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Even the bear-loving, beet farming wild-card Dwight K Schrute has a lighter side. Even if it does take a concussion for us to see it.
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14 Set 2019



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Comentários 1 329
TheMemeTankEngine 1945
TheMemeTankEngine 1945 15 horas atrás
0:00-1:22 Dwight to Jim: I'm On My Way To Steal Yo Bitch
Gxth Gvts
Gxth Gvts Dia atrás
2:47 lmfao
Maddy Twiss
Maddy Twiss Dia atrás
Dwight is the best 😊
Keirstyn Kat
Keirstyn Kat 3 dias atrás
_"Ooh, Judgement is nigh, for the bellshnickel ist I"_ Yes! He is finally nigh! _"I am _*_nigh!"_*
R N 4 dias atrás
Love the office so much!!!
Taylor Murphy
Taylor Murphy 5 dias atrás
Even though this channel is like, periodic releases of a batch of content made awhile ago and all tha - whoever put all these together is a hero and did a great job.
pokabot 5 dias atrás
"You can't steal what is legally your property" -dwight k. shrute
pokabot 5 dias atrás
I love the Dwight bobble head I wish i had a bobble head of my self
maria 6 dias atrás
Dwight and pam bffs ❤️
Tommy LmaroaL
Tommy LmaroaL 7 dias atrás
8:00 "lighter" side
Zoe Griese
Zoe Griese 8 dias atrás
Jim's pranks are good but I feel so bad for Dwight, cuz Jim is so mean to him and especially in the bus episode, when Dwight is pretty much severely depressed and Jim like yells at him... I feel so bad for Dwight when it comes to Jim :(
b r o o k e
b r o o k e 9 dias atrás
when dwight started dancing 🥺
Kirstin Paul
Kirstin Paul 9 dias atrás
Pam and Dwight’s friendship > your friendship
Derptank 10 dias atrás
Always look on the briiight side of dwight
ISABELLA WRIGHT 10 dias atrás
All of the dislikes on this video are from Jim's minions
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 11 dias atrás
It took Dwight a concussion to not be an asshole.
Legion 11 dias atrás
More like a thin red line before you open Pandora's box...
polly 11 dias atrás
i love dwight he's so cute
LingererMic007 11 dias atrás
Dwight calming the baby is soft
You Know me
You Know me 11 dias atrás
“Tototototo” “What are you doing” “Vietnam sounds” Dwight is absolutely amazing
Yeah Bee
Yeah Bee 12 dias atrás
He is just the best, that damn halpert is a bully
a purple crayon
a purple crayon 12 dias atrás
I feel like they got a soft spot for each other
cadence mclain
cadence mclain 12 dias atrás
Ohhhh to much struedel
guciek 360
guciek 360 14 dias atrás
Always look on the brigh side of Dwight
jimin is lovely
jimin is lovely 14 dias atrás
Soft dwight is my favorite character
Being Carter
Being Carter 14 dias atrás
How did the snowball scene make the list, that was brutal 😂😂😂
Kathie Arnold
Kathie Arnold 14 dias atrás
The spray bottle just kills me every time
Gargolis MC
Gargolis MC 14 dias atrás
Always look on the bright side of Dwight.
Meme Tsunami
Meme Tsunami 15 dias atrás
Dwight has me dead😂: Jim: “what kind of pizza do you want?” Dwight: “surprise me” Dwight: “no, pepperoni”
Daniel Cieślak
Daniel Cieślak 15 dias atrás
why the hell is dwight throwing snowballs at jim in here
Coop 2168
Coop 2168 15 dias atrás
2:46 I don’t understand the story.
Primordial Pete
Primordial Pete 15 dias atrás
There's no lighter side of Dwight. There's just Dwight.
Jeremy Corbachev
Jeremy Corbachev 15 dias atrás
Thanks for the recommendations yt
Plastic 15 dias atrás
"You can't steal when it's legally your property"
BLUEKHALIFA TM 16 dias atrás
I will require beer and pizza to think this over
Chana Shain
Chana Shain 16 dias atrás
This is the happiest.
Sebastien Starbuck
Sebastien Starbuck 16 dias atrás
9:39 ummmmmmm
Ab Rod
Ab Rod 16 dias atrás
If your boyfriend doesn’t give a Ham for valentine he’s not worth dating 😤😤
Palathaxx 16 dias atrás
“Enemy is a strong word. I’d say we have a really charming back and forth” Jim summed up every office watcher’s opinion on Dwight vs. Jim in one sentence
I’m Soft
I’m Soft 16 dias atrás
Dwight is bb when he’s happy
SpriinkT 16 dias atrás
I always loved dwight hes a great character
lanstar94 16 dias atrás
I love that Jim-Dwight and Dog-Dwight are included in the thumbnail.
It's Haleigh
It's Haleigh 17 dias atrás
I don’t care what anyone says, Angela and Dwight in the valentines episode was one of the CUTEST moments
sensienc Cneicnec
sensienc Cneicnec 17 dias atrás
The clip of Dwight and Pam vandalizing that warehouse worker's car, for revenge, shoulda been added.
finno-uralic finland
finno-uralic finland 18 dias atrás
Im from southwest germany(blackforest) and can confirm we have something simular to bellschnickel in my village. not the same but very simular!
oh yeah
oh yeah 18 dias atrás
Dwight is defo my most favourite character
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 18 dias atrás
So basically concussion dwight
dimi terzov
dimi terzov 18 dias atrás
what are you doing vietnam sounds
M. L. Love
M. L. Love 18 dias atrás
Adan Gallardo
Adan Gallardo 18 dias atrás
Mind if i steal my wife. You can't steal what is legally your property.
bubble tea
bubble tea 19 dias atrás
OneToxicBurrito 19 dias atrás
If you wanna see him laugh you should look at the bloopers
Golden Pineapple
Golden Pineapple 19 dias atrás
James Newman
James Newman 20 dias atrás
Lighter side of creed
Deadly Pac-Man
Deadly Pac-Man 20 dias atrás
Please make a season ten
Shannon Kennedy
Shannon Kennedy 20 dias atrás
The youngest child in my family always raises the others
mops9 21 dia atrás
“You can’t steal what’s legally your property”
Olivia Valley
Olivia Valley 21 dia atrás
Olivia Valley
Olivia Valley 21 dia atrás
William Lucente
William Lucente 21 dia atrás
1:29 chuchuchuchuchu *vietnam sounds*
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