Dyslexic 4 dias atrás
a aline é esquiso
Natalie H
Natalie H 4 dias atrás
She'll lie and steal and cheat and beg you from her knees, make you think she means it this time! 🎵
dierdriu 4 dias atrás
This is the only one of the Lumineers' songs I've heard that reaches beyond trite shallowness. And reach, it does--reaches, and grasps. The video really conveys the sadness and resolve of the song, also. This song came out right as the most devastating break-up of my life leveled my world. I'll never forget how it helped me straighten my spine and go on.
Tuana Mazı
Tuana Mazı 4 dias atrás
We will never stop listening to this song, this song is always in our hearts, we love you so Much!!!! there are very few people I trust in real life everyone expects me to be more successful, But nobody believed I could do it. So I don't care about anything Love you all💗
Snoxyii 5 dias atrás
Damn avicii vibes Rest In Peace avicii
Aidan Snyder
Aidan Snyder 5 dias atrás
Foster seagroatt
Foster seagroatt 5 dias atrás
U inspire me
Elijah Forehand
Elijah Forehand 5 dias atrás
7 years go by, and the song is still just as good
Onur 6 dias atrás
Anlamıyorum ama eminim şarkı sözleri çok güzel olsa gerek 🙂
Auriel Nalbandian
Auriel Nalbandian 6 dias atrás
This song reminds me of when me and my mom would drive somewhere and have to drive on the highway for a while and into the sunset and falling asleep...idk how to describe it but it made me cry?
Tarantula Town
Tarantula Town 7 dias atrás
Still stubbornly loving this song
Ckara Heath
Ckara Heath 7 dias atrás
I know this song even though I don't remember ever hearing it before. I'm confused, but it's a really good song!
Shayan Mohammad
Shayan Mohammad 7 dias atrás
Intro sounds like Wake Me Up by AVICII❤️
Sofia987 Akter parvin8564**
I just discovered this masterpiece and I'm 7 years late better late than never aight?
Jorge Flash3
Jorge Flash3 Dia atrás
I recommend you to listen to all of his songs, they're all perfect
Rupert Holmes
Rupert Holmes 6 dias atrás
C F 7 dias atrás
Welcome to good music
María Rosario Nuñez
María Rosario Nuñez 7 dias atrás
We are same, just today
Isxaa 8 dias atrás
Mike Milles
Mike Milles 9 dias atrás
2020 BTW
Mike Milles
Mike Milles 9 dias atrás
Why I start crying everytime with this? I LOVE IT
LukasFN 10 dias atrás
Who else gets goosebumps every 15 seconds listening to this
aguirre 54
aguirre 54 7 dias atrás
caya gei
Maddy S
Maddy S 8 dias atrás
this comment gave me goosebumps lmao and im waiting on an ad
monica frost
monica frost 10 dias atrás
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Hyyan Briseno
Hyyan Briseno 11 dias atrás
Ok, i have to be honest because i was scrolling threw nearly every commentsection of a Lumineers video and i just love how everybody is really honest and tell about their memorys and mistakes they made.
Sofia987 Akter parvin8564**
Vocês ultrapassam a perfeição
ConorTheConker 2004
ConorTheConker 2004 11 dias atrás
Ye man it's great isn't it. Good to see you here 7 years later😂
MexicoLight 12 dias atrás
me tambien we
David Helley
David Helley 12 dias atrás
Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is a new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.
Zaw Htut
Zaw Htut 12 dias atrás
This is good thing
Zaw Htut
Zaw Htut 12 dias atrás
F.B.I 12 dias atrás
Question; Does this count as country music because I have said I hated country all my life but Now I'm having second thoughts.
LukasFN 10 dias atrás
I’d say more modern mainstream country I’d recommend listing to “wagon wheel” by Darius Rucker great song tell me if you like it😁👍🏻
Frain Freeze
Frain Freeze 10 dias atrás
I would say it's some kind of indie/folk rock. But why bother with genre. Keep an open mind FBI
Ken Cotton
Ken Cotton 12 dias atrás
Beautiful video.
Fede Lopez
Fede Lopez 13 dias atrás
Hell of a band! They are excellently wonderful.
Misterworldwide 13 dias atrás
I think they like Volvo cars :) They use them in several clips
tozshu R
tozshu R 13 dias atrás
"She'll tear a hole in you"
Cooper 13 dias atrás
This is one of those songs that hits me in the feels every single time without fail. It's so good. The video adds a lot to it too.
Júlia Andrade
Júlia Andrade 13 dias atrás
Cee Lungtok
Cee Lungtok 13 dias atrás
November 2020, anyone still listening to this?
sama 13 dias atrás
she's so cute im 🥺
Dani Day
Dani Day 14 dias atrás
Can we just go back at the good moments man Like this comment if you came back to this song during covid
michael 123456
michael 123456 14 dias atrás
I was just talking to my wife about life with Covid-19 I miss the good days making money malls cool cars now it’s all prepper survival minimalist with no fun
rolo0165 14 dias atrás
I don't get sad from this song, It only makes me very happy.
michael 123456
michael 123456 14 dias atrás
It’s all we got
Nicola Ongaro
Nicola Ongaro 14 dias atrás
Man the guitar in the first minute gets me so much, very nice song
suzi smoothie
suzi smoothie 14 dias atrás
she reminds me of my lil best friend growing up. She lied & stole, an addict to it, but she was good & went through pain & poverty. I always wished i could give her more, even though she stole my belongings on almost a daily basis aha i tried my best to teach her and help her get through & grow. I think i did. I was broke myself, but in her eyes i was her rich London cool best friend, and i was grateful to have someone to look up at me like that, bcoz back home i didn't. So in a way, as i understood her, that's how i never stayed angry with her & i needed her too, i didn't have best friends in the country she lived in back then. I had tones of friends, who wouldn't want a cool London friend there, but no bestest friend & neighbour like she were. Never judge someone's small sinful actions unless you know the back story. :)
sweet phu
sweet phu 14 dias atrás
xin những cánh tay của những bạn việt nam :( ♥
Muhammad Ajaz Khan
Muhammad Ajaz Khan 15 dias atrás
We must eliminate divorce and separation from our society. Our children suffer a lot when we divorce or separate. We must strengthen our relations, be honest, and also not betray each other.
kabo makheba
kabo makheba 15 dias atrás
Taking me back to the past;(
Lisa Austin
Lisa Austin 15 dias atrás
Me too
Gerciane Barbosa
Gerciane Barbosa 15 dias atrás
This song is amazing!!
Sophie G
Sophie G 15 dias atrás
hghgffcgdcgxgf nu yf Rm rrthe r
Khatrizce Villanueva
Khatrizce Villanueva 16 dias atrás
leaving a comment to look back after years HI OF U SEE THIS PLS LIKE HEHE
chlorine asshole
chlorine asshole 17 dias atrás
Ooooh finally found this song
Babbey Mae
Babbey Mae 17 dias atrás
To hear him say, "Keep your head up".. always lifted my spirits.
Maria Simiranis
Maria Simiranis 17 dias atrás
Amo ouvir essa música em dia de domingo 🍃 ❤️
Michelle Cherrier
Michelle Cherrier 17 dias atrás
Lovin this
Natalia b
Natalia b 17 dias atrás
Kto od wersow ?!
Captain Quantum
Captain Quantum 18 dias atrás
Made me think less of lovers and more like friends that become family. I am beyond grateful for my childhood with my amazing friends and the family that became my family. And i'm not done yet.
Sksnn Ndjejdj
Sksnn Ndjejdj 18 dias atrás
If your still listening in 2020 your a legend
Frank Neudeck
Frank Neudeck 18 dias atrás
One of my best videos!!!!!
k a r o l
k a r o l 18 dias atrás
ja od wersow haha
Gar Evans
Gar Evans 19 dias atrás
This song in Reading Festival absolutely blew my mind!!! Nothing to do with the drugs 😳😂
Marina 19 dias atrás
i love this
JULIET FOX 21 dia atrás
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Ryan C
Ryan C 20 dias atrás
Sounds like you shouldn’t have gotten back with your boyfriend if he can’t appreciate you to the point of breaking up, but it’s none of my business really.
Hannah Spottedeagle
Hannah Spottedeagle 21 dia atrás
Inner child
Sam Despuig
Sam Despuig 21 dia atrás
sending love for everyone here all you all guy's
W Smith
W Smith 21 dia atrás
Lie Steal Cheat
Mechella Bella
Mechella Bella 22 dias atrás
Lisa Oliva Rodriguez
Lisa Oliva Rodriguez 22 dias atrás
Anarchy 22 dias atrás
this song is the embodiment of the most beautiful simplicity
SandK Leeds
SandK Leeds 22 dias atrás
i hope😙everyone🤗that😊reads🙂this😚meets😗the😋perfect😉lady😁or man😀and😊has the😌perfect🤭relationship🥰
Titose king
Titose king 23 dias atrás
KIMANI DENNIS 23 dias atrás
I cant be told it can't be done.
Kimani Ngecha
Kimani Ngecha 23 dias atrás
Tom Waters
Tom Waters 23 dias atrás
great song
Detective Holmes
Detective Holmes 24 dias atrás
It's a wonder why BRvid promotes Ad's/music that have NO relation to the music you have wanted to listen too in their adverts.. Huh 🤔
Natalie Stahl
Natalie Stahl 24 dias atrás
This song means a lot to me. Does anyone have a tissue to dry my tears? :D
A Parker
A Parker 25 dias atrás
So touching!
Diana Jovana
Diana Jovana 25 dias atrás
Música que vale la pena escuchar toda la vida
Jéssi Costa
Jéssi Costa 25 dias atrás
someone in 2020? 😍
Pal 25 dias atrás
What was I listening to this for as a kid. Hits harder now
TheSultryHippo 23 dias atrás
Innocence is great until you find something to replace it
Ваня Овчар
Ваня Овчар 26 dias atrás
Holy shit, that's insane.
David Fernando
David Fernando 27 dias atrás
Keep You head up 🇨🇴
BAIAHUN TALANG 27 dias atrás
After 5 year I'll be back here just to feel how I felt while listening to this right now💫🙌 I love you:-)
MAXrandoR 27 dias atrás
if you still coming in 2020 to this song means you have great taste. please sub my channel support me.
Conrad Mubanga
Conrad Mubanga 28 dias atrás
Timeless Classic....still as riveting and uplifting in 2020 October.
Anna Leonidov
Anna Leonidov 29 dias atrás
It's better to feel pain than never feel at all. 🖤
Chase Green
Chase Green 29 dias atrás
Best line in this song -- "The opposite of love's indifference!" I can really appreciate that. I'm a preacher, and although I'm FAR from perfect, I do love my Lord. I try to live for Him, and I pray I'm never lukewarm. The opposite of love is lukewarmness (indifference). Jesus said something about that in Rev. 3:14-22.
Ananias Barbosa
Ananias Barbosa 29 dias atrás
John Jones
John Jones 29 dias atrás
TrueStory... only difference is, I messed it up... like he said, “ it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all..” Cheers from Boston 🥃🍀ClickClack
Emmett Shinn
Emmett Shinn Mês atrás
This song just hits different after you get your heart broken by the person you know you’ll love forever even if they don’t love you back. It points out so well that so many people are willing to cling on and never let go of the idea of happiness with that person. It doesn’t matter how many times they hurt you or how many problems you have in your relationship. She’s the person you’ll do anything for and you’ll always be there for her no matter what, even if she isn’t there for you. You know that it’s better to ride this roller coaster to the end and experience all the ups and downs, than to just get off and give up. You’ll love her forever. To anyone that needs to hear this, don’t give up, it’ll work out fine.
Helen O Connor
Helen O Connor 28 dias atrás
love yourself !
Extra Wet Boi
Extra Wet Boi 28 dias atrás
Ngl clutch
deviouspilot 245
deviouspilot 245 Mês atrás
Read more
Gustavo Guedes
Gustavo Guedes Mês atrás
Essa música me deixa mto feliz
Myskiesrblu Mês atrás
Stubborn fo sho 😗
Joel Orlando Salas Ahuesta
algun español?
Heather Cote
Heather Cote Mês atrás
I love it too
Dave Tomlinson
Dave Tomlinson Mês atrás
Came across this by mistake glad i did love it must have played it 100 times today
LobotomyMeat Mês atrás
That kid is an amateur at fog drawing.
MexicoLight Mês atrás
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