The Last of Us Part II Trailer and Gameplay Footage - Sony PlayStation PS4 E3 2018 Press Conference

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12 Jun 2018

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Comentários 238
Phattaraphong Singhaphandhu
Long time that i wait plssss
Marvel Antonio
Marvel Antonio Anos atrás
OH NOES! THE MAIN CHARACTER'S GAY!!!!!!!!!!! DISLIKE! BOYCOTT!! SJWS!!! MAGA!! *raspberry noises* If two girls kissing has you fuming, you really need to get your priorities in order
Orangel Rivero
Orangel Rivero Anos atrás
este juego da mal ejemplo;los niños, ni los adultos,deberian comprar este juego.DIOS creo al hombre y a la mujer¡¡¡¡¡¡¡no hombre con hombre mujer con mujer!!!!!! esto es enfermo la biblia lo estipula;satanas a tomado los juegos de video,desde hace tiempo.hay que detener esto....
Solus Anos atrás
I'm just gonna leave this here for people interested in watching the trailer with significantly less idiots in the comments.
doubloongoonsquad Anos atrás
Jesus the comments make me ashamed to consider myself a "gamer." WTF is wrong with you people? Is the gaming community completely made up of Alt-right Bible thumpers???
MG The Future
MG The Future Anos atrás
Issa no from me dawg
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider Anos atrás
At least we know Joel’s alive and not some creepy ghost or figment of Elli’s imagination!
Chris Stacy
Chris Stacy Anos atrás
I loved this trailer! but how is being a lesbian showing a political agenda? because a homosexual is in a game, it's automatically political? what about mass effect and choosing to be gay, did you have a political agenda to do that in the game if/when you chose to be that way? TLOU has always been character driven, they are just showing more character development. I don't see the political side... anyone care to help me understand?
Aur0n Anos atrás
Well I guess that the reason for dislikes is because both are kinda ugly.
Alex Bors
Alex Bors Anos atrás
The other girl looks kinda jewish. First game it was Riley and now this girl from another ethnical group. Nothing against anyone, just noticing some subtle things Druckman throws in his games. I could care less about the lesbian thing. When the game is released, I'll play it as many times as the 1st one if it's gonna be just as good.
TechJunkie Anos atrás
Holy smokes! This game looks off the walls amazing! Perfect lazy weekend game/movie.
TheMythician Anos atrás
Was making Ellie gay really necessary Naughty Dog?
Meijin Kino
Meijin Kino Anos atrás
nope, it wasn't. but "muh agenda"
casanthros Anos atrás
Most of the population is incapable of entertaining different perceptions that differentiates from the ideologies imparted since birth and subsequently indoctrinated throughout youth. People are pattern repeaters and seek survival in sheltered rhetoric. It's exhausting to bear witness, the daily righteousness which masquerades from regurgitated slop instead of critical, independent thought.
Sal Latora
Sal Latora Anos atrás
I dont think this is real gameplay footage or at the very least the camera was choreographed in a way to make it look cooler than it is, but idk maybe it is real gameplay footage but, idk.
The0Dark0Warrior Anos atrás
SJWs... SJWs everywhere... Ruining our fun...
ken nguru
ken nguru Anos atrás
Damn it... they should have scrapped all that lesbian vibe with Ellie...
AirEnderman Anos atrás
Sorry, but I was annoyed by the lesbian thing in the The Last of Us DLC a while back and I'm annoyed by this too. Those who lie to themselves and think that there is no agenda behind this are really rather annoying. It's no surprise that, given our political climate, they'd continue trying to force this. Consider for a moment, if you're annoyed by this comment, why you are annoyed by this comment. Consider that not all gamers think the same way. We're all individuals with our own ideas and we are free to express them. That doesn't much us uninclusive or whatever bs you'd call those who share this view. Just makes us different than you, and you ought to at least accept that.
geddoe316 Anos atrás
The focus has now become greater on the kissing than the actual gameplay. Stupid move.
river olson
river olson Anos atrás
This looks to amazing.. It makes me skeptical this just seems just scripted and perfect there's no way the ai will actually behave the way they did. I hope they do but I'm looking forward to this but with some healthy skepticism
ess double-u
ess double-u Anos atrás
this is amazing gameplay, looks like a target render, looks like a cinematic, the gameplay is really grounded, I'm deffo picking this up. This is more of the direction I wish Assassins Creed should take rather than becoming a Witcher knock off, can't wait for this to drop
SupaFly::. Anos atrás
Church found this Trailer, sent their flock to downvote it... Degenerates...
IKRAMUL MAC Anos atrás
Alexcia Proffitt
Alexcia Proffitt Anos atrás
Does it really matter if Ellie is lesbian? Games like Life is Strange, Overwatch (Tracer), and Fallout 4 have gay characters
Gaysss im game. End world
Game iluminatti
Fourth Kind
Fourth Kind Anos atrás
People, who have been hating on this, let me make something clear.. 1. Ellie was already confirmed to be lesbian in TLOS: Left Behind.. when she kissed Riley, no one gave a fuss; 2. NO ONE is forcing You to play this game, if you're such a homophobic brat, who is used to see heterosexual love everywhere; 3. Dear Xbox fans, who are left again near EA- I know, that the jealousy is just begging You to dislike this, because You know, that You won't be able to play this potential masterpiece, what Naughty Dog brought to us. Don't you think it's low, knowing how much work ND has put in this? Instead of trying to whine about Ellie being lesbian, you can turn to Xbox trailer side, and find Your ''masterful'' first party title there. Note, that for me, Xbox company is joke, if all they do, is promise more and more first party, yet they can bring one Halo to compete with those games, *though* I'm not saying one thing, because I know, that tastes are different. Learn to respect, or continue being low as always (the same I can say about the hate towards Nintendo company).
khries100 Anos atrás
I’m not playing as a lesbian woman he’ll no. Npc lesbian fine. But I cannot associate with a gay main character. I’ll play as Joel like I did in the first game if that’s available
Andy Suryadi
Andy Suryadi Anos atrás
She's lesbian? Seriously? Why did you make her a lesbian? It ruins the character. Oh wtf. I'm not going to buy this.
borges johnson
borges johnson Anos atrás
since the first game dipshit. Not even the only gay character.
Alejandro Carreon
Alejandro Carreon Anos atrás
nms que violencia pero vale madres me encantó WoW
N R Anos atrás
Looks really good. Shame about the narrow-minded homophobes. No not in the footage, in the Like bar.
N R Anos atrás
Q. What do we say to spittle-flinging narrow-minded threat-pushing childish homophobic cyber thugs!? A. NOT TODAY! :)
/Pol/Gamer Anos atrás
Yes i am, and you will feel our anger one day XD
N R Anos atrás
you seem upset lol XD
/Pol/Gamer Anos atrás
Why do you worthless maggots associate acceptance of unnatural behaviours as a virtue? Your reign will be short lived, for if you break the laws of nature she will punish your defiance, also people like me will make sure to shut your putrid lying mouths.
Solus Anos atrás
I would love for someone to explain to me how this is is in any way SJW... Literally it was a girl kissing another girl. That was it. It wasn't like she jumped up on a table and publicly announced her lesbian wedding (which shouldn't be an issue either, but whatever, one issue at a time), she didn't start dry humping anyone in the middle of the dance, there was no sex scene, no public persecution of her homosexuality, no speeches regarding why her homosexuality should or shouldn't be an issue. Is a girl kissing another girl all it takes to set you people off these days? Seriously? You can claim you have no issue with homosexuality all you want, but if this is all it takes for you to start spouting stuff about SJW's pushing their agendas then you clearly do have a problem. The game looks amazing, the animations and melee mechanics look beyond anything I've seen before, I'm incredibly excited, but you all can't see past a kiss.
borges johnson
borges johnson Anos atrás
It's not, don't get trolled by the russians.
Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher Anos atrás
borges johnson
borges johnson Anos atrás
more russian trolls
Jake Anos atrás
Why is same sex make out stuff a FORCED in video games? I wish it was an option not a TASK
Nathan Explosion
Nathan Explosion Anos atrás
Oh this is hot scissoring… Ohhhh… scissor me timbers….
Son of Judah
Son of Judah Anos atrás
yay... LGPTQ & SJWs has taken over the gaming industry... I don't want to see Homosexual or lesbian suggestions in videogames.
/Pol/Gamer Anos atrás
brutal murder is way more acceptable that this.
borges johnson
borges johnson Anos atrás
then off yourself, quick. The gay might turn ya, maybe just cut out your eyes.
Blackhawk7767 Anos atrás
Why are you ok with brutal murder but not a "lesbian suggestion"?
Akandofaul Anos atrás
What no grizzled old joel making out with his boytoy? Son I am disapoint.
Askari X
Askari X Anos atrás
this wil gets old Show us multiplayer thats all what we came for
RezaQin Anos atrás
Oh boy, lesbos.
Game Gambit
Game Gambit Anos atrás
This is just my view and feel free to say what you feel but i feel like the lesbian relationship feels forced currently because of the political movements and the SJW's forcing their views into games by making the developers appeal to them so they can avoid backlash. i know that its been established that she is a lesbian but i think that the last of us is more about a post apocalyptic setting where everyone is trying to survive. IMO i think it would have been better if there was no love at all and its just Ellie surviving and developing herself. Take the first game for example it was just two people surviving but it also developed both characters as a whole (and a kinda father daughter vibe to it) but there was no love. Even in the DLC Ellie had love for about a fraction of the time of her journey of survival. that loved vanished and was killed along side her vision of reality and she ended up getting thrown into her new reality head first. Anyway that's just my thoughts. sorry for the long post
Joseph Girard
Joseph Girard Anos atrás
You think a lesbian couple is more unrealistic than a horde of zombies? sure.
Blocky Orbits
Blocky Orbits Anos atrás
Because being straight is normal
Chrishon Nilanthan
Chrishon Nilanthan Anos atrás
Almost no one complains if there are hetero couples in a game, and for the rare times there is a homosexual couple you people cry out loud that the developers pander to sjw. Secondly, who said that the whole game will be about their relationship?
ikea boy
ikea boy Anos atrás
Why dose this have to happen in video games man never used to be this way😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😟😟😟😡😡😡😡😡
Peanut Pete
Peanut Pete Anos atrás
I hope Joel is gay too, with some black panther member as his partner that would be a great SJW stuff
Ákos Kovács
Ákos Kovács Anos atrás
Did you recognized she was killing the same two person again and again? VARIETY!
Areyousaying idontknowmyname
yea i thought i was imagining it
alex charles
alex charles Anos atrás
Ákos Kovács yep the woman with the arrow seems to be everywhere:))
sirEthereal Anos atrás
Pornhub is gonna have fun with this one
Da Viz
Da Viz Anos atrás
naughty dog indeed
cha thao
cha thao Anos atrás
Gross lesbians game not playing this game
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades Anos atrás
If she's a lesbian, how's she gonna pass down her immunity to her offspring??? :O
Kyle Conley
Kyle Conley Anos atrás
Jordan George Joel should have let the lab tear her apart
sweetener Anos atrás
So Joel is alive?
I am Benzen
I am Benzen Anos atrás
Not everyone is fond of the LGBT community, that we all know but come on guys your living in the age where there are Waifus, be more accepting and open-minded, btw Joel will be shown in the final trailer or in Wednesday, that’s what they told me.
I am Benzen
I am Benzen Anos atrás
Your 2,220th view and 127th like here and btw those 97 dislikes are probably the PC and Xbox players getting jealous of this
De Facto.
De Facto. Anos atrás
Nerds love lesbian action. They marketed this well
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