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The duo is being held on $500,000 bail after allegedly attempting to flee law enforcement.

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4 Dez 2021



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Comentários 6 070
It breaks my heart that children can’t go to school without fearing that they aren’t going to not make it home. My heart goes out to victims and their families
Charles Eye
Two years ago in California, a kid was suspended from school and charged with felony assault for "holding a pencil in a threatening manner." Meanwhile, this school can't even be bothered to tell the campus police officer about an
ELLEvate Energy
The moms reply to her son via text message “LOL I’m not mad at you. You’re going to have to learn to not get caught.”
Greenwolfe Green
The school said that Ethan appeared "calm" so they sent him back to class. Of course, he appeared calm. He was armed and ready to go.
stan yoongi for clear skin
“they were going to turn themselves in”
I wanna say thank you to the officers who did what had to be done. Hearing that they aren't doing well brings tears to my eyes.
It's such a shame that some students were so concerned that they didn't come to school that day. So there were so many signs that something was really wrong. How were the students smarter than those in charge. The kid had a count down timer on his social media for goodness sake. This is just so sad.
Ami Stenson
Yeah, because withdrawing $4,000 and leaving the comfort of your home to go stay in a vacant building in Detroit seems like something an innocent, competent parent would do. 🙄
🌿Greek Mythology Gal🌿
i never thought about the fact that police men have to run past dying kids in that situation, absolutely horrible thing to have to do, respect to those that were on the scene.
Erik Dayne
Everything I’ve heard about this case so far indicates that these parents did absolutely nothing to stop their child from committing this horrible crime, and seemingly everything in their power to enable him to commit this crime, including literally arming him.
Tim Fulton
I'm so happy to see parents finally being held accountable for their kids! Every time I see a juvenile on trial as an adult for a heinous crime, I always wonder: where are the parents?! No underage person should have unsupervised access to a firearm! I was glad Rittenhouse got off because it was clearly self defense, but his mother should have stood negligent charges for him being there in the first place. Anytime a kid takes a controlled weapon to a school, the parents should be tried for neglect, and as accessories to any crime they commit. Hopefully this will set a new precedent in the courts, and standard in parenting: raise your kids!
You shot 4 kids violently, who's last moments on this earth where probably a mixture of fear and pain, and then give yourself up because you don't want to get hurt. What a coward.
Singing-in-the Rain
Just because the parents REFUSED to take their son home, does not mean the school couldn’t have REFUSED to allow him back in. To both parties, WHY?
I send out so much love and gratitude for those serving the community that day. From the officers to healthcare workers, to the MH professionals who will try to pick up the pieces.
truly heartbreaking situation. Not to belittle the sacrifices made and the suffering that has occurred, but I do believe mental health and warning signs need to be taken way more seriously. You can see from this situation that there were indicators beforehand, and if due diligence had occurred they would have realised how dysfunctional that kid and his family were. Similar to that of the Parkland tragedy. I can't help but feel that some of these tragedies are preventable.
It's crazy how the public school I went to had us be searched everyday! Not Once had a student with a gun. These people are so negligent.
Danielle The Spirit Scribe
The whole thing is bizarre and sad and the parents are absolutely negligent. I feel for the victims and their families. The shooter needed mental health help and should NOT have been allowed back into class. Certainly school administrators are culpable too.
Deborah cabot
My thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the murder victims.
This story is so sad… RIP to the victims. It breaks my heart that children can’t go to school in a safe environment.
Alexis Francine
What happened to “zero tolerance”? If his parents were called, he should have been sent home. Period.
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