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With the news that Isildur will be the main character of Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series, we dive into his entire life! Get ready for Rings of Power as we cover his youth in Numenor, founding Gondor, the War of the Last Alliance, his claiming of The One Ring, and downfall. Along the way, we'll cover other characters certain to be part of the show, like Elendil, Ar-Pharazon, Tar-Miriel, Gil-galad, Elrond, and more! Enjoy the life and Complete Travels of Isildur!

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Defender of Cair Andros - MecS6
Isildur steals the last fruit of Nimloth - Sara M Morello
Isildur and the Ring - Andrea Piparo
Isildur - Lestowitel
Ar-Pharazon - Turner Mohan
The Evil Runs Deep in Numenor - Oznerol
Numenorean Warrior - Jef Murray
Elendil and Sons - Abe Papakhian
Faithful Family, Inziladun and Tar-Miriel - Juliana Pinho
The Last Hunt - Turner Mohan
Numenorean Guard - Luis F Bejarano
Ar-Pharazon - Steamey
Ar-Pharazon and Tar-Miriel - Nemanja Bubalo
Sauron bows, submits to Ar-Pharazon - Kip Rasmussen
Ar-Pharazon and Sauron - Janka Lateckova
Ar-Pharazon - Edvige Faini
Isildur and the fruit of Nimloth - Eva Zahradnikova
Isildur Healed - Peter Xavier Price
Adunie, Numenor - David Greset
Isildur and the White Tree - Murrauddin
Armenelos - Skullb*st*rd
Numenor coast - David Greset
Ar-Pharazon Defies - Paula DiSante
Ar-Pharazon's Fleet at Umbar - Niwa Jongkind
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The Ships of the Faithful - Ted Nasmith
Erech - Matej Cadil
Warden of Helm's Deep - Jarreau Wimberly
The Coming Darkness - Noah Bradley
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Osgiliath - Peet
Saruman's Palantir - John Howe
Sauron - Shadow of War
The Last Alliance - Jenny Dolfen
Arnor Archer - Lustoza Darik
The Dead Men of Dunharrow - Irene Langholm
Oathbreakers - Abe Papkhian
Stone of Erech - Anke Eissmann
Sauron vs Elendil and Gil-galad on Orodruin - Kip Rasmussen
Gil-galad, Sauron, and Elendil - Tom Romain
The Fate of Isildur - Anato Finnstark
Elendil - Leo Lujan
Isildur cuts the Ring - Denis Gordeev
Council of Elrond - Alan Lee
Mount Doom - Christophe Auzeine
Elves of the Last Alliance - Tiamat Nightmare
Isildur and the ring - Abe Papakhian
Isildur - Bohemian Weasel
Isildur - Marta Aguado
The White Tree - Ted Nasmith
White Tree of Gondor - 1OSHUART
Minas Tirith - Ludovic Bourgeois
The Path to Amon Anwar - Matej Cadil
Elendil's Tomb - Abe Papakhian
It is Precious to me - Matej Cadil
Scroll of Isildur - Matthew Stewart
The Trek of the Dunedain - Anke Eissmann
Isildur's Bane - Donato Giancola
Ohtar Takes Leave of Isildur - Anke Eissmann
Isildur's Last Councellor - Anke Eissmann
Weakness for power - Frerinhagsolb
King of Gondor - Oleg Kuzmin
Disaster of the Gladden Fields - Jannis Kernert
Disaster of the Gladden Fields - Alan Lee
The Ring Has Moved On - Anke Eissmann
The Death of Isildur - Anke Eissmann
The Gladden Fields - Anke Eissmann
Rivendell - Zak Seymour
Strider - CK Goksoy
Argonath - Andrew Rose
The Argonath - Armand Cabrera
Argonath - Denis Gordeev
Argonath - Dezsoart
Argonath - Margaux Valonia
The Argonath - JC Barquet
The King of the Dead - Sergey Samarskiy
Pelargir - Aegeri
Battle of the Black Gate - Ted Nasmith
The White Tree of Gondor - Aegeri
The White Tree of Gondor - Aegeri
Orthanc in the Second Age - Ted Nasmith
Isengard - Only Chasing Safety
Aragorn - Anna Lee
Isildur - Marta Aguado

To learn more on Isildur, check out:
The Lord of the Rings
Unfinished Tales


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Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
Check out Fellowship of Fan's video reveal of Isildur as the Main Character: And visit our sponsor - use the discount code NERDOFMAPS to save 15%!
Richard Pascoe
Richard Pascoe Mês atrás
I have
Richard Pascoe
Richard Pascoe Mês atrás
@Johana Bigasová I am just waiting for you to
Richard Pascoe
Richard Pascoe Mês atrás
R thanks buddy
Dumisani Tsotetsi
Dumisani Tsotetsi Mês atrás
Hey guys great work. I was enquiring about the soundtrack at 17:30??? Please Please Please.
Almost Everything
Almost Everything 2 meses atrás
I was confused when you said the guards were aroused. Was Sauron in his fair form or something?
Yarden Akin
Yarden Akin Anos atrás
Isildur did so many great things, founding Gondor and saving the White Tree twice. And yet, he will always be remembered for his great failure
Annette Hunt
Annette Hunt 8 dias atrás
He wasn’t really a failure. Nobody could’ve destroyed it. The ring was too powerful. It was actually destroyed by accident because of Gollum. I did, however, find it amazing that when Bilbo left the Shire, he dropped the ring on the floor. However, if Gandolf had not been there, urging him to leave it behind, he probably would’ve taken it with him.
Knarf 15 dias atrás
People will only remember your failure and not your greatness
jessspeed49 23 dias atrás
@Marcus Hicks your opinion is completely trash considering that you jumped from great before reading the book to trash after reading the book. You do know what trash is right? 2/10, 3/10. If your putting a movie with an amazing story, great cinematography and direction, great actors and great characters combined with amazing soundtrack to 2/10, you’re nothing but a fanboy. And that’s also not how you judge a story. First of all, forget the book. Is the movie storytelling great without the knowledge of the book? You sound you already decided on that before reading the book which already proves that the movie storytelling is amazing. Second of all, a movie should be judged as a movie, not as a book. You know for a fact you won’t be able to cram everything in the book in 3 movies, some things need to be sacrificed and changed to fit the movie trilogy format. Did any of those destroy the story and your enjoyment of it without knowing the contents of the book? No Third of all, each story should be look in the lens of the medium they’ve been created separated from everything else. Even though it’s trying to be an adaptation of the book, the movies should be judged as they were, not on whether they adapted everything in the book. I also read the book and I can see two amazing pieces of entertainment from two different mediums. You should already know that you wouldn’t be getting the book of that size in a movie format. If it was a long running series with multiple seasons, it would have worked better but in a 3 movie format? No chance. The movies were amazing in their own right. Just because they weren’t able to adapt everything from the book into a movie doesn’t turn a 10/10 movie into a 2/10 movie. That’s nothing but ludicrous
- Mês atrás
@Valentin Kambushev I don't think that's entirely true. The bad deed he did commit was so bad that it undid all of his previous good deeds. He committed the worst deed a man could commit in the world of Tolkien. Had his "failure" been less heinous I'm sure it would have been forgiven and eventually forgotten to history.
andi haryanto
andi haryanto Mês atrás
@RiffsThatKill no one could destroy the one ring. Even frodo couldnt do it by himself. The ring is just too powerfull. Thanks to smeagol for taking the ring from frodo.
Anime Bros
Anime Bros Anos atrás
This is one of the most awesome videos I've watched on this channel
Lopi robinson
Lopi robinson Anos atrás
No one can blame anyone for not destroying the One Ring. No one could. It had to be destroyed by accident. Eru saw this. Sauron knew this.
Antjosh 9 dias atrás
Sauron Has forgotten there is a higher power and that caused the ring to fall. He knew then at the moment the accident he feared might happen happened..
Mish375 S
Mish375 S Mês atrás
The whole point is that no one is above temptation.
Dan Beech
Dan Beech 2 meses atrás
@Constantine Joseph but then there would have arisen.... Dobbin the Mighty, Lord of The Pastures, Mighty Steed, King of All The Sugar lumps.
Brainfryde 2 meses atrás
So much is put on the Hobbits being resistant to the ring, but in the end none of them were. And the ring was not limited to Sauron and his followers, any more than Sauron himself was. This is shown in The Hobbit and the LoTR books, where we find Bilbo was guided by the ring to discover Gollum and free the ring, despite having no idea who Sauron or the ring are. And Gandalf hoped their good nature were armor them against the ring's evil, underestimating how much of Sauron's will was part of the ring. As for all of the times the ring could have called to Sauron, it was not what the ring wanted. The ring wanted a strong and influential bearer, and Sauron is nothing without the ring at this point. Imagine the ring held by Gondor, Rohan, or the vision of Galadriel. The third age is almost a tale of evil betraying itself, when the lust of Sauron betrayed the mind of Sauron, destroying them both.
The Lion's Share
The Lion's Share 2 meses atrás
@Elchupanibres Perhaps we would not be aware of the difference, since all would be good, but good can exist by itself, apart from evil. We would not KNOW cognitively, but we would know by experience. But if existence itself is a good, then evil must partake of at least some good. In fact, it can only exist as something good that has gone wrong. But good can exist just as it is. That's not the same thing as our conscious knowledge of good or evil, and having such words. We would be content, without knowing what contentment or discontentment is. Things can exist without our knowing about them, or having words for them.
William Sorrell
William Sorrell Anos atrás
Tolkien wrote lsildur as the perfect example of even the the strongest of heros with the strongest of hearts can always fall to darkness if the let themselves
Boogeyyyman 23 dias atrás
@Doc - Uzziel- Holiday Frodo wasn't able to do it. It was Smeagol who stole it and Erus intervention who caused an eruption to let Smeagol fell in vulcano
andi haryanto
andi haryanto Mês atrás
@Doc - Uzziel- Holiday frodo couldnt do it. At the end, he want to keep the ring just like everybody else. It is gollum who bite frodo finger and then frodo just push gollum to mount doom . So, basicly, no one could destroy the one ring on it own will. Everybody want to own it
John Smith
John Smith 7 meses atrás
@Guardian of the Blind Illuvatar intervened? Wow good job at missing the entire story. Men must do this task on their own. Only a little help from elves and other ppl of Middle-earth help. The ring actually destroyed itself, not on purpose though. It was Frodos curse: "You swore a promise by what you call the Precious. Remember that! It will hold you to it; but it will seek a way to twist it to your own undoing. Already you are being twisted. You revealed yourself to me just now, foolishly. Give it back to Smeagol, you said. Do not say that again! Do not let that thought grow in you! You will never get it back. But the desire of it may betray you to a bitter end. You will never get it back. In the last need, Smeagol, I should put on the Precious; and the Precious mastered you long ago. If I, wearing it, were to command you, you would obey, even if it were to leap from a precipice or cast yourself into the fire. And such would be my command. So have a care, Smeagol!"
Kelvin M. Adams Velázquez OFC
@Lai Sensei so technically Frodo did ended up destroying and burring the desires of the ring towards and viceversa
Lai Sensei
Lai Sensei 9 meses atrás
@Sinaxo Yeah, but then again the ring didn't truly start melting down in the lava until Frodo actually give it up in his heart. Had he thrown himself into the lava to salvage it, the ring would likely survive its destruction.
Johnny Edelhoff
Johnny Edelhoff Anos atrás
Elendil: "We have to leave now! Only take essentials!" Isildur: *brings a giant black stone*
stvbrsn 2 meses atrás
Our own real life ancestors did much the same. Look up the words “dolmen,” “menhir” and “cromlech” if you’re not familiar with them. Btw, those aren’t Sindarin words, they’re derived from French and Welsh, respectively.
Guido Bölke
Guido Bölke 2 meses atrás
"I know, but it is really really precious to me!"
DeaconArael 9 meses atrás
Dammit, dad, it’s not a rock, it’s a mineral!
Albus SR
Albus SR 10 meses atrás
@Shawn O Yes, but we aren´t talking about that one.
Shawn O
Shawn O 10 meses atrás
@Fabian Donvil but wasn't one of the palantir they took was a giant one that got lost in the river after one of the gondor cities fell.
Sweeperboy Anos atrás
It's interesting, because Isildur is widely considered a failure as ultimately he took the Ring which he was advised not to and which betrayed him in the end. However, it is important to note that it is easy for us to judge in hindsight that what he did was a foolish thing. Remember that up until that point, no hand other than Sauron's had ever touched the One Ring to know what would happen, nor in all likelihood did anyone other than the Three Elven Ringbearers truly understand what the One Ring was for...and even they probably did not fully understand at that point what they would later come to know about it. Yes, Isildur "should" have listened to the likes of Elrond and Cirdan, who were Ringbearers themselves, but hindsight is a wonderful thing as they say. Isildur's judgment was perhaps affected also by the horrors of the war and the final fight with Sauron, including the death of his father and the previous death of his beloved younger brother. If you pay heed to the other deeds of this mighty man, you see that he was far from being "weak" as the LOTR films essentially portrayed him. Elrond of all people should have realised with the history of the Noldor being what it was, that it is not simple weakness to fall prey to such an allure. It is the entire reason that the Noldor came back to Middle Earth in the first place, and why ultimately he himself as born Peredhil rather than being a pure Elf. He cannot criticise Isildur in the way he did in the film, without essentially issuing the same critique against the likes of Feanor & his sons (who include his foster-father Maglor), his forefather Fingolfin, his mother-in-law Galadriel and others.
Nick Cozzie
Nick Cozzie Mês atrás
Tolkein wrote that nobody could willingly destroy it not even Sauron itself. The only one who could destroy the ring is the ring. (And iluvitar) by Frodo cursing golem to fall into the deepest fires if he touched Frodo again is what killed the ring. Golem swore upon the ring he would do no harm but he betrayed Frodo
Lindsay Johnson
Lindsay Johnson Mês atrás
@Conflixx Isildurs story could make a great story.
Nirotpal 2 meses atrás
With all of what you are saying to counter, in the end proves why Isildur was weak. Yes he was one of the greatest human ever lived and his deeds elsewhere is great. But that doesn't also excuse what he fails to do and makes him an automatic bad ass for the said failure. Let's put perspective as well. I know of another human who was asked to steal one of the silmarlis from Morgoth which every greatest power at the time couldn't even get close to. But this man did it. And not only he did it he took it and gave it to another as a part of their bargain. The most powerful stone at the time. The weakness of Noldors. And he gave it away. That's what you call bad ass, great etc. Feels like when it comes to Isildur the bar of greatness comes down to a hobbit's height.
Hanz Zimmer
Hanz Zimmer 7 meses atrás
He couldn't have destroyed it, even if he wanted to. Nor could anyone
Henrik G
Henrik G Anos atrás
@R MH I disagree. The patronizing tone of Elrond, calling men easily seduced, is quite contrary to the books. Fact is that if Elrond or Cirdan claimed the ring, they would have been unable to destroy it too. It took a hobbit to do it, and he failed in the end as well.
Laura-Bianca Anos atrás
Isildur's story is about a man who made a wrong choice *out of grief* he was not weak, or stupid. Nor did he immediately fall under the power of the ring. He continued living for a long while. Took over the responsibility of ruling two kingdoms. Isildur will always be a great man
AdeptKing 2 meses atrás
He didn't even turn evil while he had the ring.
dlevi67 2 meses atrás
@Elchupanibres Yes, but - differently from the Nazgul - Gollum was never fully corrupted after 500 years of having and using the Ring, although he fell under the Ring's power from the moment he saw it in Déagol's hand. Tolkien himself, via Gandalf, points this out. My contention is simply that the two statements that the OP made: _"[Isildur] did [not] immediately fall under the power of the ring."_ _"He continued living for a long while."_ are both false.
Elchupanibres 2 meses atrás
@dlevi67 Well Smeagol, was kinda corrupted from the start so, the transformation into Gollum, wasnt far away :)
John Rick grimes
John Rick grimes 2 meses atrás
Let's be honest no one really known about the Ring power to corrupt people at this point in time
David Sommen
David Sommen 7 meses atrás
@dlevi67 Calling strangers on the internet 'darling' in order to clearly condescend on them, presumably on the basis of gender, is very shitty, and you should be ashamed.
CleverClogs39 Anos atrás
I can’t wait for the show to come out! Also I wish there was a show or a movie based off of the silmarillion with the story of Túrin and also the story of Beren and Lúthien
Detective Hawke
Detective Hawke Anos atrás
I personally prefer how Isildur cut the ring from Sauron in the movies than how he took it from his dead body in the books because it show how Sauron caused his own downfall by underestimated the strength of men and that men are indeed strong but not perfect as it is shown when he refuses to destroy the ring (not that anyone could anyway). I also like it because it makes him more heroic and tragic.
illuminaughtiness Anos atrás
This video, the story telling... It may be your very best yet. Parts of it hit me in the heart. From a long time viewer, just some random stranger out there in the world... Thank you so much for all the work and time and effort you put into your content. I'm so grateful for all you do for us, your viewers and ' friends' in lifes fellowship.
Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
Thanks so much for your kind words! They are truly appreciated, Mellon!
Santiago Scort
Santiago Scort Anos atrás
I think Isildur is a perfect choice by Amazon to be a the show’s main character. His arch is beautifully tragic and directly connects with the movie trilogy. Super excited for the show!
Yiannis B.
Yiannis B. Mês atrás
if only... instead what we got is a boring piece of cgi
David Bailey
David Bailey 2 meses atrás
They chose Galadriel to be the focus , and it’s awful.
G M 2 meses atrás
@Roy Allred huge missed opportunity not making Isildur the center of the narrative. They were too focused on telling their own story
Roy Allred
Roy Allred 2 meses atrás
this comment didn’t age well sadly
SgtMeatloaf 223
SgtMeatloaf 223 2 meses atrás
@Adam Farmer yeah Amazon has chosen their path, one much more tragic and disappointing
GSS1-Sirius Anos atrás
Imagine the immense hero status Isildur would've had if he'd cast the ring into the fire.
Tiffles Anos atrás
Actually him and his entire generation would've been forgotten by men thousands of years later. Which I guess is exactly what happened to him and even Aragorn's generation, a couple of thousands of years after the 4th Age began.
Ibarabandrak Anos atrás
@Doc - Uzziel- Holiday What betrayal are you talking about?
dlevi67 Anos atrás
@Itamar Jr I'm not convinced that Elrond didn't know much about the Ring. He was a (distant) cousin of Celebrimbor, as was Gil-Galad, and both were well aware of the existence of the One and its dominion over the Three... which required the One to be exceedingly powerful.
Itamar Jr
Itamar Jr Anos atrás
@Doc - Uzziel- Holiday Against that I can't say anything else. You are totally right. It's all about the decisions we make! Nice one.
Doc - Uzziel- Holiday
@Itamar Jr I agree with you, however, the story would have ended there, when Aragorn redeemed his father and his betrayal and the other races , once again joining to conquer the evil, was epic. The temptation of evil is something we all face, on a daily basis, and we all choose, in each moment of life, whom we truly serve. Shalom.
If Isildur is the main character, they must be skipping a lot of the back story that happened before he was born. I'd prefer a first age story based around Feanor. That at least leaves the option for sequels that continue the tale.
Jordan Hart
Jordan Hart Mês atrás
@Husnain Ahmed Tolkien's son is dead.
Hanz Zimmer
Hanz Zimmer 7 meses atrás
I want Sauron/Annatar to be the main character
Fabian Donvil
Fabian Donvil 11 meses atrás
the thing is the second age is more connected lore wise with the third age (and the war of the ring) and sauron. it's easier for the general public to know and understand that it's a lord of the rings story if sauron, numenor and the ring come into play.
Muz 11 meses atrás
@BraiQ apparently according to leaks, the first 2 episodes of the amazon lotr series is Isildur’s back story before introducing him as the main character in ep3. That would be cool
BraiQ Anos atrás
well they can easilly go back the ages, but I have a feeling we will never see 1st age in Movies or TV Series
Samuel Spry
Samuel Spry Anos atrás
The man who saved the white tree, the king who made the Legion of the damned, the founder of Gondor, and the man who died for his greed. So many great and terrible things, and only his failure is known.
Zac Glover
Zac Glover 23 dias atrás
If only he could have fought off the Ring's influence for one more minute and he would've saved middle earth
AdeptKing 2 meses atrás
The other things are known but of course his folly is the biggest one.
pscar1 Anos atrás
The breadth and depth of the history of Middle Earth always leaves me in awe. Just hearing the time that passed between when Isildur wrote down his account and when Gandalf read it sends chills through me.
Mitch Bennett
Mitch Bennett Anos atrás
I'd really like to learn more about Cirdan, and he shows up in a lot of stories on your channel. What about a deep dive on him?
Ar Pharazon
Ar Pharazon 9 meses atrás
Cirdan was oldest living elf on Middle Earth, even older than Galadriel and Celeborn. It is presumed that Cirdan was part of the original 1st elves awoken.
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Anos atrás
@dlevi67 Honestly, anyone born in Valinor wouldn't be able to point out where Cuivienen was on a map, and wouldn't really be all that old relative to the eldest that never departed. I'm sure there are some _living_ in Valinor that made the trip, but I'm not sure who other than Cirdan still in middle earth would've even laid eyes on the sea of Helcar. (Which means Feanor was talking out his butt when he gave his impassioned speech mentioning the sweet waters of Cuivienen.)
dlevi67 Anos atrás
@Dumb B0i I was asking in general, so thanks for the reply! That was my impression too, but purely based on visual overlap; Tolkien wasn't a geologist after all...
Dumb B0i
Dumb B0i Anos atrás
@dlevi67 I know u weren’t asking me, but the sea of nurnen is the remains of helcar simply from interpreting maps, though I don’t beleive it is directly stated. Every first age map that I’ve seen puts helcar right over where nurnen would be. Same thing goes for the sea of Rhun, but I have seen a few maps with the sea of Rhun actually existing alongside helcar in the first age. Super blurred topic.
dlevi67 Anos atrás
@ofek tsoref Elrond is significantly (relatively - hundreds of years at least) younger than others: Celeborn, Glorfindel (if we count the first incarnation), Gildor and Galadriel are all older.
Alexandre Ferdinand
Isildur is a great character, worthy of adaptation. I'm just so confused about the timeline of this series. Either it's going to jump around between thousands of years or it's going to disregard canon. I don't see a third option.
Aleister Broley
Aleister Broley 9 meses atrás
They're disregarding everything. They're not making a Tolkien series, they're making a generic fantasy series with woke overtones, using Tolkien's character names, maps, and reputation.
Aleister Broley
Aleister Broley 9 meses atrás
@Aldariel the main story takes place in 8 months or so, from September to March. They did disregard the 17 year passage, as it wasn't necessary to the plot, and would have been confusing to audiences. This Amazon abomination is disregarding lore altogether,in more ways than one.
C C 10 meses atrás
I have heard, and completely believe, that the show will be pretty woke. So canon will be disregarded for sure.
Alexandre Ferdinand
Alexandre Ferdinand 11 meses atrás
@WV Hoi Polloi Entirely possible. There's incredibly little in the way of concrete information regarding such an expensive and high-profile production.
WV Hoi Polloi
WV Hoi Polloi 11 meses atrás
I dont think Isildur is the main character. I think FoF is way off here.
Deborah Eichelberger
Love this video. However, I still believe Elrond should have been the main character. He has much more connections to people, he is older and they would have been able to connect it back to the main work of LOTR.
theamazingbatboy Anos atrás
This a great idea, they're going bigger than I thought. They should start when he was young, on Numenor, showing Sauron and chronicling the whole build-up to the fall of their civilization. Good meaty stuff.
DamonNomad82 Anos atrás
I remember reading an amazing fanfic about the final years of Isildur's life. It was an older fanfic, predating the LOTR movie trilogy. It started with the oath breaking by the men of Dunharrow, which in the fanfic is encouraged by a servant of Sauron, hinted to be the future Mouth of Sauron. It then follows Isildur and other major characters from the War of the Last Alliance through the final confrontation with Sauron, Isildur's claiming of the One Ring, and his efforts to use it to rebuild what was destroyed in the war. The story concludes with the end of Isildur's life in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields.
Calum Chamberlain
Calum Chamberlain Anos atrás
Makes sense to have Isildur as the main character for amazon prime telly show , the 2nd age of middle earth history is some what defined by his actions and not just keeping the one ring . Looking forward to seeing more of Tolkien's work brought to life.
Wesley Canner
Wesley Canner 2 meses atrás
This kind of narrative is exactly what makes Tolkien's writings so incredibly powerful. Such a deep exploration of how complicated historical figures can be, and how one failure can define the image of a ruler. Nothing is simple and no one is perfect in history, and Tolkien can't be touched depicting this principal.
Angel Anos atrás
This is definitely an interesting making Isiludur the main character. But as I was listening to the FOF livestream, I have to agree with what you said about the fact that they can take the show through flashbacks in a few episodes instead of being stuck in a complete forward mode if they literally started at the beginning. I can see possibly the forging of the Rings of Power in the very beginning like in the first Episode etc or in flashbacks
Nunya Anos atrás
I've always found it interesting that Isildur claimed the Ring as a weregild for his family & when given the option to gift it to his son Elendur to save his heir instead of himself, he chose not to.
Luud Anos atrás
6:58 Isildur safes a seedling of the White Tree from destruction. Safing heirlooms and preserving them: This seem to be a theme which spans all of Tolkien works. E.g. The Seedlings of the White tree, The Ring Of Barahir, The Shades of Narsil.
Wim Leiderkamp
Wim Leiderkamp Anos atrás
This episode brought tears to my eyes. How well you tell of Isildur's tragedy!
Vig Gurumurthy
Vig Gurumurthy Anos atrás
Isildur saving Nimloth (indirectly) will always be one of my favourite moments in the entire series
Hailey Anos atrás
Isildur: "We must retreat to gather allies, we can't stand against sauron!" Anarion: "Go and warn our father! I'll hold them off!" Also Anarion: Somehow holds off Sauron's entire force for 5 years, pushing them back to the mountains and (assumably) retaking Minas ithil.
Hanz Zimmer
Hanz Zimmer 7 meses atrás
Doc - Uzziel- Holiday
@Logan Cruz I agree, yet in newfound history there was, in reality, a great evil, in earth's past, that rose up, globally, and sought to eliminate humanity entirely. History tends to repeat itself and parallels from Tolkien to reality are astonishing when one explores them. Shalom. P.S. this was pre flood antediluvian history and it was basically all hell being unleashed upon the earth at that time as in Tolkien's work.
Hailey Anos atrás
Gotta remember Minas Ithil falls twice, once during the last alliance in the second age, and the second time to the nazgul in the third age, after a 2 year siege.
Logan Cruz
Logan Cruz Anos atrás
@The Templar honestly, Tolkien lore gets kinda complicated and you kinda have to fill in the blanks sometimes. I think I’m gonna do some research on the timelines. They can get blurry at times.
The Templar
The Templar Anos atrás
@Logan Cruz Shadow of Mordor/War take place thousands of years after this. Also, the games are extremely inaccurate to the books and many plot points make less sense when put into the context of the books.
The Brothers Krynn
The Brothers Krynn 11 meses atrás
Love Isildur, love how high he rose and how low he fell, I'm a big fan of Isildur but think that the sad thing is that his death in all but a ditch was his own doing. The ultimate anti-hero, one who's ignominious end came just as he was trying to change, Tolkien was such a master-craft author.
Nina Singh
Nina Singh Anos atrás
Using the Isildur painting of him with the fruit as the icon is apt bc it feels like he constantly has to carry around seedlings in case of a tree emergency.
Velvet Jones
Velvet Jones Anos atrás
Seems like Elron and Elros would've been a better choice for the main characters, but I hope it's good either way 🤞🏼
Wayne Purcell
Wayne Purcell Anos atrás
I wish Jackson had put the battle between Gil-Galad, Elendil, and Sauron in the film prologue. That would have been so much cooler.
psycho Anos atrás
@rburk854 we Migth see that the Amazon series
Marty Robbins
Marty Robbins Anos atrás
It certainly was filmed as some rare images confirm, just it seems never edited or included in any version. Such a shame
rburk854 Anos atrás
it would also make the part where Sauron is reaching for Isildur make more sense, because we would have just seen him do the same thing to Gil-galad and set him on fire
1747CT Anos atrás
At least in the extended version
RTM PreGame
RTM PreGame Anos atrás
Idk why Isildur’s story touches me so much, but just wow man! Absolutely amazing video! I’ve seen all your videos and this is you at your absolute best! Keep up the amazing work!
Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much!
TheDeadlyKnight Anos atrás
Love this. This man is one of the greatest heroes of Men in the legendarium but gets a bad rap for his mistake w/the One Ring
Gigi Quillian
Gigi Quillian Anos atrás
@TheDeadlyKnight yes you are completely right about me knowing better. I love my movies and the memes just don’t stop coming. It’s as if Jackson was thinking ahead! I adore both and do mix things up sometimes though, thanks for the book reboot! But as far as the Whole story of Isildur’s line and the facts of his prestige I must admit ignorance. Yes, knocking off the High King would have ended everything wouldn’t it? Sometimes the comment section is as worthy as the channel content but I may never be able to find this comment after a time. Thank you for redirecting my view.
TheDeadlyKnight Anos atrás
@Enerdhil Bravo! I’ve concluded that also. All praise Eru! lol
TheDeadlyKnight Anos atrás
@Gigi Quillian The scene @ the Crack of Doom only happened in the films (I believe u knew that already). I’d guess if one of the Elf Lords assassinated the new High King of the Dunedain, the fallout would’ve been ugly. The Men of the West outnumbered & “outgunned” the remaining Elves in Middle-earth. Isildur had 3 grown mighty sons at this point and his nephew in Minas Tirith was near of-age. Also, a lot of ppl don’t realize that most of the footsoldiers and most of the lords of Men & Elves of the Last Alliance were unaware even of the existence of the rings of power, Including the One. It was closely guarded secret among only the most wise and the preeminent rulers. “Betraying” Isildur under these circumstances would be nearly impossible to explain sufficiently to former allies.
Enerdhil Anos atrás
@TheDeadlyKnight Yes. I like to think of it as Eru intervening to save the free peoples of Middle Earth, not just an accident.
TheDeadlyKnight Anos atrás
@Enerdhil what you said is exactly why the “happy accident” with Gollum was the only real hope the Free ppl ever had of winning. Sauron/The Ring had a near foolproof “life insurance policy”.
Dionysus026 10 meses atrás
Having Isildur in the Prime series is awesome in itself.. Unfortunately, I’ve read on multiple occasions that the makers of the series did not stay true to the Lore, like Isildur having a sister and things like that.. I really hope this turns out to be incorrect rumours rather than foresight.. I really would hate to be put off by too many changes in the Lore, that it would make me quit watching the show..
AngryPotato Anos atrás
8:40 3 years, whoa, I just realised there were large hosts of armies having to stay, sleep, eat and work around Rivendell for 3 years! (just imagine the trouble of whoever was responsible for food supplies of Imladris!) Similarly with a 7-years-long siege of Barad-Dur. In text these are just some numbers, one sentence, but in "reality" years of strange life in the field...
Glorfindel Anos atrás
It's kinda sad that Isildur's one mistake has so much of a impact in the lore
Billy Chops
Billy Chops Anos atrás
Honestly I’m so confused about the prime show, I think a great main character would have been an elf as they do not age (or at least not like us) and Isildur had the greatest son in the world I swear
vaahtobileet Anos atrás
@Z Wichert they don't have the rights for The Silmarillion, I think. I think they only have the rights for the appendices, basically.
Z Wichert
Z Wichert Anos atrás
Agreed. Would have thought they'd have mined the depth of storylines that is The Silmarilion rather than pick one character and a couple decades to focus on.
Dan Seshat
Dan Seshat Anos atrás
I wonder about the lands of Forodwaith. I wonder if theres history there.
Josué Ortega
Josué Ortega Anos atrás
Wherever there is people there is history
Morpheus Sandman
Morpheus Sandman Anos atrás
The Lossoth.
Jack the Omnithere
Jack the Omnithere Anos atrás
i thought Forodwaith was where the dragons dwell. then i find out that they dwell in the Withered Heath, which i want to see now.
Enerdhil Anos atrás
I always imagined thepeople up there were like Eskimos.
MrMittenns Anos atrás
@Brady Weed icebay of forochel. And it was not a Northmen king but king Arvedui of arnor
TheUrratha 9 meses atrás
15:47 “No trace of his body was ever found by elves or men” The significance of this line is mind blowing because later Saruman acquires Isildur’s remains and brings them back to Orthanc for…purposes
Valentin Kambushev
Valentin Kambushev 4 meses atrás
I doubt he found much. Probably only the skull and some parts of the skeleton and perhaps some clothing.
Rockerboy Rage
Rockerboy Rage 11 meses atrás
Isildur's death is MUCH better here than what was seen in the film. I really like the part when the great burdon was lifted when he lost the One Ring and how the Orcs flee in fear whilst shooting Isildur with poison arrows.
Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
Are you excited for Isildur in the Amazon series? How do you think the seasons will break down now that we know who one of the main characters is?
Aus 2 meses atrás
@Erik Bender pity they didn't see your comment and take heed of it.
Barnaby Alsop
Barnaby Alsop 11 meses atrás
It will be more woke, unsavoury garbage - if that I'm certain. The progressive mob will see fit to shoe-horn unsavoury and immoral behaviour in everywhere like a GoT clone and make a travesty of Tolkien's work.
PirateDragonTurtle 11 meses atrás
I am doubtful it will be good
Bill Wheaton
Bill Wheaton Anos atrás
I just wish it wasn't on Amazon. I Love this channel, but I just can't support them. Amazon is anathema to me.
Matty L
Matty L Anos atrás
After much research and debate, I am now convinced that Isildur is the right choice to be the main character of #LOTRonPrime . I am also convinced that Numenor is the most important story of the Second Age. Even more so than the events involving all the elves including Celebrimbor and Gil-Galad, and even Sauron. Though, these events must be noted and honoured somehow to have reference to the entire lore of middle earth. I am really looking forward to the series 😍
connor gray
connor gray Anos atrás
I find it very interesting isildurs death is very similar to boromirs, he does something terrible and betrays his friends(in isildurs case he abandons his son and his men) then later snaps out of it and repents, only to be shot by arrows from orcs. I don't think Tolkien did this by mistake either, a few cases you can see similarities in 1st/2nd age with the 3rd age
Kasper Salonen
Kasper Salonen Anos atrás
Wonderful work once again and thank you for the news! My pet peeve will always be that Isildur is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable (ISildur) not on the second (isILdur), but I bet there will be variation in the show from actor to actor :D
SheilaMS Anos atrás
I don’t think Isildur should be the main character. I think Elrond would be a better choice. His life would open up more storylines. JMO.
Ludvig Jakobsson
Ludvig Jakobsson Anos atrás
@Valentin Kambushev Do you think the LOTR trilogy was doomed for the changes Peter Jackson made to the lore?
SheilaMS Anos atrás
@xergiok I don’t know. Ppl who are going to watch this are already into fantasy, possibly already into Tolkien’s work. But you could be right too.
Ener Lal
Ener Lal Anos atrás
@Istari If you take into consideration his other descriptions of brown people you’d agree
Istari Anos atrás
@Ener Lal I see. So, even though we can both read the actual words Tolkien wrote, you somehow know he meant it differently.
Ener Lal
Ener Lal Anos atrás
@Istari Brown skin is what Tolkien met. But deny it all you want.
Aarush Palit
Aarush Palit Anos atrás
I'd like a timeline video of middle Earth. it would assist me greatly as I am reading the Silmarilion
Alessandro Perri
Alessandro Perri Anos atrás
I always asked to myself: if Isildur was alone in his last moments, and the body was never found, how can the elves know exactly how the story went? Ahahha
dlevi67 Anos atrás
@Alessandro Perri Why does that surprise you in Tolkien? That's exactly what he set out to write...
Alessandro Perri
Alessandro Perri Anos atrás
And how about the arrows? One in the throat and one in the chest? That's totally made up by them. This is like like a mythology poem. Partially real, partially legend.
Tony Baker
Tony Baker Anos atrás
Also its even hinted that Saruman knew and found evidence of Isildur having been there. His armor possibly and the Elendilmir.
Meduseld Tales
Meduseld Tales Anos atrás
Unfinished Tales says it's based on assumptions and the fact that Gollum found the Ring from the river.
Ender Riderone
Ender Riderone Anos atrás
I always loved the olifant scene and would love to watch a video about them!
Mario Puente Sierra
I would've prefered Elrond to be the main character but I'm okay with him being Isildur. It shall be interesting!
Sinaxo Anos atrás
Then again Hugo Weaving won't be returning, so Elrond won't be the same - even though Elrond would be a great main character
Doc - Uzziel- Holiday
agreed, hopefully Elrond shall still perform as a main character to come. Shalom.
Adam Funk
Adam Funk Anos atrás
I was hoping for earlier in the Second Age where we could see Numenor in it's glory.
Vickie Littleton
Vickie Littleton Mês atrás
It's pretty darned glorious.
culturecoroner 2 meses atrás
@dlevi67 Sounds like today’s world to me.
Hanz Zimmer
Hanz Zimmer 7 meses atrás
@WV Hoi Polloi that's what I thought season 1 would be
WV Hoi Polloi
WV Hoi Polloi 11 meses atrás
I'm still hoping for a series around the creation of the rings in Eregion and Sauron's war against the Elves.
dlevi67 Anos atrás
Isildur was born in Númenor - and although morally decayed, Númenor would have been at its grandest and richest under Ar-Pharazon.
DOC FADA1 Anos atrás
I have always held this view of yours about Isildur he is one of the greatest Numenoreans to ever live however you know how it goes like the saying"you do good twice nobody remembers but just do bad once noone forgets" great video as usual!
Behzad Yaghmaeian Salmani
love your videos and summaries of Tolkien's legendarium! keep up the good work!
Loree Brew
Loree Brew Anos atrás
You do a very good job telling these stories. I enjoy them very much. And NO, I do not like the idea of Amazon or anyone making a series out of any of JRR Tolkiens stories, I don't believe they will do it justice. It will all be a joke. They have no intent to make the shows true to Tolkien.
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez 2 meses atrás
I find it interesting that in here you mention that Isildur is going to be the main character of the show, but it has become more of a Galadriel show after the fact
dorkbomb78 Anos atrás
I'm just sitting here waiting for an open world Middle Earth game that allows you to travel the map and find all the legendary and lost locations.
DamonNomad82 Anos atrás
Lord of the Rings Online is probably the closest game to that, though of course it's limited to the areas of Middle Earth that were accessible at the time of the Lord of the Rings.
wewe nang
wewe nang Anos atrás
@caldooo well the combat system of LOTRO maybe old but lore wise it's the closest you can get from the book itself. Shadow of mordor is a shit load of non canon and madeup and utter blasphemy of the lore lol
wewe nang
wewe nang Anos atrás
@dorkbomb78 emm i think LOTRO is the closest you can get, the map of almost the whole of middle earth including all the historical places in tolkien's lore are in there.
D2attemp Anos atrás
Yeah I would love to travel to Tol Morwen and pay respects to Hurin’s family
rburk854 Anos atrás
@caldooo regardless LOTRO is the closest thing to what the commenter was asking for, and that is unlikely to change any time soon
dementus420 Anos atrás
Oh, how I love this intricate fantasy story building and "ancient" lore. All the names and lands just do something to my mind on a fundamental level. I have a theory that some people are genetically inclined to enjoy detailed fantasy type stories. From my perspective I'm wondering how anyone, given a proper chance, could not appreciate and enjoy it. There are people who are simply not intelligent enough to be able to get fantasy type stories, but there are also some who aren't unintelligent that can go into a theater and watch The Fellowship of the Rings, for example, and come out completely unimpressed and seemingly unchanged by the experience. I have a hard time with this because I'm thinking "did you actually watch and listen or did you actively try to tune it out so that you can keep saying to yourself that you are one of those folks who "just don't like fantasy"? I think we would all be better off if everyone was able to enjoy it.
Gary Twinem
Gary Twinem Anos atrás
Some people have more imagination than others, that's all.
Philip Callado
Philip Callado Anos atrás
If this series is done well, it could be pretty damn epic.
Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
AdeptKing 2 meses atrás
It is nice to know that Isildur did intend to give the ring up and that he wasn't kind of weak like the movies portrayed him.
kayskreed Anos atrás
Elrond would have allowed them to cover more ground in years for sure, but Isildur makes for a nice choice in terms of a tragic hero. I'm most interested to see how the life and downfall of Numenor are interpreted. Maybe we'll also get a proper battle between Elendil, Gil-Galad and Sauron as well. A Gollum cameo at the end maybe? Who knows.
King Théoden
King Théoden Anos atrás
This was great video, I didnt even know couple of the things about Isuldur. Overall I think, if showmakers will carefully place all the characters, including Isildur, and places into the time frame it could work nicely. There's a lot of material in Tolkien's universe that could be done into show, I can even imagine every season to be about different time period, for example. I am, however, mentally preparing myself that the show will feature modern things like sex scenes, gore and all that, which was not something Tolkien would write about a lot since the books were simply product of its time, but nowdays to keep people watching it needs to be engage that way I think. So Its not gonna be simple vanilla clean PG13 good vs. evil but more realistic take with gray moments and characters, more like Game of Thrones.
Not Me
Not Me Anos atrás
Watching all these "Life of" and "Travels of" videos I think it would be a great idea to make a "Travels of the One Ring" video from start to finish.
Joey BoX0RoX
Joey BoX0RoX Anos atrás
Great choice to have Isildur star in the Amazon series. Thank you Matt!👍👍
nilocblue 10 meses atrás
Not sure if everyone heard this or not, but apparently for the upcoming show for LOTR on Amazon Prime, they invented a character, Elendil's sister. I'm betting she's gonna be a strong female character, maybe like Eowyn.
Sea Hoven
Sea Hoven Anos atrás
It's interesting to see and learn of the valor of the Dunedain.
Gary Twinem
Gary Twinem Anos atrás
I never understood why the One Ring would abandon Isildur, a powerful, influential king of Men. I would've thought it would have been its greatest chance to return to Sauron.
Luc Anos atrás
yeah but everyone knew he had it and the races of middle earth were still strong and willing to fight. so it decided to chill for a while in a cave
Max Mercer
Max Mercer Anos atrás
I wonder what powers a Numenorean like Isildur would have if they wielded an elven ring of power
ABHI RAI 2 meses atrás
Thanks for this channel. Its very important for these beautiful stories to be kept for the coming generations ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
SniffSniffMmm Anos atrás
Isildur was suppose to be the best of us all in the race of men. The perfect Hero known for every race. all it takes is the one ring to rule them all. it even ruled a hero's heart by temptation
A C4th
A C4th Anos atrás
Makes sense. Loved the Idea of Elrond being the main character giving how important he was in multiple ages and how integral his bloodline/lineage is but knew he wouldn't be as I knew it would have to be a Human as the Main Character cause that's how these things go. With that knowledge I had my fingers crossed it would be his Brother instead and then they would have quite abit a riggle room and creative licence given there's not much written about him but then I thought that would be too courageous of them and they'd probably go with someone fans of the Films would of heard of so narrowed it down to Isildur or Elendil and hoped they would be brave and make it Elendil but alas it's Isildur..... still cool but a little disappointing considering all the other far more powerful and interesting people it could've been. Let's hope they don't focus too much on him and put a lot of time and energy into other characters as well. Still very excited for the show but for me the world it's set in just got alot smaller, which is probably the goal as I Imagine it would of been too hard to make otherwise.
Woodworking Photo
Woodworking Photo Anos atrás
One of your best videos to date. You are a fantastic narrator, could listen to your videos all day, and I often do!!
Nerd of the Rings
Nerd of the Rings Anos atrás
Thanks so much!!
Sebas Läiho
Sebas Läiho Anos atrás
What a masterpiece of a video❤️❤️❤️ love it!!
By far the best Tolkien channel in BRvid! Great video!!👏👏👏 Keep up the good work!✌
Marion Baggins
Marion Baggins Anos atrás
Isildur famous for: Saving his family tree twice, cursed a group of men, teaming up with Elves, and Failing to destroy a ring
mrvideouploads1 11 meses atrás
"It has come to me.... the one ring...." He cut the hand of sauron and the ring came to him. Why should he destroy the most powerful object in the universe? He did a lot of good things with it. He didn't rob or steal it and sauron was destroyed. This was a very powerful and mythical ring that everyone knew about. Still he went to destroy it and and last moment he said "No." And why should he? He didn't expect this to happen. IT CAME TO HIM. And its his.
MelkhiorDarkfell 6 meses atrás
Unlike the movies, Isildur in the books is more noble, he took the ring, but didn't climb all the way up Mount Doom only to turn back. And he planned to bring the Ring to Rivendell so they could keep it safe and get a better idea of it. In fact, it seems like he was never ensnared by it at all, this was after all the man so faithful that he stole the sapling of Nimloth before the Downfall of Numenor.
Paan Arzim
Paan Arzim Anos atrás
Isildur depicted in the fan art 0:20 and 18:28, is the most charming. Got that youth, bravery, and hotness blend in together. Am glad you chose this particular potrait as the 'avatar' whenever you want to feature Isildur's journey in the map. 👍🏻
mike mike
mike mike Anos atrás
Awesome video as always. Thank you.
I always found it strange that we know of no Elvish communities or strongholds in Eriador other than Imladris . We are told that there was an Elvish population on the shores of Lake Evendim ruled by Galdriel and Celeborn. Should we assume that there still Elves living there when Elendil founded Arnor and built Annuminas? Were the many places that Elendil established built on pre existing Elvish settlements ? Since there was interviews between Lindon and the Sindarin / Sylvan kingdoms East of the mountains , it seems to be that Eriador had to be essentially an extension of Gil- Galad’s kingdom ?
Bogdan Dascal
Bogdan Dascal Anos atrás
Nice video and well explained! Loved it!
James Freebury
James Freebury Anos atrás
this is great- it makes me excited for the series upcoming!
jeremy howard
jeremy howard Anos atrás
Nice video. How did the stewards get the throne from Aragon’s family? That would be a cool video!
Тимофей Mês atrás
Great job done. Just like a good history lesson. Productive. Thanks mellon. 😀🤲🙏 Story of Isildur learns how can every person can fall due to corruption. And how evil can be attractive and poisoning.
Max Gyrion
Max Gyrion Anos atrás
your videos are incredible, i love them,,, easily one of the best on youtube thank you .,
Evan Pearce
Evan Pearce Anos atrás
Didn't Saruman find Isildur's body since he had his Elendilmir in Orthanc? Also, Isildur's story is really sad. I've never thought about how tragic his death was.
John Mooers
John Mooers 2 meses atrás
From Unfinished Tales.... "But King Elessar, when he was crowned in Gondor, began the re-ordering of his realm, and one of his first tasks was the restoration of Orthanc, where he proposed to set up again the Palantir recovered from Saruman. Then all the secrets of the tower were searched. Many things of worth were found, jewels and heirlooms of Eorl, filched from Edoras by the agency of Wormtongue during King Thĕoden's decline, and other such things, more ancient and beautiful, from mounds and tombs far and wide. Saruman in his degradation had become not a dragon but a jackdaw. At last behind a hidden door that they could not have found or opened had not Elessar had the aid of Gimli the Dwarf a steel closet was revealed. Maybe it had been intended to receive the Ring; but it was almost bare. In a casket on a high shelf two things were laid. One was a small case of gold, attached to a fine chain; it was empty, and bore no letter or token, but beyond all doubt it had once borne the Ring about Isildur's neck. Next to it lay a treasure without price, long mourned as lost for ever: the Elendilmir itself, the white star of Elvish crystal upon a fillet of mithril that had descended from Silmarien to Elendil, and had been taken by him as the token of royalty in the North Kingdom. Every king and the chieftains that followed them in Arnor had borne the Elendilmir down even to Elessar himself; but though it was a jewel of great beauty, made by Elven-smiths in Imladris for Valandil Isildur's son, it had not the ancientry nor potency of the one that had been lost when Isildur fled into the dark and came back no more. When men considered this secret hoard more closely, they were dismayed. For it seemed to them that these things, and certainly the Elendilmir, could not have been found, unless they had been upon Isildur's body when he sank; but if that had been in deep water of strong flow they would in time have been swept far away. Therefore Isildur must have fallen not into the deep stream but into shallow water, no more than shoulder-high. Why then, though an Age had passed, were there no traces of his bones? Had Saruman found them, and scorned them - burned them with dishonour in one of his furnaces? If that were so, it was a shameful deed; but not his worst. (Unfinished Tales) Given the length of time between Isildur's death and Saurman's scavengers recovering the Elendilmir and ring case, it's likely Isildur's bones had fully dissolved. The river water was shallow, relatively warm, and full of wildlife that would assist in decomposition.
Zeke Jeager
Zeke Jeager 6 meses atrás
Saruman never found Isildur's body. Only the Elendilmir.
DamonNomad82 Anos atrás
He at least found the original royal circlet Islidur had been wearing when he died. The later Kings of Arnor had a copy made to replace it, so Aragorn ended up having two of them after he visited Orthanc and found the original in Saruman's treasury, which also included a slot intended for the One Ring, if Saruman had been able to get that.
Bjornibjorn Anos atrás
This happened much later. I assume he would have found only remains. His body would prob be lost to the times.
Mackie Messer
Mackie Messer Anos atrás
Isildur gets too much shit. No one could have thrown the ring into Mount Doom of their own free will.
ImexArcane Anos atrás
no one did, its needs to be an accident to be destroyed
stelthie Anos atrás
No one did🤷🏿
Bogdan Dascal
Bogdan Dascal Anos atrás
Just as Frodo years later.
Seth Bangard
Seth Bangard Anos atrás
Especially not a human
Cascade Detergent
Cascade Detergent 2 meses atrás
It seems like Elrond is the main charachter so far in the Amazon show. Remains to be seen but he is quite prominent
Jose Austin
Jose Austin 11 meses atrás
Does anyone know when the series is going to officially start I am so excited about this
Jamie Zero
Jamie Zero 8 meses atrás
It's sad to see such a great hero fall to darkness.
anthony Frederick
anthony Frederick 10 meses atrás
I am so stoked for the show and I am looking forward to seeing it
Albert Rettew
Albert Rettew Anos atrás
Love this video, one of the best on your channel.
CybershamanX Anos atrás
(17:56) The Elendilmir was discovered in Orthanc with the help of Gimli, of course, wasn't it? 😉
Hanitcal69 2 meses atrás
After 5 episodes of the show, I think it would be a lot better if isildur had turned out to be the main character
Hanitcal69 2 meses atrás
@joshup what jamus said but keep in mind the timeline is very compressed in the show. It won’t take as long as it did in the books
Jamus Treanor
Jamus Treanor 2 meses atrás
@joshup The rings have not been made yet. I'm guessing that's what the tower Celebrimbor is getting the dwarves to build is for. Numenor doesn't get swallowed by the ocean until well after the one ring is made.
joshup 2 meses atrás
@Jamus Treanor that's what I was missing. This happens after the rings are made. Am I Correct?
Jamus Treanor
Jamus Treanor 2 meses atrás
@joshup well the island doesn't sink until after farazon takes over. He hasn't taken over yet. And this is the first visit to Middle earth of the Numenorians. They'll go back again later. But yeah, big time crunch. The timeline is all messed up.
joshup 2 meses atrás
@Jamus Treanor I gotcha because I'm like the island is still there
Hefaj Mês atrás
That story is so good, hope someone will make tv series of that
erick nyangeri
erick nyangeri Anos atrás
Cirdan is a such an Intresting character. He fought in several wars from the Elder days to the third age and survived
DamonNomad82 Anos atrás
And the only elf who definitely had a beard, canonically...
Nate Klein
Nate Klein Anos atrás
Hmmm, while I agree with your video on why Elrond would be the best main character... I think Isildur is a good close second... Because I think his character is the one that needs the *most* rehabilitating after the film series...
Demian van der nolk
Could you do one about Azog’s life or maybe about famous orcs and goblins or trolls or just something like that?
Preston Duff
Preston Duff Anos atrás
Pretty hard to imagine the temptation to overthrow your own great vowes over the ring. To think that he knew better, that as long as it exists the cycle could just restart. Pride and arrogance being the fall of man?
Mithrandir 94
Mithrandir 94 Anos atrás
You do such a wonderful job with your videos! 💚 BTW please give cirdan a video please would love to learn more about him. ❤️‍🔥
Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths Anos atrás
I love Isildur. He was a great warrior & honourable man. He was one of the persecuted faithful. His legacy is stained by his keeping the one ring. But we must remember the hold the ring has on men. It is so powerful. Boromir succumbed & even Frodo himself failed at the end. To judge him (& even Frodo) by their failures at the end is rather unfair.
Wayne Purcell
Wayne Purcell Anos atrás
Also people tend to forget that there was just a bare basic knowledge of the ring. Everyone knew it was bad but no one, neither elf nor man, exactly understood just HOW bad the ring was. That's why there wasn't a huge fit pitched when Isildur decided to keep it as wergild. Nobody liked Isildur's decision, but the wise themselves didn't quite understand the actual peril of the thing.
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