The Life and Sad Ending of Jackie Coogan of "The Addams Family"

The Life and Sad Ending
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Mini Bio of actor Jackie Coogan who is best know for portraying Uncle Fester on "The Addams family" TV show from the 1960's.
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15 Ago 2019



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Comentários 577
Try hard Gameplay
Try hard Gameplay 12 dias atrás
Damn he got screwed by his mom
Doctor McGoveran
Doctor McGoveran 13 dias atrás
ubncle fester was wmy role modle loved that charector. In one show he had a blunder buss I can still him in my mind.
Kawasaki Man90
Kawasaki Man90 15 dias atrás
RIP hero🤘
Graham Campbell
Graham Campbell 16 dias atrás
I'm not really sure this is a sad ending. I mean sure I want to live past 69, but its not like he went out at a young age before he ever found fame.
Jaye 16 dias atrás
He is famous for the Addams family.
Denise Christie
Denise Christie 19 dias atrás
He is the reason that children's earnings are now somewhat protected.
Joe mama
Joe mama 22 dias atrás
Dang had now idea how legit he was. Loved fester in my youth
Carla Tillman
Carla Tillman 23 dias atrás
Wow you can see him in his grandson Keith Coogan!
variable ratio
variable ratio 23 dias atrás
Every few years he looks like an entirely different person. His WW2 service is respectable as heck. You can steal cash, but you can’t steal heart.
Dawn Heistand
Dawn Heistand 24 dias atrás
Coogan was a cool actor to young to die too ! Thanks
Buckarooskiczek Productions
I knew of his fame as a child star and never realized Uncle Fester was the same person! Thanks for sharing a snapshot of this man’s life...
Charles Glisson
Charles Glisson 26 dias atrás
phython peter
phython peter 26 dias atrás
Fuck Hollywood. No longer have an interest with those phony idiots
Cameron Heidelauf
Cameron Heidelauf 26 dias atrás
I loved Jackie coogan as uncle fester
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66 26 dias atrás
Rip uncle fester
onlythewise1 27 dias atrás
I liked him , sad he left so young
Kevin Rodgers
Kevin Rodgers 27 dias atrás
What kind of inbred, imbecilic morons gave this vid a thumbs down???!!!
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske 27 dias atrás
Uncle fester gomez brother
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske 27 dias atrás
R . I. .P Jackie coogan
LuneyTune72 27 dias atrás
You should do Badfinger
LuneyTune72 26 dias atrás
@The Life and Sad Ending Ah, makes sense!
The Life and Sad Ending
That is a very good suggestion, however I don't like to do people who are famous for their music. The copyrights prevent me from playing even snippets of their songs.
Scott Laux
Scott Laux 27 dias atrás
My father was in the army air corp and knew Jackie Coogan. He mentioned it in passing when I was watching the Addams family as a kid. My father died in 1984 so I dont know the details.
julie brtek
julie brtek 27 dias atrás
Wow very interesting in his life story, thank you. Truly one greatest actors in lots Tv shows: so sad he die. But always remember stars Forever. One funny guy on tv shows. Addams one love more for two years.
Herbertsiegl Die steirische Eichel
What was sad about his ending?
jam bam
jam bam 27 dias atrás
It's amazing people still haven't realized how evil women really are.
Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson 27 dias atrás
he had an interesting life
Chrisstian 27 dias atrás
What an amazing life !
MrAmberol 27 dias atrás
Respect Sir... thank you for your service to freedom and fun!
sammolloy1 27 dias atrás
He is said to have bought the first production Lincoln Continental in 1940, although this story has been disputed. His was salmon pink. He traded it for another during WWII because the tires wore out. He starred in the 1970 classic film “Brewster McCloud” as the third Wright brother. Brewster (Bud Cort) drove his Rolls Royce until he could steal the book on birdlike flight. “Brewster! You look like a G- D- F--t!!” LOL
Joel McCall
Joel McCall 28 dias atrás
The only sad part was his father dying and his witch of a mother..
google429 28 dias atrás
take care
Margaret Briefs
Margaret Briefs 28 dias atrás
We kids were glued to the TV set for the Addams family and the Munsters
Dennis Neeley
Dennis Neeley 28 dias atrás
Why is it always "sad ending"? Everyone passes away
Scotty Scotty
Scotty Scotty 28 dias atrás
He was such a sweet man!
Christine Smith
Christine Smith 28 dias atrás
He reminds me of Stuart Highway on eastenders
Feline Fine
Feline Fine 28 dias atrás
I can't believe his own mom stole all his money because he was a "bad boy" that's messed up
KillerFrank 28 dias atrás
He may have a sad ending, but he managed to live quite a life in spite of the horrible mother he had. Rest in peace, sir, and thank you for your service.
James Pickett
James Pickett 28 dias atrás
Rest in peace.
Anthony White
Anthony White 28 dias atrás
RIP uncle Festus ..😢 seem like his mother was kind of shady .. Married the financial advisor .. Then spent all that money his father left ..SMH
Fred 28 dias atrás
sad to hear of the passing of a fellow surfer, and more so from the memorabile movies and TV series he appeared [n, and I'm sure much dear to us all, The Adams Family
berjaboy 29 dias atrás
Wow! His mother sounded like a real pile of stinky shit! Hopefully he disowned her after he started making money again. Never promised you anything mom, besides you were a bad girl.
Leader success !
Leader success ! 29 dias atrás
Rip to a great actor.
kk doc
kk doc 29 dias atrás
I have to laugh every time I hear cause of death as “cardiac arrest”. All that means is that the heart stopped. Every single death in the world is caused from that. What you need to know is what caused the heart to stop? Could be traumatic blood loss, cancer, stroke, gun shot wound, etc. etc etc.
thesecond 22 dias atrás
Means heart attack.
Wally Brown
Wally Brown 29 dias atrás
Normal ending, not sad.
Franklin Cover
Franklin Cover 29 dias atrás
His mother was a pos.
Beth King
Beth King Mês atrás
Wouldn't it really suck to have your life summed up in under 4 minutes?
Edila Lewis
Edila Lewis Mês atrás
Thank you for your service always will be loved
Burton Files
Burton Files Mês atrás
Good presentation. Thanx
He died a little over a year after Carolyn Jones.
Tom Stclair
Tom Stclair Mês atrás
He should of seen it coming when she married his financial advisor. Lol lol. She should of been super happy for her son and realized that her needs would be taken care of by him if she would of stood behind him and helped build him up and supported his efforts and decisions as he grew up.. oh well those actions and choices go with her, not us. Seems like he did ok even after the fact.. Could of been a blessing also.. to much money at his age could of pushed him in the wrong direction.. who knows.. reason for all things. Cant judge!!
True hero. No one can ever take that away from him.
Feleyra Sims
Feleyra Sims Mês atrás
Sadly, many child actors parents spent all the earnings
Linda Mayshack
Linda Mayshack Mês atrás
I remember him in Adam's family .. RIP
Greg Edmonds
Greg Edmonds Mês atrás
Unfortunately, the Coogan Act hasn't helped many child actors since it came into being.
Dolly Dagger
Dolly Dagger Mês atrás
I didn't know he was a child star! Married to Betty Grable! I like him even more now, big fan of Addams family. His mother seems like a snake.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Mês atrás
What a BETTY !!!
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Mês atrás
My mom lived down the street from him in San Francisco.
Tim Thornton
Tim Thornton Mês atrás
what a bunch of BS " he was never promised anything", she never earned anything! Just spent it.
Cal Jennings
Cal Jennings Mês atrás
It wasn't really a sad ending. It was a natural ending.
я Hajji 분쇄하는 Bárbara
Wow. A wealthy, patriotic actor who volunteered for combat duty. Now we can't even get spoiled, entitled assholes to stand for the national anthem.
Cole Halford
Cole Halford Mês atrás
Thank you for sharing this great story. 👍❤️
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